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Has Diana fountain been managed properly?
Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park
The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park has re-opened to the public after being closed because of safety fears.

The 3.5m memorial was closed after three people slipped and injured themselves inside its stone ring.

After the accidents, the Royal Parks consulted health and safety experts, designers and engineers to determine how the fountain should operate.

The texture of the granite stone has now been roughened to improve grip and visitors will be forbidden from walking in the water, and it will be managed by six supervisors.

Is the cost and maintenance of the fountain worthwhile? Has it been managed properly? Did you visit it before it was closed? Will you visit it now? Send us your views.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

This topic was suggested by Richard Tambling from England:
Do you think this is really reflecting the Diana philosophy?

It is not a memorial to the "People's Princess" ... but another White Elephant (as if the UK does not have enough e.g. the Dome) ... designed without thought or style. This is nothing more than a "White Elephant" where vandals should be allowed to have a free hand in getting it removed!
Marc, Lincolnshire

Have people got no respect? Why can they not just sit and marvel at the fountain, why on earth do they feel they must climb in it.
Sarah, Chester, UK

The cost and maintenance of the fountain is, of course, worthwhile. It seems it hasn't been managed properly. I would surely love to visit it now or in future if it remains in existence.
A.R. Shams, Hyderabad, Karachi (Sindh), Pakistan.

I'm sure she would have preferred the 3 million to be spent on something more important
Aarash Saleh, Manchester, UK

I'm sure she would have preferred the 3 million to be spent on something more important and a smaller, cheaper memorial built. Money spent on a person's remembrance should not be proportional to how much they are missed. That would be lunacy.
Aarash Saleh, Manchester, UK

Public memorials should be for those worthy of remembering not spoilt Sloanies. Yawn
Colin MacKenzie, Aberdeenshire

Gustafson, the architect of the fountain originally said: "The concept is based upon... inclusiveness" and "It is a novel use of water that... you can be interactive with and that you can become a part of". Gustafson has, in my opinion failed on this vision or else has deceived us with the original rhetoric. A future white elephant!
Barry, Chichester, England

What was the point of making the granite rough to prevent people slipping if people are banned from entering the water? The fountain was designed as interactive, now it isn't. A waste of time, money and six people have been re-assigned or employed to look at a fountain all day!
Robert, Glos, UK

Why build a fountain? Surely a child's playing pool would have been more in keeping for her memorial. Somewhere where children could enjoy themselves.
E Reade, Cardiff, UK

It's a sad reflection on how little people now think of Diana that the first thing many of them wanted to do was paddle in a memorial fountain. If the fountain had been built a month after her death, anyone seen paddling in it would have been dragged off on charges of treason no doubt. It's a shame that people seem unable to differentiate between paddling pool and memorial.
David, Reading, UK

As a nurse, when I visited the fountain and saw the thousands of people trudging through the water I thought that it was a public health nightmare. I am glad that these changes were made before a child drowned.
Linda Sarna, Los Angeles, California

If there are this many issues and problems with a fountain, heaven help the people organising the 2012 Olympics!
Neil, Houston, US (Expat)

An obscene waste of money for what is a large gully. Architects make pretty drawings - not practical structures - and the lack of expertise by whoever chose this was patently obvious from the outset.
Peggy Reeves, Christchurch

What a waste of money. Rather than just one memorial there should have been two or three around the country. This means people from around the UK won't have to spend lots of money getting down to London as always seems to be the case with Royalty focused memorials.
Charles, Crawley, Sussex

Thank you for taking steps to manage the fountain properly
Barbara de Souza, Twickenham

On the day of the opening of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park my nephew, James, and I attended the Queen's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. So the opening of the fountain marks a special day in our lives. Thank you for taking steps to manage the fountain properly. It is a memorial and not part of a theme park. So you have done your best to preserve the memory of our lovely Princess Diana. May she rest in peace. And may all who visit the site receive peace as they contemplate the scene.
Barbara de Souza, Twickenham, UK

