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Should Harry be protected from the media?
Prince Harry
Prince Harry will not apologise to the photographer involved in the scuffle outside a club, Prince Charles' spokesman has said.

Paddy Harverson told BBC News: "It certainly seems to be the month for apologies, but no, I don't think it really requires that."

According to royal officials, the Prince was hit in the face with a camera but the paparazzi photographer - Chris Uncle of the Evening Standard - accused the prince of deliberately lashing out at him.

Harry, who is third in line to the throne, has reportedly apologised to his father, Prince Charles, about the incident.

Do you think the Princes should be protected from the media? Do you think press coverage is acceptable or is it too intrusive? Should Prince Harry apologise to Chris Uncle?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

This topic was suggested by Hugh Luggs, Leeds
Are the Royals subject to too much press intrusion?

I think Prince Harry should receive the same amount of protection as any other member of the public. Having said that, I also think that the media should treat the Prince no differently to any member of the general public. There is absolutely NO need to hound the young man. Can't photographers find something more important to focus on? The great whopping big illegal war in the Middle East, for instance?
Nick, Cape Town, South Africa

There are two sides to the story. The photographers have the right to carry out their jobs and take photos that they believe will make them money (that is why we work). The other side is that Harry has the right to tell the photographer to go away. There's no right, no wrong, just two people exercising their human rights.
Dave, Paris, France

Isn't everyone entitled to some privacy?
Andy, London, UK
If I'm not mistaken, Harry and William are financed by their father who receives his income from the Duchy of Cornwall and not the Civil List. Therefore, to claim that the princes are the public's "property" is just plain wrong. Either way, though, does ANYONE deserve to be stalked by the paparazzi? Isn't everyone entitled to some privacy?
Andy, London, UK

At last something interesting happens in the Royal Family. Let's hope this is one of many spats with the press, we need a royal black sheep.
Colin, London

Why should a public figure who lives a life of privilege with the taxpayer picking up the bill for his partying, then claim he needs privacy when he creates huge interest? William manages to live quietly at university and if he chose then Harry could request and be afforded the same status/relationship with the media. While he creates a storm in the public eye he can hardly moan that people pay attention. If you don't like the heat stay out of the kitchen.
Jenny, Cardiff, UK

It is not an intrusion of his privacy
Chris McColl, Walsingham, England
Stop bleating on his behalf. It is not an intrusion of his privacy; he was on a public street. If it had been one of the ones who pay for his privileged lifestyle it would have been portrayed as no more than another example of late night yobbish behaviour.
Chris McColl, Walsingham, England

Everything else aside, what puzzles me is that it was a Thursday evening/Friday morning. Don't the people who frequent these nightclubs mid-week have to get up in the morning? At least the photographer (for whom I have no sympathy) had a job to do.
Jill, East Yorkshire

Judging by Harry's violent behaviour, it is we, the general public who need protecting.
David, Cornwall, UK

For any "normal" drunken violent yob this behaviour would be described as anti-social and deserving of an ASBO (drugs, booze and violence). Why should a royal yob be treated or viewed differently?
Jeremy Cullen, London, England

He has a right to privacy as we all do. Is it any wonder that so many of the Royal family are a bit weird? So would you be if every little thing you did was front page news. I don't care much for the Royals, but they have a right to privacy.
David Patrick, Reading, UK

I think people should leave the guy alone
Emma, Kent, UK
Poor fella has so much on his plate what with being a Royal and all. I think people should leave the guy alone and stop shoving cameras in his face. I'd have lashed out the same way. The photographer deserved everything he got, he should stop being a nuisance and do some real work instead of hounding people.
Emma, Kent, UK

The press coverage is too intrusive. Unlike film stars and so-called celebrities, who have chosen the limelight as their career, William and Harry don't have the option, they were born into the limelight. So come on press, let the lads have a life, or are you going to have to wait for comments such as Anne gave you many years ago before you back off?
AC, Bordon

There is no excuse for this behaviour. One newspaper headline suggested he can't be blamed after all he's been through. Nonsense! Should we allow everybody who has suffered a personal loss or trauma to bypass the law and limits of acceptable social behaviour? Should we release prisoners who believe they've have had a dreadful childhood? No. It is disgusting that he is not subject to the law as everybody else is. Why is he not being charged with assault?
Peter, London

