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What next for Michael Jackson?
Michael Jackson arrives at court during his trial
The music icon Michael Jackson has been cleared of all 10 child abuse charges.

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Perhaps this trial and his massive debts will have turned him into an adult at last
Francine Last
Michael Jackson is Peter Pan. He was deprived of a childhood and has been trying to make up for it ever since. The problem is that he is almost too innocent, and needs to grow up. Perhaps this trial and his massive debts will have turned him into an adult at last.
Francine Last

Hopefully people in this country will let the Jackson family live in peace and respect the decision that jurors made.
Chris, Indiana, US

It didn't come as a surprise. I had a feeling a few weeks ago that he would be cleared of all charges and I told my friends so. He doesn't deserve what he has just gone through. I didn't even watch everything on TV. I just caught snippets of what was going on, but he must have been going through hell, he didn't do what was claimed and I am glad he was exonerated.
Linda Harriette, Nottingham, England

I am very excited to hear Mike cleared of all charges. I have been following his trial through media. It really makes the people trust the American judiciary. Long live Michael Jackson.
Abdul Saboor Niazi, Laghman, Afghanistan

He has been to hell and back. I never doubted he was innocent. I hope all us fans show him our support by buying his records to take him to number one again. He is a superstar performer like the world has never seen.
Merv Sullivan, Darwin, Australia

Will we see the prosecution launch a series of appeals?
Mike Bird, London, UK
Of course now that MJ has been found not guilty, will we see the prosecution launch a series of appeals? Also I presume that the civil courts have a less stringent level of proof required? Will we be seeing the Arvizo family take MJ to the courts for damages?
Mike Bird, London, UK

Even though I believe he was 100% not guilty, the media's hatred for him made the world believe he was guilty. The Sun gleefully published all testimonies against him on the front pages, however, positive comments on him were sent to the back pages among football news. This shows the trial by the minority media, thankfully the jury did not see this.
Kobby, London, UK

Coverage in Australia was more than adequate and fair, and thought the broadcasting of the trial with actors to the home market was a little over the top, but then again it was America! Was astounded to hear juror five state that she "did not like the mother of the accuser because she clicked her fingers at us" (the jury). I hope that this was not the only reason that she voted "not guilty" but as mentioned previously "it is America!!!".
Cynthia Murray, Australia

The total lack of any real evidence cleared MJ of these awful allegations, not his money or fame. He must now change his lifestyle to protect himself in the future.
G Hanks, Derby, England

Justice is served at last. These four months were a torture for Jackson. Tom Mesereau is one of the best legal brains I have seen in my lifetime. Congrats MJ! We are waiting for some record-breaking music from you.
Nimi D'souza, Dubai, UAE

Upon hearing the verdict , I'm overjoyed for Michael, his family and friends. He is one of the most amazing and talented performers on this planet and has brought such joy to so many around the world. It really saddens me that someone who has done so much for children out of love and compassion for them was subjected to such humiliation and condemnation by the media. Shame on the media for painting a false picture to the public before they had all the facts. Wishing Michael peace, happiness and more mega hit records!
Lisa Pusey, Vernon, British Columbia

His ill health, which was clear to all, is very much as a result of this continual persecution
name here
Michael Jackson did not deserve to be dragged through this dreadful ordeal, without any real evidence to support such claims. The media should now allow him to rebuild his life and his career, which he is quite capable of doing. It was sad to see such an image as he left court and his ill health, which was clear to all, is very much as a result of this continual persecution - yes he is quite odd but he was declared innocent and he really should be compensated for what he has had to endure.
Sam Johnston, Uckfield, East Sussex

Now maybe the press can leave him alone and show some dignity, which it has not done in the past. Jurors heard all the evidence, they know more than we do, so let Mr Jackson have his day.
Kevin, Seoul, Korea

I am quite happy that Michael Jackson has been found innocent. The evidence presented against him was never enough to overcome a reasonable doubt. As to the media, I am at a loss as to why any media organizations would devote so much time and effort to harmful hyping, rumour-mongering, judging and out-right guessing. There has been much going on outside of the world of Jacko, yet like all celebrity news, it seems to push all other news aside. I for one am glad to recover our information outlets for more significant issues that the world truly needs to see on the evening news.
Jon, NC, USA

I believe his innocence. For the past decade, the general publics' ill-thoughts of MJ were greatly influenced by media reports. Some have used his kindness, gentleness and honesty against him. As much as he's respected, his reputation was tarnished by the sensationalism of tabloids. Those close to him will know him better, but not us. Now that he's being cleared. I'm very much delighted as a lot of people have been proved wrong. I hope he will bounce back. Michael, you got the strength and the light is shining on you now. We love you!
Alshidiq, Singapore

I'm glad that justice has been served and that he has been found not guilty. However, I do think he should stop sleeping in the same bed as young boys. Then he could avoid future, similar allegations.
Lorraine, St Albans, UK

