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Can you write a Eurovision winner?

The 49th Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Istanbul on Saturday 15 May.

Twenty four countries are set to take part including the UK's James Fox who will perform Hold On To Our Love.

You put your questions to the writer of Britain's last winning entry Kimberley Rew and BBC Three's Paddy O'Connell, in a LIVE interactive forum.

BBC News Online entered into the spirit by asking you to write a Eurovision song.

Our lyrics competition was won by Lorraine from St Albans in the UK.

In our BBC News Online competition you put the music to the winning lyrics from Lorraine in St. Albans in the UK. Click below to hear the entries.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:


I'm a million miles from Hackney
Crossing Belgium in a taxi
My expense account is bulging at the seams

In my pocket Euros crinkle
And my eyes begin to twinkle
I'm a cog in quite a beautiful machine....

If you can't quite place my face
And my name's a mystery
I'll put you straight
No problem mate
I'm your Euro-MP
Lorraine, St Albans, UK

(Verse 1)
Well, you see ol' Tommy here,
He was picked to sing a song,
In front of an audience as it were,
But didn't know it were ten million strong.

(Verse 2)
As he began to strum on his guitar,
He walked the to mic to sing his verse,
And as he tried to sing on par,
He realised then why you should reherse.

Tommy ain't got no rhythm,
Shouldn't be in Euro-Vision,
Can't play guitar, he can't deny.
Tommy can't sing on televison,
Shouldn't be in Euro-Vision,
But wants more points than Jemini.
Ross McCleary, England UK

The Bing Song
Binga banga bong bong,
Bonga banga bing,
Love in the universe,
Love on a string.

Bing, bing, bing bing bong
Do, do, the bing bing bong
Helena, Bolton UK

Lost my faith in human nature
Lost my appetitite to breathe
Couldn't find a feeling
To satisfy me

Searching hard for what I want to be
Getting lost in what I should have been
I'm asking you to please agree with me
and make me feel much better

But you say there is no perfect world
You say there is no guarantee
You say this is as good as it gets
But its a whole lot better
Better than that to me
You and I, really doesn't matter at all
You and I, really doesn't matter,
really doesn't matter,
really doesn't matter at all.
Sue Naughton, Bristol, UK

There was a competition for a song
In which talent does not belong
With choruses of la las
And audiences' ga-gas
For a winner impossible to sing along.
Ajana, Singapore (ex-UK)

Why not Cambodia?
seems to include
for the purposes of
European song;
but it don't belong
no more than Hong Kong
or for that matter

Wrong Number
I came home early last night
You were surprised to see me back so soon
Later on the phone rang, honey
Well you nearly jumped across the room
But it was me who picked it up
And it was me who said hello
And it was a woman's voice who spoke
It was a voice I didn't know

When your eyes looked into mine
I knew your love was on the line

Wrong number, Wrong number
Wrong number
But I'm sure that it was right
Wrong number, Wrong number
Wrong number
Will she call again tonight?
Angie, Manchester, UK

Euro-Sceptic Blues:
We sort of feel like Euros
but we really aren't that sure
if we want to drain the Channel
and have you knocking on our door

It's nice that you have formed a club
and invited us in too
but you're not sure if you like us and we do not trust you

Living on an island
makes us act the way we do
We'd like to be more friendly
but we remember Waterloo
Anthony, Birmingham, UK

How many times does this happen?
You find you've two left feet
An unexpected turn of events
Strangers dancing in the street

Chorus You go one way, they've gone the same
Reverse directions, no one's to blame
Left and right, two times and then three
Before you know it your doing
the corridor shuffle with me
Andrew LeFevre, North End, Essex

Take me walkies doggy
Even if it's foggy
I'd like to take you sailin'
My European canine

Take me walkies tonite
Where the lights are bright
Let's go fly a kite
Thru the night
Walkies tonite, walkies tonite
Suzi, Norfolk, UK

