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Robin Hood: Your views
Robin Hood statue in Nottingham
Is this Nottingham statue in the wrong city?
Robin Hood - was he from Nottinghamshire or Yorkshire?

Or did he exist at all?

These questions may never be answered, but it is still being hotly debated by experts and MPs in the House of Commons.

Author Richard Rutherford-Moore says: "Yorkshire has done nothing to retain and promote the Robin Hood legend for 200 years."

Do you have an opinion on history's most famous outlaw? If so, fill in the form to the right and we will post a selection of your comments.


Robin Hood was actually a scouser.
dave hough, uk

Colin, Australia - If Robin comes from Loxley what is to say he is not from Warwickshire? The village of Loxley is just outside Wellesbourne (near Warwick).
Dale, UK

As I understand the facts, Sherwood Forest originally extended as far north as Wakefield. Also, wasn't Robin Hood reputed to be a noble from Loxley, now a forested suburb of Sheffield? There is a Robin Hood pub in Loxley too, and it is very old. Oh, and isn't the grave of John Little is in the churchyard at Hathersage in Derbyshire?
Stuart, UK

It's crazy that people would mess with a legend
Matthew Wright, England
Given that the only place described in any detail in the early tales is Barnsdale, and the knight whom Robin helps is in debt to the Abbot of St Mary's in York, it looks like Yorkshire has it.
James, Scotland

Carl in Wales - Twm Shon Catti was around the 16th century, about 200 years after the first Robin Hood stories were written, so I hardly think he was appropriated by the English!
Phil E, England

Surely Robin Hood was from Los Angeles, USA, or so the films would have us believe!
David Walton, UK

I don't see why there has to be an argument about it. The stories of Robin Hood were based on at least two people. Also - the Welsh always try to claim every myth is really theirs. They say the same about King Arthur. In fact, like the rest of the stories, the likelihood that only part of the origins are Welsh.
Christy, Newcastle, UK

I lived in nottnigham and had a season pass to the robin hood adventure land. It's crazy that people would mess with a legend, can't they just leave the bones of robin to rest in peace. Also if you want some proof of robins excistence, just talk to my mum. A psychic at heart and has often talked to the great robin.
matthew wright, england

Why are they wasting tax payers money on trivial matters like this? Wouldn't the money be better spent by improving schools or hospitals?
john smith, England

Robin fought the Sherrif of Nottingham, which doesn't mean he was from Nottingham
Ady Clayton, England
Twm Shon Catti was the real robin hood, but he was welsh so they changed the stories & stole one of our national heroes.
Carl, Wales

I know, pick some where else, like Essex. Then Nottingham and Yorkshire can stop arguing. It's got a Forrest and a Airport that can be re-named.
Pat Hills, UK

Robin fought the sherrif of Nottingham which doesn't mean he was from Nottingham. When ever i meet some one and tell them I'm from Nottingham the people they mention is Mr Clough and Torvill & Dean !!
Ady Clayton, England

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the seaside village of Robin Hood's Bay in the North riding where legend has it he kept a boat in case he ever needed to flee the country, surely it's probable that if he did exist he traveled around a bit??
Tom, UK

He was an Essex man living in Nottingham
Jim, Chelmsford

Process of elimination says Nottingham. No Yorkshireman would ever GIVE something away, surely? Neither is there any record of him saying "thou knows". Nuff said I think.
Pete, Nottingham, Nottingham

Outlaws belong in one place, IN JAIL.
Barry P, England

Has Nottingham really got nothing else going for it that it continuously obsesses with some 2-bob mythical character?
neil k, oxford

Neither. He was an Essex man living in Nottingham.
Jim, Chelmsford

Robin Hood is a village between Leeds and Wakefield. I went to primary school there. Did Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire exist as counties in those days?
John Paver, England

How about MPs get on with doing things that they are paid their vastly inflated salaries to do
Robbie, UK

