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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 September, 2004, 10:34 GMT 11:34 UK
30 years of Ceefax: Your views
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The world's first TV text service - the BBC's Ceefax - has celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Launched on 23 September 1974, Ceefax was developed by BBC broadcast engineers who were working on ways of providing subtitles for the deaf.

Over the years, the service has developed devoted armchair fans from the world of news and sport including former prime minister John Major and Newcastle striker Alan Shearer.

Culture secretary Tessa Jowell described Ceefax as the "precursor to the internet news revolution".

Ceefax now has more than 20 million viewers a week.

What are your memories of Ceefax? How have you used the service?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Something I definitely do miss in NZ. What a fantastic way to get news, sports and other info at the press of a button and it won't give your computer a nasty virus
Jonathan Casement, Auckland, NZ

All I'll say about Ceefax is that our remote's 'text' button has been worn out through too much use!
Karen, Yorkshire

I remember on my 6th birthday my dad wrote into Ceefax and got them to put my name on the "birthday screen". I was made up to say the least!!
John Dickinson, London

There is a basic technological reason why CeeFax is frequently preferable to the internet (for headline-type information): Unless your PC is already running, it takes much longer to 'boot up' than it takes to switch on a TV set.
Bill Attwood, Guildford, UK

For me, being hard of hearing, the advent of Ceefax (and Teletext) brought subtitles, which are a godsend and mean the TV doesn't have to be blaring in the corner. The spelling mistakes are hilarious!
Jane, London

Religiously for the last 20 years the first thing I do when I get home from being out anywhere (no matter what time of the day)is to put Ceefax on. Can you be addicted to it?
Adam Smith, Blackburn, Lancashire

For me, teletext services have rendered the so called newspapers pointless and I haven't bought one for years. I am a devoted reader who finds the cricket scores and road reports invaluable. It is the one reason for not having a freeview box!
Brian Parker, Harrow, England

Ceefax Rocks
Martin Stickley, Scarborough
Ceefax Rocks. Pure and Simple. If it continues to be as useful as it has been (even in the Net age) then it should go on for ever!
Martin Stickley, Scarborough

We use Ceefax at least every day, mainly for headlines and weather but often for checking flight arrivals and cinema films. You don't get annoying pop-up adverts or have to log on first. And the lack of slick graphics is not a problem; it just shows that it's the content which is important, not flashy demos!
Paul Elliott, Cardiff, Wales

It still takes ages to scroll through the pages, the football results are now 11 pages long, it has a mind of its own when it comes to moving on to the next page, there's no graphics, the layout is crude... Maybe this is what they call retro-chic?
John Whapshott, Guildford, England

Ceefax is a fabulous service and remains as useful as ever. My husband is still a devotee despite having broadband internet as well.
Joanna, London, UK

Ceefax is what the internet could be.
Ernest Hope Stephenson, UK

It's the first thing I check out when I get up at 4am before going out to my work! It's up to date, so I can get news 'as it happens.' I don't know what I'd do without it now!
Ian, Edinburgh

I'm afraid I'm moving away from Ceefax and on to Broadband. What I used to use Ceefax for (football scores etc), I can get on the web in more detail (audio or text commentary). However, as subtitling is essential in our household (my son is profoundly deaf). We'll not be switching it off completely.
Ken , Scotland

I can't leave the house in the morning without first looking through Ceefax
Gavin T, London, England
I can't leave the house in the morning without first looking through Ceefax. One of the only places you can get unbiased news in short time!
Gavin T, London, England

Are you carefully censoring the comments which you place on this page or am I the only one who finds Ceefax desperately slow and the pages frequently illegible (or at least missing the most important text - such as the actual score in the cricket or football)? It may well have been the start of the internet news revolution in 1974 but in 2004 it is seriously outmoded and in need of a substantial makeover.
Ross, London, UK

I stopped taking newspapers many years ago and rely on Ceefax and BBC News instead. I read from page 104 to 150 every day, just a press on the red button takes me through each page in turn. Then a jump to 154 for Sci-Tech news. I've looked at the Freeview and cable versions and whilst they might have the 'benefit' of some pictures, they can't replace the speed and simplicity of Ceefax - too fiddly to navigate, too slow and not even any difference in the stories. Please keep a simple teletext service going no matter what the pressures are to remove it.
Grahame Parish, Aylesbury, UK

