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How can the Ukraine crisis be solved?
A supporter of opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko, right, appeals to a supporter of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, in Ukraine's capital Kiev
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The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Yushchenko will drive the economy out of the crisis
Pavlo, Ukraine
From BBCRussian.com: In the Western Ukraine nobody sells tickets to the Eastern part of the country - trains return empty. In the central part of Ukraine pensioners cannot get welfare money - they've been told there is no money and that everything was spent on Yanukovych's election campaign. Think about who will drive the economy out of the crisis? Yushchenko is an economist, he can make a deal with European banks. What will Yanukovych do? Borrow from Putin?
Pavlo, Ukraine

From BBCRussian.com: Opposition leaders have one objective - to win by any means. Like all revolutionaries they need bloodletting to happen so that they can justify those means. Rallies are like a drug: they make you high but it is hard to snap out of it. Remember your close ones and take care!
Sergei M, Russia

From BBCRussian.com: Both the West and the East (Russia) accept those who are useful to them! Who's talking about democracy? It's even funnier after the Afghan elections were declared democratic.
Ramil, Russia

From BBCRussian.com: I am very surprised at such an emotional political reaction in the West and the USA towards the elections in Ukraine. All of a sudden there's concern over democracy. There have even been threats of economic sanctions. It seems likely the West has purely an economic agenda in this matter.
Daleks, Russia

From BBCRussian.com: None of the current candidates deserve your suffering on the cold streets. The Western leaders keep you for fools and use you in their own interests. Yushchenko is the worst choice you could make.
Svetlana, Canada

Not everyone in Ukraine supports Yushchenko
Andrey Tarasenko, Kiev, Ukraine
Not everyone in Ukraine supports Yushchenko. There are actually many who honestly believe Yanukovych will bring a better life to our country. We have already seen Yushchenko in office and his slogans of "new power" are lies. He is brainwashing young people who want any kind of cause into believing his radical agenda and will do anything to get to power. From the very start Yushchenko and his allies cried "the government will cheat". They have said it so many times people are starting to believe it without any proof. The so called "democratic" exit polls are nothing like you have in the West. Here Yushchenko allies own all the institutions who conduct them! I voted for Yanukovych, I voted for peace!
Andrey Tarasenko, Kiev, Ukraine

Although I have lived in the US for the past 10 years, I grew up in Moscow and have several friends from Ukraine. I was 100% on Mr Yushchenko's side, but now I'm very disappointed by his action. I would never agree that revolution can solve anything. We already had one, and we all know the history.
Maria, NYC, USA

Joschka Fischer has suggested that there be new elections with the same candidates. I would go one step further. Both men should stand down, and allow new candidates to stand for election. This time there should be even greater international scrutiny. If a winner is still unclear, the Ukrainian Supreme Court should do as the US Supreme Court did. Pick one!
Jeffrey Otto, New York, NY

I have just got back from "Independence Square". The atmosphere is as warm as the weather is cold. We listened to a wide range of speakers including Klitchko, Ruslana and the mother of the murdered journalist, Gongadze. And of course, the crowd listened carefully to the man they believe is Ukraine's democratically elected president, Yushchenko. The Ukrainian people are very resilient. They will be back tomorrow. I studied history and politics at university in England. Now I have the privilege of living it in Ukraine. I hope and pray these days will mark a watershed in Ukrainian history. People here are tired of corruption and living under dishonest leaders. The people of Ukraine deserve better and now is a real chance for change.
Sarah Rossell, Kyiv, Ukraine

Everybody wishes governments like the UK would accept Yushchenko as President
John King, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

As a Brit living in Ukraine and having been in Kiev at time of elections and with family in Dnepropetrovsk and Pavlograd I can tell you that the election is unreal. In areas where the Prime Minister was claimed to have received most votes like Dnepropetrovsk residents are laughing at the officials who claim this to be true. Over most of the country people know the government have fixed the figures and almost everybody before the vote agreed that the opposition would receive most votes and that the official line would be a slim victory for the PM. Everybody wishes governments like the UK would accept Yushchenko as President. Come on Tony Blair. Do something worthwhile.
John King, Dnepropetrovsk