Little badger, you are so brave
Why won't you give me a little wave?
I've been so good and given you sugar cubes
I feel like our friendship is going down the tubes

Little badger I've given you a home
But now you act like you can go it alone
If you don't give me the respect I need
Your greedy little stomach I'll no longer feed

Little badger I want you out
You're no longer welcome in my house
I hate you badger for what you've done
I'm getting me some fish
They're much more fun.
Barney, Finland

This show is based on politics
The tunes are just for dressing
National bias parades itself
With each nation's open blessing
Greece votes for Cyprus
Cyprus votes for Greece
We will get no votes at all this year
Until in Iraq we have some peace
R.C. Robjohn, UK

Sing a song for Europe
Sing a song for all
Sing a song for Europe
Let us have a ball

Let us all be merry
Let us all have fun
Let us all hear Terry
The humour has begun

It's been there in the voting
It's been there on the stage
It's been there in the clothing
And goes from age to age

(Fits tune of "Four and Twenty Blackbirds baked in a pie)
JohnMusic, Lyne,UK

In Spain or France
They have a different dance
If you're Dutch or Greek
You'll have a different speak.
But wherever you're from
Join in and sing along
You'll all know the word of this song

La la la
La la la la la la
La la la
La la la la la la
Robert Sweetman, Reading, UK

Restraining Order
We split eleven days ago
I know it was a blow
The shared emotion fizzled out
Deep down I think you know
You say we had a good thing
That we were picked by cupid
You say that I don't know my mind
And then you call me stupid
You've said I'm gonna miss you
And the little things you do
Like alienating all my friends
And all my family too

So how can I miss you if you won't go away?
The lawyer's letters in the post
Telling you to keep at bay
The rabbits at a neighbour's
I've moved in with a friend
How long until you realise
Kaput, fini, the end
Rachie W, Nottingham (un point)

We Are Twenty-Five [Happy, Happy Europe]
We are now twenty-five
Mature, but not old
We have come a long way
From a war so Cold

Happy Happy Europe
The continent of dreams.
Happy Happy Europe
It is more than it seems.
Happy! Happy! Happy! (X2)
Alon Rachamimov, Tel Aviv, Israel

Jump on my magic carpet.
Let's go for a mystery ride.
There's so much I want to show you
So sit yourself down by my side.
Just hold me tight, we're leaving tonight.
Cancel your mail, turn off the light.
Take a deep breath then close your eyes,
Soon we'll be miles away.
So, hop on my magic carpet
and leave all your worries behind.
Just let your hair down and dream on,
Let's see what we can find.
Jack Reynolds, Lienz, Austria

Little Things
Dogs in nappies
Eggs in pockets
Your kisses babe,
are like 'lectrical sockets
Love, love, love!

Bananas in their eyes!
Bananas in their eyes!
You know what I mean?
Zach Rathore, Manchester United Kingdom

The Child looked upon the dolphin
The Dolphin looked upon the child,
And at that glorious moment in time
Magic was born!

A water flower to share,
With all who care, and feel
The love from the skies above.
Sharon Corr, Chicago Illinois

Terry Wogan is the one for me,
He teases contestants from every country.
If I turn on to Eurovision,
it won't be to listen to the singers dribblin'.
Instead I'll laugh at Wogan's wit,
as he calls the Turkish presenter a twit.
And finally as the poppy contest comes to a close,
It'll be Wogan that knows,
there is no true winner;
they're all as rubbish as each other!
(I am ashamed.)
Lyndsey, Plymouth

Verse1: AAAAARGH! Chorus: NNNNGH! Verse2: AAAAARGH! Chorus: NNNNGH! etc.. Hats off to Terry Wogan, the only person on earth who can make us want to experience such excruciating drivel - and he can't go and put the kettle on during the song breaks either...
Trevor, Colchester, UK