I purchased the very first set top adapter from Harrods in 1975
Victor Mass, Liverpool UK
I have been with ceefax since its inception - I purchased the very first set top adapter from Harrods in 1975 and was a figure of envy for over a year and had to demonstrate it to hundreds of interested people - it has been a font of early news and information. Happy birthday and thanks.
Victor Mass, Liverpool UK

We use Ceefax so much for the BBC TV listings that the page numbers have become verbs in our everyday language - "do us a favour and six-oh-six it, girl!"
Mick, Newbury, UK

Sadly, I think I'm correct in thinking that we will lose conventional teletext when the analogue TV transmitters are switched off in a few years time. It's digital successor may look snazzy with full colour pictures, but it just doesn't measure up to the old one. Sometimes new technology is not always better.
Marcus, London, UK

Its still very accurate and up to date for information- but why in this day and age does it have graphics that look like blocks of lego...?
Ewen Henderson, Aberdeen

My daughter's a sports addict and constantly uses Ceefax to get news of her beloved Everton. I also find the subtitles invaluable when my teenagers are having an argument in the living room! It is terribly slow though.
Deborah Bottomley, Bromley, U.K.

As a house bound pensioner, I rely on Ceefax as my window to the world. I love it - and I hope that this blasted internet, which I do not understand in the slightest, ever kills it off.
Bill Stitt, Edinburgh, Scotland

Thanks Ceefax, you started my career.
Paul Collins, Sheffield, UK
By far the best part of Ceefax were the pages from 700 upwards - TeleSoftware. The free programs (initially for the BBC Micro) helped teach me to program and that's what I now do for a living. Thanks Ceefax, you started my career.
Paul Collins, Sheffield, UK

I think Ceefax is too slow. It should have been replaced by a 'web based' technology years ago. But I suppose, like the fax machine, it's accessible and easy to use so it just won't go away.
Stewart Cooper, Aberdeen, Scotland

My dad is addicted to Ceefax! Every day it's the Market Data in the 200s, Saturdays the football in the 300s, most evenings a check on the golf in the late 300s and every now and then the news, weather or entertainment! It's crazy, but obviously still as popular as ever!
Jack, London

But you do always need >o make sur?*that you have a go&d TV aerial...#@@!
Nathan, Leighton Buzzard

I love Ceefax, its far easier than pressing that damn red button which takes an age to do something. Ceefax delivers the information you need in an instant, and in a very user-friendly format. The nostalgia factor is pretty high, but its always been a great way of getting information in an instant.
Madeline, Hertfordshire, UK

I miss Ceefax. I love returning to my parents' home and reading every page possible. Have you ever watched horse racing on Ceefax? Fantastic fun!
Stevie, Chicago, USA

I love CEEFAX, in fact for us, it was the pre-cursor to the internet. We often found bargain flights on there in the early nineties. We booked our first holiday flight to Florida using information posted on there... keep it going.

The number one means of finding information
Keith, Sunderland, UK
This is still the number one means of finding information. It beats the internet, if you have it, hands down for speed and ease of use. Nobody will buy a TV that doesn't have teletext. Most information can be displayed on the screen quicker than the time it takes a PC to boot up.
Keith, Sunderland, UK

There is so much dressing up of the news these days, that I now just get the basic facts from Ceefax pages. The letters page (145) is also excellent for getting a feel for true public opinion.
David Prolazini, London

Ceefax - easier and faster than that annoying red button.
Tarun Patel, Gloucester, UK

I remember the first time I ever saw Ceefax was at an exhibition in Newcastle when I was on holiday from East Kilbride in Scotland about 30 years ago. As I was only eight at the time I wanted one! For the next 5 - 8 years I was told I couldn't get it as BBC Scotland couldn't get it. If I really wanted it I had to move to England.
Craig Richardson, Darfield, Canterbury, New Zealand

As a hearing impaired viewer, Ceefax has opened the BBC up no end over the years. Long may it continue.
Gareth Morgan, Merthyr

The times may be a-changing but some things don't need changing
Ferg, Sheffield, UK

There no substitute for a fast and affective information service. Ceefax still knocks spots off the digital services on the Beeb. If I want to know the latest football scores Ceefax can tell me straightaway. Digital text services are usually half an hour late. The times may be a-changing but some things don't need changing.
Ferg, Sheffield, UK

