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The Queen's speech: Your views
Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen delivered her annual speech amid the traditional pomp and ceremony of the House of Lords on Tuesday.

The government's plans for the next session of Parliament was laid out in the speech, which outlined more than 20 proposed bills.

The speech included proposals to introduce identity cards and measures to crack down on anti-social behaviour, organised crime and drug abuse.

However, political opponents have accused the government of creating a climate of fear in the build up to elections expected in May next year.

What did you think of the Queen's speech? What issues would you have liked to see addressed? What do you think of the ceremonial tradition surrounding the speech? Send us your views.

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

Your comments:

So there are to be more laws brought onto the statute book. Why not concentrate on enforcing those laws that are already there such as not using mobile phones while driving, wearing seatbelts, restraining children when carried in a car, rather than make more laws which will be ignored by many people
Pauline Fothergill, UK

It's not a case of what I would have liked to see included - but more a case of what I would prefer not to have been included - like the sinister and highly dangerous Civil Contingencies Bill.
Tess Nash, Helston, Cornwall

I think it sounded great. Let's stop the criticizing and let the Queen and her Government get on with the job. Rule Britannia!
Andrew, London

This has nothing to do with fighting terror
Christopher R, Cardiff

If ID cards are an important tool in the fight on terror why do we have to wait nearly a decade to get one. This has nothing to do with fighting terror and everything to do with rebalancing the relationship between state and citizen in favour of the state.
Christopher R, Cardiff

Identity Cards have driven me out of the Labour Party after 40 years. The Government are so very wrong on this issue.
Tony Potts, Gloucester

Whine, whine, whine. I'd bet that whatever the Queen had said in her speech today, it would have been met with the inevitable negativity that is poisoning modern Britain.
Jan, Edinburgh, UK

We've always had ID cards in Malta, one of the few countries to do so. I don't know what the fuss is all about.
Ivan, Malta

It's just a repeat of the 1997 and 2001 elections. The usual, Blair going on about how he will improve things. I agree with Mr Howard, it's the usual all talk and no action.
Steve, Manchester, UK

I would like the speech to have included improvements to the weather and a ban on reality TV shows.
Simon Rae, Bristol

I think its becoming embarrassing and anachronistic
Matt Munro, Bristol, UK

I think its becoming embarrassing and anachronistic. Somehow it just looks silly now, whereas in the past it didn't. Time for a change.
Matt Munro, Bristol, UK

So, yet more laws, more restrictions, more ways to get into trouble! It should be the case that if the government wants to introduce a new restriction, they have to remove an existing one first. Why is it that as we become more affluent as a nation, we also have to become more in-tolerant, and bring 'things' increasingly 'under control'?
T Marsh, Surrey, UK

Cue more comments about "big brother" from people. If 1984 was about citizens being forced to carry a card which said who they were, that'd be one very boring book! How many of these people have only ever seen the TV show and are just quoting a catch phrase without really considering the pros and cons of and ID card?
Michael S, UK

ID cards didn't stop the Madrid attack even though they are in use in Spain. Another example of our human rights being abused in this manufactured climate of fear.
Jason, Chester, UK

Jason, Chester, UK- how do you get away with using "manufactured" climate of fear in the same sentence as Madrid train bombing? Over 200 people were killed by those bombs. That atrocity wasn't created for a Hollywood movie. It happened. The only people "manufacturing a climate of fear" are the terrorists who keep planting bombs.
Peter , Nottingham

So... nothing to help the normal working people down on the street, keeping these dodgy politicians in their life of luxury, eh? Thought not. Remind me, why do I still live in this country?
Ken, Herts, UK

I think we should speak up and do some protesting before that is banned as well!!
Ben, UK

Wow - Brits are sure negative. Must be the weather.
Brian, Philadelphia

Men in tights...what can I say?

