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Asian quake - Missing persons


Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website sent in their appeals for news of missing persons, which are published below.

You can also send your photographs to

This is the fourth page of appeals received:

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by country

Looking for Monica, Kurt, Nicole, Michael and Lauren Schaeffer holidaying in Thailand. All very worried and need to know how they are OK.
Amanda Weber, Geneva, Switzerland

I am looking for info on John McGettrick from St Albans who was in Thailand over the xmas hols. If anyone knows of his whereabouts please contact me.
Lindsay Brazier, St Albans, Herts

Trying to locate my dear friend Sue Drummond and her boyfriend Martin Curry who are travelling in Thailand, Please let me know they are safe x
Michelle Flavell, Wolverhampton, UK

My friend Louise and I have a very good friend called 'Lofters' First name Michael. He is 32 and lives in Leicester. He went to Thailand before Xmas for three weeks to celebrate Xmas and New Year. If anyone knows anything please contact us!
Dawn Aldridge, Leicester UK

I am looking for information on family friends Tina and Trevor Steele. They live in Karon, Phuket. It is thought their son GREG and his German girlfriend were visiting. Do you know where they are? Any information please e-mail me.
Michelle Jamieson, Brighton, England

My friend Val Oui and her sister Fay are looking for one of their best friends who is living in Thailand, an Australian Mark Fry. Any information would be great.
Stella Turner, Perth, W. Australia

I am looking for a friend, David Tate who was meant to be holidaying in Thailand for the Xmas period. If anyone can help please let me know.
Zara Houstun , londodnerry , northern ireland

Searching for Eddy McArthur. He has been living in Phuket for the last couple of years. last heard from him in May 2004. He is about 5ft 10", with a dark appearance and Scottish accent. He has the name 'REECE' tattooed on his arm. Very worried about him.
Carly Thompson, Kent, England

Looking to contact the Spencer family, as we have not seen them since they went to Thailand just before Christmas
James Hopkins, Harrogate. UK

We are concerned about our Friends Erik and Jo Foster, from Sidcup in Kent, who were spending Christmas with their son Simon who lives in Thailand. Just wanting to know that they are all safe and sound.
David & Sylvia Lacey, Leigh-on-Sea , England

Searching for news of Captain Rodney Evans. A Charter Boat owner/operator. Age mid 50's. A native of Penzance, Cornwall. Last heard of in Thailand.
Iain Girling (Doc), Plymouth, UK

Looking for Lisa Edwards from North London, thought to have been in Phuket. 30-ish, shoulder-length blonde hair. She was on holiday with friends and has not responded to our efforts to contact her.
Kim, Oxfordshire

Looking for Geoffrey Low who lives in Koh Klay, Phang Nga, Thailand
Leslie Naile, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

We are missing Willem Jan van der Heijden from Holland, he is missing from phi phi. Can someone please help. He is blond and about 1.70 meter.
Bas Hazenberg, Boxtel

Trying to find Angela Osbourne (Angel) from Romford in England she's been in Thailand about2 months and was working in a bar/food place on the coast ,not sure where, would be grateful of any news.
Will Johns, Worcester England

Looking for news of my cousin Ian Williams who lived in Phuket - 60 yrs old - 5'9" tall -stocky build, ex Ark Royal.
Kelsey White, Shrewsbury, England

Looking for a married couple called Barry and Valerie Conyers from Surrey, UK. We believe they were in Phuket Thailand over Christmas and New Year and we now cannot reach them. They are in their early sixties, Barry has grey hair quite tall and Valerie has blond hair blue eyes. We would welcome any news to know that they are safe and well as we cannot contact them by phone.
Yvonne Chalkley, London UK

Re my sister, Aysleen Glasby (registered nurse), was doing some teaching near Chang Mai (through New Zealand Education Service)and been living up in North Thailand for past couple of months - last heard of 2 days before xmas with plans of travelling south to beaches with friends (Steph and Pong). Yet to hear from her of NZ Ed Service), love to hear from anybody who may know anything, thoughts with all those in same boat.
Gawaine Glasby, Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia

I am looking for Christine Little (teacher) and boyfriend Chris living in Willingale Essex who went travelling to Thailand just before Christmas. Please send any news if you have heard anything.
David Griffiths, London, UK

Looking for Adrian Garth Seager(English, age 40 -45). Last known to be a Dive Master/Instructor on Puket, Thailand. His only daughter is trying to find him
Tim Griffiths, Guildford

I am looking for any information about my brother-in-law Chuck Simmons, his Thai wife Anna and their 3 children Chee, Jasmine and Julie. They were in the Phuket area at Christmas.
David Chantler, Calgary, Canada

Waiting for news about Tim Johnson, 44-year old from London, who holidays in Thailand every Xmas and New Year.
Simon Woodward, Scarborough, UK

I am hoping for news of my Brother Leslie Hall of Luton known to be in Bangkok for Christmas with his Philipino girlfriend and he has not as yet returned.
Joan Painter, Witney, UK

Our friend Russell went to Thailand on 14 December for a month's holiday. He was going to go on a cooking course there after Christmas but we would like to know he is safe and well and have no other means of contacting him.
Carol and Ian Kirkwood, Mitcham, UK

Concerned and Looking for a caring friend, Lisa Goldsworthy. Near Phuket at the time. Closest friend I've ever had. Please get in touch, Love Chris x
Christopher Schild, Bath, England

Anyone knowing whereabouts of Paul Challis believed to be in Phuket please inform me ASAP
Barry Soanes, Rayong Thailand

Looking for news of John and Tracy Andrews from Woodford Green in Essex, England. They are believed to be on holiday on Phi Phi Island, Phuket with friends. Does anyone if they are safe and well?
Sue Perry, England

Searching for Kwang-Young Chun of South Korea. He and wife were visiting Malaysia during the Tsunami. His American friends would appreciate any known info. Thank you for your help.
Marilynn, PA, USA

Looking for any news of Paul Brett, was believed to be visiting Phuket from China.
G Brett, Tavistock

I sent an e-mail last week trying to track down Terry Meach, who lives in Thailand. He is an ex-drama teacher at Mountview Theatre School. No news as yet. Can anyone help?
Patrick Dean Waters, London, UK

Looking for Helen and Peter Strickland on holiday in Phuket. They left the UK early on Christmas Day and would have arrived in Thailand late on 25 December. They were traveling with a party of 12 to 16 people including their two daughters in their 20s. I cannot contact them by phone and would welcome any news of them.
Sally Griffiths, New Milton, Hampshire, UK

I am trying to locate my brother his name is James W. Bellman he is living in Thailand.
Oliver A. Truitt jr, Columbia, sc, USA

I'm looking for my Danish friend Anders Heegard. He was in Thailand during the tsunami; I do not really know if in Phi Phi Island. He is blond, blue eyes and with a Tribal Sun Tattoo on the back. Please help me to know something...
Rosita, Italy/Denmark

I've lost contact of my British friends Mark Hills & Natalie Davies after their visit to Thailand. Anyone, please reply!!
Francis Yim, Hong Kong

Please does anyone have any news on Jon and Jude Balderstone, newlyweds honeymooning in Thailand. Please let me know? Thanks
Delanie Murphy, Chester, England

Does anyone know if Pat McCleod and her son are safe. They live in Phuket and her son runs a dive school. Any news please.
Veronica Jull, Midhurst, West Sussex.

