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Why did you vote for Bush?
US President George W Bush
George W Bush was re-elected as President of the United States with a majority of Americans choosing him over Democrat John Kerry.

Mr Bush won both the popular and electoral college votes and has strengthened his control of Congress.

His second term in office does not officially begin until January, but he has already pledged "to reach out" to a divided nation.

What convinced you to re-elect Bush? What are your hopes for his second term?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your comments:

I voted for W because the most paramount issue facing America is replacing a runaway Supreme Court with justices who will interpret our constitution literally, not impose their ideas of social engineering on the masses.
John, Philadelphia, PA

I am an old guy who was first eligible to vote for president in 1972. I also have studied both world and US history extensively. I am convinced that our best presidents are those who have a moral compass and the will to carry out their agenda. It does not matter whether I agree with all of the agenda or not (I would not have agreed with FDR's socialist agenda) the results for the country have always been far better than when we had a leader who drifted with political winds (Clinton, whom I also voted for). Bush has the moral compass. Kerry does not. He changed positions depending upon audience. His late Viet Nam actions also, in my opinion, disqualified him from serving as the US President.
Phil Qualls, Fredericksburg, VA

Just remember that you sleep in safety tonight because Americans, led by our president, are willing to die for your safety
Gary Williams, Granbur

I voted for George W Bush because I believe he's a man of strong convictions, beliefs and principles. I'm a native Texan and I see in President Bush the best of the Texas character. Now, our European cousins might not understand us because they've lost their clear sense of right and wrong. They might not see that the world really is pretty much black and white, right and wrong. You treat others as you want to be treated - that's right. You hurt someone else, that's wrong. Every man has a right to defend his family from harm. Every man has the right to see justice served.

You may not like our president but you'd better thank God he's in office. My world - your world -is much safer because President Bush understands the need to seek out and punish those who have and would continue to harm us. I've read the nasty comments made by the European press. I've heard what the Canadian MP said earlier today. Go ahead and say what's on your mind. Just remember that you sleep in safety tonight because Americans, led by our president, are willing to die for your safety. It's the Texas way, y'all. You just don't understand.
Gary Williams, Granbury, Texas

I voted for George W Bush because the Democrats spent all their time attacking the President, and not telling the country how they would do anything different. Bush has turned the recession into a growing economy, and is keeping us safe from terrorism. That's worth my vote any day.
Joe Brassard, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

I voted for Bush because he is an honourable man who makes decisions based on principles, not polls and a man who can be taken at his word. Unfortunately, this seems to be a rarity among politicians.
Cathy Jones, Bayonet Point, Florida

He will not allow terrorist actions to go unpunished
Hayley, Dallas, Texas
I voted for President Bush in my first election since I became eligible to vote because, while I prefer Kerry's social policies, I don't believe that the Democratic Party with its ambiguous stance on terror and the war in Iraq is truly capable of defending the US in a hostile world. President Bush may be polarizing in his international policies, but at least I can be certain that he will not allow terrorist actions to go unpunished, as former President Clinton shamefully did after the attack on the USS Cole in 2000. I feel that too many Kerry supporters have forgotten what happened on September 11th, but I can be confident that President Bush has not.
Hayley, Dallas, Texas, USA

I voted for Bush to usher in the complete and utter destruction of the United States. Sometimes, you just have to tear it all down and start over again. No one will destroy America faster than Bush. Go Bush!
Tim, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I voted for President Bush because we need a strong man for these trying times. I live in Germany and believe that your average European just doesn't get it. Europeans "are able to sleep soundly in their beds because rough men (US) stand ready to do violence on their behalf". Your average European needs to watch the movie "Open Range" to better understand their American cousins. We all must defend Western Civilization before it is subsumed by the barbarians. The Europeans are going to (not) breed themselves out of existence and only the US will be left to carry on the civilization that has come to us all from the Greeks, through the Romans and brought into the modern age by the Europeans.
Mark Salas, Boswell, OK

