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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 August 2004, 21:48 GMT 22:48 UK
Were you affected by the flooding?
A firefighter rescues a cat after the flash floods in the village of Boscastle
A massive clean-up operation is under way in north Cornwall after devastating flash floods hit the area.

Dozens of people had to be airlifted to safety after the village of Boscastle was hit by a wall of water three metres high.

Buildings were destroyed and cars swept away in the flood, but no-one has been reported missing.

You sent us your photos of the devastating floods in Cornwall

"The flood water reached 40 miles per hour as it tore through the steep streets of Boscastle," Cornwall emergency planning officer Richard Fedorowitz said.

Were you affected by the floods? Tell us about your experiences - or send any photos to yourpics@bbc.co.uk

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Your comments:

We had a lucky, if hair raising escape
Sheena Harvey, Padstow, Cornwall

I had booked a day off work, and my friend Jan and I decided to go to Boscastle for a day out. We were ordering food in a restaurant, when we heard someone say "Oh my God!" We ran to the door, looked across to the car park, just in time to see the river bank burst. We ran for the car, and just managed to pull out of the car park as the white van shown in the footage sailed against a shop. We had a lucky, if hair raising escape, and our thoughts go out to all at Boscastle, including the emergency services.
Sheena Harvey, Padstow, Cornwall

I had heard of Boscastle previously to this terrible incident, through the lovely BBC programme "A Seaside Parish", which followed the parish priest. I haven't seen this being referred to anywhere else, was I the only person watching?
Rachel Phillips, Bingley, West Yorks

Rachel in Bingley - I watched "A Seaside Parish" as well - it seems almost unbelievable that all those wonderful places shown in the programme have now gone - especially the Witchcraft Museum. Boscastle is one of my favourite holiday destinations, and it's so sad to see the devastation. But I know they are a strong community and they will work hard to get the village back on its feet. Maybe the Heritage Lottery Fund would be able to help?
Candy, UK

I am in tears as I write. Cannot believe the devastation to lovely little Boscastle, I have such fond memories of this Cornish village, and the other places hit. I'm heartbroken and pray for all the people there. If there is a fund set up I will be ready to contribute.
Sue Shenton, Countesthorpe, Leics., England

My husband and I were very sad to hear that the small Christian shop "the Harbour Light" (opposite the Witchcraft museum) was demolished by the flood. It was one place we headed for every time we visited Boscastle. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone in Boscastle and hope you get back up and running as soon as possible.
Andrea , Cheltenham, Glos

Having seen the horrific pictures, I am heartbroken for the people of Boscastle and the other affected places. My Grandparents holidayed in Bude, as did my parents who first took me as a small child in the late 50s/early 60s. Having been to Boscastle, Bude, Stratton, a number of times through my life I know the area very well. We are a family of church bell-ringers and used to join the local ringers at Poughill and Stratton. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all the people. May God bless you.
Robert Elliott, Colchester

My wife and I visited Boscastle 2 years ago. We were both struck by its beauty and tranquillity. Walking around the coast we were mesmerised by the 'boom' of the sea as it entered the deep caves near the harbour. Well done to the emergency services for their fast response which must have saved many lives.
Philip Dunn, Stockport. UK

I holidayed every year with my parents in Stratton near Bude from an early age until my late teens. Boscastle was my most favourite place and I revisited it two years ago to see little had changed. So sorry to see the horrendous sights on the news last night, I just cannot believe it.
Sue Dyke, Stockport, Cheshire

Just returned home after being sent as part of Search & Rescue Team. Never in my 12 years in the Fire Service have I witnessed such devastation. Many thanks to all the other Emergency Services I worked with today, you are all a credit to yourselves. But most of all to the people of Boscastle, in times of such personal heartache, you showed how a wonderful small community pulls together to help each other in times of need. Thank you.
Danny Slay, Torquay

To us there is no other place in Cornwall
Alan Norton, Bristol
My wife and I have been visiting Boscastle for many years. To us there is no other place in Cornwall. We were due to visit again in just three weeks time. We pray that in the not too distant future this beautiful village will be restored to its former self.
Alan Norton, Bristol

