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John Peel: Your tributes
John Peel
John Peel, veteran radio presenter and DJ, has died suddenly on holiday in South America.

Your second page of comments:

Met him at a gig once, a true gent. My heart and thoughts go out to his family. He will greatly missed. British music will never be the same.
Joe, Manchester UK

You listened to it and gave all of it a chance, because if John liked it, there must be something good about it
Pop Kid, Leeds
I found a cassette in my car this morning, one of the many taped from the Evening Sessions over the years. Playing it on the way to work brought back so many memories. Where else could you hear the Japanese new wave of Frank Chickens, the official supporters' song of Düsseldorf FC, 70s soul classics from Bobby Byrd, a one-second thrash by the Electro Hippies - and yodelling? You listened to it and gave all of it a chance, because if John liked it, there must be something good about it. A unique, irreplaceable genius.
Pop Kid, Leeds

Anything John played was worth listening to because of his integrity and his love for music. If John said it was OK it was worthy of attention. A sad day.
Jimmy Bean, Nottingham, England

I wouldn't usually be moved to send a tribute on the death of a public figure, but John Peel touched my own life and those of many of the people I most respect. He was someone special and will be sorely missed.
Mike Gartside, Carcassonne (France)

The best, most comforting voice in the world.
Rachel Thorn, London

John was the greatest - please let the second stage at Glastonbury be renamed to honour a true genius.
Jim, Hertford

He was a sane voice in a mad world; he brought all sorts of freaky, lovely music to my ears that I wouldn't have heard otherwise. My thoughts are with his family and all those who will miss him dearly.
Laurie, Tunbridge Wells, UK

We have lost a true gentleman of the airwaves. A constant guiding force and tireless champion of the underdogs, he will leave a void in countless lives.
Simon Meddings, Stourbridge, West Midlands

Quite possibly the coolest person who has ever lived. Really gutted. Irreplaceable
graham, Dublin

A total original never to be replaced. My sympathies to his family.
Ian Titcombe, Swindon, England

I once saw John Peel DJing in Fabric in London, and the reaction he got from the assembled clubbers said it all. He was all about the music, and we loved him for it.
Joe Morris, London, UK

I feel like he started my real music interest in 1967 when Radio 1 began and I started uni at Edinburgh. He let me and all my friends listen to a new world we didn't know existed and tied up the knot that linked the old blues and jazz to what was happening now. He kept us awake when he was on at midnight and "made" so many fringe artists. He even played things he wasn't sure about, and said so. We've all lost a friend. Best regards to his family,
Rob Milner, Warrington, England

Terrible news. A true legend, he was the best. A shining role model to us all.
Kim Yang, Sidney, Australia

He made you feel like you were part of a bigger picture
Neal, Southsea, UK
I've been listening to the John Peel Show for over 17 years now. He first introduced me to bands like Dinosaur Jr, Mudhoney, Nirvana, through to newer bands like Bearsuit. Seeing bands like that in tiny intimate venues has given me some unforgettable experiences and had a huge impact on my life. There has been nobody else like him - his warm personality and sense of humour, tirelessly championing the new and the innovative. He made you feel like you were part of a bigger picture, like there were other people wanting to listen to the same sort of music as you.
Neal, Southsea, UK

You were asking for suggestions for a new Bank Holiday. Well, how about John Peel Day?
Catherine, Manchester

As well as introducing me to Captain Beefheart, John Peel played Barbara Cartland's album of love songs which I then went out and bought. I still play it and some of the renditions are heart-breaking.
Tony Morris, Glasgow, UK

I'm so sad. I heard him first 1977 on BFBS in Germany. He brought the music to Germany that me helps to survive in this world. It feels like I've lost a friend. Thanks John.
Uwe, Cologne, Germany

I'll dust off my copy of Teenage Kicks
Mike Woof, London, UK
I've enjoyed all of John Peel's radio (and occasional TV) output since the early 80s and my favourite memory remains the track he played for me on the World Service in 1987, when I was recently arrived in West Africa and struggling to cope with life in a very rural environment. The record, by the Dog Faced Hermans, wasn't much good but cheered me up nonetheless. I'll dust off my copy of Teenage Kicks and play it as my own tribute.
Mike Woof, London, UK

A true guru of broadcasting. John will be sadly missed.
Steven Brown, Lantau, Hong Kong.

Hugely missed. Inspirational, funny, genuine... what a loss for all of us and the music industry. Condolences to his family and friends.
Jonathan, Bristol, UK

John Peel was such an influence and an inspiration during my formative years. I remember picking up so much new and exciting music because he gave up and coming bands an audience. God bless Peely - we'll miss you !
Graham Ridler, Hong Kong

Tuning to the legendary John Peel's webcast was the best thing since chocolate cake. I will be forever grateful to him for introducing the world emerging bands that over the years I have loved and followed. John Peel's passing is a terrible loss for music fans world wide. My condolences to his family and friends.
Mary, Lima, Peru

There is a light that never goes out
Seamus Leonard, Victoria, Canada
I'd like to extend sympathy to the family and friends of John Peel. He was an inspirational figure to me from my early teens onwards and his diverse tastes played a huge part in kindling my love for music. The legacy of his "Peel Sessions" stands a testament to his importance in the UK scene over the last 3 decades as a champion of new and avant garde artists. Not only that but he was an extremely likeable, witty person with a soothing yet strangely gruff voice. I, like thousands of others will miss having him in our homes, cars and headphones. There is a light that never goes out.
Seamus Leonard, Victoria, Canada

