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The Queen's Birthday Honours: Your reaction
England Manager Sven-Goran Ericksson (R) congratulating Trevor Brooking after Trevor received a Knighthood in the Queen's Honours List
The Queen's Birthday Honours include two of football's big names, individuals from industry, showbiz, the arts and Britain's wider society.

Former England player Trevor Brooking received a knighthood and Wales manager Mark Hughes was made an OBE.

Maureen Croom who worked as Number 10's cleaner for 11 years was made an MBE. And Britain's first female newsreader on national TV, Angela Rippon, was made a CBE.

Mike Smartt, who founded BBC News Interactive and was its editor-in-chief for eight years, gets an OBE.

What do you think of the Queen's Birthday Honours? Send us your reaction to those honoured in this year's list.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far.

I'm very happy for Trevor Brooking. He deserves a knighthood for everything he has put into football - playing and commentating. Also The Shadows deserved what they got, even if Hank Marvin refused his. Their music is fantastic. I think that if Cliff can be knighted, then why can't they? It would be nice.
Sue Carpenter, Basingstoke, England

Be famous, and you're guaranteed an honour sooner or later
Stuart Mason, London, UK
Honours are been devalued by their proliferation. Be famous, and you're guaranteed an honour sooner or later. Absolutely pointless.
Stuart Mason, London, UK

It's about time the whole thing was abolished. Most of these people are doing what they love and getting paid handsomely why should they receive some letter after their names as well, what have they don't to deserve them?

As a British citizen I am proud to have a royal family. It is a big part of heritage that so many countries in the world have lost or been denied. The Queen's birthday honours are a tradition that should never be forgotten. I know people increasingly believe that it is a controversial waste of time, but some of the people who receive awards really do deserve them! Besides look at the attention they get from all over the world-surely not a bad thing with opinion of Britain diminishing like its status as a world player!
Craig Haskins, Bath, UK

Queens Honours or Media awards? Well go figure, there are far more worthy people doing thankless jobs and some risk their lives for it! Need I say more? Except, how's the bets running on Royalty being assigned to a Wax Work Museum by 2020?
Richard Sweetman, Winsford England

Good to see we Brits can still exhibit jealousy and rancour at someone else's success!
David Townsend, Rochford, UK

What an outdated waste of time. Richard Whiteley? How has he advanced the cause of the country? Celebrities get enough undeserved reward from their self-congratulatory fame.
Gary Davis, Hitchin, England

The Honours system gets worse with each passing year. I am appalled at the indiscriminate use of the system to reward people whose contributions to the country are trivial compared to the sacrifices made by our armed forces. It's time that the whole system was abolished in favour of a single level "Achievement Award", which carries no title or post-nomial letters, but simply recognises that an individual has reached the pinnacle in his/her chosen career.
Gerald Law, West Sussex, England

I think the BBC's John Simpson should have been included in this year's list, especially considering his superb coverage from Iraq.
Claire Kar, Muscat, Oman

Over the last 20 years, the PM has undervalued this country's honour's system, by giving out awards to his or her mates. Last time the joke was Mick Jagger. Now Tony has given an MBE to his office cleaner, ha ha ha. Come on Tony, let's start giving top honours to people working in the community and not Whitehall.
Jacqui Roberts, Somerset, England

Mike Smartt :-) for one of the best websites in the world.
John, Manchester UK

Why should Tony Blair's cleaner deserve an award more than my GP practice cleaner? Is there a lot more filth to clean in No 10?
Eric, Middlewich

Well done to John Hurt. I think he is a one-off actor and is one of the very few in the league of Sir Anthony Hopkins.
Roger, UK

Terrific to see Michael Fish, Angela Rippon and Trevor Brooking receive an award. The effort, pain and daily struggle of having to kick a football for a living, stick up stickers on a weather map, and read what someone else has written and be paid for it is outstanding.
Steve Robson, expat, Australia