The world is witnessing the desperate need of the Ukrainian people to regain control of their own destiny. The desire of the nation to shed itself of self serving and corrupt political leaders is very evident. Fear and intimidation, often used by authoritarian states to suppress the will of the people can't be tolerated forever. God willing, the truth will prevail and the people of Ukraine will be rewarded with a leadership that truly will reflect the best interests of her people. God bless Ukraine.
Oleh Pawlovich, Winnipeg, Canada

I am very happy that so many people from UK,USA, Canada have expressed they support to us. We are fighting now for the future of our children.
Lykov Oleg, Kiev, Ukraine

I'm disgusted that Putin as the ex-head of the KGB couldn't rig an election without people noticing especially as he's been so good at cheating his way into office in Russia.
Jon Schafer, Melksham, UK

Doesn't look good to me. Too many people voicing protest over the results and too much influence from other countries.
Art Garbacz, Chicago, USA

I attended the protests in NY - keep up the good coverage and help Yushchenko assume his rightful place as president of Ukraine. It is clearly the will of the Ukrainian people.
Natalie Trojan, New York, USA

There were so called 'irregularities' during the election but they were on both sides
Inna, Bruxelles, Belgium
I am Russian but the elections in Ukraine are important not only for Ukrainians, they are important for Russians too. There were so called 'irregularities' during the election but they were on both sides.

The fact that the West so shamelessly interferes in the Ukraine's affairs just confirms our suspicions: the West, and especially USA, is trying to install its own puppets everywhere in the ex-Soviet Republics and they do it with the help of organisations like 'Freedom House' that is led today by an ex-CIA director! Western media are biased as usual and present only Ukrainian oppositions view on the election there. All this is a complete disgrace.
Inna, Bruxelles, Belgium

I just phoned friends in Kiev who have been to the Independence Square - they say the mood is good, peaceful and optimistic. No one wants bloodshed. Everyone just wants a humane life.
Sasha, Melbourne, Australia

Being a total stranger to the Ukrainian elections, and trying to be an impartial witness, I can only say that it is just impossible to say who really won the elections. There are many traces of fraud on both sides (for Yanukovych in the east of the country and for Yushchenko in the west).
Georgiy, Moscow

Even homeless people are discussing the results of the presidential elections. Nobody seems to be indifferent. But will the new president really care about its people no matter who he is? Unfortunately, there is no a real leader who would mind the interests of Ukraine.
Olga, Kiev, Ukraine

Ukrainians have fought for so long for independence at various times in their history
Stephen Brien, Lincoln, England
The choice facing Ukrainians is simple: Do they want a president who has promised to create five million more jobs, fight corruption and move for membership of the EU and Nato, or a Kremlin controlled puppet whose idea of closer ties with Moscow and countries like Belarus is the kind of isolationist thinking that led to the Soviet Union?

I have Ukrainian relatives so I know the history. Ukrainians have fought for so long for independence at various times in their history. They can't throw that all away now.
Stephen Brien, Lincoln, England

Unfortunately the protestors are wasting their time. The choice is between a pro-Moscow puppet and a pro-Western/pro-US puppet. Many in Eastern Europe think that the West offers solutions, but for the most part that is a misconception.
Balazs, Hungary

Unlike most foreigners or ex-pats, I do not instantly believe everything I hear from the western media. When I look at Yushchenko, I see another Boris Yeltsin, loud, brash and popular while he appeases the west but ultimately would probably prove ineffectual and unable to stand up to outside interests.
Daniel, Moscow

I am deeply impressed by the people of Ukraine, and I hope that they will reach their aims and hopes. The results of the elections have been judged by international observers as unjust, this is certainly a crucial time for the country. I admire the thousands of persons who risk so much.
Anna Brit Mork, Asker, Norway

Our new president Victor Yanukovych, saved face from becoming a western puppet
Alexandr, Har'kov

I see that the western media (along with its governments) favours democracy as long as it is in their favour. Our new president Victor Yanukovych, saved face from becoming a western puppet.
Alexandr, Har'kov

Ukrainians must be brave enough now to make their will known - it will only be harder to do so in the future. This election, stolen by the authorities with the blessing of Russia, will send Ukraine hurtling toward a future she does not deserve or want. With Europe and the US only capable of providing minimal support, Ukrainians must know that their moment has come to stand together.
Mark, Toronto, Canada