Bush offers a vision of democracy and a hope for freedom in the world
Rebecca, Louisiana
Strong, decisive leadership are the hallmarks of the Bush presidency. Nuanced and conciliatory responses to the Middle East problems by the U.S. and other countries over practically the entirety of my lifetime have achieved nothing but an ever increasing barrage of complaints and growing resentment against the U.S. It is time for something different. Bush offers a vision of democracy and a hope for freedom in the world. Achieving this requires sacrifices and action and steadfastness. The threat of terrorism was my top issue in the election and that is why I voted for Bush.
Rebecca, Louisiana

I am saddened that I live in a country of intolerance toward other cultures and beliefs. I am saddened that our country believes it can arrogantly push its ideals of democracy on everybody else. With the erosion of our own civil rights, how can we hope to bring any to those in other countries? As for those who say this president supports Christian values, whatever happened to 'love thy neighbour'? Our country is more concerned with interfering with other people's privacy than actually helping anyone. I hope all you Bush-supporters lose your jobs in the next four years of economic crisis.
Sara Smith, Atlanta, GA

President Bush is a true defender of the American people, a stalwart, often stubborn, always determined, man of his word. He is a straight shooter who loves this country and is willing to defend it, regardless of whatever opinions may be expressed around the world. I admire him greatly, and feel much more secure knowing that he will be in office four more years.
Russell Herbst, McKinney, TX, USA

I registered to vote simply to vote against him
John Doe, Charlotte, USA
I wish Bush would resign. As a young American I registered to vote simply to vote against him. Something truly scares me about a man that cannot properly pronounce nuclear having control of the world's largest nuclear armament.
John Doe, Charlotte, USA

Lest the world think that all Americans are idiots, I'm not part of the religious right, and Bush didn't get my vote. It's also clear to me that he's going to do precious little "reaching out" to people who hold my views. That's fine with me because I intend to fight him and his kind with every breath I take. If we're extremely lucky, we'll have four years of deadlock in Washington.
Dan Parker, Raleigh, NC, USA

For me, the decision was a no-brainer. As a young New Yorker, who has experienced terrorism first hand, who has many friends in same-sex relationships, who has seen poverty on the streets and wealth along 5th Avenue, who has had peers seek help from Planned Parenthood, I face these issues on a daily basis. I voted for Kerry, along with 75% of New Yorkers. He was the best man for the job, given the issues concerning us now. But then again, the issues concerning us New Yorkers and other major cities in the US do not seem to affect "Middle America."
Annie, New York, NY

He makes me feel safe
Danielle, Illinois, USA
He is strong, confident, and stands by his integrity. He is not swayed by those who disagree with him, yet he allows them their right to disagree. He makes me feel safe.
Danielle, Illinois, USA

I voted for Bush because of his moral clarity in confronting the challenges in our time. He is a sincere man who truly has the stomach to preserve our republic. History will demonstrate how farsighted he was as democracies take hold in the middle east and peace expands. History will also shame Europe for largely hiding behind their borders during this time when western democracies should be supporting the democratising of the Middle East.
Ryan O'Gara, Woodbridge, VA - USA

I voted for Mr. Bush by carefully examining the issues of each candidate and where they stood on these issues. I was very impressed with Mr. Bush on how he handled the 9/11 tragedy. He mourned and shed tears like the rest of us, during the ceremonies. After, he spent hours comforting the families of the people lost in this horrific act of terrorism. Bush is a man of compassion, great integrity and willing to lead our nation in the face of adversity. He is a man that will not back down and change his mind. He will get the job done.
Margaret, Minneapolis - USA

Bush is against abortion and that is all that matters to me. That is the only issue I consider and there are a lot of Americans who feel the same way. Some people say it is ignorant to disregard the other issues, and maybe it is, but that is how I feel.
Bertha, Upstate NY

He says and does what he thinks is right, regardless if it doesn't win him any fans
Rebecca Saunders, Houston Texas
Not because we both live in Texas, but because he says and does what he thinks is right, regardless if it doesn't win him any fans. If he had been president in the 90's UBL would not have gotten away with everything he has done. He will be caught by President Bush, that most American believe, even if the liberal media doesn't want to report what Americans really feel. President Bush is Great!
Rebecca Saunders, Houston Texas