Please I have sent several e mails regarding my brother Russell Pang and none of them have appeared.He has been missing for 7 days now and we are all desperate to know what has happened to him and his gilrfriend Linda.He is of uk/chinese nationality , dark hair,brown eyes, glasses, about 5'7,and has been living in Thailand for a year.He may have been at one of the hotels when the Tsunami hit.Please any information would be appreciated. Lisa and family.
Lisa Brown, Dartford Kent England

I am looking for my father Harold Hibbert and my sister Malaika Sprangler please contact if they are found.
Maxine Hibbert, New York USA

I'm looking for my friend MATTHEW HEADS.He was in one of the island in Thailand that tsunami strike. He told me he's going their for the full moon party. The last time i heard from him was on Christmas day, till now i haven't heard from him since.
Angela Sursok, Wellington, New Zealand

My brother Edward O'Neill lives in Sweden and recently married a girl from Thailand, we have not heard from and cannot contact him. We are concerned that he may have been in Thailand. Please let me know if anyone knows anything.
Shoon Ortiz, Capistrano Beach, CA - USA

LEO MARVELL is a dear friend who emigrated to Thailand last February to be with girlfriend Mai. Any news of their situation please contact me.
Beverley Isaacs, London

Checking on Par Nit Phon Dang Wong about 54 and a son Billy 33 yrs(could be Phon Dang Wong or Moll) not sure exactly where they live in Thailand, just would like to know they are safe.
rita apul, usa/batesville, IN

Seeking information on Sally Gander and partner Barry on 9 week trip to Asia should have been in Phuket any info on friend of a lifetime hope to find them safe xx
Alison Clifton, Perth, Australia

Looking for information on NEIL ELLIS from London, was traveling in Bangkok and Phi Phi Island with his girlfriend. About 5'6", shaved head (blond stubble). Grateful for any information at all.
Brooke Wheeler, St Albans, England

Trying to find out any information on a friend called Paul North, he moved to phuket a year ago to work, has anyone heard from him?
tom leyland, Ashington, Northumberland

Worried about Trevor Eastman, went to Phucket to work in a bar before Christmas but tends to wander off. Family would like to know whereabouts and or fate.
Roger Thomas, Bideford England

Hi. I'm currently looking for a close relative who is missing in Thailand after the tsunami struck. Her name is Francisca Cooper. She is caucasian, blond wavy hair, 1.70 mts tall, athletic, 26 years old, chilean, and was spending her honeymoon with her husband Mr. Aurelio Montes at the Princess Resort in Phi Phi Island. She has a small scar at the front base of her neck. Her whole family is really desperate, and we don't know if she's alive or conscious. What we do know is that she doesn't know much english, so we guess it won't be easy to identify her once they find her. If you have any information concerning her whereabouts, please write to the e-mail We will also deeply thank you if you spread her picture by e-mail or other means. Any further information at Thank you for posting this. I am trying to find some trace of a friend: Ed Murphy. He was travelling to Thailand (Phuket almost certainly) from mainland Europe several days before the Tsunamai hit. Any news would be welcome.
Terry Coombs, Hastings, UK

I haven't heard from a colleague of mine-Barry Wordsworth who lives in Thailand. I'm concerned as he hasn't responded to my e-mails recently.
John Davies, Yokohama, Japan

My father and his wife were visiting her family and were supposed to return last week. I have no idea of their whereabouts. Their names are Gary and Emily Eveningred and they are from Tucson,Az.
mike richardson, Reno, Nv. 89503

I'm looking for colleagues Merle Vooder 27 and Sven Vetevoog 31 .last known place phuketi .
oliver, Tallinn,ESTONIA

I'm looking for my cousin Gianni Ghezzi and his family, we belive he was in Thailand for the Christmas holydays, he was born in Italy now he is living in Switzerland,marriedto a Thai lady and has two young boys.for any news please contact me at the above email address.thank you. grace pennino
Grace Pennino, Sydney Australia

My good friend Richard Knott was on holiday in Koh Phan Gan Thailand. Haven't been able to contact him. Jeff Zinneman
Richard Knott, Knoxville. TN USA

If anyone has information on Drew and Loraine Borland from Arbroath Scotland please contact me.
tina Hanson, Concord North Carolina USA

Seeking information on Kim Carlaw, formerly of Chelmsford Essex, but who was living in Thailand. Don't know if she was there at the time of the tsunami. She was listed as missing on the BBC site but her name is no longer there. Is this good or bad news? Please help. Thanks!
Veronica Puttock, Grenoble, France

Looking for Brent and Gretchen Byers. Were visiting Thailand. Not sure if they made it back to Alaska unharmed.
Julie Steiger, Port Angeles USA

I am helping family friends to look for their daughter and his boyfriend. Her name is GERARD Clarèle (13/06/1972) and STONMAN Lee - missing in Thailand. Please write if you have any news about them(
Sureka, ANNEMASSE-France

My brother Shaun Daniel joseph Healy is somewhere in Thailand. DOB 28/11/57. I just need to know if he is ok.
Julie McMahon, Saltford, Bristol

We are looking for the Schaefer family: Monica, Kurt, Michael, Lauren and Nicole known to be on holiday in Phuket. We are all very worried and would like to know that they are 0K.
Amanda Weber, Geneva, Switzerland

Just returned back from Phuket, and am trying to locate the whereabouts of our friends, Marcel Liniger, 6ft 2 tall receding brown hair 27yrs old and Beate Frank, 5ft 2, blonde hair 26yrs old. Both of Swiss nationality and where on Phi Phi when the Tsunami struck. Please, any news on my friends will be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks.
Hitesh Parekh, Coventry, England

Concerned for the safety of my friend Jan Harvey and her husband Stephen Yardley who I believe were on holiday in Krao Lak from 12 December. Please, I would appreciate any information.
Anna-Lise Rasmussen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Has anyone any information about my cousin Paul North (46) who was working in a bar in Phuket. We have heard nothing since a call to his mother on Christmas Day.
Bill Sayer, Northampton UK