He must consider the options ahead and his priorities
Carlos Cortiglia, London, UK
First, he must try and grow up out of a lifestyle that has wrecked his personal life and his career. Second, he must consider the options ahead and his priorities. Perhaps he should consider a true marriage situation to add some normality to his personal life and to the lives of his children.
Carlos Cortiglia, London, UK

Where were this man's friends? Where were his family? Why did it take several law-suits and a lengthy court case to convince him that inviting children into his bed left him open to criminal accusations? My hope is that, now the trial is over, the 'close knit' Jackson family will take better care of one of their weaker members.
Lorraine, St Albans, UK

What next for Michael Jackson? Bankruptcy.
Dominic Carman, London

The acquittal of Michael Jackson should be a lesson to us all. The disgusting and unfair way that he was dragged through the courts should show us all as to how sick and twisted the media can be. MJ is a very private person and I have no doubts that Michael has personal issues which have devastated his life. However, he should now be able to rebuild his life knowing that he has been fully exonerated and can once again hold his head up high.
Euan Elphinstone, Aberdeen, Scotland

Las Vegas, a tour of Eastern Europe. Let's not forget self-apology stints on various US talk shows. The days of BAD or Thriller are over.
Nial Westwood, London, UK

I think he should be compensated, the government should pay the bill, because they pushed for this. They should not let him pay the $5million dollars. He's gone through enough.
Robinah Kalule, Edmonton, London

The press should now leave him alone and let him rebuild his life
Maxine Husbands, London, UK
I think the press should now leave him alone and let him rebuild his life. I am sure they're all kicking themselves for the lack of sensationalist headlines that had he been convicted it would have created. The biased reporting of the case, in the end, did nothing to hide the truth. Perhaps the world is waking up to the media dirty tricks and about time too.
Maxine Husbands, London, UK

I am not a fan of Michael Jackson neither do I know anything about his music. The one thing I know is that the court case must have cost him a lot of money to pay for the defence and not to mention the cost of character and reputation defamation. Who will compensate him?

My verdict is that none of this takes away from or adds to the fact that MJ has produced some fantastic pop songs.
Jason Lynch, Birmingham

Tainted by scandal, fighting to pay off the bills, Mike Tyson has given up. Is Michael Jackson going to become the Mike Tyson of pop?
James, Berlin, Germany

I feel it will depend on opinion polls as to whether Michael Jackson shows his face in public again and I'm guessing that will be a long, long time to come. I say to all the loyal fans make the most of his final walk out of the court house because it may be the last sighting of Michael you'll ever see.
Peter, Sydney, Australia

Michael never had a life thanks to his family and the media. He never had a teenage youth experience we all love to savour over, thanks to the media. He tries to live those stages of his life through the children and whoa, here comes the media again. The media needs to learn to give young celebrity enough space to have a life they can call theirs. Congratulations MJ! I pray God gives you the strength to pull through and please do grow up, that's really your only downside.
Fawole Tolu, Lagos, Nigeria

Justice is served correctly. Now let Michael rebuild his life in peace.
Seyamak Ghambari, Cork, Ireland

There are more important things in the world to be concerned about
Gary, North Carolina
Is this how America and the World find its entertainment? I feel for Michael Jackson; but honestly there are more important things in the world to be concerned about.
Gary, North Carolina

Michael Jackson believed that he could heal the world and make it a better place. Throughout the years, he has helped thousands of children who were ill or in distress. I am so happy that justice has prevailed.
Zack, Toronto, Canada

Someone should do an in-depth psychological profile of Jackson. There is no doubt that his experiences as a child have turned him into some kind of a permanent child. As for the verdict, it was absolutely the correct decision. If we start convicting people on hearsay, even when dealing with heinous crimes like child molestation, the American Justice System will have failed.
Michael Besser, Andover, USA

I felt happy about the verdict. I just wish him the best and hopefully he comes out wiser from this experience.
Ricky Cruz, Corona, Ca, USA

He may have escaped a prison sentence but the trial has done immeasurable damage to his character and reputation. He's innocent but definitely odd.
Tiger, Chiang Mai, Thailand

I am not a fan of Michael Jackson. I don't like him or his music. If I had been on that jury, however, I would have found him innocent too. The prosecution's case was a sham.
George Barton, Sharpsburg, GA USA

Jackson's trial shows how much emphasis the US puts on celebrities
Abigail Smith, Washington, USA
I have no opinion of the actions for which he was tried, but I believe Jackson's trial shows how much emphasis the US puts on celebrities while there are much more important issues at hand. Millions of dollars paid for this trial and its media coverage, which is absolutely absurd.
Abigail Smith, Seattle, Washington, USA

I'm surprised, but pleased, to hear this verdict. People have always chosen to see the worst in Jackson just because he is different from most of us. People love to discriminate against anyone who is. This outcome is a sign that justice, even under such a media spotlight, can still see through it all.
Simon, London

At last there's an outcome to make me believe in the legal system.
Devika Perera, Sri Lanka

A circus: that is what the media creates. There is very little news only entertainment. That is what Mr Jackson has always done best; entertain the public with his music, his plastic surgery, his family life and now in his trial. There is a sense of irony when society invites you to get rich and live like a kid, without a worry in the world - but then condemns you when you act like one.
Scott Laine, Brooklyn, USA