I'm thinking of the state of the Youth Hostel as it was very low down in the village. Probably badly damaged but hope everyone is OK.
Andrew Smith, Catterick, North Yorks

Boscastle was not the only village caught in the flash flood. I live in Canworthy Water where the River Ottery burst its banks. At about 4 pm yesterday the whole area turned as dark as night and torrential rain fell accompanied by almost continuous thunder and lightening. An RAF Sea King worked for hours in very dangerous conditions and rescued several villagers from the roofs of their houses, out of trees and from cars. Numerous houses have been flooded, cars and tractors swept away and sheep were swept down the river have drowned. .
Didi Phillips, Canworthy Water, N Cornwall

My heart is literally broken
Sharon Jackson, Duncan, BC Canada

My heart is literally broken. I spent 6 months of the most wonderful time in my life in Boscastle during the 80's. I made many friends, and my heart goes out to each and every one of them in this horrible disaster.
Sharon Jackson, Duncan, BC Canada

It's just awful to see pictures of the place I've visited for well over a decade in the state that it currently is. My thoughts go out to all the villages in Boscastle who have been through this disaster and I wish them good luck in returning the village to its former glory. The stories of bravery from not only the emergency services but also the villages themselves show the true spirit of the Cornish people.
Rob, Sheffield, UK

I've never known a night like it! The scene from the cliff above was unbelievable, I've never known a flood like it. The rescue team did a wonderful job in ensuring the area was safely evacuated.
Pete Rodgers, Exeter

We were staying with friends down a lane, a direct two minute walk to the harbour. We'd been out for the day and on the way back heard the news on Radio 5 Live. We couldn't believe it. We managed to reach the top of our road and walked down, dodging cars that had been swept into others. Locals 'got on with it' in stunned silence. Outside our friends' house, it was like there had been an earthquake. The road was cracked open. Where our cars had been parked earlier, there was now a sheer drop into the valley below.

We waded ankle-deep through the downstairs of the house and could barely take it in. Helicopters were flying just overhead. Back and forth. We looked out to the garden - it was no longer there. With no water, heating or electricity - we decided to travel back to London. When we arrived home at 2.45 this morning we flicked on the news. Where we had lunch the previous day, the building was submerged. Good luck to the people of Boscastle.
Nicky Bullard, Sunbury-on-Thames

Does anyone know whether the hermitage and St. Nectan's Glen in nearby Trethevy are okay? It's been such a long haul for the owners to keep this beautiful pilgrimage going that it would be sad if this has been compromised.
Simon Huggins, Northampton, UK

I heard about the floods in Boscastle, where my parents went to relax without us kids, on the radio but didn't realise how bad they were until my uncle phoned and said they'd just seen my dad being rescued by a helicopter. They'd recognised him by the fetching pair of green shorts he owns! Fortunately both my parents are ok but my thanks go out to the emergency services that have done a magnificent job. I hope Boscastle will make a good recovery and in time will return to the beautiful place that everyone knows it as.
Hana Crossfield, Stourbridge, West Midlands

Having recently left the Royal Navy SAR squadron in Cornwall, it gives me an immense amount of pride to see such professional work done by all of the emergency services. Without such selflessness and bravery, I am certain that that the human cost of such an event would have been much, much higher. Well done to all of you.
Mark Sewell, Sale, Cheshire

I have the fondest memory of an amazing day spent with my family in one of the most gorgeous villages in Cornwall. Seemed so unreal to hear my mum on the phone last night telling me to turn the tv on, only to see the surreal events before my eyes. My heart goes out to all those who have suffered this natural disaster and admiration for those people involved in the rescue operation.
Karl Watson, Brighton

Does anybody know if Trebarwith Strand and the surrounding valley was also flooded? I have a lifetime of holidays spent there and I would be grateful to know that The Mill House Inn and surrounding houses are not also devastated. I am also very fond of Boscastle and will now treasure the things I incidentally bought there a couple of weeks ago. It is easy to forget the power that Nature to destroy things as we know them and my thoughts are with all those involved.
Sarah, Bristol

