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Last Updated: Friday, 15 October, 2004, 11:24 GMT 12:24 UK
EU Commissioner nomination: Your views
EU Commissioner designate for Justice, Freedom and Security Rocco Buttiglione
The European Commission's President-designate Jose Manuel Barroso has defended the nomination of Rocco Buttiglione as justice commissioner.

This comes after the European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee rejected the appointment of the conservative Catholic Italian who told MEPs last week he thought homosexuality a sin.

However, the European Parliament can only endorse or reject the entire 25 member team of commissioners when it votes on 27 October and Mr Barroso has said that he plans to hold talks with parliamentary leaders before then on 21 October.

Do you agree with the European Commission President-designate? Should Rocco Buttiglione be appointed as Europe's justice commissioner?

This debate has now closed. Thank you for your comments.

Your comments:

Here's me thinking that the beauty of living in a democracy is that we can express our own opinions. Mr Buttiglione should not be railed in this way. He stated very clearly that while he regards homosexuality a sin he didn't go so far as to say he thought it was a crime. He's entitled to this opinion, regardless of what others think, and as just one member in a cabinet of 25 this particular view is unlikely to result in any draconian laws designed to castigate gay people. I didn't realise that the state of democracy was so bad that only those people who had liberal values were allowed to represent the public. Let him stand. This whole affair sets an awful precedent.
Fraz, Sheffield, UK

Commissioners have to be acceptable to all of Europe, not just their country of origin
Giacomo, London, UK
Buttiglione is a well known Catholic fundamentalist, whose party was behind recent legislation to ban stem cell research and artificial insemination. Commissioners have to be acceptable to all of Europe, not just their country of origin, so the European Parliament should have the courage to reject a Commission that includes this man.
Giacomo, London, UK

One of the greatest achievements of the last 40 years was the removal of many forms of discrimination based on sex and sexuality. It is inconceivable that a person who holds views totally contrary to the spirit of that achievement should be allowed to become of all things Justice Commissioner.
Richard Boesch, Xativa, Spain

So much for tolerance. Tolerance from the Left is a one way street and the parliament shows it. For the record I completely disagree with him but still believe he should be let in but that would be tolerant. Can the UK please leave this farce called the EU - soon ?
Des, UK and Ireland

The opposition of the liberal left to Mr Buttiglione just shows how intolerant the liberals are to anyone who does not agree with them
David Harris, Southampton, UK

All views should be represented at the European Commission, so as to ensure a truly pluralistic Europe. Whoever tries to portray the defence of family and marriage as extreme views is certainly against that pluralism, and suspiciously against the future of Europe. Mr Buttiglione is just one more among millions of people who are in favour of preserving the basic foundations of human society, and should be respected.
Mercedes, Tel Aviv, Israel

It sets a dangerous precedent to exclude someone from an organisation based on their beliefs
Thomas, Birmingham

It sets a dangerous precedent to exclude someone from an organisation based on their beliefs. On their actions yes, if the commission could have shown this man was actively misusing power to discriminate then this would have been proper but his beliefs are his own business until they affect his work.
Thomas, Birmingham

Most Italians don't identify with Buttiglione: he's a divisive politician - contrary to his declarations at the EU Parliament hearings, he does give precedence to his morals over the law, and has time and again demonstrated it as a cabinet minister. His constituency is the Opus Dei. The EU Parliament has rightly judged him totally unfit for the post. Buttiglione is bad for the EU Commission and Barroso should just dump him.
Luca, Milan, Italy

Mr Buttiglione was very clear in expressing the distinction between his personal view and what the political and legal reality is. If you can no longer express your views, even in a moderate and respectful manner, as he did, then Europe really has fallen into a deep hole.
Alessandro Nolet, London

The problem is not what Buttiglione will do, but what Buttiglione believes. He said that sin is different from crime but this doesn't matter: new integralists want the autodafè.
Massimo, Vicenza, Italy

Yet again the PC people are out in force
Andrew Robinson, Liverpool, UK
Why should his comments about homosexuality be held against him? Yet again, the PC people are out in force. These people believe in democracy as long as it is their freedom of speech that is being heard.
Andrew Robinson, Liverpool, UK

Any official who cannot separate church from state should be appointed at the Vatican and not as a commissioner.
Ben, Miami, USA

I don't see any problem with Rocco's role as Justice Commissioner provided that he keeps his opinions as they are - just opinions that shouldn't affect his work. Everybody has their opinions and can express them. However he shouldn't be allowed to even attempt to impose his ideals on other people.
Daniel Curwood, Annesley Woodhouse, UK

Allowing our political masters to only choose those who agree with them is extremely dangerous
Tim, London
Of course he should be appointed. Buttiglione made it clear that he was totally opposed to discrimination in any form against homosexuals - he just happens to hold the personal view that it is a sin. Allowing our political masters to only choose those who agree with them is extremely dangerous. It threatens the whole basis of our freedom of speech, thought and conscience.
Tim, London

It seems obvious that any person who states that 'homosexuality is a sin' and that the purpose of marriage is to have children has an agenda, and therefore people of good conscience have every right to question such a person's appointment. Mr Buttiglione should be soundly rejected and the fault should be laid at the feet of those who put forth his nomination.
Gary E. Kaminski, Buena Vista, PA, USA

Anyone with such extreme views is unfit for public office and especially as a justice commissioner, a post in which he may have to make judgements on issues about which he holds inflexible views. The EU would never have come into being if it had been composed of narrow-minded people like Buttiglione. How can this man even be considered for a commissioner's post?
John M, Lyne Meads, UK

No. They should reject the whole 25 member team and get shot of Mandelson at the same time while they still have a chance.
Richard, London


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