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John Peel: Your tributes
John Peel
Hundreds of mourners attended John Peel's funeral in St Edmunsbury Cathedral on Friday.

The veteran radio presenter and DJ died suddenly on holiday in South America.

John and his wife Sheila were on a working holiday in the city of Cuzco, Peru when he suffered a massive heart attack.

John Peel had a broadcasting career that spanned 40 years and was known for supporting emerging bands.

You sent in your tributes to John Peel. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

Your comments:

I first heard John Peel around 1980 and went to see my first gig that year, The Undertones. I still agree, "Teenage Kicks" is one of the best tracks ever. Rest in Peace.
Angela, Malvern

We have lost a friend, a genius and a visionary
David A. Rutherford, Seattle, USA
My first memory is of Peely is listening to The Buzzcocks' "Spiral Scratch" EP in a caravan in the Lake District. I never looked back. Without Peely, I would never have heard 99% of the music I love. I met him twice, and both times he was the perfect gentleman, even though I must have seemed like a typical teenage idiot. The whole of the British music industry should build a monument to him. Without Peely, hundreds of bands and dozens of record labels would not exist. He was the greatest broadcaster ever, and no-one will ever come close to having the impact he did. We have lost a friend, a genius and a visionary. I will never be able to hear "Teenage Kicks" without a tear in my eye. God bless you John, we all love you.
David A. Rutherford, Seattle, USA

Although a Londoner living in L.A. nearly 23 years, I was as shocked as anyone on the news of John's death. Many fond memories of new and wonderfully entertaining music being discovered every night. One of my fondest is hearing the Jam's "Strange Town" played for the first time and John's comment, "Their best yet, probably".
John Rice, Redondo Beach, USA

Like so many others, I have been introduced to some wonderful music by John Peel. His BFBS programmes kept me going when I was serving abroad in the armed forces. God bless John.
Lee Thompson, Herts, England

I first heard JP at 15, in 1976 - in the early days of 'new wave'. His ability ensured that subsequent generations were as mesmerised as I by the breadth of musical possibilities. A true lover of music whose integrity was beyond question. A sad time for us, but the start of a great party somewhere else. Rock on John!
Frank Flaherty, Welwyn, Hertfordshire

I shall miss John every Saturday morning from here on in. Sincerest sympathy to Sheila and the family - I feel I know you all!
Angie Hutchinson, Saham Toney, Norfolk

A very great loss to the world of music
Mark Winter, Derby
This man helped define my musical tastes. Because of him I got into New Order/Joy Division, The Cure, The Smiths, New Model Army and a host of others. He championed so much of the alternative music I listened to as a teenager. A very great loss to the world of music. I wish Sheila and his family all the very best.
Mark Winter, Derby

I used to work in Great Titchfield St in the West End, and very often I would see John Peel having a drink, sat outside the Crown and Sceptre pub there. I always meant to say hello but never did - how I wish I had!
Len, Cardiff, UK

Thank you John for bringing so many talented artists into this world and believing in them as well, you will be sorely missed.
Michelle Rice, London, UK

I have so many happy memories of listening to John Peel's various shows over the last 30 years, and if anyone was truly deserving of a knighthood for services to music it was Peely. I heard a suggestion that a statue of him should be put on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square - I can't think of a more worthy person to take that place. Deepest condolences to Sheila and the children.
Kaz, Birmingham, UK

Thank you John for opening the world up to us
Katy, London
John Peel had a direct affect on the musical tastes of me and so many of my friends when we were in those formative years. He opened up a wide range of genres to us that we never knew existed. I will never forget the night I turned on my ancient radio/cassette player to the haunting tones of Papua New Guinea by The Future Sound of London, and being transformed from a single genre obsessive to someone who was hungry to listen to anything and everything. Thank you John for opening the world up to us. May you rest in peace.
Katy, London

If we could all try and be like John Peel, the world would be a much better place.
Izzy, Cupar, Fife

In a culture obsessed with media glitz and sham, for me John was one of a tiny number who always kept the person in personality.
Dave Wooster, Plymouth, UK