I don't usually find myself having a great emotional response to 'celebrity' deaths, but this is a definite exception because he was such an exceptional person. Where artists and bands make their contributions to the music industry, Peel made his contributions to the entire world of music. Not only the sorts of music he championed, but his entire legacy will be sorely missed.
Andy, Huddersfield, UK

I was once in a new band that he liked - he also bought me a pint of Guinness in a North London pub. Thanks John
Andrew Martin, Sydney, Australia

The world - my world - has now changed. I did not listen to him constantly but consistently. Many phases of my life's memories can be charted to what Peelie was playing at the time. Even down to slumbering on Saturday morning to Home Truths, where his voice alone evoked, personal memories. The ridiculous adverts he voiced-over were enough to spark flash-backs to places and times. No longer will that surety be there. The world is a poorer place from today. John you will be sorely missed. Walk on.
A S, London

He was pivotal outside the U.K. in terms of a method of approaching popular music
Pato Cuevas, Santiago, Chile
I have been part of a prestigious radio station in my country on which we developed the same spirit that John spawned over the years. He helped us to discover our own musical roots. He was pivotal outside the U.K., not only because of his broadcasting career, but in terms of a method of approaching popular music.
Pato Cuevas, Santiago, Chile

Most of us in the 60s learned about all the great music through John Peel and his great radio programme. He was truly ahead of his time and recognised great art in great music before just about anyone else. He was the Appollinaire of our generation. Who remembers waiting for his programme on Sunday with the familiar sound of the underground train to listen to the latest underground music as it was called then. A great man and we will all miss him
K Daly, Tokyo Japan

Absolutely gutted! I listened to his show religiously during my teenage years and still love hearing the masses of Peel sessions I lovingly taped during that time. Never again will we hear Napalm Death played back to back with yodelling cowboys! Will also really miss the annual Glastonbury coverage. A sarcastic light in a sea of fawning. Cheers John, you'll be greatly missed.
Jon Coffey, Manchester

I was completely shocked when I heard the news. I felt someone I knew personally, had gone. He was a great man, devoted to music and his family. Why can I, a complete stranger make such a statement? Because that is what came across from him night after night on the radio. He will never be forgotten. His legacy will live forever.
Adrian McCarron, Luton, England

I used to tape his shows on an old reel to reel tape recorder
Saul Hewish, Stoke-on-Trent
Devastating news. Like for so many others, John Peel provided the soundtrack to my teenage years when I used to tape his shows on an old reel to reel tape recorder. I am indebted to John for opening my ears to music which, certainly in the early 80's, could not have been heard anywhere else. It is a great shock to hear of his death and my condolences go to Sheila and all his family and close friends. He will be missed by millions. If ever there was someone for whom the nation should mourn, it is John Peel.
Saul Hewish, Stoke-on-Trent

I was really sad to hear the news. John Peel had no hidden motives for promoting the bands he did - he just loved music! And that love of music was so infectious! Happy memories of listening to Peel when I was a teenager, discovering new bands while doing my homework late at night. I am certain that his influence will continue to inspire continuing generations of musicians and music fans.
Hannah, Worthing, UK

I feel genuine sadness at the news of John's untimely death. Home Truths regularly brightened up my Saturday morning with its mix of humour and sadness. It was always obvious from his comments and interview style that he genuinely cared about his fellow human beings. He will be dreadfully missed. Please pass on my good wishes to his family.
Caroline Lopez Stephens, Tavistock, Devon

Home Truths on Radio 4 got me through some bad bouts of severe clinical depression
Jo, Leeds, UK
Home Truths on Radio 4 got me through some bad bouts of severe clinical depression. I would actually want to wake up on a Saturday morning to listen to John and his stories, many of which inspired me. The way in which he talked affectionately about his own family gave me great strength. I didn't know him personally but he helped me without even knowing. I was sad to hear of death yesterday. My sympathy goes out to all his family who he clearly loved very much.
Jo, Leeds, UK

John educated me during my teens, saw me through uni and provided an excellent down to earth companion, playing good music. No gimmicks, no froth, just John. A huge loss.
Janey, Newcastle upon Tyne

From The Perfumed Garden to A Life Of Grime and everything in-between, the man was an enigma. I never liked much of what he played but I listened anyway because it was different, it was an alternative to the mainstream and we needed that. He was at the other extreme to my other hero Everett, but I listened to both for opposing reasons. I can still hear is soft accented voice in my head "and now here's something from Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac" or was it Tyrannosaurus Rex, or Chicken Shack or Idle Race, or...? He did more for British music than any other and on moving to NZ in 1970 it was one of the things I missed from the old country. Rest in peace and thanks for what you gave us. There will be millions who quietly loved you.
Tony King, Auckland New Zealand

He is such a hero of mine that I have a framed photo of him on my living room wall. Next to my stereo
Caroline, London, UK
When I heard the news, I stopped in the street and actually cried. I never met John Peel - in fact, the closest I ever got to him was watching him DJ at Fabric. An incongruous sight, a 60 year old man amid a horde of gyrating youths, but such a welcome one! He is such a hero of mine that I have a framed photo of him on my living room wall. Next to my stereo... The man was a legend and it is a desperate, tragic shame that he's gone. Rest in peace, John - let's hope there's plenty of music wherever you may be now.
Caroline, London, UK

He left the party before it began to wane but has left the hangers on with a deafening silence. God bless him and his family.
R.C.Robjohn, UK

