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Jackson cleared: Your reaction
Michael Jackson arrives at court during his trial
The music icon Michael Jackson has been cleared of all charges of child abuse.

This is a second page of your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

This poor man has been through so much as a result of his naive nature. Please leave him alone.
Gina, Southampton

I found the whole trial just a big show
Mariela, Valencia, Venezuela
As much as I admire Michael Jackson as a performer, I found the whole trial just a big show, with the volume of charges he faced, it really makes one wonders. If he is guilty or not, only God knows, but he surely needs help in more than one aspect of his life. If there was a charge at the first time, maybe some of it was true. Good luck to everyone involved.
Mariela, Valencia, Venezuela

If people on this page really choose to believe that there was nothing in these allegations perhaps they are as wacko as Jacko!
Andy, Essex

I cannot believe the "holier than though" attitudes from people who are stating he should be guilty, based 100% on what they read or hear without ever having been there. I think a lot of people are making judgements of guilt based on the fact that they think he looks like a freak. You can't judge someone's character based on their appearance.
Anon, Holland US

What a whitewash. Did the jury not listen to the judge at all? It's very unusual to allow previous accusations to be heard, but he allowed them. He gave the jury the lesser charge of giving a child alcohol. They still didn't listen. What does it take? I'm just glad he is nowhere near my children.
Annie, Livingston, Scotland

It is hard to imagine that this was (or could ever have been) a fair trial. Without clear incontrovertible evidence how could any jury ever say that there was no reasonable doubt? In this particular instance the doubt would be the veracity of his accusers. In light of that, I think the jury made the correct, albeit very difficult decision. Thankfully, now that Michael Jackson is reputedly so much in debt, perhaps people will stop thinking that by letting their children go to Neverland they might gain financially. If the kids aren't there, there can't be any suspicion of abuse.
Mathew, Manchester, UK

Yes, he's weird. Yes, he's rich. Yes, he's famous. But none of those are crimes. He simply didn't do any of the terrible things he was accused of.
Peter Einburg, CO, USA

Just another case of celebrities getting away with things
Jennifer Kelly, Nova Scotia
I really can't believe he got acquitted. I mean, look at all the things he was being tried for and he wasn't found guilty for a single one of them. To me, this is just another case of celebrities getting away with things that any ordinary person wouldn't have a chance of getting away with.
Jennifer Kelly, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I am happy for him and wish that he will take care from now not to get into these kind of problems again.

As one of MJ's biggest fans, I'd just like to say I'm delighted!! Let's hope he moves to the UK/Europe now, and re-launches his career. Justice has prevailed!
Stewart Dilks, Edinburgh, UK

Justice has prevailed. A unanimous jury verdict proves that the allegations were just that - allegations. Shame on those people who judged him 'Guilty until proven innocent'.
Jason, London

Fair enough he is found innocent, but this will stick in people's minds forever.
Samee, Leicester

Michael was the victim from the start, unfortunately due to some bad choices on his part. I'm glad he's free and I hope he has grown wiser.
Swaye, London

My only concern is that in the eyes of the law it is morally and socially acceptable for an adult to sleep in the same bed as child.
Mike, Plymouth

It was clear from the beginning that the intent was 'to get him'
Elizabeth, Reading, UK
I am very glad for him, as I never thought he was actually guilty. I am also very surprised that he was completely cleared, as it was clear from the beginning that the intent was 'to get him'.
Elizabeth, Reading, UK

The family's case was weak and incredible. I applaud the jury for seeing through it. Nevertheless, I hope Michael learns that it is not appropriate to sleep with children. In fact, he should stay far away from children for a while. Help them from afar!
Kim, Washington, DC

For me, Michael Jackson will remain the man who sat far, far too close to a young boy and who proclaimed that it was a beautiful thing to share one's bed with children. Jackson might be acquitted but that TV image is the one that will stay with me.
Marika, Copenhagen, Denmark

Of course he is innocent. The people who are saying he is guilty somehow think they know more than all the judges and jurors. Every plaintiff witness had something monetary to gain or were just getting him back for being fired.
, Holland US

It should be remembered that the Jackson verdict did not find him innocent The system of justice in the USA says that an accused is presumed innocent unless proven guilty. What the jury has said, in effect, is that the State did not prove its case, not that Jackson is innocent.
Will Smith, Holmes Beach, FL, USA

