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Anne Bancroft: Your tributes
Anne Bancroft with husband Mel Brooks
Oscar-winning actress Anne Bancroft, best known for her role as the seductive Mrs Robinson in The Graduate, has died at the age of 73.

The actress, who died of cancer, had five Oscar nominations, including one win in 1963 for playing the teacher of a young Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker.

She married comedian Mel Brooks in 1964 and was credited with persuading her husband to work on a stage musical version of his film The Producers.

What are your memories of Anne Bancroft?

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your tributes.

Your tributes:

She was a talented actress, a shy woman and an interesting character
Leo Boyle, Northampton, UK
It's always the way isn't it? My sister and I, individually, at separate houses, quite by chance, happened to watch "The Graduate" when it was shown on UK TV only last weekend and what a good film it still is. So imagine my surprise and sadness to hear of her passing this week - my sympathies go to her family and friends. She was a talented actress, a shy woman and an interesting character as well. Sorry to hear that she has gone.
Leo Boyle, Northampton, UK

Missed but never forgotten!
Soong, Brighton, England

A lovely lady with wit, charm, and a zest for life. May your memories go on, my condolences to Mel and family. To one of the "Great Film Stars" you will be missed.
Susan, Minneapolis, MN, USA

We share the same birthday and I am proud to do so. RIP Anne
Clare Howell, Manchester, UK

Anne is a great actress that I have loved since the first time that I saw her in " The Miracle Worker " and " Jesus of Nazareth". My sympathy to Mel Brooks and their family.
Amy, Wyandotte, Michigan, USA

I loved her in The Graduate. It is very sad to hear that she has died, my best wishes go to all her family.
Gill Hart, Southend-on-sea, UK

Anne was a class act and phenomenal stage and screen actress. She was Annie Sullivan. She will be sadly missed.
Janice A, Pompano Beach, FL

An icon has left us she was the embodiment of class. She never got into politics and never pushed her opinions on others. This woman will be missed because of her beauty as an inspiration of all that is good.
Adele, Staten Island, NY, USA

One of the most attractive and consummate actresses I have ever been privileged to watch. She will be truly missed.
Dave, England

I met Ann Italiano when we were both about 19-years-old. Her sister, Joann Italiano, and I both worked for the Girl Scouts of America on 62nd Street in Manhattan and Joann's sister, Ann Italiano, came in and we were introduced. She was a beautiful person and that is how I remember Ann Bancroft.
Anna Vasquez Adamchek, Bronx, NY

I will never forget "her" Helene Hanff in 84, Charing Cross Road. Her death marks a serious loss for the world of cinema as well as for mankind. Goodbye, Mrs Robinson. You will be in my heart forever.
Paola Baroni, Pisa, Italy

I love you Anny - you are still a goddess in my eyes. I admired you in The Graduate as you had the mettle to take such a role. I wish they put you as the protagonist and developed the story of Mrs Robinson more. I admired you and was inspired by you and I will love you always.
Meldrew B, UK

Just a very lovely person, to be sadly missed.
David, Devon, UK

A wonderful actress, and an inspiration to all. I always thought she was classy, and beautiful, and timeless. She will be missed.
Kathleen, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Loved her in 'To Be or Not To Be' with Mel Brooks! Sincere condolences to him and their family
Fran Deacon, Braithwaite, Yorks

In The Graduate she was the original "Desperate Housewife"
Krista, Alexandria, VA, USA
Bancroft was an amazing actress whose work had such implications for women in film. In The Graduate she was the original "Desperate Housewife", exposing unabashedly the many layers of emotion in an otherwise ordinary character. She did this again in the remake of Great Expectations. She had such a skill at lightly crafting the tragedy experienced in so many lives. It is indeed a tragedy to lose her.
Krista, Alexandria, VA, USA

I remember watching The Miracle Worker on TV as a kid, many years after it was made. It was the first time I understood what a great acting performance was. Anne Bancroft literally changed the way I watch films.
Shawn, Washington, DC, USA

I first saw her forty years ago in The Pumpkin Eater and have loved her ever since. I can't imagine how Mel will go on without her.
John Gale, Princeton NJ, USA

I wish I could have met and told you in person
Gitte, Aarhus, Denmark
I will never forget your sense of drama (The Graduate, 84 Charing Cross Road), your sense of humour (the little walkman dance in Garbo Laughs is hysterically funny), and your ability to touch our hearts (The Miracle Worker). I wish I could have met and told you in person. Rest in peace, Anne. We will miss you!
Gitte, Aarhus, Denmark

