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Asian quake - Missing persons

Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website have been sending in their appeals for news of missing persons, which are published below.

This message board is now closed. You can still read the messages posted on this site. For up to date information on missing persons visit the website of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Here are the appeals we have received:

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We are trying to ascertain if our good friend Ismail Saeed who worked at the Hakura Club is OK. Any news would be appreciated. We are very worried.
Mike and Karen O'Brien, Nerja, Spain

Missing My Brother Leif Erick Benson. Last spoke with him on 12/25/04 at 10:00 PM eastern standard time Please contact with info. He was travelling in Malaysia at the time
Fred Benson, North Carolina USA

Friends and I are trying to trace Janet Perkins (maiden name) and her husband who we believe were on holiday in the Maldives on 26/12/04. Please advise if whereabouts known.
Sue Hurst, Bromley, Kent

I would like to know if Rauf, a waiter at Paradise Island, is ok. He was so lovely to me and my husband while we were there on our honeymoon
Mrs Moore, Essex

We had a fantastic Honeymoon on the beautiful Island called Vilu Reef in July 2000, we were wondering if everyone on the island is safe and well
Michelle McLachlan, Worthing

We were on the Mayaafushi Island Resort until the 13th December. Would be grateful if anyone has any information regarding this island and the staff there. Our prayers are with all of them. Thank you.
Heather Smith, Chesterfield England

Looking for any news of lynne and jim fox and their twelve year old son Tom on holiday in maldives
pat carr, telford england

I am looking for my friend Laila Manik. She is native to the Maldive islands, I believe from Male. She is about twenty years old. She also has a cousin who goes by Nasma or Nasco. Laila attended Lorenzo 'de Medici in Florence Italy in the spring of 2000 and was my roommate during that time. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Well wishes and condolences to all.
David Carsey, Austin, TX, USA

I'm trying to trace a Maldivian citizen who was working as Staff at Kuramathi. We are worried about him and many of the other Maldivian friends we met at Kuramathi. Our friends name is Ibrahim Rifaz and he is actually from Male. We have tried to contact him several times on his e-mail address to no avail. If any one knows or has heard of him please contact me. Thankyou
Martin Fink, South Wales U.K

I can't believe this has happened, My heart goes out to all who have lost and still looking for their loved ones. Also for those living and rebuilding their lives, homes and businesses, all the best and I will continue my weekly donations, and will be back to your islands soon. All my love xxxx
Dawn George, Reading, Berkshire

We were wondering about our friends who reside in Maldives by name Fauziya, Adam Yoosuf, Yoosuf & Liusha. We have tried mailing them but not heard from them, quite concerned & hope that they are well.
Linda Kumar, Dubai, UAE

I am helping my family friends to look for their daughter and her boyfriend. Her name is Gerard Clarèle (13/06/1972) and Stonman Lee : missing in Thailand. Please write if you have any news about them(sureka@orange.fr)
Sureka, ANNEMASSE-France

Please, i would like some news about François Marion, a Canadian, who works for maldivian air taxi on Male. Sandra
, france

Does anyone have any information about the staff of Hakuraa Club, Meemu Atoll? Especially R.S. Ratuayak, who was our waiter for both our honeymoon in May/June 2003, and our stay during May 2004; he comes from Pohonnaruwa, Mirigama, Sri Lanka. Fernando, Bar Manager, May 2004, also from Sri Lanka, and the wonderful Chef, May 2003 & 2004 (whose name we unfortunately do not know). We would like to invite anyone living in Southwark to place an appeal for information for missing loved ones through our newspaper. We would also like to hear from June Burns, who is looking for a missing Bermondsey couple. Please get in touch. Megan, Southwark News.
Southwark News, Southwark

Please please please can anyone tell me if Lily Beach Resort was caught up in this terrible situation. Ibe who worked there was a very good friend he was a waiter. I can't find out any info about this resort. Thank you
Kathy Clayton, Tewkesbury Glos.

Does anyone have any news of Jan and Joe Ibrahim and children Tali and Ben who were holidaying in Maldives over Christmas? From a concerned friend.
Linda Bourne, Bantry, Co.Cork

PLEASE, desperte to know the welfare of S L Pushpamal known as Mal. Works as a waiter on Kuramthi. He is Sri Lankan and his family home is in Galle where he has a wife and 2 children. Please - any news gratefully received. We are really worried and pray for his safety.
Joanna Whittle, Dover, kent

Juliette Peers and Valerie Peers of Melbourne Australia are concerned for longterm family friend, Ann Johnston of Fulham London. Her most recent letter stated that she would be meeting relatives from South Africa for a family Christmas in the Maldives. Neither of us have heard from her over Christmas.
Juliette Peers, Melbourne Australia

Have an old school friend who is native to the Maldives. Her name is Aysha Did and she runs her own company in the Maldives. It is called Atoll Vacations. Any information would be most appreciated.
Marion Case, High Wycombe

I believe that Gordon Bell and his wife from Glasgow may have gone to the Maldives for XMAS. I hope they are OK. can they contact me
John Stout, London

I am leaving this message for lynda goodman, her brother robert goodman went on holiday to the maldives 2 days before the quake hit, please let your family know that your safe and well.
pauline, southampton, hampshire

Reply to Lesley & Andy Wisbey from Little Yeldham Essex - Re: Sun Island, as far as we know was not hit by the wave and the people are ok (we believe), we were on White Sands very close to Sun Island and were due to be evacuated there but returned to Male. Communication at the time was remote and texts can be received but not sent their network cant take it, we were affected badly but at least we are alive. All the best Leila.
Leila Cossins, Redhill, Surrey