My partner drives me absolutely mad with Ceefax, or 'letters' as my 4 year old son renamed it! I'm sure he is addicted. We can be watching a programme and if I turn my head away from the TV or go to the toilet, he puts it on straight away. I'm not even allowed the remote control because he then loses his power and on the couple of occasions I have stolen it from him, he was very anxious when he didn't get his Ceefax fix, it's quite sad really!! Having said that, I do think it's a great service and although not quite as much of a devotee as my partner (as I have a life), I do find it a great source of information.
Lianne, Leeds

When I used to skive off school (ahem) Ceefax was the main thing I watched, flicking between 101 and 302 waiting to hear news updates. Now I use this website but when watching TV, there's nothing I enjoy more than checking the latest news while she's watching TV. Then my grandmother bought a new TV without it saying "it's a waste of money, I never use Ceefax" how she wishes she could use 888 now.
Ed, London, UK

Ceefax is a venerable institution of which the BBC should be proud. Having said that, it is clearly on its way out. Digital services are sometimes slow at the moment, but they are getting better all the time. They are clearer to read, you can flip freely between pages and you don't get occasional word jumbles. Ceefax, old friend: you were great, but it's time to move on.
Katherine, London, UK

I'm always twitchy when I'm away from Ceefax on a Saturday afternoon. Solution? Nip into Dixons or Currys, locate remote control, page in 333 (307 as was) and find out immediately how much my lot are using by.......
Niall, Sussex, UK

Ceefax is a lifeline service for people like me
Kevin McGroarty, Greenock

Being a profoundly deaf man, Ceefax is a lifeline service for people like me. Many TV programmes are now subtitled and it made me feel included when watching subtitled programmes, news, sports, etc. From my heart, a big thanks to the BBC engineers who came up with the idea of Ceefax, and made it a reality.
Kevin McGroarty, Greenock, Renfrewshire

From these comments, and many others, it would seem the BBC has once again misjudged the needs of it's customer in replacing Ceefax with a "digital, menu driven, information facilitating media-heavy experience". Modern does not always mean better, change is not always positive. If it ain't broke, why fix it?
Matt, Amsterdam, Netherlands (ex UK)

My dad was a TV engineer and I used to sit in the window in his shop reading Ceefax all afternoon while mum was shopping, I must have looked like a display dummy! As a special treat, dad would bring a Teletext set home at weekends from the shop (we couldn't afford to buy one) and I'd sit for hours reading and reading. When they finally did buy one, I used to spend all my school lunch hour reading it as well! It was ace and it still is. Please don't take it away. It's a success because it "does what it says on the tin" - no frills news and information.
Darren Southworth, Bolton

Ceefax was the Google of its day
Eamonn, San Francisco

Ceefax was the Google of its day. Simple, fast, easy to use, and very informative with no superfluous frills. No wonder it's still around. If Ceefax's successor in the post analogue age shares these traits, it will be a very popular service for another thirty years.
Eamonn, San Francisco, USA

Ceefax is a must. When I have that remote in my hand I can't get enough of it. A brilliant service which is sorely missed when we go on our family holiday. Thank you Ceefax.
Alan Pearson, Leicester

I have enjoyed Ceefax since it started. Taking part in the letters pages and reading them. It is also a good sign on the progress of English education. I do miss "Charivaree", if my memory is clear! Don't know why you stopped that. It was informative as well as entertaining. Congratulations and here's to another 30 years!
Christine Chalmers, Herne Bay

Great for the football scores, better than BBCi.
Kenny Gilchrist, Edinburgh, Scotland

I couldn't be without it - enough said.
Martin Molloy, Oldham, Lancs

Thirty years I built my first Teletext receiver from a kit of parts - it was one of the first in the country. Little did I know at age 15 I would be writing pages for Ceefax in 2004!
Ian, Bristol, UK

Page 150 - always typed that in as soon as I turned on the TV or switched channels. I've seen many, many memorable news events appearing on p150 first - remember Lockerbie, the Omagh bombing, Bradford stadium...
Frank Smyth, Belfast, N Ireland

Get home every night. 101,102,301,302,360. National institution!
Martyn Broome, Birmingham, UK

Ceefax - what an excellent invention. I remember as a child, watching it on BBC1 prior to programmes starting. I was mesmerised by it and always remember our family could not afford to have a Ceefax equipped set in them days. I am sure if the new "Digital Ceefax" (Red Button) had page numbers that we all know off by heart (102,160,302 etc) then it's successor will be just as great but until then, the old ones are still the best in this case
Andrew Cleaver, Blackpool, England