I have never enjoyed a memorial as much as the Diana memorial, seeing children running around, splashing and jumping in the water, they were so happy and I think how it was before was exactly what Diana would have loved to have seen. But now it is going to be yet another boring memorial. Everyone has accidents wherever they are, but this has spoiled the essence of what for me made the memorial truly represent all of what Diana stood for.
Helen, Bournemouth, England

Each time it's in the news it reminds us of Diana. Why can't we let her rest in peace?
Caron, England

Our company is a non slip surface provider, we would never have recommended this application, it can never be rectified. Abrading the surface will only create a great facility for the algae to live at the bottom thereby helping to create a wonderful slippy surface. The solution? Drain it.
Larry Longton, Chorley, UK

Perhaps the solution would be to set up several stalls alongside the memorial selling official non slip 'The Peoples Princess' flip flops and Royal Green Welly boots with pictures of the late Diana on them, all at extortionate marked up prices. That way people could at least pay to paddle safely.
Rob, Essex

What a dreadful read this page is. I've never witnessed so much misguided bitterness and arrogance. Diana was a remarkable woman who did enormous good for the poor and misrepresented of the world. She brought joy to a lot of people. These initial hitches don't matter: This memorial IS a fitting tribute to her, and, yes, it's a modern design too. See if you philistines can come to terms with that.
Chris Jones, Tyne and Wear, UK

It's not a children's playground, it's a fountain!
Cali Bird, London, UK
If people are stupid enough to walk in water that runs over stone why should we worry when they slip over. It's not a children's playground, it's a fountain! Why can't people be responsible for their own actions? Where is this Nanny state leading us?
Cali Bird, London, UK

Sadly, it is now a fact of life in the UK that while most people accept that paddling in water has a slight risk of slipping there will always be one person who decides that they have no responsibility for their own actions and threatens to sue the Royal Parks. Even if the eventual claim is proved groundless the costs are enormous - and every public body suffers from this type of malicious action. The only people who benefit are solicitors!!
Ian Foulkes, London, UK

Is this really newsworthy? It probably warrants a front-page mention in a borough newspaper - but all this attention???
David van Heyt, Toronto, Canada

They design something that looks like a kiddies paddling pool and then moan when children want to go in it... Who are the people who must have a made a fortune by conning the public into wasting a small fortune on this white elephant?
Mervin Channon, Bucks

Who cares? Why not dedicate a hospital or something else that's useful to Diana rather than building some pretentious piece of "art" that just looks silly.
Stuart, London, UK

Surely any sensible person could have seen the potential risks
Rachel, Manchester, UK
I thought the concept of a memorial was great but the final result seems stupid. Not sure who came up with the idea for an interactive memorial of this nature. Surely any sensible person could have seen the potential risks.
Rachel, Manchester, UK

As a health and safety consultant in construction I would have expected the designers to prepare design risk assessments to account for the proximity of the public. It sounds as if this is not the case. The public in or in proximity to a open water feature should have taken priority in the design.
John Goodyer, Manchester

I feel the fountain is a complete waste of money as it is too open to abuse from people wanting to make money. You fall over near the fountain, you sue the local council. I didn't know Diana, but the image of her that the media portrayed make me believe that she would rather the money went to good causes like Hospitals to help people. The entire fountain has been a waste of money in construction, and is now going to be a burden on our pockets for the next few decades.
Andy, Birmingham, UK

It's a fountain for Gods sake! Why is this front page news?
Gary Gatter, London, UK

Why do people find it necessary to walk/run all over such monuments
Christine, Marlborough, UK

Why do people find it necessary to walk/run all over such monuments. It's a memorial to somebody's life not a play area!. The same can be said of our much older monuments such as Stonehenge and Avebury, I despair when I see people climbing up and sitting on top of some of the stones within the Avebury circle. I'm sure that isn't what our ancestors intended for the monument many thousands of years ago. People should just look and appreciate!
Christine, Marlborough, UK