John Peel had one of those voices that was just so comforting. One of my favourite treats was to lie in bed on a Saturday morning sipping coffee, eating toast and listening to Home Truths. He will be missed. My deepest sympathy to his family who must miss him dreadfully.
Beth Sutcliffe, Yarm, Teesside

His unique style was often copied, never equalled
John Pirie, East Kilbride, Scotland
A great loss to all music lovers worldwide, his unique style was often copied, never equalled. Thanks for the memories John, deep sympathy to your family.
John Pirie, East Kilbride, Scotland

A great inspiration to us all. I saw him just once, at Mother's Rock Club, Birmingham in 1970 - he did a great DJ session that Friday night.
Dave Harris, Oxfordshire, UK

I know that I will be just one of thousands who will want to contribute, but I want to say how saddened I was to hear the news of his death. I still miss his column in the Radio Times, which was the first thing I turned to.
Christine, Nottingham, England

Thanks for all the years of music and chatter from a true enthusiast. Best of luck to Sheila and family at this very sad time. A big thank you to them for supporting John over the years.
Jeremy Slawson, Plymouth UK

John used to say that whenever he heard "Teenage kicks" by the "Undertones" he would cry, I think a lot of people who hear it from now on will cry because they will be remembering a friend they never met.
Liam Kearney, Strabane Ireland

Absolutely gutted
Carol White, Manchester, England

Absolutely gutted. A beautiful, amazing man. We will really miss you.
Carol White, Manchester, England

I can't believe he's gone. I didn't listen to him enough - every time I did I resolved to listen more but never did and now my chance is gone. He was the most genuine and funny broadcaster with a brilliant command of language.
Mike, Formby, UK

One of the most difficult things for me was to choose suitable music (As I always to) to consider and reflect on his passing. There are so many to choose from, yet none quite seem worthy to mark the passing of the greatest inspiration to musicians and listeners I have known.
Danny Staple, London, UK

The best teacher I have ever had. Britain has lost one its true and great national treasures.
Gareth Bell, Aldershot , Hampshire

John Peel was a musician's man, a friend to all radio listeners like me in the 60's and 70's when I lived in London. Fond memories of his radio programmes, I am sorry he has passed on. I feel sorry for his family having lost him but I am sure they are richer as people for having him to themselves for as long as they did.
Julian Gatt, Sliema Malta

John Peel provided the soundtrack to my teenage years and I have never stopped listening to him - both his music and Home Truths. I am utterly gutted that he is no longer with us and really sad that I will no longer hear his dulcet tones on the radio.
Michael Shevlin, London, UK

I hope the BBC can see a lesson in his example
Stuart Glenday, Trowbridge, Wilts

A rare example of a man of true integrity who, given the opportunity to broadcast, commanded the loyalty and respect of millions as a result. I hope the BBC can see a lesson in his example and I hope they can reserve a place for his kind.
Stuart Glenday, Trowbridge, Wilts

Our town is packed with friends and fans who have come to say goodbye to a 'British Institution', we will miss seeing John shop with the little people. He may have been friend and mentor to numerous 'famous people' but he was also a simple, down to earth, likeable local character. Best wishes and condolences to his family and friends, their loss is great indeed.
Kate, Bury St Edmunds

Dazed and confused - the face of modern music wouldn't be the same if it were not for John's insights. Often I hated what he played, but you can't disagree that he possessed an incredible talent. Truly a unique man.
Andy Nichols, Waterford, Michigan, USA

John can never be replaced, he opened doors for new bands and gave us a chance to listen to an abundance of brilliant music. He will be sorely missed.
Jim Wilson, Harlow, UK

In 1967 at the young impressionable age of 14, I lay on the settee, knackered after a day of apprenticeship work. This guy presenting a radio show played, The Who. It was the track "See me feel me" from "The Who - live at Leeds. Well that was me hooked.
Kevin Green, Knutsford, Cheshire