I had the great fortune to have been in the same room as John and Captain Beefheart in the early seventies. Don't need a lot more than that in your musical education! If peace exists, then you deserve a rest John. My sympathies to Sheila and family.
Philip Maltman, London UK

I think John's greatest legacy is that the tributes to him come from everywhere. I was a squaddie in Germany, when it was still partitioned. One of John's best shows was when he described being taken - in secret - across the border, and then , several years later, going back to talk to the musicians he inspired. From all old soldiers, to THE soldier of REAL music may GOD welcome you, and may ALL peoples think like YOU. RIP
Alan Kemp, Greenock, Scotland

This sad news whisked me back to adolescent weeknights crouched over a radio cassette recorder, fingers poised over play and record. His endless ability to surprise and challenge, his earnest enthusiasm for his craft were a life-saving antidote to the excesses of the industry where he worked. Without seeming to try, just by being himself, he touched people all over the world and will be remembered with great love by generations of music lovers.
Kenny, Manchester, UK

I'm strangely typical of the varied demographic that John influenced
Mark Smith, Moscow, Russia
As a middle-aged British businessman now living in Moscow, Russia, I'm strangely typical I think of the varied demographic that John influenced. Throughout my teenage years and beyond, John's programmes and the refreshing new music only he brought to my attention, invigorated my life and enriched my soul. He will be truly missed, from near and far.
Mark Smith, Moscow, Russia

Unforgettable, the John Peel Session with the "Toten Hosen" from Düsseldorf. He really had an heart for unknown bands. We will miss him.
Michael Braun, Munich, Germany

I must have been listening to him for 40 years or so. I remember doing school homework and listening to The Perfumed Garden on Radio London. I remember him joining Radio 1 and saying he'd likely be a bus conductor at the end of his 13 week contract... He remained the only one of the whole lot. I remember stuttering to him at the Daily Mail School Boys & Girls exhibition that I thought Jefferson Airplane would be very big the following the year, (they weren't...) I remember cooking curries on Saturday evenings listening to his 'live' radio concerts, going there to Lower Regent St to tapings, I remember laughing at his humour on Home Truths and Grumpy Old Men - because with him, I became one. I remember buying Pink Floyd, HoneyBus, Capt Beefheart, all because he introduced me to such music. Thank you John Peel, thank you for entertaining me, and informing and influencing me over so many years. I shall miss your voice and humour. With Love,
Hugh Hubble, Evian-les-Bains, France

I'll never forget bumping into Peelie at the Phoenix Festival - he was looking for his son who had wandered off - but still hung about to chat. Of course, I offered him a demo tape, which he never played. So I broke the band up - it was then I realised we were rubbish. Rest in peace Sir Peel, you deserve it.
Mark Kennedy, St Paul, USA

From Radio London to Radio 1. I've been with you all the way John. Thank you for the music.
Bob Coombes, Cwmbran, Wales

There was a minute's silence at 11pm last night
hb, London
There was a minute's silence at 11pm last night at The Dove in Broadway Market. It was called by the manager ringing time. I have never experienced a full and totally silent pub before. Cheers John. x
hb, London

He always gave you the impression that he was 'one of us' and that he would stand up for what was right and blast what was socially wrong. God rest you John, you will be missed by us all.
Mike, Edinburgh, Scotland

The music world would be very different without the influence of John Peel. We wouldn't have the likes of today's alternative music had he not championed their influences back in the 60's, 70's and 80's. He will be greatly missed...
Jodie, Luton, UK

I remember when I listened to Johns radio show at the age of 17 back in 1969. Also the Bath Blues Festival of the same year where he introduced a fledgling band called Led Zeppelin. Memorable days, great music. He'll be sadly missed.
Andy, England

I will miss his unique style, wit and warmth.
Russell Chaplin, London

At boarding school he kept the likes of me in touch with the real world in the 70s, and I never stopped liking the man for his diverse musical tastes. A great loss to music.
Chris Balderston, Basingstoke Hants

Every generation of my family from my granddad through to my younger cousins will miss this great man. What other DJ could have had such an influence?
Ian Witts, Bristol, UK

The man was a towering legend
Martyn, Devon, UK
What can you say about the man who was possibly the most influential person in British music broadcasting? The man was a towering legend. My sympathies are extended to his family and I hope that they can take comfort in the fact that millions of fans had their lives enriched by this wonderful human being. R.I.P. John.
Martyn, Devon, UK

The world of music, the world, has lost an icon, a superb individual who has been such a welcoming influence on many people's lives. I have not felt such emotion since I lost my father three years ago. My sincerest condolences go out to Mr Peel's family.
John Daulton, Lincoln

A truly sad loss. John had that extraordinary ability shared, I think, only with Andy Kershaw, to make the listener believe that John was just chatting directly to you. His broadcasts were so intimate and never dull. He was just so natural and obviously such, well,.......a nice and modest bloke. My heart goes out to all his friends and his family.
Quintin, Horncastle, Lincs

Never afraid to walk away from musical fashion. Remember his interview with a guy attacking a guitar with a hammer drill? (It was actually fascinating!). Nobody came anywhere near doing what Peely did. What a great bloke.
Baz, London, UK

Actually, now I think about it, the music often got in the way of my full enjoyment of a John Peel show! He will be missed.
Steve Yue, Montreal Canada

I feel as though I have just heard about the death of a family member. John Peel got me through my teenage years playing his eclectic set of tunes every night, me listening on my wee radio under the pillow before school the next day. Lots of love and sympathy to his wife and children - he was a great man.
Simon, Edinburgh

