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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 August, 2004, 14:40 GMT 15:40 UK
Soggy summer: Are you affected?
The UK's miserable weather is set to continue this week as the country experiences more heavy rain on Monday.

Central, northern and eastern parts of England have seen cloudy and wet weather with sunshine, showers and storms expected later in the day.

Scotland will be wet all day and heavy storms have been predicted for western England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Torrential downpours are set to persist until at least the middle of the week with unsettled conditions expected.

The dismal weather comes exactly a year after the country saw temperatures of at least 37.1C (99F).

How are you coping with Britain's extreme weather? Send us your comments and experiences. If you have any photos send them to yourpics@bbc.co.uk

This debate has now closed. Thank you for your comments.

Your comments:

'Extreme' weather? Excuse me, come and live in the North East of the United States if you want 'extreme' weather, or many other places in the United States for that matter. What about Florida with the two recent hurricanes? Miserable weather, yes, I'll buy that but when I was in England last August and all I heard was 'how hot it is' it makes me realise one of the reasons I no longer live there. Remember the Beatles song 'sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun'!
Phil, UK/USA

At least we can be grateful for one thing, enough water in the reservoirs
S Smith, Stevenage, UK
Between July 2003 and April 2004, we never had a single thunderstorm so why is everybody complaining about the weather ? However, this month alone has produced more thunderstorms than we had throughout the whole of last year which has certainly made the weather very interesting. At least we can be grateful for one thing, enough water in the reservoirs.
S Smith, Stevenage, UK

I love the thunder and the warm rain - it makes for special days; and I'm sure the sun will come out once the holiday season is over. What odds a hot November?
Mike, Ipswich UK

After last years horrendously hot summer this has been a God send. I was dreading another summer of 37 degree temperatures and frayed tempers - including mine! Now all we need is to clear the endless babble/drivel about sports from our TV screens and that would make a perfect summer!
Max, UK

We had exactly one week of warm weather here in Helsinki - it's already turning to fall. I like the cold now but I'll surely be complaining in the Christmas time darkness!
Catherine Kivelš, Helsinki, Finland

I picked a bad year to start growing chillies.
Derek, Washington Tyne & Wear

Yes, my washing on the line is wet AGAIN!
Franziska, Sevenoaks, UK
Yes, my washing on the line is wet AGAIN!
Franziska, Sevenoaks, UK

There's a saying in Norway which goes 'there is no such thing as bad weather - just bad choice of clothing'. Pretty apt for this summer!
Emma, Leeds

I have no idea what everyone has been talking about, it's been alright down here in Brighton. We have had a bit of rain on the odd occasion (usually at night), but on the whole it has been fairly sunny and warm. They keep telling us on the TV we are going to have floods etc, but it seems to be happening everywhere else.
Richard, Brighton

I'm just waiting for the water authorities to call for a water hose ban, due to the fact it has rained in all the wrong places.
Andy, Loughborough

I'm very heartened by the majority of responses on here, welcoming this cool and rainy weather. If people really like hot, steamy wilting weather they can go and sweat in tropical countries and leave those of us who prefer not to just wander around in a heat-induced daze to get on with our lives! Now, how about a bit of snow this winter, or is that asking just a little too much?
John B, Gloucester, UK

It sounded like World War II
Scott Spackman, Aberchirder

Early on Thursday morning at about 2.30am, I was awoken by a loud noise, I got up and looked outside there were huge forks of lightning in the sky above, and then almighty rumbles of thunder, it sounded like World War II. It went on for at least three hours. And again, more storms are on the way to the North East of Scotland.
Scott Spackman, Aberchirder, Aberdeenshire

Weather can't be miserable but people can be.
Polly, Stockport

Roll on summer, that's all I can say!
Anon, Annonville

Keep it coming!!
Emily, Sandhurst, Berkshire
I don't mind the rain! Keep it coming!! It usually works that we have one good summer, then one bad. I am getting married next September... so keep being bad now!! Please!!
Emily, Sandhurst, Berkshire

I remember so well the "variety" of British weather - showers, moderate or heavy rain. Also, the endless grey days that seem to (well, actually DO) last for weeks. How glad I am that I made the move to Southern Spain some years ago...
Nathan, Algeciras, Spain

I've escaped the UK this year, taking the opportunity to travel Australia during my summer break from university. It's been astonishing to follow the weather back home - it's the depths of winter in Aus and it's still considerably better than back home, even in the cooler states of WA, NSW and Victoria! For once, I'm extremely glad not to be in England - the constant wind and rain is wholly depressing. I don't miss it a jot!
Sally, Cheshire, England

It's very nice for these people who can just jet off to somewhere warm and escape the downpour. Irony is that it is probably doing just this that is causing the bad weather here in the first place.
Steve, Margate, England

Well the weeds in my garden love it that's for sure!
Claire Herbert, London, UK

Every time I look at mowing the lawn it is raining/has rained/too dark. In the meantime the grass grows ever higher!
Andy, UK

The ones that say they like to have winter for 12 months with the "variety" of ... different type of rain, they should better go and see a doctor! He/she would explain you then why you have the highest number of suicide in Europe! You should also check your eye vision if you think that you have "many" forests or if you call the grass beautiful green plantation! How can you even dare to compare that with the variety of plantation that can only grow in hot-Mediterranean countries?
Roula, Patras, Greece

