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What are your hopes for 2005?
Fireworks at Canary Wharf, London on New Years Eve
Looking ahead to the new year we would like to know what you are hoping for.

Looking back, the past twelve months have seen continued conflict in Iraq, political upheaval in Ukraine and the re-election of President Bush in America.

In 2005, world leaders including UK Prime Minister Tony Blair have pledged to tackle world poverty, along with climate change and the Aids epidemic.

What would you like to see happen this next year? What are your reflections on 2004?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of comments received so far:

The appreciation of life and love
A greater respect for people, religion, and environment everywhere. The appreciation of life and love.

I hope for success for the elections in Iraq, an undeniable strengthening of the Iraqi police force and self-supporting government there, the capture of Osama Bin Laden and my 21 year old U.S. Marine son's safe return from Iraq.
Rhonda Santiago, Yoakum, Texas, USA

I hope I keep strong enough to give up cigarettes once and for all. Good luck to all the others giving up.
NM, Avon

I would like to have a wonderful wedding in September (and to lose a couple of stone first!).
Emily Beaumont, Sandhurst, Berkshire

Let's try to raise the bar on human consciousness generally
I'd like to see a vastly empowered and democratised UN supported by all citizens of the world, so that "rogue nations" (no matter how economically powerful) can no longer disregard international law. I would like to see all citizens of the world kick out, as failures, any government that does not have the skill to resolve every problem and crisis by peaceful means. Politicians are supposed to serve the people. Let us all remember that. They are all failing us badly. They are manipulating us and purposefully confusing issues to the point where we are all terrorized and afraid of each other. Let us all respect the rights of each other, and stop letting politicians (even clandestine ones) rule the world, for they are making a terrible job of it. And let's try to raise the bar on human consciousness generally. Come on everyone!

A time of reflection but also a time for people to embrace life
Dave, Tyne and Wear
I wish for the New Year to be a time of reflection but also a time for people to embrace life and be thankful for and appreciate what they have got. Happy New Year.
Dave, Tyne and Wear

I would do somersaults to see less global whining, widespread reason and tolerance, and more understanding that the current US administration is not America.
Jan, Colorado, USA

These disasters are due to man's action. There will be more if not the same. I hope world leaders, under the auspices of UN and the World Bank, will setup a Disaster World Fund.
Anoop Kumar Verma, Farnborough. England

I'd like to see an end to smug, self-righteous people posting simplistic solutions to the world's problems on the BBC 'Have your say' website.
Dave, London, UK

I would be delighted to see the millions that'll be burnt on New Year's fireworks in London being sent to those who have no reason to celebrate in Asia. That would be a truly amazing start to 2005.
FM, London

A better diet for everyone in the developed world
Phil, Clarkston, Georgia USA
A better diet for everyone in the developed world. If we would all commit to five helpings of fruits and vegetables a day and strictly avoid all soft drinks made with refined sugar, the obesity problem in our society would be greatly diminished - and painlessly, too!
Phil, Clarkston, Georgia USA

Firstly, that bin Laden and al-Zaqawri are captured and put on trial.Next, I would like to see the Today programme taken off the air and the BBC newsroom cleared of the petulant hammering tiny fists of the liberal left.
John, UK

At least one quality programme on the telly (not a soap, reality TV/phone scam, quiz, rubbish cook show, get rich-quick by selling bodged houses, talking heads sport, auction your treasure via dodgy spivs or endless news show).
Colin Harrison, England

The response of the global community to the Asian disaster is a triumph of humanity over politics.....let 2005 be the year of humane values!
Rahul S Jayawant, London, UK

This is a national embarrassment
S. Brunette, Ottawa, Canada
I hope that Canada's Prime Minister will get with it. In the aftermath of the greatest natural disaster in our lifetime, he is still on vacation in Morocco; other ministers are also on vacation overseas. This is a national embarrassment. We have a 9 billon dollar Canadian surplus, and we initially offered 1 million, then 4 million, and finally 40 million dollars of aid. I would like my country to be the country it was during the 50's and 60's. A world leader for the poorer countries, not what it has turned into, one government after another more concerned with power than humanity!
S. Brunette, Ottawa, Canada

The world is changing; I hope Osama will not issue more non-sensical warnings when the world is suffering from so many casualties such as the tsunami disaster, the war in Iraq and the growing AIDS epidemic. Everyone should start to work as one, doing their bit to help starving people around the world and those affected by the recent tragedy.
Susie, Asia

