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Sir Peter Ustinov: Your tributes
Sir Peter Ustinov, one of Britain's most revered actors, has died aged 82.

His agent confirmed the actor had died in Switzerland on Sunday night, but could give no further details.

The son of Russian parents, Sir Peter starred in films such as Spartacus, Death on the Nile and Logan's Run, as well as many TV shows.

He was chancellor of Durham University and also worked as an ambassador for the charity Unicef.

Thank you for your tributes to Sir Peter Ustinov. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your comments:

We at Ustinov College are extremely saddened by the news of Sir Peter's death. He was an inspiration to many students during his time as chancellor of Durham University, and will be greatly missed.
House Committee, Ustinov College, University of Durham, UK

From his role in countless movies to his brilliant articles in The European, Sir Peter was a gentleman from another age: cosmopolitan, cultured, kind and with an irresistible sense of humour. How poorly do the famous and powerful people of today rate in comparison!
Silvio, Germany

A great, great man, and a genius in every thing he did
Pauline Reid, Shrops. UK

So very sad. A great, great man, and a genius in every thing he did. He will always be remembered with the greatest respect and love, and thoughts go out to his family. What a man, what a legacy - I do hope the BBC will repeat some of the programmes and films he has been in now, so that we can record and treasure them, especially the film of Billy Budd. Just no one quite like him.
Pauline Reid, Shrops. UK

I am now 66 and I have had many years of pleasure and happiness from his talents. Whenever I heard his voice or something about I would stop to hear. I have respected him and enjoyed his humour, so that now he is gone a bit of me feels gone. You will be the centre of Heaven with your humour and stories. Have fun! Love
Mary Beth Tremblay, Canada

A wealth of knowledge, humour character and genuine ability has been lost. Fortunately he was a prolific person. His spirit and his life's work will live on.
Paul Davies, Switzerland

We have lost the greatest raconteur of the 20th Century. He was an inspiration to me and he didn't disappoint when I met him. I will miss him greatly.
Dr Mark Taylor, Cornwall

My deepest condolences to his family, friends and fans. What will be missed is his great command of the English language and his quick witted humour he was not only gifted but was also blessed and will remain as a legend in my memory. Just to hear him speak was a pleasure as it made you want to become more acquainted with this most gifted person.
Paul Sailsman, Jamaica

A few years ago my husband and I sat in an upper balcony in the University of Toronto's Convocation Hall looking down on the front of the stage where Sir Peter Ustinov was regaling the capacity crowd of 1500 with his life story. Nobody left without a smile on their faces.
Elinor K.Leard, Canada

What a loss! He was a man who could equally make you laugh and think at the same time. His life was spent enriching others - of his kind this world needs many more.
Michael Bradley, UK

Sir Peter, You have not only been a genius with film, parody and knowledge of human nature, you have also been a master of wisdom, so witty and kind. A philosopher with a great reputation. A man who is loved and admired by the entire world. You will stay in our hearts, forever!
Frank Leske, Germany

A great man not just as an actor, author, wit and raconteur, but as a campaigner for a genuinely better, more peaceful and more just world. He is rightly remembered for his witty quotes, but he also left many painfully incisive ones.
Jeremy Hicks, UK

To receive my degree from such a great man was an honour. His speech in Durham Cathedral had the congregation in hysterics, combining touching sentiments about his work with UNICEF with impromptu impressions of Michael Schumacher in a pitstop. I feel sorry for future graduates - a man who will be greatly missed.
Rich, UK

I remember seeing Sir Peter Ustinov on a German talk show several years ago, during which I had to persuade my wife that he was, in fact English and not German! I've since read many of his books, including his autobiography and feel enlightened both mentally and spiritually as a result. He will be one of the few personalities who will be missed equally throughout the world
Chris, Dortmund, Germany