An MP serves hot cereal to some of the thousands of demonstrators gathered in the Ukrainian capital Kiev to protest against electoral fraud
This election is a shameless fraud, I just wish I could be on streets of Kiev with my brother and friends.
Irena Adams, Dutch Harbor, Alaska

I wish a real strong democracy for Ukraine. It would be better for us and for all Ukrainians. It would be better for all. Yushchenko should win!
Hubert, Lomza, Poland

I have just arrived from Kiev. Before the elections Kuchma and the pro-power forces did everything to brainwash the population. They kept anti-Yushchenko propaganda on almost every TV channel except the 5th channel. And they closed the 5th in the Eastern part of Ukraine. It's not surprising that many people just do not know the truth.
Roman, London (ex Kyiv, Ukraine)

Today we are witnessing the lonely cry of Ukrainian people; resolute in their aspirations to belong in the western democratic world.
Mamouka, Sokhumi, Georgia

This election should be in the immediate interest of the whole western world, not just Ukraine. Much is dependent on this election. Europe needs to step in, and help Ukraine gain its democracy and freedom which it has sought and deserved for nearly a century.
Sergei, New York, USA

If Ukraine continues to go down this road, it will tear itself apart in civil war
Vladimir Kozlov, Salt Lake City

The Ukrainian elections have obviously been rigged in favour of the pro-Russian candidate, and I find it shameful that my nation (Russia) is backing these obviously false results. However, Ukraine must find a peaceful solution to this problem - if it continues to go down this road, it will tear itself apart in civil war.
Vladimir Kozlov, Salt Lake City, Utah

The main point of these protests is to stop the abuse by the authorities of the laws of Ukraine. The people must be able to choose their government in a free and fair election. As a Ukrainian who lives in the US, I fully support my brothers and sisters in Ukraine in their fight for democracy.
Andrew Korytko, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Europe is only interested in Yushchenko and this can be seen by the fact that you have not published my comments, which were in favour in Yanukovych!!!
Alex, Kiev, Ukraine

This is a complete disgrace...Yushchenko is a puppet which has just gone too far.
Alex, London

The international community needs to stand by Yushchenko, and help Ukrainian's to uphold their privilege of 'democracy'.
Max Nahaylo, Keele University

We just hope Yanukovych decides not to turn the guns us - we believe in Yushchenko!!! Don't let them kill our will
Students of Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine

I am a Ukrainian living in America. We have friends in Ukraine that are keeping us informed. They said that not only were voting places closed off to them, but now with the protest, Kiev has been surrounded. People from neighbouring regions are being kept out of the city in order to keep them from protesting.
Masha, Pennsylvania, USA

My countrymen could learn a thing or two from the Ukrainians about standing up to leaders who fix elections.
Joshua, Washington, DC, USA

I am glad that people of Ukraine have the guts and self-dignity to stand up to such a blatant attempt by Russian government to have a submissive satellite state under their control.
Sergei, Boston, USA

When Putin is behind things, electoral rigging is always round the corner. No surprise.
Gino, Naples, Italy

The only thing that is apparent is that the results are NOT CLEAR. I don't know where the people of Ukraine go from here. Anyone who says they "know" how the election should have turned out is delusional.
Bryan, New York

I think Yanukovych is the man we need
Alla, Kiev, Ukraine
The Western media is awfully selective in their coverage of elections. They show pro-Yushchenko rallies in Kiev but you won't see 50,000 supporters of Yanukovych that have taken to the streets of Donetsk, Simferopol or Kharkiv. We were ready for the Western media to recognise the elections as fair only if the American puppet wins. A pro-Western candidate supported by Washington won the elections 10 years ago. I remember the cheer of the Western media at that time. And what? The term of Kuchma in office is one of the most shameful periods in our country's history. I think our country needs a man like Putin who will really fight corruption without bragging and selling our country to the Western oligarchs. I think Yanukovych is the man we need.
Alla, Kiev, Ukraine

Jeff Howley sent this photo of protestors in Kiev
I am a Ukrainian living in Toronto. I have not met a person who would support Yanukovych. All of my friends in Ukraine are outraged and are describing those elections as a nightmare. Government employees were told to bring in at least 5 absentee ballots if they didn't want to be fired. Buses with "voters" were circling from a village to a village in eastern parts of the country. The current government will do everything possible and impossible in order to keep the power. Ukraine needs the international support.
Ulyana, Toronto, Canada

