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Republican convention: Your views
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger addresses the delegates at the Republican National Convention
The Governor of California and former Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has addressed the Republican Party convention in New York.

He urged voters to re-elect President George Bush in November.

Vice President Dick Cheney, steps into the spotlight on Wednesday in a nationally televised address to the event.

Earlier, the Republican Party officially nominated Mr Bush to run for a second term against his Democratic Party challenger, John Kerry.

Will the Republican convention convince undecided voters to support President Bush? Would Schwarzenegger make a difference?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

I am an American. I was born in Cuba and came to the USA as an 11 year old with my parents when they left communist Cuba. We arrived to the USA with $10 in our pockets. I now own a successful business and employ over 60 people, which provides healthcare to low income persons. When Gov. Schwarzenegger spoke and outlined the basic concepts of the Republican party, it is very apparent why so many immigrants who seek opportunity strongly support the Republican party ideals and will vote to make sure these ideals prevail.
Jose Garcia, Miami, Florida

I'm originally from Ohio and I know many people love Bush. What I don't understand is why. How do issues like gay marriage affect them? They don't. What I know is that my federal tax cut amounted to less than $250 and the subsequent rise in state and local taxes has been more than enough to off set any benefit. I'm being taxed more and the deficit is going up. Somebody explain this to me.
Steven, Brooklyn, NY

This year, the conventions are moot. Based on the polls, most people have already decided and those that haven't decided probably aren't voting anyway. As a moderate - one who votes for the candidate rather than the party - I find it very sad that the moderates are being used in this fashion.
Kim, Chicago, USA

I think it will be a great convention! Bush is doing a super job. Four more years!
Charlotte, Lawton, OK

This is a deliberate ploy to fool moderate voters into voting Republican
JM, Baltimore, MD
It should be noted that the moderate Republican speakers, such as Schwarzenegger and Giuliani (who I admire) do not represent the Republican party platform which is much further to the right. This is a deliberate ploy to fool moderate voters into voting Republican.
JM, Baltimore, MD

If G W Bush is re-elected in November it goes to show how powerful Big Business and powerful interest groups (Neo-Cons) run America. Democracy? You're kidding!
Brian M, Australia

To all those who believe the demonstrators are young hippies who don't know what the issues are/troublemakers/etc.: While much of the media tends to concentrate on the few arrests, the majority of protesters are a wonderful mix from all walks of life, including WWII veterans, grandmothers, families, students, businesspeople, journalists, and others. Most are registered voters who plan on voting for John Kerry, but we were there Sunday to tell the world that we don't support Bush and his policies (as this is the week he and his party takes the stage). Many of us were also there because we believe it was irresponsible of the RNC to choose NYC (on orange alert since that horrible September day).
Karissa, New York City

Mid-town Manhattan is an armed fortress
Clark, New York, USA
So many New Yorkers have left town (including me, headed to London) that I think all that is left here are Republican convention-goers and protesters. It is interesting that mid-town Manhattan is an armed fortress (I closed my business for the week rather than deal with the draconian security requirements). They should have had the convention on a military base or aircraft carrier, since it is obvious the president doesn't feel safe here.
Clark, New York, USA

My bet is that every protestor generates another few thousand votes for President Bush. We relish free speech, but fair-minded Americans won't identify with the protestors' knee-jerk hate.
Jerry, Burlington, Vermont, USA

Jerry, Burlington, Vermont, USA has an interesting definition of "knee jerk reactions". The Iraqi war was 16 months ago, the deficit has been rising over 4 years, health care has been declining at about the same rate. It sounds to me like these are clearly thought out objections to the current administration. The problem lies with the American Dream. Incredibly, 70% of Americans believe they are in the top 10% of the pay. Even more incredibly, 70% of US readers will probably be thinking "I'm glad I really am one of the top 10%".
Anon, USA

As a native New Yorker and participant in yesterday's massive demonstration, I can honestly say that I love this great city and all that it stands for. The retirees, students and families with young children who marched on the streets of Manhattan expressed their outrage at the Bush Administration and its awful policies. We have all felt (and lived with, on a daily basis) the immense sorrow of 9/11. We have endured record unemployment rates as we have watched jobs disappear from our city. I remain hopeful that November 3, 2004 will be liberation day from George W. Bush.
Elizabeth, Queens, New York, USA