My poor wife has at last come to terms with my Ceefax problem. The news service is unparalleled and I encourage all to view 129 over the weekends. 10 useless but ace facts to drop into weekend conversation...
Warren, Guildford, Surrey

We used to be blown away by the old Fun and Games section on BBC2, thanks to the wonders of the reveal button
Steve Williams, Cleethorpes

My grandparents were the first people in our family to get Teletext, and whenever we visited we used to be blown away by the old Fun and Games section on BBC2, thanks to the wonders of the reveal button. I still vividly remember pages from Ceefax being screened before children's' programmes in the school holidays, where the last frame always seemed to be "The Pink Panther follows in a moment" accompanied by a pink cat drinking from a bowl of milk. I still check 102 first thing in the morning and last thing at night - still the simplest way to catch the news.
Steve Williams, Cleethorpes

Anyone remember the Advent calendars, where the reveal button showed a new piece of the picture every day in the run up to Xmas?
Mark, Sydney, Australia

Still the quickest for football and cricket news. And I love the Ceefax style of drawing things like pictures and maps using the limited graphics!
Keith, Manchester, UK

I remember as a child visiting a friend's house. His father worked for Phillips and as such had many new gadgets at home for test purposes. I can remember this new service called Ceefax. It had me hooked! I still am! Happy Birthday to Ceefax my faithful friend!
Andy, London, UK

I have Freeview at home and the BBCi service on there isn't a patch on Ceefax. It's slow, difficult to use because you can't use page numbers to jump straight to where you want to go, and 90% of the Ceefax content is missing. It's sometimes quicker to turn back to analogue to find the information you want. Long live Ceefax!
Stewart Smith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ceefax is still the best place to get news first thing in morning. I liked it so much that when I was younger, my parents changed the family TV set for my birthday purely for me to use the Text services - and I still do, every day!
Lorne Murphy, Brighton, England.

It is so quick and convenient
Mark, Glasgow, UK
Every morning before I go off to work, and as soon as I get home, I check the national news on 102 and regional news on 160. It is so quick and convenient. If I ever stay at a hotel which has a teletext handset but the TV is not equipped, I feel very let down. It may not be the most sophisticated technology but it is simple and reliable and that's what people want. I get confused on digital TV with all the scrolling and coloured buttons, and even with broadband it takes several minutes to fire up the PC. As for WAP.....
Mark, Glasgow, UK

Ceefax is good because at 5.00 am when I usually get up I can be totally informed about the day's news, the weather, traffic conditions and the sport headlines without being talked at by a grinning face on the screen. Long may it prosper.
Brian Carruthers, Wimbledon

I always follow Ceefax for news, sports and many other things and I think it is a great service especially the page 888 for subtitles. You guys there do a fantastic job, keep it up! Here's to another 30 years and hopefully more!
Jason Casanova, London

Long may the nation Ceefax!
Chris Hughes, London
Happy birthday Ceefax! I first discovered it in 1980 when I was seven, when Pages From Ceefax were first transmitted before the programmes began on BBC1, backed by some mellifluous test card music. I was mesmerised and started tuning in every day. I still love Ceefax today, despite the arrival of inferior impostors. Long may the nation Ceefax!
Chris Hughes, London

Every year, the other half and I sit down to enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest. Why? Because Ceefax 888 translates all the songs (including foreign language ones) into English which makes the event even funnier than Terry Wogan's commentary. Congrats Ceefax!
Martin, Cambridge, UK

Blimey - it feels like only yesterday I enjoyed the delights of Ceefax for the first time. Did anyone else have a TV with a built-in mini printer so you could print out what was on the screen?
Rob Shorthouse, Glasgow

With the rubbish that's on the four terrestrial channels at the moment the only reason I turn my TV on is to watch what's happening in the world at the moment. The best memory? Turning to Ceefax to see "Mrs Thatcher Resigns". Bliss.
Shaun Crowther, Barnoldswick, UK

I'm a Ceefax addict!
Rob Smith, London, UK

I'm a Ceefax addict! I've got Freeview of which the text service is much better for TV listings than Ceefax (which takes ages to scroll around) but there's just something about Ceefax - it's so usable and easy on the eye! Please BBC - I have a request - can you put letters on the BBC Freeview text service?
Rob Smith, London, UK

