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Black Watch casualties: Your views
Troops from the 1st Battalion The Black Watch
Three Black Watch soldiers have been killed and a number of others injured, in an ambush by Iraq rebels.

This is the second page of comments.

I am sickened by this tragic news. All British troops should be withdrawn at once. Please, everyone, remember these soldiers and their families on November 11th.
Gwen, Wales

I'm still amazed Bush was able to suck others into another Vietnam
Jack Ryan, US of Hypocrisy
Bush and Blare have to form a unified United Nations coalition force and let men with diplomacy take charge of his war. Bush and Blair are responsible for ever death in Iraq and should be held accountable. I'm still amazed Bush was able to suck others into another Vietnam, and it is, I know from first hand experience.
Jack Ryan, US of Hypocrisy

Rick Masters, it's the "real work" done by your countrymen (e.g. at Abu Ghraib) which has helped to contribute to the mess while the British forces have been there to keep the peace. If that's your country's attitude, the only pulling we should be doing is our troops out of Iraq.
Damian, London, England

They are dying for a cause, as are we
John, US
They are dying for a cause, as are we. We needed to know, or not know, if Saddam had WMD's and we accomplished that. Brits need to stop pouting out conspiracy theories and make their own homeland safer against a terrorist bombing equivalent with the Trade Towers, the Pentagon, and possibly the Capital bilding or the Whitehouse - the next time it could be Big Ben, London Bridge, etc. Can you not see they not only brought down concrete and steel, but tried to wipe away our history?
John, US

To Rick in Columbia. We Brits haven't had it easy so far, it's just we are more tactful and professional in dealing with the locals. We try not to cause offence to the locals with a clumsy, gung-ho attitude!
Nigel, Prague, Czech Republic

We in the US are very grateful to elite troops such as the Black Watch. I am a veteran and I have never heard a bad word of a UK unit. Lets remember they are over there to keep the war there. I also would like to mention that many could use foot powders and new socks.
Loren, Los Angeles USA

These deaths are an appalling tragedy. But the fact is, these men were trained, serving soldiers in Her Majesty's army, and as such are duty bound to follow the orders of Her Majesty's government. It is that simple.
Chris Lonie, London

If the US troops were as professional as these soldiers, they would not have been placed in this situation
Martin, Bath, UK
My condolences to the friends and families of the Black Watch. These Troops have done more than their fair share in Iraq. What makes it even worse is that these troops should have been home safe and sound. Perhaps if the US troops were as professional as these soldiers, they would not have been placed in this situation.
Martin, Bath, UK

These men joined the army knowing the dangers. They went to Iraq, to another nation to invade. The Iraqi people are now fighting back against those who have invaded their country, the British and the Americans. Some can call the resistance terrorists, but at the end of the day, they are defending their own country, and in their position, if the British nations had been invaded, I'm sure we too would have resisted the invaders. Death is a part of war.
Nazir Patel, Coventry, England

Never been so ashamed to be British. Scotland should look for independence. I want no part or association in Bush's war.
Graeme Gough, Scotland

We have lost over a thousand brave troops
Rick Masters, Columbus, USA
So far you Brits have had it easy in Iraq while us Yanks have been doing the real work. It's about time you started pulling your weight in this coalition We have lost over a thousand brave troops.
Rick Masters, Columbus, USA

To John USA: Where I come from the military are there to defend my life and liberty. They are not there to die to provide cheap petrol for you and more millions for your leaders
Gill, Leeds, UK

I think there is too much information given to the media which can be relayed to terrorist forces. The fact that any UK/US force is being moved should be kept secret as long as possible. In this case perhaps there would have been less casualties.
Brian G Frisby, Basildon Essex

When is Blair going to stop being Bush's puppet and start listening to the people in this country? Less than one week and three Black Watch soldiers already killed. How many more before he sees sense?
Helen, UK

Now that Bush has secured his re-election, aided by a show of support by his British ally, Tony Blair, could we please withdraw British troops from an area where American heavy handedness has endangered them - before any more are killed?
Chris, Hastings UK

These dead soldiers have paid the ultimate price for George Bush's re-election
Nick Foster, Reading, UK
These dead soldiers have paid the ultimate price for George Bush's re-election. It is inconceivable that there weren't enough Americans to do the job here. Blair is a puppet of the American neo-con's, how many more must die until the British people finally wake up and drive him out of the Labour party and out of government.
Nick Foster, Reading, UK