The Bush administration has been a real disaster for America
Johnny Franco Arboine, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
I hope not. There is nothing new here, just more theatre. The Bush administration has been a real disaster for America. Let the protesters put the real Bush record on view for all to see.
Johnny Franco Arboine, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

There's a lot more going on in the protests then simply "we hate Bush" signs. A brief glance at the signs being held by protesters show issues like the economy, separation of church and state, foreign policy and abortion are clearly addressed. One of the strongest images seen was the coffins - one for each US soldier killed in Iraq - being carried along the march route. A review of the Republican platform shows that the planks of the RNC platform are the issues addressed by the majority of the protesters. These protests are less anti-Bush and more anti-poor domestic and foreign policies.
Pamela, Portland, Oregon, USA

We impeached the last President for lying about an affair, but when Dubya tells whoppers about WMDs that result in thousands dead, we want to re-elect him. What's wrong with this picture?
J.H., Charlottesville

The Republicans are not welcome in NYC. Bloomberg is a Republican but he's in a different realm than Bush. Bloomberg is moderate, reasonably intelligent and competent. A New York Republican is a Democrat by most other national standards. It's quite insulting to have these lowlifes on our territory.
AR, New York City, NY

The bottom line is that Sunday's rally was a great success in the fact that it brought awareness to our nation about making an informed choice this November. It also brought awareness to the Republican Party in showing them New York City never did, nor does it want them here or in the White House. The year 2005 will bring in a regime change. The dirty politics of this administration will end this November.
Craig M. de Thomas, New York City, USA

The RNC should only be shown on Comedy Central. It will be a transparent sham, using moderates to shrill for the Bush right wing extremist agenda. As for the protesters, despite the fact that partisan GOP officials have turned NYC into a police state, they are expressing valid criticisms of the Bush regime, known worldwide for its arrogance and widespread policy failures. America's future as the land of the free is at stake, and the reigns must be taken out of the hands of the special interests and returned to the people under Kerry-Edwards.
Michael T, Palm Springs, CA, USA

It can't get any worse than this, now can it?
Dustin Vink, The Netherlands
Marching through NY has no effect, but let the facts on the Bush administration speak for themselves: Huge budget deficit, more poverty, more uninsured families, less pay for the lower-class. It can't get any worse than this, now can it?
Dustin Vink, The Netherlands

According to the NY Times, members of the NYPD Command Center are admitting that the actual number of protesters was closer to half a million. I do not understand why the media always underestimates the number of people at protests. Seventh Avenue was packed from 34th Street to Chinatown.
Sanjaya, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Our attention now switches from the Hollywood-produced extravaganza in Athens to the same in NYC. The difference is that in Athens, the major players had to actually produce measurable results.
Robert Leadbitter, Stuart Virginia USA

I work across the street from Madison Square Garden. I was expecting a lot of inconveniences this morning. In fact, it is just another day in New York. More security, but my morning commute was ordinary and unhindered.
David Benhaim, New York, USA

It causes fear and concern to the Conservatives
Lawrence Russo, Houston, TX USA
The protesters should energize the Conservatives. The outrageous comments and behaviour of the protestors does nothing to energize their base. It causes fear and concern to the conservatives. After all, if they get their way, just think of the influence they will have on the Democratic Party!
Lawrence Russo, Houston, TX USA

Bush said that we are going to "smoke em" out of their caves and then today he says we might leave a few behind. We do not want to end the war too soon until we squeeze the last dollar out of the American public.
Bob, Pittsburgh USA

All the protestors in New York agree on one thing, 'Anybody but Bush'. If you looks closely, you will see they are regular people, not just hippie lunatics. Many are upset about Bush's bullying of the rest of the world, his unjust war, his roll back of abortion rights, his heinous environmental policy, his corporate cronyism- you name it. The Democratic party is comfortable accepting a wide variety of viewpoints and that is what America was supposed to be about. Inside the RNC, you won't hear any of these voices!
Karen, Texas, USA

Over a quarter of a million citizens protest in the streets, and you people want to dismiss them as morons, or judge them to be hippie lunatics. How ironic that you will vote for a man who condemns half of the people he has been elected to lead. You have forgotten what America is.
Howard, Sacramento, USA