The evidence presented was of such a poor standard
John, Leicestershire UK
The evidence presented was of such a poor standard that any impartial jury would have found him not guilty. If he is guilty of this crime then shame on the prosecution for allowing such shabby evidence into court. If he is truly not guilty, again shame on the prosecution for trying to prosecute with such lame evidence.
John, Leicestershire UK

After being in Santa Maria myself last month to support Michael Jackson at court and Neverland, I am so happy that the truth has come out. I had always believed in his innocence and extremely ecstatic to see him walk free from court today. Good luck to him and his family.
ElaraJB, London

I am not surprised that he is found not guilty. It is a good lesson for those who want to make advantage by soiling the good name of an artist like Jackson. Congrats for those who are paying for their being a noise in the world!
Endumessafint, Ethiopia

Apparently he's not 'bad' after all, just confused and ill advised. However, I doubt that he really understands this and all the parasites around him are not going to kill the golden goose. Expect more of the same in a few years time.
Clive, Milwaukee, USA

Michael you can rebuild your reputation, just ignore the media. Fans all over the world still love you. Just be ready for the real judge. Because God knows your heart, more than anyone you will ever know.
Bruke, Virginia, USA

Take a break, and pick up the threads
Joseph Francis, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
I am thrilled! The trauma is over for Michael Jackson. Mike you are innocent and free. Take a break, and pick up the threads. The world needs you !
Joseph Francis, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

If nothing was happening, why was it always not happening with young boys? The case against was flimsy and I couldn't understand why he didn't take to the stand himself if he was innocent? This is yet another failure by the American judicial system in the eyes of the world.
Simon, Scotland

He may or may not have been guilty on this charge but regardless, the proclamation that he's surely not a child molester as a result of his verdict is a wishful one at best. Did or did he not opt to settle his previous 1994 accusation out of court for $18 million in exchange for that child's family to agree to secrecy? If he is innocent why did he want that secrecy at the time, and why was it not unveiled in his defence considering how much money he was paying his legal team anyway?
Mark Carver, St. Louis, Missouri

I wasn't in court or on the jury so I cannot comment on whether justice has been done. As we rely on a jury verdict, we must assume that the evidence proved him to be not guilty. Amazing how people who have heard none of the evidence can have such a clear view!
Anon, UK

What a waste of time and money
Joy Butler, Wiesbaden, Germany
I knew all along that he was not guilty. What a waste of time and money. I hope that those accusers have learned a lesson. JB
Joy Butler, Wiesbaden, Germany

The only way to even be able to avoid this happening again in the future is for Michael to finally learn from this and if he wants to help children, do it through regular channels, donate money to the poor. Recall and accept his wonderful African heritage and help all the needy people there.
Warren M, Switzerland

I'm so very happy for Michael; I could not be happier or more proud of the guy who has been an inspiration to me. Myself so greatly admiring him and I've always prayed for him every day during his trial. My true love goes out to Michael as a superstar.
John Ledward, England, Stafford

Michael has been found innocent, probably a victim of his own life, and the intense media pressure under which he has existed for nearly all his life, Fame is one thing, what he has gone through is quite another. Foolish - yes, guilty - no, now lets leave him alone for a while. Let him regain his health and his life.
Rosemarie Tomes, Mansfield, UK

Can you imagine if a child accused you of molestation and the police came to your house and you told them: "I slept with him but I did nothing wrong." You'd be in prison so fast you wouldn't know what hit you.
Steve, Los Angeles, USA

Being wealthy and famous is no basis for conviction
Peter Einburg, CO, USA
Sorry guys, but being wealthy and famous is no basis for conviction. Michael is innocent. He simply didn't do those crimes he is accused of.
Peter Einburg, CO, USA

Just as there would be people not willing to accept if Michael Jackson were guilty, there will be those who won't accept he's innocent. I personally hope these people will someday believe that there is such love in the world for other human beings.
Scott, Carshalton, Surrey, UK

If the accuser was after money, as some are saying, how come he didn't ask for any? This case went to trial precisely because this accuser didn't take a multi-million dollar pay-off from Jackson, unlike the last one.
CJ, England

So many people say that he was innocent and today, he has been proved that. However, a valid lesson must be learnt - the Michael Jackson trial happened for a reason and the US-version of the CPS would not have pursued the matter in court on such a high-profile person if all the accusations were false. However, I do find it utterly amazing how a catalogue of allegations are quashed without charge.
Ben Lord, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England