For those concerned about the Museum of Witchcraft, their website (www.museumofwitchcraft.com) says this: "The Museum of Witchcraft has been severely damaged, leaving much of the building destroyed. During this awful event Graham King, the owner of the Museum, bravely assisted in the rescue operations using his coast guarding skills to help others. The Museum will take time to recover but rest assured it will be back, restored to its previous splendour. All donations and offers of help will be greatly received."
Tim McGregor, Hove

Having lived in Cornwall for the past 20 years, this is by far the worst disaster in the county that I can remember. Seeing pictures of the utter devastation caused by torrents of water ripping through the heart of Boscastle and images of cars, trees, boulders flowing through the village, my thoughts go out to all those caught-up in this terrible disaster. Well done to all the emergency services involved; without them this would have been a catastrophe.
Andrew McNeil, St Ives, Cornwall

Three foot of water surrounded our car, and there was no visibility beyond the bonnet
Christopher Gregory, Cardiff, Wales
Two antipodeans living in Cardiff thought a trip to Cornwall & Devon would exciting enough for the visiting mother-in-law from Adelaide, South Australia. How exciting we never imagined! 3 miles out of Boscastle, 3 foot of water surrounded our car, and there was no visibility beyond the bonnet. Our hearts were pounding! Fortunately, we were able to drive through and reach some higher ground where we shared apprehensive but supportive smiles and conversation with some 30 other stranded cars whilst the rain eased and the floodwater receded. Little did we know how close we were to true devastation, having been fortuitously turned back near Boscastle by a passing rambler.

The emergency services were quickly on the scene and nearly everyone managed the situation by supporting each other despite the shock and anxiety of it all. Our thoughts for strength and recovery to the citizens of Boscastle: We remember the fine things whilst acknowledging the tragedy with respect too.
Christopher Gregory, Cardiff, Wales

I have spent many a wonderful holiday in Boscastle and am devastated by what has happened. Boscastle is the most beautiful of holiday spots and has a wonderful community which makes visitors feel so welcome. It is essential the government steps in to confirm it will be giving the necessary assistance that they will need to help rebuild their lives. Hopefully , most holiday makers like me that have been there will be back as soon as we can to see the wonderful locals and to help in whatever way in can.
Helen Smith, Brentwood, Essex

We had our wedding reception in the little harbour restaurant years ago and have visited every year since. What a terrible thing to happen to such lovely people and a very beautiful village, made even worse as the neighbouring coastal villager of Crackinton Haven, also badly damaged in the flooding. We can't believe the devastation that has been caused.
Stuart, Wakefield, Yorkshire

It was terrifying to see such powerful waves
Michale Henderson, Boscastle
I was so shocked to see the flood waters arrive, we had to evacuate from our house just 5 minutes before the big wave hit the side of the wall. It was terrifying to see such powerful waves, first thing that came to my mind was "the day after tomorrow" it was like as if this freak weather system is something of our doing. The rain was exceptionally hard and the whole situation could have been much different had we not left the house in time. One has to thank the rescue helicopters as so many of them came to the rescue of those trapped in their cars.
Michale Henderson, Boscastle

With all the attention focused by the media on Boscastle, don't forget that the floods affected a very large area of North Cornwall. Here in Marhamchurch near Bude, 15 miles to the north, we watched helplessly as people climbed up onto the roof of their house in the middle of a raging torrent at the edge of our village by the A39. Their garage and cars were washed away as we watched, but after an emergency call the fantastic RAF came along and winched them to safety. We tried to reach an elderly couple trapped in their house next door but couldn't see them. The winch-man managed to hang outside their window and made contact - but they decided to stay put until the water receded.
Malcolm Mitchell, Bude, North Cornwall

We have been spending family holidays in the Tintagel area for nearly 20 years. Boscastle is one of our favourite places, and the "Harbour Light" shop an inevitable stop for an ice-cream for the children. We are desperately sad to hear that the shop (which was formerly the Pixie shop) has been washed away. We would like the owner, and all of those in Boscastle who have been devastated by the flood, to know that we are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.
Simon Dunmore, Bridgnorth, UK

