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The Queen's Birthday Honours: Your reaction
Terry Wogan
The nation's favourite DJ, Terry Wogan, and actor David Jason have been given knighthoods in this year's Queen's Birthday Honours.

Northern Ireland's police chief Hugh Orde also receives a knighthood, while Dame Judi Dench is to be made a Companion of Honour.

Other names included on the list include Midge Ure (OBE), Queen guitarist Brian May (CBE), broadcaster Jonathan Ross (OBE) and the BBC's security correspondent Frank Gardner (OBE), who was shot whilst working in Saudi Arabia.

What do you think of the Queen's Birthday Honours? Have the right people been awarded? Send us your reaction to those honoured in this year's list.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have receievd so far:

I don't think that anyone who is well paid for doing a job should receive any sort of honour connected to that employment. This especially refers to Civil Servants and the Military and more and more, the media - what has T Wogan done for anyone apart from his bank manager and image? By all means, honour someone who has excelled, but by making honour almost a 'right' the whole system is devalued.
Christopher, Norwich, Norfolk UK

There will always be somebody that someone will feel has been 'missed off' or 'forgotten'. Who's list is this anyway? Whatever the Queen says goes, right?
Russ, Warwick, UK

I still can't quite understand why someone with a modest talent for enternainnment, who generally does nothing which can be accurately described as "work", and who receives in one year, more than many actual workers receive in a lifetime, should be honoured for their "achievement".
Ted Treen, Wolverhampton, UK

Stop complaining about it being outdated, outmoded and irrelevant, and be happy for others
Caroline, Scotland
I can't believe how bitter some people are about the honours lists! We should be proud of other people's successes. As for those in the voluntary sector receiving honours, perhaps this is the first time somebody has thanked them for the amazing job that they do. Stop complaining about it being outdated, outmoded and irrelevant, and be happy for others!
Caroline, Scotland

In this, the 60th anniversary of the end of WW2, I can only wonder how the men of bomber command did even receive a medal, and I find the names in the birthday honours list quite nauseating by comparison.
Kosh, Reading

How can Brian May and Jonathan Ross be compared to Frank Gardner? By any stretch of the imagination this is bizarre logic. Blair has devalued the concept of the Honours List and grossly insulted Mr Gardner by comparing his suffering and services to freedom of speech to the questionable "contribution" to national life of two "luvvies" who occupy space in the public eye thanks to their chosen careers and natural talents.
Andy D, Oxford UK

Andy, London, is quite right about the lack of scientists. As someone who managed the Science honours list for a while I can reveal that there are only 14 awards specifically for scientists, engineers and technologists, out of 900; a rate of just 1.6%. Surely our scientists deserve more than that..?
Anon, UK

Honours should be for acts that don't get a salary
Mike, Havant
Honours should be for acts that don't get a salary. Simply doing your job, and being well paid for it, is not a good reason. Helping charities etc. is good reason, so for instance, Terry Wogan could well receive an honour for Children in Need each year.
Mike, Havant

The whole process needs to be more transparent and accountable. Also, why should people in the media, or other fat cats, who have already been in terms of pay, rewarded highly for their jobs, be further honoured. What is needed are more ordinary people to be honoured because they make substantial extra contributions to their communities without the benefit of fat pay cheques as well.
John B, Milton Keynes, UK

If we give out 900 awards twice a year it won't be long before we've all got one. Please limit the awards to those who truly deserve it. Those citizens who have achieved greatness in their own field without being seen on out television screens and achieving fame.
Paul Robinson, Grimsby, England

Being famous has superseded being a hero. That about sums up the current state of 'honours'.
Sandra, Rhondda, South Wales

I am pleased it is about time that the honours has reached Midge Ure and David Jason for all the hard work they have put in over the years in making people's lives more bearable.
Shree Waghorns

So, our most outstanding citizens are primarily entertainers, pop musicians and sports people. Say no more.
David , Stratford-upon-Avon

Honours should be fewer and very selective to mean anything
Maureen Condron, Preston, Lancs
The Queen's Birthday Honours are fast becoming degraded. I don't agree that they should be awarded to celebrities in the entertainment business. They already receive awards in their own spheres. Honours should be fewer and very selective to mean anything. They should be very well deserved and should not go to people for just doing their job. They should go to people who give up their time voluntarily for the good of the people or to people who have done very courageous or brave deeds beyond the call of duty.
Maureen Condron, Preston, Lancs

