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Egyptian resort blasts: Your reaction
Israeli girls cry
Three explosions have killed many people in holiday resorts in Egypt, near the Israel border, on Thursday evening.

One of the blasts occurred at the Hilton Hotel in Taba on the Sinai peninsula which is traditionally popular with Israeli holidaymakers looking for resorts close to home. The other blasts occurred at back packer beaches near Nuweiba.

In eastern Sinai, unlike other parts of Egypt, Israelis are welcome and are not required to apply for a visa. However, Egyptians wishing to visit the area have to pass security checks.

Did you witness the blasts in Egypt? What is your reaction to the explosions? How will this affect relations between Egypt and Israel?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

This latest attack will no doubt have an immediate effect on the tourist industry
Laurence Abd El Ghafar, Leeds, England
All of Egypt's Red Sea resorts are beautiful tranquil places. I have visited them on many occasions and never once felt under threat. This latest attack will no doubt have an immediate effect on the tourist industry, however, as in the 1997 attacks in Luxor, tourists can't and won't be put off visiting these places of such natural and historic beauty.
Laurence Abd El Ghafar, Leeds, England

I hope they rebuild the resort as quickly as possible. My partner and I have just arrived home from a wonderful week at the Taba Hilton. My only prayer is that none of the staff who were hospitable, friendly and courteous have been seriously hurt. My thoughts are with them at this time. As for the terrorists they will not keep me away from some of the most beautiful diving sites in the Red Sea.
Nick Cree, Kolding, Denmark

We've just returned from Taba Heights where we had a fabulous holiday and met some of the friendliest people, both Egyptian and Israeli. This was our second holiday in Taba and I hope it wasn't our last.
June, Nottingham

Anyone, anywhere being cut down by another human is an offence against humanity. This horrifying act arises out of the fact that Israelis and Palestinians won't speak to each other. You all have the vote; vote for governments in both countries that are willing and able to find solutions.
David, Stockhom, Sweden

My original home is Sinai, although I live in London. My sister was in Taba yesterday and left just a few hours before the explosions. I don't believe for a second that this will do any harm to Egyptian-Israeli relations, but all I know is that innocent lives have been affected, Israeli as well as Egyptian, and we definitely are in no need to this kind of foolishness by people who claim to do such outrageous acts in the name of any belief. I just pray to Allah that somehow these people come to reason and actually understand what religions are all about, which is living in peace and doing "good".
Hassan, London, UK

The kindness and hospitality of the staff and locals was overwhelming
Nick, Netherlands
I spent a very relaxing week in the Taba Hilton just three weeks ago. The kindness and hospitality of the staff and locals was overwhelming. The presence of many Israelis and Egyptians at the hotel gave me the impression that all was well again between these two nations and I still believe that to be true. I suspect this outrage was carried out by a third party who doesn't think this should be the case. I hope these two countries can work together to bring the perpetrators to justice.
Nick, Netherlands

It is terrible news. I was in Taba for my holidays in June, and I left my heart there, because the area is so beautiful, people friendly and the atmosphere just fascinating. I promised myself I would go back there one day, and I will. I hope the hotel will be rebuilt and things will go back to normal, but I hope this for the whole Middle-East.
Denise, Italy

I think Israel, like the US has just made the world the most unsafe place since their continued killing of Palestinians and killing of Iraqis by the United States. The recent bombings in Egypt were definitely aimed at Israel and are just symptoms of how the rest of the Middle East feels about the destabilisation caused by Israel and the United States.
Mlungisi, JHB, South Africa

I'm living in Israel for ten months and I can say that this has shocked and unsettled people almost more than a normal suicide bomb. People were simply on holiday just like England where people may go down to Brighton or to Ireland on a bank holiday and nobody knows where anyone is. It's terrible. However, how can people say that the Israelis have to stop their security measures in Gaza when this is what is happening to their people- it is a two way thing and people, especially in England very much seem to forget that.
Sophie, Israel

I fully expect Israel to hunt down the groups responsible
Daniel M., New York, NY, USA
This was a cowardly act and I fully expect Israel to hunt down the groups responsible. Blaming Israel for these attacks by insinuating that they are because there hasn't been peace made with the Palestinians is absurd. Israel has been under attack since the birth of the state. This is a further example of the evils of anti-Semitism.
Daniel M., New York, NY, USA