I know that the Cornish Spirit will see you through this
Michael Troon, Stourbridge, West Midlands
As an exiled Cornishman I was horrified to see the graphic pictures of the flooding and felt so helpless being away from "home". My thoughts are with the people of Boscastle, Crackington and the surrounding area. I know that the Cornish Spirit will see you through this. Our thoughts are with you.
Michael Troon, Stourbridge, West Midlands

Not quite the holiday they had expected! My parents go to Cornwall for 4 weeks every year and it is always over their wedding anniversary. To celebrate, I had sent them some money to spend as they wished. They first tried to use it at a water mill museum, but it had closed down, so they booked a guided boat tour from Boscastle instead. Unfortunately, the only boats running that day were cars! Since then they have been stranded in Boscastle due to the torrent of flood waters and the fact that their car is one of the nine huddled together on the last bit of the car park, but there is no road left to get there now. But with all disasters they have been looked after by a local lady who put them up for the night with food and a bed. So I say thank you Boscastle for proving that when needed we always pull together in times of hardship and pain. Thoughts also to those who have lost much.
Paul D, York

Such a terrible blow for the people and village of Boscastle, we hear quite a lot these days of global warming, lets hope this will not be repeated, however let's also remember the sterling work carried out by the emergency services, in particular Air Sea Rescue, from reports there were up to 7 Sea King Copters, I wonder when the deputy Prime Minister visits the area today and praises the efforts of the services, will he and this Government stop and remember that this tragedy could have been a lot worse in terms of loss of life, if the proposed cuts in defence and home services budgets are implemented, where would the 7 Sea King rescue Helicopters be then?
Alfred, Surrey

All belongings and tents have been washed away
Tiffany Fearby, Daventry, Northants
My mum and a load of friends have been camping about 10miles from Boscastle. Thankfully mum came home on Saturday as the mobile phone reception is non-existent and I would have been worried sick otherwise... Unfortunately mum's friends have stayed on at the campsite and we have managed to contact them and luckily they are all fine. All belongings and tents have been washed away but material items can be replaced, lives can't. I send out my warmest thoughts to all those who have been affected by this freak accident and thank the unknown out there that mum came home safely and before the tragedy happened
Tiffany Fearby, Daventry, Northants

I have had some lovely breaks in Boscastle, staying above the Harbour Restaurant. I do hope Christine is OK - such sad news after all of her hard work in making the place so smart. I can't believe that I shall never see that lovely view again - the one as you are driving down the hill and turn to see the village below you and the little stream heading for the sea.
Robina Varley, Nottingham

Please, please could someone tell us if the damage to the Witchcraft Museum is salvageable. I would hate to think that I have lost my favourite place in the world, along with many other people I'm sure. This disaster has caused genuine upset and disbelief from everyone I know who have visited Boscastle and the surrounding areas. I'm sure there are plenty of folk, including me, who would love to help. What do you need down there? What can we do?
Mona Starr, Leicester, UK

Boscastle experienced a similar flash flood in either 1957 or 1958. I was there at the time as a child with my parents. I suspect it did not hit the national news but was certainly reported in local Cornish papers. There was a copy of the press cutting in the Visitors Centre which I suspect is now no more. On that occasion at least one person lost their life
Donna Cosstiick, Mold, Flintshire

My husband and I have just come back from another holiday in Boscastle. The place is like our second home. Please forward our heartfelt thoughts to all the people of Boscastle. Blesed Be
Ann Morgan, Wellington, Somerset

My mother lives in Boscastle (on the hill thankfully). 300 year old 'Other World Shop' and Clovelly Clothing gone, Cornish Goodies and Witchcraft museum apparently standing, but with a tree sticking out of the roof. I was gobsmacked to watch the devastation of one of our best kept secrets, let's all make sure the village gets back on its feet.
Martyn Gilbey, London