It is intensely patronising
Jon, Wolverhampton, England
This is old fashioned hierarchical nonsense. It has to stop. It is intensely patronising, I wonder why those lower down the pecking order don't feel offended rather than honoured by what they are offered.
Jon, Wolverhampton, England

At least Hank Marvin had the good sense and principle to politely decline this so called "Honour".
Daniel Chalk, Market Harborough, UK

If ever there was somebody who deserves their knighthood, Trevor Brooking is that person. It is just a shame that the majority of celebrity Honours have nothing to do with achievement or service, and more to do with political expediency and social climbing. Sir Trevor should not be held to be guilty by association.
Rob, England

People in Commonwealth countries laugh at the OBE
Aruni Mukherjee, Kolkata, India
Educated people in Commonwealth countries laugh at the title of OBE. This is seen as a typical of British pomp, which is non-existent in reality and trying to reconstruct an elapsed era. Honouring individuals is all right, but the OBE title is ridiculous.
Aruni Mukherjee, Kolkata, India

Colin Parry, who lost his 12-year-old son Tim in IRA bombs in Warrington got an OBE. Despite what happened he opened a Peace Centre in the town, which runs sport and education courses for youngsters to combat prejudice and avert confrontation. This sort of thing deserves a knighthood - not services to football or entertainment. I am always made angry by awards to people who have already had their reward in fame or riches - or both - and the insult to people who really deserve recognition for their courage and the example they give, such as Colin Parry.
Philip Baker, Broadstairs UK


Well done Mike Smartt on creating a real working website (something most major organisations fail to do). Let's use this site as a shining example, regular updates (unlike most sites), forums like this, and interesting information about almost every topic imaginable. No wonder it is my homepage!!! Once again well done Mike for doing such a good job...
Roger, UK

Trevor Brooking didn't get a knighthood for kicking a football about, but for doing an enormous amount of valuable work
Tim Oakley, Rickmansworth

Once again the insulting complaints from people whose opinions, quite frankly, should be kept to themselves. Trevor Brooking didn't get a knighthood for kicking a football about, but for doing an enormous amount of valuable work for sport and the youth of this country. Good for you Trevor. (I still look at my old school magazine that includes an interview with Trevor in his days as a star of the U15 XI - not convinced that he would take up football professionally!)
Tim Oakley, Rickmansworth, UK

The Honours system is basically a good idea but over the years the controversy has increased with seemingly the strange and almost backroom way in which certain people seem to get awarded one.
D Burnham, Teddington, UK

Well its one of those things that you either love or hate. It's interesting to see who gets the awards but it doesn't really mean anything. It doesn't do any harm either.
Bernard Shiner, Lima, Peru

What a wonderful way to attract the attention we get from around the world. We are so, so lucky to have the democratic society we have and the accessories to go with that (the pomp and ceremony of the monarchy). Long live the HRH, whichever one.
Tom Aaron, London, UK

This silly friends giving friends awards club has to go
Tom Anderton, Basildon

This silly friends giving friends awards club has to go. Sure, a good behaviour or work in class award is fine for primary school children, but do adults really have to be brainwashed by the media into admiring people who do little else than kick balls, waffle into microphones or read another person's hard work on the text screen?
Tom Anderton, Basildon, Essex

I am delighted for Roger McGough. He is a lovely man, our family appreciate the time he took to give an interview to our mature student son in his busy schedule.
Helen Roberts, Liverpool, England

Here we go again, the majority of the awards going to people for doing what they were paid to do. Actors, Civil Servants (good grief!) and sports folk, they were all just doing their paid jobs. What about the thousands who put themselves out with voluntary, non glamorous actions which actually benefit society?
Ian, Camberley, UK

I am totally at a loss to understand why Vernon Handley, who has done more for British music than any other living conductor, is fobbed off with a CBE. He should have had a knighthood years ago.
Douglas Smith, Canberra, Australia

The furthering of a class based system is long overdue for scrapping. We talk about racial equality but no one ever speaks of class equality, especially not those of the upper classes. Also, how many minorities were chosen for these honours?
Julia, London, UK