Quite simply John is the man. I have never felt like I knew someone so well that I have never met before. An hour spent talking to John in a pub would probably be the most interesting hour one could spent.
Jack Hankins, London, UK

Rest in Peace, You will be missed by all music lovers. I hope they have good bands in Heaven. You made everyone's life richer.
J.Burdall, Matlock, England

It feels as if a friend has died
Shaun, Stafford UK

It feels as if a friend has died, when he spoke on the radio it seemed as if he was only talking to me.
Shaun, Stafford UK

You were the start to my weekends...
Andrew Smith, Buckinghamshire, UK

Rest In Peace John, and bless your family. You were the start to my weekends... "Home Truths" & eggy bread went hand in hand....
Andrew Smith, Buckinghamshire, UK

John Peel has inspired me and millions of other music lovers to live our lives doing just that - loving music.
Jon Gyngell, London, UK

I am 52 and in my formative years the music played by John helped to shape my taste in music and as a consequence moulded me into the person I later became. I owe this man a debt I can never repay. Love to him. Love to his family. John
John Hansford, Soham, Cambridgeshire

Shocked and stunned by John's death. I grew up listening to John as did I am certain millions others did. My condolences to his family, he will be certainly missed.
Ray, Four Marks, Hampshire. England

I think he should be entered into the UK's Music Hall of Fame
K Buchanan, Manchester

John Peel was a constant companion of mine for the last 25 years. He followed me wherever I went. I listened to his late night show in the eighties, his world service show in the nineties and then Home Truths more recently. Thank you, John.
Mike State, London and elsewhere

John was one of a very rare bread of broadcasters, and will be greatly missed by all of his listeners for his humanity. I worked for many years as a transmitter engineer for The BBC. During my time with The BBC World Service, especially from Eastern Relay Station, we always knew when John's programme was being broadcast just by watching the meters on the transmitters; no other program stressed the transmitters the way his did! John will always be remembered in BBC Engineering circles for reducing the life of our transmitter output valves! Rest in peace John.
John Ridley, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Home Truths was like spending quality time with an old friend
Kirsty, Beckenham, UK
Can't believe that I'll no longer hear that distinctive voice I've been hearing all my life. Home Truths was like spending quality time with an old friend and I especially enjoyed hearing about his beloved family, who must be so devastated by this unexpected and deeply sad loss. Rock on, John.
Kirsty, Beckenham, UK

John Peel was 20 years my favourite DJ on BBC and BFBS. In these 20 years we wrote very often, about music and concerts. I will miss him, he has changed my life.
Michael Jonischkat, Witten, Germany

Twice, fourteen years apart, John Peel called me personally to say how much he enjoyed the singles my band had sent him at those times. There was no PR mileage to be gained from this - just a music lover showing his appreciation to a musician. Not only was his taste immaculate, he was also one of the few radio voices who could make me laugh out loud. Best wishes to his family and friends.
Anthony Chapman, London, UK

A true gentleman and a legend of the broadcasting world
John Harrison, Barrow-in-Furness, England
What a sad day. I'm 40 something and have been listening to Peelie for most of my life. Of all the celebrities in the world today he is the only one I truly admired. A true gentleman and a legend of the broadcasting world. I would have loved to meet him in person, to thank him for all the pleasure he has given, to chat about music, and to complain about his devastating effect on my bank balance. I don't think a show went by that he didn't play something I wanted to buy! John was a true champion of real music but as well as that no matter what subject he dealt with he did it with wisdom, humility and, if appropriate humour. I will miss him, as will thousands of others. My deepest sympathy to his family.
John Harrison, Barrow-in-Furness, England

I feel shell-shocked. There really was no-one else like him. He was so dedicated to playing new music - new because each song he played was unlike anything you had ever heard before. He never bowed to playing homogenous, commercial mainstream rubbish or to following current 'trends', but instead ended up creating his own. Let's hope that the BBC continues his commitment to innovation, otherwise today could be even more cataclysmic.
Holly Birkett, Morecambe, England