One of the world's most talented people
Lawson, Birmingham, UK
One of the world's most talented people who managed to achieve so much in his life spanning so many activities, nationalities and cultures who still showed the way to be essentially human and warm to all peoples of the world. He bought a unique insight into the world of Russia over the decades as well. The world is poorer for his passing.
Lawson, Birmingham, UK

I am indeed truly saddened at the loss of this great actor and man. He even made the character of Lentulus Batiatus in Spartacus a being of dimension and depth, which, I suspect, few actors would have been able to do. He is and will be missed.
Tom Paine, USA

Dear Sir Peter, although I never had the good fortune to meet you, I feel a real loss. May you light up your new world the way you lit up this one. God Bless you. Lots of Love.
Bernie Wood-Isgar, UK

I was lucky enough to receive my degree from Sir Peter and was very sad to hear of his death. That degree ceremony proved that he was an interesting, witty, charming and geniune man as well as a tremendous actor.
Graeme Barton, UK/Japan

He made us laugh, he made us cry. Your final curtain call will make us do both at the same time. I will miss you.
Chris, USA

Thank you Peter for everything you gave to so many
Anthony Rowe, Northern Ireland
Many years ago I heard a maxim from Peter Ustinov, on Parkinson I believe, that has been a talisman for me ever since - "It is our doubts that unite us and our certainties that divide us." Thank you Peter for everything you gave to so many.
Anthony Rowe, Northern Ireland

He was a wonderful entertaining, intelligent man who has been at the top of my "perfect dinner party" list since I was 21 and I'm now 64.
Janet Hyde, England

Peter Ustinov was a great storyteller. His anecdotes about his experiences are legendary and I for one will sadly miss him.
Patsy Le Roux, UK

I met Sir Peter some years ago whilst on holiday in St Petersburg - he was over researching a documentary on Imperial Russia. He was a charming gentleman who was happy to stop and chat to a group of Irish tourists in his beloved Russia. An example of how "celebrities" should behave.
Derek, UK

I met and interviewed him in Hong Kong in 1996. I was extremely nervous at the prospect, the man was a legend after all. It was meant to be a ten minute chat but I ended up recording the best part of 45 minutes. He put me at my ease within minutes and treated me as an absolute equal. He regaled stories from his days in the Army and as a Forces radio presenter it was priceless. I have been lucky enough to interview many celebrities but that time spent in his hotel room as Lady Ustinov pottered about was magical and unforgettable.
Jamie Gordon, Germany

He was, simply, inspirational

I had the good fortune to work with him on two films. I wish I could have encapsulated all the time I spent with him in a bottle and corked it up. Every moment was precious, not just his humour, his wit, the stories told with a remarkable ear, but also his humanity. He was supremely gifted - and knew that this opened doors for him in all areas of life, something he was never afraid to use to the benefit of peace and goodwill. He was, simply, inspirational.

Sir Peter Ustinov was probably the 'gladiator' of raconteurs. He would have always got the 'thumbs up'. There will probably be few like him to follow in his footsteps.
Frank Hicklin, UK

As a child I remember being enthralled by Sir Peter's role in Walt Disney's Robin Hood. He played the voice for Prince John and I remember thinking to my self what a perfect voice for such a character!
Chris, England

Wherever the after life has taken Sir Peter, it will be a much funnier place today. Thank you for a wonderfully rich life
Karl, Monmouth, UK

The world is an emptier place today, we have not just lost an actor but also a cultured, learned, funny and kind human being. Everything I can recall that he was a part of, was enriched by his presence. His legacy to us is vast and should be appreciated and remembered by all. He will be greatly missed, my heartfelt condolences to his family and friends
Diane Cottrell, UK

When in Russia in 1988, I saw Ustinov in the foyer of the Kirov Opera in (then)Leningrad. He was surrounded by an admiring crowd listening to him. He was surprised when I came forward and confronted him to say how unhappy I was with him. Looking startled he began to grin when I went on to explain I was a member of the Player's Theatre (London) and one of the running 'gags' is that the show will be better next week - Ustinov will appear. Of course, he never does though part of his early career was spent there. Ustinov burst into laughter and promptly gave a rendition of one of his music hall numbers, dance included much to everyone's astonishment and told me how grateful he had been to the Player's for the work it had given him.
S. Sterry, U.K.