I am so sorry for our troops and their families, they shouldn't be there in the first place. Tony Blair will discover how unpopular our involvement is at the next election.
Andy, Hampshire, England

God bless the Black Watch. We thank you for your courage and commitment to the UK. Our thoughts are with you and your families. Democracy in Iraq depends on you we support you admire you and think of you. Black Watch do your job as the eyes of the World is upon you.
William Young, Aberdeen Scotland

How many more lives are to be lost before Bush and Blair realise the futility of this war?
Roger Cooper, Aberdeen, Scotland
This is yet more blood on the hands of Tony Blair and George Bush. Get the troops out now and leave the Iraqis to get their own house in order. We will never free Iraq from oppression. How many more lives are to be lost before Bush and Blair realise the futility of this war?
Roger Cooper, Aberdeen, Scotland

It is a sad commentary that the legendary Black Watch regiment is being used as a surrogate for U.S forces in a war that has been revealed to be nothing less than an attempt to control oil supplies in the Middle East. I believe the UK forces should be withdrawn from Iraq and I suspect that with increasing British casualties the public will eventually demand withdrawal.
David Jensen , Bloomington IN USA

God bless the Black Watch, their families, and the good work they do.
Sam, Boston, USA

I do not understand the European positions on military forces. Of course having people die is horrible but it is a military unit doing the job. Militaries are actually for more than fancy parades and window dressing at formal functions. If you do not wish to use a military for its intended purpose, fighting, then you have no business having one in the first place.
John, USA

We are the insurgents, there to help George ensure his oil supply
Arthur, Derby UK
Why is there separation, aren't we supposed to be a coalition? I am surprised the casualties are so light. We are the insurgents, there to help George ensure his oil supply, 100 000 Iraqis have been killed by American and British soldiers. Why all the surprise when they fight back?
Arthur, Derby UK

So British troops are deployed to a killing zone at the behest of the Prime Minister supporting the worlds only super power. A super Power that can't raise a 1000 troops of its own. What do we get out of the special relationship, our troops die on the battlefields for America. Cut these charlatans across the pond adrift. Let's do as they do and look after are own.
Phil Fitz, Barnsley

Our boy's are heroes, but why must they be there. Iraq is the Vietnam and we cannot win. Tony Blair should be out!
Dave Leak, Yarmouth

Sort it out yourself Mr Bush if you can
Les Young, Durham City
Why are our troops being used to bale out the US troops? The Americans started all this mess, let them sort it out for themselves instead of involving UK troops. I believe that Scottish troops were sent to this area of Iraq instead of English ones in the belief that it would get less grief from the media. Or is it just the case of him having to send some troops anyway to bolster George Bush's election campaign? Quite frankly the whole thing stinks to the high heavens. Its about time our troops were brought home instead of getting further involved in a US created mess, sort it out yourself Mr Bush if you can!
Les Young, Durham City

Is it a sign of the times that the deaths of 3 Black Watch members in Iraq gets one minute of video time yet Yasser Arafat gets twice as much. Our soldiers are there to protect life but Mr. Arafat has caused the deaths of thousands since the early seventies. Another lesson may be not to keep reporting every position of our troops on TV 24hrs a day.
Bill, Whitehead, Antrim

Okay America. You've got your Bush now can we have our soldiers back?
Dave, Ramsgate, England

This US citizen wishes to express his deep and tearful regret that the misguided leadership of our country has brought death of these most cherished British citizens.
Ed Soniat, Atlanta GA

Casualties are the cost of doing business
Iain Howe, Amsterdam
Whilst regretting any casualties the Black Watch suffer I'm sure that the lads themselves would be the first to tell you that casualties are the cost of doing business. It has been a truism for thousands of years that if you want peace then you must prepare for war.
Iain Howe, Amsterdam, Netherlands

How long will people be deluded with the idea that killing people is the road to peace? Killing just creates more killing. British history in Iraq should be a lesson well learned, but how soon we forget. No people want to be occupied no matter how benign the invaders. Would you stand by while being occupied by some other country, maybe to save you from your Prime Mister, Tony Blair?
Denise D'Anne, San Francisco, CA. USA

I have an emotional connection with the Black Watch. In 1947 my young brother and I were the last army children to leave Jerusalem, Palestine. I remember the Black Watch band was drawn up on the parade ground to play us off (we weren't important, just happened to have been overlooked in the evacuation). We sat in a Humber 'box' car with an escort of a truckload of troops in front of us and another behind, listening as they played the Skye Boat Song. Then we drove off. A very moving moment which I've never forgotten. The subsequent history of the Israeli / Arab conflict shows what happens when the British (under UN pressure) pull out of a trouble spot before the job is done.
David Tomlinson, London UK

