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Last Updated: Friday, 9 July, 2004, 15:36 GMT 16:36 UK
Can Kerry-Edwards team beat Bush?
John Kerry and John Edwards
US Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and his running mate, John Edwards have launched their joint campaign for the White House.

On Tuesday Mr Kerry announced the selection of his running mate in an e-mail to supporters and made it official later at a rally.

Senator Edwards, a former rival of Mr Kerry's, was the favourite among several Democratic candidates.

Can the Kerry-Edwards team win the election? Send us your views.

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

Your comments:

If media allows Kerry-Edwards air time; if the touch screen voting machines are fixed so that the actually function; if blacks in Florida are allowed to vote; if Bush-Cheney allow fair debates, then Kerry-Edwards should not have a hard time getting to the White House. But that is a lot of ifs.
Lars Backstrom, Fairbanks, AK

Here's hoping W goes for their throats!
Gordon, Tacoma

Senator Edwards' fishy campaign fund-raising will be a serious problem for this team of global socialists. They seem to think that they can do anything they like because of their membership in the Senate. Furthermore, Edwards is a member of the ACLU, and that is enough to make him a terrible choice for VP. Here's hoping W goes for their throats!
Gordon, Tacoma, USA

Edwards is both inexperienced (one term senator) and rather isolationist, calling for all sorts of protectionism for American workers. I certainly hope his short-sighted view of trade and labour doesn't win the day in November.
Diego, Boston, Mass

Let us all hope that the Kerry-Edwards duo can beat Bush and his cronies this November. I'm not saying that John and John are by any means the two people I would choose to run the country, but any pair would do a better job than Bush and Cheney.
Sean, Nashville, USA

Since the office of vice-president is basically worth nothing, Kerry's choice doesn't affect my views on Kerry's ticket, and I don't know why it would influence anyone else's thoughts. The VP is just dead weight.
Sean, Cincinnati, USA

A Kerry-Edwards team is energetic, intelligent and positive
April, Seattle, Washington, USA
It's a fantastic choice. A Kerry-Edwards team is energetic, intelligent and positive. Bush and Cheney, on the other hand, are negative and simply a stronghold for the old guard where money takes precedence over the good of the American people.
April, Seattle, Washington, USA

Those who think Edwards and Kerry are moderates should look at the record. Kerry has the most liberal voting record in the Senate and Edwards has the fourth most liberal record. They also do not reflect middle America and the working man. Kerry is worth almost a billion and Edwards is worth 50 million. They are radically left-wing and this Ohio resident will not be voting for them in November.
Mackenzie, Cleveland, OH

My husband and I are Independents. Here in Vermont we vote not by party but by principle. Kerry has definitely made an outstanding choice in Edwards. We need to get rid of the old, negative, fear-based greedmongers who have been running our great country and people into the bottomless pit of shame far too long. Edwards was a great choice because he brings a huge amount of positive energy, authentic compassion, and joy to the election.
Carol Flores, Newfane, Vermont

Edwards as VP is a good choice. It seems like the only drawback to Edwards would be his lack of experience. This could be something of a plus, however, as he does not have to pander to special interest groups and big money lobbies that get politicians into office. Bush is a prime example of a leader at the mercy of his backers.
Alecto, USA

Given the voracity, swiftness, and viciousness with which the Republicans attacked John Edwards after the announcement was made, I'd say John Kerry made a good decision.
Tom, Florida, USA

It portrays the John-John team as one of fresh ideas tempered by experience
OM Olojo Esq, Lagos

The choice of Edwards goes to show that Kerry is very intelligent. It is quite clear that it is a smart choice. Edwards is the kind of person I will like to see one day in the Oval office. His presence will give youthfulness and energy to the Kerry team. He is good enough for a VP. It portrays the John-John team as one of fresh ideas tempered by experience. Above all he has no negative weight so far.
OM Olojo Esq, Lagos, Nigeria

Next to President Bush John Kerry appears stiff, lifeless and awkward, and isn't able to explain himself very well. Next to Edwards Kerry looks like he is ready to be wheeled into a nursing home. It will be interesting to see, as the election goes on, whether Edwards's charisma actually works against Kerry. I wonder if Democrats, as they get to know Edwards better, will wish that they had voted for him in the primary. Kerry would definitely have made a better vice-presidential candidate on this ticket.
Steve Mac, Boston, MA, USA

