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Vice-presidential debate: Your views
Dick Cheney and John Edwards
Tuesday evening saw the pair's only television debate
The US vice-presidential candidates have squared up to each other in the second televised debate of the campaign.

Observers say the contest between Republican Dick Cheney and Democrat John Edwards took on added significance after the debate last week between John Kerry and George W Bush.

Polls suggested that the Democrat candidate Mr Kerry has closed the gap on the president, following their televised clash.

What did you think of Mr Cheney and Mr Edwards' performances? Will their exchanges influence the presidential race for the White House? Has your opinion changed because of the debates? Send us your comments using the form.

This debate has now closed. Thank you for your comments.

Your comments:

I wondered if Cheney came across as a curmudgeon to other viewers, as he did to me
Kshitij Doshi, Chandler, Arizona
Edwards won, by being sharp yet gracious. It struck me that while he thanked Gwen Ifill and the Vice President in his closing statement, Cheney pointedly thanked just Gwen Ifill for hosting the debate. I wondered if Cheney came across as a curmudgeon to other viewers, as he did to me.
Kshitij Doshi, Chandler, Arizona

For any person that had an opinion about either party coming into this debate, their existing views were strengthened. If you are a democrat, Cheney came across as a slimy tired old man with antiquated beliefs of his own importance. If you are a republican, Edwards is a child in a rush without the capacity to lead. Yet the all important swing voter is simply disgusted with both candidates. No one won this debate.
Komnieve Singh, Newport Beach, CA

While Mr. Edwards came across as overly slick - what else would you expect from a trial lawyer - I thought Mr. Cheney played one note and one note only, "9/11" - even in response to questions about domestic issues. His lack of compassion for age 18-35 black females with AIDS - that it represented an economic loss - displayed his true nature - that of a rich white duck hunter.
Paul Carrigan Jr., Sacramento, CA, U.S.

Vice President Cheney has always done a good job of masking his right-wing ideology in large public settings. But make no mistake: he is a very divisive force in our government and has been for a number of years. US voters really need to look themselves in the mirror and ask if they are willing to let Bush and Cheney represent them for four more years. They have done an incredible amount of damage to both our collective welfare and our relationships world-wide. We really need a change...
Al McCord, Ann Arbor, MI USA

John Edwards easily won the debate. Cheney/Bush stand for fear. Kerry/Edwards stand for hope.
James M. Kehl, Baltimore,USA

Cheney proved why the Bush/Cheney ticket is the clear choice for a safer stronger America
Sean, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Cheney put the pessimism of the Kerry/Edwards ticket squarely in its place. Referring to the fact that the challengers sway with the political winds, Cheney proved why the Bush/Cheney ticket is the clear choice for a safer stronger America.
Sean, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

I think tonight we saw clearly that John Edwards has what it takes to be vice president - or president for that matter. Cheney is like a broken record. How dumb do the Republicans think we are? Their constant theme is "this is our story and we're sticking to it" - despite the evidence. Thank you BBC for in-depth coverage of these issues - more coverage than most of the American networks provide.
Gaynell Gallagher, Memphis TN

I was shocked by the degree to which Mr. Cheney avoided mentioning Mr. Bush at all. It's as though their subliminal message is "a vote for Bush is a vote for Cheney...don't worry." In any event, Mr. Edwards was the clear victor.
Margaret Imber, Turner, ME

John Edwards is my "senator gone", he has done nothing for the state he represents, Cheney is the man and so is our wonderful president Bush.
Kim Willo, Garner, NC, USAan

I was impressed with John Edwards' command of the issues, his willingness to take on Dick Cheney and his adept interventions when Dick Cheney mishandled the facts. I believe their exchanges will influence the presidential race and my opinion of John Edwards was very positive. I do not respect the misrepresentations of the Bush- Cheney administration.
Joan Ditges

Bush and Cheney continually "spin" their answers on Iraq. If they think everything is going well, then I say send them to Iraq to fight the insurgents. I thought Edwards did very well on the Iraq and domestic issues.
S Young, Ft Wayne, In USA

I believe it was a fairly even-handed debate. I was a little creeped out by how vicious Vice President Dick was in those acerbic asides to Edwards about his Senate record. This was a big difference from his performance four years ago with Liebermann. Edwards himself seemed a little too, how should I say, cheerful. Perhaps it worked as a lawyer but I think a little more gravitas might have made him look more presidential. I was a bit disappointed how he repeated generic lines that seemed suited more for campaigning instead of deconstructing the Bush administration's record.
Imon, Manchester, NH