I am very proud of the Black Watch regiment and all that Britain has done to stand by the USA. It is not a Bush war, it is part of the war on terrorism. I am sorry Bush didn't make it clear enough for you to understand but history will show you the wisdom the US and Britain showed by removing Saddam. We will now have a foothold in the Middle East to fight the rest of Radical Islam which is a World War.
David, Boston, USA

British troops are being used as an anvil for the US who hope to drive out the insurgents like in Afghanistan, but this time they are relying on Brits to stop them.
A. Eastwood, Templecombe, Som, UK

The great task in Iraq mustn't be undermined by the whims of US or UK opinion now
Mike, Devon, UK
It's absolutely right to deploy the Black Watch where they are needed most, so they can do what they are trained and paid to do, and do so well. If the politicians started this war by devious means, shame on them - but the great task in Iraq mustn't be undermined by the whims of US or UK opinion now. We must stick it out without abandoning the Iraqis in their hour of need. If things get difficult it would be spineless to throw our hands up and run away, especially after so much treasure and blood has been spent.
Mike, Devon, UK

I am concerned about the UK troops' safety, but not about their ability to cope with the situation in which they will find themselves. They are an elite and well trained fighting force. I am sure their approach will be in keeping with their 'softly softly' traditions. All I wish them is God Speed and bring them all home safely to their families for Christmas - my son in law is with the Black Watch.
Ann le Clere, Dordogne France

Get them and the Aussies out NOW. We have no business there at all fighting the Bush war.
Mike, Brisbane, Australia

Wish them well and leave them to get on with the professional job they have trained hard to do
Phil W, UK
This Whitehall "pen pusher" has also been through the Military Basic Recruit Training, and has nothing but respect for the folks on the sharp end. The training is hard and complete. Wish them well and leave them to get on with the professional job they have trained hard to do. We, the Reservists are proud of them, and will do our bit, if and when called to do so.
Phil W, UK

My family have served in the Black Watch for at least the last three generations. I have a picture of the Queen (Queen Mother, deceased) with my grandfather who commanded the 1st battalion in 1940. No good ever came from dealings with the Americans my father always said. No change this time around I fear!
Richard Stephen, Ry, Denmark

Good luck to all the brave men and women of the Black Watch and supporting units. They and all our forces are there to do a job in Iraq, so let them do it and hope they all return home safe!
Michael, Isle of Wight, UK

As allies of the US we regrettably cannot pick and choose which part of the war we want to fight and which we don't.
Alison, Athens, Greece

Whatever the political outcome they deserve the full support of the people of the UK
Sue Winters, Timperley, Cheshire, Altrincham, UK
My daughter is an Officer with the Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corp, she has been deployed with the lads of the Black Watch. I sleep better at night knowing that she is going with a fine Scottish regiment who will do the job that the Americans failed to do. I just pray that everyone of the regiment go home safe to their families for Christmas. Whatever the political outcome they deserve the full support of the people of the UK. God Bless each and everyone of you.
Sue Winters, Timperley, Cheshire, Altrincham,UK

I am encouraged by some of the comments I have read on this issue and believe our politicians should also take note. My son is also in Iraq, but I do not know exactly where and I wish it to remain so. He has a job to do and will do it to the best of his ability; the task is made that much harder when politicians interfere with military tactical decisions and operations. Whether you believe it was right or not to go to Iraq last year is inconsequential now; the boys are there to do a job and please, just let them get on with it in the way they know best. Be proud of them and wish them well and a safe return home!
Stephen, UK

Leave them to get on with their job!
Lee, Bristol
All I can say is this - support the lads in Iraq. They're professional, well trained and the best in the world. If you want to gripe, then gripe to the Government or your MP and let them suffer your 'wrath'. They're paid to do that, the troops in Iraq aren't. Leave them to get on with their job!
Lee, Bristol

I hope that the troops will be home for Xmas and that the prime minister honours his word. My daughter is out there attached to the Black Watch for this operation and it is really annoying that most people refer to the troops as boys so please will you remember that there are females doing just as good a job.
Sharon, Notts