The media owe him a huge apology, and I look forward to a new album and possibly a tour
William Badman, Dulwich, London
Justice was done: Michael Jackson was finally cleared of crimes he never committed. The media owe him a huge apology, and I look forward to a new album and possibly a tour!
William Badman, Dulwich, London

I wish some people would stop crying "celebrity" when a famous person is found innocent. With this logic all celebrities accused of something must be guilty then. I think justice has been served. Now, let's hope he can get his career back to track and give us some great music as he used to do.
Sophia, London, UK

It was the most nerve wracking experience since receiving my degree classification a few days earlier. My body was shaking until the last 'not guilty' verdict was read out. But I never doubted Michael's innocence.
Shaghaygh Khademian, Greenwich, London

I agree with the jury. I think Michael Jackson is a silly and immature person who left himself vulnerable. Perhaps now he might grow up.
Shelagh Keen, Byfleet Surrey

I'm not a fan, yet I feel sympathy for this fragile human
Daga, Lodz Poland
I'm not a fan, yet I feel sympathy for this fragile human. Behind a brilliant showman is a person who lost his childhood and tried to reconstruct his image of what childhood should be like for others. I wish him well.
Daga, Lodz Poland

I think he was trying to live a childhood he never had, innocent fun to him, but sinister to those that didn't know him. The American system is flawed, simply because too much evidence is given to the media before the trial
Chris, Missouri

I was sorry to see two consecutive BBC World News programs entirely devoted to frenzied yakking on about the Jackson verdict. For once the local weather report was infinitely more interesting than a whole hour of the BBC.
Harry Martens, Falls Church, USA

Justice has been done...now let the guy live his life in peace.
Stuart, Belfast

Michael Jackson is a true to life 'Peter Pan'. It is the adults of this world who have done him so much damage. I hope he has the strength to carry on his wonderful music, which is appreciated by millions of people around the world.
Jackie Howells, Ford, England

Who cares? I really did expect better from the BBC, there are so many more important issues in the world. Yes, Mr Jackson was a brilliant musician, not now. Why should we care?
Sue Williams, Detroit, USA

On the evidence given, the jury could not return any other verdict. Jackson may be odd, but there is no law against that - if there was, a lot of pop-stars, and others, would be in trouble.
Susan Lythgoe, Preston, England

The witnesses and other evidence did not convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that Michael Jackson had committed any crime. It may not be perfect, but the American jury system is the best in the world.
Mark, USA

Put this behind you Michael and go out there and do what you do best: make music
Jacky, Croydon
I always felt Michael Jackson was innocent. I hope that this episode in Michael's life will help him to realise he needs to act more responsible especially where children are concerned, even his own. Put this behind you Michael and go out there and do what you do best: make music and make thousands of fans happy.
Jacky, Croydon

I think the jury were spot on with clearing Michael he has been through a very rough time and is a very loving man. I just hope they leave him alone now.
Emma Knight, Liverpool England

Mr Jackson has never had any talent and now he has no money. Regardless of what he may or may not have done, I hope he will now fade into obscurity like so many other '80s has-beens.
Robert Hill, Kentucky, USA

It's great news for both the fans and the family that our MJ has escaped this ordeal after such a long time, my heart goes out to him can not be easy to have to go through what he has. Watched the whole thing on news coverage was fab. Go Michael!
Jamie Andrew Pearsall, Consett, UK

I never thought Michael Jackson was guilty, he's a unique character brought up under unique circumstances. He has never had to grow up and is greatly misunderstood, making him an easy target for someone to make a quick buck.
Wayne Procter, Calgary, Canada

Jackson has learnt a real hard lesson here that the world may not think in the same terms as he does. I hope he now concentrates on his own children and personal life, and avoids mixing with fans more than needed. He also needs to set his finances straight, and perhaps release one last album. Hope the next choice he makes is to retire gracefully into the pages of media history.
Christopher, Christchurch, New Zealand

My view is the same as many, many people. I think that justice has prevailed, but now Jackson should seriously consider his future. I hope his pop career will not suffer or continue to take a back seat.
Kathryn Alcock, Warrington, Cheshire

Justice has prevailed. A unanimous jury verdict proves that the allegations were just that - allegations. Shame on those people who judged him 'Guilty until proven Innocent'.
Jason, London

Now its over, let it be over
Maggie Frost, Oldham, England
Now its over, let it be over. He's been found not guilty by a jury of his peers, whatever anyone thinks it means he's innocent
Maggie Frost, Oldham, England

It's a sad world, where people are more concerned about the verdict of a celebrity trial, when there is political unrest across a lot of the world. When will we get over this Celebrity Culture?
Graeme, Reading

I am so glad this is over for Michael. He was born with a special gift and a good spirit and this trial completely vindicates him.
Goldie, New Delhi, India