Being sat there at 23:59:45 secs on the 31st Dec 1999 to see whether it would crash when the year 2000 ticked over and the Y2K bug hit....and it didn't !!
John, Rochester, UK

I was a young TV engineer when Ceefax (and its brother Oracle) was introduced. The technology was frightening! However, working at my bench was a pleasure with the 'Ceefax and music' broadcast when there were no programmes!
Andy, Manchester, England

I've been a keen user of Ceefax for many years. But isn't it sad that Ceefax is still so much better than its digital equivalent? Try putting on subtitles for example, or ask a page to let you know when it's been updated (ideal for 'watching' football matches for instance). Digital comes nowhere near!! I'm going to miss it when it's gone!
John Gardiner, Worcester

Ceefax is simply the fastest sports results service I know
Mark, Perth, UK

Ceefax is simply the fastest sports results service I know. I can also remember standing outside TV shops as a kid (along with many grown ups)watching the scores come in.
Mark, Perth, UK

I remember an old techno-savvy friend from the US coming over for a visit in about 1997. Without a second thought, we checked the weather forecast for the next day on Ceefax, and he was totally bowled over by the wealth of information available through a normal TV set. Having nothing like this in the States, he sat "Ceefax-surfing" for most of the evening.
Allan Jordan, Cambridge, UK

Whilst it was innovative and useful in its day, I feel with the onset of the internet and interactive TV, Ceefax is now some what obsolete. The service needs a serious overhaul and needs to be brought into the 2000's instead of still looking like a 1970's throw back.
Andy, Brighton, UK

30 years and still as slow as a horseless cart.
Mark, Wales

Like many, 302 is my favourite number!
John Boland, Banbury, England

Like many, 302 is my favourite number! I still remember coming home from my last day of school in 1997 and seeing on Ceefax that Birmingham had signed Steve Bruce from Man Utd! Thanks for the memories!
John Boland, Banbury, England

I used to be addicted to Ceefax when I was younger. Although being a Web Designer I'm on the web a lot more these days but I still frequent Ceefax whenever I can. I used to try and build my own wee Ceefax pages on my computer years ago. It will be sad to see it go, surely it can be kept in some shape or form?
John Latimer, Glasgow

There's not a back page in the land that can hold a candle to Ceefax when it comes to giving you up to the minute digestible Sports news. Thank you Ceefax!
Neil, Chelmsford

Saturday afternoons, round my mate's house playing snooker and watching the football scores come in. Bliss. BBC Digital - Please bring back page numbers! I'm sick of menus, menus, menus.
Toby Cooley, London Kent

I remember being amazed the first time I saw a Teletext TV set
Nick, Crawley, UK

I remember being amazed the first time I saw a Teletext TV set. Not least by the price - I think it cost about 499, and that was in the late 1970s!
Nick, Crawley, UK

Why don't you call the new digital text service Ceefax, make it as easy to use, and have the same amount of content... that'd make it better than Ceefax, which it currently is not!
Matt R, Belfast

I have to agree with Matt from Belfast. The new digital text service should be renamed Ceefax and carry the same content. Ceefax is still superior to the new service and its irritating having to switch back to analogue to use it.
Will O'Brien, London, UK

Thank you Ceefax, don't know what I'd do without you
Simon Kendrick, West Bromwich, England
Every day for the past fifteen years I have scanned the sports pages after school/ work looking to see if West Brom have signed any new players!! Thank you Ceefax, don't know what I'd do without you.
Simon Kendrick, West Bromwich, England

There's still nothing quite like sitting down and going through the news and sport pages on Ceefax. I've even got all the numbers for my favourite pages in my head as they're that easy to remember!
Steven Esdale, Haverhill, UK

It's great to see Ceefax having its 30th birthday, but for how much longer will it continue? As the BBC move into the digital age I fear that Ceefax will be placed on the TV scrap heap. Why? Ceefax is still a wonderful service, with its bright graphics. It still gets 20 million viewers a week, more than most BBC programmes. Please keep Ceefax as it is, why try and better it when it's already great?
David Locke

Our internet access may have frequently failed but Ceefax always seemed to keep going
Bob, UK
When I worked for the Civil Service the most popular feature on our intranet was the fact that you could get Ceefax through it! We had a box somewhere linked to a TV Ariel that made it happen. When they tried to remove this facility because it was "old fashioned" there was uproar - especially amongst the cricket fans who used it to keep up to date with the score. Our internet access may have frequently failed but Ceefax always seemed to keep going.
Bob, UK