I'd just like to wish the lads the best of luck on a successful deployment. I also hope the PM stands by his promise that the battalion will be home for Christmas. Maybe he'll also have a word or two with Mr Hoon regarding the farcical plans to dismantle the Scottish Regiments. We are all very proud of our regiments north of the border - its all about pride and heritage. Something the pen pushers in Whitehall always overlook.
Nigel Thomson, Perth, Scotland

The Black Watch are a good light infantry division with excellent training in counter insurgency. They'll be an asset, and it'll be a comfort to US troops preparing for an even riskier mission in the coming weeks to know that their rear area is covered professionally. Now can all the armchair Generals who wouldn't know which end of a rifle is which please be quiet?
Iain Howe, Amsterdam, Netherlands

They need our support, moaning about past decisions will not bring them back quicker
Doug, London UK
Our boys are doing a job they are trained for. I wish them all the luck and hope they choose to ignore the "Not in back yard" brigade and ill informed masses who base all their arguments on what they see in the press. Our boys are involved, live with it. They need our support, moaning about past decisions will not bring them back quicker!
Doug, London UK

No I don't think they should be moving north, in fact I don't think there should be any British soldiers there at all. I have a brother serving with the Argyll and Sutherland highlanders, whom are rumoured to be going back to Iraq, no British regiment should be there at all as it wasn't our war to begin with.
Laura Beedie, Sauchie, Scotland

For goodness sake leave the lads to get on with their job! They don't need all this 'should they - shouldn't they' nonsense, its what they do and they do it well!
Ian, Folkestone, UK

I wish with all my heart all troops deployed in Iraq were heading home. The insurgents are killing their own people for cooperating with coalition forces. There is no distinction between British or American in this regard. Helmet or beret, we are all seen as invaders in Iraq. I doubt that they'll stop to make a distinction. Bush and his administration are the problem here. Let's keep things in perspective and support all the brave men and women that have been placed in harms way, and held there long beyond their tour of duty, through no fault of their own. Hold them in your thoughts and prayers.
Julieann Taylor, Michigan City, IN

The troops deserve our sincere best wishes and all the anti-American drivel that is spouted by the left in Europe should not divert the UK and US from our common aim. We are working together with our real allies, the US, in Iraq and those in the UK who constantly carp about our links to the US should consider the lack of support our so called friends in Europe gave us during the Falklands war.
Rob T, Sheffield, UK

The health situation in Iraq is deteriorating rapidly. Perhaps Britain should be trying to tackle this - to prevent deaths from diseases such as typhoid, or maybe providing insulin for the 75% of diabetic people who have no access to it. That is the true crisis on our hands now. Troops cannot change the resentment that the people feel. Perhaps real humanitarian assistance can make some real difference to the people of Iraq. Shouldn't the UN really be handling the peace process and rebuilding of Iraq by this stage anyway?
Payam Torabi, UK

They may inspire a more relaxed atmosphere amongst the people of Iraq
Ben Irons, Warminster, Wiltshire
As we started the war in Iraq, even if it wasn't properly justified, we must try to end it, as I am sure everyone does. It is good that the Black watch take over from the US for a series of reasons; 1 - The Iraqi civilians may see the British soldiers as nicer more humane troops than the Americans. 2 - These soldiers have been selected as they are probably far better than the average US troop which only sees the army as a last resort. 3 - An alternative country to the US, may inspire a more relaxed atmosphere amongst the people of Iraq, as the US have not made the best first impression. 4 - To leave a country in turmoil as it is know would be worse than to soldier on and do the best we can to create a better Iraq. The Black watch may have been based in Warminster, the fact that they have been sent to do this does not make think why them, because that is stupid, its in a soldier's job description that they may have to fight in a war.
Ben Irons, Warminster, Wiltshire

Since they are less likely to shoot first and think later it will be a good thing. I just hope the MoD has given them all the equipment they require - because if one of them dies through lack of body armour or other supplies.....
John, UK

I can't believe how deluded you people are with this notion that the redeployment of your troops is for Bush's re-election. That doesn't even make sense. I for one would like to see a parting of ways with the British. I think it's high time you all submitted to your true masters...France and Germany.
Jon Rosendall, SF USA

If any of The Black Watch soldiers are killed, having been sent to cover the Americans this government will lose the next election and any other government who abuses our soldiers again and again will suffer the same fate. Never To Return
Frederick Wheelhouse, Stockton on Tees

The difference in this war is that Iraqis are fighting for their country. The Coalition are fighting for their corrupt administrations.
Jared, Dawson Creek, Canada

US troops can be released to prepare for a surprise attack on Iran
Raymond F. Breakspear, Kent, U.K
I suspect we are being lied to once again. I suspect the reason our guys have been asked for is not because the US has not enough troops. They have been asked for so that US troops can be released to prepare for a surprise attack on Iran immediately after the US presidential farce of an election. I could of course be wrong ... but I doubt it. I'll be very surprised if Iran is not attacked, quickly followed by N.Korea.
Raymond F. Breakspear, Kent, U.K.