Who cares? It's about as interesting as the person it was built about.
Rick, UK

I'm thinking of moving to Scotland judging by some of the excellent comments from the scotch contributors.
Eddie Shaw-Smith, Croydon, UK

No one's bought to justice, nobody's sacked and no one pays fine
Rakesh, London, UK

Millennium dome, army planes that don't fly, Wembley Stadium (Portugal built 9 stadiums in half the budget)... and the latest: Diana fountain. It seems like there's no end to government throwing away taxpayers money on undercooked projects and people (ministers, builders, contractors) just get away with it. No one's bought to justice, nobody's sacked and no one pays fine or compensation!! God save England!!!!
Rakesh, London, UK

I visited the fountain on a sunny afternoon shortly after it was opened and remember commenting to my friend "this looks like a recipe for an accident" - flowing water, slopes, uneven ground etc. But if our children never get the chance to experience such things how can they learn how to approach such hazards safely? Put up a notice warning of the risk and if the children learn something from the experience Diana might see some benefit in her legacy!
Melanie, London, UK

The whole enterprise has been a farce from start to finish - first the horrible, modern design and then ban on the children Diana loved paddling in it. It is a disgrace and heads should roll - this is no way to remember the queen of all our hearts.
James Coney, London, UK.

How dare they spend this kind of money when there are people out there in need of medical treatment being told hard luck there's no funding.
Graham, Stafford

The only problem with the fountain is the fear of the 'operators' that they would be sued by some pathetic person who slipped over in the water. This item should really be included in the other talking point about 'Compensation Culture' to prove that point! Who is going to pay the costs of employing six people to supervise those who want to visit the fountain. Why not just accept that sometimes children fall over, as do adults, and that sometimes they hurt themselves.
Barry P, Havant England

Who cares. I think the whole memorial is a waste of money.
Mark, UK

If this opens drain needs a staff of six and 250,000 a year to run then the Diana fan club should pay, and not the taxpayers of Britain. A stupid idea which got off to a bad start then fell away fast.
Garry, Glasgow, Scotland

On the day of the opening of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park my nephew, James, and I attended the Queen's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. So this fountain marks a special day in our lives. Thank you for taking steps to manage the fountain properly. It is a memorial and not part of a theme park.
Barbara de Souza, Twickenham, UK

Hands up - all the members of the team/group/committee/quango etc which was responsible for the original risk assessment result!
Keith, Chepstow, Wales

Nice idea in principal. As for the people that slipped over, well, water is wet, and of course if you don't take care you will slip, it's exactly the same as if you go to the beach and slip on some wet rocks, and you don't close the beach do you !!
Andrew Mundell, UK

Enough is enough. If the Royals want a memorial to this confounded woman then they should pay for it. Living in the N of Scotland the likelihood of me visiting it are zilch along, I would think, with a very large part of the rest of the population.
Dick, Scotland

Dick of Scotland's comment shows the typical ignorance of the anti-Royals, I'm afraid. This memorial has nothing to do with the Royal Family. It was planned by the government. Which is why such a vast amount of money has been wasted on such a ridiculous project.
James, England

Surely a sign (or even 2) stating "Slippery when wet" would suffice, you paddle at your own risk. Anyway, it's still a waste of money.
Steve, London

Clearly the fountain has been designed without a coherent design brief
Peter Cuming, London UK

The fountain is a totally appropriate choice for a nation of monumental incompetence in the field of any commemoration. Clearly the fountain has been designed without a coherent design brief. It should now be removed to a military establishment as an element of an assault course and forgotten.
Peter Cuming, London UK

Typical mentality. Someone needed to be told that a sloping wet rock might be slippery so the entire thing is fenced off and "managed" at further cost to the taxpayer. As for the fountain, it's shallow, dysfunctional and going nowhere. Nuff Said.
John B, UK