I loved, hated and was challenged and stretched (but never bored) by all that he played
Lou, Cardiff, UK
I loved, hated and was challenged and stretched (but never bored) by all that he played over the years and settled into early middle age with the wry amusement of Home Truths. I feel enormous affection and a great loss at his passing.
Lou, Cardiff, UK

They're gonna be playing great music where he's going! Thanks JP.
Carl, London

John more than anyone showed us all how music can cross the divide between generations, cultures, nationalities and classes His contribution to people's wellbeing and happiness cannot be under estimated.
Will Hudson, Cambridge

I am deeply saddened to hear the awful news of John Peel's death. I have just recently been listening to his radio 4 show, so different from his radio 1 and 2 shows. I remember listening to him throughout the seventies when radio was the No1 medium for music fans, he brought into our teenage bedrooms a diverse collection of music and styles, stuff we just wouldn't have heard if not for him.
Jim Caldwell, Greenock Scotland

A truly great loss. John Peel's radio show was the source for most of my favourite music, most of which I still listen to today (The Cure, Smiths, Joy Division to name but a few.) My thoughts are with his family, friends, and fans.
Peter Slevin, Chicago, Illinois, USA

I am 51 years old tomorrow and I cannot tell you the pain I feel losing someone who has always been there in my life, from the great pioneering days of pirate radio through to Home Truths and grumpy old men, the world is a colder place today, god bless you John and thanks for everything.
Steve Curtis, Gt.Yarmouth

Teenage Kicks will never be the same again. Sincere condolences to John's family and friends. He will never be replaced.
Ann, Newcastle

I'm so shocked because I thought he'd be around forever
Grace, Southampton, UK
I remember listening to John Peel when I first discovered Radio 1 as a young teenager. His show was unusual and offbeat, never one to conform but warm and engaging. He was one of the greats in radio and did so much for musicians making their way in the industry. I'm so shocked because I thought he'd be around forever. A really sad loss.
Grace, Southampton, UK

Stunned: a part of my youth missing! Obviously a man of deep sincerity and compassion; but not without his quick, dry humour. In the early seventies I thought it was only me who would play Floyd at discos. I clearly remember going to a small college disco in Surrey where John was the DJ. Those opening notes of Echoes in the darkness.... My thoughts go to his family.
Mike Beizsley, Stevenage, Herts, UK

We have lost an inspirational, generous, sensitive man. Always regret not meeting him to say thanks, so just want to send it on to his family instead. Our thoughts go out to them all.
Cicely Mason, Ipswich, Suffolk

The only mainstream DJ brave enough to step outside the box. A very sad day.
Andrew, Bucks, UK

I started listening to John when I was sixteen years old in 1977 with a small radio in bed. I listened every night religiously and he his solely responsible for my taste in music to this day, he will be impossible to replace.
Mark McCarthy, Egremont, Cumbria, United Kingdom

There goes my musical youth, present and future. The best mate I never knew. Thanks for the memories, John.
Graham Woodroff, Newcatle upon Tyne

"Do you remember lying in bed with the covers pulled up over your head, radio playing so no one can see" - The Ramones. John Peel lit up my nights through all the crap teenage years, I'll never forget him. Hope there's good music wherever he is.
Andi, Porthleven, Cornwall

Broadcasting genius with a fantastic ear for talent
Ged Ward, York. England
This guy was a broadcasting genius with a fantastic ear for talent, a true gentlemen, will be sorely missed. God bless you John, our thoughts are with your family tonight.
Ged Ward, York. England

Saddened with the news of John's death today, respected him because of his great love for his family and always enjoyed the stories of the younger Peels. Fond memories of him dodging the bottles at Reading! Listening to John Peel's program introduced me to so many different music genres, especially Punk. So many epitaphs have already been written, but I shall miss his voice on the radio. Condolences to his family, especially Sheila.
Debi, Grantham, England

From pirate radio through mud at Glastonbury to an 'angry old man'. I feel I have lost a friend
Beryl Kapp, London

A very sad day for music lovers, had my first introduction to many great bands on his sessions - Nirvana and The Smiths come to mind. Condolences to his family. A huge void left by his passing.
Lorraine, Manchester

The biggest loss in radio land. He brought the real music to me and many of my friends. I spend so many nights listening to his shows to get in touch with the world of John. So thank you for the music and all the wonderful hours and that you are now "lost in music".
Achim Breitenbach, Berlin Germany

John was the perfect antidote to what the rest of the industry seems to have become. What a sad day for music, and for everyone who cares about music. My thoughts to his family and friends.
Luke Goddard, Leicester

Everyone I know has a favourite John Peel 'moment'. The man has touched so many lives with his passion for such a diverse range in music. I doubt the radio world will ever see the same again. RIP JP
Gavin Cotton, Wakering, Essex

He introduced me to a wide variety of music which I continue to listen to
Wendy Perrin-Waite, Folkestone, Kent, UK
This is a sad day. John was very much loved and deserved every ounce of that love. He was a great man, and was an enormous part of my adult life. He introduced me to a wide variety of music which I continue to listen to. I never met him, but feel as if I knew him somehow. He was a man of great integrity. My condolences go out to Sheila, William, Alexandra, Thomas and Florence. He clearly loved them all dearly and was also proud of his grandson, Archie. He may have thought he had a lucky life, but I consider myself lucky to have been alive at the same time as him. I'll miss him very much, and there will now be a big whole left in my life. Rest in peace, John, from a fellow Liverpool FC fan.
Wendy Perrin-Waite, Folkestone, Kent, UK