Having read through the first rush of tributes to John I can almost hear him saying "Steady on!". Sorry John, you'll just have to carry on blushing. The simple fact is that you were the rarest of people - someone seemingly liked by everyone who was lucky enough to hear you talk. Words can't express our gratitude for the entertainment and appreciation of humanity that you brought to the airwaves. Thank you John
Martin Brooks, Milton Keynes, England

Quite simply the best, and a friend to millions
Duncan, Madrid, Spain
Dear John, may you rest in that peace, pleasure, and enlightenment you gave to so many. You were quite simply the best, and a friend to millions.
Duncan, Madrid, Spain

This is such a sad loss, John was a friend we never met, but listen too every weekend. His wit and humour will stay with me for a very long time. Deepest sympathies to Shelia and the rest of the family
Steve Tarbard, Wallington England

I never dared to stop listening for fear I might miss something
Des Fennessy, Slough, England
Dammit, Peely, you're not supposed to do this - you're supposed to go on for ever, informing our musical tastes. Not that I agreed with everything you played - having been with you from the Summers of Love, I hated it when you started playing punk (all right, I get it now!) but I never dared to stop listening for fear I might miss something. Go on and prosper, wherever you are. My thoughts are with Sheila and family.
Des Fennessy, Slough, England

I really want to say something but don't know what to say. Through Home Truths John has remained a much needed link to 'Home' as we move around working in different parts of the world. Saturday mornings painting my toe nails will never be the same. His kindness, humility, unassuming shyness, and self deprecating sense of humour made Home Truths such a rewarding programme. He was just wonderful. My condolences to Sheila, his children, grandchild and all of his fans.
Christine Davies, Lija, Malta

Like thousands of others - I could never have got through my boring A-levels homework without him. Thanks John
Tahir, Reading

John pioneered some of the most original music! Great man. Am going to play Teenage Kicks at a gig I'm doing later!
Jo, Essex, England

Every band, great and small, that he championed and premiered should be brought together
Chris, Cardiff Wales
With talk of a new Live Aid every band, great and small, that he championed and premiered should be brought together. What a line up! A huge black hole has now opened on the radio and a new star shines brightly in the heavens. RIP Peelie.
Chris, Cardiff Wales

I have listened to John Peel on and off for over thirty years and even met him at a disco he did at Brooklands College back in 73!! Recently, my wife and I have been moved to tears and laughter listening to the Saturday morning programmes on Radio 4. A real tragedy that he has died and the only consolation is that Sheila was with him. Our condolences to her and the family and a huge Thank You to him for what he has given the world of music.
Patrick Moore, Liverpool, UK

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Peely. He opened my ears to so much music over the years and taught me to have an open mind to music. I loved the fact that he was a huge Liverpool fan even though I support Newcastle Utd. He will be greatly missed.
Karl Fraser, Edinburgh

Your tributes:

John Peel was the best
H.B. Coleman, Brooklyn, NY, USA
One of the greatest things about the internet was that after many, many years of listening to Peel sessions on record, I could finally hear the real thing. John Peel was the best, and I will miss him greatly.
H.B. Coleman, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Saturday mornings are going to feel empty without the warm words of John Peel oozing from my radio. You will be sadly missed. My deepest sympathy to Sheila and all the family.
Amy, London

He was one of the greats. We should appreciate our other heroes, such as Tony Blackburn, while we can.
Rob Watson, Winchester, Hampshire

Just looking at this message board shows what a great influence he was to nearly 2 generations of music lovers. From what I know of the man I think he would be surprised at just how highly he was regarded and the depth of feeling at his loss. I only hope that the BBC tries to find another music lover who wants to bring all forms of music to us, and continue the legacy of John Peel appropriately.
Miles Davies, Surrey, UK