The fountain is empty most of the time, so it is redundant
Alex, London, England

I go past this "fountain" every day on my way to work, and what used to be part of the park is now sealed-off with a double layer of fences - it looks awful. The fountain is empty most of the time, so it is redundant, and even when it is full, there is no one allowed near it. I only ever see engineers there.
Alex, London, England

The idea is wonderful, it's such a shame the designers didn't anticipate people being so clumsy on a slippery surface. Maybe a large memorial mattress would suit the litigious park-goers intent on falling over.
Paul B, Ruislip

The whole story is a fuss to fill the media with in an uneventful August. So what if three people slipped and hurt themselves a bit? What proportion was that to the total numbers attending? What about personal responsibility? People fall over all the time. No, this fuss is the usual knee-jerk reaction by a paranoid society which is too frightened to get out of bed without a parachute. People should grow up, stop moaning to mummy, remove the ridiculous paddle police, and stop pandering to the nanny state.
Mike Mitchell, High Wycombe, UK

Another camel (horse designed by a committee) to add to the Dome and the rest of the modern design disasters. But since it's her and while it works, cut out the nanny state and just put up a notice to say "Use at your own risk".
Brian W, Chelmsford, UK

Who cares?
Dave, Dundee, Scotland

Not only is the design flawed, it's aesthetically awful as well. Worse than that is the wicked waste of money celebrating someone who as far as I am concerned was merely a vacuous celebrity herself. Don't we have enough worthy causes, without throwing money at this sort of vanity?
Edward, UK

I'm sure she would be delighted to know it wasn't a total waste of time and money....erm
Ellie, Bham, UK

Well on the positive side it has provided work for six people, supervising the acrobatics which stepping near it seem to provoke. I'm sure she would be delighted to know it wasn't a total waste of time and money....erm.
Ellie, Bham, UK

I wonder if Princes William and Harry like the new water feature.
Gus, London, UK

Much was made of the symbolism of the memorial troubled waters with calm interludes etc. It is truly symbolic that the memorial has been mired in controversy and has been nothing but trouble - how appropriate.
Bob, Glasgow, Scotland

What on earth is wrong with it? People really need to take responsibility for their own action - it's their own fault if they choose to mess around in the water and injure themselves.
Jon Turner, London

She must be 'highly amused.'
J Walker, Cumbria UK

The fountain is a fitting tribute. It is pointless and shallow - how very Diana. Blame not the Royals for this. Blame the simpletons of society who felt 'touched' by her and wanted something in her memory. It is they who should carry the can for this fiasco and pay for its upkeep themselves.
Robert, London

If people are stupid enough to walk in it and slip then they deserve it really!
Bob, Cardiff, Wales

If people are stupid enough to walk in it and slip then they deserve it really! Why not have a traditional fountain in a public park? I imagine most people will enjoy looking at it. Admittedly something like a hospital would be money better spent, but then sometimes you have to spend on more frivolous things to make life enjoyable.
Bob, Cardiff, Wales

Did the designers really think that no one would walk around in the water? You'd have thought they would have designed the memorial so that it would be ok for people to walk around in it. What an absolute waste of money.
Gavyn, London, UK

Once again the UK becomes a worldwide laughing stock. Add this overpriced and ugly drainage system to the Millennium Dome and the new Wembley stadium. Mismanagement and Ineptitude anybody?
Martin Dunn, Worthing, UK

The designers should have realised that people would want to interact with the memorial and should have considered the safety issues of this.
Graeme Findlay, London (Scottish)

I think it's sad that the carelessness of a handful of people has ruined the enjoyment of everyone else. I also think it's sad that the British must always find fault. Imagine how successful this fountain could have been (and the Olympics could be) if we all stopped criticising.
Dan Weight, Norwich, UK

I can't believe it was closed in the first place
Paul, London

I can't believe it was closed in the first place. For God's sake if you walk in a pool of water you surely understand that you may slip if not careful? The farce isn't the pool but the fence, guards and ridiculous nanny management culture .
Paul, London