The only thing he is guilty of in this case is naivety
Neil Evans, London, UK
I'm thrilled to hear he's been cleared of all charges. I was privileged enough to hear Michael Jackson speak at the Oxford Union in 2001, his speech was both genuine and heartfelt, he was by far the best speaker I've ever heard at the union. It was clear then, as it is now, that Jackson is a man with strong feelings about the welfare of children, wishing to provide them with the childhood he never had - the only thing he is guilty of in this case is naivety.
Neil Evans, London, UK

I never for one minute doubted his innocence. Let's hope it doesn't ruin his life. Perhaps, now, people will leave him be. He means no harm at all. Just makes fantastic music and makes a lot of children very happy.
Lorna Cleggett, Ilminster, Somerset

Michael has been found innocent, probably a victim of his own life, and the intense media pressure under which he has existed for nearly all his life, Fandom is one thing, what he has gone through is quite another. Foolish - yes, guilty - no, now lets leave him alone for a while. Let him regain his health and his life.
Rosemarie Tomes, Mansfield, UK

I notice that the front page on the Michael Jackson site is hailing this jury decision as being on a par with the birth of Martin Luther King, the release of Nelson Mandela and the removal of the Berlin wall. Nice to see that MJ won't be going back to an unreal world of total self-delusion then! Ultimately nobody came out of this tawdry and unedifying spectacle smelling of roses.
Jonathan Allenby, Brighton, England

This trial has reaffirmed my belief in the justice system. MJ was tried fairly and proven innocent. Looking now like half the man he was, I only wish him all the best for the future.
Mark, Manchester

What ever were the BBC thinking about devoting so much of the main news programme to this pathetic episode. I watch the news to here and learn about the important issues at home and abroad - not sensationalist celebrity trivia that has no direct impact on the rest of us.
Jill Walter, Cheshire

To all those complaining about the 20 minutes+ news coverage, this is a former international superstar who has influenced modern music culture beyond comprehension so yes it is important.
Terry, London, UK

Did the verdict really justify 20+ minutes of coverage on the BBC 10pm news?
Steve Denny, Ross on Wye, UK
A media circus. Did the verdict really justify 20+ minutes of coverage on the BBC 10pm news last night? Was it really more important than the EU rebate, Blair's tour round Europe etc.
Steve Denny, Ross on Wye, UK

Everyone is guilty in this case, not of the formal charges, but of being breathtakingly naive. Michael for leaving himself open to these allegations, the parents for letting their kids get into situations where allegations could be made and those around Michael for not spotting the danger. Let this be a warning!
Jim, Leicester, UK

I think most of us knew that he was innocent. The verdict really shows that there is justice. It's just a shame that Jackson had to endure this whole horrific trial.
Rupi, London, UK

I just can't believe how much time was given to the BBC News report on this at 10 last night. How much money did the BBC spend on sending reporters to the scene? Anyone would think we were engaged in a major disaster event. And so little time spent on the reality of the problems in Europe. We must be mad!
David, Westbury UK

Well, I just hope that the guy hasn't been made a scapegoat and bankrupt as a result of this fiasco. His legal bills for such a farcical and drawn out court case must have been enormous. Surely if there was a distinct lack of real credible evidence or witness statements then these should have been taken into account before it reached a court of law? I feel sorry for MJ in all this to be honest.
Lukas, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany

I am just annoyed at the waste of good news time on a trivial celebrity-fixated story.
Mark Errington, Hereford, UK

I truly believe that justice has been done. I wish him all the love and happiness for the future. Could we all just leave him alone to live his life and be with his family now? God Bless.
Kirsty, Stirling, Scotland

I just don't get these people who think the result unfair or bought in some way. The jury were ordinary people off the street and not bought. They made a decision based on the evidence and the fact of the matter is, there was no evidence.
Martin, London

Well MJ is finally free of those horrid allegations, and once more, 'Billie Jean' will receive the airtime it deserves! Justice was served, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to rethink their decisions. I am happy for MJ!
Kay Jay, CA, USA

I wonder how will he deal with the aftermath of the trial and has the poor man got enough strength left to rebuild his life? Not many could survive an ordeal like this. I wish him well.
Andy, Fleet, Hampshire, UK

I just hope that now, people will leave him alone
Amber, Bath, UK
I am so happy that MJ has been found innocent - although I have not doubted him for a second. I just hope that now, people will leave him alone and that he will not be subjected to anything like this ever again.
Amber, Bath, UK

Jackson's family have asked that the media now leave him alone. Please do so now and forever. I'd be quite happy not to see, read, nor hear about this sad individual ever again.
Paul Tucker, Chippenham, UK

This will probably be seen as one of the most momentous events of the 21st century. Full marks to the courageous BBC for devoting so much time to its coverage.
Doogie Lawrance, Glasgow, UK

The current climate means that any non-sexual physical affection between adults and children is bound to be suspected, and the media swoop on the barest hint of sexual abuse because they know they can sell stories that play on shared disgust and outrage. When it's a superstar in the picture, there's a feeding frenzy. MJ now needs to take a very long look at the real world - but this was apparent long before the abuse allegations surfaced. I hope his future musical work will be less self-aggrandising, less naive and delusional, and perhaps he can get back with Quincy Jones and plug into a more political vein of creativity.
Simon Gilman, Edmonton, London, UK