All violence should be condemned. The photos of the terrified holidaymakers are very moving, but no more moving than the daily photos we see of terrified Palestinians. On one side the terror is caused by uncontrollable fanatical terrorists. On the other the terror is caused openly by a supposedly civilised state. Sharon sits behind his walls and security guards avoiding the peace process while his people are suffering the consequences.
Nigel, Fujisawa, Japan

I lived and worked in Cairo, Egypt for about seven years and recently returned to retire. I am saddened by this event and I am sure the results on tourism to Egypt will be devastating. Egypt relies heavily on tourism to bring in much needed hard currency. The people of Egypt are kind and friendly and my wife and I never felt threatened in any way. I am sad to say that yet again the indiscriminate bombers of innocent people win in the end.
Andy Morrison, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Sinai has always been a safe place for everyone. For 20+ years since the peace treaty, no matter how bad the situation is we haven't heard about any incidents there. As much as it saddens me to see these attacks in my own country I hope it's wake up call for innocent people from both sides that violence can ruin a place like Taba, where all the people are friendly regardless or race, nationality and religion.
Karim Boseli, Egypt

This atrocity will not be left unpunished. My condolences to all the Israelis who lost loved ones. I sincerely hope that this will show the Egyptians how Israelis feel every single day, in fear and anxiety. I pray that no such event will occur again and that this will strengthen Egyptian-Israeli relations against Islamic radicals.
Mostafa Sallam, Cairo, Egypt

My deepest sympathies go out to all those affected. I was in Taba two weeks ago passing through Israel to go to Petra in Jordan. The security is so tight, I find it surprising that these attacks could happen. There is a checkpoint to go through to Taba from the Egyptian side and getting through to Taba from Egypt takes ages of waiting and form-filling. I also went diving in Ras el Shetan and was struck by its peace and beauty and the friendliness of the holidaying Israelis. I also feel sorry for the many friendly, helpful and so-hospitable Egyptians whose livelihoods will now be ruined for the foreseeable future.
Nicholas Huddart, London, England

Here is proof that al-Qaeda is a bigger danger to Muslims than either the USA or Britain. Those who think these murderous cowards are somehow fighting for Muslims need to look at what they do, not what they say. Impressionable young men, in particular, need to ask themselves: Do they really want to throw their lives away to support this?
David Hazel, Fareham, UK

I was so sorry to hear of the terrible event in Taba. I am married to an Egyptian man who works with tourists so we are very concerned about the backlash this will have on tourism here in Luxor. After the attack in 1997 it took years to get back to normal. I send my condolences to all the families affected by these latest events.
Joan Abdel Bakky, Luxor, Egypt

Yet another attack on innocent Israeli civilians by cowardly Islamic militants
Joseph Nathan, London, UK
Yet another attack on innocent Israeli civilians by cowardly Islamic militants. The most ironic thing about the whole thing is that those who stand to lose the most in the long run are the Egyptians. The many tens of thousands of Israelis who holiday in Egypt annually will now stop. This will hit the Egyptian economy very hard indeed.
Joseph Nathan, London, UK

The quick suspicion from an Israeli minister about the involvement of al-Qaeda in this blast looks same as that of the Spanish authorities blaming ETA after the Spanish blasts before 2004 Elections. If the reason for this blast is the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, this is just another reminder for the ever-widening problem. USA in particular must re-consider its unquestioning support to Israel for the betterment of everyone.
Vinoth, Chennai, India

Why are so few posters able to sympathize with the plight of innocent tourists bearing Israeli passports?
Ariel K, Munich Germany

President Bush is absolutely right. We are at war with this terrorists, we must chase them wherever they are or hide. We will never know who is next. No negotiations, no mercy, we must hit them as hard as we can, even making war to the countries that we know support them.
Umberto Sebastiani, Rome, Italy

This was one more horrific act, the latest of many more to come, I'm afraid. As long as the US continues to support Israel in its non-political solution to the Palestinian question. Until that obviously festering wound is healed in a way that guarantees a dignified existence for the Palestinians and a secure future for Israelis then sadly faceless horrors such as these bombings will continue.
Andrew, Feira, Portugal

I have visited the Middle East a few times over the last few years and must say that they have been amongst the most welcoming people in the world. It is important to realise that all decent people suffer as a result of this, regardless of religion. We should not allow ourselves to be beaten into submission by the people who commit these acts. They do not believe in peace, only war. I applaud the Egyptians for trying to build bridges with Israel and hopefully ordinary people in the Arab world will realise that these terrorists are damaging their future more than anyone else's.
Stephen, Glasgow, UK