What do people expect?! After all this is Britain, the home of the white elephant. Where else in the world would it cost 3.5m, years of planning and god knows how long in building to ruin a perfectly pleasant piece of parkland with a concrete gutter?
Chris Malpas, London, UK

To the people who don't live in London and the people who think Diana was just an ordinary if rather self indulgent and unstable woman, it doesn't really matter whether it's managed properly or not as long as the money doesn't come out of the public purse. Some of us don't follow the cult of Diana and would object to seeing our hard earned money squandered on keeping this obsession alive.
Vik, UK

The Dome and the Fountain show British incompetence at its worst. Imagine the farce the Olympics would be if London wins.
Kerry, London, England

The Memorial Fountain has been a farce. I think Diana would have preferred the 3.5m spent on something that would help people.
Luke, Middx

Whatever was built wouldn't have been right. Just be thankful it's not a pretentious bronze statue and it's something much simpler. The idea of it is excellent.
Emma, London, UK

Surely a Children's Hospital or something would be a better tribute to her than this disaster.
Ben Bell, Canterbury, Kent

Diana's memorial should have been a bust or statue in Trafalgar Square
Jock, London

This is a complete waste of money! Diana's memorial should have been a bust or statue in Trafalgar Square i.e. in a prominent location rather than some faulty waterworks in an out of the way location! After all, Diana "touched" the world and deserved much better.
Jock, London

The whole 'cult of Diana' is frightening!
Mark Malik, Teesside, UK

The whole 'cult of Diana' is frightening! She wasn't a saint. She wasn't a goddess. She wasn't a perfect being. She was just a person, as flawed as the rest of us. I don't think there should have been a memorial of any kind. What purpose does it serve?
Mark Malik, Teesside, UK

Why not blame the Royal Family for this? We'll blame them for everything else connected with Diana so why not this trench/memorial?
J Curran, Edinburgh

The fountain seemed a good idea - an unconventional tribute to an unconventional Royal - but surely the architect should have known that water through a granite channel would lead to the forming of algae. Indeed, a smaller-scale fountain of similar design in Crystal Palace (same architect) has been effectively abandoned. This will face the same fate by the end of the year, I'm sure.
David, Weymouth, UK

Overblown and ostentatious. A large, continuing expense to tax payers and completely useless. A fitting tribute to Diana. Her lifestyle lives on in her death.
Rick, Brighton, UK

Everything is always someone else's fault isn't it?
Rachel, Newmarket, England

Everything is always someone else's fault isn't it? Three muppets slip over in it (any surprise!? wet surface, water..) and it has to be idiot-proofed at great cost.
Rachel, Newmarket, England

I'm disappointed to hear it now has to be surrounded by fences. That puts a shadow on the whole 'public' nature and philosophy of the design, and sounds like becoming a blot on what was a tiny bit of natural landscape in central London.
Ken, Pretoria, South Africa

Princess Who? That's the question everyone will be asking in a few years from now. It seems ridiculous that six supervisors are to be employed to "manage" a fountain. I trust designer Kathryn Gustafson will be reimbursing the commissioners of the fountain for her flawed design.
Jan Onyszko, London

Not really, it is a monument to Diana, yet Joe Public is not allowed near it and it will cost a quarter of a million pounds a year to maintain it, what is the point?
Ralph, Surbiton, UK

3.5m to build it and 250,000 a year to maintain? And the tax payers, no doubt, have to foot the bill. Never mind the NHS and schools that need funding. I thought the whole 'Diana idea' was about this woman who is supposed to have given 'so much' to charity.
Ada, UK

This whole farce has been an insult to the memory of Diana. I am sure she would be laughing now if she could see what these idiots have put together as a memorial, and the outrageous cost would no doubt have appalled her. Give the woman a statue in Trafalgar square and bulldoze the concrete drainage channel of a memorial back into parkland.
Pete, Milton Keynes, England

