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John Peel: Your tributes
John Peel
John Peel, veteran radio presenter and DJ, died suddenly on holiday in South America in October 2004.

In a career spanning 40 years, Peel was best known for supporting new and emerging bands on BBC Radio One, and documenting the ups and downs of of family life on the BBC Radio Four programme Home Truths.

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Listening to his radio shows was a rite of passage for any kid
Waf, London
Listening to his radio shows was a rite of passage for any kid growing up with more than a moderate interest in music. Sometimes listening to his show was hard work (gabba techno anyone?)and at others it was a blissful experience. Regardless of whether you enjoyed a particular track or not it was truly inspiring to know that there were bands out there who put a large middle finger up to the music establishment. Mr Peel will be surely missed and a whole generation may now never get their teenage kicks. RIP
Waf, London

John Peel was a constant companion of mine for the last 25 years. He followed me wherever I went. I listened to his late night show in the eighties, his world service show in the nineties and then Home Truths more recently. Thank you, John.
Mike State, London

The best teacher I have ever had. Britain has lost one its true and great national treasures.
Gareth Bell, Aldershot , Hampshire

John Peel called me personally to say how much he enjoyed the singles my band had sent him
Anthony Chapman, London, UK
Twice, fourteen years apart, John Peel called me personally to say how much he enjoyed the singles my band had sent him at those times. There was no PR mileage to be gained from this - just a music lover showing his appreciation to a musician. Not only was his taste immaculate, he was also one of the few radio voices who could make me laugh out loud. Best wishes to his family and friends.
Anthony Chapman, London, UK

John Peel provided the soundtrack to my teenage years and I have never stopped listening to him - both his music and Home Truths. I am utterly gutted that he is no longer with us and really sad that I will no longer hear his dulcet tones on the radio.
Michael Shevlin, London, UK

The death of a talented, and versatile, broadcaster. John Peel personified the very great things about the BBC - humanity, compassion and intelligence. So many people will miss the sound of that wonderfully resonant voice.
Claire, Wangaratta, Australia

No other program stressed the transmitters the way his did
John Ridley, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia
John was one of a very rare bread of broadcasters, and will be greatly missed by all of his listeners for his humanity. I worked for many years as a transmitter engineer for The BBC. During my time with The BBC World Service, especially from Eastern Relay Station, we always knew when John's programme was being broadcast just by watching the meters on the transmitters; no other program stressed the transmitters the way his did! John will always be remembered in BBC Engineering circles for reducing the life of our transmitter output valves! Rest in peace John.
John Ridley, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

John Peel was a true legend whose influence on the record buying habits of several generations is immeasurable. I reckon 80% of my record collection is a result of listening to his show. A very sad day indeed.
Karen, Greece

I met JP at the Nottingham Festival in 1971. He was supposed to be doing a lecture, there were only about 30 people there. He lolloped in and said "Well, I'm not getting paid very much for this, so I bought a crate of wine with it to share with you". He sat on the edge of the front desk and chatted with us while we all drank red wine. He denied then that he had any influence over people, but he was already an icon to me. Like so many others of our generation, my teenage years were spent mostly under the bed covers listening to the radio. I am devastated by his death, but so grateful to have lived through that era.
Jan Miller, Holywell, Wales

His influence on successive generations was immense
Marcus Furtwangler, Glasgow, UK
In a society overly keen to laud the mundane and to excessively mourn everyone and anyone in the public eye, we now find a rare case of someone who deserves the tears, the praise and the acclaim. John, of course, would have been mortified but his influence on successive generations was immense: his passing is a tragedy for musicians, critics and fans alike. Radio One may never recover.
Marcus Furtwangler, Glasgow, UK

This guy was a broadcasting genius with a fantastic ear for talent, a true gentlemen, will be sorely missed. God bless you John, our thoughts are with your family tonight.
Ged Ward, York. England

As a middle-aged British businessman now living in Moscow, Russia, I'm strangely typical I think of the varied demographic that John influenced. Throughout my teenage years and beyond, John's programmes and the refreshing new music only he brought to my attention, invigorated my life and enriched my soul. He will be truly missed, from near and far.
Mark Smith, Moscow, Russia

It was like having a friend come over to your place and play you all the records
Gary, London, UK
When I moved to London to go to university in 1987 as I was struggling to cope with being away from home for the first time I discovered John Peel. It was like having a friend come over to your place and play you all the records he'd been scouring the shops for that day. You didn't always have to like what he played but it would always be interesting. Like everyone else I will miss him because he made the world a bigger place. Irreplaceable.
Gary, London, UK

I was interviewed by Mr Peel on Home Truths with my family. It was a piece on addiction. It was a very difficult subject and he handled it with such ease and grace. A warm heart is sometimes hard to find in the media industry, but he was one of them.
Johan Sorensen, Farnham UK

He was everyone's cool older brother.
Mike, Tintern, Wales

The voice of a lifetime - from rebellious youth to well-modulated middle age
Imogen Holt, Liskeard, Cornwall
The voice of a lifetime - from rebellious youth to well-modulated middle age, John's dependable, affable 'purr' said it all! Deepest love to Sheila and the family who he so obviously and publicly adored.
Imogen Holt, Liskeard, Cornwall

John, you were the last hope of hearing proper music on the radio. I'll be giving "Teenage Kicks" a loud blast while I drink to your memory. Rest well, we'll all miss you!
Rob Brook, Blackpool, UK


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