I was in the Sinai just a few weeks ago and am deeply saddened to hear this news. Security near the Israeli border is extremely tight, with checkpoints every few miles. At the time I felt daunted by this, but now I understand why it was necessary. This attack just goes to show how difficult it is to stop the determined terrorist.
Alison, Skegness, UK

I was outraged by what happened. Those who were behind the explosions were not only targeting the tourists, but also Egypt's stability, economy, and international reputation. They can by no means be Egyptian, because that event will drastically affect everyone's life in Egypt, especially economically. My condolences to everyone who lost a friend or a relative there.
Mennat Allah Gaafar, Cairo, Egypt

When are our leaders going to take the side of justice and peace instead of blindly supporting one side over the other for some marginal votes? Until that happens, I expect to see more bombs against us and our "allies".
R Harrison, London, UK

My sister is spending a week in the same area. I learnt about this event this morning while watching the news. It was a massive punch in the stomach. For the first time do I really understand the fear instilled by terrorists. My sister is safe and I am thankful but my heart is with those who lost a loved one.
Celine, London

Targeting tourists, whatever their religion or nationalities, is not acceptable
Ahmad Abd Rabou, Tokyo/Egypt
This is devastating news. That area is one of the most beautiful spots in the Middle East and the people, like almost all Egyptians I have met, very friendly and hospitable. I doubt that this will affect relations between Israel and Egypt to a significant effect, but it will make the situation inside Egypt much more difficult for the Egyptian government. Egypt already has to deal with a strong militant and reactionary movement, which opposes its peace treaty and consequent relations with Israel. These people were vacationing peacefully with their Egyptian neighbours and suffered the consequence of their country's acts.
Rustam Roy, London, UK

I heard the news from a friend who was in Taba at the time of the explosion last night. I was really devastated, since all it takes to shake our already weak economy is one mindless attack and now it happened. This will have a such a negative impact on Egypt's tourism industry and the economy as a whole. I really hope Sinai quickly recovers from the results of this atrocity. It's a beautiful place and deserves to stay that way.
Bakr, London, UK

I think this act was uncalled for because now the Egyptian authorities will crack down on everyone visiting a mosque for prayer. Too many problems are on the way.
Sameh, Cairo, Egypt.

When these attacks stop the US and others Western nations can stop chasing the perpetrators and will be able to concentrate more on whatever it is that is causing this culture clash that leads to bloodshed. Until that day comes I can only see more of the vicious cycle. Who will be honourable enough to be first to stand up to improve this situation?
Andrew, UK

I am fully against what happened in my country. Targeting tourists, whatever their religions or nationalities is not acceptable. However, I claim that the only one who should be blamed for these sabotage is Ariel Sharon and his policies against the Palestinians. Israelis will be paying the price of his policies for the coming years.
Ahmad Abd Rabou, Tokyo/Egypt

Yet again, innocent people are killed in the Middle East and yet again, some peoples' immediate reaction is to blame the Israeli government for somehow provoking the killing of its own people. All conflicts are different, just like all terrorist attacks are. Whereas the attack on the US on 11th September was the result of years of dubious US foreign policy (by which, I am in no way justifying the terrorists' actions), terrorists strike at Israelis simply because their government seeks to protect their people on their own soil. Once more, we see the miniscule value for Israeli life that the country's enemies have.
Charlie Phillips, London, England

I wait to see whether the Islamic world condemns this act of terror. On their past record, I expect a combination of embarrassed silence and excuses for the terrorists.
BF, London, UK

It was a sad awakening this morning to hear that a Red Sea resort had been attacked. We were very close to going to Taba in July, in the end we went to El Gouna. My wife and I had our three-year-old son with us, this latest attack strikes at anyone who has enjoyed the Red Sea in the past and has a desire to go back..
Tony Treadwell, Over Norton, Oxfordshire, UK

Its terrible, but what do you expect? Atrocities are being committed daily in Gaza just some miles away and the world is silent.
Jake, London, UK

Every innocent loss of life is regrettable. Furthermore, this could prove very harmful specially to Egypt's economy.
Adnan Ghandour, Beirut, Lebanon

it takes my heart out to see innocent people killed in such a way, especially in my country, but aren't the Palestinians and Iraqis who get killed every day by Israeli and US troops innocent too?
Mostafa, Egypt