He sat on the edge of the front desk and chatted with us while we all drank red wine
Jan Miller, Holywell, Wales
I met JP at the Nottingham Festival in 1971. He was supposed to be doing a lecture, there were only about 30 people there. He lolloped in and said "Well, I'm not getting paid very much for this, so I bought a crate of wine with it to share with you". He sat on the edge of the front desk and chatted with us while we all drank red wine. He denied then that he had any influence over people, but he was already an icon to me. Like so many others of our generation, my teenage years were spent mostly under the bed covers listening to the radio. I am devastated by his death, but so grateful to have lived through that era.
Jan Miller, Holywell, Wales

This is so, so sad. John Peel was a hero to me. My heart goes out to his wife and children - know that he's so sorely missed by so many people around the world. RIP John - you changed the music world for the better.
Blair Carswell, Brooklyn, New York, USA

From listening to him on Radio Coroline to Saturday morning on Radio 4, I will miss him. The consumate broadcaster. RIP John.
Robert Vacher, Derby, England

Such sad news. It was always a joy to hear his voice on the radio when I came home, and a relief to look at a decent record collection! Sympathy to his family and friends.
Debra, Perth, Australia

Is there any thinking, musically literate person in the land who has not been inspired by John Peel?
David Carr, Glasgow, Scotland
Is there any thinking, musically literate person in the land who has not been inspired by John Peel? This man has been a staunch upholder of the BBC's Reithian spirit. Our culture is the poorer for the loss of someone who always sought to expand its boundaries. I hope his funeral wishes are granted - that Teenage Kicks is played (but not necessarily that Half Man Half Biscuit are buried with him).
David Carr, Glasgow, Scotland

He got me through my exams and made me the gauchely passionate fan that I am. I'll miss him.
Robert, Manchester

My flatmate and I used to listen to Peel's show every night without fail back in the 70s when I was an art student newly arrived in London in the middle of the punk thing. He had an enormous influence on my taste in and knowledge of music, both then and now. Later in life, I hugely enjoyed Home Truths - probably will this Saturday, in fact. I never met him but he was an immensely likeable man. It's dreadfully saddening.
Kim Aldis, London

John Peel... a true lover of music, who brought a sense of honesty, integrity and inclusiveness to all genres of music. An honesty guy... R.I.P
Hutch, london

I spent my teenage years taping his radio one shows. Nobody else played such a variety of music and he introduced me to so many new things. He will be sadly missed-there's nobody else like him
Elin, London

I treasure his post card of rejection to this day
Iain Mundell, Dunoon, Scotland
How very sad, but I guess inevitable. I remember him best for two things. Firstly his eclectic approach to music and secondly his kindness. I recall hearing Simon and Garfunkel sing Mrs Robinson on his late night show at some point in 1967/8. It was like (then at least) discovering gold... Some time later he ran an item on his show called Rockertunity Knocks. I spent hours recording on a reel to reel and sent it off. I treasure his post card of rejection to this day....it didn't feel like a no. Kindness was a fairly obvious strength and a healthy sense of the ridiculous. Don't bother trying to replace him...can't be done. Deepest sympathies to his family.
Iain Mundell, Dunoon, Scotland

Saturday mornings will not be the same. I feel as if I have lost a friend as his distinctive voice has been part of my life since the early 60s.
Judy Smith, Woking England

He was everyone's cool older brother.
Mike, Tintern, Wales

Sincere condolences to his family. Long live his music legacy.
Martin Homer, Bracknell, Berkshire

I met the great man briefly twice, once pressing my band The Dancind Did's single into his hand outside Broadcasting House and once at the next urinal at the Marquee Club. On both occasions he was most courteous and in fact just how one imagined he would be from his broadcasts. I have never been more saddened by the passing of a public figure. Rest well, John, I hope you knew how genuinely you were loved.
Martyn Dormer, Bath, UK

We will be sure to dedicate many last songs of the night to him
Dave Smith, Bedford, England
John was known in my musical community for introducing new genres of music to the public, and for giving any piece of music he listened to a totally unbiased ear. He will be sorely missed by our community, and we will be sure to dedicate many last songs of the night to him. RIP John Peel
Dave Smith, Bedford, England