I had no idea that Jimmy Paige, of Led Zeppelin, helped Brazil's 'street children'. Now this is an example of who awards should go to.
Rebecca, Wakefield, England

One or two of these people are truly deserving of being honoured, but as we have come to realise, others are being picked for political reasons to show that the government is 'in tune' with the people. The Honours system is beginning to become a farce, in itself.
Tez Anderson, Rugby, England

Congratulations to Brian May. He deserves it.
Zoe, North Yorkshire, England

I completely agree that the awards should not be given to entertainers, industrialists, etc ie those who already receive a lot of money and/or recognition for what they do. The awards should be for those who help others yet typically receive little money or acclaim - charity workers, community workers, scientists, those in the armed forces, and the like.
Nic, UK

The people of Britain don't care about her Birthday Honours as they are being given out for no significant reason
Marcus-Appleton-Reid, Swansea
The Queen is losing popularity day by day. I believe the people of Britain don't care about her Birthday Honours as they are being given out for no significant reason. Compare the likes of a measly radio star to the great British scientists, it's obvious who really deserves one.
Marcus-Appleton-Reid, Swansea

I think over time these honours have turned from something meaningful to something not far off the annual British Soap Awards.
Soong, Brighton, England

Perfect just Perfect. Well done David Jason
Chris, Peterborough, UK

Jonathan Ross may one day deserve an OBE if he continues to entertain for the next ten or twenty years. As yet, he has done very little to warrant an award which, in the past, has been given for devotion to service over a long period of time or some special and outstanding contribution to society. I don't understand why he has received this honour.
Erica Petterson, Winchester, England

One name stands out to me here. Terry Wogan. What a man. He has been entertaining me for over 20 years now, and just keeps going and going. Well done Tel'!
Brian Pardew, Birmingham, UK

It was good to see footballer Les Ferdinand awarded an MBE. Although he has never been a star name, he has been a long servant of the professional game. It is a fitting end to the career of one of football's true gentlemen.
Chris, Blackpool, England

Les Ferdinand? Why? Because he was a decent enough top flight footballer? Is that truly inspiring? No
Tobias Spratt, Tonbridge

Congratulations to David Jason! He is so talented and made Del Boy such a remarkable character. He is a superb actor. Long overdue recognition. Please Sir David - never stop acting! Best wishes,
Helen Bailey, Arundel, West Sussex, UK

The honours system is an outdated reminder of imperialism. Just look at the brilliance in the list of those who turned down honours, those are the Britons who have truly inspired - Alfred Hitchcock, David Bowie et al.
Dave Starling, Norwich

Congratulations Tom Hunter. The good folk of Ayrshire are very proud of you, well done Tom.
Gordon Marshall, Kilmarnock, Scotland

Brian May, (we are huge Queen fans), Terry Wogan, David Jason - recognition long overdue. Congratulations to them. But Jonathan Ross? Demeans the honours system, I'm afraid.
Fran Deacon, Braithwaite Yorks

It's about time David Jason was recognised with a knighthood, just like Dame Judi Dench, he is a national treasure.
Vickie-Anne, UK

I think it's absolutely fantastic that Frank Gardner has been honoured. I can't help but feel a great deal of admiration for his decision to leave a career in investment banking, to embark upon a path that is so much more meaningful and so vitally important in furthering our understanding of world affairs.
Alex Gener, Blackheath, London

I congratulate everyone who were recognised in the Queen Birthday Honours list, famous or not. As for people being forgotten, I think people forget that many people refuse the Honours offered to them for their own personal reason.
J Wright, Newcastle upon Tyne

The whole system is an anachronism. OBE, MBE etc. What Empire? Let's replace it with something that recognises the contributions made by our most outstanding citizens in a less contentious way.
Bob, Cheshire

The honours are severely lacking in scientists
Andy, London, UK
As ever the honours are severely lacking in scientists. Just have a look at the Science and Nature section to see how much our scientists achieve each year - Nobel Prizes are easier to come by!
Andy, London, UK

Congratulations to David Jason on his knighthood, one of our most talented and loved actors. When are Ronnie Barker and Ken Dodd going to be honoured in the same way? Please pass on my best wishes and congratulations, we think he is la crème de la crème, as del boy would say!
Dawn Bailey, Stoke on Trent

Well done! For.. ummm.. doing your job. I wonder if I will get an OBE for doing my job?
Alfie Noakes, North of England

Congratulations to all who have received awards! In particular the voluntary sector. Would have liked to have seen more awarded to the men and women of our armed forces just to show we at home still support them.
Trevor, Wrexham, Wales