It angers me that Harry is all over the news, there are much more worthwhile and dare I say it important issues that could be reported on than what a spoilt overgrown child one person is!
Emma Davies, Manchester, England

According to reports Harry had four minders with him on his trip to the nightclub. I wonder who paid for them ? If as I suspect it is the taxpayer we have every right to know what he gets up to and how he deploys his bodyguards, to hold him back whilst he is laying into photographers. Great.
Chris King, Islington

Even though I am a republican I don't think it is fair of the press to harass him constantly. If rumours are to be believed then one of the photographers made nasty comments about his mother. If that is the case then the "journalist" concerned deserved a smack in the mouth.
Paul, Northampton, UK

One rule if you're royal, another if you're the public
Ross, Scotland
Clearly one rule if you're royal another if you're the public. Never mind apologising, he should be charged. And those saying it is incorrect to state that we pay for him have fallen for a PR myth from Clarence House - where do you think the land came from in the first place?
Ross, Scotland

I think there should be some kind of law pertaining to the behaviour of the paparazzi. They are rude, violate individuals' private lives all hours of the day and night and don't care who they hurt doing it.
Barbara, United States

1. his mum was killed by the paparazzi. 2. the paparazzi took the photos. 3. the BBC are using them. 4. we are reading it. Therefore we are all guilty of perpetuating the problem.
Jason Bloomfield, South Korea

Somehow we seem to have been suckered into this notion that you have to earn your privacy. I think everybody should be protected from the media. The media is organised realisation of the very, very worst of human nature.
Chris Hayes, London UK

The picture looks like he was doing a bit more than 'pushing' the camera out of the way. It's a disgrace that we see the teenage children of the famous acting terribly with little or no punishment. Mr Uncle should press charges for assault. Harry is not immune to the law, no matter how well-connected he is.
Peter Fulton, Watford

He is not paid to be in front of the camera, as people in "reality TV shows" are.
Shyrie, Philadelphia, USA
I don't understand how people say he's public property because his life is paid for by taxpayer money. I assume that children of teachers, health care workers, garbage collectors and other people that are "paid for by taxpayer money" should have their private lives invaded constantly by the media? He is not paid to be in front of the camera, as people in "reality TV shows" are. Nobody should be stalked like that. But, as others have mentioned, nothing will change until society vocalizes their disapproval of that kind of behaviour (the media).
Shyrie, Philadelphia, USA

All of us reading this page (including me) are obviously fascinated by the royals (or were you just here because your mouse slipped?) It is our thirst for royal news that drives the paparazzi. Turn off the demand and the supply will also stop. But deep down we just can't get enough of it, so we blame the paparazzi and just keep on reading.
Mark, Netherlands

A Right to Privacy law is long overdue. Nobody should be photographed by the media if they do not wish to be.
John Lawrence, Southampton.uk

I'm afraid if the royals want to continue with their out of date lifestyle of privilege funded by the taxpayer then, yes press coverage of their lives at any level is completely acceptable. Why stop with the paparazzi? Bring on Big Royal Brother!
Chris Davies, London

It is almost comical how ill-informed most people seem to be about the income of Harry. He inherited a huge amount of money from his late mother and no doubt receives income from his father's Duchy of Cornwall estate - but nowhere is there any evidence of him receiving tax payers' money. The press should only intrude in matters which are in the public interest (that is, where he or other members of the royal family, MPs etc., are involved in conduct unbecoming of their position) but when he is out for a night out with friends, as any other young person his age may be, then he should be left alone. Of public interest to those with nothing approaching a real life is not the same thing as in the public interest.
Emma, London, UK

The UK press continuously hound anyone in the public eye at an unacceptable level. I have no sympathy for a photographer with a fat lip. He deserved it for taking part in what was no doubt another hounding.
Dan Salter, Auckland, New Zealand

I am totally phobic about cameras. If somebody stuck one in my face, I'd go ballistic. I find it incomprehensible that somebody could even think that they have a right to take pictures.
John, Brug, Switzerland

You people want tabloids. You get tabloid news.
Roger, Solvang, USA

Harry on the other hand was born into his life - he didn't choose it
RK, New York, USA

Celebrities - film stars, models, actors etc. seek fame - so there can be little sympathy concerning their complaints about invasion of privacy. Harry on the other hand was born into his life - he didn't choose it. I doubt any normal person can really imagine the pressure associated with having every movement, every smile or frown captured for public scrutiny and consumption. Leave him alone.
RK, New York, USA