In the early seventies I thought it was only me who would play Floyd at discos. I clearly remember going to a small college disco in Surrey where John was the DJ. Those opening notes of Echoes in the darkness.... My thoughts go to his family.
Mike Beizsley, Stevenage, Herts, UK

John Peel's sessions made studying for school exams so much easier. Today, my friends and I still talk about sessions we'd heard, jokes he'd made, music that just spoke to us. John Peel, you were the only DJ who I could trust to play good music for the entire set. You will be missed, remembered for ever.
Alison, Edinburgh, UK

The music he played was always fresh and vibrant
Clare Smith, London, England
The only good thing about working late was listening to John's show. The music he played was always fresh and vibrant and he introduced me to so much. My heart goes out to his family
Clare Smith, London, England

I was sad and shocked to hear about the death of John Peel. He was a radio and television broadcaster of great versatility. I loved listening to 'Home Truths' on a Saturday morning and shall greatly miss his unique style. My deepest sympathy to Sheila and his family - he always came across as a truly lovely man.
Jonathan, Bolton

The tears are welling up. Thanks John for making me feel I wasn't alone listening to 'different' music as a teenager, for shaping my vocation and for never pandering to record companies by waiting for their free records to come in. Peelie was the only ever music journalist to go and get the music himself, and that's what made him so special. Music has lost its last truly independent voice.
James Martin, Paris, France

A truly great loss. John Peel's radio show was the source for most of my favourite music, most of which I still listen to today (The Cure, Smiths, Joy Division to name but a few). My thoughts are with his family, friends, and fans.
Peter Slevin, Chicago, Illinois, USA

I remember listening to an early "Night Ride" around '68, perhaps the first, when he hosted a band called Mabel Greer's Toyshop, when he described their performance of a piece called Electric Funeral, as "amazingly exiting". He did so with his dead pan accent and I thought he was taking the micky. This upset me because I knew them personally. It was only later that I realised that he meant it. They later mutated into "Yes". He has introduced me to so many great musical experiences, I will miss him.
Ian, Brussels, Belgium

As a teenage lad I used to tape Peelie every night
Mick, Lancashire

As a teenage lad I used to tape Peelie every night and feverishly devour every second of reggae, punk, electro and noise. The only ambition I ever had growing up as a wannabe musician was to release a single, and to have it played on the John Peel show. That was the ultimate accolade. Years later I was in a band that got to release a single. We didn't get to number one. I doubt we even got to number 1000. We did better than that. We got played on the John Peel show.
Mick, Lancashire

What a complete shock, you feel you know John Peel. A legend in his own right, down to earth, human. Our thoughts are with his family after John's sudden death. The radio will not be the same without him.
Caroline West, Fareham, Hampshire

I am stunned and sad, all I can do is light a candle and acknowledge his influence on my and millions of others lives. John has been part of the backdrop of my life for three decades, a genuine broadcaster of true passion belief and integrity.
Pat de Whalley, Birmingham

His show was more than just a show, it was service to those people who genuinely craved the new and unusual. Radio or popular music will never quite be the same without him.
Bernie Jones, Cardiff

Shocked and sad. He was a man who lasted the distance.
Lynne Benson, London

The world has lost a good man
Sean, Naples, USA

The world has lost a good man who brightened so many lives by his love of music.
Sean, Naples, USA

One of the first band's he championed back in the early 70s were Wishbone Ash - who are touring right now in the UK. I hope they dedicate a song to him tonight.
Mary Falconer, London

He was so much more than a DJ. He introduced me to all sorts of weird and wonderful music when I was a teenager and Home Truths when I reached middle age! He's just always been there. My thoughts are with his family to whom he was utterly devoted.
Catherine, Uxbridge, Middlesex

An immensely talented man, I always had a great respect for his views on the music that he played. I shall miss him greatly.
David, Bristol

A big big loss to music.
Ian, Frankfurt Germany

I never met John, but always felt that if he walked into my pub, I would have loved to buy him a beer and have a good natter about music. His appearance on This is Your Life still remains the only one to move me to tears. You will be missed in our household.
Steve, Berkhamsted

John was a true inspiration to all ages, whether to the youth on Radio 1 to the listeners of Radio 4. May he be in the hearts of radio listeners for ever.
Tanya O, Radlett, UK

A truly sad day
Russell Chaplin, London

A truly sad day. I will miss his unique style, wit and warmth.
Russell Chaplin, London

Blues, drum & bass, indie, rock, Industrial punk to obscure 1920's jazz gramophone record. John Peel was the most diverse & talented DJ on the radio. He played great music and always had an interesting story to tell. He is truly a legend even if he did play the occasional record at the wrong speed.
Matt, York, UK

Listening to him via the internet made a traumatic move to Canada a little easier, I will miss him very much.
Sarah Humphries, Vancouver, Canada

He was such an inspiration. My thoughts are with his family and friends. He will never be replaced.
Siouxsie Trenaman, Leeds

Peel was the person who got me into most of the music I listened to and bought in the '70s, and still do to this day ..... The Bothy Band, Chieftans, Tangerine Dream, King Crimson, Genesis, Mike Oldfield, plus tape loads of compilations I cannot recall the names of .... Peel was the only DJ with the balls to promote the unusual. I'm sure he was taking the mick when presenting TOTP!!
Adrian Hobbs, Newark UK