One of the finest Actor of our time and a person who took a great interest for the charity UNICEF.
Nilesh Parekh, UK

The country and the rest of the world will be a much sadder place without the humour, grace and presence of this most exemplary actor. We will not see the likes of him again. God bless him.
Craig Stevenson, UK

Truly a splendid actor and simply a wonderful example to us all of humility and generosity. Hopefully not, but perhaps the last of the true gentlemen. The media darlings of our age could do worse than take note of the respect he earned through his life and his works. Fare thee well Sir Peter.
Anthony Howarth, UK

A sad goodbye to a great raconteur and actor. He will be much missed but has left behind an enormous legacy.
Phil Beard, UK

Peter Ustinov was blessed with that most precious of human gifts - the ability to accommodate all of humanity into his vast treasure store of bonhomie and spiritual encouragement. A true "friend of the world".
Paul Gunn, Scotland

His ability to communicate to all generations through laughter indicates his brilliance
Gareth Evans, England
I am currently at Durham University and was privileged enough to attend the most recent graduation ceremony in the cathedral. There, despite obvious frailty, Sir Peter gave an impromptu speech of considerable duration, which was wonderfully amusing. His ability to communicate to all generations through laughter indicates his brilliance. I only hope that his successor as Chancellor can live up to his formidable reputation here in Durham.
Gareth Evans, England

One of those people you think you knew in person. He was like a dear uncle. A great, great man.
Nick Campbell, UK

I've never had any time for intellectuals rambling on television but was always captivated by Ustinov, he's irreplaceable.
Stuart, Manchester, England

Sir Peter was a prime example of the cosmopolitan individual who became successful using a combination of British and European personal attributes. He may have been a recognised multi-talented Polymath across the world and Europe, but I will always remember him as an eccentric Belgian detective using his little grey cells.
Duncan Philip Connors, UK

Sir Peter was, and still is, one of my three heroes to whom I look up to in this world. He brought laughter and light when there was none to millions; through his UN work, his books, his films or his plays. I managed to meet him when he produced the Bolshoi in London at Prokofiev's Love for Three Oranges where he wore the brightest orange shoes and tie! Sir Peter is one of the few people in this world who will never be forgotten. He is still my hero.
Graham Chandler, England

Peter Ustinov always seemed like one of the universal constants: always around and always funny or intelligent in whatever he did. I grew up watching him and will deeply miss this kind, funny man. The Universe is a little darker today. RIP.
Mark Little, UK

First I met Sir Ustinov in 2002 in Paris during a retrospective of his "Billy Budd". Then, a year later, I had a chance to interview him for the Armenian Television in his fabulous house near Geneva. We spent together several hours and now I can say these were one of the most impressive moments of my life. After this amazing experience we talked several times on the phone and each time I wondered how wise and kind a man can be. Once I called him and said that all the Armenia is grateful to him for the words and warm feelings he expressed for us and Ustinov answered. "So I am a quite big star there?". I want to describe him only with one word- A Great Man.
Hayk A. Martirosyan, ArmNews, Armenia

I'll never forget a degree ceremony at Duham University when, as he started to speak a baby cried. He reacted spontaneously and hilariously to give an academic oration in baby-talk. Only a truly great man with a rare gift could pull that off.
Tom, UK

Yes Sir Peter Ustinov was a good actor. I have watched Spartacus over and over again. All the good actors are passing away and the new ones can't replace the old ones because they had talent. My condolences to the family.
Venita, England

