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Your experiences of Asian disaster
Wreckage in Colombo

This is the third page of your comments on earthquakes and huge waves that have devastated large parts of South and South East Asia.

The following is a selection of the reports we received:

I have been surprised to see that most media has been reporting that the damage has been confined to the immediate South East Asian and Sub-continental coastline when in fact we here in Seychelles (some +2000kms South) have been hit by a barrage of tidal fluctuations which have decimated most of our coastline. Our capital has been flooded. Major Roads washed away and in all likelihood lives lost. More will become apparent as events unfold. From what i understand similar effects have been reported as far south as Mauritius and Reunion.
Nelson Vidot, Mahe, Seychelles

Local TV channels in Chennai report more than 3000 dead in Tamil Nadu alone. My question: The MET dept warns of after shocks in the evening can the after shocks be of higher intensity than the parent one (8.9)?
M.Vedaprakash, Chennai,India

We are on a drill ship about 100miles off the coast of India, near Kakinada. We are in 3,000ft water depth, but even so experienced a large swell of around 2metres pass through about 1030hrs local time. We are also experiencing swells from the after shocks - our supply base, in Kakinada, has been clobbered, luckily with no casualties and the port area has been evacuated.
Bob Forrest, Discoverer Seven Seas, Bay of Bengal

Many tidal waves have reached Reunion Island where many fishing boats have sunk in the coastal harbours. Nobody died. More tidal waves are expected in the evening. The authorities have prohibited the access to the harbours and to the beaches.
Swami Advayananda, Le Port, Reunion Island

Since tsunami is virtually unknown in India, many lives could have been saved if known. Curious onlookers who rushed to the marina beach to see what was happening were sucked in by the tidal waves. My heart goes to all the people who lost their lives in this calamity.
Shanthi Subba Rao, Chennai, India

My mother left her brother's resort "Khao lak Paradise Resort" in Phang-nga, Thailand just 30 minutes before the wave struck. Now everything is gone, the tourists and bungalows have been swept away. She has told me that one staff member who was there survived...he said the water started to recede and that everyone went down to the beach to look, it was like that for about 10 minutes and then there was a roar. I'm so glad my Mum is OK, my uncle who owns the resort and lives close by also left with his children before the wave hit...but some of our family friends are missing.
Sunsanee, Melbourne, Australia

One shudders to think what the magnitude of the tragedy would had it been night and the villagers were sleepin
Navaz Currimbhoy, India - Madras
My family and I are residents of a seaside village called Muttukadu, about 30 kms. south of the Marina Beach at Madras, India. This morning just before the Tsunami struck (most unexpectedly since the sky was blue, calm waters, no clouds, no tell tales signs of disaster in the pipe line) we were at home which is about 100 meters inland; sitting around after breakfast enjoying a beautiful day. Suddenly at about 9:05 am we heard a sound that resembled a tipper lorry unloading rocks. The wave that came in was not very tall - maybe about 1 or 1.5 meters high but was a mass of water that was scary.

Water rose to about 2 or 3 feet on our land and we managed to save one girl who was trapped in side a hut. After 3 hours of help and rescue when we realized that the waves were coming in a cyclic pattern, we packed into our cars and are now inland in the city. I am told that several children are still missing and that the police have cordoned off the East Coast Road. One shudders to think what the magnitude of the tragedy would had it been night and the villagers were sleeping.
Navaz Currimbhoy, India - Madras

Trying to phone into Sri Lanka and all calls are just not going through from the UK. Phone lines are down and mobile networks are just not working! Txt messages are getting through. That's the only communication I have with my family on holiday over there.
S. Perera, London, UK

My wife and I were staying on the 13th floor of a Penang Hotel when we were woken up at 9am by our shaking bed. When we got out of bed we realised then that the floor was moving. We evacuated the building by the fire escape which was also shaking. At this point, I didn't think we would get out the building alive.

Later in the day, I went to the west coast of Penang Island, where we met locals in the fishing villages which were affected. A number of people were missing from these villages. A policeman we met said over 100 people had died in Penang alone as a result of the tsunami.
David Buffin (from London), Penang, Malaysia

My 3 dogs acted strangely shortly before 9 am local time - trying to lure me out of our house... when I followed them, I saw the pool making waves and overflowing. I didn't feel any movements. But the animals obviously did. Until reading first news, my family thought I'm gone bonkers for telling "my morning story".
Madelaine Jantos, Kuala Lumpur, Malausia

We are from Chile, and used to earthquakes, so we prefer to live close to the ground. But in Bangkok, without that threat, we are in a 32nd floor in Sukhumvit. This morning, however, we were shook for about 5 minutes as the building swayed from the initial long shock. We know quakes, yet this one really scared us regardless of our previous experience. Was fearsome and we felt helpless at that height.
Diego Velasco, Bangkok

Only yesterday afternoon(the 25th), my friend and I were sitting in the same Marina beach, watching local people enjoy a golden evening and today all those footprints have been washed away...and more.
Arun Rabindar, Chennai, TN, India

Not much mention has been made of Penang which is an island so close to Medan / Aceh. Our 2nd floor apartment here shook, Christmas tree decorations were vibrating, windows rattling and computer screen moved across the desk. We've heard that the main tourist area - Batu Ferringhi and Tanjung Bunga have been affected; sirens have been blaring out all day.
Anne, Penang, Malaysia