Had I not been following politics so closely, I would probably think that the debate was a tie
Vickie L. Wilson, LCSW, Colton, CA. USA
Had I not been following politics so closely, I would probably think that the debate was a tie or I would have a hard time deciding who won. Fortunately, I have followed politics very closely since the stolen election. I can't count the number of lies that Cheney told. America has lost its democracy and SOME of us are desperately trying take it back...
Vickie L. Wilson, LCSW, Colton, CA. USA

On the surface it seems Edwards narrowly won the debate; he showed respect for the American individual in his use of honesty. The underlying implications of Cheney and Edward's varying policies and ideologies left Edwards far ahead. It is interesting and revealing, to me, to read the aggressive nature of arguments for Cheney's alleged success. I am pleading: however you vote, please vote with conscience accountability this November not fear.
Ivan, Evergreen, USA

I think that Edwards was a little nervous and his youth showed. He did however have good answers to all of the attacks Cheney levelled at him. The VP ignored the drug re-importation issue and the drug benefit. Good debate. I rate it a draw.
Gil Reed, Normal, IL USA

After watching the vice presidential debate, I am sincerely happy that there is at least one adult in the current White House who can form meaningful though misleading thoughts and sentences.
Don, Andover USA

Cheney did better than I thought he would, but he still looked so grumpy. Edwards was best overall.
Steven Sams, Atlanta, USA

Cheney is a serial liar and clearly does not care about the American people. He mentioned only corporations in his remarks and nothing about how people might be affected. He was dour and uninspiring.
Kurt Helf, USA

Cheney lost his momentum about 20 minutes into the debate. By the end, he seemed fatigued by his own distortions. Edwards wins on substance, despite seeming somewhat nervous initially.
Alan Jacobs, New York, NY

As a veteran of the recent Iraq war, I found Edwards much more in touch with what is going on
Jason Gatlin, Grove City, MN, USA
I thought Edwards dominated. As a veteran of the recent Iraq war, I found Edwards much more in touch with what is going on, more trustworthy, and with a better plan for America than Vice President Cheney.
Jason Gatlin, Grove City, MN, USA

Edwards presented a refreshing, optimistic, energetic, and intelligent alternative to the tired, unsuccessful scenario that America has been suffering over the past four years. In my view, Cheney was economical with the truth when answering some questions, serving to inadvertently substantiate the claim that this is characteristic of the Bush administration. I now think the debates may very well have more influence over the outcome of the presidential race, and I am much more impressed with Kerry and Edwards after having watched the debates. The one positive comment I can make about Cheney is that his performance did not elicit the roars of laughter among the large room full of people that Bush's did last week.
Kim Reed-Deemer, New Mexico

What a surprise! A vast majority of the views expressed on a BBC site thought Edwards won the debate. Edwards was clearly out of his element, it had to be hard for him to defend an anti-war position when he and Kerry clearly voted for the war and on several occasions supported the President's actions. When it's popular to be pro war, there's Kerry-Edwards. When it's popular to be anti-war, there's Kerry-Edwards.
Mike Garcia, Naperville, IL USA

Although I'm a Kerry/Edwards supporter, I'm forced to call this a small victory for Cheney
David, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Cheney did about as well as expected, and certainly didn't hurt the Bush ticket. Edwards handled himself adequately. Overall, Edwards stronger moments in the debate were quite impressive. However, he could have scored more debating points by refuting Cheney's claims on certain issues. Edwards unfortunately had the tendency to not directly answer the question. Although I'm a Kerry/Edwards supporter, I'm forced to call this a small victory for Cheney.
David, Milwaukee, WI, USA

It's clear that John Edwards did a superior job of speaking about the real problems facing the world and the U.S. Cheney only had his talking points, which he clung to like the desperate politician he is. This wasn't a clear victory for Edwards, but it was a victory nonetheless.
Cory Kleinschmidt, Roswell, GA, USA

I saw the debate as more than a battle for the office of Vice-President. It was a ex-Ceo of a major Oil Corporation against an ex-Personal Injury Lawyer. I perceived it as Big Corporation against Ambulance Chasing lawyers. What I got out of this debate is whoever won it, the US people lost. The US people will lose either way with both candidates, the question is - in which way will we lose the least?
Matt Weilenmann, Salt Lake, Utah USA

This is the turning point of the two campaigns
Mark, China
This is the turning point of the two campaigns. John Edward showed and convinced people that he's ready for the VP job on the other hand Cheney was failed to address to American People that what he and Bush is going to do if they are elected to make the whole situation better both aboard and at home.
Mark, China