The response to the Asian tragedy has been unprecedented and fantastic. Does it need a tsunami to bring the world together like never before? Let similar efforts be put into helping the helpless in the Middle-east / Sudan and the most helpless around the world. Bottom-line bring in the UN and the NGOs........lets do away with politics.
Rahul S Jayawant, London, UK

I wish there is still a way to get rid of Bush in 2005. What he is doing now with this "American coalition" for the tsunami victims is so unhelpful. What we need now is to gather behind the UN. The man is a disgrace; the world deserves and requires better, especially under the current circumstances.
Pieter Visser, Cambridge, UK

Celebration of achievements of everyday working people rather than the constant stream of media drivel about 'celebrities' and their wonderful lives
Denise, London, UK
I'd like to see more recognition and celebration of achievements of everyday working people rather than the constant stream of media drivel about 'celebrities' and their wonderful lives. An end to publications such as Hello and OK magazine, and an end to GMTV and other media telling us in advance everything we would actually like to find out for ourselves in watching our favourite soaps!! And how about some fat cat chief executive bonuses being donated to the Asian tsunami appeal?
Denise, London, UK

Peace. I hope politicians realise they influence the minds of the people and so the economy. Let them do it in a positive way.
Marc, Querétaro, Mexico

My hope is that the American People will dump President Bush in order that we can live in a more peaceful world and get control of our America. Where we can resume the wonderful progress that we made before Mr. Bush made this big mess for the rest of us to resolve.
Scott B. Pratt II, Ladue USA

In Scotland......a Scottish Executive that is answerable to the electorate instead of its own smug self satisfaction. The complete retirement of Tony Blair (without a peerage) and the sincere hope that all people will finally realise that God is not religious.
John Dodds, Edinburgh, Scotland

To find Mr. Right. I've been looking all my life- WHERE IS HE??!
Cleopatra , SAINT LUCIA

I just hope not to ever feel like this again
Huw Griffiths, Cardiff, Wales
I just hope not to ever feel like this again. To all those who felt affected by Diana's death this may be a wake up call to you, this is reality, this is real lives not a fairy tale.
Huw Griffiths, Cardiff, Wales

I hope the astounding disgrace of Bush's response to the tsunami tragedy will be reversed and quickly. For the New Year we can contemplate the morality of Bush offering less cash than required for a very expensive fighter plane.
F. Lucas, Woodland Hills, CA USA

I would like to see US troops get out of Iraq to be replaced by a multinational Muslim peace keeping force. I hope to see a democratised UN and a body which is responsive to the plights of its member nations. I'd also like to see an Israeli leadership that's less arrogant and a Palestinian leadership that is more accommodating and receptive to ideas. Finally, I would love to see us all; Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, Hindis etc hold hands as one big family and live happily thereafter.
Rasheed B. Ojikutu, Lagos, Nigeria

the casualties from war show that politicians are inept and need to get their act together
Pancha Chandra, Brussels, Belgium
Body-bags whether from Iraq or from the Asian tsunami are heart-shattering. What a year, the casualties from war show that politicians are inept and need to get their act together. Show your true mettle ye great leaders and work genuinely for peace: it is very much within your grasp!
Pancha Chandra, Brussels, Belgium

No more suicide bombings, hostage beheadings, senseless wars, or anything remotely as horrific as Beslan.
Kevin, West Midlands

England to beat Australia 5-0 in the Ashes cricket series!
Peter, London, UK

What to wish for? An end to intolerance and prejudice, hands off hunting, hands off theatre plays that disagree with your personal views and goodbye Blair. There's more chance of the easter bunny delivering six numbers for next weeks lottery I fear. Oh well, best start saving for next christmas.
Martin, Stockton-on-tees, England

I hope 2005 will bring joy, hope and peace to the people of this great nation. That we shall see ourselves as one people. I hope for an end to all wars and a cure for AIDS.
Gilsey Sampson (Mrs), Accra, Ghana