I wanna letcha no now baby
Dis is ma sequal
Ya aint eva gonna forget dis 1
Everytime I saw ya, ya lukin so fine
I wos wid ma boys an I go "she's all mine"
But all I need now is sum o your time
But I see dat u ain't gonna lemme commit dis crime
Hunni luk now I'm all up in ma prime
Now gimme a chance an am gonna make ya mine
CHORUS Yo dis is ma sequal
Am gonna make dis equal
You an me we ain't for free
But now baby spare a thought for me
noddy, Bradford, uk

This is the annoying song
It goes la la la la la
You'll hate it but you'll sing along
la la la la la
It'll make its way inside your brain
And slowly drive you and your family insane
la la la la la
The boys from Man Bites God, Melbourne, Australia

Kiss me tonight like there's no tomorrow,
Hold me so tight that I melt in your arms,
Fill me with tenderness, drown out my sorrow.
In pale hazy moonlight bewitched by your charms.
Sandy, England

(Verse) This is the summer of love.
And your are the love of my life.
Let's party the night away
Having the time of our lives.
Dance with me baby once more
The suns not ready to rise
Lets boogie the evening away.
Dance till our feet can take it no more.
(Chorus) The dawn is comin,
My feelins are runnin,
higher than the moon above.
I feel it baby,
Its drivin me crazy,
I never want this night to end.

The city lights are shining
the heat of the night
the rock music fills the air
I need you tonight
I will rock your city heart
again and again
I will rock your city heart
with my amp turned up to ten
john minogue, euro rock city

My Eurovision Lyrics:
Long Live Love Boom Bang a Bang,
Ding Dinge Dong Power to all my Friends
As I'm only a Jack in a Box at Waterloo
One Step at a Time Is better than the Devil You know
So Save all your kisses for me and start makin' your mind up!
Congratulations and Jubilations etc etc (ad nauseam)
Trevor Martin, USA/UK

Lift me up to the highest mountain
Sail across the deepest ocean
I look into your eyes and there is no doubtin'
That your love is a powerful potion.
Oopah, oopah, oopah etc., etc.

This should by sung by a moustached man wearing tight leather trousers who thinks its still 1984.
Jo, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy
I love your velvety ears,
Your oversized paws,
Your cute little snout
Puppy Puppy Puppy
I love your shiny coat,
Your wagging tail,
Your wet nose
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Woof! Woof! Woof!
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Woof! Woof! Woof!
(this song is dedicated to Glen, a lovely border collie)
Kathy, Cambridge, UK

Love Eternally
Here we see me as I'm off to save the world,
As I do so I make love to every girl,
There we see me as I'm standing on the moon, Next is Mars - I'll be off to stand there soon,
Here we see me as I start a brand new creed, Peace and love will spread across the world with speed,
There we see me as I stop a nuclear war, The human race will thank me for ever more,
But all I really want, Is to have you by my side,
I'll leave that hero stuff, For some other guy,
Yes all I really want, Is to have you next to me, And for us to love eternally.
Jon Sofier, Radlett, Hertfordshire

Oo oo oo
Choppy choppy choppy
Hebe hebe hebe
Floppy floppy floppy
Nitty nitty nitty
Shawa shawa shawa
Uppin Uppin Uppin
tower tower tower .
(This lyric is a pan-european and existential realisation of the happiness and fun achieved through collaboration between peoples)
John, Alfreton Derbyshire

When we were together
When you stole my heart
Waiting for forever
Can't bear to be apart.
Oh I miss you baby
To you I'll be so true
Don't even ask me maybe:
You know that I love you.
Andy, Oxford, UK

Dreaming, dreaming every day
How this life seems far away
All these yearnings deep inside
All these feelings that we hide
Could it be you feel the same?
Part of this disconnected game
And if I reached out to touch you
Would you dare to let me through?
NB I will be watching the Eurovision - I hope the best song wins and I hope every song is appreciated
N Gray, Birmingham, UK