I've got an outrageous idea - how about MP's get on with doing things that they are paid their vastly inflated salaries to do (i.e. sort out immigration, the Iraq crisis, environmental problems, energy concerns, taxation etc etc).
Robbie, UK

Robin Hood's story was romanticised in English literature along with other 18th and 19th century anti-Norman propaganda works of the period e.g. Ivanhoe. In reality Robin Hood was an Anglo-Saxon peasant criminal with no respect for authority. His statue should be taken down.
Ozorek, UK

I thought that the forests that Robin Hood was supposed to have lived at one time stretched from Nottinghamshire to Yorkshire so its quite possible that if he existed that he operated across the whole length of this forest between the two counties.
Phil, UK

These old stories make me laugh, the airport name simply brings it up again. I don't think people actually care anyways, except for those in Notts County Council, who will fight to keep him as half the Notts economy is based on him.
Lee Fisher, Ex Notts, England

I'm in the US for a year. When I tell people I'm from Nottingham they immediately associate this with Robin Hood. I think those Yorkshire folk have had a bit too much of the merry stuff.
Tom, UK

Robin Hood is associated with Nottinghamshire whether you like it or not
Alistair, England

I see someone is using the Sherriff of Nottingham as an argument, to support their claim. As Nottingham didnt have a sherriff until the 16th Century hardly holds water
Ken Bradley, England

He was also known as 'Robin of Loxley,' which is a district of Sheffield. Peter say's that he's a Nottingham lad because his enemy was the Sherrif of Nottingham, does this mean Sir Winston Churchill, was German?????
Colin., Australia

Nice own goal Yorkshire. Outside of the area, and certainly abroad, Robin Hood is associated with Nottinghamshire whether you like it or not. Naming the airport Robin Hood will simply appeal to visitors wanting to come to Nottingham. They'll come to your airport, then travel to Nottingham. Fantastic! TWO new Nottingham airports!
Alistair, England

It truly is a remarkably stupid name to call the airport
Jason Hirst, UK
There are a few easy answers. Firstly, the name of the Airport is ridiculous! Even if Robin Hood is proven to be from Yorkshire, fact is that people WILL relate him to being Nottingham. Being an immensely proud Yorkshire man, I would have thought something more apt like ¿White Rose Airport¿ would be more benefiting and more symbolic to the whole county. Even more, all 4 counties now have an airport, wouldn¿t something more fitting to South Yorkshire have been a better choice? Perhaps something to do with the steel industry, and industry that up to only in the last 25 years was the largest in the world!! It truly is a remarkably stupid name to call the airport and is a little insulting to the people of South Yorkshire. Incidentally, I¿m from West Yorkshire so I¿m not biased, only fair¿! Secondly, Robin of Loxley, aka Robin Hood. Loxley is indeed several miles north west of Sheffield, and indeed hundreds of years ago it is quite plausible to comprehend that Sherwood Forest would have stretched this far north. Just because someone is better known in another region, doesn¿t automatically mean they are from that area!
Jason Hirst, UK

I believe that he did exist, however it has been confused with romantic tales from the 15th and 16th centuries, and modern adaptations. Very careful research now needs to be conducted; something which I would love to do!
Richard Israel, UK

What place does he have anywhere in modern England?
Lee, Winchester

he must be from nottingham as any self respecting yorkshireman would have robbed the rich and kept it for himself
stephen, uk

I'm not surprised that Yorkshire has apparently ignored Robin Hood for 200 years. It's interesting to note that "Robin Hood" is a neat contraction of "Robbing Hoodlum". If he was alive today he'd be in the same category as the Cray brothers and would probably be doing a long stretch for similarly antisocial activities!
Chris Hunter, England

Since Wakefield will soon be Europe zone 2 (or something like that) together with Nottingham, makes not much different. But he was a Yorkshire man indeed.
Vanessa, UK