My father Axel Bosselmann has gone missing in East Timor. He is travelling on both Australian and German passports. He is early 50's, lean, grey streaked curly hair and thick glasses. Was last heard of in Nov when on route to Timor.
kirsten, Edinburgh

Looking for CHRIS THOMAS and girlfriend CHRISTINA last known to possibly have been in Langkawi, Malaysia on boxing day. Last called home to parents on christmas day. Please call home to let family know you are safe.
Caroline, Darlington

Mark Vassallo (photographer) and wife Kayu Taguchi (interpreter), holidaying on Maldives. Last heard from on 26 December. Any further news would be greatly appreciated.
Ron Vassallo, London, England

Please could anyone let me know if employees at Cable & Wireless are OK? I briefly worked in the Maldives in 1997 for C&W and they were all really lovely to me, both the British and the native Maldivians.
Joanne Baker, Thaxted, Essex

Looking for Albert Bustin and wife June Acheson.
Bustin, Norwich, Norfolk, England

I am seeking news about Sivakumari Krishnapillai, a Si Lankan national, teaching English at Marvarshoo in the Laamu Atol.
Soba Sinnathamby, Cardiff

I am looking for Miki. She is Japanese and she was working in the Maldives at the time of the tsunami. Thanks a lot
Pepe Luiz, Aichi, Japan

I am looking for Hashim, a waiter on Paradise Island, Maldives. I would like to know if he is OK.
Tracy, NSW, Australia

I am looking for my friend Laila Manik. She is native to the Maldives and from Male, I believe. She is around 20-years-old. She was one of my roomates while attending Lorenzo 'de Medici in Florence, Italy. Any information would be appreciated.
David Carsey, Austin, TX, USA

I worked in the Maldives for two years for former deputy minister of trade, Mr Nazeem. His family live in Male. I hope they are fine and pray. If any body could help me communicate with them I would be very grateful. Thanks and always remembering you.
V.Christopher, Sana'a, Yemen, India

Does anyone have any news of Sanjay Chohan and his wife who I believe were on holiday diving at the Maldives? Many thanks.
Daniel Freedman, Henley on Thames

Friends from CAFT are concerned about Nahida Banks and her family who are holidaying with family in Mali, Maldives. If anyone has any information we would really appreciate it.
Anne Davies, Knutsford, Cheshire

Does anyone have any information on the whereabouts of Eve Sherman or Sue Gascoigne who were holidaying in the affected area? Thank you for your help.
Paul Watts, Exmouth, United Kingdom

Does anyone know the fate of the people and staff at Olhuveli Beach Spa resort in the Maldives? We were there on honeymoon five days before the tsunami hit the island. All I have heard is that the resort is not operational now. We made some great friends with the staff there and are concerned for their safety.
Paul Foster, Banbury, Oxfordshire

Does anybody have news of Ian and Anne Gatenby who were planning to spend Christmas anchored at the island of Uligamu in the northern Maldives, on board the yacht Fidelio of London?
Martin Bell, Colchester, Essex, UK

Has anyone got any info on the Sun Island,(South Ari Atoll), we were there on our honeymoon in September this year, very concerned for all the lovely, wonderful people we met there, Pru, customer relations rep, Isham, drinks waiter, hussian table waiter and everyone I have not mentioned. What has happened to them and the beautiful Sun Island. Can anyone help put our minds at rest please.
Lesley & Andy Wisbey, Little Yeldham. Essex

Has anyone any information regarding Rob and Jenny Yates who were holidaying in the Maldives with their two children, Nicolas and Tessa?
Lizzie Evans, London, UK

I am helping family friends to look for their daughter and her boyfriend. Her name is Gerard Clarèle (13/06/1972) and Stonman Lee : missing in Maldives. Please write if you have any news about them.
Sureka, Annemasse, France

Nina (nee Armstrong) and her husband Olav Kupferschmieder were on holiday in the Maldives when the tsunami struck. Any news at all would be welcomed by her mother Angela in Paris and her grandmother in Oxford.
Jane Curran, Oxford, England

Does anybody have any information on the diving team from Hakura Club, Meemu attol. We were fortunate enough to have left on 20/12/04 having completed diving training.
Nadia Keeys, Bishops Stortford, UK

I am looking for Tyfeen Deen - a Maldivian citizen who has been studying in Aberdeen. I have had not contact with her since she went back for xmas. Her father owns a hotel on one of the islands. If anyone knows her or members of her family please contact me.
Tayba, Aberdeen, Scotland

Trying to contact Joseph Ranjith who worked at Hakura Club Meemu Atol Maldives, travelled to Sri Lanka homeland on approx 28th Dec. Tried to contact by telephone but number unobtainable. If anyone knows of him please contact us.
The Allen family and Nicola, UK

I am looking for my friend Aishath Velezine and her daughter Falak. I am worried about them. I haven't heard from them yet. I know Vel, that's her shortname, studied in Australia Brisbane, but returned to the Maldives. So she should have been in Male when the tsunami hit. Please contact me if you know anything about her and her daughter.
Christina Joho, Wiesbaden, Germany

My friend Gloria Francis and her husband Roy and daughter Adina were on holiday in Malaysia for Christmas and New Year. Please let us know if they are ok , we are really worried about them .
Joanne Jukes, Kilwinning, Scotland, UK

We were on Komandoo Island, 40 minutes off Male (capital of The Maldives) from 19th dec to 24th dec. We would like to ask our friends which we knew on Komandoo Island to send us an email to tell us that they are safe. We will continue to pray for your safety.
Simon and Monica Tan, Singapore

Does anybody have any news about Paradise Island and how badly it has been hit? I would like to know if the staff are ok, particularly Habib who worked as a waiter on the island.
Alex, Melbourne, Australia