Those who own large vessels have been urged to travel to populated islands and fishing areas to help rescue people
Haifa, Villingilli, Maldives
The death toll is likely to rise. Dhaalu Atoll is very badly hit. Most tourist resorts are being evacuated to the airport island and some tourists taking refuge in schools on Male' island. Those who own large vessels have been urged to travel to populated islands and fishing areas to help rescue people. The only radio station is just broadcasting prayers and no news. Panic in some of the islands due to lack of news from elsewhere in the country.
Haifa, Villingilli, Maldives

I just return from the beach area and as I write this the whole of the city is still to get over the nightmare with masses of bodies along the Govt hospitals, truly mind boggling experience and the state authorities are groping in the dark over the relief measures given to battered families alongside the coastline. The City itself would have more than a 500 people dead.
R.N. Srinivasan, Chennai, India

There were 60 people stranded at Emeral cave in Trang Province, Thailand. The big wave struck the western coast Trang province shoreline around 11 o'clock. The rescue could not come out for rescue till 2 o'clock in the afternoon because of the high wave. By 2:00 p.m. Thai rescue officers arrived at the cave. Two people were found dead. The rest of the people were rescued to safety. No one was found floating in the sea.
Sutatip Emery, Bangkok Thailand

I was in the island of Vypeen near Kochi in the morning when at around 11 am huge waves maybe up to 8 feet struck the coastal line. Panic was widespread. Boats were found floating. In the evening news I was very much frightened to hear that 80 people have been killed in Quilon district & nearly 43 in Alleppey district. I still cannot believe that such a thing ever happened to me. It is indeed terrible
Krishnakumar, Kochi, Kerala, India

At 12.30 gmt, there were 6-7 metres high waves appeared near Cuddalore, 200 kms to the South of Madras. Nagapattinam and Cuddalore are badly affected in Tamilnadu. In Cuddalore 300+ and Nagapattinam 2350+ people died.
Vijayanand, Kumbakonam (Tamilnadu, India)

People are awaiting another wave and most are camping out on hilltops
Benjamin Gilmour, Thailand
As an Australian medic I, along with two other medical students who witnessed the tsunami were taken to the Ko Lanta hospital where we have worked since midday. I was involved in 2 unsuccessful resuscitations of drowning victims, and treated over sixty foreign holidaymakers with injuries, mainly multiple fractures, some severe such as skull factures and suspected spinal fractures.

There have been 3 confirmed dead on Ko Lanta with a number of missing local children. One family from Sweden with 10 children were swept from their longboat and sustained multiple abrasions and fractures but survived. We have evacuated 25 patents by military helicopter to the mainland. People are awaiting another wave and most are camping out on hilltops, not that any accommodation at beach level remains.
Benjamin Gilmour, Thailand

Our daughter/partner was due to be married on the beach in Trincomalee on east coast of Sri Lanka tomorrow. They contacted us by mobile text. Thank god they are OK. They only have us for news updates. They have been moved to another hotel to wait further instructions-they have food & water.
Rob Green, Newbury, England

My family and I are staying on the east side Phuket, Cape Panwa, and we experienced the earthquake. We were supposed to go on a boat ride with some friends we met out here, they are now in hospital with broken bones cuts and bruises, and we were fortunate enough not to have joined them. We experienced a flood on the beach this morning and strange sea tides all day, I have never seen the sea move so much in one day. Unfortunately another English couple on a boat ride today brought a woman back on land in shock after taking pictures of her husband snorkelling, then after the wave hit he was no-where to be seen.....
Alice, Essex

I was woken up by the shaking of my bed. Then at around 8.30 am I heard the water had inundated into the coast. I went to the beach to see it for myself and found signs of water coming into the road a few hundred metres from the shore. Then some 20 minutes later the sea became rough again and water started coming in. It went back again. There was a dent formed in the coastline from where I was and water was gushing through it. I didn't realise the severity of the calamity until I learnt the magnitude of life loss.
Joseph Edward, Chennai, India

We sailed from the island of Ko Phi Phi in Thailand at 9 this morning, an hour into the journey, the boat was detoured and we spent some time on another island in between Phuket and Krabi. It appears we were sheltered from the full force of the tsunami by Phuket. I would like to thank the Thai captain of the boat for his decisive action. He may well have saved many more lives.
Nick and Clare Ashton, Ise, Japan

Some older buildings here have developed cracks in the aftermath of tremors forcing residents to pour out onto the streets
Manoj Gurnani, Chennai
Nobody has yet spoken of structural damages suffered by inland buildings in Chennai, some older buildings here have actually developed cracks in the aftermath of tremors early morning 6.30 forcing residents to pour out onto the streets.
Manoj Gurnani, Chennai

I am a cabin crew with Qatar Airways. My friend and colleague just flew to Bangkok. I hope he's ok. My condolences to all those who lost loved ones in this disaster and loads of hope to those whose status is unknown.
Ashish Sheth, Doha, Qatar

At least 2000 bodies have been found so far. At Velankanni alone more than 1000 bodies of people who were at Mass have been found...It is much bigger than originally thought to be.
Ravisankar, Chennai

What about ships? Those are very busy shipping lanes around there. In addition to fisher people is there any word on the fate of oil tankers, container ships etc in the area?
Tyler, Japan