I am from Mirfield, in which stands Kirklees Hall, in the grounds of which, clearly marked, stands Robin Hood's grave. According to local legend, which I have been told since I was tiny, Robin Hood was betrayed by one of the nuns at the priory (which burned down, but a pub stands near called The Three Nuns), when he went there after being wounded. Robin shot an arrow from the window of the room he was dying in, and asked to be buried where it landed. The first arrow went into a stream, and the second is where his grave now stands. You can't get up to the grave any more, as chippings from it were valued as cures for toothache(!) but I saw it as a child (and had to run pretty fast from the groundskeeper as well!!!) Sherwood forest was HUGE way back when Robin was around, and it is perfectly feasible that the woods which now stand around Mirfield were once joined to the more famous one in Sherwood. It wasn't all about boundaries etc back then!!!!
Caz, Uk

Surely we should ask his sister, Little Red Riding Hood?
James, Milton Keynes, England

Even if Robin Hood, fact or fiction, was from Yorkshire, its still a daft name for the airport. he's recognised as being from Nottingham and this isnt going to change the stories in my opinion anyway. credit to the idiot who named it Robin Hood Airport for kickin up such a stink. why not charles darwin airport? that would have given it some credibility. how about a 'The Wombles Airport' next in wombledon??!?!?
Rob Cooper, Sheffield, England

A man who put valued liberty, who fought against govt and who redistributed from the corrupt rich back to the poor they stole from to begin with - what place does he have anywhere in modern England? :o(
Lee, Winchester

I've heard people fairly convincingly describe Robin Hood as a mythical figure
GMcD, Livingston

Robin Hood was a Tyke, but I must agree with Bryn Roberts of Richmond! Let Nottingham have him!!! (and take yer airport name with yer 'n' all!)
Gemma, West Yorkshire

Let's face it, Nottingham doesn't have much else going for it, so we'd better let them keep Robin Hood. Even if he was Robin of LOXLEY, S.Yorks.
Kristina, Sheffield, UK

Let Nottingham have 'Robin Hood' - after all, it's the only thing that the county's economy is based on!
Bryn Roberts, Richmond, YORKSHIRE

Surely he's from South Yorkshire where all the other outlaws hail from?
S Holland, Sheffield, UK

I've heard people fairly convincingly describe Robin Hood as a mythical figure actually based on the deeds and actions of William Wallace.
GMcD, Livingston

Nottingham was the place where the bad guy came from
Fraser Irving, UK

I live in South Yorkshire, just one mile from the place where Robin Hood and Maid Marion were engaged. Why Nottinghamshire lays so much claim to the man I have no idea. Nottingham was the place where the bad guy came from, wasn't it? Robin of Loxley was from Sheffield.
Fraser Irving, UK

Evidence as shown a man called Robert Hode who was born in Wakefield West Yorkshire his the true Robin Hood.
Paul Noble, Wakefield England

A lot of the stories of Robin Hood that I grew up reading were set in the Barnsdale Forest rather than Sherwood Forest. The legend has ties to that whole area because Robin Hood is probably a conglomeration of different legends and NOT a single man.
Claire, UK

I'm not bothered to be quite honest, though I have to admit whenever someone says Robin Hood to me, Nottingham immediately springs to mind and not Yorkshire. There again though, you've got your opinion and I've got mine!

Major Oak
Sherwood Forest is a tourist attraction

A lot of the stories of Robin Hood that I grew up reading were set in the Barnsdale Forest rather than Sherwood Forest. The legend has ties to that whole area because Robin Hood is probably a conglomeration of different legends and NOT a single man.
Claire, UK

Who cares.
Roger, UK

you all associate Robin Hood with Nottingham cos that's what you've all been told to believe! And i don't think there's a time limit to historical claims. Wasn't he known as Robin of Loxley, Loxley being an area just south of Sheffield? But it's still a stupid name for an airport, no matter where the airport's sited.
Jo, UK

I've robin hood be notts all my life, lets keep him that way "rock on robin"
j lowe, newark nottinghamshire G.B

Does it matter? They keep changing the county borders anyway so he could have been in both!
Mags, Oxford, UK