I was very saddened to hear this news. I met Sir Peter a number of times in his capacity as Chancellor of the University of Durham throughout my four years as a student there and found him one of the funniest speakers I have ever heard. It was an honour to receive my degree from him. My condolences to his family.
David Mackintosh, United Kingdom

One of the rare Renaissance men of our age
D. Oswald, Croydon, UK
One of the rare Renaissance men of our age both in the Arts and in the art of living. Will miss his wonderful humour, his warmth and generosity to humanity and evergreen lust for life.
D. Oswald, Croydon, UK

Death on the Nile was the first western colour film I saw in China as a school kid in 1979 after the Cultural Revolution. It was simply wonderful! For months after, my friends and I were mimicking and laughing. It helped to open my mind up to many different cultures, languages and places. I will miss him.
Ping Zhang, China/UK

A man of great wit and culture, from serious theatre to whacky humour. My favourite, from the '60s, is his comedy LP of "The Grand Prix of Gibraltar" He plays all the team characters, in their respective languages, such as "Girling Foss" [i.e. Stirling Moss] "Signor Fanfani" [Enzo Ferrari] and all the sound effects of racing engines and squealing tyres. He was an object lesson in intelligence, humour and great achievement, whilst not taking one's self too seriously.
Chris Nation, UK

I have read all the tributes and agree with them all, however for me his last role in Luther maybe the "swan song" to end them all. He put some much class wit and professionalism into a very good film even though his part was not so big.
Paul, Wales/Germany

It's sad when a great actor and talented linguist dies, Peter will be sadly missed, but what a wonderful range of talent he has left on film for future actors to follow
G.M., Wales

The world will be missing a very talented actor and such an interesting person! He truly had a great presence. His talent, sense of humour and warmth will be missed.

At 25, I am probably too young to have fully appreciated all he has done in so many fields, but he was Chancellor of my University (Durham) and gave me my degree in Modern Languages. I, like many others, I am sure, was struck by how he managed to remove the stuffy edge from the ceremony, all the while making it appropriately formal yet extremely enjoyable. He will be sorely missed and may he rest in peace.
Leesh, UK

Lovely lovely man
John Anderson, UK

His autobiography, "Dear Me" is hilarious and wry. Lovely lovely man. BBC3 or BBC4 could and should fill many hours with replays of his wit.
John Anderson, UK

Intelligent, funny, talented, aware, humble... they don't make them like they used to.
Wendy, UK

When I graduated from Durham University, the excitement of the graduation ceremony wasn't that of receiving our degrees and the culmination of three years hard work, but the fact that we would finally get to shake hands with Sir Peter and here his remarkable public speaking first hand. I am so deeply saddened that he is gone.
John, England

I have a long playing record of "Peter and the Wolf" which I bought many years ago and listen to frequently- I even had to buy a new up-to-date record player - and I have never ever heard a better narration the world is a lot poorer today.
Sandra Collins-Thomas, U.K.

I am very saddened to hear that I will not be receiving my degree from Durham this summer from this wonderful, talented man. Durham has lost a chancellor, the world has lost a true talent. My he rest in peace.
Rachel, UK

A fascinating man to listen to, he would have captivated me had he read the telephone directory to me from A to Z! The world has lost such a character.
Sandie Nunn, England

He was my hero. A boneviour and raconteur par excellence!
James Hodges, UK

I too am a "One of our dinosaurs..." fan, but I will also remember his last appearance on This Is Your Life. The "family friends" who greeted him included live video links with Mikhail Gorbachov and, I think, King Hussein of Jordan, both of whom were greeted in their own language by Sir Peter. A sad loss, but a lot of great memories to be thankful for.
Jon G, UK

It was an honour to receive my degree from such a great man
Anon, London

During my graduation from Durham last summer Sir Peter had the entire cathedral laughing with anecdotes and impressions. It was an honour to receive my degree from such a great man and he will be sorely missed.
Anon, London

