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Last Updated: Monday, 7 June, 2004, 12:23 GMT 13:23 UK
Sudan: Will the peace deal work?
Sudan's government and main rebel group have signed a key deal which aims to clear the way for a full treaty to end the country's long-running civil war.

The peace accord between the government and the rebel Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) covers protocols on power-sharing and the administration of three disputed areas in central Sudan.

However, it does not include a separate conflict in the western Darfur region.

Around two million people are believed to have died in the conflict which erupted between the mainly Arab Muslims in the north and black African Christian rebels of the south in 1983.

Can peace be restored following two decades of war? Will the deal stick? Tell us what you think.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far.

My heart was filled with joy when I heard that a peace deal has finally been reached in Sudan. But this was a short lived feeling as the past dishonoured agreements were recalled by my mind. However, I am confident that this peace agreement will hold because of the process it took to reach it. Long live peace in Sudan.
Tiit Manyuat, Cleveland, U.S.A

For the peace deal to be successfully implemented the government need to stop the ethnic massacre of innocent Darfur settlers. Black Africans have lost so many lives during the twenty year of slavery, prosecution, killings, and humanitarian catastrophes. However, the United Nations should work hand in hand in observing the peace is put into action with no further disagreement. I'm so filled with happiness and joy towards such an accomplishment.
Lomo, Washington- USA

Let there be peace in Sudan. The people have suffered for so long. I hope it won't be another "Road Map" for that country without commitment. I wish them well because war is a crime against humanity. When are people going to realise?
Jeremiah Kang'ombe, Lilongwe, Malawi

With government spending every dollar it gets from oil sales on jets fighters, tanks and other military equipments, one is tempted to ask what are the signs of peace coming? More troop deployments and incited militia rampaging in Western Upper Nile and a peace coming is such am irrelevant thing. We will wait and see its implementation.
Wenchok Elijah Young, Bentiu, Sudan

The peace accord is long overdue. As Sudanese, I have been praying for this day all my life. I hope that peace will come to all of Sudan, and that democracy and the rule of law will prevail.
Jamal, USA

This is awesome, at least as a Sudanese I can now hope for something better in my country, this is a matter of saving people's lives. Peace is everything. I am really joyful and full of hope for the people of Sudan.
Lokonyen Patrick, USA

The theory of dividing the country of Sudan has always been the the ultimate goal of the west. The people of Sudan please wake up, this is just colonialism of a new kind.

As a borned Sudanese who has experienced the consequencies of the so-called peace, I strongly believed that peace deal won't work. Both sides have been signing many deals but these were all in vain.
Kuot Elijah Buol, Australia

Plant the seeds of socio-political co-existence
Ahmed Kamal El-Din, Kingdom of Bahrain
It's good to stop the bloodshed, lift the injustice on southern Sudanese, plant the seeds of socio-political co-existence, and include institutional guarantees against dishonouring the accord. However, much power monopoly existed in the wording, which I hope shoud be swept by people's power through peaceful, democratic elections, given that is held, and in time.
Ahmed Kamal El-Din, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Congratulations to the people of sudan. I think it will if that what people want. Now the whole world should support them economically and help build up Sudan infra structure.
Salaheldin Gasmelseed, Jamaica /New York

The peace deal can only work when all parties in the Sudan feel it is time for peace and that this deal is the best of other worst scenarios that can guarantee a prosperous, stable and dignified future for Sudanese. It is time for the peace deal to become more inclusive and all parties, civil society, etc. to be included. Sudan is moving into a new stage however some feel left out. If the deal is seen to be exclusive to only those who have military power then the future might be bleak.
The Government of Sudan and the SPLA say they have a "gentleman's agreement" to include others and they will honour this agreement. However, history shows that politics has nothing to do with honour! Moreover, the majority of participants in the above discussion are Sudanese unlike other issues where there is an international mix. Is this a good or bad omen?
Khabbab Abdalla, Sudan

Thanks to the Government of Sudan and the SPLA/SPLM for signing peace that will stop rivers which are using Blood to flow in the Southern part of Sudan. Its a remarkable day for the Sudanese people to celebrate with joy and laughter.
John K. Belieu, Toowoomba-Brisbane, a Sudanese in Australia

This is a historic day for the Sudanese people
Marial Wuoi, USA
This is a historic day for the Sudanese people regardless of their religious, racial, ethnic and political affiliation. Peace will work in Sudan because the world is no longer experiencing cold war. It is time Sudanese work toward a united Sudan because it is the only viable option. It is also imperative that the situation in Darfur reach a peaceful solution. The Sudanese people are realising that getting caught up in proxy wars is no longer a justice to the Sudanese people; thus they are ready to work toward a great motherland!
Marial Wuoi, USA