We, in Bangladesh, have been comparatively lucky. But I've heard from relatives in Chittagong - their house is quite destroyed and the area is flooded. They say water from the ponds 'flew' out... and more damage was done by that, than by the earth 'quaking'. A friend from Dhaka says his parents were frightened by the ground shaking during their morning walk. We're all worried - what if there's another earthquake?
Nabila Idris, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I felt the earthquake this morning and thought it was someone shaking my bed. Thinking nothing of it I went to the harbour at 10am to catch the ferry from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi, as we we're about to leave a huge wave came heading for us, the boat was evacuated and luckily all the people on the ferry were driven to higher ground. Later i came back to look for my left luggage and 100's of boats have been washed up the river and smashed into each other and the shore. Devastated Thai people are upset because their livelihood has been ruined.
Robin Woodhouse, Phuket, Thailand

I have seen in Thiruvottiyur Beach sea come out and many boats sink inside but there is no rescue for the fishermen. Many of them were inside the boat but they couldn't get out, only one helicopter has gone to rescue and only to Marina Beach not to Thiruvottiyur Beach.
Vijay, Chennai, India

Sri Lanka is under a pall of mourning. Casualty figures compiled on the basis of information given by callers from affected areas to radio stations in Colombo, indicate that well over a thousand lives have been lost in the North and East alone and that bodies continue to be brought in. Entire villages and parts of coastal towns appear to have been razed to the ground. Reports indicate continuing tidal turbulence. Witnesses describe the tide within the Trincomalee harbour going out several times leaving the seabed exposed.

Even the main commercial city of Colombo has been affected with the sea coming in at Mattakuliya forcing residents to abandon their homes and seek shelter on high ground. Sea water has come in along the Wellawatta and Dehiwala canals forcing residents to leave their homes. There is widespread fear of more tidal waves and people are being advised not to return to the affected areas for at least a few days.
Nirmalan Dhas, Colombo. Sri Lanka

Bodies were lined up along the road running along the beach in Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Malaysia
Robert Juhl, Batu Ferringhi, Malaysia
Bodies were lined up along the road running along the beach in Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Malaysia. The sirens of emergency vehicles have been wailing all afternoon. Many local people were probably enjoying a Sunday at the beach when the waves hit.
Robert Juhl, Batu Ferringhi, Malaysia

One slum village (Vettuvangany few km from Adyar) was completely swamped by big tide which moved more than 100meters from the usual sea shore. Many people were crying at this village. We saw many casualties including Doctors who were on a different medical camp.
Saravanakumar, Chennai, India

Why was there no warning of such massive disaster?
Abdul, Dubai, UAE

After returning to my room on the 46 floor at the Banyan Tree Bangkok I sat down to watch some TV then the room started shaking. It shook for a while. I thought the wind had picked up and the building was swaying with it because it went on for some time. Looking out the window I could see people running from the hotel. I ran out to the hallway and to the elevator. Several of us got on and it shook and scraped the rails all the way down. We didn't think we were going to make out.
Cooper Caywood, Bangkok, Thailand

Today I happened to have a look at the Marina Beach which is the only promenade of Chennai. Water has entered the roads well inside and the sight of beach sands disappeared. Police cordoned off those areas. Also the area where I live T Nagar and West Mambalam we felt the tremor like somebody was trying to rock us hard and wake up in the morning. This is the first time that such a thing has happened in Chennai. All roads from the city to the Marina beach has been blocked
Anantha Krishnan, Chennai-TamilNadu-Indu

My girlfriend and her sister arrived in Sri Lanka on Christmas day and are staying in the south western coastal resort of Bentota, Sri Lanka. We've been trying the UK government helpline since 8.30am but are yet to get through. Any news of the region would be greatly appreciated.
Dr Chris Jones, Cardiff, South Wales

Message for Dr Chris Jones, Cardiff enquiring about news of Bentota where his girlfriend and her sister are visiting. My brother was on holiday there in a hotel on a sandbank in the lagoon and he and his girlfriend phoned this morning. They are fine and although it was terrible, the water level there only reached their thighs. I hope Dr Jones has news of his girlfriend.
Dympna Pettit, Haverfordwest, UK

The situation in Male' is now improving. There haven't been any more floods since this morning. Parts of the sea wall around Male' island has collapsed and more waves could prove to be quite disastrous. Still several divers in resort islands and fishermen and sailors out at sea have not been accounted for. Communication to islands outside Male' Atoll is down. The fate of people in more remote islands is still unknown. The airport has been closed and the whole country is stranded.
Ali Adam, South Male' Atoll, Maldives

A children's home & the village in which it was is still totally under water
Devika, Batticaloa Sri Lanka
It was something totally unexpected. Waves were nearly 10-15 feet high. The most affected are the villages close to the sea. We live next to the lagoon by the time the wave made it across the lagoon it was not that bad. Waters were only up to knee level. A children's home & the village in which it was is still totally under water.
Devika, Batticaloa Sri Lanka

I live a few hundred miles north of Phuket, Thailand in Bangkok, and we felt the effects even this far north. My apartment is on the 22nd floor of a large building and I was startled awake this morning from the noise of creaks and moans coming from the walls and ceiling. When I tried to stand, it was like my apartment was on a boat. The whole building was swaying to the point that it was difficult to walk. I grabbed my wife and we evacuated the building along with the other residents.
Jake Meyer, Bangkok, Thailand