He introduced us all to so many bands and helped to develop our musical tastes
Clive Evans, Plymouth, England

The only reason to listen to Radio 1. He introduced us all to so many bands and helped to develop our musical tastes. Not to mention keeping us informed of the football scores at Glastonbury before the mobile phone era. The best!
Clive Evans, Plymouth, England

Truly this is "the day the music died", John Peel's death will leave a massive void in the UK music scene. The man never lost that passion for music, was a champion of the underdog and the warmest of hearts. He is sadly missed, and will be long remembered. Goodbye John.
Gram Lindsay, Mauzens, France

The guy was an absolute legend and without him so many people's careers would never have stood a chance. I will put Teenage Kicks on at the wrong speed when I get home to keep the tradition alive. Serious black armbands all round - devastated...
Pete Grimshaw, Wigan

Although of his era, I was not familiar with his music and I got to know and admire him through Home Truths which is one of the best progs on R4. Whatever the subject he dealt with it with such humility and, when appropriate, humour. Anyone listening to HT would feel that they knew his family, esp. Sheila, who was clearly so loved by him. Condolences to all his loved ones.
Diane, Milton Keynes

The one true legend of broadcasting. There will never be an equal. The coolest guy on radio.
Neil, Redhill, Surrey

They're gonna be playing great music where he's going ! Thanks JP.
Carl, London

I remember listening to a taped program of his show from back in 1970 or 1971 when he was broadcasting a live concert of Pink Floyd. He had a wonderful voice, and the show was fabulous. Condolences to you over there, and sympathies. I grew up in NYC in the 1970's and just a few short weeks ago, we lost our own radio legend, Scott Muni from WNEW. He was the equivalent of John Peel over here, and also was a big proponent of new music. R.I.P.
Dave, Rochester, NY USA

I don't know much about the music he introduced, but I do recognise a genuine, quiet and self-deprecating and lovely human being. I wonder if he knew how much his Saturday morning programme touched so many lives.
Andy Bebb, Liverpool UK

I have listened to John since his days on the pirates with the Perfumed Garden. He was a wonderful DJ It is a sad loss it makes me feel very sad and my thoughts go to his family
Marten Holdway, Gosport, Hampshire, England

Truly a sad day. John Peel was a DJ because he loved music, rather than as a way to make himself famous. His languid, laid back style was a pleasure to hear & when he gave his opinion on music we all listened. I would never have listened to the Fall & the Wedding Present without John Peel.
Ian Swingler, Beverly, Ma, USA

As soon as you were tuned in you could not turn off
Adam Heayberd, Putney, London
His witty humour, variable music, and insightful chat opened my eyes and ears to a new world of music. No matter who was listening, as soon as you were tuned in you could not turn off. An enormous loss but his influence will always remain.
Adam Heayberd, Putney, London

Thanks to the web cast, people far away from UK could get the fresh-air Peel was sending out. It's the saddest thing that this is now gone. Truly irreplaceable, no matter how they try! Much love, John
John, Lille, France

John Peel's voice has been part of the background of mine and many other people's lives for many years, from teenage years to parenthood and beyond. My sincere condolences to his wife and family he obviously adored and was very proud of them.
Sandra Johnson, Netherlands

I'm totally devastated. Peelie was a part of my childhood, adolescence and adulthood. He will be so sorely missed but also remembered forever as a true champion of music.
Mark, Rochester UK

A bit older than me but I "grew up " with John...from the poor reception from Caroline, through the years he kept bringing us the new that others would not and keeping alive the classics. And finally in our "autumn years" on R4 etc with the intelligent reflection and sardonic humour appeals to so many of us whose recall of the sixties is a little "fuzzy" though we survived and maintain some of those values too! A great and untimely loss for our generation and for his family.
Jan, UK

The Saturday ritual of tea, toast and a long bath listening to Home Truths won't have the same "it's the weekend" effect any more. I going to play Teenage Kicks tonight and raise a glass to a "friend" I never met, but felt I knew.
Julie Janes, Old Warden, Beds

I love John Peel. I'm not of his generation, not into rock and not a vegetarian but he is still a hero of mine. Poor Mrs Peel and the junior Peels.
Dan, London

I never did get to hear his long promised Captain Beef heart play
Phil Allsopp, Detroit, Michigan, USA
John Peel was Sunday afternoons in the bath soaking after a gruelling Sunday morning football league match in Brighton. I never did get to hear his long promised Captain Beef heart play but the weekly anticipation was worth it. His commentary and his introductions of new bands and new sounds broadened my musical horizons for sure. More recently his was the only Radio 1 show I could ever listen to on visits to England. He joins Elvis as one of the legendaries.
Phil Allsopp, Detroit, Michigan, USA

An absolute legend. Rest In Peace mate, one of Liverpool's biggest supporters. You'll Never Walk Alone.
Kenny, Liverpool

I grew up listening to his wonderful voice and mystical music he has inspired me, he opened secret world of alternative music to many people and have published many bands that, without him would not have made it. The music business has lost a great man. My heart goes out to his family
Anon, Nottingham UK

John Peel is simply a legend, his contribution to music is immense, he was the messenger, he brought the music to us.
Mo Salam, Manchester, UK

Alongside being a superb DJ, Peely was a superb Grumpy Old Man! He embodied those great British attributes of modesty, humour and bitterness. Love, prayers and heartfelt condolences to 'The Pig' and family
Russell Robinson, Brighton, Sussex