I'm trying to find out if Rick and Nick (caddies on the european tour Golf) are save. As far as I know they would go to Thailand during xmas.
jackie, Netherlands

Trying to get news of a friend Ronny Murphy ( female in her 50s, long red hair). Last in contact a few months ago usually spends time on the islands in the Andaman sea. Not sure where she was when the tsunami hit Thailand. Any news would be very grateful.
Kate Adam , Liverpool, England

Colleagues worried about Alex Rawlinson who was in the area with his girlfriend on holiday, if anyone has heard that they are safe please let us know here. Thanks
Lesley Kirby, Southampton

Worried about a friend who may (or may not) have been out in Thailand - working as a diving instructor. His name is Marc Barry (36). I'd be grateful for any news.
Sarah Dowling, Glasgow, UK

looking for Geoff Oliver. Please email Walpole house to confirm your safe.
Nicola Wilson, Ealing, London

Im looking for information regarding the whereabouts of Duncan Andrew Hone. He is believed to be staying/living in Thailand, but i dont no where. He is normally based south of England, near peacehaven/Brigthon. Does anyone know any information about him???
Lone Thomsen, Næstved, Denmark

i am writing on behalf of a couple of friends.they are searching for alan way,of westgate-on-sea.they have not heard from alan since he rang before xmas. they are very worried and have been unable to get through to his mobile. they are also unsure exactly where he was staying. any news at all,we would all be very grateful.
janice martin, westgate=on-sea england

Would like to know if Dow is ok who ran a small eating place near Cape Panwa Hotel.
julie Halstead, Phuket Thailand

Any information about Joe Lee & Julian backpacking in Phuket over christmas, if anyone has seen or heard from them please let me know. Also Hannah tugwell also missing in Phuket on holiday over christmas with her husband.
Anne Paterson, Strood kent UK

Trying to find out information about Robert Brown (Bob) and his Thai wife Kevlin (Annie) moved to Phuket 2003 from Peacehaven East Sussex to build hotel on beach.Have been unable to contact since Tsunami struck. Any news would be gratfully received by his friend Perry Benstead.
dominic ball, uckfield,east sussex,united kingdom

gaynormcguire, coventry u.k.

We are looking for friends Zahar and Zahir Khoja from Vancouver, Canada, they went on holiday to Thailand on the 10th December. We would appreciate any information.
Shelley & Matthew Pitcher, Bristol, England, Van Couver, Canada

We are missing my sister Annette Fridén, her husband Jonny and their two daughters Anna (20 years tomorrow) and Emma (17). They were in Khao Lak when we heard from them last (Green Beach Resort) and had originally planned to leave on Christmas Day, but had decided to stay on if the could find new or extended accommodation. Anna & Emma are both blond with light blue eyes - Anna has a pierced tongue. Annette is also blond with light blue eyes and very white teeth. Jonny has an amateur tatoo on his right arm that says "Jonny" and surgical scars on both knees. If only we could hear from them or have some news.
Birthe Albihn, Landskrona, Sweden

I am very worried about my friend LISA McMahon who was in Thailand with her new husband Mark and his parents in Christmas. Please, if anybody knows anything I would appreciate any info. Thank you.
Toslima Khanom, London

I am looking for my best friend Theresa Ahlberg who is from Malmo, Sweden she was on Holiday in Thailand
Chelsea Eales, Caerphilly, Wales

We are trying to locate our Peruvian colleague Andres Gomez de la Torre who flew out to Thailand over the Christmas period. We have not been able to contact him since. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Eleni C, London

Pat McGinley and family anxious to trace whereabouts of Martin McGinley and family. Flew to Bangkok from London Heathrow with view to travelling to Phuket. Family have not heard from them since they departed. Any news welcomed.
Martin McGinley and family, Glasgow

I am trying to locate my friend Daryl Cameron, from Coleford, but I believe has been running a beach bar on Ko Samai Island, Thailand for a couple of years. If anyone knows of him and can let me know he is safe and well, please let me know, and/or better still ask him to get in touch. Thank you.
Paula Daniels-Symonds, Hereford

We are anxious to trace whereabouts of Martin McGinley, wife and son. From Glasgow. They flew to Bangkok from Heathrow on Xmas Eve. Planned to visit Phuket. Have not been in contact since they departed. Family in Glasgow worried about their safety and want to locate them urgently. Pat McGinley and Family, Glasgow. I am looking for a young man aged 17 known as t-mo he is from the leeds area in west yorkshire, england. he is mixed race with shaved dark brown hair. he was visiting Thailand with his mum and dad- i last spoke to him on christmas eve (24th december 2004) when he informed me that he was going to PATONG BEACH. i am not sure where his hotel is located or wether he did actually go to Patong Beach as i havent heard from him since if anyone has any information would you please contact me asap. many thankz ('',)
Shirley Calvert-Gaye, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK

Looking for information on Paul Clarke aka 'Nobby', aged 44, 5"7. He has a Tazmanian Devil tatooed on his shoulder blade. He is from Kinoluton, Nottingham, UK. Believed to be travelling with a party including Colleen MacDonald. Last known in Khao Lak, diving.
Steve Watson, Hickling, Notts, UK

Please, please, please, please, please can anybody give me some news on chris riddick, lost in thailand we are all really worried
zoe f., worcester, England

Wanting to hear from kerry (belfield)dane and john dane currently living in melbourne oz. kerry from chesterfield and john from belfast. went to vietnam, thought to be heading to thailand xmas eve . haven't heard from them over xmas or new year. anyone who may have bumped into them in vietnam or thailand would love to hear from. thanks
simon thomas, melbourne australia

My friend Joel Saville and his girlfriend Katie are out there, I was just aftre a list of names of those missing or dead as i haven't heard from him. Thanks Anna
anna parrish, Kent, UK

In response to the following our company has received an email from a Turkish Shipping company that attaches a photo of a boy matching the description of max Werkelin. I have the email and will send it on with the hospital phone number etc. if someone can let me know how to contact Mike Lewis. I am looking for Max Werkelin aged 4 who is believed to be safe in hospital but I can't find him. He is Swedish, blond and has blue eyes. He was last seen wearing arm wrist band with KNeippbyn on it. Mike Lewis, Chaing Mai, Thailand
James Dean, Oxford, UK

We are looking for a work colleague (Rosemary Edwin)who travelled to Thailand on 9th December 2004 and we understand that she was there over the Christmas period. If anyone has heard anything with regards this person please could you contact us.