Bush is doing a great job. He's criticized because he is a proactive President. Some people simply can't handle change.
Nancy Sullivan, Orange, CA

To Mr. Rosales in Clifton. Great that Bush fights against extremism, how ironic that he is responsible for generating all that extremism in the first place, both abroad and at home, by lacking any respect for anyone outside his clan.
Gregory S., Minneapolis, US

There are people who vote from emotions and not knowledge.
Penny, USA
The former mayor of NYC said: "You don't vote for a republican, a democrat, a conservative or a liberal, YOU vote for a leader." The Sunday march just indicates that there are people who vote from emotions and not knowledge. Kerry would be better served if they touted his record, whatever that might be, his track keeps changing.
Penny, USA

President Bush has my complete support. I will vote for his re-election. Four more years!
Norma Luther, Danville, CA, USA

I despair of world peace when we have leaders like Bush. He promised to help Afghanistan to cut heroin production it was a fraction of what it is now under the Taliban, so many broken promises all over the world.
Jim Watson, Torrevieja spain

All I can see is, that the protestors have brought back life and vitality to New York City which has been mourning since 9/11 and tense and stressed under the constant Orange Alert. The protestors have been very courteous, even funny and good humoured. Very much unlike the mean smear and slander campaign of the band of liars bad mouthers that are on a scorch the earth campaign on behalf of the Bushies.
Madeleine, New York City, NY USA

When will the Republicans on this site realise that the anti-Bush protests are not because Bush is a Republican, it is because he is clueless and dangerous, and needs to be replaced urgently.
Malcolm, Broadstairs, UK.

Americans are very self centred and easily persuaded by the biased media and businessmen that run the country. I am a businessman and money drives the agenda here, democracy, terrorism etc... are simply cloaks.
Ron Howard, Manhattan, New York

The thing that amazes me about the protestors in NYC is that their agenda is simply anti-Bush. They have nothing positive to say about John Kerry because his record in the US Senate is awful. In 20 years, Kerry has not proposed one piece of worthwhile legislation. In fact, Kerry voted several times to cut defence spending and to cut funding for intelligence agencies. Now he has the nerve to question why there was a failure of intelligence on 9/11! Is this the type of person we want as a President? I hope not!
Mike R, New York, USA

I wonder how many of these MTV Generation protestors have an informed opinion on the policies their protesting against. Moreover I wonder how many of these protestors actually plan to vote. I know we can at least count out the anarchist.
K. Ham, Wash, DC

Bush has broken trust with the American people
Brian Keane, New York City, USA
Isn't it telling and tragic that a candidate who promised to be a 'uniter,' and had an enormous wellspring of goodwill both nationally and internationally, is now met with nearly a half million citizens demonstrating against his policies. This is a man that has not lived up to the promise he made to be a uniter -- and he's never really ever bothered to try. He's broken trust with the American people, and lost the credibility needed to be an effective leader. It's time for a change.
Brian Keane, New York City, USA

Bush is a stupid, Kerry is smart. It doesn't really matter who gets elected since they're both conservative, but at least it'd be better to have someone with a few brains....
Jim, Bath, UK

Though I will not be voting for Bush, I am disappointed with both parties in regards to the Conventions. How many hungry mouths could be fed with the money wasted on attack ads and campaign fanfare? How many children could get a better education or get better healthcare? Most people already know who they're going to vote for. Our political system is so badly flawed that it hurts to watch.
Stephen Tucker, Washington DC, USA

If all the protestors in NYC would do something productive with their time, instead of acting like hippie lunatics, the world may just be a better place.
Craig Karp, Texas

The circus is back in town. We are being treated here to a spectacle of screaming clowns, of masked acrobats, of all kinds of propaganda dances and choir singings. Lets just hope they don't burn our town to the ground.
George , New York City

The Democratic Convention featured a barbed-wire cage under a rail line for protestors, for the Republican convention, hundreds of thousands of people are freely protesting. Which party is silencing dissent?
Walter Knudsen, Austin TX USA

Currently 'America' is hated due to the way it ignores international law and treaties
Jack, Essex
Do Americans who have never been abroad realise the damage Bush has done to world peace and the environment? Currently 'America' is hated due to the way it ignores international law and treaties. The way he imprisons people without trial is just an example of the hypocrisy which is Bush's Yankeeland.
Jack, Essex

