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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 December, 2004, 10:14 GMT
Top of the Pops leaves BBC One: Your views

After 40 years, Top of the Pops is being moved from Friday nights on BBC One to BBC Two on a Sunday.

It's the first time the show has left BBC One on a permanent basis, and the BBC says the show will gain a new look when it moves.

The revamped Top of the Pops will include archive performances alongside current chart acts, and the corporation hopes it will "appeal to a diverse audience of music lovers".

Are you a fan of Top of the Pops? Is it a good move? Will you watch the new Sunday Top of the Pops?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

I think it's great that archive footage will be shown, the more the better. Why don't they show complete shows from the 70s on Sunday nights so that we can relive the excitement of the past. We regularly stayed in on Thursday nights to watch in those days. Perhaps we can be told which week will be shown in advance so we know if our favourites will come on. The 70s are the best since this is pre-video so acts cannot be seen elsewhere
Andrew Muir, dumbarton

Top Of The Pops works best when it's kept nice and simple. Too many gimmicks, too many revamps and too many attempts at trying to be clever have caused a deterioration in quality in the last decade or so. To get the programme back to its best all it needs to do is return to its core values.
Marcus Stead, Liverpool

The problem is within the state of the UK singles chart
Jamie, Reading, UK
Through revamp after revamp, the BBC still hasn't realised that the problem has never been with TOTP itself. The problem is within the state of the UK singles chart - TOTP merely reflects this. However, with the inclusion of downloads in the official charts in the New Year, I'm hoping that we start to see a shift in the industry towards something less manufactured (I hope, anyway...)
Jamie, Reading, UK

About time it was cancelled! Far too synthetic since Andy Peters took over. The original formula was good, but like so many things it is now stale.
Chris J, Brighton, England

I heard TOTP2 gets more viewers which may indicate the state of the current music industry. There is some real musical talent out there but TOTP seems to promote a lot of manufactured pop music out to make someone a quick buck.
Simon Woods, Brighton

As a thirtysomething I have great nostalgia for TOTP as it was the only programme in my youth which covered popular music. Everyone watched it and most bands would kill to be on it. I think it peaked in the late 80s though, and as music became increasingly diverse through the 90s it became less and less relevant. Its demise has been accelerated in the 00s by the popularity of music downloads which has made singles sold in record stores an increasingly irrelevant measure of popularity.
Matt Munro, Bristol, UK

I simple don't understand why the BBC couldn't understand why TOTP ratings were declining
Sandi, Manchester, UK

I simple don't understand why the BBC couldn't understand why TOTP ratings were declining. It's fairly simple; it was aired at the same time as Coronation Street, which is watched by a third of the country. I for one would watch TOTP every week if it didn't clash with my favourite soap. All the BBC needed to do was find a new time for the show, not move it to a different channel.
Sandi, Manchester, UK

Given that single sales are in freefall, TOTP should change its format to become of more interest to those of us who are over 18 and who buy albums.
Mike, Newport, Wales

You can't really blame the BBC for demoting a low rated prime time show to BBC2.The golden age of pop music that TOTP so gloriously catalogued is over, I'd love to be convinced otherwise.
Mike, Manchester, England

I think the producers have tried hard, but they've been flogging a dying horse. Timing programmes to go up against the mighty Corrie hasn't helped much, either. The new revamp sounds like it may be going some way to setting things aright, but why haven't the schedulers got the courage to keep it on BBC1? Sounds to me like they're paying lip (synch?) service to change rather than being 100% behind it.
Dave Godfrey, Swindon, UK

Time to retire it gracefully
Andy, Salisbury, UK

You have to take into account the fact that modern pop music is fundamentally boring. Add that to tedious interviews and you are guaranteed a declining audience. Time to retire it gracefully.
Andy, Salisbury, UK

Good point by Alan in Glasgow about Jools Holland's show - getting acts to REALLY perform "live" would be much more entertaining. TOTP2 is a great program and I hope they don't ruin it by mixing in too much current stuff - TOTP2 clearly has a different audience on a nostalgia trip.
Biffo, Warrington

I didn't realise that anybody bothered watching it after Pans People were taken off.
Malcolm, England

Glad to see the back of it. Maybe Jools Holland's 'Later with' should slip into it's spot now that album sales far outstrip singles sales?
Phillip Holley, Cambs

Bring back 'Bling meister' Jimmy Savile, at least he was and is still original! come to think of it maybe archived band performances would be a good idea for the same reason...
Neil, Ipswich

What about the BBC using some "Common Sense" and combining TOTP with the results of the top 40 chart on a Sunday! They would attract not only the fans from Friday but listeners of the Sunday radio show. Think about it BBC.
Paul Smith, Wilts

