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Robin Cook: Your tributes
Robin Cook

The funeral of the former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook has taken place in Edinburgh.

Politicians from all parties were there, including most of the cabinet. But Tony Blair, who is on holiday, did not attend; he will attend a memorial event later.

The MP for Livingston died of hypertensive heart disease, after collapsing while walking near the summit of Ben Stack in the north-west Highlands.

Mr Cook was Foreign Secretary between 1997 and 2001, and Leader of the House of Commons until March 2003. He resigned from the Cabinet in protest over the war in Iraq.

What are your memories of Robin Cook?

Thank you for your tributes to Robin Cook. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

Your comments:

As a fellow Scot I was saddened to hear of Mr Cook's death. He was indeed one of the very few politicians with any sort of integrity and the wisdom to stand his corner without worrying about personal ambition. I am not a Labour man but had high respect for this man.
Craig M, Germany

He gave the West a renewed perspective to look at its foreign policy. A true man of integrity who will certainly be missed by British politics.
O, Utrecht, Netherlands

I saw Robin speak at a debate in London only a couple of weeks ago (eloquent and intelligent as always). He was a true internationalist, humanitarian and socialist, and his untimely death is an absolute tragedy.
Rob Williams, London, UK

As a Kosovar Albanian, I am forever grateful to Mr Cook for his universal visions of liberty. The UK and the world political scene will most certainly miss the figure of such a principled human being.
Agon, Prishtina, Kosovo

Robin Cook won the hearts of the world by his simple acts of humanity, compassion, honesty and courage. I distinctly remember feeling a terrible tug at my heart when I heard of his passing. He held his ground firm on political issues while risking alienation by his own party. But he cared more for the truth than a slap on the back from Tony. I will say he was probably the most admired man in this decade. We will miss you very much Mr. Cook. God bless you.
Abu Mohammed, USA

Maybe the best prime minister Britain never had. Principled, honest, deep integrity. A loss to British politics in general, whatever party you believe in. My sympathy to his family and friends.
Chris, Wuppertal, Germany

We had a politician of great integrity, something sadly missing in politics today
Peter, London UK
The death of Robin Cook is such a tragic loss to our country. Here we had a politician of great integrity, something sadly missing in politics today. His stance over Iraq alone was not only brave but also displayed great insight and wisdom.
Peter, London UK

Robin Cook was one of the very few bright lights in what I consider a very dark parliament. He will be so greatly missed.
Paul, New Malden, UK

I am so inspired by these international tributes. Proof - and we do need it - that honesty, integrity and humanity do rank highly amongst society's values. Other politicians take heed - you too can be a great man
Kay Mulford, London. England

I listened to Robin Cook's March 17 2003 speech live from the American Midwest and the sanity and truth of his words and analysis moved me and my family to tears of hope and despair. Despair because we guessed his view would not prevail. Hope that his courage would move people and force a rethink of support, by Britain, for the war in Iraq. How very very sad that this clear thinking and brave force is gone from British and world politics, especially in this terrible time of danger and irrationality.
Catherine Burns, Durban, South Africa

A statesman among politicians. A honest one who trusted his own conscience. He was like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, sad had to leave on his personal life and that way men are judged in this country and not by calibre. The Iraq fiasco was predicted by him well and early. An abrupt end to a good career will be remembered.
Ravi Rama, Kenilworth UK

I have never been so moved by a politician as I have by Robin Cook
Misbah Mosobbir, Surrey
I have never been so moved by a politician as I have by Robin Cook. Gifted with intelligence, clarity, integrity and yet so humble. A loss for the party, for the people and the world's political stage. Judging by the tributes, his departure has sent shockwaves through the world and there are very few people on the planet who will be missed as much as him.
Misbah Mosobbir, Surrey

Robin Cook will be remembered for his integrity, his sensitivity, his intelligence, and humour. He was a true statesman and I was deeply saddened to hear of his death. He was one of the decent leaders of men left in England and will be missed. I just want to send my sincere condolences to his wife and children.
Peta Jones, Montreal, Canada

Mr Cook is someone whom I as many others I know, have found inspiring to listen to. There was always something to learn from listening to him. He was simple, yet most inspiring, honest and devoid of any exuberance. Simply one of the finest thinkers of our time. His death has created yet another huge intellectual vacuum. This will remain a loss to those who really knew him.
Inimbom Samuel, USA

He fought for democracy and peace. Whether you like him or not, he was a great politician. The world will miss you, Mr Cook.
Jordan Pouille, Nice, France

I will remember him most for his incredibly sharp and dry sense of humour
Paul Madill, Saratoga, NSW, Australia
I knew Robin Cook well in the 10 years that I was an active member of the Labour Party in Scotland. He was a brilliant man, but despite that, a hard worker and a patient debater. He was not afraid to take a minority stand, though with Robin arguing the case, it would likely not stay a minority view for long. I will remember him most for his incredibly sharp and dry sense of humour. When we put on the annual conference fringe show Red Review, we gave Robin the most demanding cameo roles, because he had perfect comic timing. If I heard him accused of arrogance I would respond that he had much to be arrogant about. In effect, though, I found him gentle, thoughtful and persuasive. His greatest contributions to politics were his honesty and his unflinching support for the oppressed. He really did bring an ethical element to Britain's foreign policy. The world would be a different place now if his Prime Minister had had the common sense to listen to this great man. We will miss him badly.
Paul Madill, Saratoga, NSW, Australia

Robin Cook was one of Britain's most famous and respected politicians, and it is a major and petty slight that our prime minister will not attend his funeral.
Alex Lucas, London

Although not a Labour supporter, I had great respect for Mr Cook. His principled stand on a number of issues including gay rights and Iraq made him that rarest of things - an MP with integrity. He will be very sadly missed.
Ross, Edinburgh, UK

My heart bleeds when I think of Robin Cook. He was a decent and honest man. I had the pleasure to meet him in the Labour party conference in Scotland while he was foreign secretary. I talked to him about the Taliban in Afghanistan and he gave the most honest answer that one will never expect from a politician. May God bless him.
Mohammad Asif, Glasgow, Scotland

I met Robin Cook on the street in Edinburgh over 10 years ago. He stopped when I approached him and was extremely friendly, and appeared genuinely willing to talk to me. I was most impressed that he took time out of his day to speak to me and I am greatly saddened by his death. British politics has lost a great man.
Barbara Briggs, Sheffield, UK