So sad to see Royalty reduced to a mere Labour Party mouthpiece
Ali, London, UK

So sad to see Royalty reduced to a mere Labour Party mouthpiece and tourist spectacle. I'd love to hear what is actually on her mind.
Ali, London, UK

The Government is not the Queen's, it's ours, the people of Britain. Let's get rid of the Queen and her gang, they are irrelevant.
Richard, St Albans

Whilst ID cards do not bother me I am deeply concerned at the prospect of people being convicted in closed trials without jury. It undermines one of the basic principles of a democratic society.
Ali Asgur, London, UK

I'd like to see a bill to ban Have Your Say, on the grounds that it only offers a voice to the most unintelligent comment to be seen anywhere in Britain today, banishing reasoned and informed opinion to the sidelines and perpetuating the scourge of the whinging, unrealistic and mindless society we live in.
Ed, Hertford, UK

Millions of people died in the Second World War to protect and earn the few rights we have so why give them up. History shows that once given away you pay a high price to get them back. Once again this Government are using smoke ad mirrors for this problem. They are running away from their responsibilities to deal with those responsible for the ills in our country directly.
T Jackson, Derby, UK

"My government will legislate to incorporate whatever the last focus group told then they have to do in order to win the next election...apparently people are a bit worried about crime. Oh and by the way my government also believes that the killing of foxes is wrong, but vivisection is ok and the killing of 100,000 Iraqis is unfortunate, but better them than a few foxes. Heaven forbid!"
Mike, Brighton, UK

The ceremonies also reflect our history and underline the seriousness and responsibilities of Government
Martin Carr, London, UK
From our office we could see the procession as the Queen went past. The atmosphere was very festive and lots of people were lining the route and waving. The ceremonies also reflect our history and underline the seriousness and responsibilities of Government. The content of the speech on the other hand ...
Martin Carr, London, UK

A shame that using the (extremely well worn) terror card may well work and get Blair a third term in office. An even bigger shame is the fact that it's exactly what the Tories would have done!
Simon Timothy, Aberdeen, Scotland

I would like to ask the likes of David Grocer, Richard Bagnall, Ernest from London, Hugh from Brixton, and Nigel from Leics how they would justify abolishing the monarchy to be replaced with yet another party political president. I'd much rather pay for our (cheap) apolitical monarch!
Andrew, Basildon, Essex

The Queen should not be demeaned by having to read this drivel. It's time to change this set-up.
Derek S, UK

A bill to ban petty-minded Labour backbenchers.
David, London, UK

Include some moves which favour the decent hard working people in the UK for once
Dave Pallett, Slough, UK
I think her speech should include some moves which favour the decent hard working people in the UK for once. How about introducing much tougher laws to crackdown on yobs, the right to defend your home and family against trespassers and the complete abolition of that dreaded human rights act which does nothing but help out the criminals.
Dave Pallett, Slough, UK

Criminal justice bill, maintenance evaders and absentee parents (being mostly men) are the most anti-social members of the community costing this country very dearly in every aspect of life. Where are the proposals to tackle these far more serious crimes? This crime also informs to a minor extent the Anti Social Behaviour often quoted but never realised or solved. Why?
Su Sullivan, Reading

With the introduction on non-jury trials, and compulsory ID cards why doesn't the government go for the full trio and add compulsory wearing of crescent badges for all Muslims?
Ollie, West Midlands

A British constitution to limit what parliament can do without a referendum and hence protect the British people from their government.
Reid Sommerville, Newbury, Berks

Nothing but a Labour Party Election Broadcast
Mark Baillie, Southampton, England
The Queens speech will be nothing but a Labour Party Election Broadcast. For years the Government has been told crime and antisocial behaviour was intolerable and they spent years telling us otherwise and passing futile legislation. Now we are told fear the terrorist and you must carry an identity card. Didn't communist regimes survive on fear and oppression?
Mark Baillie, Southampton, England

Speaking from the independent Celtic fringe (we wish!), I am in total empathy with Tom of London. The "fringe" had to put up with four legislations of ultra-right-wing government because England kept voting for Thatcher. She managed to destroy all heavy industry in Scotland and to severely damage our social fabric, even though she believed that "there was no such thing as society".