This is unbelievable I hope that it's true but my question is why this peace has signed by vice president and not the president Omar. I've a big doubt in that matter. I hope what they're doing is a reality, if not it will be a big disappointment to the nation and the people who have suffered from this war.
David Deng Duang, Awiel. Sudan

Sudan government will likely cheat on the agreement and continue to aid the Arab militias genocide policy. The only solution is to divide Sudan into two states. One in the North and one in the south
Scott, Canada

The peace has now been signed. It is up to Sudanese to carry out a successful implementation of the peace. I am optimistic that this is the time that young Sudanese will be reunited with their families, God willing.
Peter Gatkuoth, Sudanese in Australia

I hope Uncle Sam does not rush in to siphon Sudan's oil
Patamia, Legon, Ghana
Though commendable, I pray Sudan's peace deal does not become like the Ivory Coast's. The leaders must now be held accountable to what they have signed. Sudan is tired of war. I hope Uncle Sam does not rush in to siphon Sudan's oil.
Patamia, Legon, Ghana

Mahatma Gandhi has taught us that we can win wars without firing a single bullet. The people of Sudan are one inch towards his philosophy. I am optimistic this time for the Sudanese.
Suraj Chhetri, Kathmandu, Nepal

Peace will prevail only if the Southern Sudanese unite and sort out their differences among themselves. No single ethnic tribe should feel more superior to others. Avoid the repeat of the Kokora (Redivision). br />Mike Aziz, Vancouver, Canada.

I would like to thank the Sudan government and the rebel group of John Garang for signing the long term war. I hope all us will enjoy the new back land which we have won back from the war.
Marier K Amol, Adelaide, Australia

The peace has to be negotiated and not imposed
Hassan Shami, Sudanese in UK
Yesterday was truly a great day in the history of Sudan. Not since the Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972 has Sudan had a more significant date in its history. Yes, the road ahead is going to be difficult, and there will be times when both parties will attempt to renegotiate what has been left vague in this agreement. However, the most important thing is that all factions in Sudan now recognise that war cannot bring peace. The peace has to be negotiated and not imposed. I pray that the SPLA and GOS lead us to peace, prosperity and better standards of living for all Sudan.
Hassan Shami, Sudanese in UK

The Sudanese people have been dreaming of peace for decades. For the US to support such a deal between an illegal government, and rebels which both represent nothing but terrorist minorities, puts every thing into question. SPLA, NIF and the US sanctions has lead Sudan to the worst economical disasters during the time that the whole world had witnessed a fast economical and cultural developments. Democracy cannot start like that.
Badr Bushra, Sudan

The signing of the agreement is good news for the people of Sudan. However this will depend on whether the two parties adhere to its terms. However Sudan should be divided into two states North and South plus the resources according to the two states for the country (Sudan) to see peace if not a new conflict may in future rise again when power may not be share equally between the two parties (Black and the Arabs)
Lagua Juliet, Moyo & Uganda

There never was any "civil war" in Sudan. It is just a bunch of foreign trained militia, legitimised by west's desire to divide this great country and control its oil. Sudan may have "won its peace" but lost its sovereignty.

This surprising peace accord reveals a unique opportunity for a united Sudan to cast aside the baggage of its troubled past and embark on a new course of stability, prosperity and reconciliation on the flat ground. This agreement must also reverse the tragic human rights and humanitarian crisis unfolding in Darfur.
Dan, Sudan

Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with just a step forward. I think it is that step that Sudan has just taken forward towards its destination Peace: Whether the deal will restore the much needed peace and work successfully entirely depends on us Sudanese. If we don't peacefully work out the remaining differences to show the world that we needed this peace then our 2 million comrades lost and suffering we bear don't count.
Taban Alex Donato, Sudanese in ACT/Australia

It seems the government of Sudan has achieved their aims and objectives by reducing the population of the south and destabilizing them. Let's hope they will rest now and stop the shedding of innocent blood.
Opara Victor, Nigerian in Estonia

Peace shall reign in Africa
C, Johannesburg, South Africa
It's a very wise step to be taken, I feel that the world has finally come to realise that war is no solution to anything. Therefore it can only get better from here on. Peace shall reign in Africa!!
C, Johannesburg, South Africa

It's now time to forget the past and deeply forgive each other and look into Sudan that brings all of us together regardless of our differences! God direct us not to go back again!
Dedi Matayo, Minneapolis, MN (USA)

This is a beginning of peace work for the Sudanese people. the work of reconciliation and reconstruction of the war affected areas will determine the success of the paper peace. Sudan does not have a good history of keeping promises and Southerners are all aware about this also. the task is with Khartoum to keep it part of the deal.
Napoleon Adok, Sudan