The Democratic Party has put together an unbeatable team for the 2004 elections. America will once again will become a nation for all the people, not just the rich and powerful.
Charles York, Crawford, Texas

What is this America fixation with the BBC? We're talking about the deputy leader of a foreign opposition party, and yet it's the lead story on all the news bulletins!
Douglas, London, UK

Edwards is the best choice. I originally had been a Dean supporter but after his implosion I went looking for the next best hope for the Democrats. I caught Edwards' stump speech one night on TV and realized this guy is a better public speaker and even more charismatic than John F Kennedy. He should be the Democrats' nominee, but he will do just fine as our VP and then nominee in eight years.
David, Brooklyn, USA

Unlike many of his potential contenders, John Edwards truly lacks a background which the Republicans can easily smear. This is a real asset in a race like this.
Matt P, Minnesota, USA

It sure would have been nice to see Senator Graham on the ticket just to ensure Florida, but Edwards is not only the best overall VP choice, he also has Clinton-like charisma. If the Dems should lose in November, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Edwards as our next Dem president in 2008.
Nate Engedal, Miami, USA

Absolutely the right choice. Edwards ran a positive optimistic race for a president, and now, as a pick for a vice-president will add character and a broader appeal to the general public. Smart choice, and God Bless them both in the race.
Yana, New York, USA (Russian)

No one votes for a VP candidate, they are merely campaign assistants
Todd, Virginia

Most people have already made up their minds. It is very close and the economy and the situation in Iraq on Election Day will determine the outcome. No one votes for a VP candidate, they are merely campaign assistants.
Todd, Virginia, USA

I think it's hilarious that all the Repubs are screaming about Edwards's background as a trial lawyer. The supposed father of the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln, started as a trial lawyer as well. Of course, there's no chance that Lincoln, if he were alive today, would come within smelling distance of the hypocrites and pretenders now in power.
Linda, Cincinnati, OH, USA

To call Edwards a pretty face is to ignore his intelligence and compassion. As a native of the state he serves in the senate, I've been following his career since his election in 1998. I feel strongly that Edwards is the smartest choice that Kerry could've made because of how well the two complement each other. I was already planning to vote for Kerry, but now I'm excited about it and I plan to volunteer for the campaign.
Cindy Waite, Raleigh, NC, USA

The whole US election affair looks and feels like such a circus!
Nick, St Genis

The whole US election affair looks and feels like such a circus! All show but no substance, it is irrelevant who is chosen as long as he can smile 24hrs a day and has sparkling perfect white teeth!
Nick, St Genis, France

Edwards will not help get a single southern state. The south is far too conservative to vote for any Kerry ticket. That said Edwards is the right choice for Kerry. He's young, energetic, charismatic and more moderate in his views. VP candidates rarely help much, but they can hurt considerably. Edwards will not hurt Kerry.
Jeff, Springfield, VA, USA

The best choice he could make. This could become the first election where the candidate Veep makes the difference!
Hans Weenink, Basel, Switzerland

It will be an interesting autumn in America
Korbett Matthews, Montreal

Having followed Edwards through the Canadian public media for the past year, I can attest to one thing: he is a compassionate conservative in sheep's clothing. Furthermore his patriotic comments of support and defence of the invasion of Iraq puts him in the same camp as the neo-cons albeit with a bit more Southerly charm and youthful good looks. It will be an interesting autumn in America.
Korbett Matthews, Montreal, Canada

They will make a great team. We now have two politically moderate politicians running. They will be reported as liberals but, in truth, they only look liberal next to the extreme right-wing crazies of the Republican Party. It's time to restore sanity to the US. Don't give up on us world.
Brian, Seattle, USA

As a citizen of the state of NC, he has done very little for his people in his home state. After his election, he began campaigning for higher office. Four years ago, even Al Gore thought of him as a possible running mate. He is a slick silver tongue devil. He is a fantastic con-man; he is John Kerry's best hope of making the office of the President. But he turned his back on the people of his state, for he had bigger fish to fry, and he's not even going to try to run again in his home state, so I knew then that the fix was in. I plan to work against this ticket, for I am conservative, and Libertarian. He is a supporter of Socialistic reforms, and he will be bad for America in the long term.
Mark Luther, North Carolina, USA

