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Asian quake - Missing persons

Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website have been sending in their appeals for news of missing persons, which are published below.

This message board is now closed. You can still read the messages posted on this site. For up to date information on missing persons visit the website of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Here are the appeals received:

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by country

I'm looking for information on Gihan Munasinghe, who lives in Galle Fort and works for a British real-estate agent.
Tanya Ott, Berlin, Germany

I'm looking for information on the staff of the Aida Ayurveda Hotel in Bentota. I've learned that the hotel was undamaged, but have heard nothing about whether the employees are safe.
Tanya Ott, Berlin, Germany

Looking for news of Sri Lanka native, Shamitha (Sam) Yapa and family. Sam lived in the US for many years and has numerous friends here who are concerned. Any info would be appreciated.
Christy, Pine River, MN

Could anyone tell us any information on Ajith Kantha Perera and his family from Kottawa (Colombo). He was our tour guide/driver while we were on honeymoon in Sri Lanka. We would just like to know that they are safe.
Chris and Jose Childs, England

I would dearly love to know if our driver Kenneth Asoke who lived in Galle and worked for Andrews Travel is OK.
Jean, Modbury, Devon

My husband and I are deeply concerned about a gentleman called Nichlas Alliis from Mattakkuliya, Colombo - he was our tour guide for our honeymoon. Any news would be wonderful.
Helen and Will Goodwin, Eastbourne, England

We were in Sri Lanka in August for our Sri Lankan friends wedding. We had the most fantastic bus driver/tour guide while we were there called Vijitha Maddumage, from 217 B Chilaw Road, Kattuwa, Negombo, Sri Lanka. Does anyone know anything about him or his family and whether they are safe? Any news on them would be gratefully received. We send our prayers to everyone looking for news of their loved ones and hope they return safe and well.
Allyson and Michael, Overton, Hampshire

Hallo, I received an e-mail that the Phuket International Hospital is looking for parents of a 2-year-old boy. Two days ago, on January 5, I saw on BBC World News in the US, a couple from Norway trying to find their 2-year-old son (blond hair). I don't know if they are in Thailand or Sri Lanka - they said they would not leave the area until they find him. I sent an e-mail with that information to the Phuket Hospital, but I thought if I write it here it might also help.
Magdalena, USA

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Nona Garland from Berwella, Sri Lanka who lived behind the Bayroo hotel?
Colleen Blake, Burnham-on-sea, England

I have a friend from Yorkshire, her name is Tuula Beesley, lived of Caledonian Rd, Islington. She and Gary travelled to Sri Lanka to buy a hotel after selling their business in London. I have tried to contact the expat association in Sri Lanka but still no news. If anybody knows them or has met them please email us. Thank you.
Hon Mitchel J Edmond, Islington, London

Hi. I'm looking for Thilini Liyanage aged 23. She lived in Sri Lanka and haven't heard from her since the quake. She was also a huge Westlife fan.
Julie O'Neill, Morecambe

Please try to locate my uncle who is on vacation from Canada. Name: Tom Hunt, age 60, heavy built, fair and bald. Thank you kindly!
Sherine, Jaffna, Sri Lanka

We were married in Galle, Sri Lanka at the Rampart Hotel. We are trying to find out if Mahinda Ubesiri (who is a friend and organised our wedding), his wife Lanka, and their children, Randhitha, Ranuree and Lakindu. If you have any info about their whereabouts or indeed the Rampart Hotel please contact me.
N Munson, Oakenclough, UK

Please email me any information regarding the entire Ratnasara family who live in Gangodawila Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. I am very concerned about them. I hope they are all okay.
Cindy Thorp, Baltimore, MD, USA

We are concerned about our good friend Buddhini Wijerathe of Kurunegala Sri Lanka. We received mail from her recently but obviously written before the disaster.
Pauline Blakemore, Banbury, Oxon

Has anyone got any news of a friend Fran Lloyd and her husband Patrick Warren and their family? They were in Sri Lanka on holiday and I think they were there over Christmas.
Eleri Jones, Barry, South Wales

We are looking for Mr S Nadarajah and his family in Batticalo. Just want to know they are safe.
Kumara Badhuge, Doha, Qatar

Good friend Anna Brown and family went away to Sri Lanka over xmas. Haven't heard from her since. Will be grateful for any information.
Jamie Milton, Halifax, England