I am looking for Michael Pagaha from Hull, he is 68 years old. Michael was staying at the Peach Hill Resort in Phuket (Thailand). If anyone has any information on Michael's whereabouts please contact me, it will be greatly appretiated.
Gemma McKee, Hull, East Yorkshire, England

We are anxious to discover the whereabouts of our friend Gavin Campbell who was on holiday on Phi Phi Island. He arrived there on 20/12/04. Thank you
Patsy Short, UK

Rachelle McCaskill from Dundee was supposed to be spending New Year in Thailand, with friends. Don't know where she went & whether or not she's ok. Let me know, please!!!
Scot Woodside, Perth, Scotland

Trying to find my father in law. Steve Hawkins. Known to go to Thailand ever xmas, maybe PhiPhi Island. Have tried phoning phone out of order. My husband very worried. Please if you know him or his whereabouts email me on
samantha hawkiins, oxford

My father Leslie John Cleaver and his wife Shelagh Cleaver have a house in Thailand. It may be in Phuket but am not sure as lost contact a few years ago. I would be grateful if anyone had any information regarding their whereabouts.
Heather Cleaver, Chester United Kingdom

My neice Sheena Symes, back-packing on ko chang near burmese border. She was last in touch with us shortly after tsunami hit on 26th Dec 2004, saying she was well and staying to help. We have not heard anything since.
Kate Macdonald, Scotland

Am trying to get news of a dear friend, JAMES CORK from Surrey, who regularaly winters somewhere on or near the Thailand coast. He would have had a private bungalow or other separate accommodation away from the main tourist areas and has close ties with the locals. I don't know where exactly he stays there but from his accounts, he has fairly easy access to Bangkok and Pattaya - short boat trips, he says.
BF Hunt, London, England

my uncle, martin baldwin is 39, he is an ex soldier and he goes to thailand at least once a year. he stopsover at friends homes, and goes from village to vilage. he was supposed to ring on xmas day but he didnt. wich is unlike him, so mayb he was gonna ring the next day but he didnt. ive jus found out from 1 of his friends ringin from sweden that he rang her on xmas day the day he got to bangkok and sed he was stopin ther over night and goin to Phuket the next day. we havnt heard from him at all and im really woried he is my moms twin and she and al the family are worried so if any one knows of his where abouts please contact me or even if you just think he sounds familiar email me on and i can send a picture wich may help, thanks.
Natalie Poole, telford

Looking for any news on neighbours Sue Adams and George Piggott. Visiting friends in Thailand. Poss Phuket/Phi Phi Island.
Sally-Anne, Manchester, UK

I am looking for Sarah Hornseth she has light tan hair and has glasses but she may not be sarah hornseth anymore because she got married but thats who i know her as! so if you know where she is or anything can you please email me! I think she was still in Thiland when this happened but please help!! please!
Nikki Rendell, Canada, Alberta

I would appreciate greatly any information regarding my brother Alexander Gladstone who has resided in Thailand for many years and who i have lost contact with.
Ian stewart, Telford UK

We are trying to locate our great friends, Bob Stanton and Roberta Pinkerton. We believe that they were in Phuket on that day. We have tried to contact them, but no luck. If anyone has any news of these 2, please let us know!
Simon & Carol Stribbling, Melbourne, Australia

Any body know about Jon Ness, pls try to contact me.I wanna know if is okay.
Meralyn Talingdan, Calbayog City,W.Samar Phils.

Family and friends are looking for Filip Cosmo Wesén (17 yrs), Emma Cosmo Wesén (15 yrs) and Vibeke (or Vivi) Wesén (21 yrs) from Sweden. When the wave came they were in the lobby of the Khaolak Bandari Resort with their mother who now is back in Sweden. Pictures are available at and at If you have any information concerning the three, please make a post.
Fredrik, Lund, Sweden

Looking for Joseph Thomas Maguire, British backpacker from Australia know to be in Krabi for Christmas. No one has heard from him since Christmas day. Please let me know if he is alright.
Andy Soffe, Sydney Australia

Hoping my cousin, Ellwyn Smith, teacher at Burapha University, Bangsaen, Cholburi, Thailand is ok. Please contact us!
Jeremy Perks, Perth, Australia

Gordon Watts asked about Paul Bailey from Manchester. Paul is a friend and work colleague and I too would like any information. Thanks.
Stephen Ives, Ashton-under-Lyne, England

We are desperately searching for Paramjit Kaur Shahi, Sarabjit Singh Shahi (AE), Japjit Singh Shahi, and Gagandeep Kaur Shahi. They were living in Port Blair, Andaman. [/b] Paramjit: round face, medium set, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, sharp features, around 49 years of age, 5'3-4" tall (it's kind of broad but we haven't seen them in a while) Sarabjit: around 5'9-10" tall, about 170-180 lbs., not very dark not very light, has a beard and turban (last time we saw him), in his early 50's, Paramjit is originally from Garh Bhadana, Nawa Shahar, Punjab, India Sarabjit's family has been settled in Port Blair for over 20 years Their kids: Japjit and Gagandeep, were born and raised in Port Blair, they should now be in their teens.
Jasvir Dhaliwal, NY, USA

I noticed Laura McKelvey is looking for info about her father Mark McKelvey living in Phuket. Mark is my cousin. If Laura has any info please get in touch. Thanks
Sara McKelvey, Garvagh, Northern IrelandI

Looking for any news in Mike Zinberg from New Yrok City. He was in Thailand at the time of the Tsunami.
Daniel Greenwood, Point Pleasane New Jersey

Looking to hear from my friend Mark Duffy and his partner Matt. Arriving in Thiland Boxing Day. Please respond.
David Dickey,

I am trying to locate my friend Andrew Hitchings, He went to thailand to visit his girlfriend and her family for christmas. Ive not been able to contact or find him since. If anyone has any info please let me know.
Doug Packman, Cambridge, England

I am trying to help locate my uncle. His name is Russell Elliott. 5'10, dark red hair born 9/2/61. Lives in Bangkok but could have been in Phuket. Anyone has any sort of information, please get in contact. thank you
Sarah Elliott, Ashford, Kent

looking for news on gary hyde from middlton manchester on holiday in thailand
james mcmanus, manchester england

I am look my brother Roger Cox who arrived in Thailand on 24th December and we haven't heard anything since

we are asking for any information on my ex husband who may be in thailand at this time of year. he has a young som and possibly a new wife. he is reginald thomas dixon of louth in lincolnshire. any information on their safety appreciated.
gillian dixon, birmingham warwickshire

We're worried about a very dear friend: Serafettin Yildiz (turkish-austrian . To date we have not received any info on his whereabouts or safety. So any info would be greatly appreciated! If anyone has heard from him please get in touch.
fatma göksu-aslan, Vienna

I am looking for word of my Father William (Bill) Lever he is married to Ouan. His last known address was in Puket, Thailand. We have not spoken in a long time and I would just like to know that he and his family are safe. Also their good friend Perrine and daughter Meow, also living in Puket.
Craig Peters, Horsham W Sussex UK