My brother works in the restaurant on the harbour front at Boscastle. I have just managed to get through to him (8am) and he had actually taken two days off work so was not there when it happened. He does not know what has happened at work as the phones are out. He lives on Bodmin Moor and actually commented to his partner that a very black cloud was over that part of North Cornwall yesterday, as they could see it from their house. From what I know of Boscastle it is a strong community and will pull together and get through this. We wish them all the best for the clear-up.
David Batt-Rawden, Abingdon Oxon

I would like to say thanks to the emergency services
Kim Yates, Stevenage
My daughter was involved in this disaster she was staying in the main part in a hotel with her dad and she was winched to safety by helicopter, I was so worried for her safety, but have spoken to her and she is fine, all she wants to do is come home. I would like to say thanks to the emergency services. THANK YOU!
Kim Yates, Stevenage

I grew up in Crackington Haven, one of the villages next door to Boscastle. I am so upset to see the pictures of Boscastle, but am also aware of the great damage that has also occurred in Crackington too where the river has also burst its banks and left people sleeping homeless in the local village institute. These are beautiful places with thriving and committed communities, and this disaster is heartbreaking.
Sarah, Beckenham, Kent

My family are from the area and my parents now live in Bude. They went for a meal to Widemouth with my brother and sister-in-law at 4pm and already it was incredible rain. My brother remarked it was so similar to tropical African rain (where he spends a lot of time working. Then they watched as all rescue services began their incredible work.
My brother has one of those phones linked to the internet so they realised what was happening. The Bay View pub began to let in water and later they tried to return to Bude. They realised the town was also very badly affected - canal meets river meets sea situation - My brother began a very bad asthma attack and eventually after paramedics helped him they were escorted through flood waters so they could walk home.
At least they are safe and well but it just goes to demonstrate that despite all the technology in the world we are still ultimately so vulnerable to the forces of nature. My thoughts and prayers today are with everyone involved in the disaster. No doubt John Prescott will be more than eager to offer assistance as you rebuild your shattered homes and businesses?
Carolyn Kimbrey, Worcester, Worcestershire, UK

We have visited this magical little village for the past 11 years and were horrified to see the devastation caused - its like finding out that a dear friend has had a terrible accident. Our love and good wishes go out to everybody in Boscastle especially Butch, Adrian & co in the Cobweb Inn and Jackie & Geoff of Pennycocker Farm - whose teenage son was airlifted to safety by the superb rescue services.
Jackie Johnson, St Albans

We were all on holiday in Cornwall and spending the day in Boscastle. We had to abandon our car and leave on foot. The rain was the worst any of us had ever seen. People were clinging onto everything they could as a river ran down the main street. Absolutely shocking
Mark Williams, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Today my house has gone; a lifetime's work, wiped out in a few seconds
M, Boscastle, Cornwall
Last week, 10,000 homes in Florida, I watched it and thought thank God it's not me. Today my house has gone; a lifetime's work, wiped out in a few seconds. I'm staying with friends, they're being very kind. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with this.
Tomorrow it might be you. Surely now it is clear that weather patterns are changing. To Bush I say: It's too late for me, but for the sake of the world, forget profits, forget the black gold and sign Kyoto before its too late for you.
M, Boscastle, Cornwall

Arrived on Saturday. Admired the beautiful village on Sunday. Little left of it today. Helicopter crews and other emergency services have been fantastic - out all afternoon and evening in the worst of the weather.
Steve High, staying at Boscastle

We were married in Tintagel in May and visited Boscastle during our honeymoon. It is absolutely devastating to see what has happened to such a lovely, beautiful spot. Awful pictures on the news.
All the very best to the local residents, businesses and rescue workers in Boscastle and other nearby affected villages.
Bill Harrison, London.

