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Cardinal Sin: Your tributes
Cardinal Jaime Sin
Cardinal Jaime Sin, the influential former leader of the Philippines' large Roman Catholic community, has died aged 76.

Cardinal Sin strongly believed that politics went hand-in-hand with religion.

"Politics without Christ is the greatest scourge of our nation," he said at his retirement ceremony.

He led the Manila Archdiocese for nearly 30 years, during which period he was instrumental in the toppling of both Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Estrada.

Thank you for your tributes to Cardinal Jaime Sin. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

Your tributes:

We would like to express our deepest sympathy to the family of Cardinal Sin. We have a lot of great memories of him since we came from his hometown. We mourn for the loss of our fearless Hero. We will miss you Cardinal.
Jim and Inday Andrade, Indianapolis

Cardinal Sin was a moral fortress and a strong spiritual guide. Too often, he was seen as a political meddler, but essentially, he was a man of the faith endowing politics with prophecy, vision and grace.
Lito Zulueta, Manila, Philippines

I was 9 when my mom and I went to Edsa to stand up against tanks and handed rosaries and flowers to soldiers. We went there with no fear but hope for our country and freedom from a dictator. We were led by a great man. His name is Cardinal Sin. He said that we should not fear because God is with us. Today, we lost a man who lived his life loving God and His children. May his legacy lives in our hearts and live what he preached.
Tina Rodriguez, Sydney, Australia

It will be difficult to imagine what life will be without this person in these troubled times
Vammie, Davao City, Philippines
Our country is in mourning because we have lost a good shepherd. He has been such an influence in our lives. It will be difficult to imagine what life will be without this person in these troubled times. He is now with our Lord. May he rest in Peace.
Vammie, Davao City, Philippines

Many people of Chinese origin throughout southeast Asian shared his vision. Catholics not only survived in China but even more greatly throughout Asia. It is not just the Filipinos who felt sorrow of his passing away, the Chinese people in China, especially the communist leaders, should feel more strongly about the sad loss.
Sarawakian, Malaysia

We have lost another great man worthy of admiration and praise. May he rest in peace and his memory perpetuated in our hearts. May God reward your labours.
Loida Lim, Taipei, Taiwan

The Asian Catholic Church and has lost a great leader for democracy and great man in faith. We pray for him to rest and peace. Amen
Izabel da Costa Auxiliadora Morera, Dili, Timor Leste

His Eminence, wittiness with humour as aspect of a great leader. In times of chaos you gave us hope with assurance, faith with comfort, braveness but tender and calm thus made Philippines a nation for peace. We adored you and remember in our heart and mind. In loving memories and a Heavenly Rest.
Ma Socorro, Borgarnes, Iceland

I was so lonely when I heard the news. I hope that God will bless his family to be strong.
Paul Bokingkito, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines

His reputation for being eloquent, humorous, and charismatic won the hearts of the rich and poor alike
Ria, Makati, Philippines
I had two encounters with Cardinal Sin: The first was during a village Christmas midnight mass in our community and another was during my baccalaureate mass in college. At both times his message to the audience focused on hope, importance of family, and our divine right to be vigilant to safeguard freedom. Although many did not approve of his involvement in politics we often looked to him for guidance during our country's turbulent times. His reputation for being eloquent, humorous, and charismatic won the hearts of the rich and poor alike. He was the cardinal of the people. Our cardinal. He will be truly missed.
Ria, Makati, Philippines

Cardinal Sin was a brave and principled man. His legacy of standing up for the ordinary people against tyrants will live on. Let us hope that more leaders can come forward and uphold his wonderful work by following in his foot steps. Rest in peace.
Kwok, Sydney Australia

The Roman Catholic Church and the Filipino people have lost a great man, a soldier of Christ of our time. May God rest his soul.
MZY Dong, Auckland, New Zealand

He's indeed a prophet. He served the people unconditionally. He was an instrument for change. His death will serve as an inspiration for others to continue what he has started.
Joseph Guerra, Caloocan, Philippines

I've had fond memories of His Eminence since I was a kid. I grew up under the loving care of my uncle, the late Msgr Eugenio Robles, then parish priest of our lady of Mt Carmel. I would always see Cardinal Sin preside the mass on special occasions at our parish and would often spend time inside the Catholic rectory where its corridors served as a playground to me. When i heard the demise of the cardinal on TV, I suddenly remembered when he visited my uncle at home (then sickly) and witnessed him having an asthma attack. The only persons left then were one household help and me. The cardinal asked me if I knew what to do otherwise, he and his staff will rush my uncle to Cardinal Santos hospital. When I brought in the oxygen, the Cardinal was the one who placed the oxygen hose to my uncle's nose while I turned on the regulator. I was so touched, such a concern from the highest clergy of our country. This story is just one of them. I join the nation in mourning the demise of a great church leader. He will truly be missed.
Maricel Magboo, Quezon City, Philippines