Please can the usual clowns who complain about spending on anything other than health give us a break? We spend around 70b on it a year. This fountain is well within our means, a neat piece of design, despite potential slips, and would be fine if it weren't for those people who are unwilling to accept responsibility for their own paddling.
Jack Woodhead, Durham

The poor woman must be spinning in her grave. I'm neither pro nor anti Royal, however, all this bleeding heart sentimentality: "It's what Diana would have wanted..." and "But it was supposed to be interactive, just like Diana was, for the little children to play in" blah, blah. It's all starting to wear very very thin with me I'm afraid. Why couldn't we just have named a dual carriageway or shopping centre after her?
Ross, Falkirk, UK

What am memorial this could be to the princess. It should be open as it was. How many have visited this site and only 3 have injured themselves. Well, they should be more careful. My kids have injured themselves many time on the swings in a park. Shall we take them all down? Richard Castle
Richard Castle, Prestatyn Denbighshire

Diana was a "hands on" person who loved children and swimming and splashing around in water. She would have wanted people to be able to play in it and have fun. That would be a more fitting memorial to her than have people just looking at it, especially on a hot summer's day, wishing they could have a paddle, but can't. Just because three people slipped in it doesn't mean that the majority can't be given credit for taking responsibility for their own actions. Instead of paying for a guard, why not just have a notice displayed saying "Persons paddling do so at their own risk". Let common sense prevail, for goodness sake!
Sue Woollard, Westcliff-on-Sea, England.

I think the problem has been that expectations have been too high. Add to that a media that is waiting with baited breath for any 'newsworthy' story connected to Diana which just fans the flames of hype. People also need to realise it wasn't actually built with public funds but through voluntary contributions to the Diana Fund.
Michael Contaldo, London

How apt that a memorial to Diana be suffocated by rules.
Richard, Southampton

It is good to see that the money wasn't wasted on the homeless, sick or needy. Diana would have liked it this way.
Sarah Henry, Robtown, Herts, UK

A complete waste of money that is now going to cost even more to maintain. What is the point of improving the gripping properties of a surface on which you are not permitted to walk? The whole thing smacks of stupidity. I'd like to know where this 3.5 million went. I hope it is not to the designer.
David, Cornwall, UK

What on Earth is wrong with us as a nation? I mean this is just the latest in a long and sorry list of "Nearly got it right" projects. We're rapidly earning a not unjustified reputation as the incompetents of the world. Oh, and then we sue each other... Stop the world - I'm getting off.
Tim, UK

I don't want to pay 250,000 a year for this if it is to be "off limits" to the very public who have to pay the bills!
Rachel Coldbreath, London, UK
This thing looks as if it's made of cheap concrete and sits on the landscape - rather than in it - like a piece of litter. When the plan was announced, I expected a sympathetic ring of natural water bubbling round, not a bright, white, raised O, fenced off and policed. I don't want to pay 250,000 a year for this if it is to be "off limits" to the very public who have to pay the bills! Let people paddle. Let them slip and bump their heads, at least then it will be a fitting tribute to Diana, who was bruised in public - albeit metaphorically - quite often, and who was quite expensive to run, too. Why isn't this money being spent on an AIDS or children's hospital wing, as she would have liked?
Rachel Coldbreath, London, UK

Even after death she causes disputes! I thought we heard the last of this dreadful woman.
Paul Kinsey , London, UK

I'm sure Diana would have been horrified to see this disgusting waste of money in her name, that would have been better spent on sick children or clearing landmines somewhere.
Nathan Hobbs, Luton, UK

An overblown, overpriced concrete ditch serves no purpose at all, let alone a memorial
Nik, Exeter, UK
I hate people who whine about any art/architecture that doesn't fit in with their 'little Britain' views but I have to say that in this case I agree with the majority of the comments here. An overblown, overpriced concrete ditch serves no purpose at all, let alone a memorial. And that we all now have to pay for full time 'minders' because a few litigious dimwits 'had a bit of a bump' makes my blood boil.
Nik, Exeter, UK