Finally all of the naysayers and those who just wanted to believe that Michael was guilty have their answer. He may be a tad strange, he may not conform to your idea of normal but it is now time for your prejudice to stop and for you to accept the verdict of a jury.
Darren, Warminster

I thought he was innocent on this case, but still suspicious on why he paid off that child in 1993. One thing's for sure, he'll make more music. It'll be interesting to see how Michael develops on now.
Shaun, Stockport

I never for one minute doubted his innocence
Lorna Cleggett, Somerset
I never for one minute doubted his innocence. Let's hope it doesn't ruin his life. Perhaps, now, people will leave him be. He means no harm at all. Just makes fantastic music and makes a lot of children very happy.
Lorna Cleggett, Somerset

I believe Michael was innocent and I was right. How something so unintentional could get magnified into such ugly ordeal for years, after all don't we all want to play and love and feel free to trust people? Michael Jackson: now you know how much you are being loved and supported by the majority of human race.
Koo, Toronto

Eight years ago I took my Mother to see MJ perform during his History Tour at Wembley Stadium and experienced two of the most the most amazing hours of our lives! Tonight we are celebrating quietly with a bottle of wine and sending our thoughts and prayers to Michael, his family and all the other fans who have kept the faith with him all these years! Can't wait to see him on stage again! Tonight, History continues...
Michael Norbury, Penicuik, Scotland, UK

Having read all the court transcripts it is very, very easy to see how the jury came to this decision
Charles Thomson, Essex
Having read all the court transcripts it is very, very easy to see how the jury came to this decision. It is extremely irritating to hear people who have attained all their information on the case via the media thinking they know better than the jury. It's irresponsible to make such ill-informed judgements.
Charles Thomson, Essex

So utterly predictable - the American system of justice does not seem to allow their "stars" to be found guilty of any serious misdemeanours - there was never any doubt about the verdict - truth is always the loser.
Ted, Cascade, Trinidad

I believe there was more than "reasonable doubt" as to Mr. Jackson's guilt. The prosecution's main witnesses simply were not credible. The alleged victim was shown to be trying to shake down other celebrities; the mother of the alleged victim was revealed to be a scam-artist and a liar. The whole case against Mr. Jackson stunk to high heaven. Was he guilty? Who knows? Was there reasonable doubt- yes, undoubtedly.
Nataliya, Ventura, USA

Proof at last. Different isn't Guilty. Good Luck Michael.
James, Invercargill, New Zealand

The media now wants to focus on the fact that they think it is inappropriate to innocently share a bed with kids. Could someone please stand up and explain to the rest of the world what exactly is wrong with innocently sharing your bed with kids? (Apart from political-correctness, that is).
Minkwe, Lund, Sweden

Different isn't guilty
James, Invercargill, New Zealand
Proof at last. Different isn't guilty. Good Luck Michael.
James, Invercargill, New Zealand

A mountain of evidence turns into a molehill! Tom Sneddon's singular attacks on Michael Jackson has backfired. Thank God!
Kofi Ellison, USA via Asuonwun, Ghana

I think it is time that this grown man should get his life in order it might help him if he got rid of some of his trusty helpers
Pete, Stoke

I remember the smirk on Tom Sneddon's face when he told the world how he was going to bring down Michael Jackson; it was good to see that smirk wiped off today. I hope Sneddon now does the first decent thing he could do now and resign - he has proved a disgrace as a DA.
Alan, Bournemouth. UK

The jury did their job; from what I heard I would have done the same. The law clearly states that the accused must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and the mother and all the other prosecution witnesses were dubious at best. Plus at least now we won't have to listen to an avalanche of more accusers trying to cash in on a guilty verdict.
Jennifer B, Wisconsin, USA

I just can't believe that people will take advantage of a frail man
Ehran Sinclair-Johnson, Oakham
I have always said the Michael was innocent form the start, I never believed a word of any of it. I just can't believe that people will take advantage of a frail man in the state that he was in, its clear he is not well. My love to Michael as he now tries to pull through this, although it will never go away.
Ehran Sinclair-Johnson, Oakham - Rutland

If he is innocent, I truly feel bad that he had to go through this ordeal, especially by the way it was exploited by the media. Innocent or guilty, we need to remember that just because someone is a little different or completely strange, doesn't make them a criminal.
Neal Peterson, Minneapolis, USA

I can't believe it. This is another sad day in the American Judicial System.
Melissa W, Austin Texas United States

If so much evidence cannot convict a defendant of even the lesser crime of administering alcohol to a minor, how can anyone be convicted of child molestation? I fear for future victims.
Sid, San Jose, CA, USA