When I hear your voice at night,
I feel your presence near me,
And wish our worlds could still be,
Together as one.
CHORUS In my dreams I still belong to you,
No one loves me like the way you do,
And as I spend my time watching the world go by,
I know that I will always love you.
I would like to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, but my husband won't!!
Steph Collingwood, Sheffield, England

All I want to say is that I give the best wishes for the UK representative at the Eurovision Song Contest. I hope you can get a lot better result than last year. As a true Portuguese, I know we normally have bad rounds, but we still hope to win. Good luck UK!
Paulo Castro Garrido, Lisbon, Portugal

Long gone
Do you remember the way it use to be,
Do you remember?
Late nights with me,
Now that I'm gone, long gone,
Now that I'm, out of view.
Everything got moved sideways,
When you were here,
I'm just trying to get it together,
Some things aren't clear,
You're not here.
Franklin Mcbride, Dunedin, New Zealand

From the very start
You were tearin' up my heart
Oh girl I can't let you go
Oh girl you had to know
You're the one for me
I hope you can see
Love will conquer all
I hope we never fall
There's no mountain too high
Nor a river too wide
I'll do anything
To make you my bride
I'll make love to you
The whole night through
Just to prove
My love to you
When you walk out that door
I just fall to the floor
Though I know you'll come back
My whole life, it turns black
Girl I miss you so
Oh girl you gotta know
Like the deserts miss rain
Inside I feel pain
I've rolled the dice
And I've played my cards
In the midnight hour
You will feel my power
My heart will explode
Without you by my side
Girl I'm telling the truth
Girl in you I confide
Mark, Dundee

There's a love-shaped hole at the heart of my soul
There's a love-shaped hole at the heart of my soul that nothing can fill,
nothing I know see how it grows,
I'll see how it goes until a time when this feeling won't show
As much as I try, as much as I'd like I can't feel the sun,
I can't see the light
The older I get, the shorter the time
I've got a love-shaped hole with nothing inside
In my love-shaped world there's room for a girl
I need to be needed more than you know
Nothing seems real, nothing is planned but I know my own heart like the back of my hand
As much as I try, as much as I'd like I can't feel the sun when the moon is so bright
The older I get, the more that I care
I've got a love-shaped hole and no room to spare...
Mark Silver, Leeds

Email Baby
I'm lonely in my room tonight
I haven't got an appetite
I spend the day at my pc
Just waiting 'til you talk to me
Email email baby
You can byte me 'til I'm crazy
All my friends are going out
They're having fun until they shout I'm living in a fantasy
This screen is all I want to see
Email email baby
I'll sing a little happy song
Until an email comes along
I've brushed my teeth and had a wee
So hurry up and talk to me
Angela Gilroy, Cleator Moor Cumbria

It's the only good comedy on TV!
S, M'cr, UK

Sang to the tune of George Orwell's all time great: Beasts of England, Beasts of Ireland!
The Eurovision contest is pants,
The contestants are just like ants;
The UK might get null points,
But the Dutch smoke the joints;
The Irish may win,
But that's just another in the bin;
So I hope the BBC like my lyrics,
Because I don't have other limericks!
"Can you write a Eurovision winner?"
No, but I'd rather be a sinner!
So roll on Saturday 15 May,
Because that would certainly be the day!
Victor Konwea, London

Devil in Disguise
She's older than her years
She's giving in to jeers
Bout the way she feels
She'll mess your head around
Take for granted what you've found
Make it all seem real
Chorus She's a devil in disguise
Don't look into her eyes
You'll fall right under her spell
She'll have you hypnotised
Make you believe her lies
She's the devil, the devil in disguise
David Slavin, England

and all the rubbish Eurovision can devise,
Rag bag of nations,
Weak incantations,
I want the world to know I won't watch - its not nice!
Colleen Morrison, Harlow, England

Now and then
Verse We said goodbye,
Six long months ago,
The pain we felt,
Will now be repaid in full,
When you let me go,
Someting inside me died,
But now I'm coming back,
I've never felt so alive
Chorus Because I know I'm gonna see your face again,
And I know that we'll be living in the now and then
Time is the one thing baby that I couldn't change,
But this time I'm never gonna go away.
James Maynard, London, Greater London

Queen Of Hearts (lyrics T. White)
Diamonds, pearls, silver, gold
Classic cars, I've been told
That these things are worth more than life itself
But what is life worth if you only have wealth?