What an inspiring man. He shaped my taste in music. Thanks to him I've enjoyed some life-changing bands I might never otherwise have discovered
Daria Star, London

John championed my band from it's first ever release to the day we split up. I had 5 happy years touring Europe and playing in the States and I owe it all to John. No one could replace him.
Pete Darrington, Derby, UK

Gutted. The voice of music that will be sorely missed.
Phil Everitt, Thetford, Norfolk, England

Gutted by the news, spoke to friends last night and we all feel like a true valued friend has gone. Inspired us all to really appreciate and open our eyes and ears to the wonderful diversity of all musical tastes. Radio will never be the same again... a sad sad loss and our thoughts go to his family
Deaky, Hull

Been listening to John for about 37 years. Most of my cd/record collection wouldn't exist if not for him. He will be sadly missed. Condolences to all the family.
Mick, Leek, England

RIP my friend
Martin, Newcastle, Australia
Every night from 8 to midnight you would listen to Kid Jensen and then John Peel, and I mean every night, on headphones after Mum & Dad had put me to bed. I look at my CD collection and 80% of it is thanks to John. I haven't heard him for 10 years since moving to Australia, but I am devastated to hear of his passing, I owe him so much. RIP my friend.
Martin, Newcastle, Australia

John's programmes on pirate radio, Radio 1 and Radio 4 have been part of my life for the last 39 years - I will miss him. My condolences go to his family and close friends.
Stephen West, Norwich UK

John Peel truly was one in a million. He will be sorely missed by music lovers the world over and will never, ever be forgotten.
Emily Calloway, London, UK

I worked with John Peel when I was a publicity officer for radios 1 & 2 in the early and mid-70'. I remember his enthusiasm for the music if not always for the management of the radio station. Great to work with him on the In Concert series as well. Very sad for the music industry, great champion of music that otherwise wouldn't have got aired.
Rodney Collins, England

John Peel personified the very great things about the BBC - humanity, compassion and intelligence
Claire, Wangaratta, Australia
The death of a talented, and versatile, broadcaster. John Peel personified the very great things about the BBC - humanity, compassion and intelligence. So many people will miss the sound of that wonderfully resonant voice.
Claire, Wangaratta, Australia

A friendly familiar voice providing company on late night drives, if you don't know the name you know the voice.
Ben Bull, London UK

I first started listening to John's show in late 1977, when I was 13. It was the only place I could hear reggae on the radio. Every 25 minutes or so, John put a Jamaican tune on the turntable and helped nurture my growing love of the music. I have abroad since 1986 and I often listened to John's programme on the World service. I was extremely upset to hear the sad news of his death. My thoughts go to his family. Thank you, John, from us all and I can honestly say that your openness to music has influenced my life. Almost thirty years have gone by and I for one have never really listened to anything but Jamaican music since you helped me develop my love and understanding for it all those years ago.
Paul, Madrid, Spain

A legend is lost but his legacy will live on through the sound of the diverse, wonderful music he introduced us all to.
Derek, Glasgow, Scotland

Radio One may never recover
Marcus Furtwangler, Glasgow, UK
In a society overly keen to laud the mundane and to excessively mourn everyone and anyone in the public eye, we now find a rare case of someone who deserves the tears, the praise and the acclaim. John, of course, would have been mortified but his influence on successive generations was immense: his passing is a tragedy for musicians, critics and fans alike. Radio One may never recover.
Marcus Furtwangler, Glasgow, UK

I am stunned and sad, all I can do is light a candle and acknowledge his influence on my and millions of others lives. John has been part of the backdrop of my life for three decades, a genuine broadcaster of true passion belief and integrity. Thank you. my prayers are with John, Sheila and their family.
Pat de Whalley, Birmingham

John had the most eclectic taste in music of any current broadcaster, and was perhaps the most influential. I can't believe we won't hear his gently sardonic Liverpudlian lilt again.
Jon Green, Cambridge, UK

Thanks John for thirty years of great music, and for providing the soundtrack to my life. John Peel was a national institution, and utterly irreplaceable. He will be missed by everyone who ever heard him. My sincere condolences to his family.
Cliff Smith, UK