There has been one reported death with more reports of injuries coming in. A British tourist at White Sand Beach resort island in South Ari atoll, which is adjacent to Male atoll, died from a heart attack possibly after seeing the huge wave coming to the island, an official said. Some 285 tourists were on the beach at the time, and an Italian tourist, who was washed ashore while sleeping in a water bungalow, was seriously injured. The identities of the British and Italian tourist were not revealed. The tidal wave struck Male at around 9:20am local time according to the Meteorology Department.
Fuaan, Male, Maldives

Around 6.45 am on Sunday morning, there were mild tremors which woke residents of Madras up. The tremors were mild and must have lasted a few minutes at most. It appears that after 8.30 am or thereabouts the tidal waves hit the seashore and caught early morning joggers on the beach by surprise and incoming seawater inundated the shores and some cars and vehicles parked on the road adjoining the beach were washed aside and toppled. The worst hit were the fishing folks who live in huts very close to the sea and it does appear as though a large number of them have been rendered homeless and missing.
Vasan S S, Madras, India

In Bangladesh light tremors were felt across 30 districts. Water in the ponds went up and down for minutes. The tremors were felt around 7:15 am this morning. Some Buildings have collapsed in Chittagong. Local TV channels are saying that water had entered the houses of many people from the ponds. The water went up and down every minute. Nothing like this has been ever seen. There are no reports of casualties yet. The residents of Dhaka felt a mild tremor.
Umran, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I only hope those large buildings in Bangkok were built to cope with such movement like that
Trevor Morgan, Phuket, Thailand
Tourists should definitely stay clear of southern Thailand and the region as a whole- still very, very dangerous. Friends in Bangkok experienced the shake and said their building swayed- I only hope those large buildings in Bangkok were built to cope with such movement like that. I have a fear that this will effect their stability and some will be weakened with dire consequences over the next few weeks.
Trevor Morgan, Phuket, Thailand

My best friend just called me... she and her family were on a scuba diving trip in the Maldives, just north of the capital, she saw the tidal wave as high as a bungalow, and is in a state of shock that her island, she's visited time and time again, is "no longer there" - there's no sand, and everything is destroyed, no casualities though on that particular island.
Swan, London

My friend Simon Cook just phoned me (if family read, he's OK), on holiday there, said the 9am ferry to Phi Phi was missing, he luckily missed it! He said there are 30ft boats in the middle of streets and had seen several bodies scattered about.
Ian, Malaysia (Other side from disaster)

We saw our beach bungalow torn apart & dragged into the see. There was 2 more surgess after things got even worse. We've been told by police to leave the Island. We,ve lost everything & don't know where to go next except towards the east.
Ian Jeffreys, Patong, Phuket

Well my family and I were enjoying the sun and the beach at 11 am this morning. as we looked at other hotel guest staring at something on the horizon, we soon became aware that a huge wave was heading our way with little to no time we grabbed what we could and just managed to get high enough! another soon came afterwards. Most of the southern beached and houses of Krabi are destroyed, the wave carried long boats, cars and trees onto the land and crushed them with its power!!
Robert Herrick, Krabi, Thailand

Many fishermen have not returned
Vasanth, Chennai, India
It was a terrible experience; I am a resident near marina beach. Morning walkers and joggers were washed away; many fishermen in our locality have not returned.
Vasanth, Chennai, India

Chennai is a large city, area around the coast has got most of the damage and lot of high-rise building saved the city .As the city is spread around an area of 56 km including the suburb. Only the land around the seashore was affected. Most of fishing community was affected because of it. More than 5000 fishing boats have disappeared. People here have never felt any thing like this before. Corpses litter the beach.
Karthik Muthuraman, Chennai , India

Quake felt at 7:10 AM local time. Building shaking. Water of Gulshan lake disturbed. small broken free from moorings and fishing platforms damaged. No injuries reported.
Graham Tyrie, Dhaka, Bangladesh

My brother is close to Balikpapan, and has just contacted us to say all is well on the east coast of Borneo, spoke with someone from Jakarta and they did not feel it at all.
Dawn, Balikpapan, Borneo

The slum residents and the fisherfolk were the worst affected. The traffic was in complete chaos. The victims are being evecuated to nearby schools and wedding halls.
Katheeja Talha, Chennai,India

I am a British Soldier in Brunei. We never felt a thing here but our hearts are with the ones that are in trouble...If only there was something we could do...
Steve B, KB, Brunei

Our hotel and airport are destroyed, we have no way of getting off the island, many people are missing, a 50ft wave hit us with no warning, we are experiencing aftershocks, more waves are coming, we are heading to the hills on the cable car
Jeremy & Lisa, Langkawi Malaysia

Shocking waves of height up to 10 feet swept across Penang coast line. At Batu Ferringi, marine police was seen retrieving bodies floating at sea. Ambulances are still rushing to affected areas.
Edmund Pua, Tanjong Bungah, Malaysia

Just getting ready for breakfast this morning in Kandy, Sri Lanka when the floor of my hotel room shook and rolled. Later as the news began to break of the tidal waves I phoned home to say I was OK. My thoughts go out to all the families who have suffered.
Bob Johnson, Telford, England