I too am concerned about Jinny Pohl (see Sylvia Wingens' message). I have her sister's address in Sri Lanka and have written and emailed, but to no avail. Does Sylvia know of any other friends who might have more details?
Keith Carr, Southampton, UK

Concerned on safety of Bill and Rosie Adams living in South Sri Lanka - anyone who knows please advise. Thanks.
Norman Marsh, Weymouth, UK

Seek information and establish contact with K K Anurasiri (Siri) and family Ocean Moon, Mirissa, Sri Lanka.
Pete and Silvia, London, UK

We are so desperate to find out if Sarah Harrison and her family are OK. Her father has a business in Sri Lanka and we were expecting Sarah to visit us after Boxing Day.
Colin and Matt Foster, Manchester

I have two friends still missing. I've tried emailing and ringing their home number back in England but no response. Their names are Zack Kilmartin aged 23 from London and Nataile Joshua aged 30 from London. They were visiting Nataile's family over the Christmas period in Sri Lanka. Please email with any info. Thank you.
Stephen Logan, Manchester, England

KV Lauxman of Galle (Fort), 11 Front Street. Does anyone have any information about him or his family? Many thanks!
Christopher, New York, USA

N Lucian Mendis, of Ambalangoda. Does anyone know information about him? Or about anyone associated with the former Cocoon Inn in Akurala (5 miles south of Ambalangoda on the Galle Road, north of Hikkaduwa)? Many thanks!
Christopher, New York, USA

K Sumade Thabrew, of Akurala (west coast, south of Ambalangoda, north of Hikkaduwa and Galle). Does anyone have information about him or his family? Or about anyone associated with the former Cocoon Inn in Aukrala? Many thanks
Christopher, New York City, USA

I would like to know if my friend Mandjula Ratnaweera, her husband and their two children are safe. They live in Galle, Sri Lanka. Mandjula is a doctor. We worked togehther in the UK.
Katharina Sokoll, Bradford, UK

I am looking for someone named Theepan, I have been his friend for the past four years and regret that I cannot recall his last name. I spoke to him last on Christmas Day; he called to wish me a merry Christmas. I have not been able to contact him since. I know works for Roton Vander, a freighting company in Colombo. If you have any information please contact me.
Charlene, Vancouver, Canada

Mohamed Sideek Junaideen and his wife Fathima visiting family in Sri Lanka. Any news please contact me.
Judi Swan, Cambridge, England

Looking for Denis Caromel, Isabelle Attali and their two boys Ugo and Tom who stayed in the Yala Safari Beach Hotel, 1/2 km from the entrance of the Yala National Park (28km from Tissamaharamaya) in SE Sri Lanka. Thank you.
David Crookall, Nice, France

I am trying to contact Chester Wilson and Priya to see if they are alive. Some years ago they worked in the nightclub of the Oberoi Hotel, Colombo so anyone who may know them please let me know if they are OK. I worked with them as a guest entertainer from the UK. They are local people. Thank you so much.
Bonnie Diamond, Barking, England

Looking for Doctors Aswini and Ranil Fernando. 8/3 Ragama Road. Kadawatha or 139 Jawatte Road. Colombo 5.
Angie Davison, Swansea, UK

Can anyone help me, close family friends are missing, Sri Lankan family of 4 surname Gunathilake from Bristol UK. Any news please contact me.
Asha, Amsterdam-The Netherlands

I am looking for my friend and her family. Her name is Ravindrani Rajamantry. She lives in Battaramulla in Columbo. please get in touch - we are all worried. She and her husband are doctors at the hospital. If any body knows or has heard anything please get in touch.
T, Leeds, UK

I am desperate to hear any information on the De Silva family of the Kalatura area (Beach line near the Mermaid Hotel). Is there any information regarding this area. Does anyone know where I can find information of families who may have been affected or relocated?
Maggie Foster, Portsmouth England

Hoping to find news of a work colleague Aashini De Silva, aged 29, who returned home to Sri Lanka for Christmas, and may be travelling with her sister Rajini De Silva. Can anyone please help?
Lorna, Newcastle-under-Lyme

WE are anxious to hear from Mr & Mrs Amarasingh & sons Chanaka, Charmika and Nadil. They live in Mirissa. Does anyone know if they survived? Any news would be appreciated.
Kate & Gavin Kerns, Northampton, UK