My heart goes out to all involved with Boscastle. Three friends and myself were in Boscastle on Sunday, walking around all the shops, the museum and had lunch in the cafe. I hold on to those images from Sunday - my wife and I were in silence watching on the BBC News last night.
Tim Simpson, Torquay, Devon

Every effort must be made to restore the village to its former beauty
Philip Parker, Guildford Surrey
My wife and Brother-in-law owns a cottage in Boscastle harbour. I've just had two great weeks down there. My brother-in-law is on holiday there now, but he was out for the day. It is a great shame, a wonderful village. I feel that every effort must be made to restore the village to its former beauty
Philip Parker, Guildford Surrey

My Grandfather lived in Boscastle for over 20 years, so I've been visiting the village for a long time now. After seeing the images on television last night, my heart goes out to all the families affected by this tragedy. We can only hope and pray that no lives have been taken.
Andrew Latham, Cardiff, Wales

I lived in Boscastle in the winter 2002 for six months and I have happy memories of my stay. I love this town and I'm so sad by the terrible events. My thoughts are with you at this time and hope you come through this ordeal.
Caroline Brochard, Serazereux in France

What is the news about the museum (of witchcraft) Is the building still standing? Is the collection not destroyed? Many tourists (from Holland) will have visited the museum.
Jeannet Richel, Amsterdam, Holland

Was on Boscastle only 6 weeks ago. I've lived in the area all my life up to 2000 and really feel this is the loss of one of the most amazing villages in Cornwall. My heart goes out to the hard working people in the village, in shops, pubs and the fishermen who spend their lives looking after the many tourists that flock to the area in summer. I hope the county council can invest the time and money to restore Boscastle to its previous state so many more people can enjoy it in the future.
Paul, Newbury, Berkshire

My thoughts go to the people of Boscastle who have been affected by the flooding. It was only a month a go that I visited Boscastle. I can't believe the devastation that has been caused.
Simon Davis, Nottingham

I am devastated to hear the news about Boscastle - I was only there a week ago on Monday and thoroughly loved the village. I am especially concerned about the Witches Museum and The Otherworld shop next to the old Mill where I bought a beautiful silver Pentagram a week yesterday. If someone can let me know the condition of these two places I'd be eager to know more details. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.
Ana Gardner, St Albans, Herts

My family has just returned from a wonderful holiday in Cornwall. On our first day there we visited Boscastle and had a great time. What a great shame for such a fantastic place. Our thoughts go out to anybody on holiday and especially the people of Boscastle. We will return.
Phil Merridan, St Albans, England

My sympathy to those affected by the floods in Boscastle and to those anxiously waiting for news of family and friends. I hope that the people of Boscastle will take heart from the rebuilding of Lynmouth and surrounding area 52 years ago.
It is strange to hear that it was 52 years to the day that the devastating floods hit Lynmouth. I was unaware of this last night when I was reading an account of the Lynmouth disaster in Henry Williamson's book "The Gale of the World"
Jane MacKelvie Jutsum, London, UK

Boscastle is the kind of idyllic village that people dream of escaping too. We have visited the village and you could never imagine such devastation happening to such a beautiful place. Our thoughts are with those who now have to rebuild their homes and their lives. Good luck.
Martin de Wied, Fareham, Hants

I have been watching the various news reports on the TV this morning and the destruction and devastation is horrendous, My heart goes out to all who live in the area, the villagers need help to clean up and rebuild It's a pity that the PM hasn't seen fit to make a announcement and to offer support in the form of aid, this would help all concerned.
Chris Sayers, Chelmsford, Essex

My wife and I are devastated by the news. We think Boscastle is the prettiest harbour village in the country and visit regularly. Our thoughts go out to all the residents, businesses and tourists in the area. Anxiously awaiting news of the final damage.
James, Reading

To see the devastation the flooding has caused is heartbreaking
Karen, Pontypridd, Wales
I visited Boscastle for the first time last year and was mesmerised by the beauty of the village. To see the devastation the flooding has caused is heartbreaking. My thoughts go out to the villagers.
Karen, Pontypridd, Wales

Boscastle is one of many places in Cornwall my family and I have been to several times and will return to. My children loved the Pixi cottage shop which we believe has been washed away with other properties. We are all shocked by the devastation and wish all the villagers the very best.
Michele, Oxford, England

Having grown up in Tintagel, to see the pictures of beautiful Boscastle being torn to shreds is just too devastating for words. To happen at the height of the holiday season when so many people in the area deeply rely on the custom from visitors is just too terrible to contemplate. The nature of the Cornish is to pick up the pieces and carry on; it's a spirit that means that whatever can be done to rebuild lives, businesses and Boscastle itself must be achieved. I've spent many happy times there, and shall do so again. My heart goes out to everyone.
Andrew, Woking