Does this mean no chance of Cliff Richard appearing on it
Dave Williams, Prudhoe, UK

Does this mean no chance of Cliff Richard appearing on it (even at Xmas) because it means he would be working on a Sunday? Smart move.
Dave Williams, Prudhoe, UK

Top of the pops is brill, but if it's going to be even better still then okay do it, move to BBC2. No problems with that.
Scoubie, Antwerpen, Belgium

Every dog has its day. And TOTPs day is long gone. Singles are now an irrelevance for most music fans. Bring back the The Old Grey Whistle Test instead - focussing on new talent and archive performances. Not that sad to see TOTP go.
Trevor, London

It used to be the first place where you would see new bands
Jim, London
Moving it back to Thursday instead of Friday when everyone is heading out for the night would increase viewer numbers as would a decent consistent presenter. It used to be the first place where you would see new bands which in turn created the interest in watching, now it's a poor visual version of Sunday's chart.
Jim, London

I am English and live in Italy so we receive Top of the Pops on BBC Prime. After watching the first 10 minutes a few weeks ago you could take it of all together for me. Maybe I'm getting old.
Tasker Roger, Italy

Top of the Pops is all about singles, and as we know, singles aren't selling.
Lee, Hebburn, England

I remember when BBC2 started as the "culture channel". Putting TOTP on BBC2 is the final nail in the coffin.
Chris C, Aylesbury, UK

Linking it with the Top 40 is a great move
Peter Hegan, Glasgow, Scotland
I have watched Top of the Pops since I was very young and will continue to watch it when it switches to a Sunday. One thing that has always annoyed me about the programme is that it took almost a week from the number 1 being announced to it getting onto TOTP, so linking it with the Top 40 is a great move. I just hope the new format doesn't get bogged down with too many archive performances.
Peter Hegan, Glasgow, Scotland

Good. It was a terrible show anyway. How long till people stop buying music based on what other people have bought, and choose according to their own tastes? Get rid of the charts, get rid of miming, and pave the way for whatever type of real music you care for.
Gisen, Dundee Scotland

TOPT needs a "revamp" in the right direction. It needs to be an hour long, on a Thursday, playing music only (it is a music show after all!). With no "gossip" sections and no adverts it could then easily pick up a few extra viewers from the digital channels. There is still a high demand for a quality music show. The problem is TOPT hasn't been a quality show for years.
Nigel C, Leeds, UK

The first nail in its coffin.
Andy Massey, Hertfordshire

People can watch artists mime to their songs on over a dozen digital music channels these days. TOTP should try and draw in viewers by enforcing a rule that all appearances must be live. At least then you'd only get artists on it who are capable performers.
Ian, Durham, UK

I think there is life in the old dog yet but the show needs to stick to its core values
Paul Fearon, Sutton Coldfield, England
It's a shame that they are moving it to Sunday. I always thought they should have stuck to the old Thursday night slot. Clashing with Corrie doesn't help the ratings. I was brought up on TOTP in the 70's and 80's and still enjoy watching it with my two young children. With all the archive material the Beeb has got they could have a whole channel of TOTP never mind moving it BBC2. The show the other week with U2 playing live was awesome! I think there is life in the old dog yet but the show needs to stick to its core values. Leave the archive stuff for TOTP2.
Paul Fearon, Sutton Coldfield, England

I think it's a good idea for Top of the Pops to move to BBC2 and to have it on a Sunday as I think more people will see it. I think the best time would be 9pm on a Sunday evening as a lot of people will be sitting in and will get the chance to watch the programme and it will reach a lot more people of different ages. This could be a very good move for Top of the Pops.
Andrew Trevor Clarke, Slough, Berkshire, UK

Music has grown up and the singles market is dead. If people want one song, they can download it, if they like the band, they'll buy the album, so what's the point in having a programme on at prime time on a subscription channel whose content is based on the singles chart? Sure they try to 'revamp' the show every year but isn't that just passing the buck? It is quite simply not an ambition of musicians to appear on Top of the Pops anymore.
Dean, Leeds, UK

I wouldn't be sad to see it disappear altogether. The music these days is insipid and forgetful. This R&B and rap stuff is killing off the music industry. TOTP will never be the same now they've made it all 'modern' and PC. Scrap it, I say. Bring back Pop Quiz with Mike Read.
Steve Fricker, Warsash, UK

I watched it as a kid and into my teenage years (even appeared on it in 1982) but as you grow up tastes change. I enjoy TOTP2 but wouldn't watch a combined programme because I'm not even slightly interested in the current charts - give me Jools Holland any day. TOTP should be hip and for the teenagers and on a Thursday night!
Alan Budgen, London