Maybe this will stop the witch-hunt against Michael that has been going on now for nearly 20 years. There are musicians out there who overtly take drugs and whose music is laden with offensive material, and yet Michael Jackson, who is a caring, trusting and polite performer, is portrayed as such a bad man. As always, through fear we tend to criticise that which we cannot understand.
Luke Talbot, Southampton, UK

I'm very pleased for Michael as I believed he was innocent. However, leaving court without saying anything to his fans that supported him outside was very wrong.
Jenna Christie, London, UK

Now Mr Jackson can live his life and try to bring something new to his supporters
Noman, Mississauga, Canada
When I saw in the news that Mr Jackson was found not guilty I was so happy and I had some happy tears in my eyes to see a good-hearted pop star finally free. Now Mr Jackson can live his life and try to bring something new to his supporters. I just hope that he can live the same life that he was living before. Good luck Mr Jackson.
Noman Shaikh, Mississauga, Canada

In my opinion, this had nothing to do with child abuse and everything to do with trying to run MJ into debt in order to force him to sell his Beatles catalogue.
Z, London, UK

The jury was paying attention and did their job as instructed without letting bias get in the way. There was no clear proof. The system works; this is regardless of any innuendo regarding Jackson's personal life. Great day for jurisprudence.
Joe Santore, Moscow, Russia

It's all well and good the jury saying they decided not to look at him as a celebrity but as an individual, but Joe Bloggs on the street would not have been able to pay the great and the good from music, film and TV to appear in his defence.
Matt, Scotland

Absolutely Thrillered for him!
Eddy Barber, Hampshire, England

The judge didn't make Jackson speak for himself. Jackson's defence brought in people like Jay Leno who are more famous, really, than in the know. I've seen firsthand how getting the defendant's own testimony can change the nature of a case. Any rich guy can hire a lawyer to say just the right thing while they sit in style.
Daniel, Newport News, VA

I always knew that Michael Jackson was 100% innocent. He's such an honest, kind, loving person and I knew he would never do anything so horrible. When it was finally proved that he was innocent, I was so happy. He can finally get on with his life.
Jane Robertson, Fife, Scotland

He should keep a safe distance from people who could sabotage his life
Hasnain, Karachi, Pakistan
Jackson should learn from his past mistakes. Agreed he is innocent but he should keep a safe distance from people who could sabotage his life. I agree with one of the comments here, if Madonna can live a normal life, why can't Michael?
Hasnain, Karachi, Pakistan

I am very happy from the final result. Now I can say that I also trust the legal system. The jurors have managed to give Michael a fair trial. This is something that the media never managed and will never manage to do. Because the more unbelievable the story - the higher the sales. It's always all about the money - in this case and in any other lie in the media. I wonder if the media would ever be able to look at Michael objectively, just as the jurors. I don't believe so, but I hope so.
Veselina Ivanova, Bulgaria

I am not a big Jackson man, but I believe he is just very naive. He never had a childhood and the love that most children have. I don't believe he knew he was doing wrong. I believe he showed the children love and affection. His life yet again has been ruined.
Natalie, Lowestoft UK

When will "Trial By Media" be abolished in America? Whether Mr Jackson was innocent or guilty there was never going to be an impartial trial either way. Now we have the verdict let Michael Jackson continue with his life such as it is, but let's see a bit more fairness introduced to the American legal system.
Chris Amos, Norwich, England

Jackson got what he deserves and has an opportunity to move forward with his life and produce his long awaited hit.
Morsell Johnson, San Bernardino, CA

Only in the USA a celebrity gets off. Justice is for the rich and famous. It sickens me.
Michelle, Aptos, USA

Why do people keep wanting to destroy the man? I would have been deeply shocked if the jury found him guilty, but the verdict was the right one - innocent - and he always has been. They have had more than their pound of flesh, now leave this poor troubled man alone.
Mark, Cheltenham, UK

This has been a media circus from start to finish
Andy Fletcher, Kent, UK
This has been a media circus from start to finish. Justice was done and an innocent man free. Everyone is wondering what he will do now. He should be left alone to try to pick up his life. He deserves a little respect and dignity at a time like this. Glad to have you back Michael.
Andy Fletcher, Kent, UK

It is a good decision. Now he should better spend time with his children. He must understand people are greedy they can fall to any level of moral values.
Harish Dixit, Germany

This is a good lesson to those who think they can make money out of people like Michael Jackson.