An ethical man, a man who put principle ahead of personal politics. A man with considerable intellect and an ability to persuasively argue his case, rather than rely on sound bite media politics. He will be greatly missed.
Bruce Acton, Winchester, UK

I did not agree with much of his politics, but he was a man of conviction
Bernard O'Connor, Feckenham, Worcestershire
I did not agree with much of his politics, but he was a man of conviction. One of a few politicians who stand out from the mediocre crowd and one whose word could be trusted.
Bernard O'Connor, Feckenham, Worcestershire

Although not a Labour supporter, I always had the greatest respect for Robin Cook for having principles and sticking to them. His stance on the Iraq war was amazing, being fuelled by the highest motives. This was a man who had integrity in his political life, and a career which was marred by the worst sort of tabloid journalism. It is a great shame for this country that he never managed to lead the Labour Party.
Anne Boyce, Halifax, West Yorkshire

Sadly, the nation has lost a politician who almost uniquely had the respect of the Muslim community. He could have been immensely valuable to the nation in helping to heal the wounds that have opened between the British Moslems and the rest. He was a true politician who was always a strong advocate.
George Ward, Taunton UK

I learnt the death of my inspirational and articulate hero with shock and grief. Mr. Cook was such an encouragement to many. His resignation speech was such a splendid, earth moving masterpiece. He was such a think tank and effective leader who believed in making everyone aware of the political transformations. I will miss him.
Mike Sinkala, Ndola, Zambia

It is rare in these times to find a politician that possessed such integrity as Robin Cook. To stand up for what he believed in to the detriment of his career when all around him towed the party line was inspiring. There are sadly far too few like Robin Cook, you will be sorely missed.
Colin Redpath, Edinburgh, Scotland

A man of principle, a man of honour; both rare qualities these days. He will be remembered.
Ulme, Tallinn, Estonia

He will be remembered as a selfless man who did the honourable thing
Andrew Adekunle Finni, Cockfosters, Herts, UK
I remembered Robin Cook entertaining a packed Brighton Conference Centre with his dry sense of humour in September 1997. A man of many talents; intellectual, compassionate and truly courageous. He will be remembered as a selfless man who did the honourable thing; giving up the trappings of mainstream politics and following his heart rather than whinging in the background. Robin, your place is secured in history, rest in peace.
Andrew Adekunle Finni, Cockfosters, Herts, UK

I still remember the night I watched him making his resignation speech in the Commons. I was so touched and I felt glad that we still have such rare species in today's world. I just finished his book Point of Departure a week ago. All of a sudden, I heard this sad news last weekend when I was on a trip to the US. I think he is one of the greatest politicians of the present time, and I would recommend his book to anyone who seeks politics as his/her career.
Kellogg Ngai, Hong Kong

My sympathies for Robin Cook's wife, Gaynor, for her heart-rending experience, and for the ordeal of having to walk back down a mountain without knowing the outcome of her husband's collapse.
Diana Hand, Stirling

I have admired the leadership this man brought to the world stage on behalf of his country, all of Europe and the world. He will go down in history as one of Europe's better leaders who stood for what was right.
Joseph, St Louis, MO USA

European politics will be poorer without Robin
Lazaros, Thessaloniki, Greece
It was really sad to hear that Robin Cook has died. I admired his loyalty to his political views in various issues, from the Iraq War to the Parthenon marbles' issue. European politics will be poorer without Robin.
Lazaros, Thessaloniki, Greece

I met him for the first time at the lobby of House of Commons during a brief discussion on Islamophobia issues during Burnley riots. He was very intelligent, caring and the most understanding neutral person I have ever met in a political arena. Definitely I feel I miss him dearly where I had hoped he will be back in the Cabinet very soon.
M Isfahan, London, UK

Whilst I did not always agree with Robin Cook his integrity and principle was a beacon in politics. He is a great loss to the Labour party and UK politics. We shall all miss him.
Andrew Morrow, Leighton Buzzard, UK

What an outstanding and principled statesman. It is a great shame that we do not have more like him at Westminster. Unfortunately, our esteemed leaders there have abandoned any concept of principles or responsibility. RIP Robin Cook, you are desperately missed.
Rory Morty, Giessen, Germany

Robin Cook was a man who willingly gave up power for principal
F Rabii, Ashland, USA
This is a great loss to all of humanity. Robin Cook was a man who willingly gave up power for principal. A man of great integrity and character. The world would be a better place if more people would follow his example.
F Rabii, Ashland, USA

I shall miss Robin Cook very much, because he was one of the few politicians who stood up for what he believed in. I particularly admired his resignation over the Iraq war.
Barbi, Rugeley, United Kingdom

Robin Cook was one of the reasons I voted Labour in 1997, 2001 and 2005. Labour will have to do something spectacular to gain my vote in the next election. I admired him greatly in opposition and in government, particularly in his opposition to the Iraq war. I send my deepest sympathies to his family.
C Daniel, Middlewich, England

What a wonderful tribute to Robin Cook that in this age of estranged families his ex-wife's comments are as positive and heartfelt as his new wife. A great politician who will long be remembered and admired for his courageous decision to adhere to his principles and resign over the Iraq war rather than staying on and grumbling in the background like others.
Alice, Stratford

Robin Cook had the courage of his convictions and stood by what he believed in. A rare quality in a politician, he had a sense of humour and strength of character. It is a pity more of our politicians don't have these qualities. A man to be respected and admired.
Elizabeth Daly, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

I have a great respect for Mr Cook for standing up for what he believes in, to the point he left the Cabinet for his principles. Whether or not you liked his politics is insignificant compared to the admiration we should have for him for sticking to his morals. Few people have the strength of character to do that, and in modern politics that is something very special indeed.
Nathan, Ascot

Westminster is now much the poorer
Howard Marchant, Singapore
I did not share all of Robin Cook's views but I always admired his integrity and honesty. These are qualities sadly lacking in the modern political scene. For this reason and for his balancing influence, Westminster is now much the poorer.
Howard Marchant, Singapore

I was sad to hear the death of Robin Cook and I fear that UK democracy is in mourning especially in the current political climate where we need voices of reason and credible opposition to echo in the parliament. Sadly as British Muslim I feel far less represented in the House of Commons than in the 14 years I lived in this country.
Ama, London