All estimates are that Bush will get a small "bounce" in the polls from the convention. I think most undecided voters do not identify with people who can and want to spend their days marching in radical left-wing protest marches. The undecided are largely the "independents" who are not married to any ideology.
Eric, Detroit, USA

Listening to Dick Cheney last week telling the American public that the Bush administration policies are working, I then wonder if the policies are made for the good of the country. From all angles come complains and The Bush administration international policies are not better either. Any of the two candidates can fight terrorism depending on how they manipulate their policies. Bush has not got it right. I believe Kerry will learn from Bush's mistakes and give American what they want.
Opara Victor, Nigerian Student in Estonia

A systemic change is needed
Yves Gagne, Montreal, Canada
Replacing a corporate puppet with a soon to become corporate puppet/ ambivalent joker who supported the war in Iraq will not improve the U.S image worldwide. A systemic change is needed. However the average U.S politician, whether Republican or Democrat cannot comprehend a system that would not work on greed.
Yves Gagne, Montreal, Canada

For every protestor who made the trip to New York there are many more who could not make the trip. Bush promised to bring back integrity to the White House yet all he has done if bring shame to our nation, god help this country if he is elected for the first time in November.
Jav, Houston, USA

Having been an American citizen for 68 years, I will not be surprised at a jump in the polls for George Bush. We are a society easily fooled by slick ads and TV presentations. We tend to read the popular newspapers and magazines which frequently soften the news. Our media often displays a jingoistic mentality.
Adele, Kirkland, Washington

We in the Northeast have a proud tradition of actually thinking before we vote
So New Yorkers are not the "real voice of America" Laura? Last I checked, New York's been American for longer than most of the rest of the country, and we in the Northeast have a proud tradition of actually thinking before we vote. You should try it.

The anti-Bush demonstration(s) in New York last weekend are sure evidence that all is far from well in the "land of milk and honey" under GWB. Obviously more and more ordinary Americans perceive that they were misinformed about and misled into the Iraq war. I hope that at least Bush is ousted in November. But come Kerry - that can't be worse - but better? Well, perhaps.
Charles Dukes, Berlin, Germany

The Republicans are so doomed in the coming election.
Tony, Portland, US

Bush has already lost the world support and the very next is the presidential election. It would be interesting to see how he will justify the two recent miserable failures in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Omarna, Europe

The polls now put Bush ahead across the country
Sharon, USA
The protests mean not one thing other than it was a summer day and the biggest show in town. The polls now put Bush ahead across the country.
Sharon, USA

What Dain fails to comprehend is that a person who truly cares about their country will not vote a straight party ticket. They will actually research the candidates and choose the best one for the job, regardless of whether the politician has a (D) or (R) after their name. New Yorkers are protesting Bush and his policies. Just because they voted in a Republican mayor does not mean they have to be sheep and support Bush.
Paul, Dallas TX USA

I am surprised that the majority of those protesting in NY were able to locate and find the city. No one should believe that these are all New Yorkers. They are much more savvy than this. Protests like this serve no purpose and will never bring about change. All the power that the organizers believe they have does not come close to the power of the vote and fortunately, or otherwise depending on who you support, the vote is the power for setting the course of the country. Like it or not this convention will have substance and show all who see it the integrity, honesty, and vision of George Bush.
Ron, Memphis USA

To Ron, Memphis USA. Successful demonstrations are always portrayed as failure and a useless means that leads to nothing. Just a reminder that in modern democracies, we elect leaders to serve us not to lie to us. Marches and demonstrations had ended the war in Vietnam, so don't ever presume that a democratic right leads to nothing.
K. Rimane, Canada/Montreal

I hope the world is taking notice on what is happening in this country
Barbara, New York USA
The Republican party was born in NYC years ago. People forget that. I myself am looking forward to the Republican Convention. I hope the world is taking notice on what is happening in this country. This is true democracy in action. This is what America is all about. This election is going to be so exciting because this country is split down the middle. There are huge issues. Terrorism is one. Who is the better man to protect us. I put my money on Bush.
Barbara, New York USA

Barbara from New York is wrong in saying the Republican Party was born in NYC. The Republican party originated in Ripon, Wisconsin and was formed as the only party to be unanimously against slavery. Too bad they don't remember their roots.
David Renaud