This election was clearly stolen. But Ukrainians have gone on the streets to protest in the past, and it hasn't succeeded in changing anything in nearly fifteen years as a result. Unless the ethnic Russians in the east of the country are truly roused, it's hard to imagine these protests being different.
Mitch, Moscow, Russia

I have been travelling to Ukraine for the last 8 years. Every year, it seems that the level of corruption continues to worsen despite the increasing economic successes there. There is so much petty theft, bribery, and governmental ineptitude that it is amazing that the country functions at all. Someday Russia will learn to let go of a failed past and move ahead to become a great country in the world once again. As we all know, Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine have ties that run very deep. However, that does not mean that unity will serve any greater economic purpose. I praise the people of Ukraine for demanding a fair self determining election and I hope that the East & West will both stay out of the way and let her rise to greatness where she belongs.
Justin, Hillsboro, Oregon USA

It's inevitable that since it was not the pro-Western candidate who won the election, the West (and the losers of course) would raise hell about the result. However, something that bothers me more is that there is a deep division between the western and eastern parts of Ukraine. It would be sad to see the Ukraine torn apart now. People never seem to find a peaceful solution.
Ilia, Vladivostok, Russia

Ukraine's fraudulent election is simply a symptom of larger problems
Travis Bailey, San Antonio, Texas
I lived as a volunteer for two and a half years in Odessa, Ukraine, from 2000-2002. Ukraine's fraudulent election is simply a symptom of larger problems, which will not be solved regardless of who ultimately wins the presidency this week. I love the Ukrainian people, share many of their deepest values, but also share their realistic pessimism of a government and respect for law that is severely broken.
Travis Bailey, San Antonio, Texas

Why do you hear only the opposition? I'm an ordinary university teacher from Eastern Ukraine and I (as millions of others) have voted for Mr Yanukovych absolutely freely and consciously, just because I'm fed up with all those dirty lies and insinuations that have been generously supplied by Viktor Yushchenko and his team (including his mass media) for the last 6 months.
Natalia, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Many of the people I know are going to Kiev at the moment, to be at the main square, to stand up for their rights. My friends from Kiev say there were close to 400-500 thousand people out on the square, supporting Yushchenko! The only thing I'm afraid of is if the government uses the military to defend itself.
Olga, Donetsk, Ukraine

I am writing this letter to you because I am very saddened and concerned about the future of my Motherland. Being a true patriot, I cannot stand aside and watch my countrymen being fooled by the bureaucratic government. The international observers from the European Union, NATO, OSCE, the U.S. Government etc. all announced serious violations during election process. Please, do not stay indifferent to these violations of democracy. We, the people of Ukraine, will be very grateful for your reports about the dishonest way of these elections. Please, help Ukrainians in their fight for the leadership they want so desperately: there are 250,000 demonstrations all over the country in support of recounting the ballots.
Valeriia, Kiev, Ukraine

If the result can't be accepted by the opposition then clearly they lack democratic values
IF, Russia
Well, we have sore losers in our country too. But this guy - Yushchenko is obviously financially backed up by the US and has to work for his money. He will try anything stage a revolt in Ukraine, but I believe he will nor succeed. It was a close election but there is a winner. And if the result can't be accepted by the opposition then clearly they lack democratic values.
IF, Russia

Of course it was completely unfair election, with big use of administrative resource and Putin's support to Yanukovych. And I'm very proud for Ukrainian people who didn't vote as they told to and that they can defend they freedom. To my sorrow we can't even dream about this in Russia now. I hope that Yushchenko will become the real democratic president of Ukraine.
Dmitry, Daegon, S. Korea

I am ashamed to see that so many people blindly believe foreign "independent observers", who not that long ago discredited themselves by trying to put in doubt 20% margin victory for president Chavez in Venezuela!
Anka, Trembovla, Ukraine

Four or more years of Yanukovych may take Ukraine down a path from which it may never return
Adrian Bilyk, Toronto, Canada
I am a Ukrainian Canadian and have been following this election for the last little while. I believe this election was a disgrace to the Ukrainian people and the beautiful country of Ukraine. It is time for the international community... Russia included, to step up and denounce this mockery of democracy. It is time to give Ukraine its first real chance to become the country we all know it can be. Four or more years of Yanukovych may take Ukraine down a path from which it may never return.
Adrian Bilyk, Toronto, Canada