What a great loss to this country and the world at large. Here was a man of great integrity and principle - something which most politicians seem sadly lacking these days. I believe he would have made a great Prime Minister as he never lost touch with ordinary people's hopes and wishes. A terrible loss and my condolences to his family.
Anthony, West Country

I heard him speak several times at political conferences, and I loved being able to listen to someone who could understand so many issues, think for himself, debate properly and explain complex things in a way other people could understand. He was a great politician and stood for what he believed to be right, even if it wasn't the party line. A huge loss for anyone interested in politics, Labour or not.
Brian, London

I read these comments and my heart swells with joy that so many people from across the world also mourn the death of this good man. Why can we not have leaders who exemplify such honesty, clarity and personal courage as Mr. Cook? I mourn not only Mr. Cook but also the possibility of his return to frontline politics.
Darren, Glasgow, UK

We should all embody his integrity, principles and valour
Humera M, Toronto, Canada
Mr Cook's death was a great shock and loss for the world. We should all embody his integrity, principles and valour. Life is too short for some. I am one of the many Canadians and world citizens, who will sorely miss you! May God bless you, Mr Cook!
Humera M, Toronto, Canada

I admired Mr Cook for his detailed and unflinching opposition to the US invasion of Iraq and the UK's participation in it. I admire this kind of constructive dissent even when I do agree with Mr Cook. RIP.
Hasan Hussein, Cincinnati, USA

How terrible and sad to hear of the death of a politician so principled and so outspoken. We here in the United States who have decried the invasion of Iraq from the beginning were fortified by his clarion opposition; now bucket load after bucket load of Americans is coming over to the anti-war side of the fence. People like us will long remember Robin Cook. My heart goes out to his wife for this horrible, sudden loss.
Avis Lang, New York, NY, USA

I am saddened by the tragic and untimely death of Robin Cook. I was privileged to serve as a Labour Euro-MP under his leadership as Foreign Secretary working with him during the Labour's Presidency of the European Union. His remarkable political skills and talent in negotiations demonstrated that Britain could play a constructive role in Europe that we could be both pro-European and pro-Britain.
Arlene McCarthy MEP, North West England

Who else will hold the government to account from the backbenches. A very sad loss and my sympathy goes out to his family
Mark Daniel, Knutsford, Cheshire

In an era where the words integrity and honesty in combination with politician seems like a contradiction in terms, the last of the Mohicans has passed away. A truly sad day for the UK and Europe. One can only hope that the next generation of politicians will be more like this great man.
Filip Michielsen, Antwerp, Belgium

In the power hungry political world, Mr Cook, a human, who stood as a definition for uprightness. May his soul rest in peace.
K R Karthick, Glasgow, Scotland

The world lost truly a great man
Norman, NY, USA
Truly a man to be admired. A man of strong principles, courageous, compassionate, champion of justice and peace. Not just Britain but the world lost truly a great man.
Norman, NY, USA

Well they say "only the good die young" he may not have always been "good" in some people's eyes but by god he was one of the most honest politicians we have ever had.
Michael Mciver, Hastings England

A great loss - a voice of principle among the spin. If you had to go somewhere though, why not doing what you love best in the most beautiful area of country on Earth.
Nigel, Merstham, Surrey

My deepest sympathy to the family of Mr Cook. I'm a Zimbabwean young women who watched every political programme. He was a good man. He respected us and was on our side. I hope that the dear lord keeps him in his loving and secure place till he meets his loved ones again. He was a good man. God bless his soul, that he may rest in peace.
Nomvuyo, Manchester

A man of vision, integrity, courage, understanding, the power of articulation, and profundity of character - RIP Robin Cook.
Laura Ouma, London, UK

A clear voice standing up for his opinions and the all too small better part of politics. He will be missed not just in the UK, but throughout the international community.
Jens, New York

I was very sad to hear about the death of Mr Robin Cook on Saturday afternoon. This is a person who stood by his words and deeds. It's a great loss for the British people. We've lost a great politician. Deepest Sympathies to Gaynor and Robin's sons. May he rest in peace.
Amran Janjua, Ilford, Essex, England

I had the pleasure to speak to him personally and share my views with him on new government policies
Daniel Lomas, Bury
Mr Cook was an inspiration to us all, the anecdotes he told me when I met him gave me the impression he was a great man who loved life. When I met Mr Cook in April of this year, I had the pleasure to speak to him personally and share my views with him on new government policies, especially British foreign policy. He will be greatly missed as a politician who stood up for his principles and was a leading figure within the Labour movement. Mr Cook has been an inspiration to me, and I believe that he will remain so in the minds of young people everywhere who are politically active.
Daniel Lomas, Bury

Magnificent tributes well deserved for so magnificent a gentleman. I don't think that Bush and Blair will ever be remembered like this.
Megan Price, NY, USA

I think that Robin Cook was someone who always backed the truth no matter what it took unlike lot of other politicians that we know today. It's a great loss to people of UK.
Tariq, Manchester

I was exceedingly sad to hear about the death of Robin Cook. As someone who did not know him personally, I admired his honesty greatly. The way he stood up to Tony Blair's posturing over Iraq made me respect him greatly. His best moment came, possibly, during the Scott inquiry for arms to Iraq, where he demolished the then government of John Major. I send his wife and his family all my sympathy.
Marek Wesolowski, Ilford, England

A huge loss not only to the causes he stood for but the world as a whole
Barry, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
A man of great integrity which is seen not so often nowadays in politicians and I believe is a huge loss not only to the causes he stood for but the world as a whole. When will we see the like again?
Barry, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

We have lost a person with wit, integrity and a sense of justice. My condolences to his family.
Bob, Cheshire

Honesty is a rare commodity in politics but Robin Cook had bucket loads. A sad loss not only to the Labour party but the whole of the country.
Mr SJ Shingler, Cheadle, UK

I was deeply moved by the sudden death of Robin Cook. He was a giant among pigmies. I first met him at a Labour Party Conference in 1970. Over the years I have been in touch with about human right issues in various parts of the world. He was one of the very few politicians I knew who would give a straight answer to a question. I had argued with him fiercely about arms supplies to Sri Lanka. He not only agreed with me but explained to me the realities of power even under a Labour Government. Britain and the world has lost a democrat of the highest calibre
Sinna Mani, London UK

