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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 June 2005, 18:43 GMT 19:43 UK
Have you enjoyed Doctor Who?
Christopher Eccleston played Doctor Who in the current series
Are you looking forward to the next series?

The BBC has confirmed that Doctor Who will return for at least another two series after the current series concluded on Saturday. Casanova star David Tennant will replace Christopher Eccleston as the lead role.

In a recent website's poll of viewers the series was voted the most popular cult TV show, ending Star Trek's 11-year reign at number one.

What did you think of the last episode? What did you like most in the current series? And what was the worst bit?

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

An actor of Christopher's talents has indeed breathed new life into the Doctor
Richard, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
"Absolutely Fantastic", to coin a phrase by the doctor. Well done the BBC and thank you to Christopher Eccleston; 13 episodes of sheer thrills and rides, for once my kids have been quiet whilst watching TV. An actor of Christopher's talents has indeed breathed new life into the Doctor, but he had excellent scripts it all came together and a joy it was - all my family from my children and my wife enjoyed the ride, my final expression and thoughts WOW!
Richard, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

If the next two seasons continue with the pace and intelligence of the first then there really won't be anything either side of the pond to touch it in terms of well rounded family entertainment with a hint of sci-fi. The whole family watches this and as an fan of the original series, this has been the best season ever.
Rick Strangely, Surrey

I wasn't too sure about the idea of Billie Piper, but she was a surprise success. I found the plots of the Slitheen and The Unquiet Dead boring, although interesting. I also found the secret behind Bad Wolf to be rushed, and not that good. That being said, I enjoyed it and look forward to next season.
Will, Scotland

Basically disappointed - it's a big mistake to use contemporary references like The Weakest Link as this 'joke' is lost on foreign audiences who may buy the series, and also won't work in the future. Besides it's a cheap shot, something that has basically marred a good Dalek story. Dr Who doesn't need 'joking up' and would be more effective without the cheap cracks. The old Dr Who didn't have these silly references of the time, and then no one noticed the cheap sets or rubber monsters. The story was ace and that is what carried it. The new series is trying to be safe but you should be more daring. Use good old fashioned fear. So far the series has turned me off. I hope the next one is better.
Jake, Worthing, West Sussex

Doctor Who has become a real jewel in the BBC's crown
Jamie, London, England
It's been a huge coup for the BBC getting an actor of the calibre of Christopher Eccleston to re-launch Doctor Who. He's been the best Doctor ever - he totally rewrote the rule book on how a 40-year-old part could be played. His performance has been captivating and both he and the superb Billie Piper, and the production team deserve to be showered in Baftas. Doctor Who has become a real jewel in the BBC's crown.
Jamie, London, England

The best thing they could do would be to return to 25 minute episodes and reintroduce the cliff-hangers. The Doctor has been too much 'the bloke down the pub' I hope we could get something of the alien scientist back with Tennant but somehow it doesn't look that way.
JG, Stoke, Staffs

Where can you start with the best bits? I mean just about everything far surpassed my expectations. Perhaps it was the superb acting and characters that made it what it was. Chris Eccleston and Billie Piper have been absolutely 'fantastic'. But it is perhaps in the strength of writing and acting for the minor characters which really brought the series alive. Hardly a week has gone by without one or more minor characters really standing out. You just couldn't help feeling for them and taking an instant like to them, Jabe, Gwyneth, Adam, Suki, Nancy and Lynda to name but a few. I really cannot fault the series. Certainly something which brings a grown man close to tears on more than one occasion has to be a big hit.
Warren, York, UK

My family watched the series and really enjoyed it, even the scary bits! Sorry to see Christopher Eccleston leave, but please, please get rid of Captain Jack.
Dan, London

Doctor Who has never been so good and I speak as a Patrick Troughton fan from the 60s!
Ian Wylie, Liverpool

I watched Dr Who as a child and loved it, and now well what can I say? I loved it even more, as did my 5 year old daughter. Can't wait for more!
Brian Welsh, Aberdeen , Scotland