I am desperately wanting news of my friend who I met in November 2004 - Iqbal from Lohifushi Surf Bar - desperately worried about him and his family in Sri Lanka. Please send news if you know of them.
arlene clark, Harrogate, UK

Judith Parsons was diving off one of the more remote islands in the Maldives... I don't know the name... but if anyone knows anything, please let me know.
Zsa Moncreiffe, Tonbridge, UK

Any news on natasha thomson and family, everyone is really worried, please reply if you know anything
angharad clague, bracknell

I'm trying to find information about my friend Ann Tomlin and her partner Garry Wilkinson from Edinburgh. They went to Maldives for Xmas, I'm worried about them.
Marie-Annette Hamlett, Weert, Netherlands

Looking for any news of Australian citizen, US resident Helen Craig, traveling with US citizen, first name Peter
Donna Kay LeCzel, Windhoek, Namibia

Liz & Colin Deer with daughter Amelia were on holiday in the Maldives, not sure which Island. I would appreciate any news.
Sam Chequer, Maidenhead, Berks

Marianne and Jason Boss-Clark were in the Maldives. I would appreciate any news of them.
Alex Young, Plymouth

Would like any information on work friend Sandra Jackson and her husband who went to the Maldives for Xmas. Don't know where or when they were due to leave.
Mary Dean, Peterborough, Cambs

I'm looking for a friend who lived and worked in the Maldives in Bandos Resort as a marketing manager. Her name is Karoselle de Vera Constantino... goes by the name Karol. She had been working there supporting her family in the Philippines. If anyone has any information on her whereabouts please let me know as I am very worried and concerned.
Ken Masongsong, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Does anyone have any news about Brett and Aisha Brousseau and their 2 young daughters from Georgia, Vermont in the USA. Aisha is from the Maldive Islands and they travel back there for the holidays every year. They usually do not return until late January or early February. I cannot reach them by telephone, so they must still be away.
Cheryl Alwine, Milton, Vermont/ USA

Waiting to hear from Mike, Justine and Mica Grainger who travelled from the UK.
Tim and Louise, Merstham, Surrey

I have a friend in the Maldives - Ima Husssain. Has anyone got any news on him?
Claire Tarrant, Weymouth, England

Does anyone know if our dear friend Moazzem Hossain working as the beach cleaner on Meerufenfushi resort is okay? We have heard nothing from this resort and do not know if the island was affected.
Debbie and Ian Hughes, Dymchurch, England

Looking to see if my beauty therapy tutor, Abi King is ok. She is a teacher at Reading College and lives in Newbury. Abi is 21 and went to Maldives for Christmas with her partner. Please let me know of anything.
Sarah Lawson, Reading, Berks

Trying to find any news of my cousin Jacqueline Watson (nee Bunt) and her husband Darren from Bromham, Beds, UK, holidaying in the Maldives.
Lesley Bunt, Adelaide, Australia

Has anyone seen Jim and Denise Harris from Bermondsey, London who went to the Maldives at Christmas? Any news (PLEASE)
June Burns, London, England

Request any info on the Kotsis Family from Greece, arrived in the Maldives approx 25 Dec and staying at "over the water villas" in Maldives. Family members include Apostolis (father), Marina (mother) and three children Amthia, Yiannis, and Alexios.
Jack Joynson, Spotsylvania, VA (USA)

Has anyone any news of Kerry and Justin Pick on honeymoon in the Maldives?? Please email as we are very worried!
Talie Parish, Kent, UK

I am looking for my cousin Kenneth John Martin, presumed missing on holiday in the Maldives.
Diane Trowell, Bexhill on Sea

Awaiting news on my friends Andrew & Gloria Marshall from Little Haywood, Stafford, any news would be appreciated. Beth Gale My Son Richard is working in France but is worried about his friends Lorraine Rodreguiz and her boyfriend Andy. They left Britain Christmas Eve and were flying to the Maldives on Christmas Day. Messages have been left on their phones but they have not been in touch. Does anyone know their whereabouts please. Many thanks
Chris Crook , Torquay Devon

We were on Velavaru until 27th, but all staff left behind, including dive staff. All were fine but if anyone has any news since we left, please post a message. Thanks Ray and Ben
Raywyn Law, Wales

I would like news of Alissa von Malchowski and her mother Rosemarie who were vacationing on the Maldives from Germany when the tsunami hit. Thank you.
Illoma Carr, North Hatley, Quebec, Canada

Trying to find any news from Kandooma, especially the dive school personnel, Alex, Anders, Ed and Rosie. Any info please
Keith Dennis, Overton UK

Looking for any information about Eddie and Liz Cargill holidaying on Maldives over Christmas. Not been able to contact.
Gwen Neve, Whiston, Merseyside

I would be pleased to hear any information about Barbara, Steve and Megan Vanstone on holiday in the Maldives
Jill Jones, Thaxted,Essex

Trying to contact William S. Walker-visiting all islands. Friends are very worried.
Randy Wood, Grapeview, WA 98546

Looking for any news of my friend Chef Sasetharan and wife working together in one of the resort in Male. I'll try to contact them so many times but cannot get through. Thank you
Zaffar Abdul Samad, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Looking for news on Lorraine Coulthard and husband. They went to the Maldives on the 20th December for 3 weeks.
Andrew Todd, Dudweiler, Germany

Looking for George & Jaya Ramcharran who moved to the Maldives from UK in the past year. All friends worried.
Alan Silvey, Oxford. England

Marie was on holiday in the Maldives and her work colleagues are concerned for her safety.
Marie Davies, Northamptonshire

Looking for news of Tim and Julie Winrow who were on a diving holiday in the Maldives.
Louise Oram, Tylers Green, Bucks, England