BBC and Western country support Viktor Yushchenko. Is it clear. And up till now I did not read anything in supporting of Viktor Yanukovych on this site. I was two week ago in Eastern Ukraine and I know that all my friends in favour of Yanukovych and almost all people of Berdyansk voted for him. Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia should be united. "West" always will be against our unity.
Artur, Novorossiysk, Russia

After speaking to several of my relatives in Ukraine, I am convinced that the election results were fraudulent. People in villages were outwardly threatened if they voted for Yushchenko; they were given coupons for free prescription glasses if they would vote for Yanukovych. Polling places were not opened in many sectors, or opened for only a couple of hours. I pray that the world will support the democratic process in Ukraine by condemning the fraudulent results.
Nadia Horb, Chicago, IL USA

It is indeed ironic that the Ukraine election results are being challenged on the basis of exit polls financed by the US government and Bush administration. We in the US just went through a presidential election where the exit polls showed Bush's opponent Kerry won. Bush's response: "The exit polls were wrong"!
Keith Mulholland, Indianapolis, USA

I have cousins living in the Ukraine and they have told us that people were threatened to be fired from their jobs if they did not vote for Yanukovych. Corruption is still flourishing in Ukraine. For Ukraine to move forward, corruption must be overcome.
M.J., Edmonton, Canada

The election was fair, Yanukovych won. End of story. Of course, the result does not suit the taste of sanctimonious powers that be, greedy colonizers past and present, large and small, ever hungry for others' property, ever glancing east, ever meddling... Judging by the orchestrated cacophony of the present media, their sulking is great indeed.
Igor Bronstein, Toronto, Canada

Highest degree of bluff, lies and scurrilous libel. Totally fraudulent elections!
Artem, Lugansk, Ukraine

Feedback on the article: the fact that around 49% of population voted for Yanukovych states that Russians/ Russian speakers are not the minority in Ukraine. When Yushchenko was the prime-minister, the country has faced with an anti-democratic process of Ukrainization with all consequences and Russian speakers are often discriminated in some Western Ukrainian areas where Ukrainian feeling goes far beyond just nationalism (as the faces of protesters reflect on the pictures). A small group of "paid people" doesn't reflect the country as a whole even if they would organize protests in most big cities. For most of Eastern people it's the last chance to have our language rights maintained. It's the main reason why Yushchenko lost.
Ekaterina Semenova, Odessa, Ukraine

Ukraine has been pillaged for the last14 years by the totally unprincipled, corrupted and criminalized government. Those in charge not only shamelessly violate laws; they twist and bend them to rip more money from domestic and foreign businesses and ordinary people alike. While the overwhelming majority of people deprived of the most essentials, are trying hard to survive. Those in charge build luxury homes, drive most expensive cars, buy their women fur coats, jewellery and the latest models of mobiles. Seeing this is truly disgusting.
Dmitry Kurdin, Kiev

As someone who lived in Ukraine and saw little protest or objection to their ridiculous president and officials only a few years ago, it's beautiful to see Ukrainians organizing, standing up to their corrupt officials, and letting the world hear their voices. You can feel their passion, anger, and their desire to get this right, right now. I hope this election brings out the best in them and lays the groundwork for the fair, free, and democratic country that they deserve. I cheer them on from America!
Patrick, Washington, DC

I am suspecting the "winner" is getting help from Kremlin. First, Mr. Putin shut down all free press and rigged Russian elections. Now he is meddling into Ukrainian electoral process in most insolent way. That said, however, the past shows that Ukraine has a history of flip flopping in its relations with Russia. When they need, us they want Unification, when they don't need us, they want Independence.
Alex, Moscow, Russia

There was no election in Ukraine. Mr. Yanukovych was appointed by oligarchs through government falsification of elections. Ukrainians do not agree with this appointment.
Oleg Semerik, Kyiv

Don't call it "election"! I left Ukraine 1 year ago because of people like Yanukovych and Kuchma. I worked as educator in a University and I couldn't get over the deep corruption. Help Ukrainian!
Vlad Rachinsky, Sacramento USA