I've loved Ceefax since I was a kid reading the kids' articles and stories. Nowadays it's my morning fix of info, especially enjoying the things we didn't know last week articles. The sport coverage is fantastic, and the news covers even my favourite club Millwall. Long may it reign as King of the airwaves!!
Andrew Richards, Brighton

Ceefax is very useful to me as I am deaf and it helps me a lot regarding various items such as London transport news.
Pierre Saulze, London, England

Ceefax is the tops. I could not live without it and it dispenses the need for a daily paper as the information is up to the minute. I have all the numbers of my pages of interest memorised and devote 15 minutes a night getting updated. Thanks for a great service.
Steve Edwards, Bicester, England

I came to England from the US for the first time in 1984. I remember my (future) husband showing me Ceefax and his TV and I was amazed - we had nothing like this in the US. You could "dial up" news and weather any time of the day or night. Amazing!
M. Rehm, Milton Keynes, UK

Here's to the next 30 years!
Stewart, Barnsley, England
I haven't bought a paper in over 25 years as I get up-to-the-minute news via Ceefax without having to wade through so much guff. Newspapers should be called adsheets. Ceefax is also 'live' when a paper can at best be over 12 hours out of date. Great to see the updates of sports events when I don't have Sky as well! Well done and here's to the next 30 years!
Stewart, Barnsley, England

I will be gutted when the end of the analogue signal results in the demise of Ceefax. There are few pleasures as great as checking 302 for the football latest or even watching the scores update on a Saturday afternoon. The internet, WAP etc will never replace the speed, accuracy and simplicity of Ceefax!
Stephen Mitchell, Leeds, UK

Back in the early 80's, I remember going into town with my parents on a Saturday morning. I used to go missing all the time as I was in an electrical shop playing with Ceefax on the tellies! The shop staff used to find it quite funny, and I wasn't alone either - there were loads of kids doing it!
Bobby, Dundee, Scotland

Compared to today's media oriented force feeding of adverts, pay-per view digital services it still wins hands down. It gives you pretty much all you need, and is unobtrusive. Why can't other providers see its success is due to this?
Carl J, Oxford, England

In this day and age of the internet, I still always turn to Ceefax for up-to-date information. Where else could I could I get information for flight times (and delays) at the tip of my hand, quickly and easily as Ceefax?
Naseer Ahmed, Halifax. West Yorkshire

Fine for all of you living in Britain. Here in the Netherlands we get BBC1 and BBC2 on cable, but nowadays only pages 601 and 602 of Ceefax. No news, no sport ... Five years ago we got the full service - no doubt the BBC are too busy diversifying into digital to care about us ex-pats.
Giles Stacey, Hengelo, The Netherlands

An institution amongst students
Aleister Willis, Derbyshire
Ceefax is an institution amongst students. Who remembers waking up at 2am on your sofa, drunk, with Ceefax on autopilot playing some relaxing music...? Those were the days!
Aleister Willis, Derbyshire

It's amazing that Ceefax can hold the fort in this age of whizzy graphics and multimedia. Just goes to show you that it's the content which counts - if only more things could be like that!
Russ, London, UK

I remember the first television my parents bought with Ceefax. I used to spend hours randomly bashing numbers to see what came up. Why opening the newspaper at a random page didn't appeal to me, I don't know.
James, Hertfordshire

Even in this internet world watching Ceefax is still more fun. The letters page, especially, is far superior - with respect.
RC Robjohn, UK

I remember sitting on my granny and granddad's floor when I was just a wee bairn, looking at the children's pages.
Jemma Porter, Edinburgh, Scotland

Long live Ceefax!
Christian, London, UK
I thought at one time that increased use of the internet would lead to decreased use and eventually the end of Ceefax. However it is still my first choice for sports information to get a quick update on ongoing games. Invaluable during the Ryder cup. Long live Ceefax!
Christian, London, UK

Ceefax taught me to read! When I was little, my older sister and I used to sit fascinated by this new teletext thing. I apparently was so frustrated about having to get her to read out the jokes that I taught myself to read. Thank you Ceefax.
James, New Malden, Surrey

What is this 'Ceefax' abomination?
Ian Henderson, Reading, UK

Being very young and ill in bed. It was the middle of the night and the only thing on telly was ceefax....mum put it on to cheer me up!
Claire, UK