He lives in our hearts. Robbing the rich and giving to the poor. Now that's what I call re-distribution! Now we tax the poor, via indirect taxes and the lottery and give it to the rich.
Nestor, London

There is a tree on the outskirts of Kiveton in South Yoorkshire which is called the "Trysting Tree" and is locally known as the spot where Robin and Marian pledged themselves to each other. Robin was also known as Robin of Loxley, and Loxley is a suburb of Sheffield. Robin Hood is a Tyke end of story.
Peter Scott, UK

Robin Hood is buried at Kirklees Priory in Yorkshire,so it quite possible that he was a Yorkshireman.
John, UK

Why shouldn't Robin have roamed throughout this area?
Peter Judge, Yorks

Whenever I meet a person from a different country and tell them I'm from Nottingham, the immediate response is "Ahh.. Robin Hood", would the same happen if I said I was from Yorkshire?
EPInglés, spain

Robin Hood's grave - it is clearly marked as such - I have seen it, is in the grounds of Kirklees Hall, near Brighouse in West Yorkshire. Kirklees Priory is in the same grounds, and it is from there that Robin fired his last arrow, to determine his burial spot. There is also a pub bearing his name in Brighouse. There is a Robin Hood's Well (and also a Little John's well) just south of Barnsdale Bar, north of Red House by the Great North Road (A1) in South Yorkshire. Slightly further south, Robin Hood's stream runs through Hanging Wood near Woodlands Model Village (3 1/2 miles north of Doncaster). Another pub - the Robin Hood and Little John is sited in Hatfield Woodhouse - not so far from Finningley (where the airport will be). And North Nottinghamshire is not that far away -so why shouldn't Robin have roamed throughout this area? I do! (but I'm not an outlaw)
Peter Judge, Brighouse, Yorks, UK

I live in a place called FOREST TOWN which is in the heart of the Ancient Forest of Shirewood. Approimately 5 miles to the west, in Mansfield, is a plaque which marks the centre of Sherwood Forest and a similar distance to the east is the village of Edwinstowe and the Major Oak wich was Robin Hood's larder. How does this relate to Yorkshire? Well within approximately 30 minutes we can be in South Yorkshire, or Derbyshire, or Lincolnshire so it is quite likely that Robin Hood and his Merry Men could also have spent some time in each of these counties. They wore 'Lincoln Green' and Little John is buried in Derbyshire but his arch enemy was the Sheriff of NOTTINGHAM. Derbyshire and Linclonshire do not make claims on Robin Hood so why should Yorkshire after all this time. Nottinghamshire has kept him alive and in the 'news' leave off Yorkshire you lost your right half a millenium ago.

For me the name Robin Hood will always be linked to Nottinghamshire
Rachel, Oxfordshire

True or not its a story thats been carried along about a man with his heart in the right place so whats the point in trying to disprove it just let it go and maybe in time more hearts can be changed
maryann, uk

To David C, UK. I didn't think that football was being played in those days.
rico, Sheffield, England

Unless the Yorkshire mob REALLY want to rewrite "history" Robin's enemy was always the Sheriff of NOTTINGHAM, not the Sheriff of Doncaster, Shefield or Leeds. I'm wondering whats next-Winston Churchill actually born in Barnsley? Admiral Lord Nelson from Mexborough?
Peter, Nottingham (U.K)

For me the name Robin Hood will always be linked to Nottinghamshire. The name has gone beyond the truth of history, and has become a story or legend along the same lines as King Arthur and the round table. There is little point in debating which county he should be associated with, as the legend will always win through.
Rachel, Oxfordshire, UK

I don't care which county he inhabited, or neither - all I can say is, it's a really daft name for an airport!
Keith Proud, Doncaster, UK

Simple...Robin Hood, Merry Men, Nottingham Forrest. No one remembers Yorkshire in the stories!
David C, UK

Airport to be named 'Robin Hood'
13 Apr 04  |  South Yorkshire
MPs battle over Robin Hood
05 Feb 04  |  Nottinghamshire


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