For me TOTP sets up my weekend
Chris Kirby, Huntingdon UK

For me TOTP sets up my weekend. I enjoy watching it on Friday evenings whilst having dinner and it really gets me in the mood for the forthcoming weekend. To me, TOTP did not need a revamp last year. Less money has been spent on quality acts and filled in with cheap alternatives like "gossip" sections and celebrity news. Bring back the old TOTP "Whole Lotta Love" tune and our quality acts please.
Chris Kirby, Huntingdon UK

Sales figures for singles are in free fall so what market is there left for a show based around the singles chart? The ratings slump could be reversed almost overnight if they based the programme on the top 40 albums instead.
Gavin, Oxford

This is basically the BBC's way of dropping a programme that is no longer working. Give it a year on BBC2 and that'll be the last you'll ever hear of it.
Bill, UK

Thursday night is TOTP night. Who decided to move it to a Friday, when any self respecting young person is out on the town?
PJ, W. Yorks, UK

Teenagers who are the most likely to be watching TOTP are often out on Friday nights
Rachel, Cambridge

I think that the Friday show has had its audience figures slashed by the appearance of Saturday morning shows like CD:UK and TOTP Saturday. Teenagers who are the most likely to be watching TOTP are often out on Friday nights. Most adults prefer a more mature sound rather than boy bands etc on TOTP Friday.
Rachel, Cambridge

No I simply won't watch it now, and I won't when it is moved to Sunday's. Where has TOTP2 disappeared to? That's a far more enjoyable watch.
Sam, Leeds, England

TOTP was too short, and not in depth enough. They thought that changing the presenter, or changing the logo, would improve it. It didn't. What was needed was a sense of conviction and passion for music, and a rushed 30 minute programme didn't do that.
Tony, UK

A pop music show can only be as good as the pop music available. Pop was a major part of my youth, it deserved to be on primetime BBC1. TOTP these days? Boy bands singing dismal covers, housewives' favourites and thumping sampled claptrap that nobody wants to hear, that's why nobody buys the singles. Nadia from Big Brother has a single out for Pete's sake! BBC2 is too good for it to be frank, it should be on some cable channel and not beamed into my home at all. It's pants, put something better on while I play my old Top of the Pops LPs.
Jim Fish, London, UK

Looks like TOTP has been taken from pride of place in the BBC schedule and put in the cupboard under the stairs with the gas meter! Anyway three million a show? I would have thought that was quite good, given the advent of numerous 24 hour rolling music channels.
Simon, Nottingham

It started to go down hill when Jimmy Saville left the show....
Sally Kinkage, Southampton, Hampshire

Sounds like TOTP is being pensioned of
Rob Smith, London, UK
Sounds like TOTP is being pensioned off. To be honest it's never really managed to reclaim the glories from the 70s & 80s when it was a 'must see' programme for us pop-pickers!
Rob Smith, London, UK

Why don't they just kill off the show as it is far past it 's sell by date as you can find much better music programmes on MTV and VH1.
Evonne Okafor, London, UK

I think this is great news. I first watched TOTP in the 60s when it was just about the only place to see music. Now you can watch music all day long if you want. The only thing that makes TOTP different or special in any way is its link with the official chart. Yet by the time the programme airs, the chart is nearly a week out of date. Making it the place to go to hear the new chart, live, is a no-brainer, and long overdue in my opinion. It may not succeed in getting the figures back above 3m., but it'll put back the buzz that's been missing since the 80s. Can't wait to see the one before Xmas!
Mike Tivnen, Teddington, Middlesex

What the 'eck? How can you take the show from a Friday to a Sunday - it's outrageous! The new chart is played on the radio on a Sunday anyway! If it wants to appeal to a diverse audience of music lovers why does it have to move? Is it to underline the revamp and how pants the BBC is becoming, as well as the pop music industry?
Matt and Jon, Worksop

'Top of the Pops' has a very large following and in many cases die-hard fans who have grown with the pulsating music and dancing. Music creativity and expression are wonderful ways to communicate and bring people closer together from all over the globe. Top of the Pops is exactly that and has inspired countless people to develop their musical skills, singing and playing instruments with an euphony of sounds. If music be the food of love play on: whether it is on BBC1 or BBC2 does not really make such a difference. What matters is whether the new look is tasteful and captures the imagination of new enthusiasts.
Pancha Chandra, Brussels: Belgium