John Peel once said in an interview that his passion for eating cheese would be death of him as his arteries were probably like 'lead pipes'...so let's not be too maudlin. He could make a joke out of his own mortality.
Glenn Harvey, London, UK

A big, big loss to music.
Ian, Frankfurt Germany

I never met John, but always felt that if he walked into my pub, I would have loved to buy him a beer and have a good natter about music. His appearance on This is Your Life still remains the only one to move me to tears. You will be missed in our household.
Steve, Berkhamsted

I was in the Merchant Navy and John Peel's radio shows on the World Service maintained my sanity
Dave Williamson, Windsor, England
I was in the Merchant Navy from 71-86 and John Peel's radio shows on the World Service maintained my sanity and kept me up to date with what was happening in the music world. Where I heard the Undertones, UB40, Shriekback etc etc. He was an inspirational role model as I passed 50 this year. My wife cried when I told her that he'd gone.
Dave Williamson, Windsor, England

Thanks John for making me feel I wasn't alone listening to 'different' music as a teenager, for shaping my vocation and for never pandering to record companies by waiting for their free records to come in. Peelie was the only ever music journalist to go and get the music himself, and that's what made him so special. Music has lost its last truly independent voice.
James Martin, Paris, France

He was one of only a few great radio pioneers left, a man of great taste and class. He will be missed.
Padraic Joyce, Galway, Ireland

I'll miss that voice with the familiarity of a wise uncle...a friend I wish I could say I'd known. He was always worth listening too because you felt you trusted what he had to say. A unique talent. Thanks John!
John Felton, Norwich, England

The last days have been a continual stream of people, both famous musicians and ordinary listeners, saying how he was the most important figure in British pop/rock music over the last 40 years. What a shame that John probably never realised how much he was loved, appreciated and respected.
Mark, Stockport, UK

The world has lost a good man who brightened so many lives by his love of music
Sean, Naples, USA

Now he's gone, I feel England is that much further away
Christine, Australia
One of my touchstone memories is of Saturday mornings lying in and listening to John Peel on Radio 4. I missed him like mad when I came here, but there was always the comfort that he was still there, still being so wonderfully, eccentrically English; sharing his genuine affection for the idiosyncratic people he interviewed. Now he's gone, I feel England is that much further away.
Christine, Australia

John Peel gave me Saturday morning life lessons (just when I needed them). Thank you, John.
Dave Browne, Frome, Somerset

On Home Truths Peel unearthered some wonderful and compelling human stories, some of which I will never forget. He spoke to his guests sympathetically and sensitively. He showed so much interest in them. He was somebody who it was very easy to identify with and someone who could always make me laugh!
Jason Edwards, Nailsea, Avon

He was like some kind of 'cool dad'.
Adrian, Clapham, London

He showed so many that there was an alternative to mass-market music. A very sad day indeed.
Paul Phillips, Birmingham UK

Saturday morning will never be the same. John's Home Truths was pure genius. His voice, his wit, humour and compassion taught me so much about human nature. He felt like a friend. My thoughts go to his Sheila and family.
Louise, London, UK

A genuinely nice and cool guy. Very sad news and probably very bad news for popular music broadcasting.
Boo Roberts, Solihull

Wonderful broadcaster - will be impossible to replace!
Jacky Howe, Briston, Norfolk, UK
So many of us rang round yesterday asking "Have you heard the news?" It was like losing a close friend. I couldn't shake off the shock. I grew up with the man, even though I never met him. Wonderful broadcaster - will be impossible to replace!
Jacky Howe, Briston, Norfolk, UK

A true one off, John Peel was a hero of mine, although he would probably have hated to be anyone's hero. A man with the courage to play what no-one else would, and give a real platform to new music. He will be sadly missed.
Sam Boys, Leeds UK

