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Fahrenheit 9/11: Your reaction
Michael Moore
Controversial director Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11 has opened in the UK.

The documentary links President George W Bush with powerful families in Saudi Arabia, including that of Osama Bin Laden, and attacks his actions before and after 11 September.

Fahrenheit 9/11 became the first documentary to top the United States box office charts and is said to have taken almost $22million during the first three days of its release last month.

The film also won the prestigious Palme d'Or prize at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Have you seen Fahrenheit 9/11?

This debate has now been closed. Here are some of the comments we received:

Finally somebody had the courage to explain to the public, the side of the war that we do not know. Many argue that this film is clearly biased and only presents one side of the story....but it seems to me that we have been living the other side of the story through the media, Bush and Co. I believe every American owes it to themselves to see this film and then make up their mind about the war in Iraq.
Alana, USA

I have seen this "film" and though I applaud Moore's use of his constitutional rights I take serious issue with his "film." There are few facts, there are no proposed solutions, and the film was boring. If this is what passes as liberal thought then I am no longer a liberal.
Eric, Delaware, USA

Instead of labelling him, disprove the facts he presents
Zoltan Devenyi, Myrtle Beach, USA

Yes, I've seen it. Why is he "controversial"? Instead of labelling him, disprove the facts he presents.
Zoltan Devenyi, Myrtle Beach, USA

To those cynics implying that the man only 'did it for the money', its worth considering he's been raging against the machine for decades, he hasn't suddenly sprung to prominence. It's nice to see him get such exposure - which the US has needed for so long to achieve balance in their media-fed perspective.
Matt, Chelmsford, UK

I'm not a fan of Moore's nor particularly of the film but it's about time we had some serious debate about how far Bush and Blair for that matter have gone to justify a war on Iraq. The war on terror has to be the real priority, it is now clear that Iraq had nothing to do with that - so billions of dollars and many lives have been lost for nothing. If normal people were to make a mistake a fraction of the cost we would rightly expect to be fired.
Nigel, London, UK

Moore claims that "Iraq never targeted US citizen's or attacked the USA therefore the war was wrong". Nazi Germany never attacked the USA either...was WW2 wrong? His slanted logic spoils what could have been a good film... unfortunately you can't pick out the truth from the propaganda.
Peter, Nottingham

I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 at the weekend and, having seen Bowling for Columbine, was looking forward to seeing it. Although I would say this film is definitely worth a watch, his points were sometimes hard to follow, and I found some of the images he used disturbing. Although I understand that these served to illustrate very important points, I felt these were sometimes these were gratuitous and totally unsuitable for a 15 certificate film.
SH, Somerset

Its arguments were ill-thought out and purely emotive

David Logan, London, UK
I saw it and thought it's arguments were ill-thought out and purely emotive. The reason audiences love it is because no-one wants to face the truth. That militant Islam is the greatest problem in the world today and the Americans are the only ones with the guts to do anything about it. How about a film detailing France's attempts to give Saddam a nuclear weapon?
David Logan, London, UK

I saw it and I was shocked. After the showing; the movie received a standing ovation. Here in the United States, there is a fierce propaganda movement, by the right wing, to prevent people from going to see this film. Most of the film is, unquestionably, factual. Please, just go see it and then decide for yourself.
Doug Rocklin, San Diego USA

Seriously frustrating, it seemed for the first hour to be very good, very witty and mostly accurate. It fell down in the second half. I felt angered by the way he exploited people's grief. When a women has lost her son in action in Iraq, how heartless to make it out to her that her son died for nothing.
Robert Parker, Wolverhampton, UK

I believe the movie has several fabricated lies and several clips were cut to show only parts of conversations. He gave almost no dates or actual statistics on the Bush family, as well as trying to discredit the men and women serving in our military. Also, he faded out all the positive people's support of the president with the motorcade on the day of the inaugural address. I'm thankful we do live in a free country where one can express their opinion, but get the facts straight, Michael Moore.
Franklin Hoskins, Spanaway , USA

Give the guy a chance to have his say

James Gardner, London, UK
The incredible popularity of this film (I saw it in a packed cinema on a Saturday afternoon yesterday) is surely proof that many of us feel starved of "the other view" on the war in Iraq. Biased, yes, no shocking revelations, sure, but the balance has been weighed so heavily in the other direction for so long, I'd encourage everyone, no matter what their political persuasions, to give the guy a chance to have his say.
James Gardner, London, UK

Moore is a little over the top but so what. Moore is one of the few to challenge Bush in early 2003. It took a lot of courage to do that. If a few more people in the US Congress and more in Parliament had stood up to Bush and Blair we wouldn't be in this mess in Iraq. Hooray for 'Fahrenheit 911' and Michael Moore. Great moviemaking for a documentary. I loved it
Donald & Sylvia Luke, Florida: United States