Here in North Carolina most people simply don't trust him
Bill Christie, Salisbury

Edwards is probably the best choice Kerry could have made to appeal to middle-of-the-road voters. But here in North Carolina most people simply don't trust him. He is a personal-injury lawyer (inherently untrustworthy) who has spent all his time in Washington advancing his political ambitions, not serving the people who elected him. Unfortunately, this leaves us with no one among the top four (Bush, Cheney, Kerry, Edwards) who is worth voting for.
Bill Christie, Salisbury, NC, USA

Headline should read: Kerry picks Edwards, gives election to Bush!
Kyle , NJ, USA

Yes! Just read the comments criticizing his "lack of experience" - now, just how much experience did GWB bring to the table, folks? And look where it has us now - in Pottery Barn with broken dishes. Yes, the Kerry-Edwards ticket looks to me like a winner in November!
Barbara Woodin, West Chester, PA

I'm very happy for John Kerry. I'm glad he finally settled on a clear vice-president choice. Now Kerry doesn't have to lose the election all alone.
Mike Garcia, Naperville, IL, USA

I believe the Rev Al Sharpton would have been the best choice for president or even vice-president, however perhaps America is just not ready for a African American in the oval office. I will nonetheless cast my vote for the Kerry/Edwards ticket and lend them all the support I can.
Robert, Seattle, WA

An excellent choice. But Kerry needs to make more of an impact. Bush has had a terrible time of late, yet Kerry has not taken advantage of it. Let's hope this will be a real turning point for the Democratic campaign.
Paul, Louisville, KY

Thank you, Mr Kerry, for shooting yourself in the foot
Danelle Gatcombe, Boston

Thank goodness for this country and its Constitution that Kerry picked Edwards. Had he chosen Hillary Clinton and her star power, the Democrats would certainly win this election and the country would end up in deep trouble. Thank you, Mr Kerry, for shooting yourself in the foot.
Danelle Gatcombe, Boston, MA, USA

Edwards is a phoney lawyer, just like Kerry. He left the Senate because he knew he couldn't get re-elected. North Carolina has become a graveyard for Democrats. Edwards won't even be able to carry his own state for Kerry, much less any other Southern state.
John, USA

I am heartsick as I cannot see myself voting for a totally unqualified man as Edwards. I am shaken by Kerry's poor judgement.
Sharon Schafer, USA

Edwards was the obvious choice. Unlike Kerry, John Edwards is very likable (I met him once and can attest to his charms) and comes from humble backgrounds, most of all, he is a Southerner. Nevertheless, I do not think the VP will make a big difference in terms of whether or not Kerry is elected.
Ben, USA

One thing is behind us, Kerry has shown that he can pick capability. Now he has a youthful Kennedy image on his team full of energy, intelligent and brimming with charisma. Who says a VP has little effect on the outcome of a presidential election?
Charles Bruce, La Paz, Bolivia

In our media/image/youth obsessed society, the choice of handsome and articulate Mr Edwards will provide propulsion to the democratic ticket. However, he will be targeted, perhaps rightfully so, by the right wing as inexperienced and light on foreign policy experience (maybe the most important issue in this campaign given terrorism and the US world standing). Lastly, will he be able to distance himself from the taint of his prior experience as a personal injury lawyer, or, in the vernacular, an Ambulance Chaser?
Michael, New York, USA

Edwards has been my senator for years now. I have met him and know how kind and gentle and how much of a great man he is. I can now vote and vote happy.
Matt Johnson, Charlotte, NC, USA

The vice-presidential nominee rarely swings an election either way; Sen Kerry must hope that Sen Edwards, far from compensating for a lack of charisma on the part of the candidate, doesn't end up overshadowing him.
Eliot Wilson, St Andrews, Scotland

Phew. This could make things interesting. Edwards can hit home in places that Kerry couldn't reach in a million years. Could tip the balance, but don't hold your breath.
Charlie, London, England