Working in a medium where so often fads and fashions rule the day, John Peel broke all the rules and proved that sometimes, substance really can triumph over ephemeral style. Head and shoulders above other broadcasters, it seemed that John would always be there, sharing his passion for music with us. Now there is a huge, unfillable void and my heart goes out to his family at this time. It seems as if I have grown up with John and the world is a darker, quieter place now.
Carol Trinder, Newquay, England

On the tube I saw the headline on the paper of the passenger opposite. I felt almost personally bereaved. It was lovely to hear his pride in his children on Home Truths, his concerns about them getting a foothold in their careers struck a chord; and standing in my kitchen I could feel his glow of satisfaction at being a grandad. What a role model. I shall miss him dreadfully.
Lynda, Woking, England

He's been part of my life
Colin Sharples, Manchester, England
I feel like a good friend has died. I've been listening to John for about 30 years and he's been part of my life. Back in 1978 I spent a gruelling year pretty much friendless and alone in a squalid bedsit in a north east town. His week-night programmes between 10pm and midnight were one of the few things that kept me going. As the indomitable Mark E Smith would say "See ya mate." Thanks for everything.
Colin Sharples, Manchester, England

Growing up as a teenager I would often be found listening to the John Peel Show on Radio 1 late at night to relax especially during those times I was studying for my exams. His show introduced me to such a myriad range of music and has been an ongoing influence throughout my life. There will never be an influence on the music landscape as John Peel has been. Many, many sympathies to his wife and children, he will be greatly missed.
May, Belfast

I recently introduced my American wife to the joys of listening to John Peel, and recalled falling asleep in the early seventies listening to him on Radio One, then waking up in the nineties to him on Radio Four. Listening to his shows via the internet have been so good for my sanity. He was an inspirational broadcaster.
Martin Warman, Philadelphia, USA

He brought his unique Peel touch to everything he did. Glastonbury on TV was John Peel.
Matthew Thomas, Oxford

Everyone knows his name... he will be remembered for his enormous passion for music... every band, musician and artist he introduced to us will today be as saddened as we are as the lost of John Peel.
Nuala B, West Midlands, UK

His musical tastes moved on (and mine didn't!)
Richard Collings, London

I used to listen to him every night in the seventies. His musical tastes moved on (and mine didn't!) but then listening to him again on Home Truths brought back what felt like an old friend. A very sad day. The following extract from a Soft Machine session (words by Robert Wyatt) for Top Gear in 1969 just about sums the whole thing up: I can still remember
The last time we played on Top Gear
And though each little song
Was less than three minutes long
Mike squeezed a solo in... somehow
And although we like our longer tunes
It seemed polite to cut them down
To little bits - they might be hits
Who gives an... after all?
Tell me how would you feel
In the place of John Peel?
You just can't please all of the musicians all the time
Playing now is lovely
Here in the BBC
We're free to play almost as long and as loud
As a jazz group, or an orchestra on Radio Three
There are dancehalls and theatres
With acoustics worse than here
Not forgetting the extra facilities
Such as the tea machine, just along the corridor
So to all our mates like Kevin, Caravan, the old Pink Floyd
Allow me to recommend Top Gear
Despite its extraordinary name
Yes, playing, playing now is lovely
Here in the BBC
We're free to play almost as long and as loud
As the foreign language classes...
and the John Cage interview...
and the jazz groups...
and the orchestras on Radio 3
Richard Collings, London

You were the best radio DJ in the world and one of few public figures I can truly say maintained their integrity throughout. You have always been an inspiration to me for both the music you play and for keeping true to yourself in the public eye. Goodbye.
Mike Hartley, New York, USA

How sad to hear of John's death. I really enjoyed his Radio 4 Home Truths programme. As always it was John giving airtime to real people in such an entertaining relaxed fashion.
Martin Cook, Bedford, England

Gutted. Peel wasn't just a legend he was the coolest bloke out there. He showed that loving music doesn't end when you reach your twenties. Not only that but he was someone who just had incredible ideas and passion. What a loss, Radio One should make a permanent tribute to the best DJ there has ever been.
Andrew Shanahan, Manchester, UK


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