Thought provoking and at times disturbing, this movie should be seen by everyone, regardless of political affiliation. Documentary, not really. Propaganda, probably. But it raises questions about the deceptions and spin the Bush administration has used since day one. I consider myself a moderate democrat, who, like the rest of the US supported the country when we went to war. After seeing this film, I am angry at being duped and angry at the administration. Michael Moore has made a great movie, and done something that hasn't been seen in the US for quite sometime....riled the electorate and started people talking about voting, politics and getting people involved. I WILL see it again
Kellie Groves, Montebello, California USA

Many in the audience applauded at the end

Obhi, Sutton, UK
I saw it yesterday in Wimbledon with a full house. Many in the audience applauded at the end, which is very unusual for a suburban cinema. The film is entertaining, informative and gripping. A 'must see', if only to find out why so many don't want us to see it. A sequel about why Blair made Britain part of the US-led 'Coalition of the Willing' might be just as fascinating.
Obhi, Sutton, UK

Ah, the art of film making. This film shows that anything can be made to look true with a few skimpy facts and some slick editing. It is a dangerous precedent that is being set.
Jeremy, London

There are some distortions and omissions in the film, particularly the lack of any acknowledgment that the Israeli defense lobby has any sway in the US government. However, the great majority of the facts presented are accurate. You don't need to accept every one of Moore's conclusions to admit that it is a major contribution to debate on the war.
D. Jacques, Michigan, United States

I saw it and I thought it was brilliant! Can someone in the UK please make a film about Blair.
Natalie, London

I saw a preview of the film on Wednesday. It was biased, amusing, shocking and full of facts. Some of the things he pointed out, I had quite forgotten about and even if his interpretation on them is inaccurate, it does make one ask what was really going on in the US administration. I wonder why he didn't mention the UK at all with regard to Iraq?
Dorothy Molloy, London, UK

The audience erupted into spontaneous applause
John Till, Fareham, UK
I saw this film a week ago in Portsmouth and it was the first time I have ever been in a British cinema where the audience erupted into spontaneous applause at the end. I left the auditorium thinking how on earth can Blair stand shoulder to shoulder with Bush and yet still claim to be a "Labour" Prime Minister. Yes the film contains some bias but the bulk of it appears to be factually correct. If only Michael Moore would stand for election here in the UK!
John Till, Fareham, UK

Having been panned by the US and UK media it had to be worth a look, and it was. Far more believable than the obvious nonsense churned out by the US and UK media, but as to whether it's all true, who knows?
Steve, UK

I wanted to see what the fuss was about and came out shocked. If the things Moore says are true then I cannot see how Americans can re-elect Bush.
James Moorhouse, UK

I would be interested to see if Mr Moore keeps the vast amounts of money he is going to make from this film. Personally I think he is just using the current political tension to line his own pockets whilst offering a completely biased viewpoint.
Chris Harvey, Crewe, England

He has his own jaundiced view of the world and people around him
Paul B, Oxford, UK
Who cares what Moore thinks? He has his own jaundiced view of the world and people around him. Also, like most journalists these days, he will just arrange the facts to fit his viewpoint, fill his wallet and ignore the truth. Are we really helped by being told by a liar that Bush is a liar?
Paul B, Oxford, UK

I would love to see Fahrenheit 9/11... but my local multiplex cinema has decided not to show it. So much for it being on general release!
David C, Colchester

I can't believe that anyone would believe that this is a documentary. A documentary is a non-biases film filled with undisputed facts. This so called documentary is clearly biases and the so called truths maybe so or may not be, what ever the case I find it very sad that people will see this film and believe it all as true with out seeing a different view point or knowing for sure how much true is really in it.
Paul Clark, Bel Air, MD USA

Michael Moore is a true American patriot. At a time when most in the country are gripped by fear he alone has the courage to stand up and say "What is going on here?!" If only more of us would be so bold and daring. His film is not only an amazing piece of art, it is also a heart-wrenching thought provoking statement on the events that led to the illegal war in Iraq. I give it two thumbs and two big toes up!
Matthew Shook, New York, USA

This is a film to be applauded
Phillip Wedgwood Brand, London, England
An angry film - angry at Bush, angry at the military industrial complex, angry at the war and angry at all associated with the latter. This is a film to be applauded - how can Bush win in November after this `eye-opener'?
Phillip Wedgwood Brand, London, England

Like the movie Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit is another Michael Moore rip off. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a very clever journalist and uses his skills to exploit events to line his own pocket.
Zed, Lancaster, UK

I would far rather see a British version: "Downing Street 9/11" Some of the lies emanating from the current inhabitant there need more exposure!!!
Andy, Sutton, Surrey

Moore's books are biased and inaccurate and I would expect his film to be the same. BUT it is worth watching because deep in his misrepresentations and ranting will be some undeniable truths that will shock us all.
Steve H, Littlehampton, UK

I haven't seen film but intend to. I have known that Bush has lied to the country and cannot see why people would vote for such a person. I wonder why the media has failed to report the truth about this administration.
Eugene D. Jones, Jr., United States

It exposes the contradictions of the Neo-Cons
S. Farooq Hasnat, Lahore, Pakistan
The film is very well made and glues the viewers to the last second. It exposes the contradictions of the Neo-Cons and reflects the real picture of the policy makers of the United States. We can call it an excellent attempt to show a real side of the US policies towards Iraq.
S. Farooq Hasnat, Lahore, Pakistan