Edwards is more socially conservative than I'd prefer, but then there's no left wing in the States. He is the only primary candidate to consistently bring up the issue of poverty, which shows integrity. I like his youth and energy. He is a dynamic speaker, and as a campaigner he provides sharp contrast to Cheney's dry virulence and Bush's inability to speak intelligently.
David Baker, Fayette, MO, USA

Ah yes another lawyer and a trial attorney at that. Mr Edwards will certainly bring a sigh of relief to all the injury lawyers out there who have been the real cause of the heath care crisis in America. Say good bye to affordable health care.
Randolph Rash, Fairfax Co, Virginia

He will bring some much needed vitality to the Kerry campaign
T, Tampa, FL
Kerry has made the sensible choice, John Edwards was the most personable of the Democrat contenders. He will bring some much needed vitality to the Kerry campaign.
T, Tampa, FL

John Kerry is youthful, charismatic, and Southern, which are all helpful qualities, but the youthfulness and inexperience could work against him as well. Remember, he is very inexperienced as a politician (one Senate term). Does the country want such an inexperienced person as the backup should anything happen to Kerry?
David Flosser, Sugar Land, TX, USA

I believe this was a good move for John Kerry. But, Americans do not vote for Vice President. President Bush will win re-election based on experience and balance. A majority of "voting" Americans recognize this even if most Europeans do not.
Ron, currently in Paris, France

The response to the choice is excellent, and so is the choice. The Kerry- Edwards team will be a real headache to the Bush-Cheney people, sure looks like a new beginning.
Alex, Orange County, USA

Edwards has charisma...but little else! He's only been in politics for a little over 2 years. Prior to being a Senator he was an Ambulance chaser (i.e. Personal Injury Attorney). To think he might be one heartbeat away from being our President is a dim prospect. Let's hope he doesn't see the inside of the White House.
David, Cleveland, OH, USA

Good choice: I've heard some criticism that he doesn't have national security or foreign experience. Then again, George W. Bush was hardly well informed on those subjects either.
Al, UK

Edwards? Absolutely not. Senators Kerry and Edwards will not be getting my vote. They both voted for the war, and Edwards helped to write the Patriot Act. I believe Edwards has an abysmal attendance record in the Senate, and has spent his entire term running for President.
Dorothy Conway, Chicago, USA

His inexperience concerns me
Kenneth , North Carolina, USA
Edwards is not very popular in our home state of NC and his political experience is limited to a few years as senator. His inexperience concerns me and the Republicans are sure to exploit his inexperience fully.
Kenneth , North Carolina, USA

Yes. John Edward's mom washes up dishes after church suppers. His dad helped revive a community group trying to revive the local economy. He grew up a block from my father's house. He will never forget the working people he laboured alongside in the now-shut mill. He will make a fine vice-president and later a great president. What a sense of relief is spreading through the country with Kerry's choice!
John Chappell, Robbins, NC USA

Not so sure... Edwards is young and inexperienced and in some ways fairly insubstantial. I believe Gephardt would have been a better pick based on his absolute and long-ranging commitment to the working class struggle. He's also better positioned to win over a number of swing states. Edwards is very positive though and the North/South balance is a big deal.
Larry Davidson, WI, USA

Well, Kerry's campaign has been lacklustre and certainly needs a boost. Edwards has a lot of charisma but does not bring any executive experience to the ticket in the way that a governor like Bill Richardson would have done. However, Edwards may be able to swing Florida and Arkansas and that might be enough in the end.
Anatole Pang, London

Yes, it's definitely the right move. Kerry needed someone young and dynamic to balance his age and lacklustre performance in front of the cameras, he needed a southern everyman to balance his Boston Brahmin demeanour, and he needed someone a shade more conservative to balance his "Massachusetts liberal" reputation. Edwards was criticised for not being tough enough in debates, but he's a personal injury lawyer, and I'd like to see how he faces up to Dick Cheney in the debates.
Alex Miller, Croydon, UK

I heaved a huge sigh of relief. Instead of making a political decision (Gephardt), he made the correct one. He selected an articulate, thoughtful, and charismatic running mate, recognising that he may himself come up short on two of those qualities.
Don, Knoxville, TN, US

