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Sport Relief: Did you take part?
Prince William (centre) with TV presenter Patrick Kielty (left) and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay taking part in the Sport Relief London Mile
Thousands of UK runners took part in the BBC's Sport Relief event at the weekend.

The "biggest mile event in history" covered 144 official mile runs across the UK as part of a bid to raise money to combat global poverty.

There were several hours of Sport Relief programming on BBC One at the weekend which included a Superstars: Battle of the Channels special and celebrity boxing.

Did you take part in any of the Sport Relief events at the weekend. Did you go the extra mile? Send us your comments and if you have any photos send them to yourpics@bbc.co.uk

This debate has now closed. Thank you for your comments.

Your comments

I agree with Jimmy from Colchester - we also ran in Chantry Park, Ipswich and had a marvellous afternoon running the extra mile - and hope that Ipswich Borough Council hand over the enormous sums of money that they collected for the parking in the set-aside field. Three cheers too for the BBC and their excellent evening's entertainment - perfect antidote for aching feet!
Fiona, Ipswich, UK

My 10 year old daughter and I completed the run in London - Wow what a day, it was fantastic! I want to complete a marathon now!
Andy Wall, Winchester

I ran the mile dressed up! I'm 12 years old - my Mum, Dad and Grandma were there cheering me on I felt so good that I could change the world! I raised 37.00
Laura Summers, Nuneaton Warwickshire

I am happy to make contributions to charity. But I can do without these special events. The television is dominated by fading celebrities providing third rate entertainment for hours on end. Couldn't we just have Cheque Relief where everyone discretely writes a cheque for the charity of their choice instead of all this hype
Mel, Upminster, UK

I ran the mile today in Ipswich and it was excellently organised. The only complaint I would have is the extortionate parking fee charged by Ipswich Borough Council for their makeshift car park in a field. I hope they will consider giving ALL this extra parking revenue to the charity and I hope that the people who were on duty specifically for this event did not ask to be paid for it - it is a charity event after all. Come on Ipswich, set a good example!
Jimmy, Colchester, UK

Everyone supported each other to the finish
Monica Gregory, Swaffham, Norfolk, England
I ran my mile in Thetford today - a small gathering but fun. Everyone supported each other to the finish - that's partly what it's about. And I'm looking forward to having a laugh at the TV programme tonight.
Monica Gregory, Swaffham, Norfolk, England

I've given money but I wasn't be able to cope with running, as I'm a little on the podgy side.
Bob Dales, Folkestone, UK

My Mum and I completed the Leeds mile this afternoon. Passed Chris Moyles and his dad!
Sara, Leeds, UK

My little girl and several of her friends took part in the run. They had a good time and it helped focus them on the fact that there are less fortunate children around the world. They have spent the last week recruiting sponsors to raise money to help those children. I don't think that makes them "arrogant" or "C-list celebrities".
Sheila, UK

Just completed my 1 mile run in Kinross
Ann, Kinross, Scotland
I have just completed my 1 mile run in Kinross, what a super setting but oh do my legs ache. However, there was little advertising for the event I attended. Come on organisers, the Scots are known to be one of the most generous. This event should have had more publicity.
Ann, Kinross, Scotland

Yes I will take part. I have already got my 6-pack of beer and family bag of crisps ready for tonight's viewing.
James Murphy, Dorset, UK

I've nothing against the charity run but please, spare us the telethon.
Graham, London, UK

Any charitable cause that enlists hordes of C-list "celebrities", all more interested in plugging their latest "project" than doing anything beneficial automatically loses my support, and my cash.
Neil, Slough, England

Until the attitude of these countries changes you will be running for charity each week and it still will not be enough. What arrogance of those taking part to think that this will 'combat' global poverty.
Carole, UK

I ran my mile and to Carole if that is arrogance trying to help then so what...you are right that until the leaders of these countries change no long term solution will be found. Until then I will continue to help and do what I can , sorry Carole I will continue to be arrogant

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