A truly remarkable man whom I respected deeply although I never met him. He will be sorely missed and Britain will not be the same without him. God bless you and rest in peace Robin, you were one of a kind and exactly the type of politician Britain needed, and indeed still needs. My thought and prayers with his widow and family.
Sarah-Michelle Saunders, Newport, South Wales

One of the greatest politicians of our time. He will be greatly missed at a time people like him are needed most .
Gerald Phillips, London

The outpouring of sympathy and genuine sadness clearly shows how countless people really loved and respected this highly principled politician. Alas honest and credible politicians are few and far between.
Pancha Chandra, Brussels, Belgium

Of all people, why did it have to be Robin Cook who was taken from us? One of the very few politicians I trust, and a man in the John Smith mould. Another one sadly taken from us too soon. There is no justice!
Sarah Whitcombe, West Mersea, Essex

As a fervent Tory supporter myself, I must still give great credit to a man who showed Mr Blair that we are not the 52nd state and that politics in the constituency is still the foundation of British democracy. Mr Cook, well played sir, you shall be missed
Tom Hall, London, UK

I was proud to have known Robin for nearly a quarter of a century
Donald Stavert, London
I was proud to have known Robin for nearly a quarter of a century. As the chair of the newly-formed Livingston constituency Labour party in 1983 I knew he was the best candidate with the greatest promise we could get and boy, did he prove us right. He combined a national role in the House of Commons, Cabinet and party with dedicated constituency work earning the respect and high regard he was held in. Asking people to vote for Robin was a privilege and a pleasure. I'm convinced he had more to give to the country and the world. A very sad loss indeed and a very hard act to follow. Condolences to all his family.
Donald Stavert, London

A great man whose untimely death is a great loss to all that is finest in British politics. Of all too rare a breed, he will be sadly missed.
Adam Taylor, London, UK

Debated against Robin Cook Esq in the Edinburgh Union, when we were both 20. Sir David Steele was there, whose team I was on, so was Quentin Hogg; it was uproarious and unforgettable, Cook was superb. Memories, ah such memories, God bless you Robin, ah Robin.
Prof M H Settelen, Merrickville, Canada

He once phoned a colleague of mine for information for a speech (I'm staying anonymous to protect her!) She was a bit flustered and shouted at the receptionists putting him through "Who the hell is Robin Cook?" without realising he'd already been connected to her phone. "Small bloke, ginger hair and a beard - you'd probably recognise me....." he said. He will be much missed, especially with the challenges we now face.
Anon, UK

A man who had the courage of his convictions
Javaid Ramzan, Oldham, UK
A man who had the courage of his convictions. I was saddened to hear of his passing. He was a man who understood that the UK was wrong to go to war against Iraq in the circumstances which were prevalent at the time. I salute him.
Javaid Ramzan, Oldham, UK

How sad that we have lost someone prized for his integrity and intelligence, rather than his image. I have never voted Labour, but would have voted for you as my MP. May you rest in peace.
Dr Jonathan Pearson, Sulham, Berks

A person who stood by his words and deeds. It's a great loss for the British people.
Sajid Mahmood, Riyadh, KSA

Mr Cook's speech of 17 March 2003 clarified my thoughts on that day. I felt the loss of hope then, I feel it even more today.
Mark Palmer, London

There are not many men in the world who would give up such a prestigious post, a post that is being watched by the whole world, because of the strength of his conviction. England has lost someone truly great.
Tallash Nailande Kantai, Nairobi, Kenya

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God."
Jerome, Brussels, Belgium

Robin Cook proved himself a man of exemplary courage and moral dignity
Symone Harding, London, UK
In a time when we struggle to believe a word any of our politicians say, Robin Cook proved himself a man of exemplary courage and moral dignity and he shall be very sorely missed for a long time to come. God Bless you Robin and may you rest in Peace
Symone Harding, London, UK

I was very sad to hear of this news. I admired Robin Cook for standing out from the crowd and expressing his opinion so clearly. I am sure he will be sadly missed.
Pippa Stone, Derbyshire, UK

Robin Cook was a great politician. He stood by his principles and showed that besides Blair there are some other important voices in the Labour Party. Furthermore, he was one of the few pro-Europeans in British politics. Not only in Britain he will be missed.
Jonas, Germany

I was saddened to hear of the death of Robin Cook. Although not a labour supporter, he was one of the great politicians of our time. As well as being an excellent MP he was also a great orator. I did not agree with his views on Iraq however he had the courage of his convictions. He will be sadly missed both by the Labour Party and his constituents in Livingston.
Margaret Gilchrist, Edinburgh, Scotland

Robin Cook- a true socialist amongst a party of turncoats. He couldn't be turned to the dark side. He will be very sorely missed.
Paul Blaylock, Newcastle, UK

A man of great integrity and intelligence. A true Brit who put the needs and wishes of the country first. He will be sorely missed and not easily replaced.
Laura Smillie, London

"The wicked often prosper and the good die young" comes to mind on hearing of Robin's tragic and untimely death. Robin provided an anchor in the Labour Party for so many, holding fast to democratic socialist values and practical ways to take them forward. When asked (as an MEP) to share a political platform with Robin, particularly on constitutional reform, I never thought twice...the answer was always yes because it was a privilege and a joy to sit alongside him and hear his original and witty ideas that always oozed integrity and honesty. We have lost a great and rare intellect. My thoughts are with his family at his difficult time.
Carole Tongue, London, UK

His legacy will be that he tried his utmost to stop the disaster that was the Iraq war. Whatever his flaws, he came good in the end. I only wish I had emailed him to say thank you, but now it is too late.
MC, London

I was visiting my daughter in Vancouver in late May and we met Robin Cook by chance outside the Museum of Anthropology. He was friendly and charming to two complete strangers and we are both very sorry to hear of his death. Please give our condolences to his family and friends.
Lorna Brook, St.Albans, UK

A fine man who stood up for his principles. A great loss to the country.
Bev Quinn, Rochdale

A great statesman, sadly missed
Della, UK
Irreplaceable! He will be remembered for many great qualities, but he will always be my hero for resigning in protest at the war in Iraq. Rest in peace Mr Cook, a great statesman, sadly missed.
Della, UK