Russell T Davies is a genius, staying faithful to the original premise but embellishing it and taking it to a whole new level
Ian Davies, Basingstoke, UK
Aged 42, I loved the original Doctor Who (especially Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee) and, unlike many, didn't care about the cheap effects as the storyline transcended that. I have a collection of old Doctor videos and, each time I watch them, they take me on a sentimental journey back in time. I had low expectations of this new series, regarding it as very much for my son, aged four, not me, and the best I could hope for was vicarious enjoyment via him. I was wrong, it was brilliant and Russell T Davies is a genius, staying faithful to the original premise but embellishing it and taking it to a whole new level. The acting, spearheaded by Christopher Eccleston, was also consistently outstanding, including from Billie Piper who hasn't had anything like the critical acclaim she deserves. My son loved it too (though he is as gutted to see Eccleston go as I was to see Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee go - that's Doctor Who for you), and we both can't wait for the next series. Doctor Who 2005: Best thing on the BBC¿ ever.
Ian Davies, Basingstoke, UK

I would like to thank the BBC and Dr Who production team for bringing back good family value entertainment. The barrage of questions and predicted outcomes, as the events in the episode unfolded by my 7-year-old boy, Steven, culminated in his quiet tears when the Doctor regenerates. Keep up the good work you have inspired his thoughts and captured his emotions. All involved should feel really proud and I hope this comment contributes to that end.
Phill, Datchet, Berkshire

I've been annoying the naysayers with confidence about the new series ever since they announced Christopher Eccleston as the Doc' - just knew he was right, and now it's over I'm feeling ever so slightly smug. Best Doctor since Tom Baker, certainly. Best ever? Don't know, could be, I'll need to think about that. CE raised the role to a new level, and I'll miss him. David Tennant's got some very big shoes to fill (and earmuffs), but I'm looking forward to seeing him do it, and what the writers have got to pull out of the bag. Well done backroom guys, thanks a million CE.
Stan Stannard, Grimsby, UK

I had my doubts with the casting of Billie Piper as Rose but she has proved me wrong
Aimi, Southampton, Hants
I tuned into the series, not really sure what to expect but well done BBC, the series has been thoroughly enjoyable. I had my doubts with the casting of Billie Piper as Rose but she has proved me wrong. Christopher Eccleston was excellent as The Doctor; just a shame he decided to only do one series. Hopefully David Tennant will continue the good work.
Aimi, Southampton, Hants

Sad to see Christopher Eccleston go. He played the Doctor well, and brought energy and vigour to the role in a manner never seen before. I will miss him.
Joe Carpenter, London, UK

I cannot thank Russell T Davies, Christopher Eccleston and Billy Piper enough for taking a magical part of my childhood and bringing it back as a credible and thrilling part of my adult life. The stories and characters have swept me along and left me gasping (and crying, blast you!) And the icing on the cake is that my family all come back from their activities and sit down and watch it together.
Leslie Carr, Southampton, UK

Dr Who is always great, but making everyone and everything identically so touchy feely, and sooooooooo politically correct, was a bit sad.
Steve, UK

I've enjoyed the new series. Christopher Eccleston was an excellent Doctor; it's a shame he's going. My only quibble are the frequent use of Deus Ex Machina endings.
Jose Garcia, Brighton, UK

I loved Christopher Eccleston as Dr Who
Chris Read, Wells, England
Having watched Dr Who since I was a kid, I was hopeful, but expected disappointment. However, it turned out to be an excellent return. I loved Christopher Eccleston as Dr Who, and now have high hopes of David Tennant, who was excellent in Casanova. Of course , this will only happen if the quality of the scripts stays as good.
Chris Read, Wells, England

Excellent series - clever but slightly cheesy (but excellent) storylines and intentionally silly (but good quality) special effects. Shame Christopher Eccleston has decided not to continue - he has in my view been possibly the best ever Dr Who.
KA, London, UK

Brilliant, the BBC hasn't done anything as good as this for years - well done
Caroline Way, Norwich UK