I found Chaney to be cold and dark. Mr Corporate with one purpose to keep him and his friends in power.
Rick Fierro, Eugene, OR

I am surprised at how few of the syndicates actually comment on whether the information shared in the debates was true and accurate. All they talk about is who 'won.' Little attention has been given to the many times Bush and Cheney have had to correct wrong information on the spot that both Kerry and Edwards have rhetorically smoothed over. Is this election about smooth talk on the entertainment television? Or is it about credible people who know what they are talking about? Kerry and Edwards are smooth, but I have a hard time trusting them (the same with car salesmen).
Dale, Whittier, CA

I thought both did well, but was puzzled by Cheney's passing of minutes to rebut Edwards' remarks. I wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing. They both had points and Cheney's performance was by far more impressive than Bush's. I don't know who won it, if anyone did... but I think Edwards should definitely be on Law & Order.
Emily Moiles, Milwaukee, WI

John Edwards proves he has the vision, intelligence and integrity to be Vice President
Linda Ethier, Portland Oregon USA
John Edwards proves he has the vision, intelligence and integrity to be Vice President and President if necessary. Kerry/ Edwards have a clear effective plan for Iraq, the economy, education, taxes and health care. They will be voices for honesty and openness rather that the secrecy, distortion and favouritism of the Bush "Administration"
Linda Ethier, Portland Oregon USA

I believe that Edwards held the upper hand in the debate. Edwards answered key questions with the utmost clarity while Cheney at times echoed Edwards statements and or addressed a different topic such as education when the question was about poverty. Cheney also seemed a bit more aggressive in the way of addressing Edwards personally while Edwards addressed Cheney as "the Vice President." Thus being a show of character and leaving Edwards seem a bit warmer. I'm sure that the polls and citizen suggestions will agree.
Eddie Mekins, Atwater CA, USA

At the end of the debate last night Edwards thanked the moderator and the vice president "for being there". Cheney thanked the moderator and pointedly omitted acknowledging the presence of his adversary John Edwards. I suppose that is in character for Cheney, because bullying bosses usually do not thank employees for coming in their office to be verbally humiliated.
Jim Silverman, Iowa

It was really close, almost too close to call
Brian Lambert, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
I think was a great debate. Both sides were able to eloquently express their views (a far cry from Bush's repetition of catch phrases and word fumbling in the first presidential debate). Furthermore, there seemed to be actual emotion; the two men differed and didn't hold back. The tension was palpable. More debates should be like this. I am inclined to call Edwards the winner, but I'm sure Bush supporters will same the say the same for Cheney. It was really close, almost too close to call.
Brian Lambert, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I like to listen to Dick Cheney. I like his reasoning and clarity. We're lucky to have him. Meanwhile, the Democrats have only proved that they will say anything to get elected. I find it amazing how blind many of the left wing people can be.
Gary Alles, Bristol, USA

Cheney seemed to be pretty much trying to remember his list of rehearsed statistics, and Edwards performance seemed like too much of a performance.
Laurence., Elk, California

Where on earth were questions about the energy issues
Jessica , St Louis Missouri, US
Where on earth were questions about the energy issues that Cheney has worked so hard to cover up? Why was this not part of the discussion? The environment qualifies as both an international and domestic issue and I'm shocked it didn't get more air time this evening.
Jessica , St Louis Missouri, United States

As someone who closely follows the daily news I continue to be amazed by the rose-colored glasses the Republican ticket sees the world through. Tonight all the denials in the world could not help Vice-President Cheney overcome the voice of reason and truth that John Edwards presented.
Greg Maughan, Philadelphia, United States

I think that Edwards did a great job. He engaged the American public in a very personable way while still driving home the big issues.
Mary, Los Angeles

Cheney wiped the floor with Edwards. "The first time I've ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight."
Jamie N, Plymouth, UK

Edwards did great. Got his points in about the truth of this administration & the realities of what is really happening in the world and the US.
Mary, Boone, NC USA

Cheney's experience showed, as did Edwards smugness and arrogance
JB Mixon, VA
Cheney kicked Edwards all over the place....Cheney's experience showed, as did Edwards smugness and arrogance.
JB Mixon, VA

Edwards got under Cheney's skin more than once! It was great to see them going at it, and I was frankly happy with the results (that Edwards won!). If Bush's fiasco did not give the democrats a boost, this debate certainly did!

