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Marlon Brando: Your tributes
Hollywood legend Marlon Brando has died aged 80.

The actor who had been ill for some time, was seen by many as one of the pivotal actors of the post-war period.

Brando starred in more than 40 films, including The Wild One and On the Waterfront.

However, he was best known as mafia leader Don Corleone in the 1972 classic The Godfather.

What are your memories of Marlon Brando? Send us your tributes.

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A true giant in cinema

Aj, Birmingham,UK
An icon has gone. Brando set a precedent for the silver screen. Watching his powerful performances you realised that he was never acting, it was as if he was simply able to produce these raw emotions naturally. A true giant in cinema, he will be missed.
Aj, Birmingham, UK

I never fully understood the hoo-ha about Brando until I saw him in "A Dry White Season" and altho' he wasn't on screen for long, his presence made it impossible to take my eyes off the screen when he was on it. From then on, I was hooked. Brando was like no other.
Graeme S, Lancing, West Sussex

I too enjoyed all the performances we've heard about since the death of Marlon Brando (On The Waterfront, The Godfather, the Wild Ones, Streetcar, etc); however, I also loved him in Don Juan de Marco, Sayonara, Julius Caesar and The Freshman. He will be missed.
Penny, Victoria, Canada

Just ask Pacino, De Niro and Hoffman what they thought of Brando. My heart is broken, he was and always will be my favourite actor. There have been many contenders but only one original. May you find the peace you were so often denied in life Marlon.
Joanna, Goodmayes, Essex

Beautiful, mesmerising and gifted. But why all the accolade now, why not in the past few years? He was neglected by America and unappreciated, it is sad that the warm words are only being spoken now and he can't hear them.
Patricia, Henley, UK

An actor's actor who personified method acting at its best.
S. Krishnan, Chennai, India

Every time a well known screen actor/actress dies, he/she is praised as the "best actor ever". Brando was surely an excellent actor, who had to cope with much tragedy in his life, and I shall fondly remember him as the Godfather, which in my opinion was one of his best roles. But let's not offend the memory of other greats.
Jurgen W Schulze, Miami, FL

I was shocked when I heard the news. I knew the day would come, because he'd cheated death for so long. His weight problems and health scares since the mid-1970's just consumed the public's view of the Marlon Brando of recent years and distracted many people of my generation and younger from exploring the greater things about him.
Leo Boyle, Northampton, UK

His originality and realism we all take for granted now
Mark, Glasgow
Brando changed the art of acting from simply delivering lines to being the character he played. Every movement, action and expression revealed more about the character than any narrative could. His originality and realism we all take for granted now (Pacino, De Niro) must have been a revelation in the 40/50's. Truly an original.
Mark, Glasgow

Yet another legend has passed from an era where actors had to actually act and carry a film as opposed to being propped up by special effects or action scenes. Brando is one of the finest examples of that era. There are still a few true actors in today's world of film, but Brando is one of the standards against which all who follow are measured.
Paul, Houston, Tx USA

The only actor I have not been able to take my eyes off when onscreen; magnetic and intelligent, out of the blue I became a fan watching you in 'Burn'. Thank you, I will miss you very much.
Graham, UK

I always thought that if I could sit down with one person in the world for just one hour to visit, it would be with Marlon Brando. A great actor and a great American.
Gary Wagner, USA

His self-deprecating intense brooding style
Patrick McDonagh, St Austell, Cornwall
Marlon Brando was a one off, unique talent. His self-deprecating intense brooding style pushed back further the barriers of expression for the film genre. His influence on young actors who later achieved success is well recorded, and perhaps after all the way he had the ability to command awe from an audience, and his colleagues is his best legacy.
Patrick McDonagh, St Austell, Cornwall

Marlon, thank you for being a great actor, for being an outsider and for being a real man. I'll miss you!
Simona, Como, Italy

If there was a better actor than Marlon Brando, I've yet to encounter them. For me, it was his performance in The Godfather that showed his genius. His Don Corleone was an immense presence even in the subsequent films of the trilogy. It takes incredible skill to make his style of acting work, and even greater ability to make it work well. To make it work as well as he did - that is the achievement of a demi-God. Goodbye, Marlon.
Andrew, London

We need more people like him in today's calculated Hollywood circus
AI, London, UK
Next to his excellent performances in many classics and perhaps best movies in time, I admire the fact that he wasn't a 'typical' product of Hollywood. He was opinionated and if he didn't like anything about his profession and industry he wasn't afraid to criticise it. We need more people like him in today's calculated Hollywood circus.
AI, London, UK

Not many people seem to remember Brando's brilliant performance in one of the lesser known films: Quemada (Alias: Burn! Burn! Burn!) His portrait of an unscrupulous English colonial would put the Bush Blair coalition to shame!
Marilyn, London, UK

Art truly transcends race and religion. Due to recent events I was at a point when I was disillusioned with America and what it stood for. But upon hearing of the demise of Marlon, it hit me like a sledge hammer.
Bala Ganesh, Singapore

Brando's intensity and vast collection of work is a testament to a great man. His immortality is insured by the amazing sketches of the characters which he portrayed on the screen. He will be sorely missed.
Rudi, Cape Town, South Africa