This is devastating I went on holiday there in August to the Marriott hotel in Taba - it was beautiful and quiet. I have booked to go back in November 2004 but going to cancel. My heart goes out to everyone - what is the world coming to.
Jayne Beckett, Stoke-on-Trent

This is a great blow to the stability of Egypt
Kazi Firoz, Kosice, Slovakia
This is a great blow to the stability of Egypt. The killings of Palestinians by the Israeli armies are getting the Jihadist hardliners desperate and these inhumane acts may be done by them. I hate this sort of inhumane activity.
Kazi Firoz, Kosice, Slovakia

Having just returned from the Sinai, I am deeply saddened for all concerned. I was so pleased to see so many Israeli families vacationing alongside their Arab neighbours - how can we ever move forward?
Anon, London, UK

Everyone suffers from this - Israelis and Egyptians alike. It's time to step up the war on terror and show these evil people that they can't tell us how to live our life.
Mr Needle, Luton, UK

Terrorism is a faceless enemy with no recognisable uniform
Jock, Blackwood, Gwent, Wales
These explosions prove one thing. Terrorism is a faceless enemy with no recognisable uniform, no clear battle lines. It cannot be defeated because it is not an enemy in the clear-cut sense, nor is it a traditional war. I would argue that the invasion of Iraq hasn't made the world safe-and this act has perfectly illustrated that.
Jock, Blackwood, Gwent, Wales

Two weeks ago I was in Egypt for my work. I would urge all my colleagues still in Egypt to get on the first available plane now and come back to the UK. No job for any company is worth risking your life for.
Adrian Mugridge, Chester, UK

As a frequent traveller to the Middle East and Egypt in particular this is becoming an all too frequent occurrence. If this is related to the Palestinian situation (rather than al-Qaeda's wider activities) then such scenes are inevitable and will continue until the US stops its unquestioning support of the Israeli regime. US administrations must put internal political considerations aside and put real and sustained pressure on Israel to progress the peace process.
Andy D, Oxford UK

I was so sad to hear something like this happened in my country
Ahmed Khodeir, Egypt
I am one of the people who goes to the Red Sea a lot. I am astonished something like this could happen there. When I go to Sharm-el-Sheikh we as Egyptians are checked by the police more than three times. I was so sad to hear something like this happened in my country.
Ahmed Khodeir, Egypt

We were holidaying in a hotel near to the Hilton not that long ago. I can't believe it. It is such a fabulous area and the people were so generous, it was one of the best holidays I have been on. It is terrible that this has happened in an area of such beauty the people who live in Taba I'm sure will be devastated, many people in the area depend on the tourism. I cannot believe it.
Suzanne Goodall, Southampton, UK

We're off to Taba Heights on Monday, obviously other English tourists will be affected, hopefully the Egyptian government will want to protect their tourist industry by upping security.
Yvonne, Ipswich, UK

These attacks will hit the already weak Egyptian economy
Holden Peter, Monaco
I have lived in Egypt a couple of years, I have friends there and they are all involved in tourism, in Egypt tourism is on the wane and these attacks will hit the already weak Egyptian economy and declining tourist business hard.
Holden Peter, Monaco

I am totally shocked by what has happened in Taba. I have recently just came back from Dahab which is located between Nuweiba and Sharm-el-Sheikh. It seemed like a really safe place when I visited there and i would really like to know the aim of these terrorists.
Dan Westley, Walsall, England

The locals have to be among the friendliest people we have had the opportunity to meet
Adrian Waddell, Falkirk
I would hope that the area recovers very quickly as it is extremely beautiful and the locals have to be among the friendliest people we have had the opportunity to meet. The certainly do not deserve this.
Adrian Waddell, Falkirk

I am an Egyptian and I frequent that part of Sinai nearly every year. I seriously hope this does not affect relations with Israel and it goes to show that not even Arabs are immune to the spate of terrorism that has griped the world. My prayers go out to the families of the dead on both sides.
A, Helmy, UK

Taba is one of the few areas in the Middle East where Israelis and Arabs can mingle on equal terms. Few things can promote friendship more than finding out that your "enemy" is as human as you are. Arab/Israeli peace doesn't suit the militants though- their only "solution" to everything is murder.
Peter, Nottingham (UK)


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