Some years ago I was asked which person I would most like to have dinner with. No contest - Sir Peter won the day. This was a man of immense talent, wit and intellect. He will be sadly missed. God bless Peter, may you rest in peace.
Tony, UK

I am 37 and feel as if I've 'grown up' with Sir Peter - he will be much missed.
H Healy, UK

Irreverent, irascible, and simply irreplaceable. The thinking persons all rounder. A sad loss indeed.
John Jacobs, UK

A great talent & a compassionate human being. He left the world a richer place for the way he touched all our lives.
John, UK

The man was a legend and someone who I respected immensely. I remember an occasion whilst dining at Langhams that I had the privilege of Sir Peter sharing one of his fine anecdotes with Michael Winner regarding his time in the army serving for David Niven. Sir Peter held the room with his wit and his fine story telling. He will be sorely missed.
Richard Porter, England

Alas, one of the lights of civilisation has gone out! One of the truly great people of our times is gone - a sad day for humanity and humanitarians. We will not forget, Sir Peter!
Douglas Fear, Germany

He was a great raconteur with a wicked sense of humour
Simon, Thailand

I once had the pleasure of hearing Sir Peter make one of his wonderfully amusing after dinner speeches in Bangkok, Thailand. He was a great raconteur with a wicked sense of humour. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP Sir Peter. We shall all miss you but your memory will live on.
Simon, Thailand

A sad day, true, but also one to be glad that such a remarkable human being was among us. Ustinov was a true citizen of the world as we all should be, and had a great love and warmth for his fellow man as we all should have. We all benefited by his life and work and example. Thank you Sir Peter for a life very well lived.
Peter Beaumont, UK

A wonderful man who gave so much to the world and shall be missed. He was one great man who shared his wisdom with a quiet resolve. May he be remembered for the human being he was.
David Anderson, UK

Sir Peter Ustinov was a wonderful writer, actor and speaker. But his greatest talent was that he made people want to read, watch and especially to listen. He was a true communicator. Vale, Sir Peter.
Shirley Hogan, Australia

He was a committed internationalist and campaigner for peace and global unity
Dan Wheatley, UK
I met Sir Peter on three occasions in his capacity as the chair of the World Federal Movement, an NGO dedicated to reforming the UN. He was a committed internationalist and campaigner for peace and global unity. In summer of 2002 he visited London as guest of honour for the movement's international congress. Despite being in obvious pain with his legs, he held everyone in a spell with anecdotes that were full of his unique blend of humour and wisdom. He was a wonderful man. God bless you, Sir Peter!
Dan Wheatley, UK

Not only was Sir Peter a great wit, writer and actor: UK readers (and others) should not forget that his BBC TV series on Russia, made in the 1980s, was an eye-opener in that it showed the real lives of ordinary Soviet citizens, and revealed the truth that people everywhere are pretty much the same, and we have more reasons in the world to get on with each other than to make war.
Robert Day, Coventry, UK

I had the privilege of hearing him speak and later shaking his hand at my graduation ceremony at Durham University. Such a great intellectual, what a terrible loss. May he rest in peace
Kaine, Uganda

I echo the messages left from other Durham University graduates. The university will be hard pressed to fill the place he has left behind. As a language graduate he took the time to congratulate each student in the language of their degree. A true gent.
Shaun, UK

This great renaissance man of the 20th century
Matt, Australia
I was very lucky to receive my degree from Sir Peter Ustinov in 1997. I remember how he took pride in being associated with Durham, and made a point of writing a "postcard" in the annual magazine, which I read with great interest.
Aarti Samani, UK

I produced a 2-hour radio tribute to Sir Peter Ustinov in 2001, and his life and work should be remembered for its intelligence, humour, breadth, and most of all his deeply-felt humanity. I recall most fondly his wonderful fiction, principally Krumnagel, M. Rene, The Frontiers of the Sea and the Disinformer. Ustinov said of Audrey Hepburn on her death that she would have died young at any age. The same applies to this great renaissance man of the 20th century.
Matt, Australia

