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Ken Bigley killed: Your reaction
Flowers are laid outside the Bigley family home in Liverpool
Prayers have been said for murdered hostage Ken Bigley at church services all over Britain.

In his home city of Liverpool, more than 300 worshippers attended Sunday mass at the catholic cathedral.

British diplomats in Baghdad are still trying to retrieve the body of the 62-year-old engineer who was kidnapped and beheaded in Iraq.

What is your reaction to the death of Mr Bigley? Send us your views using the form on the right.

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Your comments:

We cannot leave Iraq in these people's hands
Elaine, North Carolina, USA
I was sickened when I heard of Mr. Bigley's murder. It is hard to believe there can be such evil people in this world. We cannot leave Iraq in these people's hands. I'm a Brit now living in USA and very proud of US and UK for the job they are doing in Iraq to liberate the good people and kill the evil people.
Elaine, North Carolina, USA

No doubt Mr Bigley's death was tragic, but what people don't realise is that the US, UK and other countries occupied Iraq on ever-changing and highly unstable pretexts, not the other way around. If someone occupied your home, wouldn't you fight, wouldn't you resist?
Manan, Manila, Philippines

Ken Bigley's courage and dignity are a credit to his family and his countrymen. I weep for his cruel treatment at the hands of his cowardly captors, and pray that his family will find comfort in the support of the thousands who share their grief.
TM, Surrey

All nations should withdraw their civilians from Iraq and thereby reduce the potential for kidnapping in the future. Then the kidnappers might perhaps find less inhumane ways of asking for what they want. Their current strategy is just going to make their own brothers worldwide turn against them in shame.
Kate, Redcar, UK

You will answer for your crimes to the God you have taken this man's life in the name of
Aisling O'Hanlon, Ireland

I would like to offer my heartfelt sympathy to the Bigley family. One can only imagine what they are going through. To those who carried out this atrocity I say, what is it you think you have achieved, if it is understanding or support for a cause you believe is justified in the barbaric killing of innocent civilians, then you have sorely isolated yourselves and your cause with any nation that has any sense of decency and humanity and you will answer for your crimes to the God you have taken this man's life in the name of.
Aisling O'Hanlon, Galway, Ireland

I now fully support the occupation of Iraq, despite opposing the invasion and still thinking it was wrong. The reason being that pathetic cowardly excuses for human beings, such as the men who carried out this atrocity, cannot be allowed to decide the future of a nation. The occupation may be bad for Iraqis but letting these cowards rule would be worse. To Mr Bigley's family I can only offer my sincere condolences.
Colin Wright

My deepest sympathies go to the family and friends so sadly bereaved. The world in which we must all live is currently passing through a dark phase, let us all pray that it passes soon and outrageous incidents like this become a thing of the past.
Eddie, Gladstone, Australia

This brutal murder has only achieved renewed revulsion for the cruel and merciless killers who carried out this act
Matt, New York, USA
This barbaric and unforgivable act should only strengthen the resolve of those seeking to root out the callous insurgents who jeopardise peace and stability in Iraq. Their despicable and destructive actions must never be allowed to shape the future of Iraq. This brutal murder has only achieved renewed revulsion for the cruel and merciless killers who carried out this act.
Matt, New York, USA

My heart goes out to all the family and friends of Ken Bigley, I feel the pain that they must be going through to lose someone they love in such a tragic way. If it is any consolation to the family, I feel that this case as brought many religions and faiths closer together. Let's hope that we can all try and live together in peace and harmony.
Anne, Lancashire

God Bless the Bigley Family. The dignity of Phil's statement is simply astounding.
Paul Smith, Welwyn Garden City

I am now fully behind the war effort to rid the world of terrorists.
Rob Manson, Manchester, UK
I was one of those who was pretty neutral to the whole Iraq war issue, but after the Bigley atrocity, my British stubbornness has got the better of me. I am now fully behind the war effort to rid the world of terrorists.
Rob Manson, Manchester, UK