I love the way that our responsible newspapers have reported every inch of their journey quite freely. I thought things like troop movements and placements were supposed to be a secret?
Andrew M, Walsall, UK

I am American so I cannot answer this question. This is for you Britons to decided. However, I would like to say thank you to the British and Australian troops that are working with our guys and gals in Iraq. I don't care who "shows" anybody "how it's done." I just want all the troops home in their respective countries and the Iraqis safe and sound.
Amy, Levittown USA

I pray for my son and all the armed forces to come home safe
Vera, Ryde, UK
My son is currently serving with the Royal Engineers in Basra, and has been told he might have to join the Black Watch further north. My father served with the REs in the Second World War, and his great grandfather was in the Black Watch. I do not agree with this war, and nor does he, but rest assured he will do his duty well. I pray for my son and all the armed forces to come home safe. God bless each and every brave soldier.
Vera, Ryde, UK

This is the nail in the coffin for the so-called special relationship. Despite being allies, there are profound differences in the way the UK armed forces conduct operations when compared with their US counterparts. This will be the unravelling of the alliance.
Roger Marsden, Birmingham

We have the best men and women for the job. My son has done 2 tours with the RAF and I am really proud of him. Good luck and God bless to all our boys and girls.
Mrs White, Wrexham, North Wales

As a soldier we don't care if this is for political purposes or not. What we do care about is getting in, getting the job done well, and getting out in one piece. What gets up our nose is those people who have no idea about the realities of our job and judge the situation because they have seen it on TV and have got nothing else to do but moan. How about you get behind us, and for once support us, as believe it or not it helps us when we do our jobs. It gives us a little belief that our people are proud of us and what we do and makes us perform better under the difficult circumstances we are already in.
Wardy, London

If I were a member of the Black Watch I'd be feeling pretty cheesed off. New Labour has them earmarked for total redundancy and yet still expects them to sacrifice their lives before they go. How shameful can this government get?
Graham Shelton, Oxford, England

It makes me feel sick to see them used as pawns in this way
John, Edinburgh, Scotland
It sickens me to see the flag of my beloved Scotland flying over troops taking part in an illegal war. The vast majority of people in Scotland didn't want this war in the first place. Sorting out the mess caused by a right-wing US administration and potentially swaying a few key voters towards re-electing George Bush is anathema to most Scots - we are a tolerant, left of centre, social democratic nation. Of course these soldiers will do a good job but it makes me feel sick to see them used as pawns in this way.
John, Edinburgh, Scotland

Wishing the troops all the very best. Let's hope there is peace all the way.
Faisal Ali, London, UK

Can we PLEASE drop this petty claim that this redeployment has anything to do with political gain in the US for Bush. I have just done a week in the US and you struggle to even see any mention of it over there. They are more interested in the Red Sox! Good luck to all our soldiers.
Michael Gore, Wigan, UK

They shouldn't be there at all. We should never have gotten involved. Saying that I wouldn't wish a further casualty on either side. It's a tragedy.
Bob Foster, UK

Whatever our troops are doing, they have my full support.
Grant Youngson, Elgin, Scotland

Why is command of British regiments more often than not handed over to Americans? We could try something novel here and let our military run things for a change, just to see what happens.
Anon, London

UK troops under US command is not a big deal
Todd, Virginia, USA

Please understand that UK troops under US command is not a big deal. A couple of points... Brits and US troops train together, speak the same language and have the same basic principles. US commanders would never tell the British commanders what to do. Any moves or missions would be coordinated and of course the UK commanders have the last say in what they will ask their troops to do. This is a non issue.
Todd, Virginia, USA

All countries who are in danger of their citizens being kidnapped and horrifically murdered should be sending units to Iraq. There is a real problem of the good Iraqi people being terrorised by these extremists. I would think once these cowardly terrorists are 'dealt with' than we will start to see the new Iraq. Yes send out our troops but we should have a say in how they are deployed.
Doug, Scotland