All is not over here we waiting for the water to rise again
Michael Arnephie, Seychelles
I would like to send my deep felt sympathy to all affected and also to say that it has also reached the Seychelles. We have two young kids dead (apparently drowned) and the county is also on full alert. I haven't ever in my entire life seen a whole bay emptied out in such a short period of time. Lots of property damage. All is not over here we waiting for the water to rise again.
Michael Arnephie, Seychelles

We felt the ground shaking in our home with hundred of high rise building residents fleeing from home to open area afraid for their safety. The ground shaking incident had happen and lasted for around 2 minutes (From Malaysia time 9.00am). It was horrifying experience as we have not experience such great shake like this before.
Lim Seow Hoe, Penang, Malaysia

This morning I rode down to the beach front, ambulances whizzing past me. When I got near the beach front I saw cars piled on cars. Four terrified girls asked me to take them to safety. On the beach front road lay two boats, one had been crushed by a flying bus; cars have been thrown through two story buildings. I saw three dead being carried away. I spent the day helping where I could taking people to high ground. There was a mile long traffic jam snaking up and out of Patong, it was like a biblical exodus. My local super market was one floor underground, it had been flooded, the chance of survival for the staff is close to zero.
Shane Cordell, Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Heavy tremor had struck at 7.45 am local time...here all high rise buildings were waved like a cradle....but we don't know about the causalities.....all people here were panicky.. Rajasekar
Yangon, Myanmar

I was at Gurney Drive when I saw waves of mud washed up on the shore front. The waves reached up to Gurney Plaza which is about 200 meters from the coast line. Part of Gurney Drive is covered in mud.
Wen Chong, Cheah, Penang, Malaysia

Huge tidal waves hit many different coastal areas here in Sri Lanka. The most devastating tides were seen in Muttur and Trincomalee and the death toll is nearing four figures as of now. Witnesses are bewildered as to how fast everything happened. One moment they saw the sea water rise to heights of around 20-feet and the next moment it was as calm as ever. Some parts of Colombo have also seen minor waves entering the shores, some hitting the rail roads and bringing down shanties. This is the first and worst we have ever seen.
Mohamed Mohideen, Colombo, Sri Lanka

I'm currently in Varkala, Kerala, South East India for Christmas. Large waves came in early afternoon sweeping over people on the beach. Lifeguards saw the first wave coming in and alerted swimmers. Luckily no one was hurt. Afterwards sunbathers could be seen searching in waist deep water looking for their belongings. The beach backs onto a huge cliff so the village above was protected. I've heard from locals that up to 60 fishermen have been killed 25 kms further south but haven't heard any local news reports myself.
Helen Eldridge, Verkala, India (usually London, UK)

A significant number of Thais and tourists were washed out to sea, but most were later saved through acts of individual heroism
Nicholas Bennett, Kata, Phuket, Thailand
At about 10.15 a.m. this morning the first of three tidal waves struck, luckily at low tide, and washed away a number of seaside restaurants and hotels, threw cars and boats inland and washed away all the tourist boats. A significant number of Thais and tourists were washed out to sea, but most were later saved through acts of individual heroism. There were two more waves. The second was larger than the first, but the third smaller.
Nicholas Bennett, Kata, Phuket, Thailand

I got a phone call at 7.00 am this morning from daughter in surf resort of Sorake beach Pulau Nias. She described early morning shocks, the quickly rising & falling sea levels, lower houses flooded initially and some people left for higher ground. 10 am call that sea level rising rapidly, everyone evacuated to higher ground.
Annette Windle, Dronfield UK

The entire town area of Mahe is under water and the outer islands are been cleared.
Alcindor, Mahe, Seychelles

I used to go for a walk every morning along the Marina Beach in Chennai.At around 7 am when I reached the place I was really shocked to see the water engulfing the entire beach and entering the Beach Road.
Rajan, Chennai, India

My sister is a dive instructor on Ko Phi Phi and will be spending tonight half way up a mountain. Through the miracle of mobile phones I know that she is alive, but unfortunately she can't locate her boyfriend and has seen that people have died. I pray for all the people caught up in this at the moment
Mike Harding, Neston, Cheshire

We, few students of IIT Madras were on tour to beach, but we are shocked to see hundreds of people at nearby slums. One slum village (Vettuvangany few km from Adyar) was completely swamped by big tide which moved more than 100meters from the usual sea shore. Many people were crying at this village. We saw many casualties.
Saravanakumar, Chennai, India

More than 1032 people died due to this earthquake, alone in Tamil Nadu,600 people died and nearly 200 people from Chennai. Many people are missing too. The intensity of quake was so much that water in the ponds and rivers in the districts of Kolkata in West Bengal was swelling .
Shazia Nikhat, Kolkata, India

It was a terrible experience, I am a resident near marina beach morning walkers and joggers washed away . Many fisherman in our locality did not turn up.
Vasanth, Chennai, India

My son - on a world trip with wife and child - is anchored in his yacht at Phuket, he phoned me that they are all-right, included the boat. He had no time to tell more .
B, Belgium

Luckily the coral reefs and other islands to the north of us have protected the islands here
K Anthony, The Maldives
I'm based in South Ari Atoll in the Maldives and we weren't affected. Luckily the coral reefs and other islands to the north of us have protected the islands here. We have food, water and power and life goes on as normal. The airport in Male will soon be open again as normal.
K Anthony, The Maldives