The debate was, on points, largely a draw. However, the media needs to carefully fact check the claims made by the candidates. The Vice President, in particular, has developed a style of rattling off a string of arguments in which inaccurate statements are buried among true ones.
Dan Nexon, Silver Spring, MD, US

Cheney was acting like this was a debate for the radio. More than ever I have the impression this man confuses experience with wisdom.
Marc, Mexico

I see the makings of a new administration
Susan Knudsen, Portland, OR, US
I see the makings of a new administration! John Edwards won the VP debate in a landslide as did John Kerry. I am looking forward to again being a proud American instead of a person sickened by her President and V.P.
Susan Knudsen, Portland, OR, US

John Edwards showed clearly why is he qualified to be the next vice president of the United States. His clear command of the facts and clear articulation of his viewpoints set him in sharp contrast to Vice President Cheney's deliberate obfuscation of the facts. I wasn't sure which way I was going to vote before, but after tonight my choice is clear.
Jason Sugg, Austin, TX USA

John Edwards won this debate with his can-do attitude and hope. I think that Dick Cheney did o.k. on the foreign policy but that John Edwards clearly was superior in the domestic section of the debate. Moreover, and most importantly, John Edwards offered hope and optimism while Dick Cheney continues to sell fear and inaccuracy. Well, Americans won't buy it, and will reject the fear in favour of Edward's hope.
Brian Van Denzen, Santa Fe, NM

Cheney clearly won this debate. Edwards inexperience was glaring, as was is refusal to directly respond to any of the points that Cheney made.
Bryan Scringe, Albany, NY USA

Neither of them gave the KO punch
Emran, Toronto, Canada

Call it a Draw. Both scored points on different issues. But neither of them gave the KO punch. Both are also too intelligent to mess it up for themselves...unlike George W. Bush.
Emran, Toronto, Canada

I never thought I would ever see anyone get the better of Dick Cheney, but Edwards did it tonight. Cheney appeared clearly beaten, as shown in his face, as Edwards obviously elated. Of course, Cheney had the unpleasant task of answering for the messes his crew have gotten the US into in the past four years. It was an obvious contrast between old, failed policies, and the promise of something better.
George Kamburoff, Pleasant Hill, CA., USA

Clearly Edwards offered more definitive facts that separate him from Dick Cheney and George Bush. For instance, Edwards made clear his views on outsourcing, where Dick Cheney completely avoided the question. However, the US is a very politically divided country.
Eric, Phoenix, USA

It looks like the Kerry - Edwards's team has finally managed to portray the "real" Bush
Sharif Rashid, Dhaka, Bangladesh
It looks like the Kerry - Edwards's team has finally managed to portray the "real" Bush - Cheney cover ups. The petals of the rose have started to fall off!
Sharif Rashid, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Vice-President Cheney's performance was definitely on the defensive. Edwards came out on top sounding much more convincing and truthful which is really what matters.
Chris Doerr, Rome, Italy

Both men acquitted themselves well, and it's hard to pick a clear 'debating' winner. But John Edwards' stature certainly grew and so he probably gained more from the event. And the circus moves on.
Tom, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The margin of Edwards's victory over Cheney was not as great as Kerry over Bush. But a win is a win.
Bruce Dalbrack, Hong Kong

We have come to expect a certain amount of spin from politicians. But the blatant lies that poured out of the vice president make a mockery of the debate process. We are not stupid sheep, Mr. Vice President and you will find that out on November 2.
Malena Merlin, Charlottesville, VA

The vice president cannot tell the truth.
William Morris, Richmond, VA USA
The vice president cannot tell the truth. Edwards did a wonderful job of trying to get Mr. Cheney to be accountable. We need a news vice president
William Morris, Richmond, VA USA

I feel as though Edwards missed the chance to score significant points on Cheney, but still managed to pull off a win. The Bush Administration simply has no successes to run on, so Cheney's experience aside, he never had a chance to win. It is clearer every day that Kerry must be elected.
Shawn Hampton, Eugene, OR - USA

John Edwards turned in a strong performance in the debate, going toe to toe with Dick Cheney, and coming out ahead. I think that the Bush administration's case for war in Iraq is unravelling in real time, as the situation on the ground is finally being reported to the American people. Bottom-line: People already mistrust Dick Cheney, and this debate did nothing to convince them otherwise.
David Weingart, Barrington, NH USA

John Edwards won this debate. He refuted each of Cheney's lies. Cheney thinks Americans still believe his lying stories. He insults the intelligence of Americans.
Barbara Pikus, Portland, Oregon USA