Robin Cook, in my mind, will be best remembered for standing up to Tony Blair. For this I sing his praises. People who long for Global Peace and Justice have lost a noteworthy figurehead. RIP.
Ian, London

It would be fair to say that Robin Cook had all of the admirable qualities in a politician that the Prime Minister lacks - principles, honesty, integrity, judgement, etc. In essence, a statesman.
Stephen E, Paisley, Scotland

Britain now mourns the loss of one of the true - great politicians of this century. A man whose conviction in his beliefs and whose political honesty was a rock in such troubled times. He will be sorely missed.
Alex Ford, York

Robin Cook was a great constituency MP for Livingston, even when he also had the added responsibility of being Foreign Secretary. I remember visiting him after 9/11 and the security around (and in) his surgery was unbelievable! He'll be sadly missed. He always spoke to you as a person no less important than himself. I was brought up in Livingston and appreciate greatly what he did for the town. He will be very hard to replace.
Peter Chalmers, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

His death at this critical time in our history is a great loss
Maureen B, London UK
His death at this critical time in our history is a great loss, not only to his family, but to the nation as a whole. Who now will have the courage, the intellect and the stature to tell the government when they are legally and morally wrong?
Maureen B, London UK

What a sad loss for British politics. I was shocked and saddened to hear of Robin Cook's death. He will be sorely missed. Integrity and honesty are not words generally associated with politicians in this country anymore, but Robin Cook had them in abundance and was not afraid to speak his mind. He was one of the few politicians I would listen to and trust. My thoughts and prayers are with his family - may he rest in peace.
Maria, Trowbridge, UK

Brilliant orator with an admirable intellectual honesty, Robin Cook was a rare breed in politics that Britain and the world will and should miss.
Jorge, Brussels, Belgium

Mr. Robin Cook won my heart with his principled stand on Iraq. I was praying secretly for him to ascend to the position of Prime Minister in the future. May his rest in perfect peace.
Saliu I. Oshone, Abuja, Nigeria

I just met Robin Cook a few weeks ago on the Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh. He was just marching alongside everyone else and I asked if I could take his photo, he very kindly agreed and then asked if I would like to have one taken with him which I did. He was so friendly and seemed so happy to be in amongst everyone. His resignation over the Iraq war showed him to be someone of integrity and I'm very, very sad that he's gone. He was one of very few politicians that I had any respect for.
Sharon Whyte, Edinburgh

Many in the cabinet must have had misgivings about the Iraq War, as we will no doubt discover in the coming years when they publish their memoirs. Only Robin Cook considered this was an issue that was more important than his own political career, something on which he had to take a stand. If only more politicians showed that kind of integrity then they wouldn't be held in the low esteem they are today.
Chris Walker, Watford

Robin Cook will be remembered as a principled man. He'll be missed by his colleagues and friends from the media. Britain lost a great intellectual politician and statesman.
Analisa Schindler, Berlin

You could only imagine his sadness when he had to resign from government
Ebea Collins, Lagos, Nigeria
I was deeply touched by the passion and responsibility he displayed during the debate leading on to the attack on Iraq, and you could only imagine his sadness when he had to resign from government and now he is dead, forever lost to us all. R.I.P
Ebea Collins, Lagos, Nigeria

Mr. Cook will be remembered as a great freedom fighter leader, a voice of truth and justice. He was among the first European politicians to understand the dirty politics of Milosevic regime, having the courage to stand against him, pushing the NATO strikes to end the apartheid-genocide towards the Albanian people. He will always remembered history, his values will be an example that would be taught to the new generations in Kosovo. We mourn him!
Luaras, Kosovo

In a time of uncertainty and political chaos, he kept his nerves and followed his instinct. He was a model of intellectual honesty. RIP.
Xavier, France

Robin was a rare politician, a person who possessed a combination of intelligence and ethics you do not find in many politicians. I have always respected his opinions on issues, especially when he resigned over Britain's involvement in the Iraq war. The House of Commons, England and indeed the world has surely lost a gem. Adieu, Robin. Sleep well.
Afolabi Akinrogunde, Lagos, Nigeria

Robin Cook was a straight forward politician, honest and decent. He always put service ahead and himself behind. 'May you rest in peace dear Mr Robin Cook'
Simon Aranha, Bombay. India

MPs would do well to model themselves on Mr Cook
Paul, Aberdeen
Whether you agreed with his stand against the war in Iraq or not Robin Cook proved he was a man of principle and honour, virtues so lacking in modern day politics. MPs would do well to model themselves on Mr Cook.
Paul, Aberdeen

Robin stood by his convictions. He will be missed.
Michael, Luton UK

Using the words integrity and politician in the same sentence is not something you hear very often - but in Robin Cooks case we have to make an exception
Tony, Cardiff

Straight-talking, and honest politicians, are a rarity, these days - but, the World had one in this man! I may not have agreed with him, but, I admire brave men! Here was a brave man, with extraordinary principles.
Steve Holmes, Ashfield, UK

Robin Cook stood for conviction politics. His resignation speech reminded the world of just how brilliant and brave the British can be. He was a true friend to Muslims. We mourn him.
Ezajur Rahman, Kuwait

It is with great sadness that I learnt of the death of Robin Cook. He was not only a great orator and parliamentarian, but a man who stood for principle. His death is indeed a great loss to Britain and the World. His resignation over the war in Iraq and his rebuke of the Tories of the Scott report was indeed one of his finest moments. Robin Cook certainly is an inspiration to many people like myself how have an interest in public life.
Debbie Douglas, Toronto, Canada

A rare man of integrity who placed his principles before personal gain.
William C Bayne, Edinburgh

I am a Bangladeshi and do not take much interest in British politics. But his stand against the Iraq war touched me deep in my heart. Since than I respected him so much and the high values of the British politicians! My God bless his soul!
Bazlur Rahman, Dili, East Timor

The untimely demise of Mr. Robin Cook the former British Foreign Secretary is a very big loss to the moderates. He was indeed a very fine human being an accomplished leader with a strong alternate view of role of Britain in world affairs especially its role in the resolution of Middle East crisis.
Mohammad Shoaib, New Delhi, India

Hard to find man of truth and peace in today's politics, What a loss
Ilyas Yunoos, Long Beach, USA

.He was a rare politician, one who not only possessed principles, integrity, and a genuine sense of justice, but who was also prepared to stand by them and speak up when all others would so easily cave into the pressures of consensus and the security of their careers. Never has his backbone been most needed than at this crucial juncture in history.
David Kersten, Singapore

A man of true courage and conviction
Stephen Fox, Australia
Robin Cook, a man of true courage and conviction. The world is a lesser place without you.
Stephen Fox, Australia

He is the only person who showed genuine respect for people of ALL other faiths.
Al-Dy, Maldives.