Looking for any news of dear friend Troop Dresser - only know he was in Thai islands.
Denise Richards, Portland OR USE

looking for family of 3: surname o'dell anthony, verona and danielle from nottinghamshire, england. last known destination thailand. please reply
dennis eden, nottingham, england

Who can tell me of : MR. SAKHOPN CHUETAON he lived in Phuket, Thailand. Who can tell me if he is alive??? thank you so much
carla, schagen, the netherlands

We are looking out for our friends Eve & Carl (french Citizens, living in Munich/Germany) and are requesting information. Carl & Eve have been travelling to PHI PHI Island on 25th of December and probably rent a bungalow on TONSAI BAY. Since then we don't have any further news.
Armin & Gaelle, Munich Germany

I am looking for a white, Jewish man called Alan Pearlman who is a father to 3 kids and also a granddad to 4 kids in clueding me and will soon be a granddad to a 5th child.any news would be so grateful please, please help me it will mean a great deal to me if anybody knows anything.Thank You so much.
Jessica Pearlman, Leeds, England

I'm looking for my very good friend Alvin - Philippines citizen - working now in Thailand , from whom miss news for some time . ( Probably on vacation in the devastated region ?! ) . Please send back news if everything ok . I'm very worried .
DA, Romania

We haven¿t received any news from our friend: Dr.Surasak Ammartyothin. He was working at the Phi Phi Island Hospital.
Luis Amelinckx, Carrboro, North Carolina, USA

Looking for news about Audrey (Poppy) Hewins who is in her early 70's and her daughter and son in law Belinda & Mark who were on holiday on an island near Phuket.
debbie whiting, London

Looking for information on Shalon Guilbault and "Coti". They were my dive instructor last summer at Kho Phi Phi. Thank you.
Ana López, Madrid. Spain

Im looking for Alan Pearlman.He is my poppa Alan who lives in Thailand.If any body has got any news on him i will be so grateful.Thank You.
Jessica Pearlman, Leeds, England

Wanting any information on Alan Waddington as he is holidaying in Thailand and the family is worried
Barry Waddington, Bedford, UK

We are trying to find out if the family that owns 'Top View'Bungalows on Koh Lanta (Kantiang Bay - Ao Noi Beach)are safe and well. We stayed with you last Feb. Grateful of any news.Our thoughts are with you.
Marianne and John Nightingale, LEEDS, UK

I am praying for the safety of my dear friend John Eastham....teaching in Bangkok. I have tried emailing but no reply as yet.
Sharon Bell, Belfast N.Ireland

searching for mr mrs stevens age 70s from notts actual area unknown where on holiday
brian towle, nottingham england

looking for news of tony or anthony brown who lives in thailand.age-early 50s
Mandy and wayne brown, Barnsley

concerned about college friend Andy Tandoh.unsure as to wether he was still in Thailand at time of tsunami or safe in vietnam .Andy is from kent but had recently moved to turkey.any news would be appriciated
helen spinks, maidstone kent uk

Just noticed that Nicola Lane from London is also looking for Poppy Hewins. Please please please let us know if you hear anything.
Ally Hammock, London

Billy Wells and his girdfriend Ellen were in Thailand, any news?
john Kitching, London, uk

i am looking for my friend Paul Foster from Walsall Westmidlands he was backpacing alone in thailand as far as we know. last heard of 18 dec. expecting a call of him around christma day but nothing heard since.
ray lloyd, walsall westmidlands

I am Looking for a singer who was meant to be in Phuket called Mark James (that was the name he used for singing real name jones please if anyone as spoken to him anywhere after Boxing day please contact me and my mum Anne. He has a thia Girlfriend & young child any news would be grateful to hear! + Keith Arnott an expat who was in Phuket also Family are so worried!
Anne-Marie Mitchell, devon UK

I am hoping for some news about/from Bob Teale from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We know he was in Thailand for Christmas and New Year. Unfortunately we do not know which part of Thailand he was in at the time. We have not heard anything from him since before Christmas and would love some news. Please can someone (or Bob)contact me with any information as to his whereabouts. Thank you.
Sarah Taylor, Milton Keynes, Bucks

Re: Stuart & Yuwathida Sinclair. We have no contact number for family in Canada, so cannot find out if they are okay.
Sharlene Klein, Kamloops, B.C., Canada

Looking for Wayne Walker from Wandsworth. On one of the islands at Christmas.
Margaret Millgate, London UK

Looking for my friends Alan and Margaret Owen who were on a cycling holiday in Thailand last heard from them on the 20th December when they said they were moving to Langkawi for Xmas & New Year
Pamela Symons, Exmouth UK

Please, Please i am desperate for news of my 19 year old son Eddie Gibson he is back packing around Asia, I last heard from him in Cambodia and he could have been on his way to Phi Phi Island, i have not heard from him which is out of his character, please help.
jo gibson, Hove, England

Aldingbourne headteacher LIZ WEBSTER and boyfriend/fiance holldaying in thailand. Just wondering if they are safe!
Sophie Mulry, Nr. Chichester West sussex

Catherine and Gary Shipp travelling in Thailand.We have not heard from them recently and unable to contact. We would be gratefull of any news.
Catherine & Gary Shipp, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

please can anyone tell me where our frend mr skhopn chuetaon is. he lives in Phuket, Thailand. we can't reach him by telephone, please let us know if he is alive.
carla, schagen, netherlands

please help me find my good friend David Taylor he was in thailand at the time of the tsunami and i haven't heard from him thank you, Mark Toner
mark toner, surrey

Previously posted, still seeking ANY info on Mary & Jerry DeVries, their 2 children & parents. I MUST find out if they're OK.
Bitsa Burger, Guerneville, California, USA

Waiting for more contact from Michael, Marian and Gabrielle kelsey. We had a phonecall on boxing day from a swedish lady (wife of boat owner) saying they were safe but have heard nothing since. We are very anxious to have more information if you know anything please get in touch. I have tried to get this published before so hope this message gets through
Judy Kelsey, stroud uk

Has anyone seen Graham Winning. He is Scotish and in his mid thirties. Tall with light brown hair I last heard he was teaching in Thailand. please let me know if anyone knows of him. Thank you
Debbie Lowry, Battersea/London

Hoping to hear of the whereabouts of Barry Bissel on annual holiday in Thailand, if anyone has any information please get in contact ASAP.
Alan and Brenda Warden, West Midlands, United Knigdom.