Though never having experienced floods, my family and I watched with horror the scenes of devastation in Boscastle last night. Having visited there on holiday it was strangely chilling to see such a familiar place destroyed by the flood waters. My deepest sympathies go out to all the people affected and I hope one day Boscastle will recover - otherwise all we will have are pictures from our holidays.
Steve Attwood, Birmingham, West Midlands

I just want to offer my sympathy to all the people that have been affected by these floods I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through, I think it is everyone's worst nightmare being caught up in a flood. I just hope all these people that have not been located are indeed found safe and sound and reunited with their loved ones. I hope this is the first and the last of this torrential rain which has caused so much heartache and devastation already.
Charlotte Smith, Surrey

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the villagers and to everyone who was visiting the area
Yvonne Healan, Cardiff, UK
I have been to Boscastle many times, it is or was a beautiful place, with beautifully friendly and warm hearted people. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the villagers and to everyone who was visiting the area.... watching the television this morning it was shocking and hard to recognise the village, it upset me so much but how must the poor people involved feel.
Yvonne Healan, Cardiff, UK

I visited North Cornwall earlier in the year with my girlfriend. Boscastle was undoubtedly the most picturesque and unspoilt village we visited. I wish everyone there well and hope that you can salvage as much as possible. Best wishes.
Richard Hyde, Hornchurch, Essex

I have been in Cornwall for several times and every time I was there I visited the Tintagel and Boscastle area. My thoughts are with all the people who are affected by the flood. And I hope that it is possible to restore the village of Boscastle and to help all the people to build up again there houses.
Vera Both, Frankfurt, Germany

I was shocked to see the footage of the flash flooding in Boscastle shown on the 6pm national news in New Zealand (Tuesday 17th August). I was born in Barnstaple and know what a beautiful village Boscastle is, having visited it when I was a child. My sympathy goes out to all those affected by the flooding and I wish to thank all those involved in the rescue and clean up operations. I really hope that the village will be repaired and returned to normal as soon as possible.
Bob Bennett, Wellington, New Zealand

We had many happy holidays in Tintagel and Boscastle which was my parents' favourite place. I recall several lunches in "The Cobweb" and a fine dinner at "Valency House". Was so sad to see the images on TV yesterday. My thoughts are with the people of North Cornwall today.
Phil Orr, Ryde, IOW

We have been going to Boscastle for years sometimes twice a year, we feel it's like coming home. We have woke up today to this horrendous news. It is cruel that such a beautiful place and such lovely people have had to endure this. We live a distance away, but anyway we can help we will. Our sympathy to all the residents of Boscastle - your grief has hit wider than Cornwall.
Tracey, Steve and Thomas Davies, Olney, Buckinghamshire

As a regular visitor to Boscastle my thoughts and prayers are with all the families, businesses and visitors there, especially the Riverside Inn hotel.
Mar Norman, Chelmsford

So many fond memories from several visits. Our thoughts are with the people of Boscastle. Good luck and best wishes to you all.
Ivan & Joann Robinson, East Leake, Nottinghamshire

My family and I spent a day in the village only last Thursday, the pictures we have seen overnight are shocking. We only hope everyone is ok.
Andrew Crouch, Attleborough, Norfolk

I can't believe what has happened. I have visited Boscastle many times, it a beautiful little village not too far away from where I live. To hear that the bridge and many shops have been swept away is just devastating. I hope everyone pulls together and helps as much as they possibly can to restore Boscastle to the beautiful village it truly is.
Debs, Cornwall

It is fortunate that the RAF and Navy bases are still there nearby. What would have happened if these had already been closed down under the Government's new plans for the forces? I hope everybody is found safe and sound.
Helen, Teignmouth, Devon, UK

I have spent many winter's days sitting at the summerhouse on the top of the cliffs listening to the waves crashing into the rocks, the village is mesmerising, so beautiful and the people are the friendliest I've ever met, my heart goes out to them.
Claire Englishby, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