Brilliant return of Doctor Who. A fresh look, sharp script and great stories. Wonderful series ending and looking forward to next series. It's a huge shame to loose Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant has a lot to live up to, but I think he can do it!
Louise Sutherland, Exmouth UK

Pete, Hull, UK

Very enjoyable, well written and harmless fun. The fact that people like Graeme from Peterborough are few and far between says it all. I can't wait until the next series.
Giuseppe, Basingstoke Hants

The thing that has made this series great is that it has multiple levels in which it can be read and enjoyed. Parents, children and fans can watch the same scene and see it in a different light. It's like what made Finding Nemo so popular.
Steven Huckle, London

An excellent series - Saturday nights will not be the same again till Christmas. Eccleston and Piper were superb and my two children - ages 9 and 6 - have thoroughly enjoyed it and refuse to miss a minute of it! My daughter is sad Eccleston has gone, but can't wait for the next series. Come on BBC - how about a re-run of the old series to show our kids what we saw as kids??
Graeme Stephenson, Whitley Bay, UK

All I can say is that the series has been brilliant from start to finish. It was just as I imagined it should be when I was a lad! Chris has been utterly superb as the Doctor and Billie has really sparkled. Well done to both of them. A little tear ran down my cheek when the Doctor realised he going to regenerate. I shall miss Doctor Who on Saturday nights - roll on Christmas!!
Kevin, Stowmarket, UK

This series has been an absolute triumph
David, Ashtead, UK
This series has been an absolute triumph. The scripts have been perfectly formed, being funny without losing pace, believability or tension. Eccleston has been a credit to the series and will be sorely missed. However it is good to see the Doctor back on top where he belongs! This is why I pay my licence fee!
David, Ashtead, UK

I've watched Doctor Who since its inception in the 1960s and I can honestly say I've enjoyed this series the most. It works on all sorts of levels keeping all age groups entertained. Roll on Series 2!
Lynn, Waterlooville, Hants

"Fantastic!" I rarely watch today's TV nowadays. As a person who never took an interest in the old series, the new series is just great entertainment. Mr Eccleston and Billie Piper have great onscreen chemistry that works so well together. The finale was superb and I am so sad to see him go because he played the role so well. There's very little decent sci-fi left on TV now, with Star Trek gone and Stargate SG1 slowly dwindling and no more superb Red Dwarf, so Dr Who makes a welcome addition! Congrats to the BBC for producing something worth watching in comparison to the drivel that plagues our screens these days!
Darren, London, UK

Yes! Yes! Yes! At least two more years of the best writers in television and the best idea for a series since television started. And there's going to be Cybermen - things couldn't be better!
James Main, Bristol, UK

This series of Doctor Who has been one of the best that I have ever seen. The cast, script, locations, make up, FX and locations have been chosen and produced in the greatest way imagined. My hats off to Christopher, Billie and of course to Russell for making the series one of the best series to be watched and enjoyed, in both viewing pleasure and ratings in my lifetime. Also the final episode was excellent in every detail and to incorporate the new doctor (Dave Tennant) with such drama is amazing in my words. Also I would like to wish the cast and crew for the next two thrilling series is good luck.
Richard Brooker, Llanybydder, South Wales

One of the few TV programmes I can sit down with my 3 year old and seven year old sons. Not to be missed (except the bits when we are hiding behind the cushions)
John Chappell, Sheffield-UK

I've loved the series. With the exception of the zip-head aliens which I thought were pretty poor, I think it's been a triumph. I have been waiting all week for the finale, avoiding plot spoilers - I haven't been that excited about a show in years! Eccleston will be a tough act to follow, and Tennant will be a very different Doctor, I hope people give him a chance.
Rebecca, UK