A wonderful actress, she has given me many happy memories and will be sadly missed.
Del O'Rean, Burton-on-Trent

As a movie fan I can honestly say that Anne Bancroft will be sorely missed. Anyone who has ever seen "The Prisoner of Second Avenue" will know why.
Max, UK

A super star in character and profession: a rare combination.
J Westerman., Leeds. UK

Anne Bancroft was the gold standard among Italian Americans: spirited, intelligent, accomplished and proud of her heritage. As a fellow daughter of Italian immigrants, I am grateful for her example that ethnic women of depth and substance are beautiful and celebrated in this world. Grazie, e arrivederci, Anna.
Paula, Washington, DC

My prayers and condolences to her husband and family
Rex, England
I was genuinely moved when I heard of her passing. She was beautiful and talented, charismatic and thought provoking, a truly gifted actress. Her performance in "The Graduate" captivated me so much that the first time I saw the film I sat through 3 performances. A truly class act in all her work. My prayers and condolences to her husband and family. Dear Anne may you have life everlasting in God's tender care.
Rex, England

My sincerest prayers and condolences to Anne Bancroft's family and friends. Both she and her husband, Mel Brooks, are such talented artists. I enjoyed all of Anne Bancroft's performances. She was memorable in everything, often turning mediocre works into the extraordinary. I was touched by so many of her performances, but most especially in The Miracle Worker and 84 Charing Cross Roads. In the latter, I am haunted by her reading of a passage from one of John Donne's Sermons, so I'll simply say goodbye for now.
Evelyn Harding, USA

There goes another one only a few of her calibre left. I am sure that grieving though Mel must be, somewhere he will be comforted by the memory of her humour. Rest in Peace Anne, you gave lots of pleasure.
Tony, Welling, Kent

The world is a sadder place without this delightful lady to brighten it
James Fox, Manchester, England
The world is a sadder place without this delightful lady to brighten it. Vivacious all her life but she still remained dignified and modest. My thoughts and prayers are with Ms Bancroft and Mr Brooks. May she rest in peace.
James Fox, Manchester, England

Hollywood nor Broadway produces actresses of Ms. Bancroft's calibre anymore, my sincere condolences to Mr. Brooks who is the greatest comedic producer of his generation.
James Varela, Sarasota, FL

I remember seeing them at Fire Island, NY in the summers. They lived there and would come into the market. They are a loving and funny couple. I will miss you Anne and Mel, bless you. You are in my heart. Rest in peace Anne
Barbara, New York, USA

She opened my eyes to the beauty of the mature woman.
Dan, Sussex, UK

What a lady! What an actress! Having seen her performance in Torch Song Trilogy, I laughed, I cried and I longed to have been born to a Jewish mother. The world of film and theatre has lost a legend. Thanks for the memories Anne.
Tim Russell, Newport, S Wales

I'm not a movie buff but I will always remember Anne Bancroft starring as Helene Hanff opposite Anthony Hopkins, in '84 Charing Cross Road'. She was an actress of great charm and will be sadly missed.
Trevor Bently, Berkshire, England

Probably the classiest gal I've ever seen in cinema.
David Boiardi, London, UK

Shocking and heart breaking. She was a true talent, an inspiration to actors and the public. Very sad indeed.
Adele Vera-Angel, New York City, USA

I just recently saw Ms Bancroft in a TV movie called "Deep in My Heart". It was a very middle of the road TV movie with a very superb Anne Bancroft. Her performance brought me to tears. What an amazing lady.
Francisca Knight, Dublin, Ireland

A truly classy lady. Mel brooks has given me a thousand belly-laughs. I wish I could do the same for him now.
Llewellyn Matthews, Auckland, New Zealand

I am very sad to hear of the passing of an incredible woman and wonderful actress I loved all her films with a passion .The Miracle Worker was in my opinion one of her finest achievements. My heart goes out to Mel Brooks.
Patricia Carpenter, Fuengirola, Spain

She was a highly intelligent actress and I regret never having seen her on stage. She appeared in The Turning Point with Shirley MacLaine and what powerful, funny, bitchy performances those two gave. There was a great scene where the gals end up having a great fight! This film is hardly ever seen nowadays. I'm glad that she made it to London last autumn for the opening night of The Producers; thoughts with Mel and family.
Paul, Chatham, England