Dick Cheney was strong, answered the questions respectfully and showed that he would and is a great leader for America.
Rachael Hodson, Park city, Utah, USA
As a Republican who actually really liked John Edwards in the primaries (and who would have possibly voted for him had a made the presidential ticket)I was turned off by him in this debate. The polls are showing him in the lead but for me he clearly lost. It seems as if he has been hanging out with John Kerry too long. He was rude and arrogant and has jumped on the political bandwagon with his running mate turning his back on what I thought made him so great in the beginning. Dick Cheney was strong, answered the questions respectfully and showed that he would and is a great leader for America. Too bad he isn't the one running for president.
Rachael Hodson, Park city, Utah, USA

Mr. Edwards promises hope to all of us in America who are suffering from job loss, the poor economy, lack of health care, the war in Iraq and against terrorism. Mr. Cheney could only repeat the same message we have heard since he and President Bush took office. I do not want four more years of the same. I know now that I want a chance and I will take that chance with John Kerry and John Edwards.
Anita Schuessler, Dallas, TX, USA

Vice President Cheney successfully defended his administrations' record on both foreign and domestic policy. I was impressed with his ability to decisively highlight the contradictions of his opponent's campaign. While John Edwards was polished, he simply did not come across as someone with the experience to lead the free world should he be called to serve as President.
Michael Periu, Jr., New York, NY

V.P. Cheney displayed his superior knowledge of subjects . . . plus class
Barbara Emery, Willard, OH, USA

John Edwards is a breath of fresh air for this country
Eric M., Hartland, WI, USA
John Edwards is a breath of fresh air for this country. He appears to speak the truth and is not blinded by ideology.
Eric M., Hartland, WI, USA

Cheney ducked and weaved on Iraq, on Halliburton, on jobs and on healthcare. John Edwards showed, just as Kerry did the other day, that there's hope for America. Edwards spoke for the American people when he said, Mr Vice President, I don't think the country can take four more years. Damn straight!
Scarlett Hill, Dallas, Texas

VP Cheney made John Edwards look like a school boy. Cheney definitely won the debate.
Nancy Mayes, Pt Pleasant, WV, USA

Cheney was not able to stand up to the charges of Edwards with regard to fact most of the time, stating he "didn't know where to start" to answer the charges of his opponent. Was it because Kerry was able to point out facts and poke holes in Cheney's assertions most of the time? Absolutely!
John Zibert, Chicago, IL USA

The Democrats come out ahead after tonight. Senator Edwards proved that he can slug it out with Cheney.
Chris, California

Although I do not think that this debate will influence the presidential race, I think John Edwards was able to convince many people that he is totally capable and intelligent enough to be second in command. Dick Cheney as usual was playing his fear and smear re-election game.
Roseanne, NJ, USA

Today was Cheney's day and he did score well against the charming but ineffective Edwards whose lack of experience showed.
AB, India

Cheney was predictably bad, but the Kerry/Edwards policy on the Middle East is no better: "kill the terrorists", intimidate rather than engage Iran, and continue to write blank checks for Israel. The movie tagline is right: whoever wins, we lose.
Thurman Arnold, Laramie, Wyoming

John Edwards clearly won the debate. He was articulate, in command of the facts and made the case for a Kerry Edwards ticket. Cheney, on the other hand, admitted no mistakes on the part of the administration, continued to conflate the 9/11 attack with the war with Iraq and did not or could not refute many of Edwards' statement of facts regarding the situation on the ground in Iraq.
Sally Thompson, Newtown PA USA

There was no real winner in this debate, but there was a clear loser: George W. Bush. He appeared that much more uninformed, petulant and incompetent when compared to Edwards and Cheney...only a week after being skewered by John Kerry. Moreover, this debate proved that George W. Bush is nothing more than a puppet of Dick Cheney. That is a scary thought.
Anne McGonigle, Seattle, USA

Vice President Cheney exposed Mr. Edwards' record on Senate participation. Mr. Edwards could be also called Mr. Gone. I seem to think Mr. Edwards is giving us a lot of lip service but where will he be after the election?
David Drexler, Cincinnati, Ohio

It took the Vatican 400 years to acknowledge the earth is more like an orange than a pizza. I guess it will take as many years for Cheney to realize Iraq was a disastrous adventure. No harm though, all his children are certainly not enlisted.
Marcello Marino, Brooklyn, New York

Mr Cheney, at times, gave irrelevant answers to relevant questions, and couldn't even argue some of the factual points that Mr Edwards brought up. Mr Edwards seemed to be well prepared for this debate than Mr Cheney, who seemed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time after the foreign policy episode of the debate.
Rezwan, Dallas, TX