I hope the US stops interfering in other countries!!!
Sayilen, Bangalore, India

If for one year we donated all that money to the victims of the tsunami, perhaps there would be some faith in the human species
Lyndon Berchy, Edam, Netherlands
One has to always hope for positive things for the world, but, having said this, mankind never seems to learn from bitter lessons. We spend so much money on using weapons around the world. If for one year we donated all that money to the victims of the tsunami, perhaps there would be some faith in the human species. However, one can expect that the world will spend millions on wars in 2005 and the poor will wait like dogs for some crumbs to fall from the masters table.
Lyndon Berchy, Edam, Netherlands

Before I came to Bangkok to study I lived in Banda Aceh in Indonesia. It was a peaceful life in a small city. Suddenly conflict started and everything changed. Now there is the tsumani. I hope next year that everything gets better, no war, no tragedy...
dewi, Bangkok-Thailand

I hope 2005 will be a year free of natural disasters and conflicts.

unite against those forces that would have us look at each other with fear, paranoia, and suspicion
Matt, Chelmsford, UK
I hope that our consumerist capitalist society will remember ethics and that aid to earthquake devastated Asia will be swift. I hope for the leaders of our world to realise that war so often solves nothing, and for the people of the world to unite against those forces that would have us look at each other with fear, paranoia, and suspicion.
Matt, Chelmsford, UK

That world advancing a bit further towards respecting human rights.
Jordi Abentin, Barcelona, Catalonia

Let's hope for grace and peace in the world, every nation exercising tolerance towards one another.
Joshua Tan, Singapore

No point asking for peace or a new government, no point telling people that this is a democratic society, they won't listen. I do hope though that my beautiful three month old nephew will grow up to be healthy and that my family will have the best 2005.
Claire Morris-Roberts, C'fon N Wales

After failing to keep to my strict vegan diet in 2004, I hope to try again in 2005, oh and I hope for world peace of course.
Mala Shah, Shipley UK

A society which recognises the great and the good
Sean Jenkins, Somerset, UK
A society which recognises the great and the good, not people who cook, insult other people's dress sense, or sit in a camera filled house for eight weeks. A society where people are lauded for their minds, and everyone aims for the top, but only a tiny minority actually considered good enough to be cheered for achieving it.
Sean Jenkins, Somerset, UK

The long awaited (and long promised) Civil Partnerships Bill, or even better allowing same sex couples to marry.
Kristy, Watford, UK

An end to press, people and politicians alike 'discussing' issues by recourse to insult, innuendo and sound bite. Some respect for other people's views and less labelling. Let's deal with issues not dogma.
Katherine, London, UK

A number one single for Kylie Minogue would be nice.
Daniel, Cambridge, UK

Until the ordinary Brit gives up the state-encouraged selfishness of the past 20 years there is little real hope for 2005
Michael, York, UK
Watching the "executive" driver speeding up my residential road at 40 mph plus, mobile phone in hand and undoubtedly off to the January sales or an appointment at the golf club, I dispair. Never mind the high minded platitudes from the politicians on peace or the poor, until the ordinary Brit gives up the state-encouraged selfishness of the past 20 years there is little real hope for 2005.
Michael, York, UK

Hopefully an end to any more 'nanny state' legislation. At the very least, for nanny state bills to be written properly- unlike the farce that is the hunting ban.
Alex, Liverpool, UK

Less fear, more commom sense and tolerance.
Velker, Snellville USA

That everyone take the time to examine their personal ethics and begin living them. That we all stop moaning about what's wrong with the world and make the effort to change it. That my husband finds a decent job in the UK so we can move back.
Kaz, Briton in NJ, USA

Right before the end of the Millennium we had some many hopes, and then came the Iraqi War, the Sudan Crisis, etc, etc, etc. All I can wish is as much health and as much prosperity as possible for all.
Carlos Cortilglia, London, United Kingdom

I would like to see transparent politics
Ian, Lancashire
I would like to see transparent politics. I would also like to see a news organisation publish weekly the accounts of our taxes so we can see where our money went and where it came from? Then I would like to see our politicians and their families complete employment records (including corporate board membership) published before the election. Finally i would like to see European law enforced with regards to our government and Iraq.
Ian, Lancashire

I hope there is a house price crash so I can get some where to live instead of having to move from temporary accommodation to temporary accommodation every couple of weeks.
Alan, Dunstable England

Marry the woman I met this summer.
Gavin Clarke, Portsmouth, England

Peace and more common sense from everyone on the planet.
Stuart, Birmingham, Uk

A ban on all reality TV programs....
Colin Grant, Manchester, UK

For the Government to stop ripping me off for so much tax and also to tell people if they want children they should pay for them and not pass the bills to others in the form of benefits, credits and allowances.
Lynn Fellows, UK