Sitting here with tears in my eyes. This depth of emotion for a stranger indicates what a remarkable actress she was. Her intelligence, wit, compassion and humanity were evident in every performance. The great love she achieved with Mel Brooks is a testament to her quality and success as a person. My condolences to her bereaved husband and family.
Cindy, New York, USA

A beautiful, funny and wonderful person. My heart goes out to her family and all who knew her personally. She will be greatly missed by all.
Steve H., Austin USA

I remember the first time I saw 84 Charing Cross Road. I must have been 15 or 16 years old. I've loved the movie ever since mainly because of Ms. Bancroft's brilliant acting and the on-screen chemistry between her and Anthony Hopkins. Anne Bancroft was a great actor. She will be missed. My condolences to her family and friends.
Amanda, Washington D.C, USA

I am so sad about her passing especially in what should be such a happy year for her and her family with Mel Brooks film of The Producers coming out in the autumn. I hope her friends and family take at least some small comfort that people all over the world were touched by her incredible talent and spirit. The next time I watch it, I will cry that bit harder in the final scenes of Torch Song Trilogy. Rest in peace.
Matt, London

Thanks for all the great work Anne
Viswanath Gurram, Quebec, Canada
"84 Charing Cross Road" is very close to my heart. Anne's performance was sublime and exquisite. Her reading of John Donne in the movie brings tears to the eye every time. Thanks for all the great work Anne - rest in peace.
Viswanath Gurram, Quebec, Canada

Truly a great actress. I have cried every time, I have watched "The Miracle Worker"
Mushtaq Sayed, Ann Arbor, U. S. A.

Terribly sad news! As Mrs Beckoff in Torch Song Trilogy, she was a mother struggling to understand her son's sexuality. Watching her astounding performance helped me understand my own parents' attitude towards my own sexuality. There was far more to her than just Mrs Robinson: she was a unique actress.
Chris, Worcester, UK

I remember reading a story about Anne Bancroft years ago that delighted me. She was talking about her husband, Mel Brooks. She said when she heard his key turn in the lock at the end of the day she knew it was just a short, funny looking man coming in, but her heart raced in anticipation every time.
Flynn, Clearwater, USA

My heart goes out to Mel Brooks and his family; what a tremendous loss this must be for them. It's beautiful to see two people who stayed by each other all the way, like they did; especially in an industry that is notorious for failed famous relationships. Must be true love! What a fantastic actress, she seemed so much younger than her years too. God bless her and her family.
Melissa , CT USA

I remember her wonderful performance in The Elephant Man back in the early 80s. She was a class-A actress.
Steve Fricker, Horndean, UK

Anne was one of those celebrities who you just fell in love with
Lee Coombs, Bicester, England
A lovely lady, the ultimate older women in the graduate who was a firm favourite with all younger men of that time including me. Anne was one of those celebrities who you just fell in love with as she always came across as a highly talented but thoroughly nice person. God bless Anne you will be missed.
Lee Coombs, Bicester, England

A great loss. Her portrayal of the homophobic Jewish mother in Torch Song Trilogy was moving and amusing.
David Storey, Manchester

What a glorious legacy she has left us! Excellent in the films everyone else has mentioned, and impossible not to watch her even in oddities like Garbo Talks.
Philip Cacouris, Paris, France

God bless you Mrs. Robinson. You will be dearly missed.
Willie Bunter, Montreal, Canada

I can remember the first time I saw The Graduate as an undergraduate in my film history class. All of the students loved the movie. It has since become my favourite. She added much to the character and I don't think anyone else could have played Mrs. Robinson!
Chris, Karlsruhe, Germany (former USA)

Watching and listening to Anne Bancroft was always a boost to my immune system. Her art was resounding. I hope the light of her spirit continues to shine on us from her current residence.
Linda Rill, Haverhill, MA, USA

What a shock, I just read it on the website news. Wonderful actress, she will be greatly missed. My condolences to Mel and her family.
Denise Wilden, Maidenhead, UK

A beautiful star and a lady
Gerry, Pinoso, Spain
A beautiful star and a lady. A presence on stage and in film that was awesome. I'll watch all her films again and enjoy.
Gerry, Pinoso, Spain

A great actress and a great lady with a very down to earth sense of self. No pretensions, just honesty. A loss for us all.
Peter Alfano, Rome, Italy

I think it's important to reflect, on the fact that Ms Bancroft was somewhat disillusioned that 'The Graduate' overshadowed everything else that she did. Rest in peace.
Michael, Michael, Scotland