Billie Piper is not only gorgeous but is a brilliant actress
Gareth, Milton Keynes UK
What an absolute fantastic series, well done BBC. Christopher Eccleston was superb and for me was Dr Who! The series was powerful, heart warming, fantastic drama. Billie Piper is not only gorgeous but is a brilliant actress which makes a real difference. All hail Russell T Davis, the man is a genius. There is proof that every person who worked on this series loved their job and the relished the opportunity to bring back Dr Who. A complete success, well done BBC
Gareth, Milton Keynes UK

Absolutely brilliant. Christopher Eccleston has been one hell of a doctor and would be sadly missed. Been a pleasure to watch you Christopher.
G Brekke, Cardiff

What a great end to the new season of Dr Who! The Daleks were always one of my favourite "baddies" in the classic Dr Who so it was fantastic to see them again. My whole family have watched the episodes - we range from 9 to 40 in age and have a wide variety of tastes but we all liked it - how many shows get this kind of reaction from my whole family - not many! Also to me it is great that Dr Who has re-generated - it went from being something which couldn't easily compete to being modernised and again appealing to a huge audience. Well done to all the actors, writers and to the BBC...
Steven Thurston, Rushden

I think Russell T Davies and his crew at BBC Wales should be extremely proud of their work - the show was great on many levels - shame CE has left but delighted to see David Tennant tonight on the last show. Congratulations!
Sarah Llewellyn, Southampton

It is wonderful to see great acting, great writing and excellent direction with plots that are not dumbed down to baby level. I hope this is the start of a trend for more challenging programmes - that are still great entertainment.
Heather, Leeds, UK

I was born the week of the first ever transmission and have been a fan for as long as I can remember, but RTD has created something special here. I was around at my sister's as my nephews played with their video games, but by the end of "WW3" the whole family were sitting in the same room glued to the set. Silly isn't it.
I laughed when "Not The Nine O'clock News" did their parody of Licence Fee payers' letters, but who ever would have thought that I would end up agreeing. Once I've bought the volume DVDs and the inevitable box set, I too will be able to say that I will gladly pay double my licence fee as long as the BBC continue to thumb their nose in the face of conventional market forces. You only have to look at what FOX did to the "movie" to see why it's important for the rest of television for there to be someone who will take risks. Pure genius.
Warren, Reading, UK

We're two weeks behind the UK in Canada, so we have a couple of more episodes to run. I've been impressed with the storylines and how not only the acting and writing, but the action, has been brought into the 21st century. I hadn't seen Christopher Eccleston or Billie Pipers in other roles before hand, and I think they managed to bring some attributes as the 9th doctor and his companion that no one has - or will - been able to. I look forward to watching David Tennant in the lead role whenever the CBC starts to air the next series - but in the meantime, Canadians will be able to have the opportunity for the next 13 weeks to watch the series again - even though the series hasn't finished airing originally yet!
Rachel, Manitoba, Canada

A truly unique and outstanding contribution to British TV
Nick, Plymouth, England
A truly unique and outstanding contribution to British TV. Amazing stories that have covered every emotion. I remember the old "hide behind to sofa" days of the Daleks and Cybermen, and my youngest still hid behind a TV mag re-watching a recorded episode! I'm also sad to see Christopher Eccleston leaving. He's such an emotional Dr, equally sad, mad and bad in all the right places. Well done BBC, it's a class show.
Nick, Plymouth, England

I was expecting a lot more for the finale. Big missed opportunity for an apocalyptic showdown, loads of special effects etc, star wars type ending. As it was.......... a complete cop-out, banal deux-ex-machina resolution. Hell even I could have written a better climax. The series started fantastically well but deteriorated.
Stu, London, England

I could write a whole tome in praise of this series, but instead will go lie down to combat the withdrawal symptoms I'm already suffering.
Teena, England

Well it makes a change seeing a series of Doctor Who that had a budget more than 50p and fluff from the Hoover. I loved it, my husband loved it, my family and friends loved it, even my cat loved it! (And he's not scared of the Daleks at all). It's a shame Christopher Eccleston didn't decide to stay on for another series, he could have been great! I want a TARDIS of my own.
Michelle, Gravesend, Kent