Not guilty but still weird
James Harris, Reading
Not guilty but still weird. Now lets look forward to his legal team appearing on TV, the lecture circuit and writing numerous books.
James Harris, Reading

I'm really relieved. He's such an amazing singer and dancer and I didn't want to believe that he'd done the things he was accused of. Hopefully now he can concentrate on making another great album!
Tristan Tremain, Launceston, Cornwall

You're going to hear a lot of reaction over the next few days from a lot of people. When you do, remind yourself that none of the people talking (except Jackson and the accuser) was actually there. I know what I think happened, but my opinion is deservedly worthless and doesn't matter any more than those who will certainly be foisting their opinion on you in the days to come.
Rich Burdett, Toronto, Canada

Congratulations Michael on the verdict. Now everyone can leave this most talented man alone and let him have a so called normal life. His love and care of children meant just that and nothing perverse. He is a kind and loving man and we all hope that he will make a come back as the king of pop music by realising many more of his fabulous music.
Jason Foard, Hextable, Kent

Another money grabbing attempt which thankfully didn't work
Sam, North Walsham
Another money grabbing attempt which thankfully didn't work. He might be a bit of an oddball but that doesn't make him guilty of child abuse.
Sam, North Walsham

Its just a matter of time now before another American family sees $ signs in their eyes and attempts to bring down another star.
Gary, Inverness

This is excellent news for the world. Just proves how valid the justice system really is.
Daniel, Wollongong, Australia

I hope this means I can finally look at the news without having to read or hear about Michael Jackson. Not very likely.
Matt, San Francisco, USA

It seems a bit bizarre, considering the volume of allegations against him.
John, London

This man has achieved so much, when his accusers have done nothing to earn their worth on this world
Simon, Cambridge
I am so happy for Michael; this man has achieved so much, when his accusers have done nothing to earn their worth on this world. I hope so much that Michael will come back stronger, for all his so called weirdness, he has achieved something in his life, and that is Michael Jackson.
Simon, Cambridge

It was such a difficult trial. It had me guessing up until the last minute. My whole office stopped working just to watch the trial verdict. I'm glad he's free now and can continue to make music.
Manuel Medina, Panama City, Florida

With Jackson cleared of these charges by a jury in a court of law, let us hope the public are willing to accept the court's decision rather than decide (as is often the case) that they know better. We will all have our opinions, but they are just that. Having said that, I would be delighted to see the obviously scheming family that accused him hauled before the court. After all, by definition we can now say they made false allegations. Surely they can't expect to be allowed to just wander off to plan their next campaign?
MM, Sheffield, UK

The only thing he was guilty of was being naive and silly
Cheryl Morley, Chatham UK
Great news for Michael, I have always felt that he was innocent now justice has been done; the only thing he was guilty of was being naive and silly for not realising that his love for children would be suspect because the world we live in is so sceptical. Good luck Michael.
Cheryl Morley, Chatham UK

If he's so innocent why did he have to pay off the last boy who accused him of the same thing? And what is he doing to his own children by making them wear masks, dangling them over balconies etc which in itself is a form of abuse. If his name wasn't Michael Jackson maybe the verdict would have been very different?
S Lady, Berkshire

He almost fell victim of his celebrity status. I knew his accuser was only intent on making money by smearing an innocent man.
CJ, Nigerian

The film Chicago showed just how corrupt the celebrity justice system is. Has it happened again in Santa Maria today? Perhaps. There are only two people in the world who will ever know what really happened, and for that reason, America and the world will be forever split on the Michael Jackson case.
William Vidler, Nottingham, England

I always believed he was innocent. Today is the happiest day for Michael and me. I wish him the very best in his future career.
Hidayat Ullah, Birmingham, UK.