A truly great, diverse actress, who will be sorely missed. The stars won't be shining half as bright.
Darren Thexton, London, UK

In the future, when people will be looking in the dictionary for "classy actress", her name and photo will be all they need to find. Rest In Peace.
Kyrkos, Salonica, Greece

A wonderful, classy, professional actress
Tim Arnold, Slough UK
A wonderful, classy, professional actress. But she must have been a wonderful wife, too, for her marriage to have been so long and successful. Mel Brookes must be distraught. Theirs was a heaven made on earth. What an inspiration to us all. Here's to you...
Tim Arnold, Slough UK

As a teenager, I made it my goal that by the time I was 45, I would turn into Anne Bancroft, for me, the epitome of everything it is to be a woman; elegant, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, gorgeously warm and funny. At 46, I'm still trying and Ms Bancroft remains a powerful role model. Thank you for the inspiration, Anne. And God love you, Mel.
Deborah Henry-Pollard, London

It has come as quite a shock to hear of her death my thoughts are with her family at this sad time, I will certainly watch my DVD of the Graduate again, in her honour
Sarah Hart, Haverford West Wales

I saw the graduate and I was taken away! She was an incredible actress and I will cherish her memory! Ciao Mrs. Robinson.
Jide Onakoya, Silver Spring, Maryland

She was excellent in 'To Be or Not To Be' with Mel Brooks. She sang, danced and was hilarious. One of the funniest films ever. He must be devastated.
Stephanie, London, UK

An outstanding actress of her generation
Paul Collier, London UK
An outstanding actress of her generation who performance convinced many older women to live life to the full.
Paul Collier, London UK

A Woman who will be missed not only by Mel and her son Max but by all who saw her in films and TV. A woman who oozed glamour and style. Most actresses of today will need to be in the business a whole lifetime to attain the persona she that she naturally had from the beginning.
Lee W., Dagenham

Anne Bancroft was a truly versatile actress, comfortable in many kinds of roles, both leading and supporting. She was wonderful in Agnes of God and in The Miracle Worker (an Oscar deserved, and her first nomination). Many other people have mentioned The Graduate, so I won't. True class and talent, an icon in film is sadly gone.
Terrance, Cardiff, Wales

My heart goes out to the fabulous Mel Brooks on loosing his unique soul mate, the most wonderful Anne Bancroft, fantastic actress, beautiful dignified and funny. Certainly one on her own very underestimated. Rest in peace.
Suzanne, Hillingdon

There were the flowers on her star on the Hollywood walk of fame
Randy, Los Angeles CA, USA
I live less then three blocks from her star on the Hollywood walk of fame and I pass it at least a few times a week. Her star is one of the few that I pause at and smile each time I walk by. Today when I walked by it there were the flowers on her star on the Hollywood walk of fame provided by the city of Hollywood each time a legend passes away. Tomorrow I will walk over and add some of my own. I am sure I will be only adding a small bunch to the many I expect to see there.
Randy, Los Angeles CA, USA

Such a sad event. An actress who will be sorely missed. Her comedic roles in To Be Or Nor To be and Silent Movie show her versatility. Send condolences to Mel.
Chris, Heston, UK

I was very sad to hear this news. She was wonderful and had an amazing presence.
Shannon Malton, Sydney, Australia

She was right. There was so much more to her career than The Graduate. An amazing actress with remarkable sincerity and depth. Condolences to her family and friends. She will be sorely missed.
Michael King, Liverpool U.K

A beautiful lady. A wonderful actress. My thoughts are with all who knew and loved her.
Luke Cumiskey, Molesey, England.

She played the sophisticated older women brilliantly and convincingly
Omri Stephenson, London, UK
Funny to think she was only about 6 years older than Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, though she played the sophisticated older women brilliantly and convincingly. RIP Anne.
Omri Stephenson, London, UK

A class act all her film career. Taken to the big stage in the sky all too soon. Will be much missed.
Roslyn Slade, Quakers Hill, Australia

Sad News! Here's to you Mrs Robinson....!" has been in my head all morning after hearing the news! God bless & Rest in Peace!
Simon Manning, London England

Everyone raves about her performance in The Graduate, but her best performance without any doubt was The Miracle Worker.
Lorna Riviere, France

I saw The Miracle Worker many years ago and have never forgotten Anne Bancroft's performance. She was exceptional and will be greatly missed.
Florrie Errill, London England