Wennen family on holiday in the Maldives over Christmas. Please contact Michelle
Michelle, Brentwood,Essex

Our friends Nick and Anne Bennett went to the Maldives for Christmas and New Year but not sure where, would like to know if they are safe and well.
Matt and Julie Caunt, Leighton Buzzard, Beds

Checking on the Figgis family in the Maldives - don't know which island but still worried.
Karen Woods, Chichester West Sussex

Looking for news of Tom Lockyer/Chris Thomas and his partner Emma known to be holidaying in the Maldives for Christmas. Please contact Claire Thomson, Cornwall
Claire Thomson, Cornwall England

I am looking for my friend Katie Gardner (14) who is holidaying in the Maldives with her mother Nicky Gardner (43), her mothers boyfriend Tony Oaklands and her two sisters Natalie Gardner (18) and Rosie Gardner (2)
Rachel Abbott, Pentwyn, Wales

I am desperately waiting for some news about my cousin Rajendran, who is a teacher in Maldives. No idea of the island or resort.
Sudhir, New Jersey, USA

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My friends Colin and Elizabeth Robinson and their three children, Alex, Lauren and Elinor, may have spent Christmas at Kurumathi village in the Maldives. I have not been able to contact them. Can anyone tell me if they have been seen, or if Kurumathi village was badly hit? Thanks very much, Francine
Francine Lorimer, Copenhagen, Denmark

Concerned about friends Sally and Alan Hardwick and daughters Lara and Sophie from Southsea, Hants, holidaying for Xmas.
Anne Hussey, Ripon, North Yorks

Does anyone know anything on my mum's friend Wendy and her husband from Gillingham in Kent? Out in the Maldives for Christmas, god we hope that you both are safe and well, please let me know any news.
Mrs Denise Lewis, Gillingham, Kent

Looking for news of my friend Jane Broughton, a teacher from Lincolnshire, who is holidaying in the Maldives for Xmas and New Year with her partner, also a teacher.
Laura Ryall, Chelmsford, Essex, UK

Please can anyone help? My two friends Sarah Rich and Scott Berendsen flew to the Maldives on Christmas Day and I can't get in contact with them. No idea of the island or resort. Thanks.
Tracey Barradell, Scotland

I have a friend teaching Japanese in the Maldives. Her name is Takayo Kashiwabara. She just travelled there, in early December. If you have any news about her, please post.
Peter Ho, Kitakyushu, Japan

Has anyone heard if Mrs Bedford, my geography teacher in Oxford is OK? She was scuba diving in the Maldives. Thank you.
Harriet Bibbings, Oxford, UK

Anyone know anything of Matthew (Matt) Vaughan-Williams from Bury St Edmunds Suffolk and his girlfriend? They were holidaying in Maldives, cannot contact mobile.
Richard Skinner, Sudbury, Suffolk, England

I am looking for news of Susie Jolly and John Garret who were staying at Olhuveli Spa and beach resort. My husband and I spent the week before holidaying with them and returned just before the earthquake. Please e-mail.
Julie Cooper, Rugby, England

I'm desperately looking for news on Alex Fisher from Herts and his family who are on holiday in the Maldives.
Craig Dilley, Bedfordshire

Hoping for news of my friend Fiona Keck and her husband Jurgen, who were on a scuba diving holiday. She is English, 36, medium height, slim build, and has shoulder length red-blonde hair. He is German, slightly older, stockier build. They are experienced travellers and scuba divers, and may have been travelling independently - I wish I knew exactly where. Any news very gratefully received.
Alex Grey, Eastbourne, UK

Has anyone any news please about Emma Simcox and Matthew Oliver who were on holiday in the Maldives?
Leisa, Manchester

I am looking for friends Steve and Lynn Hinckley who were vacationing with their two sons in the Maldives.
Karen Pena, Arlington, Virginia, USA

I want to know if my friend Fareeha Shareef who is in Male is all right? She used to be my college mate in Lincoln University, New Zealand. Currently she's working for the Ministry of Finance as an Assistant Director for the Public Enterprise Monitoring and Evaluation Board. Any news is appreciated.
Jackie, KL, Malaysia

I would like to hear of any news about my cousin and his wife. John & Bev Pottinger fom Devon, who were holidaying in the Maldives. Please, if anyone has seen or heard from, them can you let me know.
Tony Pottinger, Southend On Sea, Esex

I am looking for any news of Simon and Jane Brook, friends who were holidaying in the Maldives on a remote island.
Nick Mayhew, Bishop's Stortford, England

Any news of Mrs Jan Cripps who arrived in the Maldives just before the tragedy? Her Aunt Elaine Parry is concerned.
Roy Birmingham, Spain

Any information regarding Steve and Barbara Vanstone and their family would be much appreciated. Thank you
Malcolm Roberts, Stotfold, England

Does anybody have any news of Lynn, Keith & their son Daniel Gilliam from Basildon Essex? They were on holiday in the Maldives over Christmas.
Victoria Alexander, Maidenhead

I would like to know if Ibby (our waiter) and Hassan our pool attendant (deaf and dumb) who worked at Medhufushi Resort up to at least March 2004 are safe and well. Ibby was thinking of moving resorts, so may be elsewhere. Thank you.
Alison BIggs, Southampton, UK

Please let me know if Phil Coulthard and Debbie from near Carlisle and Bevan and Mel from Hitchin are safe. We were at Vilamendhoo in the Maldives.
Tim Pang, Hockley, Essex

Has anyone heard of anything of Martin and Andra Forde and family from Berkshire? They are on holiday in the Maldives.
Paul Brooks, Bracknell, UK

Cindy and John Castle, on holiday in the Maldives. Does anyone have any news?
Caroline Lenaghan, France

Has anybody got any news on my best friend, Alison Baxter and her husband and two daughters who were on holiday in the Maldives. Not sure of hotel or island. Cannot get in contact via mobile phone
Paula Cox, Solihull West Midlands

Can anyone give me news about the Nugent family ,who were in the Maldives over Christmas? Children's names are Isaac and Finn.
Gwinnett Bompas, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Is there any news of Andrew & Gloria Marshall, who were on holiday in the Maldives?
David Goodman, Stafford, England

I am looking for information on Gary Cleaver and his girlfriend Karen, who are missing in the Maldives.
Sarah Sampson-Chambers, London, England.