Tony Blair has been clever. He can't get rid of the honours system, but by including numerous entertainers and sportsmen, he has devalued and undermined it so that it has become a nonsense. The deserving recipients have been treated with complete contempt.
Paul, Gloucester

Thank goodness Midge Ure has been recognised for his sterling work at last. Band Aid would never have happened without him. Bob Geldof always gets the credit for the work against famine in Ethiopia, and Midge none. Enjoy your day Midge!
Alan McBride, Duddon, UK

Why do any of these people need so called "honours"? If you do your job well or provide voluntary services why is it necessary to have a bauble or a medieval title to distinguish you from the rest of the peasants? I would have thought well paid actors and actresses already gain enough public acclaim and reward from their "profession" without further recognition from the Queen that they ply their trade well. Surely it is time to dispense with the whole tawdry charade.
Bob Green, Braintree, Essex

The 'unsung heroes' of Britain have not been forgotten
Alex, Leeds, UK
People should look beyond the headlines before making sweeping condemnations of the honours system. Of course the media focus on those famous people who have been honoured - that's who we're all interested in! But did you know that 60% of the awards this year went to those in the voluntary sector? The 'unsung heroes' of Britain have not been forgotten.
Alex, Leeds, UK

To all those that never read the list but just bemoan a handful of celebs who are reported having won awards - why don't you just look at the list? There are nearly 900 people on this list and around 500 of them are people working for good causes and charities.
Phil, UK

So pleased Frank Gardner has been honoured with an OBE. I don't agree with the honours but if anyone deserved it he does. Trust he will keep well and continue doing the job he loves.
Anne Wood, UK

I bet David Jason is really wishing people would name him as the recipient of his knighthood, instead of his Del Boy character. He is a gifted actor who has played many more roles than just Del Boy.
David Hazel, Fareham, UK

I am incredibly frustrated that again it is the celebrities who pick up the awards
David, Edinburgh
As someone who has tried making a nomination, I am incredibly frustrated that again it is the celebrities who pick up the awards. It's time for an overhaul to ensure that awards are given to hardworking citizens who do not receive remuneration for their dedication.
David, Edinburgh

I agree that handing out so many awards each year cheapens the reward itself. However, I do think that those people that use their fame and influence to help others thoroughly deserve them. A big congrats to Brian May, but what about Roger Taylor?
Marge, Aylesbury

Why is Ken Dodd being continually overlooked? In spite of Ken's well known problems in the past, he is such a treasured national figure who has given so much pleasure to so many people.
Michael A Bowden, Christchurch, UK

Why doesn't Ronnie Barker get anything? He should be made a Sir for the contributions he has made.
Sarah, Norfolk

Del Boy a Sir? Cor blimey, guv. Bet 'e feels like a millionaire! Congrats to Brian May as well.
Martyn Twidle, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

The honours system appears to reward people for simply succeeding in their chosen careers
M Pitt, Edinburgh
Year on year the honours system appears to reward people for simply succeeding in their chosen careers. We all love watching Jonathan Ross but an OBE just for being entertaining?
M Pitt, Edinburgh

It's great to see these guys get honours. When is someone going to recognise and honour George Cole?
Tony Sloan, Manchester

It's about time the wonderfully entertaining Michael Palin was awarded a knighthood, both for his services to comedy and global travel. He has brought some fascinating countries to the hearts of our living rooms.
Andrew McCann, Halifax, UK

Massive congrats to Sir Pritip Singh, who is undoubtedly an inspiration to all teachers in challenging schools and evidence that excellent leadership can transform a challenging school into a top performing school.
Rahul Mahajan, London

Congratulations to Patricia McCabe, who has been awarded the MBE for her work with cancer care in North Lanarkshire. Well deserved.
Joe Clark, Chapelhall, Scotland

I was expecting to find Alan Hinkes in the list, after his achievements in mountaineering.
Stephen, Manchester

This is great news. Terry and David are nothing short of national treasures, and thoroughly deserve this recognition at last.
Mrs Melvina Dixon, Newport Pagnell

Disappointed that Martin Johnson, world champion Rugby Union captain, did not get a knighthood. A great occasion of pride for the country.
Malcolm Allen, Leicester

What about a knighthood for Bruce Forsyth?
John, Malaga, Spain
What about a knighthood for Bruce Forsyth? It is long overdue.
John, Malaga, Spain