I am an independent voter, and was moved towards giving Bush my vote by Cheney's clear mastery of the issues
eff Wright, Boca Raton, FL

I am an independent voter, and was moved towards giving Bush my vote by Cheney's clear mastery of the issues. He didn't just rely on sound-bites like others (including Bush) tend towards. Low-profile Cheney showed the American public tonight why he got the VP nod.
Jeff Wright, Boca Raton, FL

John Edwards won the debate by offering a fresh change to the "More of the Same" policies of the Bush administration. He's a champion of the middle class instead of Bush's priorities that focus on corporate interests and tax relief for the extremely wealthy.
Todd, San Francisco, CA USA

The debates proved that Kerry made a foolish decision in choosing a candidate for the position of vice president, one who, instead of bringing the same character and conviction to the ticket that Kerry himself does, seems merely a shallow attempt to gain headway in Southern states.
Tom, LaPorte, Indiana, United States

The disparity of between "winner" and "loser" in this debate is closer than the first presidential debate. The winner, I believe, is John Edwards but by a smaller margin than Kerry was with Bush. This was not the "slam-dunk" of the first debate but this was only because Cheney is a vastly superior debater than Bush. I wouldn't expect to see a much of a boost for either campaign. It would seem that the Kerry campaign benefits the most from this outcome.
Jonathan Norris, Placentia, USA

It became clear to the American people the real results of four years of Bush administration. The Vice-president was not able to provide a single explanation for the wide list of mistakes and mismanagement in different issues ranging from Iraq to economy, health and education. Mr Cheney was obviously embarrassed over the multi-billion-dollar post-war contracts directly awarded to Halliburton, the firm Mr Cheney once ran. He failed to be consistent about Iraq and Al-Qaeda relationship. Mr John Edwards clearly won this debate.
Victor, Dundee

I found the debate rather boring. It was a back and forth game of each VP candidate accusing each other of lying. Though I believe Dick Cheney's description of Mr. Edwards voting record (or lack there of) was effective, I also though the exposure of Mr. Cheney's record was very astonishing. The fact that Cheney voted against releasing Nelson Mandela is appalling. Nonetheless, I doubt the debate will affect anything because I doubt anyone could have stayed awake throughout the whole thing.
Joel Suarez, Dallas, Texas, USA

I really believe that the Cheney/Edwards debate was so much better than the Kerry/Bush debate. In fact when Cheney spoke, it felt like he was running for office. But Edwards as well. He did a real good job in this debate, and matched Cheney word for word, tone for tone. I think this debate, may have a slight influence on the election, but not a lot.
Ted, USA

Edwards clearly won the debate with Cheney. Although both men appeared at ease and were articulate, Cheney's responses contained no substance and were simply the same meaningless rhetoric that we've been hearing for the past four years. However, Edwards gave thoughtful responses relevant to the questions posed, unlike Cheney who often, like Bush, chose not to ask the question presented, instead attempting to divert attention to his own agenda. Fortunately, Edwards called him on it (over and over)!
Marilyn, Canada

The debate did not change my view but reinforced my support for Bush/Cheney. I cannot vote, but if I could, Cheney's experience and Bush's leadership are what draw me. Edwards will have proper experience in another eight years or so.
Nickie, Dallas, USA

Senator Edwards is the clear winner of this debate
Sara DeHart, Seattle WA, USA
Cheney spouted bogus data. He repeated the $15 Billion for Africa AIDs initiative while only 5 billion was actually allocated. Fact checking needs to be published for more than 50% of his statements. Senator Edwards is the clear winner of this debate.
Sara DeHart, Seattle WA, USA

I think Edwards did an excellent job. He brought up good points and had his facts straight. Cheney is starting to believe his own stories. Unfortunately, to some Cheney's confidence may win over Edwards. However, when it came down to facts and anything outside of Foreign Policy in Iraq Cheney had nothing to talk about.
Chris Markferding, Nashville, TN USA

Let's face it, George Bush's strong point is not public speaking, however, Cheney represents just how serious and competent this Administration is. Cheney clearly won the debate and if people could put substance past style, then Bush won his also. Unfortunately millions vote on style and not substance.
Philip, San Antonio, TX

Mr Edwards did a fantastic job in forcing Cheney to withdraw his claim that Saddam did not have connection with what happen in September 11 2001. That was a huge blow to Cheney who have consistently made the claim in the past that Saddam have something to do with that attack. I really believe that Edward did a great job.
Karl Mourfy, Ann Arbor Michigan

