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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 September, 2004, 11:26 GMT 12:26 UK
Teacher 'snips students' ears'
A teacher in the northern Bangladeshi district of Bogra has been assaulted by angry relatives after he allegedly cut the ears of 17 students with scissors.

Officials say the teacher defended his action as imposing class discipline.

Abdul Mazid Sardar, worked at an Islamic school, and was angry because his pupils failed to learn religious verses, officials say.

Parents and relatives say some of those cut by the scissors were aged between six and nine, and required stitches.

"As the students were creating chaos I just wanted to scare them by showing the scissors," Mr Sardar told local journalists.

"Probably at the time an evil force mounted on me."


Officials say that Mr Sardar was only stopped from harming more pupils by other members of staff who heard the children's screams.

They say that parents and relatives attacked the teacher, who has now been sacked.

He is now being treated in a local hospital under police custody.

The Islamic school was established just six months ago and had some 35 students, all aged between six and 10.

It had only two teachers - Mr Sardar and the school's principal, Abdul Mannan.


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