He was one of the nicest guys I have ever met
James, London
I ran a small independent label during the nineties. Peelie played our records and kept us afloat basically. I met him a few times and he was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Its a great loss for lots of people.
James, London

I am so sorry that we have to loose such a man, such an influence, such a character in the music industry. Someone who cared, who found the best in everything, someone who made it better. Someone who can't be replaced... ever. Cheers John, I'm glad you where around!
Rik Schippers, Enschede, Netherlands

Learned more about modern music (through BBC Worldservice) from John Peel, then from anybody else. I'll miss him.
Frank Van Daele, Gent, Belgium

If James Brown is the Godfather of Soul, John Peel is The Godfather of independent radio. RIP Chief.
Jon, London, UK

Thank you for the music
Martin, London, UK
Small transistor radio, earpiece dispensing crackling new and alternative punk music under the covers at night, John Peel in the chair, ring any bells? God bless you John. Thank you for the music.
Martin, London, UK

I worked with John when I was a studio manager at the BBC in the late 70's early 80's. I became friends with him and his producer John Walters. They were both great and interesting people to work with and when the time came for me to leave to continue a successful career with my band it was the 2 Johns that gave me advice and guidance. I still have old TOTP videos where he would introduce us and he would call me "my mate Bill Sharpe". That would always tickle me. He will be greatly missed.
Bill Sharpe, Epping Essex UK

Another guardian of alternative music has gone and a discerning voice on the ills of manufactured pop and talent show bilge that now fills our airwaves. Who will take up his mantle now?
Mark, Oxfordshire

I remember John on Big L (pirate Radio London). He always explored every corner of the musical perfumed garden. A great loss.
Howard, London, UK

I never met him but I feel like I've lost a friend. My sincere condolences to those whose loss is greatest.
Ed, London

A giant of a man
Ant, York, UK
John Peel has done so much for the development of the British music scene and, in particular, breaking down the traditional barriers between indie and mainstream music. There are loads of really well-known and popular bands who owe a large part of their success to John Peel; British music will not be the same without him - a giant of a man.
Ant, York, UK

I'm so sad to hear about the untimely loss of John Peel. He opened my mind and heart to great music which has inspired me throughout my life. His unique voice was the commentary of my youthful journey into the best of punk and indie music. Farewell John, and thanks for everything. Heartfelt thoughts for his entire family... the beat must surely go on.
Roman Pryjomko, Italy

At 23 years old I have been listening to John Peel for more than half my life, I always enjoyed his honest and fresh approach to music, music that in some cases other DJ's were to afraid to play as they didn't have big enough mass market appeal. His passing is a loss to the broadcasting industry and to all music lovers everywhere.
Gemma Lewis, London

Music radio just won't be the same without him.
Richard O'Hagan, Reading

I suggest a national day of mourning for him
Andrew M, Walsall, UK
This man helped shape my very life. I suggest a national day of mourning for him. I'm crying my eyes out here.
Andrew M, Walsall, UK

Now I know I am getting old. I grew up in London in the 60's and John Peel was the radio show that was the coolest, most well informed and cutting edge. He always played the best music and his laid back style was the antidote to all the other rubbish out there. He will be missed.
Paul, Philadelphia

The death of John Peel is a tragic loss to the world of music. In an age of 'personality' over ability, vacuous corporate hype, talentless manufactured rubbish and gimmicks, John Peel stayed true to what mattered most in music. RIP mate, you will be sorely missed.
Pete, Nottingham, UK

As a music-loving 30-something, I feel like a bit of my youth has died with him. His wonderfully matter-of-fact voice will always, to me, be synonymous with long, late nights of exam revision in my bedroom. So long John.
Sue, London, UK

Teenage Kicks is one of the best records ever made
Danny Watson, London, England
I run Deathdisco with Alan McGee and simply my life would have been very different without John Peel. I grew up listening to him and he helped forge my musical tastes... And he was right - Teenage Kicks is one of the best records ever made. A sad, sad day.
Danny Watson, London, England

Radio will not be the same without him. A legend. My deepest sympathies to his family & friends.
Julie Howard, Suffolk, England

At 60 next week all my radio memories are dominated by John, from the pirate ship era to Home Truths today. This is a great shock to myself and my wife, and we thinking of his family at this time. He will be sadly missed by millions.
Keith Alston, Wivenhoe, Essex

Peel had an almost unquantifiable effect on my life, and I'm sure the lives of many others. Like most people, I spent my late teens listening to Peel whilst trying to get some homework done. He introduced me to countless bands and always championed the causes of bands who had never had any exposure previously. The world is a much lesser place. There can be no successor to this true original. RIP John, and Thank you.
Nico Versluys, Runcorn, UK

His festive 50 was a barometer of good taste year after year
Trevor Clements, Lingfield, Surrey UK
What a black day for broadcasting. I'm 40 and grew up and grew up listening to John Peel. His festive 50 was a barometer of good taste year after year. In later years Home Truths was equally compulsive listening. On top of everything he was a fellow Liverpool fan. It seems inconceivable he's gone. Rest in peace top bloke.
Trevor Clements, Lingfield, Surrey UK

I can't believe that the man that introduced me to so much music is gone. Even when Bis weren't popular he still played them, he introduced me to DJ Shadow and played music that I would never have known existed had it not been for him. The man will surely be missed...
mofette, Leeds, UK

Brilliant DJ, great sense of humour. My highlight would be the incredible sessions with Loudon Wainwright III. RIP.
R Thursten, Salisbury, UK