I feel absolutely sickened and outraged by the cold-blooded murders of Mr Ken Bigley and his two American colleagues. I had prayed with all my strength and conviction ever since the three men were taken. In the end the forces of evil were stronger. I hope that the scum who carried out these disgusting acts will rot in Hell where they deserve to be. May God bless the souls of Ken Bigley, Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley and all others who are currently suffering in the hands of terrorists. Also may God give comfort to the Bigley family and may they know that I, for one, will be praying for them.
G Thomas, Stockport, UK

My reaction is one of deepest sympathy for Mr Bigley's brave family and immense sadness for our world. These barbaric terrorists have scored a terrible 'own goal'. They have virtually ensured the re-election of Mr Bush & Mr Blair.
Robin Saltonstall, Beverley, England

I feel sorry for those who in the name of Allah kill the innocent. If this is Jihad then in the Quran it states that only those who pick up arms against you are the enemy not the innocent! I feel ashamed of this incident as a Muslim and pray for Mr Bigley and his family.
A. Sarwar, Dundee

I can't help but feel that the huge publicity given to this horrible act will only result in more.
Martin, Cambridge
Everybody says that if we negotiate it will open the flood gates to more hostage takings. But this policy does not seem to have stopped a large number of innocent people being taken hostage. I can't help but feel that the huge publicity given to this horrible act will only result in more. How long before we do eventually negotiate, one year, five years, ten years? How many more to die. Because mark my words, we will negotiate one day. History with other terrorist organizations will prove that. My deepest sympathy goes to the family.
Martin, Cambridge

I have had many Americans come to me today to express their condolences and regrets and to pass these on through the BBC to the Bigley family. Many have expressed their collective hope that Ken may have been the exception than the rule that would have set a turning point in the handling of hostages. Unfortunately this barbaric act has proved otherwise. As two nations we stand together not only in death but in a common cause, the cause of terrorism.
David Brown (Brit in USA), Phoenix, USA

As tragic as this story is, it goes to prove that one death is a tragedy while a thousand is a statistic. It's so easy to forget that the war in Iraq has left thousands of families without mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, just like the Bigley family.
Joe, Brussels, Belgium

While this is a terrible loss for his family and his friends, we could not have given in to the demands of Ken Bigley's captors. My deepest condolences go to his family.
Will, Wendover, UK

I was really upset about Ken Bigley being executed. These people are sick-minded. Why kill three innocent people for the fate of guilty prisoners. More has to be done by the government or the hostage-takers will think that it can happen again!!! How did they get away with this? I am only 11 and probably don't understand the full story, but what I do understand is that for the welfare of all British care workers in Iraq these terrorists need to be caught.
Katie Waugh, Southampton, England

This provides total proof that what our government and others are doing in Iraq is an overall positive thing
I think this provides total proof that what our government and others are doing in Iraq is an overall positive thing. While we can easily criticise many countries foreign policy, we must not forget that in the long term letting people like this amass power even in the farthest reaches of the world is, in the long term, a terrible threat to free society.

His suffering is now over but the suffering of his family will go on for a long time.
Mike Williams, Manchester, UK

I am very sad to hear about Mr Bigley's death I am thinking about the Bigley's at this time you will be all in my mind I'm think about you all From M.R Prouse
M.R Philip Prouse, Alton Hampshire UK

I'm a Brit living in the USA. My heart goes out to Ken and his family and I condemn the barbaric act of gleeful murder by the fanatics. However, both Brits and Americans now need to take the realities of the danger of living and working in Iraq seriously. In my opinion we should never have been there in the first place and should get out now.
Nick, Philadelphia, USA

I think that the warmth, dignity and humanity of the Bigley family have put politicians/ terrorists on all sides to shame. They have demonstrated wisdom beyond that capable of politicians/ terrorist leaders. And they have reminded us that human life is sacred. Conflict and violence are never the answer.
Joanne, Wimbledon

I feel nothing but sadness for the family of Ken Bigley.
Iain, Macclesfield, UK
I feel nothing but sadness for the family of Ken Bigley. The circumstances of his death are especially painful and our thoughts and prayers are with the Bigley family. May God grant them his gift of peace amidst the pain of their loss.
Iain, Macclesfield, UK