I met Sir Peter in Oxford in 1999 or 1998. He was frail, but still getting around with the aid of sticks. He entered the back of one of the exam halls, and several hundred people stood up to greet him. It took several minutes for him to reach the stage, but the applause never stopped and no-one sat down until he had. It was an incredibly moving illustration of the affection in which his audience, composed mainly of people aged 18-21, held him. Afterwards I had a delightful talk with him about One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing, a film he said he had greatly enjoyed making. My impression of him was as a gentleman in the truest sense of the word.
Bryan, UK

How sad this is. In a world of increasingly powerful narrow minds we need the likes of Peter Ustinov more than ever.
James, Leeds, UK

I shall remember Sir Peter as a great man as well as a great actor. The humorous anecdotes and stories of his experiences he shared in his many television appearances and documentaries are the best example of the man's raw genius as an entertainer. He will be greatly missed!
David, UK

When I was a young aspiring actor Sir Peter Ustinov sent me a good luck note and years later he visited a deli I owned and said what a special find. When reminded of his note he remembered it clearly. Sign of a brilliant mind. I also saw him give a special performance for the President of Ireland in Dublin and it was a genius performance. A sad loss.
Rob Smith, UK

He was so positive and supportive
Joan Rogers, England
I remember seeing Peter Ustinov at the National Film Theatre years ago. I laughed so much at his extreme wit I almost hurt. He was brilliant. Latterly we had the great privilege of having Sir Peter as Chancellor of my old university, Durham. Again he was so positive and supportive, compassionate and interested in everything the university did. I felt so sad to hear of his death - I don't usually feel moved to write in like this but he will be really missed, and we will be thinner for not having his laughter, and values imbuing the world.
Joan Rogers, England

While latterly Chancellor of Durham University, Sir Peter was also the first Rector of Dundee University after its establishment in 1967. And an excellent one he was too.
John Stephens, Scotland

I remember seeing him on Parkinson a number of times and thinking that he would be a fascinating dinner party guest. He seemed a truly descent man and capable of making you smile with his wit at any time. He will be sadly missed
Rob Pickering, UK

As Chancellor of the University of Durham, Sir Peter was a very widely respected. I am saddened that I will not now be presented with my degree by him in June, he will certainly be missed across the University.
James, Durham, UK

I checked him in at Heathrow Airport once when I was working there. He made me laugh so much trying out different accents and characters I had to start again 3 times and nearly put him on the wrong flight. I will never forget this brief encounter as he came across as a larger than life yet very down to earth and kind person
Florence, UK

Many will mourn the passing of such a cosmopolitan, cultured and European wit
T. Kubitz, Valenciennes, France
Many will mourn the passing of such a cosmopolitan, cultured and European wit. Ustinov could entertain a French and a German audience as well as a British one, a rare thing despite the supposed globalisation of culture.
T. Kubitz, Valenciennes, France

Sir Peter Ustinov has been, and always will be, one of my role-models in life. His wit, command of language and profound humanity has always been a source of inspiration for me. Many of his tales and monologues I know by heart to this day. He was an example to follow when I grew up. He will be dearly missed.
Ola Saltin, Denmark

I had the privilege of attending a small lunch party with Sir Peter in Hong Kong in 1996. He produced the funniest after lunch/dinner speech I have ever heard for over an hour. No script but totally off the cuff and recalled many funny experiences he had had over his many years. It is something I shall always remember.
Nick Richmond, Spain

Sad news indeed. Sir Peter was a wonderful, wonderful actor whose films have given me enormous pleasure over many years. My condolences to his family and friends.
Paul , The Netherlands

I recall him, some years ago, telling an absolutely hilarious story which had the audience rolling about. It was only later that you realised the story itself was not very interesting. The way Peter told it, mimicking all the characters that made it wonderfully funny. It takes real talent to do that. May he rest in peace.
Graeme, England