Best thing on TV. Well done to the BBC on this one, apart from a very silly episode in two parts with stupid politicians. Let's face it, what's the other side got to offer. Big brother....fatuous garbage. Celebrity Island....absolute garbage.
Ken Thompson, Torquay UK

BBC - it was world class!
Alan Hill, Halifax, UK
OMG how good was that last episode (no spoilers in case some have it taped). What a cracking end, and what a fantastic series overall. Just the right amount of cheesy humour (Eccleston's wide grin is just the Doctor all over). Effects much better than before (rivalling the best the Americans can do with Star Trek and Buffy and all that stuff). Just enough references to real life - Mickey taking a photo of the monster on his mobile - excellent touch, the Big Brother stuff was genius, and the Daleks, more menacing than ever. I had no idea they were coming back, after episode 6. BBC - it was world class!
Alan Hill, Halifax, UK

I was glad to hear of him coming back. I was sadly disappointed to find that he had been infected with the same disease that afflicts so many these days: a lack of respect for others, an 'I can do as I please attitude and who cares about what happens to you'. A 'man' may be evil and an enemy, but he even so deserves respect. Did it not used to be said that you do not ask a man for his sword and then kill him with it? I fear that this Doctor Who has forgotten that. I shall not (plan to) watch again.
Stuart, UK

Excellent Series. Christopher Eccleston was perfect for the part, the political satire of the 45 mins claim with the Slithereens taking over No.10 was in my view, priceless.
Phillip Wedgwood Brand., London, England.

He's back, the Daleks couldn't beat him, neither could the Cybermen, and neither could the old controllers of the BBC. He is back.. and doesn't that scare you!
Eddie Fulton, Kilmarnock, Scotland

Absolutely brilliant. I'm so glad the Tardis hasn't been updated and the music hasn't changed. I will admit to feeling sorry for the Dalek, but I see the Daleks are back in the next episode! What fun. (And I'm glad to see the Dalek's arms still look like toilet plungers and the inside of paint rollers.) Eccleston leaves the other doctors standing. His broad grin, the twinkle in his eye, the way he seems so "human". Will the next doctor live up to his standards? I hope so, but I doubt it.
Sandi LeFaucheur, Ontario, Canada

Fantastic! It certainly beats all the previous series and Eccleston is by far the best Doctor! Good luck to David Tennant and his interpretation of everyone's favourite alien!
Gayle, Edinburgh, Scotland

The series has been fantastic, Dr Who has time travelled into the 21st Century and lost nothing of its original tension and anticipation. Christopher Eccleston has been aptly maniac and we're sorry to see him go, but immensely look forward to David Tennant's take on the character. Billie Piper has surprised and impressed us. My son has gone to bed in tears, he can't wait until Christmas, he wants Dr Who NOW!
Carey Annesley, Enfield, Middx

"Wow" is all I can say. The last episode especially was a real tear-jerker, especially the middle part. Delighted to hear a second series has been commissioned. Overall a fantastic job, BBC.
James, London, UK

I've really enjoyed most of the episodes. Can not wait until the second series.
Matthew Freedman, London UK

It has far exceeded my expectations
Jenny, Bearwood, UK
Brilliant! It has far exceeded my expectations and Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper were inspired choices for the lead roles. One gripe, it would have been good to have had a couple of episodes away from earth.
Jenny, Bearwood, UK

I'm amazed at how well Russell T Davies has done with this series, he deserves a knighthood. Chris E has grown on me, Billie rocks, and The Empty Child and Doctor Dances were among the best episodes EVER of Dr Who! They were scary, well thought-out, and acted to perfection. The addition of Captain Jack is the icing on the cake. I've already got the first DVD and shall buy the rest to tide me over till series 2.
Pat B, London UK

I have been very surprised with the revival of Dr Who! It was a show which I have been clearing my Saturday nights for! More please.
Brian Pardew, Birmingham