Why was there no warning provided by authorities in the countries affected? Surely satellites, and tankers could have provided some warning of what was coming. Why is no one asking these questions?
George Murray, Graz, Austria

I felt the tremor and feared the worst. We had little time to prepare for the waves, no-one could have prepared for what arrived. My home has been destroyed, I have lost everything. I thank God i am alive to send this message.
Sandeep Kumar Jain, Chennai, India

I am on a small island called Mirhi in the South Ari Atoll in the Maldives, which is just around 50m wide and 150m long. At around 10.00am this morning, there were some waves, and the tide had covered the whole island with knee high water. Fortunately there were no casualties, just temporary loss of power. It all happened so quickly and the water levels resided pretty quickly too.
Govardhan VS, Mirhi, Maldives

My art gallery on the Beach Road containing 4000 paintings has been literally swept away and with it 18 years of my wife's work and ten years of mine. The worst part is that the government has stated that another Tsunami is on the way and will strike at any time now so maybe our house which is about 7 minutes from the beach is next to go.
Paul Conner, Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

My husband was walking on the beach in Nai Harn when he noticed people running. When he turned around the water was rushing back in towards the shore. He didn't have time to run, so he just started swimming. He got washed into the lagoon at the end of the beach and found himself caught in a boiling whirlpool. He was lucky enough to see a large, red cooler box and grabbed onto it. After a few minutes he was close enough to the jungle to grab onto a tree and pull himself out. The beach is a disaster now with all of the local restaurants and beach chairs businesses totally destroyed.
Ms. Q, Phuket, Thailand

I was jogging early morning at once I saw with the huge noise the waves came in
K.Prasanna, Colombo, Sri Lanka
I was jogging early morning at once I saw with the huge noise the waves came in a flash which covered the entire area with floods. The shops and small houses around have collapsed people were running all over to find a safe place and some were trying to carry their belongings with them. Many people are displaced and forces are trying there best to help the people are affected.
K.Prasanna, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Part of the island has been flooded, no casualties reported. All international flights in and out of capital Mali cancelled until further notice. Reports in that they are partly under sea water 3 ft! Some islands worst hit on east coast report of people climbing palm trees. All phones out of action including mobiles. Satellite only. 1 week of holiday to go! Hope I make it back!
James Hurley, Keradu, Maldives

We felt the building shake at about 8.00am and thought it may have been an earthquake but were not too sure. Went back to bed and about 90mins later woke up to see a wall of water, trees and cars coming towards us very quickly. Didn't have much time to collect our belongings before water began coming into the apartment. It was quite scary!
Chris Anderson, Phuket, Thailand

According to local radio news reports in Colombo, more than 1,000 people in Sri Lanka have been killed in the coastal area of Hambantota alone. Meanwhile, urban coastal areas of Mount Lavinia and Dehiwela have also been affected, as the waves reached the railway tracks running parallel to the coastline.
C. Rodrigo, Colombo, Sri Lanka

We are in an apartment over looking the beaches Batu Ferringhi and Tangjung Bungah. The first tidal surge came in very fast around 3pm, washing away a fishing village nearby. Fishing boats capsized as the surge hits. Ambulances are going up and down with beach tending to casualties.
Daniel McKinney, Penang, Malaysia

Because of the Christmas celebration there were more than 2000 pilgrims stationed in Vailankanni, out of which half of them were staying in the hotels nearby the sea, and 300 and more bathing in the sea, there are piles of dead people being brought to the hospitals and still more unfound.
Sebastin Sanjay, Vailankanni, TN, India

We were able to text Koh Pha-Ngan (Thailand) and confirm that the island has not been touched.
Tim Cordy, Grantham UK

At first we didn't think anything of it, but now hearing the news, we believe we are very lucky to not be severely affected
Frank (Tha-An) Lin, Bangkok, Thailand
I live on the 18th floor of an apartment block in Bangkok, which is far away from the epi center. But I woke up this morning seeing my curtains swaying. Sure, I thought... Must be the air conditioning. But then I noticed the wardrobe door oscillating in the same way. I jumped out of bed and told my family to wake up to feel it. By the time they got out of bed, the quake was over. At first we didn't think anything of it, but now hearing the news, we believe we are very lucky to not be severely affected.
Frank (Tha-An) Lin, Bangkok, Thailand

Has anybody considered that there may be tidal waves heading to the South and Southwest? Has any warning gone out to other continents with shorelines? Is there any effort to determine if there might be trouble flowing across the sea to the south - maybe to Australia's NW coast, or Africa's Eastern Coast or Madagascar?
Steve, Istanbul

The impact was also experienced in some costal areas of Bangladesh. My father is now in Potuakhali, which is on south of the country, close to the Bay of Bengal. He called me around 7:00 am local time and said that there was a weak earthquake which shook the furniturs of the house. After that quake, he went outside and saw that huge body of water was coming out of the lakes and the river beside it. People were saying that large amount fishes from the bay were found on the streets and parks near the river. Some low lands there were submerged in water for a long time.
Shiblee Imtiaz Hasan (Sumit), Dhaka, Bangladesh