Alan Mannion and Evania Inward spending Christmas in Thailand. Also looking for Vera, Alan's Mum in Ireland, and sisters Shivone & Lorraine in Germany who may have news...
Giles Haines & Simon Tizzard, London

hoping to hear news of my cousin Freddie White and his wife, he left London December 29th to go to Thailand for the holidays. am very anxious to hear. not sure which part of Thailand that he was visiting.
Pauline, Wyong N.S.W Australia

i am looking for ashley rice and her family who where last known to be in thailand, any one who has infomation on this family please get in touch and help us find our dear friend x
amber robinson and sian irvin, hoddesdon, england

Colleagues and freinds are increasingly worried for CAROLINE LEACH and her new Husband TONY who are in Thailand on their honeymoon.
Sharon Davies, Brighton, England

Has anyone seen or heard from my uncle JOHN FRITH who flew to Thailand 24/12?
Nick Stone, Droitwich, UK

My Brother in Law lives in Khao-Lak and survived the tsunami. He is looking for 3 people all Thai Nationals. His 13 Month old Son, Johan Martin Sarkisian, and his Grandmother staying in the bungalows in front of the Raya Divers dive shop. His Common law wife Mod is in her early twenties and was working in the Raya dive shop at the time. All locations were within less than .5 kilometers of the relief center by the Police Boat in the hills.
Todd Richards, Hampton, NH

Searching for any news of my friends Barbara McTaggart and Craig Stanley, staying on Phi Phi, Thailand. Barbara is Scottish, 31, tall, slim, mid length blonde hair. Craig is 30, English, short dark hair, tall, slim. They were travelling from Bangkok southwards and on Phi Phi for Christmas Day. Please if anyone has seen them or knows anything please let me know. Thank you.
Maggie Maguire, Leeds, England

My mother's best friend Poppy (aka Audrey) Hewens and her daughter Belinda & son in law Mark were near Phuket when the wave hit--please contact me if there is news of them.
Nicola Lane, London UK

Desperately trying to find out info on my friend Conor Keightly, last known to be on Phi Phi Christmas day
Denise McKernan, Cookstown N.Ireland

My brother "David Sandford" was either in Phuket or Phi Phi.He was a diving instructor & had been travelling the area for 10 months.He is White, Brown hair, Green eyes & has a South African acsent.
Clare Elboim , Stone Cross, England

looking for Vladan urumovic 40, his wife Nina Ilich 39 and their young son Alexander 5, staying at Baan Khaolak hotel, beachfront room
steven harrison, stockholm sweden

Its been over 7 days since i hace head from my uncle Robert Scott who was in phuket visiting his Fiance any information on him will be gratfully received.
Tommy Scott, Scotland

Please help. Trying to find a woman called Damaris Hooper prob working with an aide agency. Last known whereabouts Bangkok. Connected with St Mary Bredin Church, Canterbury, Kent. Please help. Prayers xx
Becky Symmonds, Canterbury, England

I am looking for a lost cousin who was last known to be going to Bangkok. His name is Nick St Dennis. If anyone has seen him or met him please please let us know. We are all very very worried.
Lorien Jones, Jesup, GA USA

Robert and Eliter Fitzburgh of Santa Rosa California were on Vacation and have been reported missing by the family. We are close friends and are praying to hear any word.
Kerry and Johnny Forbes, Santa Rosa, California, USA

We are seeking any info on our nephew, Joseph Ginevicz, who has been in Thailand for several months. Please contact your family, Joseph. We miss you and love you very much.
Joseph Ginevicz, Boulder, CO USA

John Middleton of Brock University is on Sabbatical in Thailand , presumably Bangkok. He has not contacted his sister in Mississauga Ont. We have no address for him or even an e-mail address . Can you help ?
Roy Allen, Mississauga Ont. Canada

I'm looking for my friend, Leonel Alberto Ranges Rodrigues, Portuguese, male, 55 yrs old,1.74m, bald, brown eyes, white beard & moutstache, with dark birth mark on his left body.He stayed at Meridion Hotel at Khao Lak pls kindly help.
Tommy Lam, Macau

Who has seen Melissa Hofland. She is 29year old and comes from The Netherlands. Melissa was travelling with her boyfriend Donne Moesman(28). Please contact me if you hear anything from them or anybody who has any information. If you think you recognize them I can sent a recent picture to make sure! They are last seen at Kho phi phi.
Marco Hotinga, The Hague, The Netherlands

Looking for information on a friend named Winston Allen who travelled to the Phuket area for Christmas with his girlfriend Nicloina, Does anyone out there know how to get information
Neville Hart, London UK

I dived the Similan Islands the first week of December '04 and want information about the status about the staff of Similan Pro Divers, based in Phuket and Khao Lak, Thailand. In particular, Sebastian Greenslade and the staff of the Sea Pearl dive boat.
Steven LeVine, Oakland, California, USA

We are looking for two Canadians that were currently living in the Fuse area of Osaka Japan. We only know their first names; Marty and Kelly. We believe that they were vacationing in Phuket for Christmas. If you have any info about their whereabouts or safety please contact us. Thank you
Goro and Lori Fukuda, fuse area, osaka Japan

We are looking for two friends who were camping along the coast in Thailand. They are Russian Americans. Their names are Vadim and Olga Pevzner. Their parents are elderly so we are making the inquires for them. Please respond if you hear anything. We have had no responses to emails yet.
Rose Rowland, New York, New York

I am looking for Diane Melendez, an American citizen from San Mateo, California, in her 50's, about 5'7" with dark brown hair and blue eyes. We have heard no word from her and don't know where she is.
Casey, Northern California, USA

I am looking for Susanna Pershamre from Boraas, Sweden. Birth: 1973-08-23 Length: 160 cm Weight: 60 kilo Light Brown hair On her left hand is a ring with the inscription: Markus 23/8-03 A picture of her can be seen at
Damian Jurzysta, Borås, Sweden

Wanchalem Akkanit Suthi Khaolard both with Christian Childrens Fund Sponsored by my husband. Please any word
Cathy Sparks, Missing in Thailand

Wanting to trace Ioannis Freres (also known as Giovanni), from Syros, Greece who was wintering in Phuket.
Chris Henden, Luton England

I research my cousin, he supposed to be in Thailand, may be at Phuket, we received a post card for Christmas. His name Robert "Bobby Bishop" Levesque. He is living in Kissemee, Florida. We would like to have news from him. He is blond, moustache, 57 years, blue eyes.
Michele Pelletier, Laval, Quebec, Canada

Looking for info on Kim Granger from Berkeley, Ca. She was due in Phuket on a date near the tsunami.
Rowan Edwards, oakland. Ca.,U.S.