To those people asking about guests and staff at Serendib Hotel, Bentota, Sri Lanka. I have received an e-mail from the Serendib Hotel. All staff and guests are safe. The hotel suffered damage to the beach front and ground floor rooms. It hopes to reopen in February (without the ground floor rooms).
Sandy Stockwell, Verwood, England

I'm looking for my son's godfather, his name is Walter Calquhoun. He was living in Columbo, Sri Lanka. If you have any info please let me know. Thank you.
Carline Moodie, Yonkers, New York

Very worried about my friend Dylan Bassnayake and his family, who were in Sri Lanka over the Christmas/New Year period.
Nuwan Nagahawatte, Sri Lanka

Looking for a friend of mine (Miranda Fernando) and his family. They were supposed to be visiting family in Sri Lanka during Christmas. I haven't gotten any responses from e-mails and if anyone has any info, please let me know. Thanks.
Russel Quadros, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Me and my family are looking for Ajith Priyantha. He lives in Galle, Sri Lanka and is about 22 years old. He was working in the restaurant Refresh, Hikkaduwa. Thank you so much!
Iris, Houten, The Netherlands

Concerned about our friend B. Chamila Priyankara from Athuruwella. Any news please e-mail me. Thanks.
Susan Carson, Scotland

I am looking for an Englishman called Alex Hill who was staying in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. I saw him directly after the wave hit and helped to carry him to a vehicle as he had a bad leg injury. I really want to get in touch with him if possible. I believe he comes from the Bristol area.
Tom Evans, London, UK

I am very anxious about my friend Jinny Pohl from Basingstoke/ UK(unfortunately I don't know her full Sri Lankan name). She was visiting her family in the Colombo area and wanted to go travelling after. I am not sure about her whereabouts and haven't heard from her yet. Can anybody help? Thank you.
Sylvia Wingens, London, UK

We are very concerned about the safety of our friend Ajith Prasanna and his family who live in Aluthgama. Any news at all would be very much appreciated.
Kate Tyrrell, Hove, UK

Desperately seeking any news about my neighbour Riaz Ahmed and his wife Rezina who were on holiday in Sri Lanka. Please contact me by e-mail. Thank you.
Rajshree Bashyal, Lorton, Va, USA

If anybody knows the whereabouts of, or any information about Saminder and Nikki Soysa who are travelling to Galle and Kandy to visit family, please let me get in touch. Many thanks.
Yasmin Samaraweera, Birmingham. England

Seeking information about the owner and his family of the Sunudu guesthouse in Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka and Mr. Dudley, Batikartist in Ambalangoda.
Peter Westerbeek, Deventer, The Netherlands

Can anybody tell me if the Hibiscus Beach Hotel in Kalutara has been affected by the Tsuamni? I am also looking for my friend Kamal Palitha who was our Safari rep and friend. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
Pauline Robinson, Saddleworth England

Any news on Dhammika Khadagooda, owner of Mirissa Beach Inn please? Thank you
Max Weston, UK

I would like any information regarding Mr Smith Hartley and his wife Ellie who are visiting relatives in Sri Lanka. Thank you.
E Robshaw, Wakefield England

Seeking news of Carmen Mathangeweea last heard of in Colombo where she has a son and 5 grandchildren. If anyone has news of her please let us know.
Roma Kirke and Jenny Jenkinson, Evesham, UK

Please, if anyone can help find or know the whereabouts of Miss Imali Weerasinghe from Sri Lanka.
Kimberly Reczek, Skopje, Macedonia

Alf, Sheila & Amanda Johnson (ex Dubai) are desperate for news of their very good friend John Kirkbright, Pan Wila, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.
Amanda Barrowclough (nee Johnson), Chester, UK

We are very anxious about our friend A. Rohan Priyantha da Silva and his family. Formerly of Abrew Road in Kalutara North Priyantha recently moved to Nigrodharama Road, Bo Siripura, Kalutara North. We have been unable to find out if they survived. If anyone can help with news we would be eternally grateful.
Paul and Sarah Hanrahan, Strasbourg, France

My friend Yuwanthi Suwandaratna and family live in Nugegoda, Columbo. I have been unable to contact them and need to know that they are all safe.
Lucy Smith, London