Even though this year appears to be a washout, there's always next year so don't forget to visit Boscastle next year and help their tourist industry back on it's feet!
Neil Wickham, Milton Keynes, England

I love cold weather (much better than being hot and sticky) and I love watching the rain - thunderstorms are even better. More of the same please.
Stephanie Clarke, Cambridge, UK

The last few summers were exceptionally warm
Francisco, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
On Friday 13th August I made an evening visit to York. The river Ouse was so high that, the picnic tables of a pub by the river were partially submerged. On the other hand, that was a sunny weekend. By the way, people should remember the last few summers were exceptionally warm.
Francisco, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

To be honest, this summer has been pretty standard - warm days in May, rain in June & July and variable in August. I'm just afraid that the last few sunny years have spoiled us for what is, basically, normal UK weather.
Dave Andrews, Basingstoke, UK

I love British weather, compared to most countries it's pretty stable and never too hot or too cold. I'm not fond of the sun, it's the spawn of the devil, hot and red! Give me rain any day, of course I can say that being in Liverpool and not having to worry about flooding or landslides.
Debbie O'Brien, Liverpool

Give me sunshine over rain any day. Having had a lovely period of sunshine in June, I was expecting it to be raining for the rest of the summer...
Gary, Edinburgh

It's great! It's far easier to work whilst its soggy outside rather than in an office that's far too hot when it's sunny.
Jessica, Manchester

I'm sick of it! I've given up on Summer and booked a holiday to Tenerife in September. It's bad enough putting up with dark cold wet miserable days in Winter, without having to endure it 12 months of the year. I am planning on moving to Tenerife permanently. I don't want to end up wearing a woolly hat all year and spending every evening sat in front of a 2 bar electric fire with a blanket on my lap.
Michelle Jefferson, Hull England

I bet we will still have water shortages next summer!
Stephen, GB

No noisy drunken barbeques
Trevor, Cambs, UK
More rain please, at least until the end of the school holidays. No noisy drunken barbeques to spoil my weekends, fewer caravans on the roads.
Trevor, Cambs, UK

I loved last summer. We get enough rain in the winter, why on earth would we want it through the summer as well? All I can say is I'm desperately looking forward to next week when I'm off to predictably sunny California for some well-deserved sunshine.
Martin, London, UK

The UK gets knocked a lot for its weather but that's why our country is so green and beautiful. Even after a couple of week's holiday in the sun we get up and say, "Oh no it's sunny again". Give me variety any day.
Sue Rowland, London

I use a device known as an "umbrella". And I'm not alone! I have seen many of these contraptions over the past few weeks. It seems that the Great British Public is more prepared for the "English Summer" than the BBC realises.
Richard, UK

I went to Durham the other day. The cathedral was shrouded in cloud and it rained all day. "This'll be beautiful in summer" I thought. It wasn't until I was struggling through the water caused by an overflowing drain at the car park entrance that I realised it was August!
Michael, Sunderland

It's been far better for wildlife in general
David, Ipswich, UK
I work as a Wildlife Ranger. This summer our wet meadows have stayed wet, and the ponds are still full: It's been far better for wildlife in general. And so far no arson during the school holidays either.
David, Ipswich, UK

I don't mind the rain but not the hot sun. In fact, I am looking forward to my favourite season...Winter. Winter, a season of recharging and reflection.
Christina Spybey, London, UK

And London wants to organise the Olympics in 2012. Perhaps Paula Radcliffe will have a chance to cope with the temperature this time.
David Jaglin, Nottingham, UK

If we didn't have any rain in this country it wouldn't be "The green, green grass of home" it would be "The red, red sand of home". I think I can live with a bit of rain to have rolling green hills and lush green forests which are the pride of our country.
Stephen Ash, Cardiff

Felt a bit odd, wrapping up to go to work today in mid-August, but overall, it hasn't made the blind bit of difference. A wet, muddy Glastonbury was fun, and cool weather when I'm at my desk a welcome relief. Yup, digging the rain!
Wendy, UK

I always work through the summer holidays as everywhere doubles their prices and the office is empty as parents take time off. I'm currently sitting here smugly giggling at my boss who's just got back from a soggy 2 weeks in Cornwall while pointing out I'll be spending less than him when I go scuba diving in Thailand for two weeks during what is bound to be a cold and wet November for him.
Martin, England

Loving the rain! Keeps all the rowdy school kids indoors!! Roll on winter!
Mia, North East, UK

Perhaps I'm the only person who thinks this - but I like a summer made up of some sun and some rain. Last year was hot and dry for most of the time - great for skin cancer, but not much else!
Peter, Swindon, UK

Having just spent 3 years in the tropics where the weather is basically hot and withering every day, I am loving it! There is no place like home, however much we moan about it!
Ricardo, London

I love it! I fully appreciate the devastation that the wind and rain have brought some in this country, but I do enjoy this weather. I find it far more interesting than static, monotonous wall-to-wall sunshine. Also, what most of us get isn't torrential rain - Boscastle was a rare, true case of a proper downpour.
Mark S, UK



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