I am looking for information onChristopher Rozamber and Illanko (both from Sri Lanka), who were working in Maldives.
Antony, Minnesota,USA

Any info of my daughter Julia Rose who was staying in Maldives, address unknown.
Ian Stanley, Oxford

Richard and Tanya Phillips, we trust you are OK. If anyone has news, please advise.
John Roche, Moscow, Russia

Does anyone have any news of Gabrielle Hadley and Nicholas Evans on holiday in the Maldives?
Charlie Pepper, Camberley, UK

Has anybody heard from Ibrihim Yashir. I believe he now works for the Maldives government after finishing studies at Southampton Institute.
Neil Young, London

Looking for information on Andrew Mallabar (Mal) and Sam K, on holiday in the Maldives.
Anthony Farrow, Northampton, UK

Does anyone have news of Kerry Thornton and her fiance Jason who were staying in the Maldives?
Hannah Sheldon, Birmingham

We are OK. Still on Meeru in the Maldives but safe and well, awaiting flight home.
Loraine and Raymond Vincent, Aberdeen, Scotland

Does anyone have information regarding Mike Easton and Collete Taylor who were holidaying in the Maldives?
Nicholas Hammond, Newton Abbot, UK

Has anyone heard from Stephen Long ,who is on holiday in the Maldives with his girlfriend and her family?
Melanie Bamping, London

Has anyone heard from Roger Walwyn? He works in the Maldives as a pilot. His wife is Diane Walwyn. She may be spending Christmas there with him.
Sena Mortty,

Any news of friends Paul Whent, and Angela and Donna Whent on holiday in the Maldives?
Andy Henegan, Poole, England

Any news of Les Dickons and Nicky Foster who were on holiday in the Maldives?
Scott Beveridge, Middlesbrough, UK

Please does anyone have any news of the staff working on Velavaru island? Especially Hassan, Manik, Aziz, Saeed and darling Dam?
Melanie Foley, Hereford, England

Any news of our friends and neighbours David and Eileen Smith, who were on holiday in the Maldives ?
David and Dorothy Murdoch, Grantham, Lincs

Does anyone have any information regarding Summer Island? I have many friends working there..
Denise, Thatcham

I am looking for information on the staff of the Hilton Resort in the Maldives..
Anna Antignolo, Malta

To Anna Antignolo, Malta: Apparently, the Hilton resort on Rangali/Finolhu islands has not been affected according to their homepage. Hope this helps.
Amelie, Duesseldorf, Germany

Has anyone had any news of Andrew Long, from London, who was on holiday in the Maldives?
Sean Goodger, Cape Town, South Africa

Please can somebody contact me if any news is heard about Daniel Wannop, aged 21. He is travelling with his girlfriend Emma, and was thought to be in the Maldives when the earthquake struck. Please, please, if you hear any news of my cousin send me word.
Lizzie Keyes, Warwick, Warwickshire

Does anyone have any news about our friends and colleagues Phil and Linda Wood, who were holidaying in the Maldives
Paul Dorey, Kingsbridge UK

Does anyone have any news of Chris Tricky, a scuba dive instructor who was working in the Maldives?
Manuela, Milan, Italy

Chris Rowley & Miriam Longchamps, on holiday on South Atoll in Maldives. Any info please.
Ian Stoltzman, Tenerife, Spain

Does anyone have news about Hussein Hameez, PADI-dive instructor? As far as I know, he was working on a safari boat at the time of the disaster in the Maldives. Thanks
Alex Grosz, Budapest, Hungary

Can anybody help me trace my son-in-law Hussain Habeeb (born 21 June , 1963) who is working in Banyan tree resort as a sales-and marketing manager in the Maldives. If anybody has informations about him, please post the information about him on the clip board. Thanks.
Irmgard Esser-Dixit, Düren Germany

Does anybody know how Kuredu in the Maldives has been affected? I have friends there that we met when on holiday and I am concerned for their welfare.
Bryony, Braintree, Essex, England

Everyone from the Meemu Atoll in the Maldives was evacuated by the Pakistan Navy, including my daughter.
Roy Hall, Stourbridge West Midlands

Does anyone have any information on the island of Kuramathi? Our thoughts and prayers go with all those affected.
Christine, Barnsley, England

I am desperately trying to contact Niffa who worked at White Sands Resort (previously know as Ari Beach ). I know that all staff from the island were evacuated to Male. Can anyone help with his whereabouts? Thank you.
Andrew Clarke, England

Has anyone any news on Mr and Mrs Shields (Stuwart and Tanya) who were holidaying in the Maldives?
Chris Jones, Haverhill Suffolk

My friend Asim Mohamed works for Four Seasons Resort on Kuda Huraa and lives on the island Thulhadhoo. Are those islands badly affected and is there any news of my friend?
Babette, London

Can anyone help with information on news of our good friends Gill and Mark Bauer and their four boys? They were in the Maldives, although not sure which island or resort.
Dean Casson, Dallas, US

Suggestion: if you know the name of the hotel the person/s you are looking for were staying in, call a local branch/office and they may be able to help. I have found it helpful.
Katia , London