After the average stories of Peter Davison and the awful stories of Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy I really thought Doctor Who was dead in the water. How wrong I was. This series has given us intelligent stories, great production values and top acting. It's great to see that the BBC can still put it all together and create a winning series when they really try.
Bill, London, UK

Loved it! Sorry to see Christopher Eccleston leave, but "Doctor Who" has survived the departure of past doctors. Look forward to seeing Billie Piper in the next series. One suggestion, can we see a little less of earthbound locations and range out across the galaxy more in the next series?
Graham Rodhouse, Helmond, The Netherlands

BBC Wales has re-energised the programme
Gary Williams, Swansea
The best thing about the return of Dr Who has been to enjoy a programme as a family. My children are amazed I watched it in the 60's and was terrified of the Daleks and especially the Cybermen. BBC Wales has re-energised the programme and it will be a continued success if they carry on with the format they are using.
Gary Williams, Swansea

Having been a fan from the very first Dr Who, this new series was refreshing. Christopher Eccleston and Billy Piper added a new twist and flair. Even our Canadian born grandchildren are now fans. Downside was that some times the stories didn't seem to flow too well, but that said I look forward to seeing the next series. Good luck.
Jeff Johnson, Carstairs, Alberta, Canada

Great series. As a 21 year old, my only experience of Doctor Who was the one off 1996 edition. But this is something else. I see now why my dad raved about it so much.
Darren Spraggs, Surrey, England

Whilst the new series has been far better than I expected I have some reservations about the swift departure of Christopher Eccleston. Also the atmospheric music has been of such a high volume compared to the voices it has been impossible to hear the characters sometimes.
Bob Knox, Bedford, England

As an 18 year old who had never watched Dr Who before this series, I was surprised to see how well the 1st episode went, so I decided to tune in the next week, and the next, and the next!! Well done BBC for creating excellent Saturday night TV, something we have missed for the last few years.
Elgan Thomas, Penmachno, N. Wales

The whole series has surpassed the wildest expectations of every fan
Christian Cawley, Kasterborous, Doctor Who Webzine
The whole series has surpassed the wildest expectations of every fan, and has reclaimed the place it had in the nations' hearts in the 1970s. Not just kids talk about it on Monday mornings - so do adults. The series has been the most consistently high quality of any of the previous 26 seasons, and deserves to be a TV fixture on BBC Saturday nights for many years to come!
Christian Cawley, Kasterborous, Doctor Who Webzine

I, like a lot of people I know didn't care about this when it was announced. I was never into the old Doctor Who and thought this would be a terrible follow-up. I mean, Billie Piper? I missed the first episode. The following Saturday I was making dinner and BBC1 was on. It was in the middle of Doctor Who, the 'End of the World' episode... "The planet's end, come gather, come gather. Bid farewell to the cradle of civilisation. Let us morn her with a traditional ballad" *Britney Spears - Toxic* I'm not embarrassed to say; from that moment on I've been completely and utterly hooked. Fantastic.
Soong, Brighton, England

Some of the humour has been great - especially some of the lines about Cardiff and the Welsh, but the series was at its best when it stopped trying to appeal to little kids. It is supposed to be scary and intimidating. I await to see if the producers have the courage to give the Daleks their true evil personalities or water it down for the under tens.
Paul, Hereford

Brilliant. Christopher Eccleston is one of the best Doctors ever! He's an excellent actor. Billie Piper is also good. I really don't want Christopher Eccleston to leave. David Tennant was good in Casanova but could never reach high standards as Christopher Eccleston.
Rhiannon, Wales

It could have been far better if it were much darker, sinister, better acted and broke new ground
Trevor, New Romney
I can't understand why everyone has been impressed by Dr Who. I was never a huge fan before this new series. To me it seems low budget, forgettable, lacking in any depth and based on the most scientific nonsense. It could have been far better if it were much darker, sinister, better acted and broke new ground. However, I doubt it would have been for family viewing if this had been the case. Too many programs and films are ruined because they try to aim for the largest audience possible. Viewing figures are not the only mark of a successful TV program or film.
Trevor, New Romney