I salute a man who had the courage to stand up for his strong beliefs. A man who worked for common good rather than for his own interests and who did not simply to tow the party line. He was a much respected figure in his party and his death is a terrible loss to the country and the world in general.
Dr.S.Radhakrishna, UK

I once met him during my years at King's College and was impressed by the fact that he was so approachable and always had words of encouragement for students. During those days Labour had the opposite side of the bench. It was sad to see him resign in the basis of his level-headed thinking.
Hamad Sheikh, Chicago, USA

Another good and honest person has died. Mr. Robin Cook is a person of high moral standing that politicians the world over should emulate. He was a man of principle.
Kwabena Tawiah, Tema,Ghana

One of the few British politicians over the last century to have a deep understanding of international affairs and the moral integrity to put theory into practice. Thank you.
Matthew Dixon, Los Alamos, USA

A politician of moral fortitude. If more of his peers had the same conviction the public would sleep easy. That those with the power to make the world a better place, would live their political lives with a strength equal to the weight of the decisions they make. An outstanding example and a great loss.
Aaron Morison, Sydney, Australia

His clarity of thought on a debate was incisive
Hormuz Mehta, Singapore
We knew Robin Cook as an honest, and forthright politician, who had the conviction to stand by his beliefs. His clarity of thought on a debate was incisive. There are far too few such gems in politics today. He will be sorely missed.
Hormuz Mehta, Singapore

He had the courage of his convictions and was not afraid to stand up against the war in Iraq. What a pity more MPs didn't follow his example.
Stella Sochocky, Sioux Falls, SD USA

A great man. He sincerely moved in the best interest of the people. What a loss.
Victor, Miami

A man of principle and honour in the political field, a sad day for British politics.
Dee Vause, Leeds, Yorkshire

He was on the side of peace. In today's world that can't be a bad thing.
Paul Drumm, Redcar

I'm a displaced Brit, and I was shocked to hear this news. He was a fearless man, who never had a problem saying what he meant. Britain has suffered a loss, my heart is with his family, I've suffered the loss of a close loved one too, I send you my prayers. Please remember he's not gone, but just moved to a better place, now the angels can love him too.
Ali Fischer, Oak Harbor, USA

God bless you Robin, a few more like you and this country would still have a Labour Party we could be proud of. I never met you but I'd like to say rest in peace friend.
Selwyn Skiggs, Honiton, Devon, England

If Winston Churchill tried to convince the world that Hitler was a danger to Europe's security, but could not make the world listen until Hitler did the worst on Europe, Robin Cook with his extraordinary persuasive skills, through the power of arguments, managed to do what the great Churchill never did so soon, to persuade Europe and America that Milosevic, as the new Hitler of modern times, was a danger not only to the innocent civilians of Kosovo, but a danger to Europe's security at large, and that for this reason his brutal forces should be removed from Kosovo, and that Milosevic himself should be removed from power in Belgrade. Mr Cook did so much for the future of Kosovo people, and that they will forever be grateful to him and his wisdom, while I personally wish to send my condolences to his family and friends for the loss of this great man.
Alfred Kovaci, London, UK

A man of great principle - rare today and almost unknown for a politician. He will be missed.
Brian, Houston, USA

His integrity was rare in today's politics, so was his intellect. We have lost a Houyhnhnm from the Labour party and are left mostly with Yahoos. I wish I'd written to him personally to tell him how brave and influential his resignation on Iraq was.
Leda Hodgson, London, UK

We have lost somebody whose integrity counterbalanced the effects of "spin", helping to retain public confidence in the political process. This is a great loss, and I don't vote Labour.
Howard Davies, Reading, UK

What a man - oh what a man - honest and principled. What a shock and huge loss! Rest in peace Mr Cook! I pray for comfort and peace for your family and friends.
Dr A Dumbuya, Berkshire

We were truly shocked and saddened by the loss of Robin Cook. He stood out as a man who gave up so much with respect to his career when opposing the government to the war in Iraq. To many of us he redeemed our faith in politicians and represented the real face of the labour party. A true loss.
R Riaz, London, UK

Britain has lost a leader, the young generations are one short of a political role model who showed what it meant to have a passion for politics and at the same time living in accordance with heart and true convictions, and the world has lost some humanity. Robin Cook was a great politician and a true inspiration to us all. My thoughts and condolences to his family.
Sofia, Stockholm, Sweden

Going against leadership and standing on the side of truth which most top politicians are bent on to cover, I salute Robin Cook for his tremendous courage which many 'politicians' are lacking nowadays. Your life has not been in vain as your principle will remain forever as an inspiration to future politicians aiming for high moral principles. I hope your great exit from political life will leave a lasting impression on Tony Blair!
Mrs S Mauthoor, Ilford

A very honest man who knew the difference between right and wrong. He had the guts to act on integrity no matter what. The world has lost an honest politician. My condolences to his family.
Naeem, Canada

We shall miss his honesty and intellect
Barry and Iris McCanna, France
Robin Cook had the greatest integrity. He showed enormous strength in opposing the war in Iraq, putting that before his own career. We shall miss his honesty and intellect. We send our condolences to his family.
Barry and Iris McCanna, France

He will be remembered by Kashmiris as an honest politician who tried to raise the issue of self-determination for the Kashmiris. I was hoping he would return to the cabinet in the future. A respected, principled visionary.
Sagir Ahmed, Bradford

If only there were more politicians like him we wouldn't suffer the consequences of this mindless "War on Terror" nightmare.
Emanuele Dal Carlo, Venice, Italy