Regardless of how you view Mr Moore it is very important for the American people to get another side to the story given by their government. Their news media and government only tell them what they want them to hear and omit very important details, as we are too. I only wish we had someone with his guts in this country to come out and expose the lies we have been told. People who claim he is a liar are ignorant to the truth and will never be able to accept it. It's the people who sit up and listen and then debate who get the most out of his work. I don't think anyone should blindly follow anything deemed as the 'truth' but it is important to have the questions put by Mr Moore raised.
Julia, Nottingham

The USA should be proud of Michael Moore - in an era of unprecedented anti-Americanism, he is living proof that there are still some sane Yanks out there!
Jay, Hull, England

Michael Moore is a great self publicist who has made a career out of misrepresentation
Jim, Ashtead
Michael Moore is a great self publicist who has made a career out of misrepresentation and falsehood. If he were a right winger he would be vilified and never been allowed to be at Cannes, much less win the prize. His credibility shows how shallow the public can be, but the good news is that increasing numbers realise what a con man he is.
Jim, Ashtead

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a very moving film that I have watched 3 times already. It takes a while for the message to sink in your head when you have been so manipulated by the government and media these days. There is only one way to approach this movie and that is with respect because to go against the message is to go against all that makes a government honourable.
Tetsuyo, Los Angeles, USA

This film is NOT a documentary - it is a dishonest and one-sided rant from a guy who is more interested in making money and self-promotion than in the truth.
Anon, London, UK

Having read Moore's books, I have to concede that he is biased, and does exaggerate the truth beyond levels normally considered acceptable for a "documentary". However, Moore does serve a very unique and necessary purpose, scrutiny. During the run up to the Iraq war the American media proved itself incapable of providing critical assessments of the US administration, and was far too willing to wave the flag and be seen to be "patriotic", often at the expense of scrutiny and critical analysis, the very cornerstones of democracy which America apparently seeks to promote.
Dan, UK

Moore is not a documentary maker, more like a politician himself
Tim, Nottingham, UK
I have tickets for the UK opening night on Friday - I'm sure a lot of it'll be biased propaganda and selective with the facts, but how is that any different to how politics works? In fact Moore is not a documentary maker, more like a politician himself, but if I were American I'd vote for him.
Tim, Nottingham, UK

I think there's nothing new in it for the already cynical. But, it will be an eye opener for those on the right who haven't adopted the ostrich position. You have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by the second half of the film irrespective of your views, and for that reason alone I especially recommend this film to people who think the concept of a pre-emptive war is sound!
Richard, Glasgow, UK

There is no way, no matter what you believe politically, to come out of this film and not want to be involved in the process. Whether you agree or disagree, this film should be a clarion call for participatory democracy. Wrest control away from the moneyed elites and put your money where your mouth is. I am glad that Moore has the guts to go up against both parties and expose the rampant stupidity and hypocrisy in today's government. Love it or hate it, all I ask is that you at least SEE IT before you make up your mind.
Ziad Daher, Khobar, Saudi Arabia

I have never really been a political person, never voted, never really concerned myself with all that...after the last election, the clear deceptive (to the American people and the world) goals of the Bush presidency, and this film, I am now going to vote and will be more concerned about who is leading this country.
Troy, Hatlfield, Pennsylvania

This president has squandered opportunities, resources and the goodwill of our allies
Winston Lancaster, Sacramento, California
Even looking beyond the blatant portrayal of George W Bush as a bumbling incompetent, Fahrenheit 9/11 is a stinging indictment of the Bush administration's malfeasance and conflicts of interest in the US efforts to combat terrorism. This president has squandered opportunities, resources, the goodwill of our allies and countless lies. He and his henchmen are war criminals and I applaud Mr. Moore for having the courage to expose the crimes.
Winston Lancaster, Sacramento, California

As one who has been involved in researching many years of seriously flawed US policy, I must say, there was not much in the film that truly shocked me. However, it is very powerful and moved me in a way that is hard to summarize here. It must be seen, but having said that, those who see it must understand that Michael Moore is just beginning to scratch the surface. If you enjoy the film, it is time you start doing some research of your own to broaden your mind!
Andreas, London, Canada

This film seeks only to spread hate and further divide America
Mike, New York, USA
This "film" seeks only to spread hate and further divide America. Moore is hatemongering and closed minded. If you don't agree with his views everyone thinks you're some kind of idiot. I think Moore is just a big jerk --and he looks bad on camera too.
Mike, New York, USA

It is a sad day for the "free" press in America when I have to pay to see the other side of a story in a theatre. FOX news press members take notice, money can be made in putting the liberal view out for the public to see.
David Link, Talala, Oklahoma, USA

I would not pay to see such a liberal movie that is a designed to slam Bush and those leaders in America. Michael Moore has a right to make movies but please don't slam the government if you can't provide a solution.
Justin Sinclair, DC, USA

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