I went to the closest fishing harbour here, and fortunately there isn't much damage here. I live in the west coast (Chennai is in the east) the only concern here is the rising water level. 8 fishing boats were washed away into the sea from the harbour. The harbour has ony one entrance and suddenly when all the water came through the 100 meter gate, there was an imbalance and boats were washed ashore, some hitting huge boulders and etting damaged in the process. Water level is rising at a rate of about 2.5 to 3 feet an hour.
Sudeep, Calicut, INDIA

Land tremor felt in the morning. Fierce sea tides swamped coast area along shores of Bay of Bengal. Numerous huts were destroyed. They belong to poor fishermen. The fate of them is unknown. In the swamp about 60 are reported dead. More damages in another coastal town Nagai where hundreds of people reported dead and in another coastal hamlet a church collapsed killing 40 people.
Shiva Prakash, Chennai, India

We were swimming in the sea, when the first wave hit us, and so we sprinted out of the water
Maddy Scragg and Serena Starr, Kerela, India
We were swimming in the sea, when the first wave hit us, and so we sprinted out of the water. We went back in a few minutes and started swimming again. All of a sudden, we were yelled at to get out quickly as the waves were getting too strong. Our clothes were lost in the sea!
Maddy Scragg and Serena Starr, Kerela, India

My son Alan is in the Holiday Inn hotel right on the beach in Phuket. They are without power and therefore radio and TV, hence no outside contact. There is a shark washed up in the hotel swimming pool. He saw a couple of bodies and a mother being separated from one of two children whose hands she was holding as the water swept one of them away.
Alan Burr, Bromley, UK

Waves were so high, never seen before, hit the sea front of Gurney Drive by tidal waves till cars and motorbikes parked along the road were swept away. Understand from a friend the costal beach of Batu Ferringhi was also hit by tidal waves till wooden houses on stilt were also swept away by the waves.
Daphne Cheah, Penang, Malaysia

Tidal surges on Mahe, Praslin and La Dique causing flooding to Capital Victoria and low lying areas inlcuding my beachside home.
Miriam Hoareau, Mahe Island, Seychelles

I felt the bed wobble from side to side at 6.40am this morning! I didn't realise what it was until my boyfriend called to see if I was okay - then I saw it all on BBC World. First day in India and I come when there's an earthquake! I feel very lucky to not be affected where I am.
Sarah, Chennai, India

We're not affected directly here in Australia but I wonder whether there's a connection between this massive quake and the one which hit in between New Zealand, Tasmania and Macquarie Island to our south two days ago. It was the then biggest quake anywhere in the world so far this year. It seems more than a coincidence that this catastrophe comes so soon afterwards. Commiserations to everyone in the affected area.
Steven Cinquegrana, Melbourne, Australia

My partner and I were 700 metres above sea level having just taken the cable car ride. We saw the waves rounding the tip of Langkawi and round the west coast, but as we were so high up we were not aware of the size until we saw the aftermath during our journey by road back to lower land. The picture taken from the top of the mountain clearly shows the main wave. The pictures of the devestation to small fishing villages and the like are hard to comprehend.
Jamie Hancock, Langkawi Island, NW Malaysia

We were on the beach, when suddenly a three meter high surge surprised us. Big waves surges of very long period came in for about two more hours before they died down. Fortunately Sumatra shielded us from the 8.9 earthquake, but we could felt it at 9:20 in the morning here.
Ivar Marthinusen, Pangkor Laut, Malaysia

It was scary, since I don't think our houses are built to stand any shaking like that
Jasdev , Penang, Malaysia
Over here in Malaysia we never had any earthquakes. But today around 8am or so my bed was shaking and the walls started swaying. It continued for about 5 or so minutes. I knew we could be feeling tremors off Sumatra or something like that. It was scary, since I don't think our houses are built to stand any shaking like that.
Jasdev , Penang, Malaysia

We are badly affected, numbers of low lying islands are almost submerged, the local people are seeking refuge in small dhonis, most of the islands are out of electricity, food & water, also the sewage systems totally distroyed. Government is totally disabled to send help to these small islands. Many islanders have to spent their night outside since many houses are destroyed.
Ayya, Male', Maldives

Many houses on the coastal village of Kuala Teriang were badly affected. There is one confirmed death in this village. There are 4 death reported in Rebak Marina, an island resort on a small Rebak Island, just off the coast of the main Langkawi Island
Isa Zakaria, Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Our daughter Maddie and boyfriend Viktor are currently at Koh Raya in Thailand. They and guests managed to run to a higher place, one tourist at their hotel reported missing.
Voi-Ping and Lars Thor, Stockholm, Sweden

Some places further south of Chennai are being evacuated for fear of more waves striking the coast.
Dynesh Raghavan, Chennai, India

Terrifying.I live on the 22nd floor and the movement and sounds of the building moving went on for what seemed a long time. We all ran outside thinking the building was collapsing not realising it was an earthquake. Made us all aware of our feeble mortality.
Scott Hemming, Bangkok Thailand

Just got a call from my partner who was on a tourist boat off the coast of Krabi, Thailand. The felt the tsunami and washed as it struck the mainland destroying coastal buildings. They finally made it ashore and to a resort mountain hotel in Kuraburi. The hotel is full of evacuated tourists all scared and unable to get any information. My friend's brother-in-law is missing, he was on a diving expedition.
Dave Mitchelhill, London, UK