My friend Zam, with husband Samy and daughter Zara, live in Male, Maldives. Any information about them would be useful.
Andriani, Greece

Has anyone any idea of the whereabouts of Gordon King, Viv Thompson and twins Nicole and Andrew, age 13? Any news please?
Carole & Joan Holt, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

Has anyone heard from John or Bev Pottinger from Crediton, Devon, holidaying in the Maldives?
Tony Pottinger, Rochford, Essex

Does anybody have information about my sister Sushama, Laamu Mavashu, school teacher, Laamumaavah, Laamu atool?
Suresh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Trying to find information on Graham and Nikki Johnson of Yealmpton, Plymouth, on holiday in the Maldives
Kim Best , Plymouth, Devon

Mike and NIna, and Camilla and Cordelia Dolan - has anyone heard anything from them?
Christine Lee, London, England

We have heard that the island of Vakarufahli in the South Ari Atoll was not badly damaged and that there were no injuries to staff or guests there.
Janice, Edinburgh, Scotland

We are seeking news of our good friends Chris and Lesley Russon, who were in the Maldives for Christmas. Please e-mail with any information. Many thanks.
Mike Buckley, Solihull, West Midlands

Does anyone know if Laguna Beach resort had any casualties? We had a wonderful honeymoon there and made friends, especially with the dive school team of Herbert, Petra, Jusef and Hameed. Does anyone have any news of whether or not they are ok?
Maria Cummins, Harwich, Essex

I am seeking any news on Marina Krogull and Udo Schenk from Berlin, who are on holidays in the Maldives.
Andreas Kadler, Germany

Has anyone any news of people at the Sea Gypsy resort in the Maldives? If so, please let me know. Thanks.
Tracey Norman, Pangbourne, Berkshire

Our friends Jannett and Peter Thornton and three children were holidaying in the Maldives. Does anyone know if they are OK?
Jan Griffin, Hong Kong

Here's hoping all is well on the island Thudifushi. If Angela or Supa Luca or anyone on this resort reads this please email back, so me and the family know if you are all OK. We are very concerned and worried for you. My heart goes out to all affected by recent events
Andy Durham, South Wales

Has anyone any information about Lorraine and Mike Shepherd from Exton holidaying in the Maldives, exact island unknown? Thanks and best wishes to all.
Julie Baston, Exeter, UK

Has anyone heard from Jonathan Dewey, holidaying in Maldives with his girlfriend?
Darren Miles, Lincs

Does anyone have any news about the staff at the Olhuveli Spa & Beach resort in the Maldives? If anyone has any information about the staff, in particular, if Issmal Nassem survived, please email.
Louise Robinson, Deal, Kent, England

My brother Dave Hewitt flew out to the Maldives from Heathrow at about lunchtime on Christmas Day. Any news would be most welcome.
Bob Hewitt, Stockport, UK

Has anyone have any news from the White Sands resort in the Maldives? I have been in touch with one member of the staff there, but am worried about Nicole and her colleagues (The Dive Team).
Teresa Marra, Swindon, Wilts, UK

We are seeking any news on on our great friends Norman and Brenda Nichol. We not sure which part of the Maldives they are in.
Ann Best, County Durham, UK

I am seeking any news on Hayley Rushbrook and her daughter Cedelle, who are on holiday in the Maldives.
angela parker, chelmsford uk

Has anyone heard any news aout the Maldivian island Seenu Hithadoo? My good friend Aaminath Ali lives there and I would like to know how she is. Prayers to all.
Cathryn Barbera, Long Island, NY, USA

I have been unable to make contact with my friend Sarah Penny from Pontcanna, Cardiff. She has been in the Maldives with her partner Alison. All I know is that the island they are on holds 45 tourists. She was due back on 27 December.
Stella collis, Reading UK

I want to find out if Kevin Red and his girlfriend Caz are alright. They were last known to be on an island called Agatti just off the Maldives.
Pete Honeywill, Surrey, UK

David & Eileen Smith friends and neighbours were holidaying in the Maldives. Any news would be gratefully received.
David & Dorothy Murdoch, Grantham Lincs

My parents Tony and Gina Ienelli were celebrating they're 25th wedding anniversary in The Maldives. If you know anything please please contact me. Thank You so much.
Taylor Ienelli, New York, USA

Does anyone have any news of friends Pauline and Bobby Rough who are on holiday in the Maldives?
Maisie Lamb, Erskine, Scotland

Has anyone heard from Carol Edrich? When was she supposed to return from the Maldives?
Alex Lais, London, UK

Does any one have any news of my brother (Manikandan), his wife (Biji Thomas) and their son (Ishaan). He is a teacher in the government school in Isdhoo (Maldives).
Shankara Subramanian, Wilmington, USA

Does anyone have any news of Natasha Thomson and her family who were on holiday in the Maldives?
Emily Porter, Bracknell

Trying to find any information on Graham and Nikki Johnston of Yealmpton Devon, holidaying in the Maldives.
Rob Hattrell, Sidmouth England

Does anyone know anything of Rob and Gill Blann who are on holiday in the Maldives?
Barbara O'Dwyer, Christchurch Dorset

Does anyone have news of our relatives Doug Gregg, Rachele Gregg, Martin Gregg and their 3 partners, on holiday in the Maldives?
Tony Beasty, Hull, England

In response to Tony Beasty - if you hear from Rachele Gregg and family, could you let me know? All her friends are thinking of her and are worried. Thanks
Lydia Galloway, Bournemouth, UK

Frank Buchanan please contact home.
Vince Buchanan, Kent, England

More than 100 people evacuated from the Four Seasons Hotel, Maldives, have been flown to Qatar by Qatar Airways and are in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Doha, Qatar.
Tim Cheyne, Doha, Qatar.