Labour was only elected in England when they moved so far to the right as to be indistinguishable from the Tories. The answer is to go our separate ways in independent countries. Then Scots can vote on Scottish affairs and the English can be responsible for their own. Scotland can be directly represented in Europe and England will presumably leave, to live on in your post-imperial delusions of grandeur. Oh, and by the way, you lot can have the monarchy!
Gordon Cowell, Edinburgh, Scotland

Racism is getting out of hand -especially against Muslims
Henry, Sheffield
Equality, equality, equality - racism is getting out of hand -especially against Muslims. We have to develop measures to prevent hate speech which is causing so much of a divide not just in the UK but in the whole of Europe!
Henry, Sheffield

I would like the Queen to tell us whether she approves of the Fox Hunting Bill, and whether she would continue to encourage her children and grandchildren to take part in blood sports.
Kat, London, UK

What's wrong with the pomp and ceremony of the State Opening of Parliament? There are many aspects of parliament that could do with modernising, but this sort of spectacle is what makes our country great, and what marks us out from our European neighbours, and from those across the Atlantic. Would replacing the frocks with more men in grey suits really make people feel any closer to the political process?
Jonathan, Leicester, UK

Off with their heads! The British press have little respect for the Head of State. Without the monarchy, England would be lost in the oblivion of the rest of Europe. Have the politicians been able to deliver prosperity to the masses? I don't think so. God save the Queen.
Michel, Melbourne, Australia

Next year Philip and I will come here in a cab and save you all some money.
Nigel, Leics

Everything the paranoid Sun reading majority want to hear
Sam, UK
It was everything the paranoid Sun reading majority want to hear. But it's a load of hot air really. Labour are all talk and no trousers.
Sam, UK

An independent Scotland and Wales - I am tired of our taxes subsidising them, it is about time they fended for themselves.
Rob Watson, Winchester, Hampshire

Getting rid of the ermine, pomp and ceremony and the monarchy would be a useless distraction to the problems facing the UK. What we need is politicians who are prepared to be radical, truthful and who can promote debate with ideas. Look how Bush and Kerry re-engaged voters. We don't need to waste time with "modernising" just as we have wasted time in banning hunting with dogs.
Daniel, London

What does the fight against crime mean? Does that mean that a corner shop that sells drugs to anyone at any age will be shut down or get extra protection because the neighbours are upset about it? Can anyone explain the meaning of the queen's speech in that context?
Sam, Manchester, England

We need to know the proposals for the United Kingdom to, officially, become the 51st state of the USA.
Zorba, UK

Greater emphasis on how to tackle environmental problems
Ciaran, London
Greater emphasis on how to tackle environmental problems such as global warming which is of much greater threat to human life than any terrorists.
Ciaran, London

A law that says anyone who earns more than 50,000 p.a. should have to give at least 50 a month to charity.
Chris , London. UK

"I will use the enormous resources at my disposal, such as land, property and tourist revenue, to make the monarchy self financing and free up tax payers' money for hospitals and education"
Richard Bagnall, Cambridge, UK

An end to the right of Scottish and Welsh MPs to vote on English legislation which has allowed Scottish Labour MPs to punish England with tuition fees safe in the knowledge that Scots students don't have to pay them and has allowed the now independent Celtic fringe to foist their Labour Party values on Conservative England.
Tom, London

A call for an end to the rampant negativity that is destroying this country.
Tony, UK

Millions are being wasted on a monarchy that is totally irrelevant
Hugh, Brixton, UK
I think the queen should address the fact that millions are being wasted on a monarchy that is totally irrelevant. They should step down. I can't imagine anyone actually paying any attention to what the queen says.
Hugh, Brixton, UK

A return to properly staffed and trained Traffic Police Divisions would be nice. Maybe then we could get rid of the Mobile phone using, middle lane hogging, insurance/tax dodging drivers this country's roads are becoming filled with.
Adrian Jordan, Harrogate UK

Adrian Jordan, Harrogate, I find it amusing that you want more traffic police. Catching speeding drivers and issuing parking tickets are about the only things most of the police do these days!
Dave Pallett, Slough, UK

The end of the United Kingdom and the beginning of the Great British Republic.
Earnest, London

The announcement that Britain will immediately withdraw from Iraq. That a special war crimes tribunal will be set up to try those who involved the UK in an illegal and genocidal war. That the capital and profits of the arms manufacturers and other businesses who have made money from the war will be used to rebuild the health, education services of Iraq. Finally that the UK government will withdraw all political support for the puppet government of Iraq.
Neil Rogall, London, UK

It is time for change - in customs as well as costumes
David Grocer, Bedford
Embarrassing. How ridiculous they all look in ermine and leggings! It is time for change - in customs as well as costumes. Politics needs to re-engage with and listen to the people. Wearing silly frocks and walking backwards detracts from what should be the most earnest, sincere and sober forum for democratic debate and legislation.
David Grocer, Bedford