I voted for Bush because I am a Bible-thumping right-wing gun lunatic who hates gays, isn't that right? That's not actually true, but it doesn't matter what the reality is, because that's how the European media will depict it. According to them, if I don't agree with pacifism and appeasement, I must be an inbred redneck idiot. So I suppose that's why I voted for Bush: I am an idiot.
Gonzalo Rodriguez, London, UK

I made my choice for GW Bush based upon his strong "I won't back down" resolve to fight terrorism. I voted against John Kerry because of his betrayal of his fellow servicemen who were in combat in Vietnam while he was publicly trashing them to the world here in the States.
Lynda Roberts, Ruckersville, Virginia, USA

I voted for Bush because I am Pro-Life and against gay marriage. Bush stands more for these issues than does the Democratic Party.
David Schultz, Fenton, Iowa, USA

Americans have never liked being told what we should do, or how we should do it
Arthur Xanthos, New York City

I voted for George Bush (to the disapproving consternation of my European cousins) because an election is a choice, and the two candidates offered two different approaches to leadership. Ever since an attempt was made in the 1770s to tax our favourite breakfast beverage, Americans have never liked being told what we should do, or how we should do it.

From what I have read, I expect the majority of the European populace, most of whom I assume were born post-war, not to approve of the American people's decision. For insight, however, I suggest that holidays or other visits to the US not be limited to Boston, New York and Los Angeles.
Arthur Xanthos, New York City, USA

I voted for Bush because he stands for many things I like. With regard to the things about Bush that I don't like, John Kerry did not present a clear and viable alternative policy. What else could I do?
Nathaniel, Houston, TX

He sets a good example for my children
Carrie, Pittsburgh, PA

I voted for President Bush most importantly because he holds strong moral convictions that do not waver. I believe America is in the middle of a culture war, perpetuated by Hollywood, the media, and elitists who are tearing down the traditional values that are so important to me and my family. Secondly, I voted for him because he has not turned a blind eye to the problem of Islamic terrorists who are determined to kill us. He is a good man with clarity in his beliefs, and he sets a good example for my children. God Bless President Bush.
Carrie, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I voted for Bush because his political policies are most like my own. I voted for Bush in rejection of the corruption of the elite media. I voted for Bush in rejection of the vast corruption in the UN. I voted for Bush in rejection of fashionable politics with no substance. I voted for Bush because there is a time for diplomacy and he understands when that is.
Shante' Fosket, Chesapeake, VA

Because he doesn't believe that our foreign policy needs a global test. Europe needs to get on board with us or get left behind!
Ben Rice, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

I voted for George W Bush because he has a moral compass and a strong faith in the living God and these things are evident by his words, actions and deeds and they resonate with my heart. It does not matter how intelligent you are if you're wise in your own eyes and it doesn't matter how well you are able to speak if your words are clanging cymbals but it does matter who you worship and serve. You are unable to lead and serve others if you do not serve God first.
Penny, USA

1. Strong on defence
2. Strong on moral values
3. Staunch supporter of economic freedom for all Americans and freedom for all nations
4. Decisive and unambiguous
5. Will take care of North Korea's and Iran's nuclear arms ambitions
6. Will never sign the Kyoto insane Protocol
I have flown six thousand miles (from Poland) just to re-elect him. I shall do the same for Condi Rice!
Miek Kondracki, American in Poland

I knew I liked this guy right after 9/11
John, St Paul, US

I knew I liked this guy right after 9/11 when he stood among Americans on a pile of rubble and stated "I can hear you, the world can hear you and soon the terrorists that knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon". Whether the Democrats want to admit it or not had there been a Democrat president in office at the time the most he would have done is throw a few harsh words at Osama and then would have forgot the whole thing happened.
John, St Paul, US

I voted for George because:
1. He is intelligent. He graduated from Harvard Business School. They don't give out free passes there.
2. He has character. I grew up in backwoods Texas where bank loans were granted upon a handshake. Your word was your bond.
3. We face a threat that does not respond to human kindness. He is resolute and unrelenting in the face of this threat.
4. He can love more than just his family.
God Bless America.
Warren, Salisbury, NC, USA