VP Cheney made John Edwards look like a school boy. Cheney definitely won the debate.
Nancy Mayes, Pt Pleasant, WV, USA

Wow! Cheney put Edwards out like a champ
David, Hendersonville, NC

Wow! Cheney put Edwards out like a champ. Edwards looked dazed and confused. It was refreshing to see. Especially as I am from NC, the state which looks forward to the day Edwards is out of public office! (Edwards is - unfortunately - a first term senator here in NC.)
David, Hendersonville, NC

Cheney dodged questions while Edwards answered to the points with facts backing up his claims. One could see through Cheney's expressions that he was not speaking the truth. I'm shocked to know that Cheney voted against important programs like, Headstart and Meals on Wheels. Even more shocked to know that Cheney voted against Martin Luther King Holiday and against the release of Nelson Mandela. I certainly do not want to see Cheney as my President as he claimed that if there is a need he is ready to take over.
Mahmood Wahid, Dallas, TX, USA

Edwards was a little too slick, too much of a trial lawyer
Jonathan Skelding, Berkeley

Each of the debate participants had their moments of glory, and each their moment of defeat. I did not feel that either participant came out ahead. Cheney kept up the message of fear, and avoided any substantive responses on the mess this country is in, and what they will do about it. His performance was orders of magnitude better than President Bush last week. Edwards was a little too slick, too much of a trial lawyer. Last week, I came away feeling Kerry would be an excellent President. I did not have the same feelings about Edwards this week. However, I do not believe this country, or this world, can survive another four years of Republican politics, and my vote has not changed.
Jonathan Skelding, Berkeley, USA

I have great respect for Dick Cheney, but he looked like a tired old warrior being out boxed by a younger more energetic fighter. And, when the subject of Halliburton came up he should have taken a standing count.
Phil Hawkes, Penticton, Canada

Tonight's debate helped me decide to support Kerry/Edwards in this election
Sally Jones, Moultree, USA

Tonight's debate helped me decide to support Kerry/Edwards in this election. On every issue that matters to my family, they are looking after the interests of Middle America, while Bush/Cheney are clearly more interested in their corporate cronies. The debate has been framed as over whether invading Iraq was wise or not. Only Kerry/Edwards have the courage and strength to face the public and talk about what this debacle has cost us.

My family is barely getting by, while help that Bush could have sent our way is going up in smoke and body counts in Iraq. We are not more secureż we are less; we are not more wealthy... we are less given the rise in expenses. Tonight's debate only underscores the fact that the Democrats are for Americans, not multinational corporations.
Sally Jones, Moultree, GA, USA

Edwards clearly won. I had not decided who to vote for until tonight, Cheney just was not able to come clean with the issues and the facts. i.e. Halliburton and the non-existent connection between al-Qaeda and Iraq.
Sartaj, USA

Dick Cheney won, hands down.
Shirley Stone, San Antonio, TX

Let's face it, George Bush's strong point is not public speaking. However, Dick Cheney represents just how serious and competant this Administration is. Cheney clearly won the debate and if people could put substance past style, then Bush won his also. Unfortunately millions vote on style and not substance.
Philip, San Antonio, TX

Although Cheney was clearly stronger, smarter, and more prepared than President Bush, it's equally clear that he is more dishonest, more deceitful, and quite simply a sorry excuse for a human being. Edwards' grasp of the truth, as well as his very personable and caring answers make him the clear winner.
Peter Buchholz, Bozeman, MT, USA

It looked like a debate between an experienced statesman and a teenager - Cheney dominated
Les Matthews, TX

I felt that Edwards did a great job. He talked about the issues and handled the numerous attacks by Cheney very well. Edwards won this debate.
Michele West, Boonville, IN, USA

My impression that Dick Cheney was in control of the debate was confirmed by my seven-year-old daughter. She walked into the room, listened for about five minutes and said of Cheney, "Who is that? He is a very strong man."
John Hein, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Edwards won. It doesn't matter what the seven-year-old demographic believes.
Brian Cunningham, White Bear Lake, MN

I came away with a more favourable opinion of Edwards than I had before the debate, and the same completely unfavourable opinion of Cheney that I had before the debate.
Zay Hartigan, Patagonia, AZ, USA

While the debate seemed like a draw, I felt that Edwards won the night. Everyone knew what to expect of Cheney, Edwards had more to prove and he did. He stood up to Cheney and called him out, showing that he is indeed a good choice for vice president.
Richard Doherty, Houston, Texas