Now try to forget it and get on with your life, Good luck my friend.
Bob Laird, Glasgow Scotland

The verdict was absolutely correct
Greg Joyner, San Jose, CA
Only a handful of people know if Michael Jackson is truly innocent. But one thing is certain: the verdict was absolutely correct. It takes stronger evidence than "eyewitness" testimony from former staff members, which is later directly refuted by the alleged victims themselves, to find someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt-especially someone who has done as much good as Mr. Jackson.
Greg Joyner, San Jose, CA

I looked into his eyes once. I did not see someone who would ever hurt a child. I'm happy for him.
Carol Kienzle, Mt Sinai New York USA

I hope Jacko will reflect on his life and grow up. All the same I am very proud of the jury for they showed that even in America, justice can prevail
Abubakar Yaro, Nottingham UK

I think that Michael is innocent; he just seems to be a little lost to understand the difference between the reality and a make believe world he has created at Neverland which doesn't seem to have any rules for any body - including children.
Ashutosh Agarwal, Sydney, Australia

The media hyped the case and continued to judge the superstar before any verdict was rendered. They are trying to tarnish his image but it will not come to fruition.
David Benjamin, Dallas, USA

This is another symbol of our obsession with celebrity
Arun Sethi, London, UK
What an absolute travesty, this is another symbol of our obsession with celebrity. As much as I love Michael's music and understand his poor mental condition I do not understand how he could have pulled through this case without a single 'Guilty' verdict.
Arun Sethi, London, UK

No big surprise that he got off. When will people learn to leave the man alone? Is this the third time he's been cleared? Give it up.
Monique , Ottawa, Canada

What is going to happen to Thomas Sneddon, the district attorney who has been pursuing Michael Jackson for more than a decade? Still going to waste public funds to prove MJ "guilty"?
Garrel, Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia

The thing that truly has shocked me with this trial is that the public is supposed to be interested in it. Such a lot of media attention has been taken from other much more important matters in the world to this actually irrelevant trial. I've tried to stay away from all news about the subject, and the only thing I now know is that Jackson was accused of doing something with children, and that he is cleared. I regret knowing even that much about this non-event.
Magnus Lewan, Okazaki, Japan

Of course he is going to hire the best lawyer his money could afford
Sarah, Southampton, UK
I am not an MJ fanatic although I believe that he is a great artist. However what did you really expect him to do? Did you really believe that he was just going to sit and watch his life being turned upside down? Of course he is going to hire the best lawyer his money could afford. Wouldn't we all do the same if we were in his shoes? He is a wealthy man who earned his wealth from entertaining millions around the world. What's wrong with that?
Sarah, Southampton, UK

I think that what we should see now is the 'normalising' of Michael Jackson. He needs to change his behaviour, no matter how innocent he sees it, to safeguard himself from further allegations. I hope this experience will change him. Madonna can live a relatively normal life and so can he, he needs to stop being this 'reclusive icon' and become the talented 46 year old man that he is.
Phil, UK

Justice was done today, Michael Jackson was finally cleared of crimes he never committed, the media owe him a huge apology, and I look forward to a new album and possibly a tour!!
William Badman, Dulwich, London

At last the true verdict arrives - Sneddon should drop this vendetta against Jackson now - It's criminal it's gone on so long.
Dave London, Bourne, Lincolnshire

Well the trial certainly was a 'thriller' and Jackson was found not to be 'bad' let's hope no one else 'screams' about this any more.
Ian Corrigan, Glasgow

It's a shame that my fellow Americans are so biased and in many ways racist in this day and age
Lawrence, USA
I was shocked by the American media most of whom wanted and said he was guilty before the verdict. It's a shame that my fellow Americans are so biased and in many ways racist in this day and age. I am glad he was found not guilty of charges, he is different from all of us, and should be treated as an innocent person until proven guilty. I think the American media is the biggest joke in the world and relies on drama rather than fact.
Lawrence, USA

After hearing the evidence presented on various news programmes, it makes me wonder if the jury were simply in awe of a so-called superstar or may have had pre-trial judgements. I would have found him guilty.
Dave Griffiths, Mold

I am so glad that he has been proven innocent, the media have been so cruel, then turn around and say they believed him from the start - I say lets put them on trial!
Abigail Turner, Kidderminster

I just fear for all those lovely children who have been damaged in the trial- will everyone please think of the children for goodness sake!
Marie-Claire Redmond, Glasgow

I thank God the whole scenario is all over now. I wish Michael God's grace to survive through life above all his problems.
Enidiok, Sarah, Calabar, Nigeria

Today was one of the best days of my life
Dawn, New York
Today was one of the best days of my life; I was behind Michael 100%. I knew in my heart that he was innocent. God answered my prayers.
Dawn, New York

Whether he was guilty or not of the charges put before him I guess none of us will ever know. However one thing he is certainly guilty of is torturing half the world's population with his music in the 80s and he should have been jailed for that at least.
Mike, Manchester

Justice has been done...now let the guy live his life in peace.
Stuart, Belfast

Michael - 2 Sneddon - 0 That says it all for me.
D Huffman, West Palm Beach, USA

MJ needs to look at the man in the mirror. He brought this trial on himself due to his grossly imprudent behaviour. He can express his love for children in other ways than allowing them in his bedroom. I believe in his innocence of the charges. US juries do not convict on such circumstantial evidence. The prosecutors blew it by even bringing the charges.
Pam Stanton, Del Mar, CA, USA