I voted for Bush because I will not have Bruce Springsteen, Gerhard Schroeder, Osama Bin Laden and Michael Moore telling me who to vote for. The world will respect Americans more because they have elected a strong leader and did not succumb to our enemies' demands for electing Kerry who would be more likely to appease terrorists and America haters then Bush.
Peter Sosniak, New York

My decision can be summed up in most of these posts. The point I want to share is that these reasons cannot be understood by many who do not understand the philosophy of most Americans. The US was founded on Judeo-Christian values and a majority of Americans still hold close to these. Some may want to deny this, some may be deceived by what they see on the television, and some actually may not know this. This is hard to comprehend for a lot Europeans who have discarded these values and embraced secularism. But until you take the time to understand what we fundamentally believe in, Judeo-Christian values, you will never understand why we do what we do. Here's a hint to get you started, look at the election map and see who elected Bush and there you will find the heart and soul of America.
Michael, Texas

Presidents come and go but basic principals are here to stay
David Belland, USA

The liberal Democrats just don't get it. Jesus Christ, the American flag, the Ten Commandments, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are as sacred as the Bill of Rights. Only President Bush and the Republicans have consistently stood up for these ideals. Presidents come and go but basic principals are here to stay.
David Belland, USA

During a war a change in leadership may bring comfort to the enemy. Never bring your enemy comfort. While I am a Democrat domestically I would never want to bring comfort to our enemies. Also democrats are not as strong on moral issues as we should be. Maybe this will wake some of the leadership in our party.
Dewey Simpson, Erlanger, KY, USA

My vote for Bush was a vote against Kerry. I do not like how Bush allows his religious beliefs to run his domestic policies. I had planned on voting for Ralph Nader instead. About a month ago I read the 8,000 word article in the Sunday New York Times magazine that discussed John Kerry's views on terrorism and how he feels it should be handled. Frankly it scared me. It scared me that he wanted to handle it in the same manner as it has been handled in the 30 years prior to 9/11.

Kerry scared me. I felt that the US and the world would be far less secure with Kerry in office. Sure we may have felt safe, like we had for the past 30 years. After all, those dying would be elsewhere... while terrorist organizations built themselves up for the next big attack as diplomats and attorneys worried about the legal and political ramifications of actually doing something.
Tom, Hudson, USA

I voted for Mr Bush as he an honest God fearing man who will see us through these dark days of terror.
Tammy E Smith, Memphis, Tennessee

Some cold water cities are out of touch with the majority; this does not represent a divided nation
Jim, Duluth, GA

First, the US is not divided. Eighty-one percent of all US counties voted for Bush. Some cold water cities are out of touch with the majority; this does not represent a divided nation. The president received more votes than any other president did and a higher percentage of all votes cast in any presidential election after 1988. The president lives everyday the moral values that are important to my family, my country and me. I may agree with some policies and disagree with others but without the moral authority to lead it is all for nothing.
Jim, Duluth, GA, USA

President Bush makes strong, principled, and often difficult choices. A person like that is always going to be divisive because he can't be all things to all people. I respect him for that.
L Cardwell, Tampa, FL, USA

He will stand up to those terrorists who want to harm our country
Katherine Pacha, Iowa City

I voted for Bush because he in my view is a lot stronger on many moral and ethical values that I hold dear. He will stand up to those terrorists who want to harm our country. Unlike Mr Kerry, Bush will be able to help our country in the long run.
Katherine Pacha, Iowa City, Iowa, USA

There is a lot of Biblical teaching on how God judges nations. The story of Lot is one example on how corrupt societies corrupt good people and bring down a community. Gay marriage and abortion are a threat to our culture and security. I voted to preserve the morale values of this country.
Howard, Chicago, USA