I am looking for info on the food and beverage manager of Meeru Island Resort in the Maldives. My great friend Miro Dincic from Toronto. Thanks.
Andy Smith, Toronto, Canada

Does anyone anyone have any news on Lynne and son Daniel White who were on holiday in the Maldives?
Sarah, Leatherhead, England

Our friends work for Mandara Spa at Taj Coral Reef Resort Island. Wahyu, Yuni, Lilik & Tarkita. We are so worried for them - and the rest of the staff & guests at the resort - the island is only 30 acres and a 50 minute fast speedboat ride from Male. If anyone has any information re the situation at Coral Reef please advise - the not knowing is unbearable. Our thoughts and love go out to all involved in this nightmare.
Elaine & Linn, Garthorpe, North Lincs

To Elaine and Lin in N Lincs: The Taj group of hotels has issued a statement saying only slight damage at Taj Coral resort and no loss or injuries by any staff or guests. Their website is www.tajhotels.com
Nicky, London

Could you please tell me if David and Sarah Kemmitt on holiday in the Maldives are alright?
Nolwenn Ollivier, London, UK

Does any one know about Mr Venkateswarlu Veeraghantla at Reeth Beach in Maldives?
Madhu, Reeth Beach

I am looking for my friends Clint and Anoushka Brownley who were supposed to be honeymooning in the Maldives. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Wemi Peters, Washington DC, USA

Does anyone know of news of our good friends who are on honeymoon in the Maldives, Evan and Anna Lewis (aka Walters)
Nichol Thompson, Sheffield, England

Has anyone received news of our friend, Gill Carter, of Christchurch, Dorset - travelling from Sri Lanka to Maldives on 25th December?
Stephen Sommerville, London, England

Same again, wondering about Daniel Furness-Smaith and his family, in the Maldives....?
Cliff, London, England

Is there any news about the people in Meeru island in the Maldives - I'm anxious to know about my friend who works in that island, Stephan Sutherland is his name.
Hadjie, Hong Kong

I would like to leave a message for Hadjie from Hong Kong, regarding his question about his friend in Meeru Island. Look at www.meeru.co.uk. I have read that all are safe and well.
Jessica Sherriff, Hungerford Berkshire

Maldivian surfer Ahmed Rasheed is in Male. Has any one heard from him? Be well, love to all Jeremy
Jeremy Grosvenor, NY, USA

Has anyone got any information on Carole and Peter Godfrey? They were on holiday in the Maldives from the Modern English school in Cairo. Any info appreciated.
Neil Blaikie, Swanley, Kent

Does anyone have news of my colleague Chuck Kearcik and his wife Melinda and children Candice and Charlie (US citizens working in Kuwait, vacationing in the Maldives) ?
Andy, Kuwait City

Does anyone know how the waters on the island Meeru are? I'm a good friend of one called Ibriham Mohammed and want to know that he is safe.
Sophie Hull, Sheffield, UK

Would like to know if my friend, Stephanie Frost and her husband, Jim, are safe, they were in the Maldives for Xmas.
Sue Bowry, Spain

My friend from work and his wife were on holiday in the Maldives, Mark and Michelle Boyd. I've tried to get in touch but have not been successful. If you read this Mark or Michelle (or anyone that knows they're both okay) please let me know - others at work are also keen to know you're safe and well.
Peter W, Bolton, Gtr Manchester, UK

Just being concerned about the safety of Thomas Newton, an aircraft engineer from Fiji working in the Maldives.
Marina Konrote, Suva, Fiji Islands

I am desperately worried about my friend, Jill Wright, and her husband who were holidaying on the tiny island of Lily Beach in the Maldives. Does anyone have any news? They had been on the island for 6 days when the disaster struck.
Catherine Spriggs, Bournemouth UK

I am seeking any news on Bencivenga Mario and his family.
Fulvio marega, Trieste - Italy

Looking for news of Graham and Denise Wheeler. They were holidaying in the Maldives. No idea of the island or resort.
Adrian and Judy Wilson, Ashorne, Warwickshire

Does anyone have any idea/information about communication in the affected areas - I, like others, am desperate to help. However when watching media coverage it looks like there is no basic sanitation let alone the ability to email. Can anyone help on this....wot can we do
Mart, Glos, UK

I work for Playing for Success and we want to hear from anyone who knows where a colleague Jan McLucas is? She flew to Maldives on Christmas Day. her friends and collegues want to know if she is safe? Rex
Rex hall, London

We have an Italian friend, Patrick Petroncini, working at a resort in the Maldives - we don't know which one or where. Any one know him or his whereabouts?
Alison Haberstroh, Los Angeles, US

We are wondering if our friend, Walter Kaufman, who works in one of the resorts in Maldives is still alive. We have no idea which resort as well as which island he works. Walter Kaufman is an Austrian. Appreciate if anyone who has seen or have news about him could revert back to us.
Sarah Santiago, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I'm looking for my friend Michelle Russel. Shes a Canadian and was vacationing with her family. If you see her, or her family, tell her that all her friends want her to be okay and safe.
Marissa Robinson, Burnaby, B.C.