My heart goes out to all at Boscastle. Has there been any news at all of the Museum of Witchcraft? Is there any way that we can help by sending things needed?
Mags, Exeter, Devon

My husband and I have recently returned from a holiday in Cornwall and one of the highlights were our two visits to Boscastle. We fell in love with the village and its people and spent hours looking around the shops, the harbour and the museum. Last night we were devastated to see what has happened to such a beautiful place and our thoughts are with the local residents.
Grace M, Leeds, North Yorks

Boscastle, for those who have visited, holds a special place in their hearts, it is serene and picturesque, the devastation caused in inconceivable. The villagers have already proved an amazing sense of community. Our thoughts are with you
Julie, Bolton, UK

I was on holiday in Boscastle just a few weeks ago - such a shame to see a beautiful little town being hit by such devastation. Best wishes to all those who have been affected in some way...
Dave, Wiltshire, UK

I was devastated when I saw the news last night, we are due to visit north Cornwall next month and had Boscastle on our list of places to visit as we have for the past fourteen years. I adore this place and my heart goes out to those villagers who work so hard all year to make our holidays so perfect.
Marilyn Hockley, Braintree, Essex. UK

My dad lives in Boscastle on the hill so he was lucky, but all those people who had worked so hard on renovating their buildings in the harbour must be devastated. My heart goes out to them.
Ben Wrigley, Weybridge, Surrey

I'm stunned. I've stayed in the village several times, usually in the Wellington Hotel. Glad there seem to be no casualties, but the damage to people's livelihoods must be devastating. If there is a fund to be set up to help I would be glad to contribute. In the meantime, love to all in the village, especially at the Welly and the Museum of Witchcraft.
Mel Durrant, Wellingborough, Northants

I have visited Boscastle on many occasions and have always loved the place - I always thought it a haven of tranquillity and adored the scenery, shops and excellent witch museum. To see that so horrifically damaged on TV this morning was beyond terrible. My heart and best wishes are with the residents and holiday makers affected. Will there be a disaster fund set up? It seems a good idea in the circumstances!
Katie Cassell, Banstead, Surrey

Boscastle is our favourite area of Cornwall, in fact we visited pretty much every day of the week of our stay. We just wanted to send our best wishes to everyone affected by this tragic event.
Karen and Nick, Shefford, Bedfordshire

Having visited Boscastle many times with my family, we were devastated to see the awful pictures on the TV. Such a beautiful and beguiling place destroyed by the ravages of mother nature is hard to comprehend. I cannot pretend to know how the residents must be feeling but judging by the messages already on this website the nation's hearts are with them.
Tanya Wells, Canterbury, UK

I've never seen weather so bad, the postman couldn't get to the house, the water was so high, I feel really sorry for anyone that got affected by it, I hope school will be ok for when I go back.
Alex Mills, Boscastle

I was scheduled to make a journey to Boscastle this evening. After seeing the amount of rain coming down and being flagged down by a policeman just outside the village, I made the decision to abort my journey. It was horrendous. I am still shocked.
Danko Jones, Tiverton, Devon

Daughter, son-in-law and baby granddaughter staying in cottage in Boscastle. We have not been able to make contact on either of their mobiles. Mobile service in Cornwall is never very good. We are anxiously waiting to hear from them.
Bob and Morwenna Semos, Sidcup, England

My brother and his wife were staying in one of the holiday cottages for their wedding anniversary, and just got out in time as the flood waters were rising. All their possessions were washed away, but they are both fine.

My aunt, who used to be the warden at the youth hostel (building nearest to the harbour, under water) also escaped, but her car was washed away. I have stayed in Boscastle many times, and was in the youth hostel when the remains of hurricane Lili hit in 1996 with 90mph winds, partially flooding the harbour up to the lower window sills on the youth hostel, and I thought that was bad enough, but this is devastating! It'll never be the same again.
Ben Wassell, Canterbury, Kent, UK

I escaped after my car wasn't able to go ahead, so l left it on a street. I haven't ever seen rain like it. It was massive...
bor Baelar, Cornwall

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