Looking for Jason Cuthbert, was in Sri Lanka, heading for Thailand. He's 6ft 6, brown short hair, green eyes, people have been texting him for 10 days now and no reply. Just want to know he's ok, our other brother and family are so worried, we just want to know he's ok, just a text, anything.
H, blackpool

Looking for news on Dilushi Abeyagunawardene. She was visiting with her family in Sri Lanka
Kathy Hixenbaugh, Columbia, SC USA

Any news of P K Padumasari or his wife and daughter. He's a driver from Koggala, in the Matara area. often in Galle, Kandy, Colombo. Please get him to contact us if OK.
Mr & Mrs Wilkinson, Doncaster, England

I have not heard from a family of 4, who as far as I know were on the west coast of Sri Lanka. Their names are Heidi Happ (mother), Stefan Happ (father), Phoebe Happ (13 daughter) and Annabel Happ (3 year old daughter). Please inform me with anything you know of their whereabouts. I am very concerned.
Valeria, London

Awaiting news from Romesh Dias-Wanigasekara and his family.
Sheahan Fernando, Geneva, Switzerland

Desperately seeking any news about John Stephen Ellis and his wife Hazel whom were on holiday in Sri Lanka. Please contact me by email sandraatteya@hotmail.com.
Sandra Brook, Cairo, Egypt

I am looking for my Father who lives and works (as an Educationalist) in Columbo Sri Lanka. his name is David Wyn Evans. Any information would be helpful. Thanks. Steve Evans, Amersham, UK
Steve Evans, Amersham, Bucks

Has any body seem my friend Gary Hawkesford? Last heard of in Unawatuna Sri Lanka On the 26.12.04.Please phone or Email, Thanks.
lez smith, Braunton England

Please, information about: Handunnethie Sunethra da Silva. Last known adress was Railway road in Ambalangoda. Please, write us when you know her. e-mail: halichaja@planet.nl
Lia Verheij, The Netherlands

Please, we are looking for any information about: Karunawathi Danwatege. Her age is about 54 years old. Please sent us a message to: e-mail: halichaja@planet.nl
Lia Verheij, The Netherlands

I am looking for Chitra and Sujit Kumarasinghe who live at: 173/14 Polhengoda Rd, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka
Nicole Rebeiro, England

Does anyone have any news about the Prithipura Infants Home, run by Pieter de Kretser and his mother Tilaka, located in Hendala, right on the coast just north of Colombo? The home is next to the Pegasus Hotel.
Sonya, British living in US

Has anyone any news of T. Kokila Neela Kumara living at Dewala Road, Kaluwa Modara Aluthgama any any of his family members. Also staff at Palm Beach Hotel. They were all very kind to me and my family on our visit and I am anxious to hear that they are OK
Claudine Young, Brighton England

Want information about Mrs JB Dawood (Zulaikha)in Mattegoda, Polgasowita. Any information on that area or person would be appreciated.
Ahlam S. Ali, Kuwait

I am looking for JAYALATH, my srilankan friend and owner of the Blue Deep Dive Centre on Galle Road Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka. I am very worry because I know nothing about him... please if anyone knows news e-mail me. Thanks. My heart and my soul are next the Asian people.
Marzia Montiglioni, Grosseto - Italy

I am looking for s Sudarshana de Silva of Kahet-Mulla near Galle Road, Beruwela. He is known as Ronnie to us brits. He worked on the beach at Beruwela, outside Riverina Hotel. has anyone got any info on how this resort has been affected? I last heard from him 4 weeks ago and was going back out in feb
Nita Ellis, Cannock Staffs

I am very concerned about my colleague SRI SABARATNAM and his wife who travelled to Sri Lanka before Christmas to visit family and friends. He has not returned to work in the UK as planned and I don't know if he or wife are safe. Can anyone help?
Ian Rutherford, Preston, England

We have been trying to get news of our good friend (NANDANA)Sudusinghe Suneetha Nandana Silva he lives in Sri Lannanda Rd Kaluwamadora (Aluthgama) He has a wife and little boy (3) and works on the beaches as a tour guide in Bentota and Beruwela. Has anyone returning from Sri Lanka met him since the tsunami or can they tell us about his village.
Sue Hogan, Cirencester England

Does anyone know if my friend Benat Lenson and his family are safe? He is a fisherman and lives in Kochicade, north of Negombo.
Irene Miller, Birchington, Kent

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