We will miss you, Mr Cook.
Mansing Bhor, Bombay

I knew him only as a man that was vindicated by his own principles. Telling the world that war was not OK, saying to Blair "I will not stand by your lies". Few politicians would bring a tear to my eyes when dead, Robin Cook did. A true loss to a Bolivian Londoner, a world that was only better with him in it. Now he is gone and what a loss that is.
Alan Burgos, Epsom, UK

I can't say I am politically minded. However, Robin Cook stood out as a "Pele" of the political world in the UK. He came across as honest and morally upright. He was a Scot like me. He done Scotland proud and will be missed.
John Bowes, Greenock

Such sad news. We've lost a great politician. Rest in Peace Mr Cook.
Steve Dawson, Manchester, England

I am very sad to hear the news about the death of Robin Cook, he was a popular politician who fought for social justice! What I really liked about him is he didn't jump on to the bandwagon like many of his fellow politician's. Rest in peace Robin!
Roshan M, Birmingham, West Midlands

He will be remembered as one of the most prominent liberators
Sokol, Pristina, Kosovo
It is utterly shocking to see this great person pass away in a time when his personality has been so deeply embodied within the hearts of so many people. I already can feel the consternation that will permeate every single heart of the grateful Kosovo. In Kosovo, he will be remembered as one of the most prominent liberators whose persona will remain an eternal resonance of passion, wit and benevolence. I am almost sure that no one in Kosovo will ever mind what other policies he has carried out. He was and will remain to be one politician whose compassion and peacemaking spirit will be a sublime part of the Kosovo's new history.
Sokol, Pristina, Kosovo

I was very sad to hear of Robin Cook's death, and in reflection of recent events I am reminded of my original wish that it had been Robin Cook, not Tony Blair, whom had won the Labour leadership elections eleven years ago.
Silas Davis, Bromsgrove, England

An honest politician with principles. How unusual this day and age.
Peter, Jersey

He was one of the few high ranking Labour MPs who was completely against the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq even when it caused his own demotion within the party. He will be sorely missed.
Michael Parker, London

Kosovo will remember Mr Cook as one of the grandest people and friend. A person who did the right thing. He must serve as an example to politicians today and those to come. Condolences to Mrs Cook and the family.
Genc, Prishtina, Kosovo

Robin Cook was one of the rare honest politicians. One of the few who held ethics with politics. Honest with himself and with his work as foreign secretary.
Moud Amir, Amman, Jordan

A man of true integrity, who knew the difference between good and evil, and stood up for true values, may he Rest in Peace
Khalil Salem, Muscat, Oman

A great loss to the UK, and to his and my homeland of Scotland. This early death of a principled man is even more poignant in that it so parallels that of John Smith, a man that Robin supported as party leader, and a man who would never have taken us into a foolish and pointless war against another nation that posed no threat to the UK. Robin Cook had the courage to stand up to that, and it cost him dearly, and for that integrity he will be greatly missed.
Peter Thomson, Liverpool, England

A very sad day for British politics, whatever your beliefs. I hope Tony Blair, and others, will take the time to read and reflect upon the tributes posted here.
Martin, York

Although not interested in politics at all, but I must say this man of principle will be greatly missed. No British MP can replace him!
Fatima, Manchester, UK

Politics has lost a great man; one of only a few in the Labour Government who actually stood up for their beliefs and reflected the true opinions of the UK over Iraq. And was prepared to stand down from the job he loved over it.
Philip Lickley, UK

The death of Robin Cook is a tragic loss to Britain, Europe, and to the whole world. He was honest and very principled politician. My condolences to his family and friends.
M.J. de Bouve, Gouda (the Netherlands)

I have never met a more honest, dignified and humble human being
Scott Macdonald-Anderson, Paisley, Scotland
I was lucky enough to meet Robin many times during the campaign trail and I have never met a more honest, dignified and humble human being. Not just was a great thinker and most valued member of our government, he was also a very, very funny man with an amazing sense of humour... He is deeply missed and Great Britain is a sadder place without him.
Scott Macdonald-Anderson, Paisley, Scotland

Shocked to hear the news. My mother knew Robin years ago when she was a Labour District Councillor in Edinburgh and she will be saddened by this news as well. I agreed with his stance on Iraq and sympathised with his decision to resign. He was one of the many that stood by his electors and disagreed with Tony Blair. He will not be forgotten.
Nick Jones, London

I'm sad for the passing of a great and honest politician. Robin Cook was a man of principle, something rare among politicians. I always admired his courage and integrity. I believe his passing is big loss for the civilised world, my warm condolence to his family and to England.
Hisham Abdallah, West Bank

A man who tried fruitlessly to save Britain from... further demise on the world stage
IKhan, CA., USA
A man of conscience, and integrity who knew the difference between good and evil. A man who tried fruitlessly to save Britain from misadventure and further demise on the world stage. We need more men of conscience and integrity like Robin Cook in the world today.
IKhan, CA., USA

I didn't share his political views, but I enormously admired his honesty and integrity. In a world where politicians shun accountability and seemingly lack basic values of decency, Robin Cook was a refreshing breath of fresh air in UK politics. He increased his credibility a hundredfold by resigning on principle on the eve of the Iraq war, something that just isn't done anymore. A classy orator, with a sharp mind and quick wit. I hope his untimely passing inspires a new generation of politicians to be like him.
Paul, Abingdon, UK

I am very sad to hear of this premature parting. For someone who has become increasingly disillusioned with the Labour Government, I was hoping he would make a comeback and even lead the party. This is an immense loss for politics in this country and I don't see how the Labour party can replace a man of such principle and political magnitude.
Johnny Stecchino, Neverland

Robin Cook was at his best when he attacked the major government over the Scott report. In government he struggled to be a team player and, sadly, he will be remembered for what he might have achieved.
Bob, Welwyn

His resignation speech to the House before the start of the Second Gulf War is a masterclass in erudite argument
Mr Carl Davis, Nottingham, England
Shocking and deeply sad news. Robin Cook was a principled man and most intelligent politician of his generation. For me he was in the top rank, alongside Tony Benn among others. His resignation speech to the House before the start of the Second Gulf War is a masterclass in erudite argument. Politics and Britain is a sadder and darker place without him today. My thoughts and best wishes to his family and friends.
Mr Carl Davis, Nottingham, England

When you look back on his resignation speech it is painful to see how blindingly obvious and prophetic the Iraq catastrophe was. With Mo Mowlam also ill public life is left with few politicians the electorate can respect.
Bill , Derby