In response to all those who claim Harry is sponging off the tax payers, if they could be bothered to look into the facts, they would find that the Prince of Wales and his dependants do not receive a penny of public funds - all income comes from property owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. In fact, Prince Charles voluntarily pays 40% income tax. Would any of you do the same?
Chris J, London, UK

Oh for goodness sake, let's get a grip on reality. This is one highly privileged young man, he enjoys the rights of royalty, should he not also keep up his responsibilities? Any lesser mortal would have been arrested and charged by now - not endlessly debated alongside the reporting of terrifying events played out on the world stage. A public figure is photographed in a public place - and the surprise is? Beside, if no-one bought the mags and papers with the pictures - the whole paparazzi thing would die over night.
Gareth Evans, Banff, Scotland

The Royals live incredibly privileged lives, being in the public eye is the price they pay for that. If they don't wish to be photographed going into expensive night clubs, then they shouldn't go to expensive night clubs but find other ways to entertain themselves. Other "celebrities" manage to avoid press intrusion and have private lives.
Andrew Gilbert, Stourbridge

Fair enough that Prince Harry lashed out, they probably really do intrude where it really isn't necessary, cut lip what do they expect he is paparazzi
Bridget, London, UK

I can't believe that there is so much fuss over the royals.
Derek Gogley, Reading, Berkshire
I can't believe that there is so much fuss over the royals. They may be Britain's most famous family - but they are also the dullest.
Derek Gogley, Reading, Berkshire

Sounds like the media needs protection from him :-)
Jon , Leeds, UK

Prince Harry should be allowed to have a private life without intrusion. He did not ask to be born royal and he has official royal at present. Allow him to enjoy his privacy while he can. The majority of the public aren't interested in his private life anyway
David Priest, Solihull

Let us hope that Sandhurst teaches our feisty Prince some basic restraint and self-control - as he will have to demonstrate when he is posted to Southern Iraq in a couple of years time with other members of the armed services.
John Fowler, London

I don't understand why a man coming out of a nightclub requires a photograph to be taken. Big deal! He's a Royal but also a young man entitled to his privacy.
S. Alex, Toronto, Canada

It is amazing how quickly people forget that Diana was killed in a car accident while trying to escape from the paparazzi. Do they want the same thing happening to others? What is this obsession with other people's lives?.
Anon, UK

I think, considering what happened to his mum, Harry should have a dispensation to be allowed to thump as many paparazzi as he likes. If royalty doesn't merit that small privilege it might as well be abolished.
Joe Otten, Sheffield, UK

Hats off to Prince Harry. It is about time that we should see that the Royal Family are only human. I do not condemn his action, it should be applauded. The paparazzi should be made to pay for their actions.
Paul Graham, Newcastle, UK

Harry should be grateful that he will always live a life of privilege. The UK citizens will always support him financially, he will never have to get a real job, and if his biggest problem is people taking photos of him, perhaps he ought be even more grateful!
George S., Vermont, USA

He's behaving like a normal guy of his age would
Gaenor, Hertfordshire, England
Leave the poor guy alone. He's behaving like a normal guy of his age would. He's never invited the media. Unfortunately he was born to it. Give him a break. We won't be happy until he has a breakdown. That would be great news wouldn't it? Why won't the media learn that if they didn't feed the small minded minority this 'news' nobody would care less. If that photographer presses charges I'd have him sent to the tower by granny - no question.
Gaenor, Hertfordshire, England

For those of you British taxpayers who moan that the royals are 'spongers' and do not contribute to society: have you any idea of their incredible, not to mention incalculable - value in terms of tourist revenue? The British Royal family probably brings in more money to the UK - and therefore to you - than any other institution or tourist attraction. Or do you think tourists would flock to see President Blair at Buckingham Palace? Leave 'The Firm' alone; they've earned every single penny they get.
Suzy, Helsinki, Finland

Shock! Horror! Prince Harry had a drink and a scuffle outside a nightclub. In all likelihood so did several hundred other nineteen year-olds this week. Yet they did not make the papers. Leave the poor bloke alone. The only people who are interested in the day to day lives of the rich and famous are the clientele of various magazines who sensationalise gossip. It shows a sad state of affairs where our journalists/paparazzi are so poor at finding 'real' news that they have to resort to chasing the royals and other hi-profile celebrities. And whilst the celebrities may have sought this kind of attention to boost their careers, William and Harry were born to it, they didn't have a choice.
Charlie, York, UK