Peter Ustinov has been 'there' all of my life. Intelligence, sensibility and wit were his trademarks. I admired him and he never disappointed. This man could do more for world relations with one conversation than a thousand UN debates and the world is truly the poorer for his passing. God bless.
Macliam, UK

A truly amazing man who affected a lot of people's lives with his work
Pete Trainor, UK

One of my earliest film memories as a child was Walt Disney's "One of our Dinosaurs is Missing" with the great Mr Ustinov. A truly amazing man who affected a lot of people's lives with his work. A real loss!
Pete Trainor, UK

In 2002 I was lucky enough to receive my degree from Sir Peter in his role as Vice Chancellor of Durham University. Despite increasing frailty, he was warm and very funny and took the time to congratulate each of the hundreds of graduates individually. He will be much missed.
Eleanor, UK

I first became aware of Peter Ustinov's work as a youngster when watching Barbar the Elephant. A man who could provide character to a cartoon elephant and at the same time produce work of the depth of Spartacus can only be termed as one of the all time greats.
Johnnie Ryder, UK

Very sad news indeed - as Chancellor of Durham University he was much loved and respected by the whole body of students who looked forward to his extemporizations on Graduation day!
Anon, UK

I came to find his talents later in life, but one of the funniest, most genuine humanitarians around.
Les Tarr, United Kingdom

What a sad time for all of us who enjoyed his many talents. He is up there with many of the comedy greats like Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Harry Seccombe. Add to this his great intellect and acting and writing abilities and you have a wonderful artist. I have a marvellous record in which he tells the story of the Grand Prix of Gibraltar; a wonderful send up of formula one car racing in which he takes all the parts and makes all the noises! We will all miss him but still have his films and records to remind us.
Davide Hunter, Australia

His stories always made me laugh, and occasionally he made me think.
Peter McGarvey, England

Sir Peter will be greatly missed as chancellor of Durham University, the pinnacle of British education will never be the same again. We will miss you Sir Peter.
Matt Down, England

Peter Ustinov-larger than life, had the gift of the English language to make the silliest story interesting. It will take a long time before somebody else will have "the gift of the gab"
Peter Haslett, Australia

I have just learned of the sad death of Sir Peter Ustinov. He was one of our finest actors - quick-witted and brilliant on stage and screen. I remember with particular fondness An Audience with Peter Ustinov some years ago. He will be sadly missed.
Judith, UK

Sir Peter Ustinov was an intellectual role model for me. He always spoke of keeping one's sense of "awe". I am deeply sad about his passing. I was glad to have met him at a book-signing in Cologne a few years ago. He was so kind, and in German as witty as he was in English. He will be missed.
Peter Nadig, Aachen, Germany

What a wealth of knowledge wit and humour
Nick Ashton, Florida, USA
What a wealth of knowledge wit and humour. An actor's actor a director's director and a writer's writer, and a legacy we shall never forget. Thank you Mr. Ustinov for 82 wonderful years filled to the brim and you will live for evermore through the works you have blessed us with!
Nick Ashton, Florida, USA

Surrounded by such a dearth of genuine humour, his simple insightful genius will be missed. His comments on Russia were a large prompt for me in studying that nightmare of a language and her history. My thoughts go to his family, you will be missed.
Steven, England

Sad, sad loss. Always tried to watch him when being interviewed - marvellous entertainment. I will never forget his telling of an entry in his school report: 'Peter tends to set himself very low targets which he then fails to achieve'. Priceless.
Terry Richards, UK

Sir Peter will be sadly missed by several generations of admirers. As he once said himself: The point of living, and of being an optimist, is to be foolish enough to believe that the best is yet to come. God's speed.
Phil, Hampshire, UK

As an alumnus of the University of Durham I like to pay tribute to a man who was a wonderful and active chancellor of our university, having succeeded Dame Margot Fonteyn in 1991. He will be greatly missed and very affectionately remembered by many.
Darren Stephens, UK