I remember when it first came out. It was amazing. There was even a page for setting up linearity on tv sets! The digital equivalent may be more versatile and has more capacity, but teletext is still much nippier, especially on fasttext sets.
David, Cornwall, UK

The original and the best. Thanks BBC.
J McCune, Belfast

After 30 years Ceefax is still going strong. It provides an essential source of information and covers all topics. Keep it up!
Rory Mitchinson, Newcastle, England

If you have a modern TV with plenty of memory, Ceefax is much faster to browse than the more modern digital text
Fred Abbott, Widnes, UK
If you have a modern TV with plenty of memory, Ceefax is much faster to browse than the more modern digital text. Why did they design digital text to be inferior to Ceefax in this important aspect?
Fred Abbott, Widnes, UK

I have to say that Ceefax has been one of the greatest innovations on TV for years. In fact I stopped buying newspapers after I got into Ceefax. Now with new touches on it and the interaction with digital TV, it has changed how many people can view their TV. I particularly thought the interactive over the Olympics was top class, shame it has not been carried over for the Paralympics.
Ian, Southport, England

Ceefax is the best! I remember watching football matches on Ceefax and always liked the briefs on transfer rumours etc ... Its the first thing I check when I back home in Scotland.
Calum, Pasadena USA

Long past its sell-by date, but fun when it first came out. For the first time we could choose what to see rather than have it spoon fed.
John R Smith, UK

Ceefax should be put on the web asp!
J Westerman, UK

When I came to the US in 1997 and found there's no Ceefax I couldn't figure out how anyone knew what was on TV and when!
Kevin, US, Washington DC ex UK

All cricket fans know 340 - but Ceefax still fails to give 4th day facts for 4 day games eg overs, time left. Why?
Dennis Croome, Nailsea, UK

The new service on digital satellite is painfully slow
Ronnie Soo, Liverpool
So Ceefax is 30 years old! Great - but a great pity that it is to be discontinued once we are forced down the 'digital' broadcast path (I understand that ALL teletext is 'digital', by the way!) because the new service on digital satellite is painfully slow - please get this through your heads BBC: Ceefax is popular still because it is quick - the new service may be pretty and attractive looking but it is just too slow, and until that changes, it will never be as popular! For once, understand that old technology is not necessarily bad technology!
Ronnie Soo, Liverpool

My wife and I were totally reliant on Ceefax for many years...but now we are denied it
Cyril Silver, Brussels, Belgium
My wife and I were totally reliant on Ceefax for many years - for the news, at any time of the day or night, for the stock market figures, for the weather in the UK, and so on. But now we are denied it because the BBC no longer transmit it in a way that our cable company can receive it. Instead we get a truncated version, giving little more than the BBC programmes. Shame on you, BBC! There are very many foreigners, not only the Brits, who are now deprived of Ceefax, just as we are deprived of Radio 4 Long Wave when the cricket is on. We have a house in England, so we have a TV license. There are many more like us. We deserve better! Please BBC, change your ways and think of your admirers throughout Europe!
Cyril Silver, Brussels, Belgium

Ceefax: latest England Cricket Score: 341 up in 30 seconds: BBCi: latest England Cricket Score: still searching 5 minutes later (both on freeview and sky). Which would you rather have? I'd go for speed and accuracy other pretty pictures any day. Please bring Ceefax back to BBC on Sky!
Geoffrey Swindale, Bracknell, Berkshire

I bought my first teletext TV here in Holland a few years ago and was very happy with Ceefax, until the day that the BBC, in their wisdom, restricted the Ceefax service abroad to the 600 and 888 menus. Also it is not always updated daily and the screen scrolling is irregular. Needless to say, I am not best pleased.
Terry Rigby, Obdam, Holland

I'm sorry, but I must be the only person who never got on with Ceefax. I could never stand hanging around waiting for page 4 of 5, or worse, wanting page 1 of 8 and realising I'd just missed it. Combine the content of Ceefax within the framework of digital, and you'll be on to a winner.
Katherine, London, UK

Ceefax is better than telly! I've been in North America for 9 months and teletext is one of the few things I really miss about the UK. With no Ceefax, I haven't even bothered with a telly service over here!
Peter, BC, Canada

Ceefax marks 30 years of service
22 Sep 04  |  Entertainment


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