I can't believe what's happening here. None of these measures can prevent a determined terrorist attack, but they're jolly useful for stifling dissent. I'd like to see freedoms being guaranteed, not obliterated. Optimism not paranoia.
Harry, Norwich, UK

You would think that anti-terrorist measures would have been highlighted before now. It's been 3 years since 9/11 and only on the approach to the election are we being told, be afraid, be very afraid. Vote for us to keep you safe. It's Labour's disastrous and illegal, immoral, unethical and cruel policies on Iraq that are putting us in danger.
Ken Hall, UK

My Government recognises that the new-fangled motor car is here to stay
Brian W, Chelmsford, UK
"My Government recognises that the new-fangled motor car is here to stay and will act to reduce the millions of hours that people waste sitting in traffic jams by making our 18th century road system fit for the traffic that needs to use it rather than the volume of traffic we think ought to be using it".
Brian W, Chelmsford, UK

I wish to make a defence of this government and its previous plans laid out by the Queen. Contrary to popular opinion (like that held by Paul Taylor of London) Labour has delivered virtually all of its stated aims in the past. Hospital waiting lists, more police, more nurses, lower unemployment, interest rates, fox hunting and so on. There are exceptions of course and it would be unrealistic to expect otherwise. So, I for one, am expecting the bulk of the speech to be delivered during the next parliament.
Shaun Parker, Bristol UK

A clear commitment to reduction in the power of central government
Graham Shelton, Oxford, England
I would like to see a clear commitment to reduction in the power of central government, with attendant savings in civil servants, and more freedom given back to the people to decide their own local issues as per the Swiss system
Graham Shelton, Oxford, England

It looks like the police state is nearly upon us; if Blunkett gets his way and has discretionary policing, arrest for minor offences and compulsory DNA collection for all. Horrific.
David Irvine, Glasgow, UK

A Law to make it compulsory to vote, then we would get a government that represents the whole country
Peter, Ayr, Ayr, Scotland

How much I agree with Andy from Manchester! I wonder if he has ever thought of standing for parliament. He would get my vote!
Graham Shelton, Oxford, England

More good news for the Lib Dems, as it's becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between the Conservative Party and the conservative Labour government. Both, it seems, are willing to sell out their principles in return for tabloid approval.
Johnny W, Hull, England

An Independent Scotland.
John Graham, Edinburgh, Scotland

The long-promised disability discrimination bill
Beth, London, UK
The long-promised disability discrimination bill. Much overdue and a Labour manifesto pledge at the last election. If its not there, Labour can forget the disabled vote in the Spring!
Beth, London, UK

How about building a public transport infrastructure that we can be proud of. After all we pay an absolute fortune in road tax and petrol duty and we still have a third world transport system.
Nick, Reading, UK.

That our graduates should learn to read and write in non text language.
Hyder Ali Pirwany, Okehampton, Devon, England

I would like the Queen's speech to propose to actually clear up the problems our Labour government have caused. We're shelling out 1 billion a year on the worst crisis our country could wish for and our appalling government want to introduce another plastic card? How will an ID card prevent someone from illegally purchasing a weapon and committing a crime?
Mike, Liverpool, UK

I should like the Queen's Speech to be written by the Queen
Frank, Egham, UK
I should like the Queen's Speech to be written by the Queen. After all, she has had to read the rubbish written by her dreadful prime ministers. Why not give her a chance.
Frank, Egham, UK

I'm hoping the Queen will stand up and say 'My Government has turned out to be an incompetent, spiteful bunch of class warriors with only a passing acquaintance with the truth. I've decided to dismiss them'. Well I can dream, can't I?
Andy, Manchester, England

Proportional representation. Revamp the British voting system so that people feel their vote actually counts - but then neither of the two "main" parties will support that as they'll lose their stranglehold.
Brian, Newbury, Berks

A resignation from Blair and Blunkett!
Dave, Stockport, Cheshire

Less chat more delivery would be nice for once
Paul Taylor, London, England
Is it me or does every Queen's speech sounds the same every year? My Government will tackle crime, health, education, transport, rubbish Celebrity shows - blah blah blah. I fully expect next years to same exactly the same as this years. Less chat more delivery would be nice for once.
Paul Taylor, London, England

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