We lost a great leader not only for the Catholic Church in the Philippines but to the whole nation as well. He was a "Great Prophet" that God has given us in our time. A man that has touched the lives of so many people in all walks of life. His stand on the social and moral issues that affects the lives of every Filipinos has gained respect from both the church and the government from around the world. Surely to the millions of Filipino Catholics and non-Catholics here and around the world will never forget his legacy that has changed the nation's history. We are grateful to God who has given us two great men who had passed away and had both touched the lives of so many people, Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Jaime Sin. May God reward you for all the goodness you have done.
Andrew Altarejos, Bacolod City, Philippines

We pray for his soul and the country he left behind
Carlo M, Singapore
The Catholic Church in the Philippines lost a great leader. We pray for his soul and the country he left behind.
Carlo M, Singapore

He was a good and holy man whose passing will be felt beyond the boundaries of the Philippines. Our love and prayers are with you.
Macrena Seales HOLD, Castries, St Lucia, West Indies

I am sad to hear news of his death. His wittiness and his influence to safeguard democracy will always be remembered by all Filipinos and democracy lovers worldwide. May God rest his soul in peace.
Firdaus, Singapore

I join with other Catholics to mourn the death of our cardinal who was so strong. May God rest him in peace.
Justin, Tanzania

I was saddened by the sudden demise of Cardinal Sin. I will always remember him as one of the greatest Catholic leaders in the history of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manila! May his soul rest in peace!
Ana L Tumang, New Milford, New Jersey

I am deeply shocked I pray for his great soul.
Ziaur Rahman, Dhaka

Cardinal Sin made it possible for a woman - Corazon Aquino - to lead the Philippines! He was a man of great vision.
Lisa Dudley, Tivoli, NY, USA

His Eminence kindly took the time from his hectic schedule to perform my wedding ceremony
Chris Bowerman, Wales
This is a very sad day for everyone. His Eminence kindly took the time from his hectic schedule to perform my wedding ceremony and holy mass in 1997. My wife and I met him in his palace office several days before the service for a '10 minute' meeting. We left almost an hour later and knew that we had met a truly remarkable man and I will never forget some of his anecdotal stories, he was a very down to earth man and truly caring of all people.
Chris Bowerman, Wales

Truly his presence will be missed by his flock because he's been a hard worker in the vineyard of the Lord.
Lito Duno, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

God certainly has an eternal reward for him in heaven.
Israel Ambe Ayongwa, Bamenda, Cameroon

He stood against Marcos when many others, including those in the church, refused to. One may disagree with some of the political stances he took, but he was brave enough to speak out for what he felt was moral, even if society found his views inconvenient.
Oli, Manila

Cardinal Sin will be always remembered as the man who chased Ali Baba (Marcos) out of Philippines and helped to restore democracy, though the US remained silent during this period.
SH Moulana, Colombo, Sri Lanka

From being the conscience of a nation lost in poverty, corruption and absolute power, he became to represent what is possible if the subjugated stood together against the system.
Soo Ying Chow, Ipoh, Malaysia

I met him many years ago in 1989 and was charmed by his many attributes and kindness. May he rest in peace.
Lillian Close, Montevideo, Uruguay

We mourn the loss of a great shepherd
Rick, Manila

We mourn the loss of a great shepherd who taught us that serving the country is a Christian proclamation, that God is found among the daily solicitudes of life and society. Indeed, we lost a prophet who gave us courage in the midst of fear, light in the midst of darkness, truth in the face of confusion. We will sorely miss him - that voice that has guided us through the years.
Rick, Manila, Philippines

To Catholics and to the whole world he was a champion of the poor, a follower of Jesus of Nazareth.
Stephen Hand, Littleton, MA, USA

The life of each of us has its influence on each of us. Our late Cardinal Sin, lived for the Lord and now died with and in Him for all eternity. A man of God chosen for a chosen race and royal priesthood is for all mankind. I thank God for his life, his inspirations and more so for his deeds. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful rest in peace. Amen.
Simon Cole, The Gambia

He was indeed God's shepherd to the Filipino flock. He was a beacon of light to those who seek justice, reconciliation and peace. His presence will surely be missed.
JP, Columbus, OH, USA

We Filipinos will truly miss Cardinal Sin. He earned wide respect among Catholics and non-Catholics alike because of his countless social contributions to the nation.
Carlo L, Manila, Philippines

We mourn the death of a good Christian who knew to separate the human from the commercial; inability to do so is a great weakness of the contemporary scene. Essential liberties and not salacity promoted by industries make human beings human instead of morons responding to reflexes conditioned by dehumanising profit seeking motive of our days.

Cardinal Sin led his people in this fight against this dehumanizing aspect of the modern scientific achievements and in his death we have lost a great humanitarian. In him terms like conservative or progressive lose their meaning. May he rest in peace!
Kurian Melaythu Joseph, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The cleric-politico icon is dead. He will be remembered as the scourge of corruption in politics and public life and as the champion of the Christian faith and its pride of place in politics and public life. May the Lord God Almighty grant that his sweet soul find sweet rest in the sweet bosom of his sweet mother Mary ever virgin and in the sweet company of all the other sweet saints in the sweet kingdom of heaven. Amen.
Silas FC Nwaishienyi, Enugu, Nigeria

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