He can still give to charity without opening up his house
Stevan, Dallas, Texas, USA
I never believed the accusations. The family planned the whole thing. The accuser's parents are the real criminals. They saw dollar signs in their heads. I hope Michael goes back to making music and has learned to distance himself from any kids that are not his own. He can still give to charity without opening up his house/bedroom. Why not donate Neverland to charity and get a little place in the Hamptons?
Stevan, Dallas, Texas, USA

For the people who still think he is guilty: He has been tried and tried and always found 100% innocent. Accept it. He paid the 1 family to avoid the circus that these 4 months has been. But, people can't seem to accept that and take it upon themselves to decide that he paid them to "keep it quiet". Just because someone wants to believe something doesn't make it the truth.
Anon, Holland US

'Innocent until proven innocent' is what I told everyone who questioned MJ's credibility. After reading the actual court transcripts on a daily basis, it was clear that the prosecution had a weak, unclear and contemptible case with defective witnesses. MJ has always carried true innocence and harmless love for the people of the world and specially children. This has finally been proved in the court of law. MJ Forever!
Hits, B'ham, UK

Who cares? I'm so fed up with the excessive media coverage here on this "story." Aren't there more important things going on in the world?
Jen , Philadelphia, USA

He has the soul of a child trapped in the body of a racially confused 46 year old man
Jim Shoot, LA, US
Michael Jackson is one of those modern day anomalies being that he has the soul of a child trapped in the body of a racially confused 46 year old man. I believed from the beginning that he was innocent, I think the very thought of sexual intimacy with another human being regardless of gender or age just not part of who he is....because he still is and always will be a Peter Pan type character. If the 'victim's' mother hadn't been such a rehearsed 'ham' on the stand, this wouldn't have been the victory we see now.
Jim Shoot, LA, US

I am so relieved. I do believe Michael is innocent. The real crime was putting him on trial for harming a child when he truly wants to help sick and underprivileged children. Legally they could never have convicted him, there is no way the prosecution proved anything beyond a reasonable doubt. But common sense tells you he didn't do this. Why would he wait until the eyes of the world, and the law, were on him (after the documentary aired), to molest this boy for the first time? That alone makes the charges seem unlikely.
Siobhan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Whether he was found guilty or not, Michael Jackson was going to lose out because this will never be forgotten, which is such a shame. I personally believe that Michael Jackson is innocent; the evidence all proves that he is. Notice how the only person who was particularly well-off who gave evidence was Macaulay Culkin, and he says he's innocent. Furthering my belief that these people were out to make fast money and took advantage of the situation. That's my personal belief anyway.
Helen, Leeds, UK

Finally the truth is told! Michael is a free bird and justice has been done. The tragedy is that too many people think that there is no smoke without fire, and they will be proven wrong time after time.
Karl, Liverpool, UK

The evidence wasn't enough to prove the case, that doesn't mean he is innocent, only Michael Jackson knows the true answer to that.
Geoff, Welwyn Herts

Will he ever be the same man, will his songs be filled with the same spirit?
Karin Hona, Brussels, Belgium
Will Michael Jackson's attitude towards children change now? Will he, now that the charges seemed so weak, believe he is the King and persevere in his generous and caring behaviour or will he turn into a bitter and broken man? Did he die a little today? Some people think he will exploit the situation to pull attention, make money... but will he ever be the same man, will his songs be filled with the same spirit? Will he continue to reach out to all the children's hearts, all over the world? I doubt it.
Karin Hona, Brussels, Belgium

The man was a legend and has become a target. The case is not of a celebrity getting away with something an ordinary man wouldn't, but a man's private life being smothered like no ordinary man's would. He deserves to just be remembered for his music.
Yiannis K, London UK

Some people on this list seem to think that just because someone is accused of something that they therefore must be guilty. Spare us all from such folk getting on a jury. Personally I'm glad it's done with... it was a non news item from the start.
Paul , Santa Rosa, USA

I've always admired his talent and achievements (and grieved at what has become of that beautiful child). I am glad to believe that the jury knew what it was doing.
Alene Cisney, Port Orchard, WA, USA

I am very happy Michael has been proven innocent by a jury of 12. The reason some of the public believe to be guilty is because of the media who twist everything regarding Michael Jackson. This case was tried fair and square, and Michael was vindicated not because he's Michael Jackson but because there was no evidence to prove he was guilty because the case was built on lies and a DA with a vendetta, and for those reasons I always knew Michael Jackson would be vindicated of those absurd baseless charges.
Ben Scarr, London

Our grandson has been in the Neverland ranch and was treated beautifully
Rick and Ninni Lemus, CA
We live here and our grandson has been in the Neverland ranch with his school and was treated beautifully. We are happy that Michael has been found "not guilty" as it never made sense to us that he would help so many children and abuse one with cancer....it simply made no sense whatsoever. God Bless Him!
Rick and Ninni Lemus, Los Olivos, CA

I am really happy that Michael was found innocent after this brutal legal battle due to evilness of greed. It was so obvious that everyone is coming after his money. I bet Michael can sleep better tonight.
Diane, Toronto, Canada