I am distressed by the news of Mr. Bigley's death. My heart goes out to his family as well as the other families who have lost loved ones. The hostage takers are nothing more than murderers trying to intimidate the governments involved and the Iraqi people. This is not Islam and I wish that those who profess the Muslim faith would take greater strides in condemning these actions.
PR, Houston, USA

I am Muslim. I am afraid that I would be ashamed of standing in front of my non-Muslim friends due to the awful act of these idiots in the name of Islam! I don't have a word to explain this act. Forget the politics; honestly, I did cry for Bigley as a human being.
Aman, Ethiopia

My heart goes out to the Bigley family. The only thing Ken's executioners proved to the world is that they're absolutely subhuman.
Tory, USA

We would like to express our sincerest sympathy with the Bigley family. You are all in our thoughts and prayers
The Blastland Family, South Normanton, Derbyshire

I am appalled. We should never have entered this war. All leaders should know by now that war brings out the worst in mankind. I just feel and pray for Ken's family.
Ann Pilbeam, Boston U.K.

My deepest sympathies go out to the Bigley family.
Dave, Michigan, USA

My thoughts and prayers are with Mr Bigley and his family at this tragic time. I hope that the barbarians who have carried out this despicable and gruesome act are swiftly located and dealt with severely to prevent other innocent people being murdered in such a callous and inhumane manner.
John Hardy, Halifax, England

What his family have gone through and are now going through can not be comprehended. I hope his family are left to grieve in peace. I hope the commentators and people who think they have an opinion let the family grieve, for they can not, and hopefully never will have to, be in their shoes. May Mr Bigley rest in peace, and our thoughts as a nation be compassionate and caring towards his family.
Ian, Oldham, UK

We pray for the swift healing of his family
Michael Smith, Miami, FL
We pray for the soul of Mr Bigley and we pray for the swift healing of his family. Another reason why this war was inappropriate in the first place.
Michael Smith, Miami, FL

I am deeply saddened by the news. I may not have known them, but my thoughts and prayers have been with Ken and his family during the past 3 weeks as I checked daily hoping for his release.
Carol, Ottawa, Canada

It's a great loss; my respects are with Mr Bigley's family. I hope this opens up the eyes of the government and this does not happen again.
Jai, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Ken Bigley is, unfortunately, yet another innocent victim of Bush and Blair's badly planned, unjustified and unsupported war. I have nothing but the deepest sympathy for his family. He was clearly an honest, idealistic man. If only the same could be said about our leaders.
Timothy, Dover, UK

It is incomprehensible how the terrorists think this will further their religious cause
Jillian Hannes, San Diego, Ca, USA
I feel just sickened and so sorry for the Bigley family. It is incomprehensible how the terrorists think this will further their religious cause. My prayers are with his family. I also grieve for the families of Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong. May their deaths not be in vain.
Jillian Hannes, San Diego, Ca, USA

The news of the death of Ken Bigley came as a surprise. This is especially so when the whole world thought that the hostage takers would spare his life after all the pleas both from the family and well meaning people of the world. He paid dearly for the noble cause of helping humanity. May his soul rest in peace.
Sam, Nigeria

The best thing is for Blair to withdraw from this illegal war and return British soldiers to the UK immediately. This will put an end to the loss of innocent lives.
Adigun Olosun, Southampton, UK

Very touched by the dignity of the Bigley family, and cannot help wondering how the men who do these things, regardless of the strength of their grievances, can sleep at night.
Tim Bird, Helsinki, Finland

Enough is enough. Withdraw all foreign civilian personnel from Iraq and treat the place as the war zone that it is. Otherwise, withdraw all troops and let them get on with it. My thoughts are with the families of all murdered hostages.
Mark, UK

I pray for an end to this war
Timothy, New Hampshire, USA
I send my sincerest condolences to the family of Ken Bigley. I pray for an end to this war, the capture of such terrorists, and for truth and goodness to prevail.
Timothy, New Hampshire, USA

Deepest sympathy to the Bigley family. It comes as more of a shock when something this tragic is so close to home. I hope the family cope, and hope Ken rests in peace.
Mark Rix, Belfast

Why do we bother in Iraq? Let's bring all our people home and look after our own country.
Colin Martin, Kent