I'm sure the fountain has many fans and critics like most pieces of modern art do. As for the safety issues whatever happened to parental responsibility. Also when are people going to remember that although Diana may have had her faults like most of us mere mortals, she deserves to rest in peace and her children must be sick of all the vultures feeding off her name.
Lynn, Cambridge UK

The argument against a Diana statue was that it would be looking down on people. Is it too obvious to have her sitting down?
James Newman, UK

The fountain is ideal. It is typically British - A fiasco.
Derek S, UK

All rivers, streams, canals, puddles and rain-soaked streets should now be fenced off because, clearly, they are all "inherently dangerous".
Jack Cannon, London, UK

To be honest I couldn't care less. We seem to be making Diana out to be some kind of Gandhi character, but in life she was no saint. In fact looking back on her life and history of her family makes for some very uncomfortable reading. Can we not just get on with our lives and let her rest in piece?
Adrian, Nottingham, UK

I don't think there is much wrong with Diana's fountain. My wife and I went to see it a few weeks ago and thought it was a fitting tribute to Diana. The real problem is that people seem to loose all sense of responsibility at the fountain and throw themselves at it, then start moaning when they have an accident. Unfortunately we seem to live in a country where people won't take responsibility for their own actions.
Graham, Swindon

Why can't people take responsibility for their own actions anymore?
Dave Mailer, Bristol, UK
The stupidity and selfishness of some people never ceases to amaze me. I saw a woman walking her baby, in a nappy, through the fountain, as if everyone else should have to put up with the nappy's contents in the water. Then some muppets fall over, the Health and Safety fascists move in and spend a lot of money to idiot proof the thing. No doubt these same people would be the first to sue if they injured themselves. Why can't people take responsibility for their own actions anymore?
Dave Mailer, Bristol, UK

What a surprise; a water feature placed in a public area gets paddled in. What did the gormless designers expect? How long before 'Dianaditch' is totally fenced off and guarded day and night?
John Latusek, Ammanford, Wales

I was amused, as a practising drainage engineer, to read some of the comments about the memorial being a "trench" and "a concrete drainage channel". Perhaps, the public will flock to see some of the drainage channels designed by our office. Come to think of it, some of them actually work and are not a safety hazard.
Dave, Sheffield, England

The Diana Fountain is a microcosm of everything that is wrong with this country these days
Chris King, Islington
The Diana Fountain is a microcosm of everything that is wrong with this country these days. Whereas years ago we'd knock out the Albert Memorial in two shakes, it stands for a century and just needs the odd dusting. Now we employ a foreigner to spend 3.5M on a glorified drainage channel, banging on about how children will frolic and sport in the balmy waters and fifty minutes after it's opened the thing is knee deep in leaves and discarded crisp packets and nappies, then some children slip and so they construct a fence around it and pay 250K a year for minders, all the time denying it was ever intended for children to paddle in it. You couldn't make it up.
Chris King, Islington

I think the Diana Memorial Fountain should not be used by the Public. It de-means the point of a Memorial if people are going to abuse it, which will happen.
Francine, Cheshire

Cost more than expected, tax payer foots the bill, doesn't work, breaks down and is purely ornamental: sounds like the perfect monument to her
Nic, Matlock

I am a student at Manchester unit. In Piccadilly gardens there is a fountain which children can play in. On a hot day tons of people come down and let their children run around. I feel that Diana would have wanted something that was not only pretty to look at, but something people could have fun with. I think the design should be modified to let children play in it.
John Sandes, Wirral, Merseyside

Even the most basic engineering course teaches you how to construct a workable non-slip floor
Mike, Chorleywood, Herts
Utter farce. I thought it was supposed to be somewhere where children could paddle. Even the most basic engineering course teaches you how to construct a workable non-slip floor. I can't wait until we're a republic...
Mike, Chorleywood, Herts

The next time we have a deluge ,will the rubbish associated with this "monument" pollute the Thames??
Toby Coulson, Cobham,Surrey

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