At last Americans are beginning to see the misery that Bush and his pals has caused in the world since he rigged the last election. Europeans know what a maniac he is because we have free press. The rest of the world needs America as a friend not as an enemy. Send him back to daddy in November.
Brendan Keegan, Europe

For Brendan Keegan, speak for yourself, I'm European like you and I don't think that Bush is a maniac who caused misery. I think that he's a brave leader trying to change the world, and I wish him every success. Leftists like you have to stop to pretend that they're speaking on behalf of Europe. You're only speaking for yourselves and your political part, the same that was defeated in 1989.
Andrea Baucero, Milano, Italy

It is a sad fact that the United States does not elect statesmen, we elect businessmen to run our country. I will vote for Kerry, simply because he can speak intelligently and may garner some respect from the rest of the world. Ultimately and sadly, no U.S. President will really change the tone of America's political landscape as it affects/influences the rest of the world. We are a corrupt myopic empire that will most likely continue to cause unnecessary deaths and calamity as we fight this ridiculously unwinnable war on an ideology. Undecided voters take note: Partisanship makes you stupid.
Kelli , new Hampshire, USA

I only wish that I could vote in November to "Save America and defeat Bush!"
Anna, NJ, USA
Republican, Democrat, who cares? It doesn't take a genius to see what kind of leadership we have in this country. I only wish that I could vote in November to "Save America and defeat Bush!"
Anna, NJ, USA

This convention will convince only the hardline Neocons in the US. Rest of the world is already convinced that latest Bush era has been an international disaster and the only way to solve this world wide problem is that the Americans fire such rotten ideology and its representatives forever.
Istvan Hunanui, Chisinau, Moldova

No matter how many demonstrators you see on TV, it's still a very small percentage of the population. Bush will win by a comfortable margin.
Roy, USA

The "anyone but Bush" mantra is humorous when you put it in the context of protesters supporting a Vietnam war veteran while denouncing the man who chose not to serve. The idealistic protesters of the nineteen sixties must be appalled.
Adrian Leishman, Jacksonville, FL USA

The Sunday march just shows us how great this country is, freedom of speech and liberty to have your own ideas and beliefs
James Carlos Rosales, Clifton, New Jersey
President Bush has a firm grip on reality, and there is the need to fight terrorism and extremism now. Undecided voters will finally understand how important is to repel and attack first those who want to harm us. The Sunday march just shows us how great this country is, freedom of speech and liberty to have your own ideas and beliefs. There is no religion or religious beliefs to shape our ideas and talk. The Muslim world in Iraq is about to be the first one to understand that.
James Carlos Rosales, Clifton, New Jersey

The protests are financial by Soros and other anti-Bush people. Go help us if Kerry is elected, it will be worst than Carter.
Jimmie, Chevy Chase, Maryland USA

Yesterday a half a million people demonstrated peacefully in NY. I was there. The police were numerous. We watched as they chatted with each other and ate while the march went on. We are not at odds with the police. We are speaking out against the arrogance of this administration to disavow the right to vote.
Jane Deeken, New York

Many undecided voters desire neither Bush nor Kerry
Jason Aubrey, Chicago, IL
Many undecided voters desire neither Bush nor Kerry, but are holding out for the hope that a truly representative candidate will be allowed to step forward. So it is unlikely that this convention will influence their opinion.
Jason Aubrey, Chicago, IL

Surely these demonstrations are all part of the theatre that is US presidential elections and will have no influence on how things will go. The convention on the other hand could appeal to the "lets back the winner" gang and in fact draw some undecided votes if it signals confidence and success. The task made especially easy this time by Kerry's poor showing at the Democratic Convention a few weeks ago, and Bush's successful marketing of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Nigel Darwent, Trinidad and Tobago

Not surprising for the most liberal city in the country. The real voice of America will heard in November.
Laura , USA

While Kerry chases his own tail on the Vietnam service issue, the President will have a clear opportunity to lay out his agenda for America. If he succeeds, Kerry is finished.
Manny, Boston, MA, US

As a republican myself, I find all of the protests against the RNC humorous. New Yorkers themselves elected a Republican mayor to several times, yet protest this event.
Dain, Washington DC, USA

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