This is the epitome of horror. However, it must not be turned into a political assassination of Tony Blair - whoever was in power at this moment, from whatever party would not have been able to prevent this. My deepest sympathy to Mr Bigley's family and friends. I will never forget this day.
Joanne Wood, Canvey Island, UK

This is extremely bad news for members of all communities. Deep regards to the Bigley family on behalf of the Muslims in England. This is not the Law of God in action - clearly the Law of Man who has deviated from all sense of what it means to be a human being.
Peace Rashid, England, UK

The murder on both sides must stop
Tom, Canada
With the escalation of indiscriminate bombing by the US and increasing civilian casualties the fate of Mr Bigley would have been extremely insecure in the past days. The murder on both sides must stop - though there is no end in sight.
Tom, Canada

My sympathies and prayers for the Bigley family. There is no excuse for such barbarism. Let us hope that acts such as this sicken, revolt and alienate any support on which the terrorists rely.
Kathleen, Toronto, Canada

Like so many people around the world, I hoped for a humane end to Ken Bigley's incarceration. How sad that evil has prevailed, and, even worse, that he was working to improve living conditions for ordinary Iraqis. My deepest condolences to all members of his family and to those who knew and loved him.
Denise de Groot, Auckland, New Zealand

The kidnappers and terrorist element of this war clearly have no understanding that such measures will never further their cause in any positive manner. Mr Blair did all in his power, if he was to acquiesce to their demands we would be in a perpetual state of horror and confusion.
Wendy, Canada

The situation in Iraq has become a quagmire, where people like Mr Bigley are murdered to get our attention. Bush and Blair did not know or take the time to assess what they were getting us into. They rushed to war with tenuous and erroneous information.
Nikki Norton, Park City, Utah, US

The murderers see themselves as fighters for Islam. There can be know doubt that the gates of the paradise they seek will remain firmly closed to them for all time.
David, Sheffield

I am deeply saddened and feel sorry for his family
Hafiz, Canada
As a former resident of Liverpool, I was following the news about Mr Bigley closely. I am deeply saddened and feel sorry for his family, most importantly his loving mother, who does not deserve to go through this agony. I don't care what his kidnappers' motives were, but one thing is for sure - killing an innocent man and throwing his family into this nightmare is never, ever justifiable. My thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to his family. May God give them the strength to go through this.
Hafiz, Canada

Liverpool will forever be proud to call you one of their brothers. The Bigley family are the symbol of hope, strength and love for all people. Rest in peace Ken.
Michelle McMahon, Liverpool, UK

Deepest sympathies to the whole family. The death of Ken was inhumane, barbaric and indefencible. However, Ken should not be used as a political tool to attack Tony Blair.
Scott, Liverpool, UK

It is difficult to comprehend the fear that both Mr Bigley and his family must have gone through in the past few weeks, our thoughts must be with them at this time. I think that we must also remember Tony Blair and other government ministers who have to bear the pressure that goes with them knowing that they could probably have saved him by making a decision to give in now, but which would have made certain of more hostage taking in the long run.
Tim Willis, Manchester

This despicable murder has nothing to do with religion. It appears also that the issue is being used politically to attack Tony Blair. I am no fan but I am in no doubt that he did all he could to save Ken Bigley. Let's hope there is no backlash against Muslims as their faith had nothing to do with it. My son and I have just lit a candle for Mr Bigley and his family. We will think of you tonight.
Lynn, UK

Every foreigner must realise the danger involved in working in Iraq
Suleman Bello, Dallas, USA
This is extremely sad news. However, every foreigner must realise the danger involved in working in Iraq. Sadly, I believe this war has turned Iraq into another West Bank meaning acts like this will continue for a very long time.
Suleman Bello, Dallas, USA

All our thoughts are with the Bigley family at this time, particularly after such a terrible and traumatic ordeal. Despite the efforts of everyone involved in pleading for his release, from the Bigley family to Col Gadaffi at each end of the spectrum, the kidnappers show they are not humane. The UK Government was right not to negotiate - the floodgates would have opened up and put every British citizen in danger, including all our Army boys.
Tim, Bedford, UK

My heart goes out to Ken Bigley's family, especially his mother at this sad time.
Christine, Kent