I voted for President Bush mainly so he would be the one appointing a Supreme Court justice this term. Secondly for his moral stand. I hope and pray that President Bush will give serious and prolonged thought into bringing within his goals and/or policies some of the points and concerns that Senator Kerry has for our country.
Paul Young, Ivey, USA

I voted for Bush because he is an excellent commander-in-chief, has a long range understanding of US strategic problems and brings personal stature to the White House.
Donal D Kavanagh, Atlantic Beach, FL

We need him to appoint judges who will finally allow some reasonable limits on abortion
John, Boston, Mass, USA

I voted for Bush because we need him to appoint judges who will finally allow some reasonable limits on abortion in this country. The system of no limits abortion that liberal judges imposed in the 1970s is one of the great evils that our generation must redress. Bush has also proven that he has the spine to fight another great evil of our time - terrorism. And Bush has shown the heart to bring democracy to two of the worst places on earth - Afghanistan and Iraq.
John, Boston, Mass, USA

I voted for President Bush because I refuse to be associated with a candidate or party that openly welcomes Michael Moore. I was actually leaning toward Kerry until Fahrenheit 911 was released. That heinous, hate filled movie and the fact that many in the Democratic Party and the Hollywood elite actually promoted it as the truth turned me. As a 911 survivor, it insulted my intelligence and the memory of all my friends, neighbours, and colleagues who perished at the hands of criminals.
Rob, Madison, NJ, USA

I voted for Mr Bush because he stands for the values as defined by the word of God.
Mike McF, Frisco, Texas, USA

He's a hard worker who has the guts to do what has to be done. He is working towards freedom for all even though he has met resistance. The world needs a man like him who is not afraid to be unpopular... and the irony is he won the highest popular vote since Kennedy. He's doing what is right even though it's difficult. This is a tough world, but his heart is in the right place. We need the world to work with us now and world peace will be closer than ever.
Ann Cipriani, PA, USA

I was not about to vote for Kerry since that's what Europe wanted me to do
John, Stockholm, Sweden

I moved to Europe nearly a year ago, and while I have tended to vote Republican most of my life, I was not particularly warm to President Bush. After being in Europe for a few months, however, my support for Bush was galvanized by seeing the completely unfair treatment he gets in the media here and hearing the constant criticism and contempt displayed for him by most Europeans.

A few Americans I know conclude that this must mean he is bad, but most react like me, defensively, and rally around our leader. I think I would have voted for Bush anyway, but I was not about to vote for Kerry since that's what Europe wanted me to do. Bush is our president, we elected him, we care about religion, and Europe better get used to it because we're not about to let you vote!
John, Stockholm, Sweden

I voted for President Bush because he provided relief to all taxpayers. Most importantly, however, Bush has liberated 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq, 75 percent of Bin Laden's henchmen have been captured or killed, while the remaining terrorists are running for their lives. Thank God for President Bush and America's greatest ally, Prime Minister Blair.
Thomas Cunningham, St. Petersburg, FL, USA

His faith and dependency on the almighty God have won my respect. He is not ashamed to publicly declare his faith. I hope his second term will bring peace and democracy to the troubled regions of the world and domestically bring greater prosperity not only to America but also to the Third world.
Ben, New York

I vote for politicians who come closest to my views:
1. A strong national defence,
2. Smaller government,
3. More power and responsibility devolved to state and local governments, and
4. An end to carte blanche abortion.
While George Bush failed on smaller government, John Kerry fails on all of them.
Glenn Meyer, Bridgeton, USA

We do not separate our personal, religious convictions from the expectations we have of our leaders
Leah, Richmond, VA

I voted for President Bush because I feel he is a decisive leader, who does not waiver in his convictions. The majority of Americans have a solid belief system based on their moral and religious beliefs. Contrary to most of the opinions I have seen expressed by most Europeans, we do not separate our personal, religious convictions from the expectations we have of our leaders. The issues of abortion and stem cell research played a significant role in our decision making process.