I wish for people to think freely, independently and most importantly, morally about the decisions they make.
Chris Hatton, Essex, UK

A Labour Government that returns to its roots and core values.
Lee, Hebburn, England

Working from home, working less - a 4 day week maybe a 3 day week, earning less, spending less and having more time to do more.
Tom F, Edinburgh

I am hoping that in 2005 religion will become central in the lives of the people of Britain, that politicians will start to speak everyday English (not the legalistic mumbo-jumbo they speak currently), that we can start to eradicate poverty in the world (by cancelling third world debt) and that the world starts to see the urgency of the necessity for peace in the Middle East.
Mark Balaam, Cheadle, UK

Teachers to be given control over unruly pupils
Ben, Thornbury, Bristol, UK
Teachers to be given control over unruly pupils. They should be considered innocent until proven guilty of abuse when problem children make threats to take teachers to court if they tell them off. Corporal punishment should be re-introduced and teachers should have the right to choose not to teach bad kids. By the way, I am a student myself and I say these things because I know how bad things are!
Ben, Thornbury, Bristol, UK

Resolutions for 2005: Dissolve the UN, continue the battle against cancer, and help weak-minded liberals finally see the truth.
Andy, Houston, TX, USA

Scrap local authorities, and just have county councils - we would save a fortune.
James Murphy, Dorset, UK

Some economic growth without rises in things like council taxes and house prices to cancel out its effects.
Graeme Phillips, Guildford, UK

That my yet to be born baby is a girl with red hair and milky white skin like her mother's
Chazza, Newport, Gwent

I will be very happy to receive my working permit without any hard conditions that will be set by the government of Spain. I will also wish my dear BBC a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.
Chernor Jalloh, Almeria, Spain

To smile more, cry less and be happy
Angie, Bristol

I'm hoping to see 2006!
John, U.K.

For the UK to exit its whiny we have-it-so-bad attitude and to start acknowledging the many great things that we are able to enjoy.
Tony, UK

Well I have a postcard above my desk which pretty much says it all: 'All I want out of life are world peace and thin thighs... Actually, I don't care that much about world peace.'
Bev, London, UK

Fingers crossed I will be in the family way come the end of 2005
Jo, Bournemouth, England
Call me selfish but I am hoping for things that impact and effect me personally. I am hoping for the safe arrival of my latest niece/nephew; fingers crossed I too will be in the family way come the end of 2005 and I'd love for England to win the Ashes. I hope that everyone gets what they wish for in 2005.
Jo, Bournemouth, England

National ID card schemes dropped, Litigation culture regulated, student loan debts abolished, trains re-nationalised and a pay rise!
Danny, York, UK

I hope to wake up, find it's January the 1st 2000 and that the idiocy of this last few years was nought but a bad dream.
Simon, Cambridge

Cricket on Channel 4 so my husband stops moaning!
Rachel, West Mids

It would be great to see Live Aid 20
David Haslett, Leicester, UK
We had Band Aid 20, twenty years after the original, It would be great to see Live Aid 20, raising even more money for starving children in Africa.
David Haslett, Leicester, UK

My hope for 2005 is for someone to come up with a computer virus that causes a complete and irretrievable meltdown of the internet, all servers, PCs, laptops, mobile phones, ipods and sundry rubbish. Then maybe we can return to having reasonable lives!
Andy, Salisbury, UK

I'd like to see single MMR jabs as an option on the NHS (I'm happy to pay the fee to the NHS) to prevent rogue doctors like Dr Pugh from making money from parent's concerns.
Alison, Colchester

I hope that in 2005, a cure for AIDS will be found and more will be done to prevent climate change, as it is definitely effecting us now. I would also love Jon Bon Jovi to headline at the Isle of Wight festival next year.
Helen, Ventnor, Isle of Wight

At least a 2:1 degree
Nathan James, Liverpool
A different political party in power. A graduate job lined up when I graduate next June. At least a 2:1 degree. Oh, and an end to politicians thinking they know best and trying to control our lives.
Nathan James, Liverpool

That the BBC actually read, & even occasionally publish, the comments they solicit on 'Have Your Say'.
Robin Saltonstall, Beverley/UK