I don't believe that our brothers in the North are even serious about this peace deals. they are just buying the time and fooling around with the International community..
Bol Henry Tong, Rochester MN USA

Social reforms are also urgent
Roger Qualo, New York
Peace can only be restored in Sudan only if the radical points of view are abandoned. There can be peace only in a liberal and democratic Sudan. Social reforms are also urgent.
Roger Qualo, New York

So encouraging news but what will be the differences between 1972 Agreement and this current agreement? I don't trust Khartoum Government with the agreement that has been signed. They will not honour it at all. Let us see wait for the actual implementation of it.
Dr. Sirisio Oromo, Sudanese in USA

The two sides seem to have committed to end the war. But those involved in the peace talk, specially the US, must not totally leave the implementation process only to the two parties. They must, at least, keep an eye on the government of the neighbouring country, Eritrea, if we are all to see the successful implementation of the deal.
David, Cape Town, South Africa

Two decades of war had gone with two million lives of citizens who seek for freedom and justice and now is time to have in wards and action. Peace will be restored
Michael Y Mach, CNY, New-Sudan

Let us pray the gun would be silent
Gabriel Mabeny Kuot, Texas, USA
I feel like I am just dreaming as it sounds too good to be true - peace has come to Sudan. I am 25 year old and I have spent 17 years without my parents. I hope by the will of God to be re-united with my parents again. Let us pray the gun would be silent.
Gabriel Mabeny Kuot, Texas, USA

A bright day has come not just to the people of Sudan, but Africans and the world in general. The people of Sudan, especially in the South have seen death, horror, despair, destruction, etc, all in one plate! They now see a hand of peace extended to them. May the visible hand of peace bring joy, love, unity, hope, and prosperity across the Sudan. And may those who lost their lives in the conflict rest in peace knowing their death unites their motherland, now and the future. Lastly, may the trumpet sound be heard in every corner of a reborn nation of Sudan. God bless Sudan.
Njuguna M. Nyoko, USA/Kenyan

Finally our people have come to their senses, and have made a wise decision for peace. The easy part is over, it is the coming days that we will face the treacherous reality of building on this peace agreement. It is only the beginning and we have a long way ahead of us to build a viable and peaceful society.
Muaz Ataalsid, Shendi, Sudan

Hopefully for the people of Sudan this represents a new beginning after so many years of conflict
Dan, England
The deal represents a good start but an immense amount of goodwill and work is necessary for the peace to be implemented. However the actions of the Sudanese government in Dafur are casting a shadow over the accord. Hopefully for the people of Sudan this represents a new beginning after so many years of conflict.
Dan, England

The peace agreement will succeed, mainly because of war fatigue and the suffering of the people. A whole generation of Sudanese has seen nothing but war.
Dut, Sudanese, USA

As a former UN peacekeeper in neighbouring Eitrea, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to implement a peace agreement. At this stage therefore it's important that the final peace treaty to be signed later in Washington DC offers clear enough guidance to those partners who are going to assist the implementation of this and I assume therefore that the UN will be that key partner. Secondly, the Kenyan diplomats who have greatly assisted in this process should not be left out at the implementation process. That way we may see peace in the Sudan.
Bruce, Sleepy Hollow, NY

For true peace deal to work, Sudan should be divided into two states, north and south. And the resources should be divided according to that division.
Nyibule, Nairobi, Kenya

This is a major step forward
Igonikon Jack, USA
Details of the Naivasha Agreement suggest that it's still a long way to full integration, reconciliation, reunification and rehabilitation in Sudan with separate currencies, autonomy for the South, Sharia in the North and a different, traditional, legal system in the South; and, above all, with the carnage and terror in the Dafur region still unsettled. However, given the gruesome realities and repercussions of the 21-year Sudanese civil war and the challenges ahead, this is a major step forward. It's very unrealistic to expect adversarial groups that have fought each other for so long to just fully reconcile overnight. A gradual, confidence-building stage that promotes peaceful co-existence and democratic constitutionalism is needed.
Igonikon Jack, USA

The peace deal is a mere piece of paper, whether or not it works depends on the willingness of both parties to adhere to its terms.
Prashanth Parameswaran, Washington DC

This is a phenomenal achievement for the people of Sudan. The hope must now be that the words will translate into action so everyone can prosper in the country. But some scepticism will remain as too many times we've heard the government declare peace is near only for hopes to be crushed again and again. I think the government should take up the UN's offer of help to bring the country back into order, and also to act as a deterrent to going back to the old ways of 'secret' fighting. Let's hope the people of Darfur can also gain some peace after this.
Samah, London

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