In addition, post 9/11, our country desires a leader whom we feel will never kowtow to the demands, threats and terrorist acts of any group, whether inside or outside of American borders. To the rest of the world, whose comments have been nothing but disparaging: You simply do not understand Americans! You never have, and I doubt that you will ever fully understand our thought process, which is intricately intertwined with our religious convictions, whether Democrat or Republican.
Leah, Richmond, VA

I think that it isn't enough that Kerry wasn't Bush. He had no solid plans except to make a better America. OK. How? He couldn't answer that. The more people heard him speak the more they realized that he had no clear plan. That is something that would be detrimental to both the US and the world. I am glad that Bush has four more years, he has been a better president than Kerry ever could be.
Alex, Boston, MA

Reason: He gave Saddam Hussein 48 hours to get out; that's what we expected from Mr Carter a few years ago in getting our hostages back from Iran. In short, many Americans have waited all our lives to finally see an American president deliver an ultimatum and then back it up. Hopes: build trade with Europe, not just alliances against terror. Our trade policy now is merely a money pipeline to China.
David Rittenhouse, Deerfield Beach, FL, USA

I voted for George Bush because he is un-wavering with his course of actions and I believe has morals based in true faith of God. All through the election I saw John Kerry change his stance on almost every issue with no real plans to back up any of his promises. To have a candidate come out day in and day out and state what he could do with no explanation of how to do it got old really fast.
Billy T, Marietta, Georgia, USA

I voted for President Bush because I believe he is honest, consistent, and truly cares about people; not just Americans. He desires democratic freedom for everyone.
Lynn, USA

I voted for President Bush, because what others saw as stubbornness and arrogance... I saw as strength and perseverance. A strong nation needs a strong leader. Especially one who has beliefs and values which are based on compassion and a true desire for elevating the lives of others.
Laura, USA

I voted for Bush for the same reasons so many else did. With President Bush, you know exactly where he stands and his strength as a leader in these tough times is something that was not seen in Senator Kerry. Senator Kerry moved with the wind where as Bush walks through it. Clearly, President Bush is very misunderstood around the world due to his portrayal through the liberal media. Our friends across the great pond really need to dig past the media to understand President Bush. Ironically, it's the liberal media and those like Michael Moore which led to Bush's re-election. So, on behalf of Bush supporters - Hey, thanks!
Fayne Moore, Crofton, Maryland, US

I voted for Bush because I would never vote to put a Democrat in the White House when we are at war, their track record in that department being reprehensible. I voted for Bush because for the first time in my lifetime, we have a President who does what he says he is going to do, and in the end, I voted for Bush because I trust him.
Warren Jorgensen, New York, USA

I voted for President Bush because he wasn't interested in increasing the already heavy tax burden on the wealthiest classes. He made a point to outline his plans for America for the next four years, which Senator Kerry never did. At the end of the day, Kerry simply wasn't a strong enough candidate and Edwards couldn't even deliver his own state. This election was a testament to how out of touch the Democratic Party has become to the American people. They assumed that all it took was a few speeches and sparkling smiles to win the presidency, but America saw through it.
Paul, New York, USA

The Republicans should thank Moore and give him a prominent table at the inauguration!
Michael C, NY, USA

I voted for Bush because I could not stand the elitist media and the pundits telling me that he was a fool. I was tired of people like Michael Moore trying to influence my decision by making movies that had only one purpose - tear down the president. I disagree with many of his policies and would not have voted for him except for the fact that I am sick and tired of these people telling me that I am not smart enough to figure out for myself what is right and what is wrong. The Republicans should thank Moore and give him a prominent table at the inauguration!
Michael C, NY, USA

It boiled down to Bush being Protestant. I agreed with many of Kerry's policies and liked him very much, but in decisions that would require going on faith, I felt less secure trusting Kerry. Also, John Edwards gave me bad vibes. He was like a car salesman during the debates.
Jonathan, Washington, DC

I voted for Bush for a number of reasons, but I have to confess one of them was because of all the lecturing and condescending opinions I read in the foreign press and heard from the "holier than thou" crowd in Europe. It just got on my nerves so much that people who only get a sliver of heavily bias coverage about America could hold such closed-minded opinions about our elections. Maybe four more years will give you a chance to open your minds to new ideas and consider that there are Americans who have a right to believe differently than you.
Andrew, Washington, DC