For England to win the Ashes for the first time in about 20 years. This team could really do it.
Lindsey Strachan, Leeds, UK

Is it too much to hope that more than 75% of those registered to vote in the 2005 General Election will actually do so, and at least half of be genuine supporters of the party that is selected to govern us...? It would make a change....!
td, Scotland

I would like to see the United Kingdom introduce more National Holidays
Craig, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England
I would like to see the United Kingdom introduce more National Holidays next year. Maybe choose a few days of historic importance such as Guy Fawkes Day, Trafalgar Day etc so that we can celebrate together and feel a sense of unity.
Craig, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England

Peace, above all peace. After that, to see my country take a leadership role in the fight against global warming. That worldwide and local economic growth is fuelled by technologies that benefit humanity, not wasteful and soul-numbing consumerism.
Carolyn, California, USA

A £6.50 p.h. minimum wage; lower income tax; sufficient social housing for all the homeless people in the UK; a state pension befitting our elderly; 1 NHS dentist for every 1,000 people; for everyone to start behaving like grown ups and accepting each other as fellow human beings worthy of equal respect and dignity regardless of race or religion. Oh and motorcycle lanes on motorways.
Simon, Redhill, UK

I'd like all those people who are hoping for radical political and government reform to get involved in politics and start changing things from the inside instead of continually moaning about the poor job other people are doing.
George, Nottingham, UK

A couple of shots off my golf handicap
John, England
Dry weather for the Edgbaston Test Match, a couple of shots off my golf handicap, and the passing of a law that specifically prohibits moaning and whining of all types in "Have Your Say"!
John, England

An end to the nanny state and the banning of lawyers (although obviously not in that order)!
James, Woodford, UK

To be able to commute to work without the threat of increases in fares to public transport or a hike in petrol prices so that I can use my car at the weekends and enjoy them.
Shimal Thakrar, London, UK

I'd like to see an end to short-sighted policies, for example on climate change and fisheries. Scientists have been warning us for years about the dangers of global warming - now it looks like it's really happening and we seem to be surprised. They've been saying similar thing about fisheries, but today's news that quotas in some areas have been increased shows that we haven't learned any lessons.
Kate, St Andrews, UK

My wife to have a baby. Four years trying and no luck yet.
Ralph, London

A BBC that is not one sided.
Barry, UK

I'd like to see beautiful Australia again
Susanna Nelson, London

I'd like to see beautiful Australia again. No more queues, evil landlords, wet weather, fry-ups and stoicism. I'd also like both this country and mine to get rid of hypocritical governments, use less fossil fuel, stop fighting an illegal war and spend more on the arts. Thanks!
Susanna Nelson, London (ex Australia)

I hope the Labour party reverse their decisions on banning: Smoking in pubs and fox hunting
Mart, South Wales

Not going to bother with hopes and New Years resolutions, they never stick or happen.
Brendan Chilton, Great Britain

British withdrawal from the EU. It's time we did things our own way again.
Joe, Manchester, UK

That the American film producer Michael Moore makes a Blair documentary that links the Hutton and Butler reports and releases it just before the next election.
Dion, Manchester

A reasonable pay deal
Tony, Welling, Kent

In this order: getting rid of this nauseous government, getting out of Iraq, getting some justice against thieving banks and finally a reasonable pay deal for the work I do.
Tony, Welling, Kent

To have a comment posted on Have Your Say, and secondly, a lottery win would be nice!
Chris E, Norwich, England

My hope and deepest desire would be for the UN to get stronger and that there are no superpowers. It would be a dream come true if all the countries could be equal and live in peace.

A Tory government. No more OTT political correctness. Less government interference in our lives i.e. fox hunting and smacking. Oh and a pay rise!
Natalie, Brighton

I hope for a world without broken hearts nor sad eyes.
Jorge Sanz Garcia, Almazan, Spain

I am hoping for the end of reality TV. It's so yesterday but a lot of people still love it. Also a bit of world peace would not go amiss.
Mal, Saskatchewan, Canada

That Mr Beckham scores a penalty!
Matthew Higgins, Reading, UK

We're having another baby in 2005. I hope that the government will reduce its meddling in our lives, both in poorly-conceived social programmes and in the level of taxation.
Andrew, London, UK

I want to wake up on 1 January and see a sky full of flying cars, robots walking the streets and people in silver space clothes. Its 2005! Where's my flying car!?
Geoff Pedder, UK