I think we should keep the Queen's Birthday Honours. It is fantastic!
Richard Israel, UK

I'll bet the very people who are clamouring to be rid of this ceremony are the same people who constantly moan that England has no distinguishable culture. Well, if you don't like it, move out. This, unfortunately, is our culture.
Joe, Essex, England

I think the Honours system is a wonderful thing but needs to be awarded to those who give faith, energy, time and selfishness
Ian Marshall, Paris

Yet again if you can kick a football you receive an honour for doing so. Honours are for those who have served the Queen, Country and people who have served their local communities and what we get each year are certain people who have done nothing to deserve them. I think the Honours system is a wonderful thing but needs to be awarded to those who give faith, energy, time and selfishness to enrich and protect this great island.
Ian Marshall, Paris

A member of my family was given an OBE because of his work in the Police over here and I think that it was very justified. It wasn't because he was well known or anything but because of his efforts to reduce the illegal activities in Northern Ireland! The majority of people who get the awards are people you haven't heard of for charity work etc and its just because there are well known people (who do get the most media attention) included everyone jumps to the conclusion that its only celebrities and people who worked for Government or the Queen etc that get something!
Mark, Belfast, UK

A tradition that I should very like to see Britain keep.
FB, Kobe, Japan

I am amused by the people who every year write in to denigrate the honours. How can anyone possibly be upset that someone got an honour? It doesn't cost us anything and if it brings pleasure to the recipient and their mum, well why stop that? Jealousy? The British disease of knocking the successful? If its republicanism that's silly too, Presidents give out honours.
Luke Magee, Wales

Once again Labour have given the majority of the Honours to famous people to make the politicians look good rather than the ordinary people who do outstanding achievements.
Phil Nagel, Cambridgeshire

They should be scrapped.
Brian, Lowestoft, England

The rest of us get bonuses, after all!
Iain Howe, Amsterdam

I'm sick and tired of people knocking Civil Servants - a class of worker in this country who tirelessly serve for decades on low wages and few perks. Recognition from the head of state to the workers of that states government for good service are not ridiculous. The rest of us get bonuses, after all!
Iain Howe, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Of course the honours are elitist! Their function is to single out the elite of individuals who have achieved eminence in their field. The Queen is the living symbol of our entire population and culture rolled into one. An honour from the Queen is an honour from the country.
Archie, London, UK

I think that Mike Smartt deserves his OBE for BBC Online. I visit it every single day, more than once and the news section is my homepage. Amazing stuff! As for Trevor Brooking - well. No comment.
George Williams, Manchester, England

Maybe they should have less of them handed out each time though

So what if we don't have an empire anymore. I bet none of the people saying its stupid would turn one down. I'm not a fan of the monarchy myself but there's nothing wrong with the medals. Just because you're famous doesn't mean you've done any less of a service than the cleaner, the foster mother, chef, cook, or bottle washer. They are different types of people to start with. Maybe they should have less of them handed out each time though.

The arbitrary unfairness of this system makes my blood boil. And then I realise that this is a healthy thing; a trivial matter like this gong-giving makes you realise we should get angry more often with those that govern. I say down with the monarchy, down with patronage, the class system that holds this country back. If we can't vote them out, then bring back the guillotine. We're tired of eating cake!
Smike, London

As a West Ham follower, you might say I am biased. But I believe that Trevor Brooking really deserves his knighthood. A victory for the good guys, I think.
Steve Potter, ex-pat in US

Congratulations Trevor - very well deserved but would someone please tell me why Bill Nicholson has not been similarly honoured. He has now been at Tottenham for 67 years. His time as manager was legendary; first double of 20th century, first British team to win in Europe. But most of all for simple loyalty to his club and their fans.
Chris Isaac, Launceston, UK

The chap who led the BBC website team's award is well-deserved if you ask me.
Dafydd Lewis, Surrey, UK

Glad to see Michael Fish has been honoured. He is my favourite weather presenter and has done a thankless job for over 30 years.
Alex, York, UK