Harry is a member of the Royal family, and he's no doubt happy to enjoy the privileged status that comes with being third in line to the throne. I understand that press attention must be a nuisance at times, but Harry must realise that it goes with the territory. Like most royals he seems ready to court press attention when it suits him to do so. I have little sympathy for a young man of considerable wealth and position who allows his temper to get the better of him in situations like this. He's young and inexperienced - let's hope that increasing maturity will bring a greater degree of acceptance.
Peter Thomas, London UK

Harry seems to be on a steep learning curve .You can't turn the media on and off as you wish. His parents discovered that to their cost. A little less Vodka might help the learning curve too!
Terry, London

Leave Harry alone, I'm not a Royalist, far from it, however, what is being reported about Harry is not news, it's "Tittle Tattle" and not really interesting. Stick to the real news. Rubbish like this led to his poor mother's demise.
Mike Jones, Crumlin Gwent

Now he's shown he has some aggression, he will go far in the Army! Good on you Harry, the media got what they deserved, the Monarchy should fight back, instead of continually being destroyed by the media that claim they don't want a presidential state!
Joanne, UK

We are all entitled to our privacy, royalty or not.
Andrew Low, Durham

Elect a proper head of state once the current one says her goodbyes
Paulina Frederick, Reading, UK<
Honestly, who cares? How many young men get into a fracas every night without ever being in the headlines? Get rid of the monarchy altogether, and elect a proper head of state once the current one says her goodbyes.
Paulina Frederick, Reading, UK

I have no sympathy with press photographers at all... they know the risks of intruding on people's privacy and they deserve everything they get. Well done Prince Harry!
Stu, Brighton, UK

If Prince Harry wants to go out and be a normal person fine, however when the money he spends is earned by himself and not the hard working people of this country one might have a bit more time for him. It is clearly time to remove this family and move them to some run down area so that they may get a taste of real life. It is not like they have much claim to be an English royal family anyway.
Greg Chick, Colchester Essex

He's not a celebrity, he's a royal with less choices than we, the public, have. So let's just respect that!
Vanessa, Essex, UK

The Prince is no longer a boy and as the photogenic third in line to the throne is a figure of interest to the public who do ultimately contribute towards his lifestyle. Harry and all other celebrities are human beings however and the British press does need to be less intrusive into people's private lives.
David Hook, Gloucester, England

There remains a huge difference between in the public interest and just interesting to the public. This press coverage is far too intrusive - it borders on stalking.
Stuart, Sussex, UK

People should vote against the paparazzi by not buying the tabloids.
Dave Brooks, Swindon

If this is the face of the royal family in the 21st century I don't think it will last too long beyond the present Queen.
John George, UK/US

It serves neither party's public interest to get involved in any form of scuffle
Dave Burnard, London

It certainly is not an invasion of Prince Harry's privacy! He is a very famous person in a public place. He is already prepared for media in this situation; hence his personal security force. However, a meeting like this should be able to be conducted in a civilised manner by both parties. It serves neither party's public interest to get involved in any form of scuffle.
Dave Burnard, London

Should Harry be protected from the media? It looks more like the media should be protected from Harry!
Jeanine Salla, UK

He seemed very happy to court the media just a few weeks ago, photographed in the midst of a few poor and/or disabled African children. If he wants to be left alone, try leaving taxpayers' cash alone.
David Cross, Liverpool, England

I was about to send a lengthy message of my own. Then I read what David Cross of Liverpool wrote. Basically David has hit that oft whacked proverbial nail right on the head. Nuff said, David...and Well said, sir!
Max, UK

The sad thing is, I bet The Standard sees soaring sales this evening. The paparazzi actively goad people so that they can get pictures like these - "Prince Harry In Nightclub Brawl" is far more interesting - and will net far more cash - than "Prince Snapped Leaving Club." And look at the BBC News Online story; they've had to credit the photo agency. So the photographer becomes famous, the Standard gets a sales boost, and the photo agency gets some free advertising courtesy of licence-payer's money. The only person who loses out here is Prince Harry. I actively dislike the Royal Family and think they should be abolished, but even a Prince has a right to his privacy.
Thom Boston, London, EU