One of my life's ambitions was to be at some function where Peter would be the after dinner speaker. With the exception of Spike Milligan I can not think of anyone who would deliver a wittier, more entertaining monologue. I've sorely missed out, on both accounts.
Graeme, England

Sad news. Ustinov did great work for UNICEF and was a wit as well as the definitive Poirot. Many great roles, notably those in epics like Quo Vadis and Spartacus- his best piece of work was his adaptation of Melville's Billy Budd which I would love to see screened in tribute.
Jason Parkes, UK

He was an excellent actor and raconteur without equal
Jules , UK
Another of Britain's finest has passed away but he leaves us with great memories. He was an excellent actor and raconteur without equal. A sad loss.
Jules , UK

Very sad news, as a big fan of and a regular visitor to the Devon countryside, I found his narration of the film Tarka The Otter excellent.
James Vertigan, West London, UK

A master of the art of acting who will never be forgotten. Thank you Peter for enlivening the entertainment world.
David, England

A great man and brilliant actor. Full of wit and charm and a real gentleman. Wish there was more like him in the world!
Stuart, UK

Very very sorry to hear this news. Sir Peter was Chancellor at Durham University when I graduated and it was a great pleasure to hear him speak. He will be sorely missed.
Mary, Scotland

The world is poorer today for the loss of such a talented and generous individual.
Dr. Graham Orme, Bahrain

Being a fluent German speaker, Sir Peter was extremely popular here in Germany and on German talk shows. I think the German people will really be affected by his death. I will always remember him for Spartacus - probably his best role ever.
Mark O'Neill, Würzburg, Germany

The world has lost one of its greatest and most clever men. He brought a smile on the faces of so many people. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Patrick Lechner, Germany and United Kingdom

A sad day indeed, Peter Ustinov was unique in modern culture, and will be sadly missed.
John Holmes, Ireland

Intelligent, funny, urbane, caring...there are endless words to describe this wonderful man
Nick, Munich, Germany
Intelligent, funny, urbane, caring...there are endless words to describe this wonderful man. Thank you, Sir Peter, for the pleasure and happiness you brought to so many.
Nick, Munich, Germany

A great, shining light has been extinguished - he was one of the funniest, wittiest, whimsical Englishmen I've ever heard .
Edward, Singapore

Truly one of life's wonderful characters. The world will be darker place without him, though his light will for ever shine through the films, books and programs he has left us. God Bless
Doug Light, UK

A great actor, writer, public speaker, charity promoter and linguist a complete all rounder and consummate professional. I'll always remember the laughs you gave us Peter.
Steve, England

I'd like to add that Sir Peter was also Chancellor of Durham University for many years where he was a very popular figure at degree ceremonies. In fact, Durham paid him a huge tribute recently by naming a new college after him. He will be much missed by Durham.
George, UK

A wonderful actor and a wonderful person. The epitome of a man of our times. It is a sad occasion but perhaps we should focus on the astonishing life that he led.
Paul B, Oxford, UK

He really was a multi-talent. Great actor, but above all a great human being. Funny and caring and doing charity long before it became fashionable. A very sad loss indeed.
B. Kingma, Netherlands

The world has lost a most wonderful person. His books gave an insight into a kind and generous soul who was an example to us all. I met him once and it was an encounter I shall always treasure. This earth will be a much poorer place for the loss of its best 'citizen of the world'.
Alison Blake-Reed, Wiltshire, England

A European at its best. Thank you very much, Sir Peter!
Bjorn, Oslo, Norwah

I always felt he was a most amazing man, a polymath polyglot who somehow managed to fit more into his life than anyone else I know. He not only had a very rich story to tell about where he came from, but was also very amusing when talking about life in general. He will, I'm sure, be greatly missed.
Chris Atkins, UK


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