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Your views of Nicol Stephen's election
Nicol Stephen
Nicol Stephen has defeated Mike Rumbles with more than 75% of the vote in the Scottish Liberal Democrats leadership battle.

Mr Stephen will replace Jim Wallace as party leader and also as Scotland's deputy first minister.

His victory elevates him to the status of the second most senior politician in the Scottish Parliament.

What do you think of Nicol Stephen's victory? Is he the right man to take the party forward? How would you feel about him stepping into Jack McConnell's shoes? A selection of your comments are shown below.

Nicol will be a safe and uncontroversial pair of hands for the party in the lead up to the 2007 elections, and I am sure he will grow in stature on taking up the deputy job - just as he has grown from obscurity over recent years
Sam, Boddam

Oh dear. As usual your call for peoples views seems to have unleashed gallons of bile from those who just can't sleep at night trying to understand why their party keeps failing. SNP, Tories and SSP have been predicting the end of the Lib Dems since 1999. Since then their votes have all plummetted, while the LibDems have increased. Time to stop and think guys! No? Oh well, maybe not
Douglas, Edinburgh

I live in Nicol Stephen's Aberdeen South constituency and although I am not a Lib-Dem supporter I have indeed voted for Nicol Stephen in elections in the distant past. I happened to meet him at my work not long after his by election victory in Kincardine & Deeside and found him to be a very pleasant and friendly man. I wish to congratulate him as I know has been a hard working politician for many a year, he should be an asset to Scotland
Brian Welsh, Aberdeen

The Lib Dems have been conspicuous in their failure to support the shipbuilding industry on the Clyde. They are so busy pussyfooting to EU rules which other countries in Europe choose to ignore. In the interim Ferguson Shipbuilders of Port Glasgow, the last shipyard in the UK involved in commercial new-build work is facing closure. The Lib Dems hold the relevant ministries and with a bit of backbone they could resolve the situation. Having a former Commodore Clyde as one of their number you would think that they would be better advised!
David Price, Cardross

Oh dear, all the good work by the Lib Dems in the general election has just been undone by Mr Wallace stepping down, neither candidate was much good, but I fear for the party with Mr Stephen in charge.
Paul, Edinburgh

I still follow Scottish politics, despite having moved four years ago. Nicol Stephen has struck me as an intelligent and competent politician. However, I don't think he is the right person to be deputy first minister. Jack McConnell, please step down now so that a proper politician can replace you. A Lib Dem first minister will not be the end of civilisation as we know it. Only Tony's cronies have anything to fear from Mr Stephen being in charge!
Graham, Southampton

The Lib Dems have not received much press coverage despite being the second party in Scotland. The challenge for the new leader will be to increase their profile.
James Mackenzie, Perth

Nicol seems like a genuine human being, unlike many of the other politicians in the parliament. I hope he can help end the dominance of Labour in this country.
Emma Gourlay, Glasgow

A party that calls itself Liberal has no place in coalition with the party that is threatening to introduce such illiberal measures as ID cards and road pricing.
Tom Ellett, Dundee

The Lib Dems had an excellent general election result. With the tories in freefall under David McCletchie and the SNP stuck in the doldrums, there seems to be an opportunity for them to act as the main unionist opposition to Labour.
Jamie Dunn, Aberdeen

Nicol Stephen will bring some balance back into Scottish politics. Recently all we have heard about are the concerns of the older generation. Labour have made punishing "yobs" their flagship policy stigmatising the younger generation. Nicol Stephen has the record of signing away tuition fees for Scottish students as education minister. He has also been emphasising the need to help young people and stop turning them into scapegoats for all the wrongs in society.
Martin, Aberdeen

Perhaps the reason the Lib Dems don't get so much press coverage is because they came FOURTH in the 2003 elections, in both share of the vote and no. of seats. Yes, they took fewer votes than the Tories did in the last Scottish election. But due to the system of PR and coalition government, their leader has become the deputy first minister... apparently, we Scots call this democracy.
Jonathan, Biggar, Clydesdale

The Liberals are a joke, they are Labour's little helpers in the Scottish Parliament and must share the blame of the downfalls of the Scottish Executive. The Scottish electorate know this and will punish them and there new leader in 2007.
Scot MacQueen, East Kilbride

Lib Dems choose Stephen as leader
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