The government is still unable to send assistance
Abdulla, Male',Maldives
Many islanders are badly affected,most of the islands are underwater,small boats used for transportation is as well underwater. The government is still unable to send assistance to poor islanders.
Abdulla, Male', Maldives

We saw a wall of water approaching us. When it hit us, it was only about 10 feet high and the boat rose and then dipped. It was a bit rocky but we were all fine. Several more similar waves followed. Then a lull, and the boat man drove us a small distance to shelter behind a small island. We could see the tsunami breaking on the shore behind us in enormous sprays of water. The waves crashed onto the shores on the small islands ahead of us with devesting force - the beach disappearing before our very eyes. Thank goodness we were in relatively deep water. If we had got underway 10 minutes earlier or later, we may not have been so fortunate.
Sumy Menon, off Krabi coast

My wife and I live in Batticaloa, East Sri Lanka, a bit inland from the coast. Tis morning, suddenly people were talking that water was coming into the town. as we are on the land-side of town, we missed the initial flood wave, and we didn't believe it, so decided to go out and look. My wife is presently co-ordinating operations for Save the CHildren in Batticaloa, and I am helping out with driving around and helping where possible. Lots of people who have vehicles immediately responded, and quickly brought injured to the hospital. Really impressive to see civilians start arranging the traffic, to make the traffic to the hospital smoother. I used to live on the beach, that house will now probably not exist anymore.
Timmo Gaasbeek, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

There is a lot of damage in Kamala Beach, many cars are up against the buildings
Tyson Schroeder, Surin Beach, Phuket, Thailand
We were on our way down through Patong Beach to Kata Beach from Surin Beach to meet up with family when they called to say the water was rushing out and that we should seek high ground. We were able to watch the whole thing from about 30 meters up the hill. When we finally were able to go through, the road was heavily damaged, there was a 5 foot crack in the road apparently we had been waiting for them to fix. There is a lot of damage in Kamala Beach, many cars are up against the buildings.
Tyson Schroeder, Surin Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Here in Kata Beach on the coastal roads a big mess, with motorbikes, lanterns, roofs etc floating around. There were lots of people on the beach this morning, I have seen two bodies myself, plus quite some people are still missing.

The damage is considerable, some of the major hotels here are flooded. Patong Beach, the main tourist destination on Phuket, has been hit a lot harder, more than half the town has been flooded.
Steven van Leeuwarden, Phuket

Suddenly I felt a dizziness in my head and I was feeling the shake of the land. My parents immediately responded and every one of us shot out of the home. Since it was Sunday the people were still sleeping unknown of the quake. We immediately shouted and asked everyone to get out. Our house was 1km exactly from the shore in span of no minutes the sea water was flooding inside our places, and around 8:50am it was waist high. We asked everyone to lock the doors and go to higher levels. We left the place immediately by 9:30am when the neck-level water started draining.
K S Saran, Saravanan, Chennai

I live on the 25th floor of a seemingly well constructed 31 floor building, next to the British embassy. But the shaking was tremendous. All staff ran out immediately of the building My first thought was, that someone came into my room, because I heard some noise, sounded like somebody broke into my room. Then I thought I was dreaming, because the floor was moving. Then I started to realise what was going on and stepped outside my door to see what other residents were doing. I saw nobody. Normally the housekeeping staff would be cleaning and I thought I heard them screaming and leaving the building. I told my girlfriend to get dressed and we ran down the stairs, all 25 floors.
Marcel Emmeneger, Bangkok

Large waves approximately 8m high crashed onto the main road in Patong
Mike Ryniker, Phuket
We were anchored in Patong beach [Thailand], where the beach area basically drained of water, then after five minutes the water filled back in and large waves approximately 8m high crashed onto the main road in Patong. Small boats dragged anchors. The beaches along the west side of Phuket were basically washed away. All boats are standing by for more after reports of a quake in the Nicobar islands.
Mike Ryniker, Phuket

A friend of mine, who is on holiday with her husband and children in Phuket, called and said that there was a disaster. Their hotel was ruined and they are now standing on a mountain, waiting for the next wave, terrified.
Victoria, Sweden

I live in Ao-Nang Krabi [Thailand]. The scene is quite bad here - with upturned boats lying broken and strewn across the street. Many tourists and locals are missing - they were leaving on tours as the wave hit. Army and police are arriving in their masses.
Rob Bysouth, Krabi, Thailand

The whole of Male and all islands are under knee-deep water after huge waves washed the islands.
Mohamed latheef, Male', Maldives

This morning my brother called me to say that he is alive. He lives on the small tourist island, Koh Phi Phi near Phuket in south Thailand. He reported that: "The whole island is smashed, there are dead people all over!" He was trying to find his Thai girlfriend and a Danish friend.
Stinus, Copenhagen, Denmark

People living in the costal areas have been struck by panic. Huge tidal waves hit the coast. Rescue efforts are under way. Exact damages are largely unknown.
Sriram Srinivasan, Chennai, India

Waves never seen before hit the island of Penang, Malaysia, devastating coastal areas. Waves of more than 10ft high swept away wooden stilt houses at coastal areas. Ambulances are seen rushing to affected areas.
Victor Tan, Penang, Malaysia


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