My nephew and niece love the show as much as their parents and I. Other than the Daleks, the Charles Dickens and WWII episodes were the best stories, and it was great to have the "making-of" on BBC3 each week. In the next two years, let's get back to space as well as time travel - almost every story was on Earth or a space station.
Ken, London, UK

It has been not as good as the old series, in its defence it is much better than most of the other dramas that goes out these days.
Evonne Okafor, London, UK

I think this series has been great. The episodes were fantastic with some especially memorable ones but the parodies of the game shows were quite embarrassingly painful to watch. I just hope David Tennant is as good as Eccleston.
Dean, Herts

Loved this new series, and can't wait for series 2, although next time when I pass a 1960's Police box on the way home from the pub, I'll realise what's going on, last time I thought I was in another time and dimension.
Lee, Cardiff, UK

Fantastic! Loved every moment. I'm 50 and watched Doctor Who from the beginning when I was madly in love with the lovely kilted Jamie (Frazer Hines). I was hoping my memories wouldn't be spoiled and I'm well happy with the 21st century Doc. Rose is brilliant, much better than the screamers of the past! And I love the Tardis with a soul. Captain Jack is deliciously naughty! Worst bit?" Are you my mummy" my 12-year-old son wouldn't stop saying that for ages and he's even downloaded it to play on my pc. Looking forward to series 2 but I'm gonna shed tears tonight with Chris Eccleston's departure. He's been the best thing about this series...*sob*
Ann Croft, Cleethorpes, N E Lincs

Auntie has restored Dr Who to its rightful status as a national treasure
Andrew, Cardiff, UK
Excellent show. Well done to the BBC. Auntie has restored Dr Who to its rightful status as a national treasure. Thank goodness that the dark days of the show being run down in the 80s are well gone.
Andrew, Cardiff, UK

I've enjoyed it tremendously. Funny, beautifully produced, but perhaps most of all fresh and new: everything on the screen was very intriguing and very different to what one's seen before in TV sci-fi and fantasy programmes, even different to the preceding episodes in the series. Russell T & co really had their eye on the ball with this one. More!
Jonathan Meldrum, Baldock, UK

Awful, I cannot believe people think this is good entertainment! Naff special effects and childish scripts make it cringworthy to watch.
Tony Bright, Dunstable

After such a long wait, it now feels like the show was never really away. Christopher Eccleston has brilliantly portrayed the Doctor, in what can only be described as brilliant writing. The visual effects and scenery have been stunning, bringing Doctor Who bang up to date and better than ever. The only part I didn't enjoy was the Slitheen episodes, though I'm aware they catered more for the younger audience, to me it wasn't really like Doctor Who. But with such a fantastic team behind the show and a wonderful legacy to draw from, I can only say from here it's onwards and upwards! Well done - keep it coming! Here's to the next series!
Alex Storer, Sheffield, UK

Best bit? The sequence featuring "Massive weapons of destruction capable of being deployed within 45 seconds". Fabulous! Worst bit? Eccleston leaving.
Richard, UK

Most of the episodes have been pretty weak, they cram a lot into a 45 minute space and the answers they find always tend to be rather simplistic. However, it is still relatively entertaining. A lot better than the alternatives.
Andrew, Hitchin

Doctor Who has been the best thing on television for a long time, and shows that it isn't just the Americans who can make sci-fi work on television. What's more, it's something that can be and has been enjoyed by millions of people of all ages. Both thumbs up!
Matthew, Dudley, England

It will be very interesting to see Tennant's take on the character, his look, and his relationship with Rose
Carl Smith, Coventry

Fantastic. When I heard the series was making a comeback, like many others, I was quite sceptical. But the inspired casting of Chris Eccleston (sorry to see you go Chris), a fine group of writers and fantastic effects have contributed to the best BBC series of 2005, bar none.