The Democrats have just won the election, there is no question in my mind about this. Edwards is a fine man with a good background. A safe made man and a natural. By picking John Edwards, Senator Kerry have just demonstrated the type of president he is going to be, a great president who will be on duty 24-7.Happy days will soon be here again.
Patrick Nwaokorie, Brooklyn, NY

The Bush team will batter him for his inexperience
Sarah Hutchison, Arlington
There are a couple of other candidates I would have preferred - Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, in particular - who are seasoned politicians with a long track record of defending the issues most Democrats identify as key. However, Edwards appealed to a lot of Republicans and swing voters during the primaries. He takes some right-of-centre social positions, and has a more traditional aura. While the Bush team will batter him for his inexperience and the fact that he's a successful trial lawyer, I think that on balance he's a decent risk for Kerry.
Sarah Hutchison, Arlington, VA, USA

Edwards is certainly the best choice Kerry could have made. Had Kerry chosen anyone else as a running mate, I think he would, without a doubt, lose the election.
Ben Haley, South Hadley, USA

Did we really think he was going to chose anyone else? It seemed an obvious choice to me.
Daniel Naderi, Montreal, Canada

I would have preferred former General Wesley Clark as a running mate but I am satisfied with John Edwards. Hopefully Clark will be chosen as secretary of defence if Kerry wins.
David, Newton, MA, USA

This is a team that could give us back our government
Jen M, Boston
Edwards is a terrific compliment to Kerry and I cannot wait for him to debate Cheney. Cheney may have the experience but Edwards has the charm and can talk rings around him. This is a team that could give us back our government.
Jen M, Boston, USA

There was some rumbling that Kerry may have chosen Hillary Clinton, which would have driven lots of swing voters and conservatives who are sick of Bush right back to the Republicans. By picking a less controversial figure, I think Kerry put himself in good position to win. I personally believe Edwards would make a better president than Kerry, who is the typical flip-flopping, "tell people what they want to hear" politician. But Kerry isn't Bush and that is what is important to many voters, including myself.
Jim, NJ, USA

I am so disappointed to see the position filled by yet another rich white man
Leslie, Arizona
I am so disappointed to see the position filled by yet another rich white man. I continue to wish for a more progressive United States.
Leslie, Arizona, USA

I am disappointed Kerry wouldn't even consider a woman or a person of colour to be his vice president.
William Tell, Silver Spring, MD

The most unpopular professional class in America are the trial-lawyers. John "Ambulance-Chaser" Edwards epitomizes that class. Draw your own conclusions.
Eduardo de Sevilla-Pierce, Atlanta, USA

Actually, I am a big fan of Edwards, as he was one of the few Democratic candidates who ran a 100% positive campaign free of mudslinging. However, Kerry's campaign has consisted of mostly mudslinging. I don't like our President being relentlessly being attacked during a justified war against terrorism, so I will be voting for Bush. Bush did not make new enemies for the US. These countries haven't been our friends for quite some time now.
Terry Tinsley, Cleveland, Ohio

A great speaker to middle America
Becca, Arlington
This is a great ticket, a very positive candidate and a great speaker to middle America. Way to go Kerry and Edwards!
Becca, Arlington, VA, USA

Kerry will need more than a handsome face from the South to win the presidency. With the election getting closer now, Kerry will now have to come out of hiding. This is a real detriment to Kerry. The more people know about John Kerry the less they like him. Kerry has already been trying to fool people into believing he is more moderate/conservative!
Al Stanley, Charleston, USA

Edwards is a fine choice, but Mr. Kerry passed over a man better suited for the job - Richard Gephardt of Missouri. Edwards will not help Kerry win the Midwestern states he so sorely needs.
Jay David Schuck, Cleveland, USA

On my democratic household this ticket is not going to sell. Mr Edwards' stand on medical malpractice reform will not be forgotten easily. We hoped this was not going to happen. My support for Mr Nader remains.
G Subedi, Fairfax, USA