I had made my mind up many months ago about who I would vote for in the elections. I believe in our president and his vision for the future. Morality, domestic agenda, international affairs, and the war on terrorism were key for my decision to vote for our president. The next term will be more productive. We will see more attention to domestic issues and continued international involvement. Terrorists will continue to be brought to justice and Iraq and Afghanistan will continue to develop towards their independence. It is a big job and going to be very busy for our president. I am confident in his ability to succeed. Thanks!
James, Lexington, KY, USA

In general, President Bush makes decisions based on strong, unchanging convictions (with which I agree) instead of what is politically popular at the moment. My three important issues are: belief in moral absolutes; strong national defence protecting American interests abroad; and limited government.
GI Miller, Raleigh, NC, USA

I just prayed that God's will be done
Marie Dockery, United States

He is the best man for the job. He won't back down to terrorists. We know where he stands. He is a gracious and honourable man who is God fearing. As much as I wanted him to win, I never prayed that he would. I just prayed that God's will be done. I do believe it was. The bias liberal news media infuriates the American people for the way they treat Bush. I do believe this was a factor in Kerry losing. Just my thoughts.
Marie Dockery, United States

I voted for Bush, so that he can clean up all his mess during his second term. No-one else should be made responsible for all his folly and self-disillusioned war on terror. The only war that the world needs to fight is to eradicate poverty, diseases, genocide, atrocity and many unjust situations in many parts of the world. These are the real terrors that breeds human terrorists. Go to the roots of the cause. Don't try to be a fool to treat symptoms of these terrors.
Jaime Stuart

I voted for Bush for a number of reasons. I believe he is taking the correct approach on terrorism and that Iraq is an integral part of that war. I believe that abortion is murder and see his re-election as the best chance of reversing that barbarous activity. And on the few issues I disagree with him I respect the fact that I know where he stands, I could never make that claim of his opponent.
Richard Lamb, Jacksonville, FL

I voted for Mr Bush because Mr Kerry cannot be trusted. He has no moral values and I need a leader that stands by his actions and does not run when it gets tough. The world does not understand us here in America. I'm a highly educated, married person that owns guns, hunts, and is against gay marriage. I live and grew up in Massachusetts.
Patrick Burke, Swampscott, MA, USA

Bush is our war time President. It is would be a nation defeat if he should have lost. We want him to fight these Islamic terrorists till the end. He needs to win the heart of the world by fighting this war more broadly and involving every one with a freedom flag. We hail Bush.
Saurabh K, Santa Cruz, CA

Europeans don't seem to understand American politics or our values. Americans including myself, voted for Bush because he was not afraid to show his faith in God nor does he back down from his word. He's a strong leader that can defend the US interests no matter the peer pressure from the world. Kerry is too liberal in his values and too cosy with the French. Americans prefer someone who will stand up to the world for America's sake.
Shawnay Faircloth, Glasgow, Scotland

We live in difficult times. The world faces an enemy that most people do not want to recognize. But our President not only sees the threat, but is willing to take the battle to their door step. No longer can the terrorist attack and go hide to come out another day. If Weapons of Mass Destruction get into the hands of the enemy, then the whole world will pay.
George Green, Tipp City, Ohio, USA

I voted for President Bush because I see all the crisis level issues as originating from the leadership of the Democrat Party. President Johnson's opening of the SSI trust fund to borrow to fund his Camelot dream has ultimately threatened our economy by encouraging debt spending (no politician fails to spend what's available) and threatened the stability of the retirement system itself. Carter's decision to de-emphasize human intelligence and rely instead upon electronic intelligence has threatened our security.

Clinton's decision to first take human rights out of China's MFN review process and then make the newly-renamed NTR status permanent for China lost high-paying manufacturing jobs to prison labour overseas. Every succeeding president has followed these policies, but the short-sighted polices themselves all have Democrat signatures putting them in place. We just can't afford another Democrat president and their feel-good record of implementing short-sighted, permanent national policy.
Leo, Buffalo, USA


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