So roll the dice, take a spin
Have a try, it's no sin
Voice inside, hear it call
"Keep right on, you want it all"
So be what you call a man
Though it tears your life apart
Think you've got the winning hand
But you'll never find her,
no you'll never find your queen of hearts
Tom K. White, Liverpool, UK

From the first day I saw you,
I realised it's you
The love in your eyes,
set me on fire
I can fill the intensity of love inside of me
I picture it.
I am emotionally attached
I am emotionally attached
Ooh ooh oh yeah
Emotionally attached to you
Cordelia Ebori, Warri, Nigeria

More than words can say
Thingy, thingy, doo-wap
Diggy, diggy, snap
Ripple on the water
Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap (with appropriate actions)
Minky, manky, monkey, moo
These words mean that I love you
Minky, manky, monkey, moo
These words mean that I love you
repeat to fade.
Kaye, Hammersmith

It is so unbelievably tacky it is beyond belief! Cheesy presenters who try to make jokes that are clearly not funny, bad clothes, and even worse songs, and Terry's tongue in cheek comments - we love it! We are having a Eurovision party again this year - funny how the contest gets better and Terry becomes funnier, as the wine flows ........

I usually end up watching part of it with the sound on, mostly with the sound off. Dear Terry Wogan should be knighted for his sterling work, year after year.
Steve, Chepstow

No, it's a diabolical event where dozens of countries, all with diverse musical heritage and sounds come together to create awful, bland, pop tunes sung in English. It keeps Wogan in a job, and his putdowns are the only good thing about it.
Martin, Coventry, UK

I suggest they include one of those small frames with someone doing sign language for the deaf. Not being able to hear the songs would not affect their enjoyment of this contest, in fact it would probably improve it!
Ed Malone, Aberdeen, Scotland

Eurovision is the original car crash TV. You know you shouldn't be watching but somehow you can't turn it off.
Guy Chapman, Reading, UK

A voting ritual even more sadistic than 'Big Brother'
Lorraine, St Albans, UK
Of course we'll be watching! 'Eurotrash' meets 'Pop Idol' with a voting ritual even more sadistic than 'Big Brother'. How about we team Terry up in the commentary box with Simon Cowell?
Lorraine, St Albans, UK

We watch the Eurovision Song contest every year with the subtitles on, the translations of the songs are hysterical. The only way to watch it! Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.
Dee, Wirral

TV brilliance. I'll be printing out my BBC score cards for the houseful I'm having round this year to watch it. A night of pure surrealism. This is what I pay my license for. Well done BBC.
Mike, Ipswich UK

Quote from Turkey's State Minister for Broadcasting: "This event (Eurovision Song Contest) is even more important then any other political summit or event due to take place in Turkey in the next month, such as the NATO summit in June." Clearly one of us woke up on the wrong planet this morning.
Donald Macdonald, United Kingdom

It's just not the same now the Germans have stopped wearing leather shorts and have cut their mullets!
Sally, London

It is probably the worst ever TV program. However, for pure comedy, farce and the immortal comments of Terry Wogan I would not miss it for the world. We all sit round the TV with a nice bottle of red wine and have a good laugh.
Les, Chesham, UK

Oh yes I'll be tuned in. Comedy from Wogan, fashion disasters world-wide, the odd bit of Euro eye-candy (male), the one chirpy song that I keep humming the next day, plus the hilarity of the political voting make it a complete package with something for everyone. Can't wait!
Sadie Carr, Goring, UK