I am a Michael Jackson fan of 20 years. Like all fans I have been suffering since 1993. At last we can put this sorry story to rest. Wake up world, Michael Jackson is back!
Paul Wright, Norwich, UK

This is a trial that should never have been brought before a court
George Grams, Canada
This is a trial that should never have been brought before a court. The prosecuting attorney must have realised the lack of trustworthiness and veracity of the accusers. He has unnecessarily cost the state and Jackson himself millions of dollars in legal costs and one must wonder if there is a political motive to the trial - so many prosecuting attorneys seem to have aspirations for a seat on the senate.
George Grams, Canada

Really happy for Mike, and hope this is the last of these highly publicized celebrity trails that we see for the next 5 years. There's a war going on with hundreds of people losing lives everyday, but we can't seem to take our eyes of Michael!
Scoobhay Awaay, Washington DC, USA

Even though he may have been found not guilty, Mr. Jackson clearly needs help, and I hope he gets it.
Serena, NM, USA

It just goes to show that American justice is the best that money can buy.
Stephen Shingler, Cheadle, Staffs

Great - they owe him a big sorry and a matching act of compensation.
Paul Maroun, Australia

Congratulations Michael. I figured you would get "Not Guilty" solely based on the fact that the mother of the accuser has a history of lying to courts.
Jenna, Hilton Head Island, SC, USA

It is not acceptable for an adult man to be sleeping with children, regardless of how harmless his misguided intentions were
Kat, United States
I hope that Jackson learns from this. It is not acceptable for an adult man to be sleeping with children, regardless of how harmless his misguided intentions were. If Jackson were your average Joe down the street they would have locked him up and thrown away the key. Shame on the parents for allowing their children to be put into this situation because they were blinded by money and fame.
Kat, United States

I wonder if the average man in the street, facing the same charges would be walking away a free man today?
Jason Waldron, Manchester, UK

Judging from the press reports earlier on, the prosecution blew it. That isn't to say that Jackson didn't do what he was accused of. I think the BBC can look forward to covering this story again before too long.
Dave Hubbell, Redmond, WA, USA

Michael we all love you and we all knew you were innocent. Now the law knows you are innocent. So you are free to go back living your life with your children and family. God is good all the time. He has backed you all the way.
Karen McRae, Woodbridge Va.

The whole thing was just a set-up to make money
Peter Knox, Rhu / UK
I'm glad he has been cleared; the whole thing was just a set-up to make money for the accusers. I still wouldn't buy his records, though.
Peter Knox, Rhu / UK

A clearly troubled figure derided by both the serious and tabloid media is found not guilty in a case based almost entirely on hearsay. Truly restoring faith in the trial-by-jury system.
Ian, London

Thank God it's over, now the media can concentrate on important issues that "really" affect more people and not just the headlines.
Jaime S. Bellalta, Chicago, Illinois

I guess we will never really know the truth in this case, but hopefully Jacko has learnt his lesson the hard way and will end these absurd sleepovers with boys.
Martin Noon, South Woodford UK

The trial was so surreal and evidence so tenuous that sadly I would not, and do not, trust either a guilty or innocent verdict.
Andrew, Edinburgh, UK

Let's hope that Jackson learns from this and starts behaving like an adult not a child
Kim, Cardiff UK
Amazed with the verdict, I was sure that something may have stuck at least 1 count. I guess that there was doubt on both sides but admitting he slept with boys in his bed obviously was not enough.

Let's hope that Jackson learns from this and starts behaving like an adult not a child.
Kim, Cardiff UK

I think this was the right verdict. He should be careful now - too many people are after his money and his situation is vulnerable.

I am appalled at this whitewash. Some of the evidence I have read was irrefutable and yet the jury chose to ignore the facts. Yet again money and privilege have triumphed.
Barry Stoll, Rochford UK

Of course he was innocent! From day one this has all been just a convenient smokescreen, at the expense of one of the United States' finest ambassadors for World Peace. Now it's over what will the powers that be do to gloss over the real issues affecting the US, i.e. Iraq and Afghanistan, go in search of another victim to prevent Americans hearing real news? Time will tell.
Felix, Barcelona

No verdict can be trusted for such a high profile celebrity
Stephen, Elstree, UK
No verdict can be trusted for such a high profile celebrity with a high profile life. Did anyone seriously expect a Yes verdict?
Stephen, Elstree, UK

Not surprised. The longer the jury was out the better for him. But frankly, who cares? Not sure if he will recover from this!
Sandra, Edinburgh, Scotland

It is not a surprise to hear that verdict because he's always been a victim of his money.
Michael J, Franklin, TN, USA

Let us hope the accusers are now justly punished for wasting everybody's time.
Christian Lynch, Cambridge

This will not stop people from accusing him
John Rigby, Peebles, Scotland
Finally cleared and proof to people that the programme that Martin Bashir did was rubbish. He should make a public apology. Michael was brought up in a life where he never got to know what childhood was and people wonder why as an adult he acts out a childhood now.