My heart really goes out to Mel Brooks, theirs was a wonderful love story
Tracy Francis, Surrey, UK
I have been a fan from a very young age, after finding her in The Graduate, but I have to mention "Prisoner On Second Avenue" - one of my favourite films of all time, and "Night Mother", a hidden gem. Anne Bancroft didn't make enough movies in my opinion. She was the finest actress of her generation. My heart really goes out to Mel Brooks, theirs was a wonderful love story. Thank you Anne for the legacy of fine work you have left us to continue to enjoy.
Tracy Francis, Surrey, UK

Let's not forget her marvellous turn in Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" as the producer of the "Producers" - classic and shrewdly funny. A light has dimmed.
James Grody, Brooklyn, NY, USA

I would echo the comments of everyone here, Anne Bancroft (for me) will always be remembered for The Graduate, and Torch Song Trilogy, two of her finest roles. The world is now a slightly duller place for her passing. May she rest in peace.
Gary, London, UK

A loss to the world, but my heart goes out to Mel Brooks.
John Ingarfield, London, England

She is (while we have the films we don't have to say was) one of my very favourite actors. She could express a vast range of emotions and sometimes I feel I'm witnessing the very essence of humanity in her face, especially empathy and compassion. I am so upset about her passing.
Keith White, Tayport, Fife, Scotland

Very sad news indeed - she was a true legend and a fantastic actress! You will be missed. Rest in peace.
Jack, London

I remember seeing her in the Russian Vodka Bar in NYC two years ago. She was with her husband. I was surreptitiously glancing at her while we were there. I was star struck. She was a great actress and will be missed.
Allison, London

God bless her. Amazing actress and very good person
Abhishek Singh, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Anne was one of the greatest actresses of our time. Her portrayal of Mary Magdalene in 'Jesus of Nazareth' still sends shivers up my spine especially when she said "He is risen". May God rest her soul.
Carole Stickells, London, England

Who could forget her in Torch Song Trilogy? She moved hearts with her portrayal of a mother coming to terms with her son's homosexuality and on a personal basis gave me an insight into my own mother's struggle. When she asks Mathew Broderick "are you his friend friend or euphemism friend?" she was classic! A must for all gay sons and their mothers!
Neil McGuinness, Nice, France

What a lady, what an actor, what a performer and what a voice. Truly an inspiration to all. Never to be forgotten as "Mrs Robinson" in The Graduate. Rest in peace now Anne Bancroft, your work is done on earth.
Yasmin Darlington, Brighton, UK

A witty, charming lady. Beautiful smile, wonderful voice and a top class actress. She'll be sadly missed.
Des, Cardiff

No matter the number of tributes she receives she will always remain one of the most underrated actresses of our time. A true goddess, lady and giantess of film has passed. We will miss her deeply.
Randy, Los Angeles CA, USA

I feel so sad that she died. What a life though! Her portrayal of 'The Miracle Worker' was so incredible and inspiring, that was one of her movies that touched me the most. And for once, she was an Italian-American that did not conform to hideous stereotypes. She will be missed very much.
Maria, Edinburgh, Scotland

The first place I visited in England was Charing Cross Road, of course. Her role in 84 Charing Cross Road made me interested in used books and letters. Who else could have played that role?
Yoko Fujino, Ogaki, Japan

A truly beautiful lady with great style and charisma ,a remarkable actor who has left behind a great legacy, may I offer my condolences to her family and friends may she rest in peace.
Kate Hitchcock, Loughborough, Leicestershire

Simply an amazing actor. She will live on in my inspiration forever. God bless you Anne.
David Valentine, Manchester, UK

They just don't produce actresses of this class any more
Steve Walker, Bournemouth, UK
What a sad day, a fabulous actress and my heart throb from the iconic film, the Graduate. A very sad loss. They just don't produce actresses of this class any more.
Steve Walker, Bournemouth, UK

She was a star in "Torch Song Trilogy"!!
Norman, Edgware

She was great in The Graduate. Sorry for her passing away.
Chuchart Laohasiripanya, Bangkok Thailand

And here's to you, Mrs Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know. God bless you, please Mrs Robinson. Heaven holds a place for those who pray, hey, hey, hey
David Wood, Arrecife de Lanzarote

A fine actress who will be greatly missed, but she has left behind a great body of work (and not just the Graduate) and that is a real testament to her range and abilities as an actress.
Kester Gillard, Stevenage, Herts

For my father, my husband and my brother, Anne Bancroft still is and always will be, the ultimate older woman. Sadly missed.
Lynsey Nellis, Middlesbrough, UK