Please can we see an end to this outdated system. The tiered structure of the awards are ridiculous and elitist. I'm still waiting for New Labour to reform this system. There should be just one award to recognise the real unsung heroes in this country not a load of overpaid sports people, showbiz personalities and politicians.
Andrew Styles, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

I'm a bit miffed that Trevor Brooking has been knighted considering that there are still many players from the 1966 World Cup winning side still not knighted.
Lee Hider, Portsmouth

Wonderful. I look forward to the Queen's gongs. Why do people keep moaning we do not have an empire? So, what difference does it make? Let us at least try and keep some of our old traditions, if by name only. Foreigners expect it and it can only help with our travel industry, one of the few industries we have left!
Stewart Webb, Caversham, England

I think it is time this farce was scrapped. Most of these people were well paid for what they did in their professional and it is a joke to give them this kind of recognition. I really only approve of the non-celebs getting recognition e.g. the non famous charity workers.
Margo, Glasgow, Scotland

One wonders what Blair and co are up to with all these honours being handed out like sweeties
Justin, Bruton

One wonders what Blair and co are up to with all these honours being handed out like sweeties. There was a time when they were worth something, but now they are given out for being involved in things like origami and Indian dance. Is Blair trying to break down the State? Surely he knows that you can tear down the system and the Crown by devaluing what they do? Is this not part of some plot, I wonder? Restore the value of the honours system, 100 a year should be more than enough.
Justin, Bruton, UK

Whilst delighted, to hear about the knighthood, of Sir Trevor Brooking, I have to ask, - why has a similar award never been made, to the greatest-ever England all-round, cricketer - Ian Botham. His charity work - to say nothing of his sporting achievements, - should have earned him this years ago!
Steve, Nottingham, England

Once again the majority of the awards go to civil service, sports and media with a few token gestures to us peasants outside the castle walls.
Chris, UK

Somewhat underwhelming as an honours list. Isn't John Hurt due his knighthood yet?
Andy Millward, UK

The whole concept of the honours system is divisive and obsolete. Any honours this year should have gone to the D-Day veterans.
Bob Martin, Portsmouth, UK

I proposed an Engineer who led RJB Mining through the take over of British coal and improved standards of safety, quality, reliability and profitability - all of which helped both our industry and our exports. To see a cleaner get an award (justified I am sure) endorses my reasons for leaving England the land of who you know, not what you do.
Mick David, UK

Why do we still have the Honours List as it currently stands? As far as I know we do not have an Empire. India became independent in 1947. The outdated Medals and Orders are an insult to thinking peoples' intelligence. Well done those who refuse such baubles!
P Stanton, Boston, UK

I am against honours unless they are for exceptional people doing exceptional things. Unfortunately the majority of honours are given to civil servants who do not in general deserve the honours they receive.

The nominations from the public are generally for people who have strived for years to help others and their recognition is well deserved. Being some "yes" man (or woman) to a politician or being close to the higher levels of government where the honour decisions are made seems to do wonders for a persons chances of receiving an honour!

I am sure the cleaner did a good job in keeping No 10 clean but there are thousands of cleaners round the country (my mum included) who do a similar job who wouldn't be on the list. The honours system should be reformed (again) or abolished so that deserving people get recognition and to prevent cronies from advancing their careers.
Lawrence Edwards, UK

Queen's Birthday Honours - for the last seven years I have been trying to get my former foster mother Doreen Roberts a Queen's honour for her outstanding work in the service of fostering young children.

She is the UK's longest non-stop foster mother with over 40 years non-stop fostering service.

Far too many honours go to people on the television and not unsung heroes like my former foster mother.

Let's start giving honours to ordinary people who do wonderful things for others.
Andrew Roberts, Martock, England

A mechanism to maintain and prop up the our creaky establishment. Give cleaners a decent wage, not this patronising recognition. The Queens Birthday Honours List is an anachronism, an embarrassment, a tedious annual charade.
Peter Dukes, Bakewell, UK

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