At least now legally he has had his name cleared but this will not stop people from accusing him. So now he may never have a clear name.
John Rigby, Peebles, Scotland

Great news. I feel very sorry for Jackson having been a child actor myself. Although his experiences have definitely made him a bit "messed up", he's no criminal.
Al, Cambridge

Michael deserves to be acquitted but I really hope that he can show more cheer and give thanks to those who were with him in the trial.
Kenny Tan, Columbus, OH, USA

This will probably be a good thing for him, he can look to do a comeback tour/album with all the publicity he received.
Xetairex, USA

I'm not surprised, but I wouldn't leave him alone with my kids.
Victoria Hill, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Once again, the real victims have been failed
Sarah Firth, Stoke, UK
I am astounded by the verdict. I was sure that some of the charges against him would have been guilty verdicts. Once again, the real victims have been failed - those children who were enticed into Jackson's surreal lifestyle.
Sarah Firth, Stoke, UK

This is a victory for political correctness and nothing else. A sad day.
Mr Blue

Justice is served and let's hope that this is a clear message to all those who think they can get a fast buck of those in the public eye. What is going to happen to them now, surely charges of wasting police time at least. Let's see how they like being dragged through the court system! Well done Michael!
Ian Dixon, Vancouver Canada

Justice has been served today, and I thank God that the truth has prevailed. I love Michael Jackson and he would never hurt a child, especially a 'sick' one. Now I know how 'sick' this Gavin was! Thank you to the jury, a splendid job done.
Sharnette Adams, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

I would certainly be interested to hear the reasons behind the decision. I was very surprised to hear that no charges were being made at all, not even the lower charges mentioned. An interesting decision, certainly.
Mark Eason, Reading, UK

I'm so pleased. So obvious that family were out to make a quick buck. Michael Jackson is a very strange but brilliant musician. Here's to the next 10 years.
Josie, Hertfordshire, UK

I hope he gets left alone now, but I fear this won't be the case
Chris Carpenter, Southsea, UK
I am very happy about this. I can now listen to one of my favourite recording artists of all time, with nothing hanging over it. I hope he gets left alone now, but I fear this won't be the case.
Chris Carpenter, Southsea, UK

My husband always knew he was innocent from day one, I doubted his innocence until I watched the trial. I am so happy for Michael Jackson.
Patricia Page Leandersson, Sweden, Gothenburg

Just another example of a Hollywood celebrity who can get away with anything.
Josh Phillips, Sellersburg, Indiana USA

Michael Jackson is innocent, never-the-less, he has severe boundary issues with children and that must stop now! He also has lost any credibility in the United States. Rumour has it that he is thinking about relocating to Europe. I think he should. They seem to be a bit more civilized than we are over here when it comes to celebrities! Viva La Michael!
Christine Tynes, Grapevine, TX USA

I think that the not guilty decision is an all too easy one to make. The guy is so famous; your grandmother even knows who he is! I think the decision is going to be bias, and he should have been found guilty for at least a couple of offences.
Leanne, Sittingbourne, UK

I think the right decision has been made. The man is as mad as a fish, but not a child molester. Seeing him leave court, said it all to me. No showmanship. He looked so ill, I hope he is given time to get well again.
Kate, West Midlands

Reasonable doubt does not necessarily equate innocence
Matthew Bic, Texas, US
People often use the terms 'not guilty' and 'innocent' interchangeably; they do not mean the same thing. Reasonable doubt does not necessarily equate innocence.
Matthew Bic, Texas, US

I am so happy for Michael, I never thought he would or could have done those things.
Alex, Swansea, Wales

Justice has been done, and the decision has been made. For Godness sake give the man a break now!
Andy, Leeds, UK

Money. Money. Money. It shall set you free.
Zander, Los Angeles, USA

Justice has been done. Now let him be given space to rebuild his life. King of pop always and forever
Barney Ambrose, Twickenham, England

I think it's brilliant that he has been cleared....but why did it take so long for a verdict?
Joan, Sussex

Im glad he has been cleared but it does not shine from the fact he has serious "issues" that need to still be addressed.
Graham Moore, Gloucester

I'm quite surprised, but to tell the truth, actually quite glad. He may be weird and a little strange, but raised like he was with an overbearing father and in show business, you're bound to pick up a few quirks. Thank the gods that child molestation doesn't figure into the equation just people who want money and attention.

Some people may be feeling relief if they believed Jackson was innocent all along. Some people may be feeling grief if they believed Jackson to be guilty all along. Sing on, Jacko.
Aurora, San Diego, CA, USA


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