Many readers forget that in a U.S. criminal case the prosecution must prove their case within the reason of a doubt. It is pretty hard to trust the testimony of a witness who admits during the trial that they have committed perjury in prior court cases.
Michael, Cambridge

The finest justice money could buy!
William, Clearwater, Florida, USA

Some of these comments are extremely ill-founded - the man has been found innocent by a court of law which examined evidence from both sides in detail. To suggest we treat him otherwise is to argue we should throw away the established legal system which has been through its motions and reached its verdict. What a sorry world that would be...
John, Edinburgh

Now it's over, let it be over
Maggie Frost, Oldham, England
Now it's over, let it be over. He's been found not guilty by a jury of his peers, whatever anyone really thinks it means he's innocent.
Maggie Frost, Oldham, England

It's interesting reading the other comments. It was no surprise everyone had drawn conclusions before the verdict. It does surprise me that people are still holding on to the view he's guilty even after the verdict. He's innocent on all counts. Read the facts and don't be lured down the crafty, exploitative avenue prepared by the Arvizo family.
Martin, Basingstoke, UK

So now he is innocent, who picks up the tab for the lawyers fees? I can't see the accusing family having $millions to pay for it?
Pier Pistocchi, Haywards Heath, Sussex

So much of the music industry and Hollywood is weird, from the most positive to the most negative and we pay them and so create these entities with all of their excesses and eccentricities. Anyone who lives in such a total fantasy world could well cross the line while pile-driven on by their own excesses and one-sided values, but if they did, could one really judge them with the same edge as a normal person with a normal life, if there is such a thing?
Melissa, London, England

The whole charade and its outcome are as grotesque as its principal protagonist.
Peter Expatriate, Xindian, Republic of China

I would be interested in hearing from the jury to understand how they arrived at their decisions. Unless you were in the court room, anything else is speculation and emotionalism.
Penny, USA

Hopefully this verdict will act as a deterrent to other lawsuits
Tom, Cambridge UK
I've followed the trial in the media and I haven't seen anything to suggest that this was anything other than an attempt from an unscrupulous family to extort money from Michael Jackson. Hopefully this verdict will act as a deterrent to other lawsuits.
Tom, Cambridge UK

Lets hope that Michael now learns from his mistakes and keep children away from his home next time. If there is a next time he could be convicted. Do the world a massive favour and stop children visiting him.
Geoff Howell, Barnsley

I don't like him or most of his music but I have never thought him guilty. The prosecutor is/was an absolute stereotype of intolerance and all the evidence (as far as we could see) so obviously trumped up or extremely thin. Justice might have been done in the courtroom but will Michael Jackson ever see justice? I doubt it.
Jim, Scotland

Jackson may be innocent of committing the crimes of which he was accused. But the trial did raise some very worrying issues regarding his associates and employees. If he is not guilty then there have been some very serious acts of perjury committed. Again. To be honest though I originally thought he was guilty I am glad he got a fair trial and that the judge refused to allow the usual trial by media. As such I feel it is possible to accept the judgement.
Phil, Oxford, UK

I believe he is innocent and cried with relief and happiness when I watched Michael leave the Court a free man.
Stephanie Walker, Brandon, Florida

I totally agree with the jury. Well done! The ones on trial should have been the parents of the children. I wouldn't let my child spend time with a grown man in the first place, celebrity or not. Those parents are the real 'wacko'.
Ely, Kent UK

Americans are good at bending the truth in the search of wealth and money
David Muir, Tamworth, England
Good verdict. A lot of people don't realise that Americans are good at bending the truth in the search of wealth and money. Justice has been served in this case, it is just a shame Mr Jackson has had to suffer.
David Muir, Tamworth, England

Where were the campaigners demonstrating for child safety and protection? Why were they not at the court? We only saw his deranged fans.
Anon, Scotland

I personally have no time for the man, but the main prosecution witnesses were shown to be money grabbing chancers. This introduced reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury, therefore they had no choice but to acquit him.
Garry, Leeds, UK

Some people think MJ bought his verdict. Come on, that's just absurd thinking. Money can't buy that. Besides, they already said he is in debt.
Anon, Holland US

He has been found innocent by a jury of his peers (which has been vetted by the prosecution). It is amazing the very same people who scream whitewash would have been congratulating the jury on a 'job well done' had he been found guilty. He is innocent and people need to live and let live!
Nadeem, NY, USA

I do feel justice was not done today
Teri, Birmingham, MI, USA
I'm intrigued by the amount of responses by people who feel he must truly be innocent because he is such a talented singer and dancer. One does not preclude the other. He has gifts, yes, but that doesn't mean he isn't capable of this illegal act. I do feel justice was not done today.
Teri, Birmingham, MI, USA

If you were accused whom would you trust to do justice, a jury or the media?
Mike Garner, London

Justice at last. The right-wing administration in Santa Monica tried to mount a witch hunt on an innocent man and got what they deserved. He'll be back stronger than ever now.
Amir, London


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