Harry is now entering the stage of his life when he needs to follow more than ever, the dignified examples that were set by his mother. Without her here to advise him, only now will we start to see the real impact her tragic loss is having on her son.
Steve, Norwich, England

The Princes should be protected from the media. Last night's incident with an intrusive paparazzo might have evoked in Harry a similar reaction to what His late mother was experiencing so many times.
Grazyna Z Squier, Brighton

There is a market for mindless celebrity media coverage
I think it would be difficult to grant the Royal family legal "protection" from the media, however, the attention does really seem to be out of control. I sympathize with Harry and William in particular, because they in no way seek media attention, and it's hard to imagine how they can ever escape it. If they want to be left alone, then I think the media needs to respect that yet I doubt they ever will, unfortunately, especially as long as there is a market for mindless celebrity media coverage.

Harry is an entirely legitimate subject for the photographers and newspapers - we have a right to know whether Harry lives up to the image he portrayed in his recent self promoting video of his year touring the world at our expense.
Tom, London

I am completely sick of this attitude that the paparazzi have a right to invade people's lives so rudely and forcefully. They do not have ANY right at all. I would no doubt lash out if a load of cameras were shoved in my face, and while perhaps Posh and Becks and their ilk deserve everything they get in terms of the paparazzi I don't see why someone like Prince Harry should have to smile sweetly and put up with it. He is well known, not through choice but through who he was born. The paparazzi should leave him alone, and if they can't then they should expect retribution. I think Harry was in the right, and reacted in the same way that anyone else would.
Annabel, Bristol, England

Let him grow up in peace
Helen Kember, Lancaster, England
Its about time the media left the kid alone. He and his brother were not even given space to grieve for their mother, who would probably still be here were it not for the paparazzi! Let him grow up in peace.
Helen Kember, Lancaster, England

The paparazzi deserve what they get from celebrities. They are demanding and enjoy humiliating them. It was a shame Harry had lost his cool, but he his human and I am sure anybody having as much negative media attention as he his having at the moment would probably do the same. Well done Harry!
John , Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK

I think we sometimes forget that these boys (the Princes) were born into this life. They have no choice, and that's unfair. After what happened to Princess Diana, who can blame Harry for not liking the paparazzi?
Laura, Atlanta, USA

My dwindling respect for the Royal Family may have been rekindled somewhat if Harry had actually stuck one on the bloke and knocked him out. He's only human, after all.
Jonathan Hicks, UK

The Royals should either give up the public handouts, or stop moaning about privacy
Mart, London, UK
Its fine to claim Harry is entitled to his privacy. He (like other Royals) is also entitled to dip into our wage packets to pay for his lifestyle with our taxes. He can't have it both ways. The Royals should either give up the public handouts, or stop moaning about privacy. Other celebs have to put up with this type of thing, and they don't get paid by US.
Mart, London, UK

Why do we have to see everyday incidents involving the royal family when if a person living in my home town had punched someone for stalking and taking photographs all the time, hardly anybody would be interested. I am sick of hearing about the 'unhappy life' the royals have.
Margaret , Grimsby, England

Let us not forget it was the paparazzi that killed his mother. That was in the early hours of the morning as well. It is also well known that he hates the press and being photographed. It s understandable that he snapped, I think I would in the same circumstances.
Jason, Bucks

I hope Harry is prosecuted for this assault.
Chris, Berkshire, UK
Yes, Harry was provoked when a photographer snapped him at 3am, and perhaps accidentally caught him in the face with the camera. OK, that was wrong. However, Harry retaliated violently to this provocation and that cannot be acceptable. You cannot take the law into your own hands in this country, and he should have known better. I hope Harry is prosecuted for this assault.
Chris, Berkshire, UK

The royals really do have a hard time of it. They're thrust into the public eye without any choice in the matter. They're hounded by paparazzi, misquoted, victimised by the media and then blamed for anything and everything by the public. I can see this and I don't even like the royal family! I pity them.
John, Southampton, UK

Why does the press think we want to see photos of any of the royals doing nothing more interesting than coming out of a club? Are our lives so boring that we're interested in every little bit of their lives?
Sue, Bucks