He will be with us in those great performances forever
Shirley Stuart, Berkeley, USA
Anyone who saw 'On The Waterfront' will never forget it. He drew you in, made you angry, broke your heart. His characters were absorbing, thrilling, dangerous. You couldn't take your eyes off him, whether he was playing Stanley Kowalski or Don Corleone or Fletcher Christian. Even the movies that were duds were worth seeing just to be there in a darkened theatre watching a superb actor do his stuff. Brando may be dead now but he will be with us in those great performances forever.
Shirley Stuart, Berkeley, USA

Marlon Brando was a great actor who earned respect all around the globe. I have never known an actor to have such great appeal across different races, religions and class backgrounds. All the tributes on this website are evidence of that. We have truly lost a legend, rest in peace Marlon.
V Aslam, Huddersfield, UK

Hats off to this unique man. He saw acting and his career in the broader scheme of things. He was extremely talented, but didn't want to be bounded by the 'Status Quo'. He said "Acting is just hustling". I pay my respects to this honourable man.
Jason Robinson, Dublin, Ireland.

The way you demonstrated your ideals are what you will be truly remembered for
Arash Moslehi, Toronto, Canada
Thank you so much, Marlon Brando. To me you are like Mohammed Ali in that your performances in your respective professions were great, but your charisma and the way you demonstrated your ideals are what you will be truly remembered for.
Arash Moslehi, Toronto, Canada

Brando was a phenomenal actor, as well as a man of incredible convictions. His talent, as well as his fighting for minorities in Hollywood in an era of rampant racism, make him the most memorable in my eyes. He will be sorely missed.
Kim, USA

The end of the godfather
Dhiru Shah, Harrow, UK

A stone cold genius
Rahman, Manchester, UK
A great artist, obviously, but one tends to forget the humour of the man. Witness the awesome performance of Don Corleone, compared to the knowing self-deprecation of his role in 'The Freshman'; resplendent in a black tuxedo and a mouth full of cotton wool. A stone cold genius.
Rahman, Manchester, UK

I am deeply concerned about Brando´s death. He has always meant for me the symbol of originality that few actors have ever showed: an enormous potential on screen and a sensitive attitude towards concrete social problems of his time. A big star beyond the standard superficiality of the film-industry. You will not be forgotten, because your soul lives in your magnificent films. Adios querido amigo Brando.
David Ugarte, Berlin Germany

Brando's Mark Antony was inspirational, and a refreshing change from the "Oxbridge" accent of so many British thespians. In fact, his intonation and pronunciation were probably much closer to the voices of Shakespeare's day than we are used to hearing.
Brian Dodds, Birmingham, England

He changed the face of modern cinema
Oli, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Like everybody here I'm just moved to say something about a passing legend. Leading the parade in the Lee Strasberg school of method acting, inspiring Pacino, De Niro and Hoffman in the process, he changed the face of modern cinema, giving it above all spontaneity. He was a great man.
Oli, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The greatest actor ever to come out of the US. And what a wonderful legacy he leaves. My own favourite, On the Waterfront is sheer joy. Many try but no-one will ever capture his genius
Mandy Demarco, Toronto, Canada

Farewell to one of the icons of the twentieth century as important as Che Guevara, Kennedy, Marilyn and so on. A man with a divine gift that is impossible to imitate. His eccentric, rebellious, noble, troubled, and mysterious character added to his macho looks and his tragedies in life just added more to the myth. There are no actors like him anymore.
Alfonso Quijano, Madrid, Spain

Brando is dead. So ends an era without equal in American cinema. He had a way of conveying inner depths that was sublime. His influence will live on in film and television for decades after his death. Adieu sweet prince!
Mark Taylor, Auckland, New Zealand

Certainly the greatest screen presence of the last 50 years and arguably the greatest ever. The virtuosity of his performances lives in the memory. It is difficult to think of any set of delivered lines in cinematography history that have ever struck more of a resonance than, "I could've been a contender".
Basil Ramsay, Cumbria, UK

Brave and beautiful - that is how I'll recall Marlon Brando
Ray Pence, Lawrence, Kansas, USA
He was not only the greatest American film actor of the previous century, he also changed American culture for the better. Although he was a star, he was never afraid to show his flaws and vulnerability. As a celebrity with a social conscience, he put himself on the line for unpopular people and causes long before doing so was fashionable. Brave and beautiful - that is how I'll recall Marlon Brando.
Ray Pence, Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Hopefully now Marlon Brando will get the recognition he deserves. Although he would be uncomfortable with such praise, he was a very important theatrical, cinematic and cultural figure. A great loss, one of only a handful of acting geniuses and I will always be a huge fan of his work inside and outside of acting.
Alexander Warn, Plymouth, Devon

The tributes to Marlon Brando that I've seen and heard all seem to overlook his performance as Sky Masterson in the film of "Guys and Dolls". He may not have been a professional singer but he certainly put the songs across convincingly in character and in tune - and it's his own voice!
Graham Lewis, Littlehampton, West Sussex