Edwards' more friendly and open approach should greatly help the campaign
Roger, Wrexham
John Edwards proved his mettle during the Democratic convention. Whereas John Kerry appealed to the Democrats he seems to have had problems in translating that to the wider public. Edwards' more friendly and open approach should greatly help the campaign
Roger, Wrexham, UK

The man is more of a moderate who can help get the mid-west vote. Edwards will not even get his own state.
Patrick, USA

This combination is the best thing the Democrats have going for them. It offers the right amount of moderation and experience. This election just became a whole lot closer.
Tyler, Ontario, Canada

Real America supports Bush
Fred, Tampa
Let's see, posts from NY, NY, Baltimore, California, NY - yeah, good cross section of America! Real America supports Bush. I have tissues for all the Europeans who will weep when we vote for strength and not socialism in November.
Fred, Tampa, FL, USA

Kerry campaign officials strongly indicated that Kerry wanted someone who could 'step right in' and take over as president if Kerry became unable to perform his duties (if elected). Edwards, a one term Senator with little foreign affairs experience, definitely does not meet those particular criteria. Edwards is mostly 'skin deep,' all flash and smile and little of the substance needed during such turbulent times -- Bottom line: he's a poor choice!
Jeff T, Pittsburgh, PA

John Edwards eloquently points out the failures of the Bush administration, but never comes across as negative. His optimistic outlook and positive attitude are exactly what America needs right now, great choice!!
Chad Merck, Washington DC, USA

A strong, popular running mate who will be a future presidential candidate
John Palmer, Dunsmuir
Yes. It was a bold move. It shows that Kerry is self-confident enough to select a strong, popular running mate who will be a future presidential candidate. Edwards will shred Cheney in the debates. And, Edwards has the charisma of John Kennedy. Bravo!
John Palmer, Dunsmuir, CA, USA

We have the best that the US has to offer President John Kerry and Vice President John Edwards. Now we can get back our pride, trust and respect. We have a lot of work to do to clean up this mess. God has now heard the US and has blessed us with real leaders. We can now smile and cheer we're getting our country back.
Jackie Rawlings, USA

John Edwards is charismatic (helpful) and Southern (very helpful) and is just the ticket for John Kerry. Let us just hope that those two men can beat Bush.
Stuart, London, UK

Kerry should stand for the presidency underneath the principles he believes in
Kyle Duncan, Cambridge, UK
Kerry shouldn't feel the need to "balance" his campaign with socially conservative Democrats or those who are less "Liberal" than himself. Kerry should stand for the presidency underneath the principles he believes in; if voting Americans do not want a radical and decisive shift away from Bush's disastrous policies then so be it. Until the electorate sees that America's political landscape is failing on a global level then no candidate is going to change anything seriously.
Kyle Duncan, Cambridge, UK

Edwards is an excellent choice for his primary position, which is currently "running mate". He is intelligent and has a natural warmth which will help offset Kerry's perceived 'aloofness.' Given Mr. Cheney's experience and activities as VP, it may be just as well that Mr Edwards lacks the ties to be a deal-broker It is expected that a VP remain in the background and learn, activities for which Mr Edwards appears well-qualified.
ME Brownell, USA

Edwards is conservatives' worst nightmare
Bobby, Hoboken, NJ, USA
Kerry just won this one - Edwards is conservatives' worst nightmare. The right wing is staring now at the first tug of string in the coming unravelling of their 40 years of work in turning this nation toward plutocracy.
Bobby, Hoboken, NJ, USA

John Edwards is more charismatic and very energetic. He could offset the liberal image Kerry has. Also he's the southerner.
Kumar, Baltimore, US

There's been a Southerner on every Democrat ticket since Lyndon Johnson. Edwards seems like a good man would make a fine vice-president; however, I'm not convinced the VP really ever makes a difference in the elections.
Lars, Brooklyn, NY, USA

An inspired and inspiring man with a great story
Ryan, Qld, Australia
Apart from people with the surname Clinton, John Edwards is the best thing the Democratic Party has going for it. An inspired and inspiring man with a great story, John Edwards is going places.
Ryan, Qld, Australia

He is and the team can easily win the election. There is so much appeal on the streets to beat Bush. I see at least one young lad standing on the sidewalk and passing brochure against Bush almost every time I walk in the city.
Jake, NY, USA


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