Whether or not it's for political reasons, you can be sure these boys will do a good job
Ed, London, UK
They're soldiers, and they go where they're told. I would personally like to buy a pint to all these brave lads who have served and will continue to serve our country to the best of their amazing ability. Whether or not it's for political reasons, you can be sure these boys will do a good job.
Ed, London, UK

There's no doubting the courage of the Black Watch soldiers. This is why it is sickening to see them used as a pawn in the US election. The same propaganda is always rolled out on these occasions - "Our boys will show them how to do it" or similar, and we fall for it every time. Best wishes to the soldiers of the Black Watch and may you return home safely.
G, Scotland

The Black Watch move has no political implications in the US, as anybody who followed the campaign on the ground in the US can see. One has doubt UK troops would have fared any different if they had drawn the Falluja/Baghdad straw. This is a war and on the ground Britain should support the US and the US the British. Second guessing of the type heard in the media is self serving nonsense! .
Jim, Epsom

Thanks to our only real ally in the world. I wish the British forces the best of luck.
Mike Dreisbach, Kentucky, USA

I'm living in England, but I am so proud of the "Black Watch". Most of my family in Scotland have been forces connected to the regiment. My nephew is a serving soldier, but why oh why is it always the Scots who finish the job and do the clearing up? God bless all the Boys and their families.
Fossie, Newcastle under Lyme, England

Yes - as long as we consider ourselves an ally of the US, then we should support them. We wouldn't be a very good ally if we were only prepared to do the easy stuff.
B Woodroffe, St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Can someone please explain to me how this move by these great British troops can possibly help Bush in his election? I watch national news constantly, read more then 40 world newspapers and believe me, this was barely mentioned in the press. Bush has not been touting the move of troops by Britain. No commercials, no fanfare. The Brits are great but they're not going to clean up all of Baghdad in a single week before the election. God Bless all our troops in Iraq, Be they Iraqi, British, American or our other allies.
Wes, Indianapolis, USA

Good luck lads, I am sure that no matter what side of the fence people stand in the UK, they will none the less be very proud of you all. I am sure that the minority of terrorists & insurgents are looking to attack Black Watch - but I know that our lads will give them a run for their money. I truly believe that UK troops, with their vast experience of building up trust with communities will do an enormous lot of good in the North & maybe should have been deployed sooner. God speed.
R Freedlan, Whitwick England

I fear now, that with all the furore surrounding the move of UK troops into the North, terrorists and insurgents will target our troops to increase the already strong feelings that our troops shouldn't be in Iraq in the first place. Think about it - what better way to convince the UK people to pull out of Iraq than to target the very troops that the majority doesn't want to move North?
Kathryn Wells, Leeds, UK

I believe the British public needs a lesson in what is really going on in Iraq
Dain, USA

As a former US military member myself I resent some of the remarks being made here. I have worked with UK and Australian militaries and feel both conduct themselves in a professional manner. This situation with the US military isn't one of not being able to do the job because of incompetence, but because of lack of man power. The US has the brunt of operations in Iraq, and are heading north to secure even more regions under terrorist control. Why shouldn't the British be pushed up to help with operations? The UK military committed itself to this conflict and they have a job to do. While I am very glad the UK military is providing support for these operations, I believe the British public needs a lesson in what is really going on in Iraq.
Dain, Washington DC, USA

It's about time this was sorted once and for all, and I feel proud of the fact that my former Regiment (despite the attempts by successive governments over the years to disband them) is tasked with this. Full support is all I ask now and that should be expected from all British citizens regardless of ethnic origin.
Davie, Perth, Scotland

How many more UK troops will be requested?
Robert Russell, Midhurst, UK
What worries me is what if they succeed where the Americans have failed? How many more UK troops will be requested to fight Mr Bush's war for him and at what cost?
Robert Russell, Midhurst, UK

Black Watch are a first class regiment who will do a superb job. I pray for them. However, Britain should not be involved in this war and all British troops should come home.
Ann, England

A proud regiment with a long and distinguished history, doing what they are there for. Best wishes Jocks and all UK forces serving for what they hope will be a speedy resolution to the Iraqi problem that was not of their making.
Jim Kirk, Basildon, UK

What is all this "tremendous courage" rubbish? They are paid a lot of money, they are doing their job and will go where they are ordered. Simple as that. They have absolutely no say in the decision. If anyone deserves criticism for the current deployment situation then it is Blair for being too spineless to question his orders from the US President.