He was real actor, his performance as Godfather was absolutely the best. His memory will live forever.
Sina, Tehran, Iran

My utmost respect and admiration for Marlon was when he had Sacheen Littlefeather accept the Oscar and the speech that he had her make. I will never forget him for this and his devotion to the underdogs in this country. His acting was supreme. He has made a difference both in film and helping the civil rights movements.
Amadis Garth, Mill Valley, Ca, USA

He leaves a stunning legacy
Andy Horsman, Wellington, UK
A colossus, a bone fide legend. Marlon Brando was a fantastic character actor who made some terrific films and his application, craft and presence were exceptional. He leaves a stunning legacy. RIP.
Andy Horsman, Wellington, UK

Whatever anyone thought of him, he was certainly never boring. His performance in On the Waterfront was beautiful to watch. At best he was mesmerising, at worst...intriguing!
Karen, Glasgow

The world of cinema will never be the same again... I am shocked, as are all of those who loved the sheer perfection of his presence, and as one who looks back at the time when film in America was something serious and graceful, I feel that his passing is tragedy.
Sébastien Smith, Quebec city, Canada

Sadly, an era has ended. He was a true genius and inspired a generation of artists with his sincere work. May you rest in peace, Mr Brando.
Deepak, India

Brando's portrayal of Don Corleone changed the way that the world looked at the mafia. He made someone who previously would have been seen as a glorified street-punk into a modern day Roman Emperor. Judging by the strength of that portal alone, Brando can be seen as one of the best actors in cinema history.
Oscar, Princeton, NJ, USA

We will probably never see anyone like him again
Tahir Abbas, Birmingham, England
A mesmerising actor, who lifted every movie he played in. The world of Hollywood movie-making is at a great loss without him. We will probably never see anyone like him again. He will be greatly missed.
Tahir Abbas, Birmingham, England

Marlon Brando, The Godfather is no more! No-one can take his place. God bless his soul.
Momtajul Haque, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rest in peace, Mr Brando. You were one of the greatest, as man as and actor. We'll remember you forever.
Vanessa Chapman, Caracas, Venezuela

A true genius has gone. Marlon Brando was not only a superb actor but was a humanitarian who spoke out for civil rights. He did his work quietly and did not wallow in the shallow glitter that so many present day actors seem to do.
Mohammad Jamil, Bury, England

He fought courageously for civil rights
Kelvin Nel, Leigh on Sea, England
I'm devastated. Not only was he a fantastic actor but he fought courageously for civil rights, had a great sense of humour and justice, and had a great feeling for the world. If you read his autobiography hardly anything was about acting. He was an icon but more than that, a greater human being. I will miss him more than his films.
Kelvin Nel, Leigh on Sea, England

Another classic is passed. It' a shame that my generation has yet to wield stars as great as the one we lost today.
Rhys Cartwright, Chelmsford, England

A true legend who will be missed
R McKellar, Manchester, UK
The original bad boy of the big screen...a true legend who will be missed
R McKellar, Manchester

Sad, sad shame, one of the most gifted actors of all time. Legendary and infuriating at the same time. Miss you already Marlon.
Mikey Hughes, Stockport, England

What can I say? The Godfather is dead. Rest in peace Marlon. I will never forget those magnificent acting performances throughout the years. Thank you!!
Stephen Wheeler, Liverpool, UK

The man was a genius. The only actor in film that held my attention in everything he did. Genius, plain and simple.
Ed, Canterbury, UK

Undoubtedly, the greatest American actor
Bill, Canada
On the Waterfront, Mutiny on the Bounty and Apocalypse Now are great motion pictures of which I'll never forget. They owe that distinction to this man's performance. Undoubtedly, the greatest American actor.
Bill, Canada

He was the greatest natural screen actor ever. The only person that came close was James Dean. They both had an amazing gift, one in a billion. An extremely talented man has just sadly left us. Respect is due!
Daniel Kadic, London, UK

I am extremely sad. We didn't appreciate his talents enough in his lifetime, so hopefully we will now at last reflect on the life and career of this remarkable man, and place him amongst the greats.
Jane, London, UK

That controversial Oscar refusal where he sent in a Native American woman
Sabrina DeBord, St. Louis, USA
I'm real saddened to hear of his death. He was an honest actor who remained true to himself whilst acting in films - you could see the anger and passion in his soul in A Streetcar named Desire, and On the Waterfront. And as for that controversial Oscar refusal where he sent in a Native American woman, I must say how much I admire him for that. A real man in a land full of fakes and poseurs. His presence will be sorely missed by cinema lovers.
Sabrina DeBord, St. Louis, USA

I just heard the news. My sympathies go out to the Brando family. Marlon Brando was my favourite screen actor and his film, On the Waterfront has always been my favourite. Marlon, RIP.
Catherine, London, UK

We've just lost the greatest screen actor of all time bar none. Brando is in all of my favourite movies - Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, On the Waterfront, and Streetcar Named Desire. I'm devastated. Rest in peace Marlon.
Rick, London, England

Which was Marlon Brando's greatest film performance?
Apocalypse Now
A Streetcar Named Desire
Last Tango in Paris
The Godfather
On The Waterfront
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