My parents are in Lviv, Ukraine and I've heard from them that it is in complete chaos. I've been following this election from the start and it is clear that Yushchenko should have won. If I were in Lviv right now, I'd be out on the streets with the rest of the people - the election was corrupt and I refuse to accept the result.
Maria Dounaeva, Sheffield, UK

I am a Ukrainian living in Paris and it's very difficult to see what's happening in my country. It's clear to everybody that these elections were unfair. Look to the streets, you will not see the supporters of Yanukovych, the "winner". It's time to change our country.
Alexander, Paris, France

This is a farce and I hope it will not be recognised internationally
Denis, Kyiv, Ukraine
The election has been rigged on an unbelievable scale. The voter turnout in some precincts that "favoured" Yanukovych turned out to be more than 100%. This is a farce and I hope it will not be recognised internationally. Ukrainians are protesting everywhere from Kyiv to Washington. We count on international support and on the support of the British people.
Denis, Kyiv, Ukraine

My parents are in Ukraine now. They're saying that the elections were totally dishonest and corrupt. I'm watching Ukrainian news on satellite TV, and even now TV companies are behaving like nothing's happened. Only once they showed a protest in Kiev. I think Ukraine deserves Yushchenko to lead it.
Yuliya Poruchnyk, Gravesend, UK

I am a Canadian citizen living in Ukraine. It never fails to shock me when I see the deep corruption and depression in this country. Of course the election was corrupt. However, I am inspired by the fact that Ukrainians are standing up and saying, "We have had enough corruption, we have had enough depression, it is time for a change".
Steve Ross, Beregovo, Ukraine

I'm a student at the University of Kiev and I'm 17 years old. Today I was at Independence Square where the great demonstration took place. There were thousands of people who gathered there to demonstrate their strong wish to fight for a new power.
Bekh Mary, Kiev, Ukraine

This is a major chance for Ukrainians to reject the outdated and corrupt politics of the past
Christopher Gunning, London, UK
My wife is Ukrainian and in Kyiv right now. She says she has never met anyone who supports Yanukovych or Kuchma, and that the vast majority believe them to be "old guard" who would use any method at all to gain power. This is a major chance for Ukrainians to reject the outdated and corrupt politics of the past. It is a scary situation but I hope some method can be found of resolving it peacefully. Putin's involvement in it all has been outrageous.
Christopher Gunning, London, UK

If the people don't stand up now, then they never will.
Eric, Kyiv, Ukraine

Given the unfair and underhand tactics applied against Mr Yushchenko during the last few months, it comes as no surprise that he has probably lost this election unfairly. Mr Putin's easy and quick acceptance of Mr Yanukovych's victory despite the verdict of observers is a reflection on the similarities of the two men.
John, Lancashire, UK

We're going to win because the truth is on our side!
Yarema, Lviv, Ukraine
We must to fight for our real independence; peaceful demonstrations are our main weapon. I was in Lviv's protest and I saw more than 100, 000 supporters of Yushchenko. Viktor Yushchenko is real the president of Ukraine, not Yanukovych. We're going to win because the truth is on our side!
Yarema, Lviv, Ukraine

The sad truth is the election was terribly dishonest, and the authorities are covering up the truth that Yushchenko is the real president.
Oksana, Kiev, Ukraine

The election seems to be flawed and compromised. It is clear that opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko is the winner and the people's choice. As a Ukrainian American, I hope that the truth will come out, and the will of the people will be recognised. Word here in the States... from all my family and friends' families in Ukraine is that they support Yushchenko.
Christine Mandybur, Friday Harbor, WA, USA

Viktor Yanukovych needs to recognise that this isn't just a simple case of disgruntled opposition. He must admit the voting was corrupted, which is plainly evident in such cases as people in the West not being sent voting forms and the media portrayal of Yushchenko as a fascist. If he does not do this, he may have a revolution akin to Georgia on his hands.
Elaine O'Neill, UK

All the reliable evidence indicates the will of the voters in Ukraine has not been respected - the majority does not support the current prime minister. I only hope everyone maintains a peaceful approach, and that violence does not occur, for that will distort their search for democracy.
Steve Wagenseil, Block Island, R.I., USA



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