Give up the ghost let it rest in peac
Clive Jackson, Nottingham
Took long enough for the BBC to wake up to the fact that TOTP is not essential viewing anymore. With all the technology around today who needs to watch a tired and lack lustre programme. At its height TOTP was the only viable music programme around to see and here new music acts. The new programme needs to grow up and be more in line with the Jools Holland format. Off the cuff and stylish with intelligent presenters not flashy Del boys pretending to know about music. Mind you the state of music today doesn't help, over the years we have lost great performers who naturally own a stage not look like they are a dance act performing in a school gym in lunch hour. Give up the ghost let it rest in peace. Showtime over.
Clive Jackson, Nottingham

With the rise in popularity of cable and satellite television, and the wide range of music channels available 24/7, combined with the fact that the target audience are likely to be out on Friday night, it's no wonder that TOTP has been struggling.
Dan Douglas, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

This is completely stupid. The last thing TOTP viewers want is more old stuff from TOTP2, and BBC2 never gets as many viewers as BBC1. It's just an excuse by boring old people who don't like pop music to push TOTP aside. If they were worried about TOTP's ratings falling on BBC1, then they should have stopped showing it opposite Coronation Street. How can you expect good ratings going up against the most popular programme on TV? Put it back to Thursday, 7.30pm on BBC1, the slot where it first started.
Stephen, London UK

Top of the Pops is a great British institution. An inspiration to anyone who loves music and hates the pre-packaged focus group led pap that the show airs week in week out these days. Sad to see it go.
Leigh Maude, Reading

It's a terrible show with terrible presenters and terrible music. How it lasted so long on prime time I do not know. No, I'm not old.
Nor, Scotland

TOTP is so camp and cheesy it transcends criticism
Mark, Glasgow, UK
Big mistake. What could you possibly put in its place that is better? TOTP is so camp and cheesy it transcends criticism, it is a parody of itself and draws in some great acts. And let's have Smashey and Nicey types back as presenters!
Mark, Glasgow, UK

It is a good and necessary move. The show must though embrace the fact that the vast majority of their viewers spend time online. At the very least this should imply a chart reflecting the popularity of songs through legitimate downloads from online music vendors.
Gorden Grist, Anchorage, Alaska

The problem with TOTP losing ratings is simply down to the fact that it was moved from Thursday to Friday, when everyone is down the pub getting drunk after a hard week at the office. I don't have a social life myself and I'm usually too tired to go out on a Friday anyway, but I love putting my feet up in front of the telly on a Friday starting with TOTP. Its not always got good music, but when that happens you can always flick over and watch a bit of Corrie instead.
Stuart, Scotland

Stop the stupid interviews, the background info on bands, the focus on the (dying) singles market and the endless cover versions, remixes and samples. Play some new music that isn't from the usual suspects and maybe it'll be worth watching again.
John R Smith, UK

Just goes to show the terrible state that pop music is in when I show that for four decades has been about the latest music, now has to revert to retro sounds to boost its audience.
James Clarke, Hertford, UK

The BBC can revamp TOTP all they like, but as long is it's on at the same times as Coronation Street, it isn't going to get the viewers!!
Kim, Newton-le-Willows, UK

I don't think that the problem is necessarily one of TOTP being bad
Bradley Fothergill, Leicester, UK

I don't think that the problem is necessarily one of TOTP being bad, it's just that music, and the charts in particular, are not as important to people as they were in the past.
Bradley Fothergill, Leicester, UK

How many times has this program been "revamped" and shown no signs of improved audience figures? The only way you can get people to watch and respect a music show is to get all the groups to perform completely live (no miming or just having live vocals to a backing track). Producers should look to "Later with Jules Holland" for inspiration for their revamp!
Alan, Glasgow, Scotland

Sad, but not unexpected. The standard has slipped in recent years, and frankly it'd be merciful to give it the coup de grace. But compare it with TOTP2 - now that's worth watching, whatever the day or channel.
John, London UK

It goes to show just what a poor state the popular music industry is in
Max Richards, Cardiff, Wales

It goes to show just what a poor state the popular music industry is in, when its flagship show has to resort to archive material to make it interesting!
Max Richards, Cardiff, Wales

The BBC should not be giving the record companies free advertising. It should not be on the BBC at all unless the record companies pay the BBC for its airtime. It's mostly an awful din anyway so how about putting it on BBC 3.
David, Cornwall, UK

About time. The last new look was dreadful - same old untalented dance music bands with poor standard of presenters, and lots of naff computer effects. Why not make it a Later With Jools format but with more mainstream bands?
Ian, UK

Once again a good programme is moved from BBC One to another channel, to make way for garbage such as Eastenders or Come dancing, what next Celebrity "One Man and his Dog". Let's get back to the good old days of movies, sport and intelligent entertainment.
Martin, Edinburgh

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