Will I be watching - you just try and stop me
TB, Spain

Will I be watching - you just try and stop me! I have been out of the UK for 4 years and have just managed to get Sky TV. This means a return of Terry with his peerless dialogue and also subtitles of the (generally pitiful) song lyrics translated into English. A great evening in with a couple of bottles of wine and cheese and pineapple cubes on cocktail sticks.
TB, Spain

I would rather watch paint dry
Tom K, London, UK

It is a perfect illustration of the disharmony and prejudice that exists throughout the European States. The voting is predictable and usually benefits the countries that no one has particularly strong feelings for. Why do you think Ireland have won so many times? Slovakia this year, anyone? It is outdated and has lost its true purpose. I don't know why anyone bothers. Thank goodness it is not on TV in Hong Kong...I hope.
Graham Ridler, Hong Kong

There are two types of people: those who watch Eurovision for the funny, embarrassing affair that it is and those who don't watch, and make an issue out of telling everyone that they won't watch it. Personally, I watch it. It's only once a year, and is a good laugh. Plus it'd be nice to win, even if it is just Eurovision!
Tony, UK

As one of the biggest and most consistent exercise in mediocrity I have seen over the years, I will not be watching!
Tim Rollinson , Tonbridge, UK

I prefer to eat my cheese, not watch it
J, Surrey
I watched last year and was appalled by the lack of talent. I prefer to eat my cheese, not watch it. The majority of pop music has turned into a whiney bunch of no talents who undergo a 'refit' and paid PR punch up to sell. Whatever happened to music well earned?
J, Surrey

A good way to liven it up is to get a bunch of friends around to watch it. After hearing the songs, each person chooses a country and for every point their country wins they have to take a sip of their preferred tipple. Of course you have to choose your country wisely....
John, London UK

Wogan is an absolute disgrace and an insult to all normal Eurovision lovers with his negative jibes and sniggering - long may he continue.
Randy, Wycombe, UK

Why oh why have we got such a BAD song this year? It was very unfair of the BBC to allow a TV TALENT SHOW entrant (therefore known to the public) to compete against unknowns. He won the place on a sympathy vote, not talent! We can do better!
Andy Roberts, Leeds

Eurovision is without doubt the campest, most outrageous night of the European calendar. We always have friends round and make a big party of it. Of course we're well oiled by the time the voting starts, but it's a great excuse for a party. And James Fox may not win for us, but he's going to do better than last year's entry I feel.
Andy Roberts, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK

Even the vicar enjoys it!
Pauline Fothergill, Halifax, UK
It's an annual event either in our house or round at the vicarage where we have a "Let's take the p*** out of the Eurovision Song Contest" party - lots of nibbles, lots of wine, lots of ribald comments from us all. I'm sure we wouldn't bother if it wasn't for the wonderful commentary by Terry Wogan! Great evening, good clean fun! Even the vicar enjoys it!
Pauline Fothergill, Halifax, UK

The Eurovision song contest? Can't we just have one entry between the lot of us that are in the EU - that should cut it down to about half an hour and put it on the telly much later in the evening. I also think that they should issue free booze so that you can numb the pain as you watch it.
Louise, Reading

The Eurovision Song contest is politically motivated on what one country thinks of another. Think about when the UK last won it in 1997, it was just two days after Tony Blair won the general election because of his pro-European stance. And take last year, yes the song was rubbish but it was probably more to do with the backlash for the UK supporting the Americans in the Iraq invasion that attributed to nul points.
C. Beaven, Stevenage, UK

This is a true bench-mark of music excellence. It celebrates the unquestionable talent from a range of European nations. Their performances are faultless, and their abilities are nothing short of breathtaking. WAIT - my mistake, you mentioned Eurovision, I think I was getting confused with something else...
James, Dorset, UK

The music free contest
Gary Turner, Canterbury
Yet again it's that time of year. The Eurovision Song Contest, which is being held in Istanbul, Turkey. The music free contest. The celebration of the tacky, nonsensical, and the darn right stupid that's all it is. Why dosome people take it so seriously?
Gary Turner, Canterbury