The show has kept the loyal Who geeks happy, as well as pulling it into the 21st Century, introducing it to a new generation of kids. Lets all hope that David Tennant can continue the good work. It will be very interesting to see Tennant's take on the character, his look, and his relationship with Rose. Fingers crossed!
Carl Smith, Coventry, England

I've enjoyed it so much that I eagerly anticipate the DVD release. Last week's episode was particularly amusing.
Brian M Witham, Canterbury, Kent

It has been great. I was a fan as a boy 30 years ago and have enjoyed watching it with my teenage sons. Best bit was "Are you my mummy?" Both scary and funny at the same time!
Simon, Lincoln

Personally I think it has been a waste of money and was hoping that it would be axed after the first series.
Graeme, Peterborough

Absolutely delighted with it. High spot is my eight-year old daughter's disappearance behind the sofa as the opening credits roll - "Because it's traditional to watch Dr Who from behind the sofa" she says. I haven't let on that I remained on the sofa throughout from the first Doctor until this one!
Megan, Cheshire, UK

It doesn't seem five minutes since the first episode (time travel?) when my wife and I said we might as well have a look. Now we plan our evening meal so as not to miss a second of it. Brilliant!
Paul C (56), Hull, England

After showing some early promise, the new series has been tarnished somewhat by the use of characters like Captain Jack and Mickey. Christopher Eccleston has been good, although sometimes a little too cheesy. Afraid to say not a patch on Tom Baker, or the best Doctor of all... Jon Pertwee!
David Kerr, Dunfermline

It's had its ups and downs, some episodes much stronger than others. Fart jokes and parodies of Big Brother were painful to watch, but you can never go wrong when the Daleks are in action.
Phil, Newcastle, UK

Brilliant. Brought the doctor well and truly into the 21st century
Jack, Bristol

Brilliant. Brought the doctor well and truly into the 21st century, well done BBC, for doing your bit to reverse the recent trend of trash TV.
Jack, Bristol, UK

Well done BBC for bringing back Doctor Who. Definitely the highlight of the TV week. Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper have been excellent. As for worst bit, I can't complain, the series surpassed my expectations.
Fiona Gell, Paisley, Scotland

I have loved every minute of this series. My favourite moment has to be when the wheelie bin ate Rose's boyfriend. I can't wait for the next series!
Kate, Manchester, UK

Dr Who makes for fun family viewing, with our four children aged between 16 and three waiting each week for the next episode. They are upset that the series is over so soon but it is good to know that there is more to look forward to. It is so much fun to be able to share a childhood programme that I and my husband remember fondly with our children without it being obviously dated.

The BBC have done an excellent job of updating the effects without losing the overall feel, well done and we wait to see what a new doctor will bring. My husband is not sure whether it deserves to knock Star Trek off the top slot but then he is pretty biased in that regard.
Nicola Powell, Belgium (usually UK)

This series of Doctor Who has been brilliant. Eccleston has been, in my view, one of the best ever Doctors, it's such a shame he only decided to do one season. Billie Piper also exceeded expectations in her role as Rose. Most of the episodes have been well written and well acted and I'm really looking forward to the next series. Well done BBC.
Marty G, UK

The first convincing stab at Sci-Fi by Auntie since Tom Baker quit Dr Who and Blake's 7 ended. The stories weren't reduced to something that wouldn't confuse a three year old (i.e. Dr Who post Tom Baker), and the special effects were almost as competent as those in most late 90s sci-fi TV (though not as good as, say, Babylon 5, or later episodes of Star Trek). Those who aren't happy with the end of Enterprise should rejoice. With Dr Who and the new Battlestar Galactica, the future isn't bad for TV sci-fi!

I thought the new series of Dr Who has been excellent and we've seen some great stories. What's really made it though is the special effects and presence of Christopher Eccleston - it's a shame he's only made one series.
John, Manchester

This series has been fantastic. Well done BBC Wales, you've taken me back to my childhood; you've produced a series that is enjoyed by my kids (aged 13, 10 and five). The clear winner this year was Billy Piper as Rose - what an excellent role, well played.
Dougie Lawson, Basingstoke, UK



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