Ken's family have acted with enormous dignity and their strength is an inspiration to us all. As for his kidnappers, words fail me.
Colin, Edinburgh

All our prayers go out to the family at this difficult time
Andrew Rhodes, Northampton, UK
An appalling outcome to a dreadful ordeal for all involved. All our prayers go out to the family at this difficult time. Let us hope that the worldwide reaction and disgust by all peoples and religions isolate those concerned and leads to them being exposed and brought to justice.
Andrew Rhodes, Northampton, UK

Deepest sympathy to the family of Ken Bigley, but this is not the Government's fault, and not a situation to score political points.
Paul Gray, Huntingdon

We had been having a hope in our hearts and minds that Mr Bigley would be released after the efforts made by so many individuals Especially the British Muslims who went all the way to Baghdad for his safe return. But unfortunately it did not happen and our worst fears came true. At this tragic moment, all our sympathies are with the family of Mr Bigley.
SA, Belgium

Desperately sorry for the Bigley family. All credit to the Muslim Council folks amongst many others for trying their best to help. We don't see enough of this side of Islam in the media.
Tone, London

They did everything in their power to bring about a positive resolution
Joan Livingstone, Coventry, England
I feel helpless in the face of this cruel news. I pray that his family will find the strength and reserves to face this terrible blow. His family can take some comfort from the fact that they did everything in their power to bring about a positive resolution to a nightmarish situation. We should take a lesson from their resolve and resourcefulness and hope that we would have such people to champion our cause in times of catastrophe. My heart and thoughts are with Mr Bigley's family and the people of Liverpool - a city I am most proud to claim as my heritage.
Joan Livingstone, Coventry, England

I was really hopeful the Mr Bigley would be released. I was shocked to hear of his death. Another barbaric and cruel act has been committed. Rest in peace Mr Bigley.
JM, Baltimore, MD, USA

It's a tragedy! But what is equally as tragic is the way that his death is becoming a political issue used to attack Tony Blair about his decision to go to war in Iraq! I am sure that Tony Blair did all he could to try to secure the release of Mr Bigley.
Rhodri, Cardiff

Deepest sympathies to the family of Ken Bigley. How much more bloodshed does there now have to be? To me, and many other people, one person is too many.
Steve Wheeler, Cambridge, UK

My thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to his family
David Nickson, Liverpool, UK
How does the kidnap, treatment and barbaric murder of Ken Bigley and other innocent civilians benefit or further the cause of terrorists? My thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to his family.
David Nickson, Liverpool, UK

No weapons of mass destruction, thousands of deaths, and now criminals are using this whole mess to kill innocent people and get all the attention they want. What was it all for? My heart goes out to the Bigley family and all who have suffered as a result of this Iraq war fiasco.
Rachel, Gloucester, UK

I feel very sorry for the family. His captors probably think of themselves as freedom fighters, they're not, they're terrorists.
David R, Plymouth UK

To hear of Ken Bigley's tragic death is awful and I feel terrible sorrow for his relatives who have endured such stress and difficulty over the past weeks. My prayers are for them at this time and I can only hope these despicable murderers will be eventually caught and brought to justice.
Jim Walker, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Hopefully people will unite behind the efforts to bring peace and stability to Iraq
Steve Matthews, Manchester, UK
A tragedy of course for all concerned. Hopefully people will unite behind the efforts to bring peace and stability to Iraq and resist the temptation to use this awful event to pursue political leaders. The only people to blame for Ken Bigley's death are the terrorists who killed him.
Steve Matthews, Manchester, UK

It is incredibly hard to comprehend what his family must be going through. I send my utmost condolences to them.
John, England

My deepest sympathies to the family at this difficult time. Ken must have known the dangers, but that doesn't change the fact that these murderous people need to be caught. The Government was right not to negotiate because once they do, that opens the flood gates for many more atrocities.
Tony, UK

It's a real shame, but people are dying all the time, Ken Bigley is just another tragic death. The more coverage this murder gets the more the terrorists have won in the whole ordeal. He must've known the dangers of being out there, he took his chance and it didn't pay off. Blair and the British government are NOT to blame here.
Benni, London


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