Usual story...those who have been paid a fortune for doing their job get the highest rewards. While those who have made their contributions silently and modestly get the lowest rewards. Time this charade was removed from British society.
Aidan, Brit in Italy

While this time, for a change, I don't feel appalled by the 'showbiz' knighthoods...Sir Mick Jagger?! I'm still left wondering why Michael Parkinson is always ignored. What more does Parky need to do? Having said that, I don't begrudge David Jason his one little bit.
Sian Thomas, Canberra, Australia

These so called honours are the biggest farce going. Actors and pop stars are more than well paid for their efforts. Likewise politicians, heads of industry and civil servants. The whole system should be scrapped with awards for bravery only.
Albert Jarvis, Ballan, Victoria,

I can't believe that Midge Ure was not honoured until now
Graham Weir, Glasgow
I can't believe that Midge Ure was not honoured until now - he deserved a knighthood twenty years ago with Sir Bob and has spent much of the time since then on charitable efforts throughout the world.
Graham Weir, Glasgow

Leon Aarons is disappointed that Stephen Hawking has been overlooked but in fact he has already been honoured - with a CBE in 1982 and as a Companion Of Honour (better than a knighthood) in 1989.
Allen Dace, Guildford, Surrey

Why is there no recognition for the Welsh Rugby Team's huge achievement in winning the Grand Slam this year?
Owen, Llandudno, Wales

I think it's good that people are recognised for their great achievements. However, with so many birthday honours every year, there must be so many people in this country that have been knighted. I think that this prestigious reward is no longer as elite and as special as it once was because so many people have received a knighthood.
Catherine, Suffolk

I am glad for David Jason who made millions laugh, but what about Lenny Henry and the Kumars?
Nash, London

Congrats to Sir David and Wossy OBE
Shane Ferguson, Stoke on Trent
Congrats to Sir David and Wossy OBE. Two great English entertainers who without doubt deserve these great honours.
Shane Ferguson, Stoke on Trent

Yet another round of showbiz types getting gongs. Let's either do away with the whole thing or else give awards to people who have actually done something worthwhile.
John Luty, Harrogate

Hurrah for David Jason's honor of a knighthood! For all the years of wonderful entertainment and making the world a happier place, he certainly deserves this. May I be the first to say - "He who dares, wins!"
Roan, USA

Absolutely delighted that David Jason has got his 'Sir' at last and for Terry Wogan & Judi Dench - just a shame Eric Sykes only got a CBE earlier. Has slightly restored my faith in a system.
John Burns, Haverhill

I'm amazed that every year one of the great theoretical thinkers of our time Stephen Hawking is not honoured. Any other country would put him at the top of the list.
Leon Aarons, Petach Tykwa, Israel

Congratulations to Frank Gardner! "Frankly" he deserves more, and it's a pity his late colleague couldn't be honoured in some way other than by his memory!
Rhodri Davies, Nysybwl, Wales

Rod Eddington 'honoured' with a knighthood. Why? He's responsible for losing 13,500 staff from BA - myself included. I worked for 14 years with BA - he worked less than half that time. Great to see that he is rewarded for his 'work' while I have the absolute pleasure of having to find another job. Can someone explain to me why he's being knighted?
D McFarlane, Glasgow

It's about time Midge Ure was honoured - it's a pity its taken so long
Margaret, Brisbane
Why not Sir Tom Jones? One of Wales' sons. Or is it the fact he is Welsh that precludes him? He has given pleasure to millions with his great voice - why the hesitation? And he's still married to the same woman after all these years!
Patricia, Vancouver

It's about time Midge Ure was honoured. It's a pity its taken so long.
Margaret, Brisbane Australia

There's too many awards given out, they should dramatically reduce them to stop cheaping the tradition. Whilst Wogan and Jason are both very good entertainers, neither deserves a knighthood, nor does Jonathan Ross deserve an OBE.
Alex, Aylesbury, UK

How wonderful to see that they "got it right this time". David and Terry's wonderful talents are well overdue this recognition. How can you possibly measure the value of the pleasure that these fine entertainers put in people's lives? They are truly well-deserved.
Andrea McCulloch, Newton Aycliffe, North-East England

David Jason is a worthy knight. He is the backbone of British comedy and richly deserves a knighthood. I think Grandad and Uncle Albert will be proud of you. Brian May also deserves his award. Thank you Brian for the greatest music over the past 30 years. (From a lifelong Queen Fan)
Greg Johnson, Newport, Wales


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