Society valuing fatherhood equally to motherhood!
Martina, London

To have a peaceful world with no religious squabbles; equality for women in every single country; lower taxes; a better NHS; and a new government!
Sue , London, UK

Tolerance of the Christian faith in all countries as we tolerate other faiths. A government that answers to the people instead of the executive. More time to spend with my grandchildren while they are still young.
Barry, UK

I would like the Christian community to make Barry's comment (above) about tolerance accurate by showing tolerance towards people of pagan belief systems as well as all of the other politically correct ones. Maybe then my 7-year-old could go to school and proclaim his faith without fear of ridicule or persecution.
Joanne, Birmingham, UK

I am hoping that our fascination with celebrities fades and dies
Joanna, Hove, East Sussex

I am hoping that this country stops dumbing down and sets standards again for itself and for the rest of the world. I am hoping that Tony Blair does not get in again; I do hope that labour do but that it is with Gordon Brown as leader. I am hoping that George Bush gets something right. I am hoping that the war in Iraq ends. I am hoping that our fascination with celebrities fades and dies and we start to celebrate real heroes. A long list but who knows maybe just maybe¿
Joanna, Hove, East Sussex

I would like to see a more tolerant society, and more importantly I hope to find the man of my dreams, living the Bridget Jones lifestyle is starting to take its toll!
Joanne Pope, Plymouth, Devon

I would like to see a new government who actually listens to the voices of the people who voted them in. I would like to see a greater community spirit and less of the Me-Me-Me culture we now seem to have. I would like to see people realise that money doesn't buy happiness and to stop overspending on their credit cards for short term satisfaction.

I would like to see more parents taking responsibility for their children's health and welfare and finally I would like to see an end to the compensation culture where greed has overtaken common sense. If we can sort out these basic problems then there would be more time and money available to work on the bigger problems of war and terrorism. Happy New Year everybody.
Donna Chisholm, Staffs, UK

Scotland to win some football games and climb back up from the lows of 86th team in the world!
Alan, Scotland

A little less political correctness
Jill, East Yorkshire

A little less interference in our lives; a little less political correctness; a little less litigation by people who know their rights and other's wrongs; the freedom to effectively discipline children. 2004 showed up the shambles that is our over-legislated green and pleasant land where a WI member can hardly make a pot of plum jam for a bring and buy sale without a health and safety army on her doorstep and the fear of litigation in the eventuality of the purchaser breaking a filling on a plum stone.
Jill, East Yorkshire

More work done on climate change, before it is too late. World poverty will still be here and for decades to come. Things really never change, just the faces of the victims.
Bumble, Dartford, UK

Ask more questions of the government and media
Katharine Friedmann, Leicester
I would like to see the public being less gullible and to ask more questions of the government and media. I would like no-one to forget the exploited people of the world and those who have had, and continue to have, their human rights denied.
Katharine Friedmann, Leicester, UK

Finding a minister in this government that tells the truth before being forced to - bit of wishful thinking though!
Brian, Edinburgh

A collapse in house prices so that I can buy my first property!
Chris, London

The UK out of Iraq, no terrorist atrocities anywhere in the world and that the US finally sees the sense in joining Kyoto.
Julie, London, UK

My main hope for 2004 was the removal of George W Bush from office. Like many people in the UK, I am very sad that he won a further term.
Mike, UK

My hopes for 2005 is for world peace. Or at least world "turn the volume down".
James Niclair, Lincoln, UK

I hope the EU countries will make major changes in 2005, European laws should be changed to accommodate and benefit the Islamic way of life, people and culture.
R Ahmed , Southwark London UK

To R Ahmed of Southwark. Surely the wish should be for all countries to embrace all people and cultures. Not just to single out one. Only then can we truly find peace.
Wendy, Sheffield, UK

A Liberal Democrat government.
Hans Stiles, Chessington, England

Please expand the congestion charge right up to the M25
Alex K, London, UK
I hope that British troops will pull out of Iraq, that Blair will be forced invest into the social structure of this country and maybe more tramlines for London, to provide cleaner, environmentally friendly transport. One more thing - please expand the congestion charge right up to the M25.
Alex K, London, UK

Osama Bin Laden on trial in New York. Anything else is a bonus.
Roger, Whitwick, England


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