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Ask Namibian President Sam Nujoma
Namibian president Dr Sam Nujoma with raised fist
Due to circumstances beyond our control President Nujoma has pulled out of this special edition of our global interactive programme Talking Point. We do apologise to our audience. Thank you to all of you who sent in questions.

President Sam Nujoma is the man who shocked the West when he declared: "Africa is for Africans" boldly amplifying, "We will develop our Africa without your money".

As leader of the South West African People's Organisation (Swapo) he led the 23-year guerrilla struggle against South African occupation.

Independence was gained on 21 March 1990 and he has been in power ever since.

Despite there being no obvious candidate waiting in Swapo's wings, he has said he will step down when his third presidential term ends in 2005.

If the president does indeed retire, his act will certainly be difficult to follow - he is still popular and the country's relative stability is an asset to his leadership.


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