Cheney was smooth, assured and avuncular. Edwards was cheerful and apologetic in a charming way. Cheney wins, but I only heard it. If I saw it I imagine it might be different.
Tim Evans, Yokohama, Japan

I think John Edwards spoke more to the American people during the debate, whether it be by directly appealing to the American people or through his use of rhetoric that regular Americans can understand easily. Cheney seemed to ramble on using figures that seemed rather inaccurate. I think either it was a win for Edwards or a draw.
Dana Pedersen, Cuyahoga Falls, USA

I think Edwards brought up a good point about how the Bush administration promised to "unite, not divide". They completely missed their opportunity to do just that after 9/11 when Americans were ready to unite over just about anything. What a waste.
Adam Quirk, Hoboken, NJ, USA

It looked like a debate between an experienced statesman and a teenager. Cheney dominated.
Les Matthews, Houston, USA

Cheney looked nervous and uncomfortable - Edwards is more photogenic and normal
James Wilson, Cambridge
Democrat John Edwards a voice of EVERY American won all our votes in our family of five! (and yes we're all voting age!)
Kathleen Wentworth, Portland, Oregon, USA

Cheney was a seasoned, but spiteful debater. The curl of his lip and his general smugness made Edwards look exceptionally youthful and idealistic and honest. Exactly what America needs.
Pat Reid, Calgary, Canada

Cheney demonstrated he had the experience and seriousness necessary in a VP. Edwards sunk into his chair when it was revealed he had used accounting tricks to avoid payments into the Social Security system. He even looked worse when it was revealed that he had missed most of the meetings of the Senate Intelligence Committee and skipped out on many Senate sessions. Basically he was AWOL. God help us if this man becomes VP and any thing happens to Kerry. It is unfortunate Cheney is not president now. He seems better suited for the job than Bush if it were not for his health problem.
Ray, Lorton, Virginia, USA

Please Mr Bush and Mr Cheney, just tell us the truth. I should not have to read the BBC to get the truth about Iraq or how real job situation. Please start telling the truth.
Ivy, Franklinton, NC, USA

Edwards and Kerry in the debates appeared much more intelligent and focused on the major issues. Bush and Cheney were both clearly on the defensive.
Fred Prochaska, San Jose, California, USA

This was 90 minutes of No I didn't!... Yes you did! Your facts are wrong!...No your facts are wrong! I can't think that any undecided voter would be swayed by either of these guys! It was a draw. Nothing great from either candidate!
James Alexander, Allentown, PA, USA

I am so sick of Cheney and Bush repeating lies. The American people will see right through them.
Tammy, San Diego, California

Overall, I had the impression that Edwards, although photogenic, was inexperienced and unsuitable for the vice presidency, whereas Cheney was more versed in the issues and seemed to have an overall plan for where the Bush Administration is leading our country. I intend to vote Republican.
Derrick Sutter, New Haven, CT

Cheney is known as a heavyweight. Edwards proved that he could stand toe-to-toe with him. Of the four major party candidates for president and VP, only one has demonstrated that he is a lightweight. Unfortunately, that man is currently the leader of the free world.
Bill Spotz, Albuquerque, USA

Cheney looked nervous and uncomfortable. Edwards is more photogenic and normal.
James Wilson, Cambridge UK

Edwards did not do as well as Kerry in the earlier debate. Neither did Cheney do as badly as Bush. But still a decisive victory by the Democrats, despite a moderator seemingly biased toward Cheney.
D Miller, Tokyo

Based on the same criteria for which I gave Kerry an edge in the first debate (keeping the opponent on the defensive), I give the edge in the VP debate to Cheney. He made a more convincing case for the Bush/Cheney ticket by highlighting Edwards' deficiencies. I expect his tactics will be better employed by his boss in the coming debates.
James Mullally, Atlanta, GA

I thought Edwards won. It was difficult. Cheney didn't look well. Moderator Gwen Ifil was awful. She said she was switching to domestic issues after 45 minutes, but most of the remaining questions were personal. She asked two full questions about medical malpractice and none on other worthy subjects. Most noteworthy was the lack of question on Cheney's Energy Task Force.
John Kubie, Scotch Plains, NJ, USA

Edwards clearly won on substance and on demeanour. It was appalling to see the vice president blatantly lying about the facts, about his record, and about his previous statements.
Dan Curewitz, Tokyo, Japan (North Carolina, USA)

Edwards trumped Cheney at nearly every point in the debate. Go Kerry!
Norma Nelson, Chicago, Illinois

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