I'm still regularly humming the Austrian entry from 1975. Likewise a couple of early eighties Turkish ones. Aren't you?
Kevin, Aberdeen, Scotland

It's a great night in... with a crate of beer and some mates. I love watching the presenters from around Europe giving the results and trying to make jokes.
Martha, Tregaron, Wales

The Eurovision Song Contest is utter drivel, but my God, it's compulsive! Banal 'Bing-bang-bong' songs performed by talentless groups. The same countries year after year voting for each other. It's pathetic. The only saving grace is Terry Wogan.
Barry Q, Sunny Devon

Highlight of the year. Will be watching with a group of friends with plenty of bottles of wine - it's amazing how the artistes/songs get better and better as the as the wine goes down. Also just absolutely love listening to Terry's commentary - his opinions are always right!
Gillie, Warminster, England

Bring back the rule whereby you have to sing the song in your own language
Carolyne Meadmore, Leeds, England
Please bring back the rule whereby you have to sing the song in your own language. It's just not as entertaining listening to bad song after bad song in English - it was much funnier when you could make up your own interpretation! But as usual, I'll be making a night of it, marking it all myself, and laughing at Terry's bizarre commentary! Long live King Wogan, and come on James Fox!!!!
Carolyne Meadmore, Leeds, England

It's worth watching only for Terry Wogan's comments. I shall miss it this year.
Raluca, Brit in the States

It's not the winning that matters, it's Terry! It just wouldn't be the same without him taking the "Michael" out of the entries. Good luck to all and I hope there's some really funny ones again. Better than the usual telly at night.
Craig, Preston, UK

A complete, utter waste of television air time. It should be abolished to a satellite channel so that only people who want to pay to watch such drivel should do so. Even as a child I thought it was a load of tosh and would happily throw a street party for my entire town was it to be abolished from television for ever!!!!!!
Maxine, Peterborough, UK

The majority of the songs are dire
Kiltie, Staffs, UK
The Eurovision Song Contest is an institution. The majority of the songs are dire, some of the acts beggar belief but I never miss it. Terry Wogans' commentary is hilarious, getting better as the night goes on and the wine goes down. And the best bit, by far, is trying to guess who will win despite Cyprus and Greece giving each other full marks. I can't wait!!!
Kiltie, Staffs, UK

Who still cares about Eurovision? It's always the most conventional song which win and some countries are always bashed (France and UK especially and honestly all the best groups of Europe are British with one or two exceptions).
Luc, France

I just watch the scoring at the end of the show, as I suspect the majority of people do. It will be even more interesting this year in light of current events to see how many 'friends' Britain has!
John Foster, UK

Surely we have something better to do?
Phil, UK
Surely we have something better to do?
Phil, UK

Of course! The Eurovision is one of the highlights of the year in my household. Good Luck for James Fox and the United Kingdom. If we don't win I would like Iceland to win
Ciaran Tuttiett, Portsmouth, Hampshire

A pity it's not The EuroWORLD contest. The USA could stand shoulder to shoulder with us and achieve a politically tainted "nul points".
Anon, UK

Please can we have an interactive "No Wogan" option? The man is an absolute embarrassment. Mickey taking is one thing but some of his remarks are downright offensive.
David, Oldbury, UK

Terry Wogan's cynical commentary will take centre stage
Jason, Pontefract, UK
A fantastic evening will be had by all whatever the outcome and this year we get two nights of bliss! Terry Wogan's cynical commentary will take centre stage - possibly without this it would not be worth watching. Long live Wogan!!
Jason, Pontefract, UK

Only for the comedic value - the songs are always pitiful!
Jack, Ipswich

Good luck to James Fox, great song. This is a great event and needs more marketing on this side of the pond.
J. M. Stewart, Hamilton, Ontario


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