To NM, UK: A soldier is not paid a lot of money by any means. The servicemen out there are doing what they are paid to do which is serve the Crown, they do this under harsh and dangerous conditions, all part of the job but with the dedication and professionalism only found in a British serviceman. And all this with a smile on their faces. God speed Jocks, be safe.
Steve, Essex, UK

No they should not be heading north to Baghdad, they should be heading home to the UK. Are we seriously meant to believe that the US doesn't have 500 spare troops to back them up? Of course they do, how else could the Pentagon now be discussing sending more US troops to Iraq if they didn't have more to send? Utter hypocrisy, but it's what we've come to expect from Bush and Blair: the untrustworthy duo.
John Farmer, Henley-on-Thames, UK

Now we are there we cannot let our partners down
Steve, Isle of Man
Troublesome regions call for high calibre troops, hence the American need to withdraw troops from Baghdad and redeploy them into Falluja. I think we went to war for the wrong reasons but now we are there we cannot let our partners down. I trust that the Black Watch and co have the skills (and hopefully the equipment) to show the world how the job should be done.
Steve, Douglas, Isle of Man

Once the kilts and pipes arrive may the Iraq people understand what it means to each person that we want peace.... peace...peace.... around this world.
Stuart, Newcastle, Ontario

Here are the Black Watch helping Britain and its ally as they have done for the last three hundred years, with loyalty and bravery. Save the Scottish Regiments!
Andrew, Edinburgh

I would like to thank the British government, troops, and most importantly the people for all the strong support they provide. A sincere "Cheers" is in order!
Adam Tesanovich, Houston, Texas, USA

God speed boys.
David S, Dorset, England

As America's ally we have a duty to support there troops in Iraq. From 25 years service in N Ireland our troops are very well placed to carry out this duty.
Jake L, London

What we are hoping for now is a force that treats us with a little respect
Marwan, London (ex Baghdad)

What's done is done. The war has been forced upon us as Iraqis. What we are hoping for now is a force that treats us with a little respect. Soldiers that recognise the fact that we as Iraqis, are the owners of that land. Unfortunately this is not the case with the American troops in Iraq. They seem to be there for one reason. Revenge. It is for this reason that we as Iraqis are looking forward to welcoming the British forces, as from past experiences we have come to realise that their respect for human life, and their courtesy towards us is genuine. Iraq would benefit greatly from this redeployment, and our gratitude goes towards the troops.
Marwan, London (ex Baghdad)

As a former British soldier who served alongside both the Royal Marines and the Black Watch on many occasions, I view this news with both pride and frustration. I'm immensely proud of what our boys have done - many of my closest friends have been involved in Iraq and have acquitted themselves with the utmost professionalism and continue to build on the 'Best in the World legacy' of the British Army. But I'm frustrated as well that we have to put our troops into a hostile situation to frankly do a job the Americans can't. I'm sure the Jocks, the Marines, Sappers and all the others supporting them will do a magnificent job, but the reality is all they will do is mop up someone else's problems while that mob moves off to another part of the country to wreak more havoc.
Iain Mulholland, Seattle, USA

I fear this discussion has been done-to-death. Blair thinks he knows what's best for our country, our people, and other countries as he disregards our views. Come the election next year I think we should all make it absolutely clear what we think of him!
Vince, London

My brother is in Iraq at the moment, we haven't heard from him in over two weeks. We pray God is watching over him and the rest of the forces from around the world. Always in our thoughts.
Deborah, Huddersfield

Take great care you Princes of Scotland
Mike T, Portsmouth

If you send these brave Jocks to war, then make sure that no civil rights lawyers are preparing an ambush when they return. This war is being fought by real men not the intellectual wimps and cowards who started it and are getting ready to profit from it. The Black Watch are being used by a liar for a coward, please take great care you Princes of Scotland and may you return safely to make your vote count at election time.
Mike T, Portsmouth, England

From a military point of view, I have no problem with the Black Watch moving north. However, I honestly don't believe that this deployment is for military reasons, but instead for political reasons (to help out Bush) and this I cannot support. The deployment should be delayed until after the US elections, if indeed it is actually necessary by that point in time.
Richard B, London, UK

Under the American thumb!
Ian Pine, Southampton, Hampshire

I would suggest that the Black Watch turn left south of Baghdad and keep on going until they reach Amman in Jordan. These guys have done more than their bit, it's time to come home.
Malcolm, Dundee, Scotland

Iraq is about to see the difference. The Black Watch are amongst the finest soldiers on God's earth - let's get behind them.
Adam Heaton, Bristol, UK