Don't know if anybody remembers her as tough talking US Senator Lillian De Haven in GI Jane alongside Demi Moore, she was great.
Andrew Green, Leeds, UK

Sad news. Her recent roles in films such as Keeping the Faith showed she still had the screen presence she displayed in her earlier work. She will be missed.
Ellie, Newcastle under Lyme, UK

What sad news. A talented, elegant actress that oozed charisma. I thought she was amazing in The Miracle Worker.
Clinton Bell, London/Barcelona

May the good Lord rest Anna Maria's soul in internal glory, l will miss her now and forever. Rest in peace, Ann, your name sake.
Ann Patra Komuhimbo, Kampala, Uganda

Anne, you will be truly missed! A compatriot Italiano
Luca Falomo, Milan, Italy

Anne Bancroft's amazing performance in 'The Miracle Worker' inspired my future career as a teacher. It is a must see film which illustrates so poignantly the struggles of Helen Keller and her family and the relentless efforts of her passionate teacher.
Maree Murphy, London, England

I loved her in '84 Charing Cross Road' and 'Keeping the Faith'. Mel Brooks and her seemed such a great couple. One of those 'guess who he's married to' famous couples who felt right. Two great talents.
Emma Pickett, London, UK

Anne was an incredibly attractive and sexy woman
Dave Godfrey, Swindon, UK
Whilst not a typical Hollywood beauty, Anne was an incredibly attractive and sexy woman. Also a great actress, always worth watching. I'm very sorry to hear that she's gone.
Dave Godfrey, Swindon, UK

Mel you were blessed to be with her.
Glenn Martin, Eugene Or

Rest in peace Anne, my heart goes out to your Mel.
Damon, Tunbridge Wells, UK

I first saw Anne Bancroft in "The Pumpkin Eater" all those years ago. I was only 24. I was totally knocked out by her brilliant acting. I have been a firm fan ever since. My sincere condolences go to Mel Brooks and all her family and friends.
David, London, UK

A wonderful actress. What a sad loss. Brilliantly bitter-sweet in "Torch Song Trilogy", and a comedy gem in "To Be or Not To Be". One of my favourites.
Gavin Scott, Edinburgh, UK

I loved her in 84 Charing Cross Road; a really convincing portrayal of Helene Hanff. My thoughts go out to Mel Brooks and the rest of the family.
Patrick Smith, London, UK

What a sad day. She could do that New York Bronx better than any actress - living or dead. The Graduate is only one of her films, I shall miss her. They don't make 'em like they used to! Rest in Peace
Steve Rice, London, UK

I was shocked to hear the news - she was an incredible actress and 84 Charring Cross Road is one of my all time favourite movies. You will be missed.
Lyn, London, UK

Such a shame. Such a talented actress who was always a pleasure to watch on screen. I think time to watch Torch Song Trilogy again!
Daniel Northover, London, UK

Her soul must surely rest in peace, she was a great actress indeed! Loved her lots.
Botlhale Maele, Gaborone, Botswana

One of the heroines of my youth. Beautiful and talented. May the Lord Bless her and keep her.
Sylvia Wright, Fleetwood, England

She is and was the only Mrs Robinson
Tegwen Haf Parry, North Wales
A great actress in my favourite movie of all time, The Graduate. She is and was the only Mrs Robinson! A beautiful and elegant woman. May she rest in peace, and my thoughts are with Mel Brooks and her family. Thanks for your marvellous work!
Tegwen Haf Parry, Penrhyndeudraeth, North Wales, UK

And here's to you Mrs Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know.
Neil, Brighton

Sad news; a brilliant actress with a totally fresh charisma and style. I think a lot of people will be getting out 'The Graduate' this evening, and sitting down with a glass of wine....in honour of Anne Bancroft.
Verity Worthington, Cambridge, UK

Does anyone remember her appearance on 'Wogan' in the late 80's? She was one of the few guests that left the venerable Irishman lost for words.
Rob, Hastings U.K.

Great actress - liked her a lot. Bless.
Carole Young, Glasgow, Scotland

Her performance in Torch Song Trilogy is worthy of a mention. Casting Anne Bancroft was an inspiration. A truly remarkable actor who will be missed.
David Cooper, Brighton, UK

Bancroft's' performance in The Graduate was nothing short of remarkable.
Steve Kenny, The Hague

Graduate star Anne Bancroft dies
08 Jun 05 |  Entertainment


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