Good on you Harry! You have to remember that he's still only 20 years old and can't be blamed for losing his cool when tracked by photographers. These are the people who mercilessly tracked his mother and were at least partly to blame for her tragic death. Give the poor young man a break.
Rachel, Thun, Switzerland

Why do people care so much that Harry went into a nightclub?
Cheryl D, Wokingham, UK
If people did not trip over themselves to buy the rags these pictures appear in there would be no paparazzi. Why do people care so much that Harry went into a nightclub? So what? He's just a bloke, the Royals still go to the toilet like the rest of us. We really should get a life.
Cheryl D, Wokingham, UK

I detest the actions of the paparazzi - why can't they leave someone alone at that time of the morning? I only hope that the Princes know that the majority of the sensible general public realise how revolting the behaviour of these photographers is.
Simon Featherstone, Birmingham

He's public property whilst the public pays for his upkeep. I can't see how he can ask for privacy.
Pete, Yate, England

I'd quite happily put up with a photographer waiting outside a nightclub to take my picture in return for all the money and privileges that the royals have!
Olivia, London

I pay for him therefore he should entertain me
Christian Tiburtius, Reading UK
I pay for him therefore he should entertain me. If he doesn't accept the state dollar then he can ask for protection from the media.
Christian Tiburtius, Reading UK

Absolutely, the media who stalk the likes of Harry & William are vultures waiting to trip them up & show us all that - guess what - they're only human after all. Well - guess what - I already knew that! Why do we need to know what Harry does, he's 20 years old & has the right to a social life like his peers. He has the right to make mistakes & learn from them. Unfortunately if the media have their way any mistakes he makes he won't have the privilege to make in private. Look what his Mother had to endure, I hope this media attention is nipped in the bud sooner than later. I can hear people moaning on about as a royal they have privileges blah blah, they were born into their lives they didn't choose them. They're not D list celebrities for goodness sake! Let them live their lives as privately as possible.
Anna, U.K

Harry's big enough to look after himself, he was brought up in the spotlight and should be used to it by now. However this is all part of a wider issue with the press in this country. The paparazzi exist because people love to see celebrities falling out of nightclubs and so long as people keep buying newspapers and magazines which print this nonsense, then it will go on.
Joe, Glasgow

Leave Harry alone
Craig H, London, UK
Leave Harry alone. He is a young man who is entitled to live his life as we have all had the opportunity to do at the same age. Blame a public whose abject appetite for mindless rubbish fuels the paparazzi as is so obviously displayed in the tabloids and celebrity magazines.
Craig H, London, UK

I see this as a question of respect, rather than regulation. They have finished school, and it is understandable that there will be media attention, but unlike the numerous celebrities, they do not go around looking for publicity.
Sam, London

I wouldn't be too happy about being photographed at 4 in the morning on my way out of a nightclub - so why should Harry be any different? Good on him I say for standing up for himself. The media in this country get away with far too much..
Leanne , Dundee, UK

With all the privileges come obligations
May, Paris, France
Prince Harry should be allowed the same freedoms as any other teenager. However he should also reconcile himself with his status and destiny. With all the privileges come obligations, one of which is to allow and prepare for the public's interest in his everyday life.
May, Paris, France

Far too intrusive, and let's be honest, who really cares? The two princes are "famous" only by virtue of having been born. If a photographer started following me around because of who my grandma was, you can bet I'd lash out at him! These are ordinary young men doing what ordinary young men do, and best of luck to them.
Jack Hatfield, UK

When you accept the public's money for hardly any work.... then you are then seen as public property. otherwise we wouldn't pay our council tax for nothing. If the Royals don't want to have the 'tabloids' in their face then quit - the money, the houses, the cars, the holidays, the good schools - the list is endless. Give it up boys and I will then back your right for privacy, until then stop whinging!
Julie, Cardiff

The princes are entitled to privacy like anyone else so I don't blame Prince Harry for what he did. The media are obsessed with interfering in people's private lives. Please just leave these lads alone to live their lives in peace - they've had enough to deal with following the death of their mother.
Liz, Brighton

Surely the Queen could just demand this stops
Paul, Halifax, UK
Yes, leave him alone - especially on such an informal social event such as this! But he is royalty - surely the Queen could just demand this stops. She is the most powerful person in the country after all.
Paul, Halifax, UK

No inquiry into Prince Harry tape
15 Oct 04  |  Education


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