It wasn't just Iraq that made Robin stand head and shoulders above the majority of the labour Party - his analysis and criticism of Tony Blair's plans to have an unelected House of Lords was magnificent. A democrat, a man of peace and integrity. There can be no worthier epitaph.
Jamie Parkinson, London, UK

A tremendous loss to the Labour Party. A man with far higher principles than anybody in Government at this moment in time. The truth of the matter is that the Labour Party needs more - many more - people in the Robin Cook mould.
Shaun Crowther, Barnoldswick, UK

At times when politics is substituted for public relations and spin-doctors, Mr. Cook was an example of honesty.
Mriano Aguirre, Madrid, Spain

A principled politician and great Parliamentarian
Robin Goodman, Peterborough, England
Not only a great source for political comedians, but that rare beast - a principled politician and great Parliamentarian - the likes of whom we can ill-afford to lose.
Robin Goodman, Peterborough, England

I'm not a Labour supporter but Robin Cook was a man of great principle, intelligence and humour who you could not fail to admire. By all accounts a first class person and MP.
Les, Morpeth, England

I didn't agree with his politics, but admired his integrity and courage, qualities which are very rare indeed in today's political cess pit. Robin Cook's passing represents a great loss to our country. Requiescat in pace.
Liam, Stockton-on-Tees

I'm devastated to hear this news. He was an honest politician who stood by his principles. I remember listening to him at a public meeting in Henley many years ago and I was struck by his wit and his powerful oration. He really will be missed. I'm so sorry for his family.
Ruth Woolven, Oxfordshire

Robin Cook has always been a man of principle. Throughout his career he has been steadfast and resolute not to be blinded by loyalty for the party leadership. Clearly, his resignation from the cabinet was testimony to this. I was hoping always for Robin Cook to return to cabinet but that is not to be. He will be missed, a good politician.
Tariq Hassan, Birmingham, UK

A man of integrity who will be sorely missed. He gave me faith that there were some politicians that had the moral fibre to rise above self-interest and stand up for what they believed in.
Nicola Powell, Belgium (usually UK)

He was the voice of reason in an increasingly one-man government. A man of true integrity!
Paul, Crowborough

A good constituency MP albeit known for his arrogance. Went up in my estimation by putting his feelings over Iraq ahead of his career.
Ken, West Lothian

A very great loss to the political life of the United Kingdom. One of the very few serving politicians actually to be principled and worthy of the adjective "honourable".
Alec Hoben, Manchester

What sad news! Where can we find a Labour MP with principles now?
C Collier, Oxford, UK

British politics has lost a brave and an honest politician. He will be missed indeed.
Naser Nawayseh, Southampton, UK

Deepest Sympathies to Gaynor and Robin's sons. I had the great pleasure of knowing Robin through his constituency work. Robin was an enlightened voice in this deeply troubled world that we live in but more importantly he was a politician of the highest principle as was clearly demonstrated in his resignation from cabinet on eve of the war on Iraq. Robin was a man of great wisdom & wit. We will never see his like again. May the Almighty grant mercy and forgiveness to Robin's soul.
Irfan Arif, Livingston

Robin will be hard man to replace as our MP, a true gentleman and a MP who had the conviction to standby his views.
Alistair , Livingston

It's sad the lost of such and important human being. Sometimes is hard to understand the balance in this crazy world. Robin Cook, I will not forget your fight. My love for your family and friends.
Federico Antin, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I admired Robin Cook for his stand against the Iraq war. To resign from a position of power over a strongly held belief is all too rare these days.
Chris Robinson, Scunthorpe England

Rest In Peace. Truly the world has lost a great man of wisdom, compassion and servitude to humanity. My condolences to his family, his countrymen and to the world at large. His family can rest well knowing that he lived his life in full and he inspired many people to be just.
Mohammad, Ottawa, Canada

He would have been remembered better had he not sold Hawk Jets to Indonesia while they were oppressing East Timor and then claimed it was part of an "ethical foreign policy".
Leon, London, UK

As a Conservative, I naturally disagreed with Robin Cook on a frequent basis, but I could never disagree with his integrity and honesty to his own beliefs. He will be missed.
Jonathan, UK

This is really sad news. Robin Cook was a politician that demonstrated total common sense in his approach to any issue no matter how complex with clear thought, diplomacy and magnificent intelligence. In a world of argument, deflection and confusion Robin Cook's words were always a breath of fresh air giving me confidence that somebody in politics was observing the world, understanding human nature, with the courage to stand up for his own personal values (which were always with Britain at the centre) and deliver those thoughts with real clarity to me, and I suspect to a lot of people. Sorry to see you go Robin.
Daren, Bristol, UK

One of the most intelligent human beings I have ever met and a great loss to politics and his country. Agree with his politics or not (and I certainly didn't) he did bring a welcome incisiveness and clarity of thought to any discussion, which is often lacking in policy and debate.
Gareth Evans, Banff, Scotland

Although I am a conservative and an opponent to Mr Cooks views, I respect him as a politician and a public speaker, and this nation will be at a loss without him.
Bob, England

Robin Cook, you will be remembered for your beliefs and what you stood for. I would thank you for serving the West Lothian community.
Kiran Chowdhary Thottempudi, Broxburn, West Lothian

A politician with integrity.
Darren Gartside, Leicester, UK

Robin Cook was the man I saw as the leader of the anti-war movement. A fantastic politician, he did everything he could to stop this war, and I'm sorry I didn't do more to help his cause. RIP.
Luke Wolsey, Norwich, Norfolk

A remarkably honest man and politician in a remarkably dishonest government.
M.Awan, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Robin was a man of wisdom and vision. He fought for justice. People who are working for justice will always remember him. We are sadden with his death. Our hearts are with the members of his family.
Azad, London

My condolences to the family of late Robin Cook. He was against wars.
Maher, Palestine

Always admired and respected the way he stuck to his guns despite the harshest of criticism.
Alice, Sussex

Disagreed 100% with his politics but admired 100% his integrity
Martin, UK

I think he was the best prime minister that sadly the country never got to have. I greatly admired the dignity with which he resigned over the Iraq war. It's a real tragedy. I'm sure he will be much missed by many and my heart goes out to his family.
Jenny Day, Saltash Cornwall UK


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