My heart goes out to John's family. I am not ashamed to day I cried when I heard the news. I met John once at an Extreme Noise Terror gig, and He was a lovely man. He will be sorely missed.
David Lusby, Birmingham

Listening to his radio shows was a rite of passage for any kid growing up
Waf, London
Listening to his radio shows was a rite of passage for any kid growing up with more than a moderate interest in music. Sometimes listening to his show was hard work (gabba techno anyone?)and at others it was a blissful experience. Regardless of whether you enjoyed a particular track or not it was truly inspiring to know that there were bands out there who put a large middle finger up to the music establishment. Mr Peel will be surely missed and a whole generation may now never get their teenage kicks. RIP
Waf, London

John Peel embodied everything that a true DJ should be. He pushed so many bands to the forefront of modern music. He is a great loss to music. There will never be another like him.
Connell McGinley, Dungannon, Tyrone

Influenced just about everything I ever listened to as a teenager. A very modest, intelligent and passionate man - I feel like a friend has died - I will really miss him
James Cameron, Glasgow, Scotland

I feel so sad. He was a hero to so many. I will always remember him for awaking me to the wonder of Public Enemy in the late 80's. I hate to be melodramatic, but life just won't be the same without him.
Steve, Manchester, UK

Siouxsie & The Banshees, Altered Images, Stump, JAMC, The Fall (of course), etc, etc, etc. I owe my musical education to this man (And he owes me thousands of pounds I spent on records!) The world's a sadder place today.
Simon Dobbs, Birmingham, UK

A distinguished voice and a distinguished play list
Fraser Hamilton, Coventry
A living legend, no one could present a radio show like him. A distinguished voice and a distinguished play list. He shall be missed. RIP
Fraser Hamilton, Coventry

All I can say is that I'm totally gutted. I almost cried when 6 music played "Teenage Kicks" after the announcement. You were the best John.
Marcus Slade, Philadelphia USA

Back through the mists of time he used to go round the country introducing bands at gigs. One such gig was upstairs at the Nags Head at Woolaston. The upstairs was reached by a metal stair case on the side. My mum climbed those stairs and right at the top slipped and fell backwards. John Peel was behind and caught her. Who knows what could have happened if he hadn't been there. I might not be here. I always meant to email his show and tell him that story. Guess I won't have the chance now.
Ben Sorrie, Corby

He was one of the most genial and gracious people I've ever met
Mark Savage, London
I had the pleasure of working with John - just once - for the BBC World Service's 70th Birthday concert. He was a genuine delight. Every person on the production team was treated with respect and good humour. His radio persona was no façade - he was one of the most genial and gracious people I've ever met. He seemed in perfect health then (not even two years ago) and I'm shocked at his sudden death. He'll be missed by millions. Please pass on my condolences to his wife and family. RIP, John.
Mark Savage, London

The greatest influence over popular musical culture in the UK in the last 4 decades? I think so. He will be sadly missed.
Matt, Aylsham UK

So shocked. He was always so young in spirit that I never considered that one day he might die. It's a sad day for music lovers of all ages. I'm just glad he was around.
Alex , London, UK

It was like having a friend come over to your place and play you all the records he'd been scouring the shops for that day
Gary, London, UK
When I moved to London to go to university in 1987 as I was struggling to cope with being away from home for the first time I discovered John Peel. It was like having a friend come over to your place and play you all the records he'd been scouring the shops for that day. You didn't always have to like what he played but it would always be interesting. Like everyone else I will miss him because he made the world a bigger place. Irreplaceable.
Gary, London, UK

I'm stunned to hear this news. It seemed he was indestructible and eternal. John Peel was and will remain a legend. I grew up listening to him and listened to him regularly more recently. He provided the soundtrack to a large part of my life. Without him many of the legendary British bands we have known and loved would possibly not have been so popular. He loved music and helped those who wanted to make it. He really will be missed.
Geoff Harker, Glasgow, Scotland

I'll never forget hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time listening on headphones under the covers from ten to midnight when I was a teenager. For magical memories and the GREATEST music, thanks John and Goodbye. You will be missed.
Tim Haines, Evesham UK

His show that night started with chiming bells instead of the usual theme tune
Derek Macdonald, Musselburgh
I remember when Liverpool won the European Cup. His show that night started with chiming bells instead of the usual theme tune. I reckon I've been listening to him on Radio 1 through to his radio 4 career for the past 25 years. It's the death of radio.
Derek Macdonald, Musselburgh

I always thought fondly of John Peel, especially through all the Glastonbury coverage, I always felt that he was the front of the BBC when that festival was broadcasted and his presence next June will be sadly missed.
David Relph, Middlesbrough, UK.

As a teenager in the early eighties I discovered John Peel's programme and his unique style of delivery. For me and all my friends his show was the only place you could listen to and discover real underground music. The amazing thing is he did this for the two generations before mine and the one's after. There are many musicians out there who owe him their careers. Cheer John, thanks for everything!
Paul Aspel, Birmingham

He was one of the wisest people in music and in life in general - such a nice man. He will be missed so much and not just by those who love music, but by those who respected him for the person he was. Rest In Peace.
Lisa, London

A huge loss to broadcasting
Ian Walker, Worthing, UK
It is a sad day. In an era of increased commercialism and play listing he rose above the norm to champion lesser known acts both old and, more importantly, new. A huge loss to broadcasting.
Ian Walker, Worthing, UK


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