If you ok please send e mail!! I worry so much
Paksiri Somijt, Phuket Thailand

We are back home, after close tsunami contact. But we are really worried sick about the well being of our new found friends from the uk. Wayne (father),Tina(mother) and Sophie(daughter). We don't know their family names. If anyone knows anything, please please, contact us. The best hope, Brigitte, Amina and Cosmo
Cosmo, Copenhagen

I am trying to locate my niece, Lee Tracey, who was travelling with her boyfriend Bill. She is 21 years old and had taken a year off work to travel. She is from Dublin, Ireland. She was on her way to Thailand just before the disaster and we have not been able to contact her since then. If you can help at all it would be more than appreciated. Thank you.
Sharon Scanlan, Tampa, Florida, USA

My fathers 1st cousin Alan Close and his wife Nancy Close could of been visiting Phuket where there son (Gary Close) Partner and grandson Callum Close live in Phuket. If anyone from England Bishop Middlam just outside of Newcastle or anyone in Phuket has any knowledge where all five are situated I would be grateful to hear from you.
Paul Close, Perth Australia

Seeking missing American Family. Bryan age 42, wife Betty, two children Isabella 7, Callum 4. Vacation in Bangkok. Family desperate to hear from them.
Karen LaBonte, Merrimack, NH 03054

I am looking for my good friend Albert Municino. He was in Thailand on Vacation. He is currently living in Seoul, Korea teaching English but he is from Brookland NY.
Shannon MacBride, seoul Korea

Please find this man: Flemming, Mikey, Thailand

Looking for work colleague, Dan Ruiz and his wife Renee. Colleagues VERY worried.
Carmen Snead, Detroit, MI

Trying to locate Claire and Patrick Muntinga. Arrived Thailand on 23 December 2004. Backpacking around. Please advise if okay and where you are. Mum is home in Perth waiting to hear from you a.s.a.p
Penny Eagleton, Perth, Western Australia

We are the family of Mike Thomas last known to have worked at Novotell Hotel. Thailand. Anxious to have news of him. Rose Sinnathamby
Rose Sinnathamby, Colombo. Sri Lanka

I am looking for my friend Krista Jasminn who went to Bangkok and then on to Thailand two weeks ago. She is not answering e-mails or texts. please let me know if you hear of her. She is a French Canadian travelling with a visa from England
Georgina Vye, Devon

Looking for my Mum who is on holiday with her partner Donna Eastlake. Both are in their 50's. Call home if possible or email.
Lynnette Diack, Wellington, New Zealand

Seeking news of Amy Kevorkian, reportedly staying at a resort in Khao Lak on the day of the tsunami.
Joan Serin, Los Angeles, USA

Does anyone know what has happened to the Owner & staff at the Marina Inn, Patong Beach, Phuket? God bless you all.
Katie, Sydney, Australia

Has anybody seen or heard of Mike Arthur from Hull. Went out on 23/12/2004 staying near Phuket
Dereck Thomson, Hull, East Yorkshire

Linda Peralta last known to have been going to Phuket
S Kershbaum

Patrick & Grace Flanagan of Dublin were on holiday in Phuket - anyone who has any information please let me know.
Christy Schroers, Brighton, UK

I am concerned for a good friend of mine Pauline George - British, born 18/08/64 - staying in Ko Lanta, Thailand. If anyone has any news on Pauline, or Pauline if you are reading this please email me.
Joelle Wood, Brussels, Belgium

Kata Beach in Phuket.
Alison Aubrejuan, Oakland, CA, USA

Wondering if my friend Geoff Tuttle and wife are Ok. They normally live in Phuket and I'd like to know if they are safe and well.
Ralph Simpson, Kingston, Canada

Patrick Timothy Fitzgerald on Kathu Phuket Island, Patong Beach. address is po box 223, Patong. Lives within 2 blocks of beach. Age 63, Slightly shaggy brown hair with a little bit of grey. Brown eyes, height 6"1?, weight 210. Living with a Thai woman, part of her name is Kan? Hopefully someone has seen him. Thank you
Sara White, Ocate, New Mexico

Missing: CAROL SHELLHORN. 38 years old. American 177 cm Tall; 5 Feet 10 inches. Eyes: Blue, Hair: reddish brown with highlights, tattoo in middle of lower back in shape of a star. Wearing: Blue Tank Top, Pants Last Seen: Bian Nang Beach near Khao Lak (Phang-nga province)
Stephanie Maiurano, San Francisco, California USA

Looking for Harry Veldwijk. It is his birthday, December 30. He used to live in Phuket
Carla Hoekendijk, Amsterdam, NL

Lisa May is missing from Phi Phi any help would be wonderful thankyou
Mary Bowen-Jones, Cheltenham Glos

We are looking for word on my husband's brother. BRUCE BARTON BUCHHOLTZ (DOB 6/27/1951). We have not heard from him since last Thursday. Any news please post.
Dolores May, Washington DC

I am very worried about a friend Tommy Nolan and his girlfriend Georgina who I believe were staying on Phi Phi Island. If anybody has any news about them, please could you post a reply on this site? Thank you.
Suzanne Wicks, Essex

I'm trying to contact Michael Trickett and his daughter Dayna age 5 we've read that he is in Khao Lak still looking for his Thai wife Phensiri and son Micheal Jacob (MJ) age 3. We're desperate to speak with him. Please contact me if you have any news of them.
Antoinette Ive, South Ockendon, Essex

Looking for Piers Simon, British, age 33 years old. Last seen in Phi Phi Island, Thailand. He has a mole on left arm and wearing sky blue short and red "OK" T-shirt.
Nick Gardner, Yeovil, England

Missing: ROBERTO ELINI from Bologna, Italy, missing since the day of disaster, about 1 metre 80 tall, fit, wearing causal clothes, unknown location at time of disaster, known to be travelling alone from Thailand to Myanmar. God bless all the missing people, may they all come back home safe ! Thank everybody.
Oceanblue, Italy

I am looking for my cousin Armine Kevorkian (aka Amy) who was vacationing in Khao Lak. If anyone has any information, please let me know.
Ann Ozuzun, California,USA

Any news on the wherabouts of Jimmy Edgar from Liverpool last known on an island off Thailand, Dave Rudd. 3 Serbian nationals with Swedish passports were vacationing in Chao Lak, Thailand. Their names are: Nina Ilic, her husband Vladan Urumovic and their 5 year old boy Aleksandar Ilic Urumovic. Nobody has heard from them. Neither the Serbian nor the Swedish authorities have any information. I would also like to add that Serbia has today sent 40 tons of aid to the grief stricken region.
Alex, Belgrade, Serbia

I am trying to locate Claudine Dupuis (Chloe)from Canada who is travelling the beaches of Thailand. Unable to reach her and want to know if she is safe.
Mark A., Tampa, Florida