Looking for news of Sonya Brown, an Australian was working in the Maldives. I had lost contact but am very concerned for her welfare. She was working in Training for a new 6 star resort in the Maldives - not sure of what it is called. Any news of Sonya would be appreciated by my friends and I. Also, heartfelt thoughts to those that have lost friends and loved ones in this horrible tragedy
Pete Dillon, Melbourne, Australia

We are looking for Michelle Russell who was vacationing in the Maldives when the tsunami hit. Please tell us if you have any information regarding Michelle or her family. Thanks.
Julia, Vancouver, Canada

If anyone has any information concerning Michelle Russell, age 13, and a friend from school, or her parents, David and Sue Russell, who were all in Maldives at the time of the quake, that would be very very very helpful. Thanks.
Alyssa Hauer, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

I am looking for news about Marta and Chris Weightman
Barbara Farrell, London UK

I am an Indian in Hong Kong looking for my Indonesian friend Mona, who is in Indonesia, who lived with me during year 2000-2001. Please let me know if all is okay with you.
Kevin Kalpesh, Hong Kong

I would like to know the safety of my colleague, Aminath Saushan. I am not sure of her whereabouts. Please inform me as soon as possible. Your help is very very much appreciated. Thank you
Ezann, Berakas, Brunei

Sushama, sister of Suresh, of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is reported to be all right. Maavashu Island Office number is +960 470718
Mujuthaba, Male, Maldives

My Russian friend Irina Sorokina and her parents were vacationing in the Maldives. We last heard from them on Friday, 12 December. And news or info about them would be appreciated. ddrinnan@yahoo.com
David Drinnan, Middlebury, US

Looking for word of Bill and Jessie Tweedale and family holidaying on the Maldives
Sam and Margaret Currie, Murrieta, USA

Information on Ian Fisher of Seattle. Spends winters in Asia.
LaDon Bradburn, Bothell, WA USA

I am looking to see that Kadesha Abdulla and her family have made it through the crisis. They are all residents of the Maldives, her father is a doctor there. It is difficult to contact anyone there at the present time.
Lizz F, Huntsville, US

Help me to find my Friend Chandan In Maldives who is working for Aitken Spence Hotels as a engineer. He was working at Male and he went to another island since last two weeks. I want to know any news about him.
Dulari, Colombo , Sri Lanka

Please any one knows my firned Afsal Areef who works in Kurunba village resort. I am very concerned about them, please.
Afsal Areef, Maldives

Can Gertrude, David, Anna and Davina Hill please let us know that you are safe and well. They were looking to stay in the Maldives after Christmas. No idea of which island or resort. Thanks.
Sue and Kris Raven, Saffron Walden

Hi. I'm looking for my mom, Jenny Schmidt, who was on holiday in Maldives - she hasn't contacted home. Me and my brothers are worried sick about her. Please if you know anything let us know - I love her and miss her so much.
Jade, London

Looking for information on Stephen T Keast and his girlfriend, Jacasta. They went to Maldives for Xmas and I am concerned about there safety and welfare. I can be contacted on 0151 285 3113 or 0151 494 3231.
Steven Nimmo, Liverpool, Merseyside

Any news of Fihalhohi Island in particular staff and diving instructor and friend Armin Junemann and partner.
Jean Spencer, Eastbourne, UK

Looking for my colleague and friend, Grethe Hansen, and her husband, Terry. They were holidaying in Sri Lanker and the Maldives.
Sue Hahn, Biggleswade, Beds, UK

Trying to find out if Melanie Chaplain form the UK is ok. She was in the Maldives on her honeymoon. Don't know her new married name. I'd appreciate any information. Thanks.
Glen Bennett, Los Angeles US

Has anyone heard if Dave and Janet McDouglas from Moulton, Lincs, are ok. They flew to the Maldives on Christmas day from Heathrow. Not sure what island they are staying on.
Melanie Johnson, Spalding, Lincs

Looking for Garry Wilkinson and Partner Anne, holidaying somewhere in the Maldives over Xmas. Not sure where exactly. Have tried his mobile loads of times and sent texts but to no avail. Garry is a big built guy with short dark hair and very big eyes and comes from Edinburgh though no Scottish accent. Garry is my long term bestest friend and I am very worried. Thanks, Wendy
Wendy Nield, Essex

I am trying to find my friend, Jean Barton, her daughter Nicola, granddaughter, Charlotte, and partner, Billy. Only know they are in the Maldives holidaying.They are from Croydon
Lyn Osborne, Biggiin Hill, Kent

Does anyone please have any information on David Hughes, who left to join his father and family on 26 December. He was travelling with his wife, his sister and her family. His parents had been in Maldives for one week prior, celebrating his father's 70th birthday. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
Kay McCaw, Surrey, UK

I am looking for information about Sue Fox who was on holiday in the Maldives. If anyone has information about her please contact me. There are many friends here concerned
Diane Atkinson, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Her name is Champa Priyadarshani, 25 years old, from Sri Lanka
Fernando, Verona, Italy

We were on holiday at the Olhuveli Spa and Beach resort in the Maldives a week prior to the tragedy. If anyone has any information about the staff, in particular, if Ibrahim Nishan is OK, please email.
John Clarke, Wantage, Oxfordshire, UK

Looking for information regarding friends Jean and Nicola and Charlotte and Billy Barton holidaying in the Maldives. Left UK on 19 December and due to return 4 January. My mother Linda Osborne is trying to find any information regarding these people. They are from Croydon, Surrey
Lucy Shillito, Biggin Hill, Kent

I am looking for my friends Elizabeth Manson and daughter Sarah Manson who are in the Maldives on holiday.
Melvyn Haupt, St. Sauveur, Canada

Does anyone know if Pat and Abbas Talib and their two daughters are still in the Maldives with the World Bank?
Linda Hawkins, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Does anyone know if Mark Stevens and Florence are okay? They flew to the Maldives on Christmas Day to start work as diving instructors.
Tinah, Exeter, UK

I'm looking for news for a friend and her family holidaying in the Maldives.They are German: Claudia Gebhardt and her family.Thanks.
Maxime, France

Has any one got any info about the family furness from Kirkham, we are trying to find out if they are ok, please contact us if you have any information.
Cheryl Robinson, Kirkham, Lancs, England

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