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Madrid blast: Your reaction
Madrid blast
Spanish investigators now believe that five suspects in the Madrid train attacks inquiry died when they blew themselves up during a police raid on their flat.

They say the group's suspected ringleader, Serhane ben Abdelmajid Fakhet, died in the explosion in the city on Saturday.

One policeman died in the blast.

Will the terrorists be defeated ? Send us your reaction to the latest events in Spain.

This debate is now closed. Read your comments below.

Your comments:

The speed with which the Spanish authorities tracked down these terrorists should be applauded
Derek, England
While I condemn the terrorists, the speed with which the Spanish authorities tracked down these terrorists should be applauded. Their intelligence services must be excellent and a lesson to other nations.
Derek, England

Yes, Spain was probably originally targeted because of its involvement in the Iraq war, and was a prime target because of the popular discontent with the war. However al-Qaeda's continued efforts in that country only underscore what Americans understood from the beginning - that capitulating to terrorists doesn't satisfy them - it only emboldens them.
Kevin, San Francisco, CA

Now I am afraid to take the metro: I always look around me, I have my heart beating faster every time I see a bag on its own, even if its owner is nearby. Thank you Mister Aznar for your imperialist dreams.
Alexander, Barcelona, Spain

If Madrid is being targeted because of their involvement in Iraq how is it the letter bombs, rail track bomb etc were planted after the new government said they will leave the Coalition. Seems to me the election result has been seen as capitulation and the terrorists have a new agenda for Spain.
John, France

I think there are more dangers at home now than there are in Iraq. I think its time we pulled our troops home to protect us. Place troops on public transport and patrol our streets instead.
Laine-Michella, England, UK

I just want to see the end of those terrible days where Spanish feel insecure when we open our eyes before sleeping at night. We thought that Eta was the only dangerous terrorist group. I hope this situation ends as soon as possible and the new government find the solution.
Ángel, Ciudad Real, Spain

Spain is a great nation. We have being dealing with Eta terrorism and suffering from it for more than 30 years. Ironically the Irene Fernandez Street where yesterday's blast took place is the name of a policewoman killed by Eta years ago. Surely we will win both terrorisms.
Alejandro, Madrid

I'm sad. I'm afraid. This is horrible.
Gema, Madrid, Spain

They are not true Muslims and go against all the fundamental teachings of Islam
Faiza Ahmad, Newcastle Upon Tyne

I am a British Muslim and these terrorists are committing atrocities in the name of Islam. They are not true Muslims and go against all the fundamental teachings of Islam. These assassins are terrorists and should be dealt with in that way without ruining the true name of Islam in the process.
Faiza Ahmad, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

I think what happened in Madrid on 11 March and yesterday should unite all of the EU to stand together and fight terrorism! I also want to hail the new Spanish government for their promise to leave Iraq.
Tobias, Germany, EU

As a Spaniard, I blame my government for fully neglecting something that with a bit of hindsight was easy to predict. I do not think is only related to our involvement in the war with Iraq. We need to end immigration.
Fernando el Catolico, London

We have two different terrorisms. The Eta one, that has killed more than 800 Spaniards, and the newly, for us, the people, the newly Islamic one. Thanks to the three in Azores, Blair and Bush. And of course our idiot ultra-rightist Jose Maria Aznar.
Alberto Valle, Corunna, Spain

As a British Muslim living in Bahrain I am worried that the ongoing violence between Muslims and the West is spreading to Western Europe itself. I fear that in a few years time Muslims in general living in Europe will be subject to discrimination and harassment. It is a handful of extremists that are spoiling it for us all and hence the Western governments must unite in dealing with this matter from a neutral prospective.
Wesam Al-Bahrani, Bahrain

I live next to Atocha station and was woken up by the bombs on 11th March, and today, I was in Leganés, the site of the latest blast, 7 hours before it happened. The general feeling here after 11th March was that the government had been responsible for involving Spain in a war they did not want - hence the radical election results (the socialists manifesto had always promised withdrawal of troops from Iraq).

No-one believed that ETA had been responsible for the bombs, though the government tried to fudge the issue. Now, with the arrests of so many suspected bombers, they are all spilling the beans on their colleagues, and the police are rounding them up, with mixed results. Some people think that the new discovery of bombs and terrorists hint at reprisal attacks by Al Qaeda, but it is merely the fall out of the original 11 March attacks.
Betty D´Cruz, Madrid, Spain

Spain is sad again; you can't imagine how terrible is everything here. You can see the scare in the people's faces at the streets. But now we have to be strongest than ever.
Luis, Leganés, Madrid

My deepest sympathy goes do the people affected in Madrid. I feel that Spain's involvement in Iraq might have been the reason that this happened, but I feel that Spain is ignoring the possibility that it could be the Basque separatist group. I also want to thank Spain for being brave and standing by the US when we need you, and I also want to thank them for being braver by stepping down from fighting in an unjust war.
Sarah H, USA

My condolences to the family of the officer who lost his life, and to the injured. The Spanish have shown courage in pursuing the individuals responsible for the attack on their people, while still opting for peace.
Katrina, USA

Grim reminder that a vote for a new government in Spain does not keep them safe from the threat and actions of terrorism.
R Mckellar, Manchester, UK

Just goes to show appeasement is pointless. We need (with the help of reasonable Muslims) to get rid of these murderers (at least life in jail). These killers have grown up with us but have been taught to despise us. That's why we have to liaise with reasonable Muslims, otherwise this will do what a thousand BNP activists couldn't.
Kat, Birmingham, UK

Action and reaction. When the coalition forces decided to attack Iraq and start killing people without any particular reason, then a reaction like this should be expected. It is very sad that the whole world, west and east, is taking part to this circle of violence without end. Yes, we have the money and yes, we have the power but without knowledge, these are not tools for prosperity but tools for disaster.
Anastasios, London, UK

Let's see - I'm a terrorist organization, and I kill almost two hundred innocent people the day before a national election - they vote in a socialist president and pull out of Iraq - HEY - terrorism pays!
Gregg , Chattanooga TN, USA

Immediately after his election, the new Spanish Premier, Mr Zapatero, made it clear that he would withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq (unless there was a UN mandate.) A communiqué that purported to come from Al Qaeda announced that Spain would be rewarded with what amounted to cessation of attacks on Spanish targets.

This discovery of a bomb on another Spanish train track (and it is not yet established whether this is the work of Al Qaeda or ETA). But compounded with this explosion in Madrid, it seems clear that terrorist attacks upon the Spanish state and its people are still ongoing. My sympathies are with the Spanish people. On another note, I hope that incidents such as this will not lead to a backlash against the wider Islamic community. Muslim moderates are as much at risk from fundamentalism as any of us. We must work with the progressive forces within Islam to end this problem.
Dan, London


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