Seeking information on Steven Dowkes and his wife Nok, and parents Michael and Pamela Dowkes from Yorkshire. Believed to be in the Phi Phi area. Steven is a diving instructor who has lived in Phi Phi for the past 5 years. Please get in touch with any information. Thanks
Lea Dazley, sydney, Australia

Looking for info about the Kamala Bay Terrace Resort and it's Staff? God Speed!
BW Lowe, Victoria BC Canada

We are still hoping for news of our good friend Lesley Pearse and family holidaying in Thailand. Thankyou for any information.
Cathy and Brian Heath. Bristol UK

News desperately wanted on Benjamin Charles Watts (29) from UK (was living in Germany) holidaying in Thailand. Friend Nova Mills also missing. Ben's girlfriend Paula Bateman (26) is now safe and transferred to hospital in Germany. Andy Chaggar now in intensive care in Chkopraya Hospital in Bangkok. Paula and Andy were found in Phang Nga area.
Nicole Bateman, Northampton, England

Francisca Cooper: She is caucasian, blond wavy hair, 1.70 mts tall, athletic, 26 years old, Chilean, and was spending her honeymoon with her husband Mr. Aurelio Montes at the Princess Resort in Phi Phi Island. She has a small scar at the front base of her neck.
Cooper family, Santiago, Chile

I am looking for news of Amorn and Renu, who ran Jaspal Tailor shop at at Kata Beach in Phuket.
Alison Aubrejuan, Oakland, CA, USA

Am looking for my son Billy Lee Daniels. He's a civilian working for the US Navy and was in Thailand to get married.
Pat Booth, Wasilla,Alaska,USA

A friend in Thailand is looking for Ewa Malgorzata Podgorska who came with Swedish Fritidsresor. She has not been in contact with anyone and she is not confirmed dead.
Peter Willenhag, Stockholm, Sweden

Looking for brother David Dalgarno and his wife left home 23rd for Christmas lives in Freemantle Perth Australia- travelling to Singapore then to Malaysia contacted holiday destination not there and found out he also has gone to Thailand please David contact family in England worried sick sister Marian
Marian Townsend, Redditch England

I'm looking for my father, stepmother and sister who were in Thailand when the tsunami hit my fathers name is Phillip Magrath
Karla Magrath, Boronia Heights Australia

Looking for any info on two friends who are believed to be in the Phuket area of Thailand. A Japanese girl -Yumiko and a bald Italian guy called- Franco. They maybe on one of the other nearby islands. Thanks.
Petar Zadraznik, Sapporo, Japan

I search FATTON family : Pierre-alain (father), Tristan /7 y. old) and Yann (5 y. old)
Droz Isabelle, Switzerland

Looking for Lucy Coyle from Dublin. My sister and I both went to Aravon School with her. If any one come across her name, please contact the Irish embassy. I would also like to hear from anyone that knows of her.
Jamie Whyte, Alexandria, Virginia. U.S.A.

I'm looking for my friend Todd John, an American now living and working in Hong Kong. He was heading for Phuket after Christmas, but have heard nothing since
Paul, Hong Kong

ISABEL TREVOR - all your friends are desperate for news of you. Spending Xmas & NY in southern Thai islands, if anyone has any news then please let us know.
Ricky Broome, London

I am looking for news on the safety of a British couple who gave up their home and job to travel to Asia. Chris. A. Stevens & Angharad Bryn Jones were planning to be in an undecided Southern Thai Resort during Christmas
Douglas Moore, Hong Kong

Looking for CHRIS Mc GLYNN. Staying on an island near Phi Phi.
The Boon family, Suffolk, UK

Am looking for my friend, John, from Chicago, who was in Thailand to study Massage until January. We are very worried about him and hope he is safe
Carole and Nancy, Phuket

Looking for Rubal Sethi and Dao who own a boutique close to Phuket Arcadia and also on Patong beach. Any information will be appreciated.
Sanjeev Sehgal, Glendale, CA, USA

Looking for Denis Wier, Australian Hotel manager on Phi Phi Thanks, David Knowles
D Knowles, Las Vegas, Nevada

We are looking for our daughter(born in Korea) Toth Jee-Yun Nathalie aged 33, and our granddaughter Toth Alya aged 9, they were in December in Thailand with her boyfriend Henin Jung born in (Korea) aged 40. They are from Belgium. Any information greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Toth P, St Pieters-Leeuw Belgium

My old boss, now one of our competitors in industry, and an old friend of the family has gone missing in Thailand apparantly. His name is Nigel Burton, although he probably has a few aliases.
Guy Bell, Plymouth, Devon, UK

I am looking for my brother, Steven Bray, who I believe was at Patong Beach,Phuket. He is 5'11" tall, black hair and a moustache, medium build. If anyone has any knowledge of where he is, please get in touch with me.
Linda Lofthouse, Thirsk, England

Looking for any information on Georgina East and Anne Turner holidaying in Thailand.
Janette Faherty, London

We are desperate for news of Christopher McGlynn, aged 25, who was on Phi Phi island when the wave hit. He is of slim build, with long blond hair. His girlfriend and her family have been found. No news as yet of Chris.
Lizzie McGlynn, Sudbury, England

I am looking for my brother Alan Sutcliffe. Please get in touch and let me know you're OK if possible
Brian Sutcliffe, Hackmondwike, England

Would appreciate any news on friends of ours; Mandy Hill and John Crilly, who were on holiday in Thailand.
Tasha, Bournemouth, UK

Friends of Bill Roth trying unsuccessfully to email him. He is American resident in Bangkok, teaching English. He was going on few days vacation at areas throughout Thailand.
Bill Roth, Bournemouth. U.K.

I'm trying to trace my brother in law dward Holland age 57 who went to Thailand 20th December;
Lindsy White Leeds West Workshire

I am seeking contact with the Australian family of Michael Dobbie, since he was in almost daily contact with me and I know where he was on 26 December.
David Tame, Frome, England

I'm trying to trace two friends I met on a trip from Adelaide in December, they were going on from OZ to Phuket and Phi Phi for the holiday period, I've tried their mobile's and emailed to no effect. Their names are Michelle Lawson and Kerry Coogan both from Bournemouth in the UK and traveling. The email address is my fathers as communication is a bit hit and miss.
Mark Renshaw, Austrailia

I am searching for news on my dear friend Adrian Lester who is missing with his father and sister from Phi Phi Island. Because I live so far from his family in Blackpool please contact me here. Many thanks
Sue Meehan, Kings Langley England

Has anyone any news of my cousin Ray Hately, holidaying with male friends in Thailand. His family are desperate for any news.
Fiona Conley, Hexham UK

I am trying to get information on the whereabouts of Richard Springett and his girlfriend, Simone, who arrived in Phuket on 24/12/05. Any information would be much appreciated.
Neil Jones, London,s, London,

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