I believe it is right to send in British troops to support the US, hopefully their skills will benefit the area and the US, they are the best in the world and know what they are doing. What really concerns me right now is the publicity being given to the move north, as part of a military family I know how hard this is for the families at home who are watching the news right now.
Carol, Windsor, UK

My older brother is, at present, heading north in Iraq and it's nice to see the majority of comments are ones of support
Leanne, Dundee, UK

My older brother is, at present, heading north in Iraq and it's nice to see the majority of comments are ones of support for not only him and his colleagues but for family, like me at home, hoping and praying that I will see him home safe and sound at Christmas. There is now no point in debating whether the troops should or shouldn't be heading north. The reality is the decision has been made and whether we like it or not that's where they are going. It is their job after all. We need to concentrate now on bringing them all home safe. Whether we as individuals support the war or not is now irrelevant, we all support the troops. Anyone who wants to send a message to the troops can do so on the BFPO E-Bluey Bulletin Board. They will appreciate it.
Leanne, Dundee, UK

Move over USA. The Black Watch will sort it out. Good luck to our boys.
Ernie and Pat Turkington, Lisburn Co Antrim, N Ireland

Yes. We are allies. That's what allies do. Help each other.
Richard, UK

The last time British troops were promised they would be 'home by Christmas' was 1914. We should never have gone to Iraq, should not be there now and should certainly not be extending our sphere of operations. Although our soldiers have the competence to do the job, the issue is one of "what for?"
Neil, Hants, UK

I just hope for their families back home that none of them get killed to get Bush re-elected. Blair is still his little lapdog that he pushes around whenever he sees fit. How much longer will the British public accept the fact that their opinion is being ignored?
Frank, Belgium.

Best wishes to Black Watch. I am very proud of you all. When you get there show the Americans how it should be done.
James D, Birmingham, UK

I feel a sense of despair and betrayal
Eric, Blackpool, England

I feel a sense of despair and betrayal, seeing the Black Watch deployed into the Triangle of Death. They are continuing to follow orders in what Kofi Annan and others have described as an illegal war. This is a war of aggression, in which Iraq is occupied against the will of her people. This deployment is wrong in every way.
Eric, Blackpool, England

The comments so far are YES the Black Watch should be heading north from Basra; will they be saying the same when we have British casualties? I think not! Even the so called soft approach of the British troops will NOT work; it's clear more the US and UK are not welcomed by the Iraqis!
Mullah Hafeezud Din, Birmingham, UK

Maybe, maybe not; but should military movements be coupled with a running media commentary?
Paul, Oxford

No, they should not be heading north. They - and the rest of the British contingent - should not be there at all. But we are so let's get on with it. Just make sure you keep well away from the American forces, we don't need any more "friendly fire" problems!
Terry, Epsom, Surrey, England

No, they should be heading home. If they leave now, they could be here by Christmas (as per Blair's promise).
Rob Watson, Winchester, Hampshire

Tremendous courage and bravery is worn on their sleeves
Ian Mc, NW, England
You can't help feeling a sense of pride to watch our boys doing their job. Tremendous courage and bravery is worn on their sleeves. Not all people are supportive of the war, but I bet more than 99% are behind our soldiers.
Ian Mc, NW, England

Considering this is not a "political decision to aid Mr Bush in getting elected", it certainly does appear to be a big coincidence that the Black Watch will only be in the north for a few weeks (i.e. just until after the election). This is just a last minute stunt to keep US troops out of body bags and to do a blaze of glory assault on Falluja in order to win the election. How long before the Union Jack becomes just another star on the stars and stripes?
Steve T, London, UK

Irrespective of whether you supported the war or not, we are there now and we must do whatever it takes to show Iraqis and the world that we are committed to our promises to create democracy.
Chris Knell, London

The Black Watch should definitely be making this move. Historically Britain has more experience in the Middle East, and hopefully we will be able to demonstrate an ability to keep the peace rather than employing the more forceful tactics of the Americans. This is also an opportunity to pave the way for a multinational taskforce to police Iraq. My thoughts are with the soldiers and their families at this tense time.
Matt, Birmingham, England

The Black Watch should indeed be heading north. All the way to Scotland.
Chris B, Bedford. UK

If we and the US are in this together then we can't pick and choose the jobs we want to do especially on the basis of whether it's dangerous or not. These are professional soldiers who know that they have a risky profession and in whom I have the greatest confidence. Now let us all support them and their American comrades.
Andy, Figheldean, UK


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