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Red Adair: Your tributes
Paul "Red" Adair, whose exploits fighting oil well fires around the globe made him a household name, has died in Houston, Texas, aged 89.

He played a key role in putting out the blazing oil wells in Kuwait that had been set alight by retreating Iraqi forces at the end of the 1991 Gulf War.

He first found global fame in 1962, when he tackled a fire at a gas field in the Sahara.

The feat was later retold in the John Wayne film Hellfighters.

Thank you for your tributes to Red Adair. Read a selection of your comments below.

I grew up in Artesia, New Mexico which is oil and natural gas country. My father was a petroleum/natural gas engineer and a geologist. He oversaw drilling operations for SE New Mexico. I recall when I was in 6th grade (about 12 years old), a natural gas well went wild. The resulting fire brought down the drilling platform and sent a flame hundreds of feet in the air. Red Adair and his team came to the area and had the fire out within days. I remember Dad explaining exactly what was going to happen and why they were doing such and such. I found it quite fascinating.
C. Robert Appledorn, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

I have seen the late Mr Red Adair in action during the big oil well fire in Alberta. I believe it was his team that put the fire under control. My deepest condolences to his family.
Sofia, Canada

When I saw the movie, Hellfighters, with John Wayne, I was incredulous. Being me, I looked into the facts of the matter, and found the name and history of "Red" Adair, and his company. All I can say is that Mr Adair is the bravest man I've ever heard of, and I mourn his passing, in that, (a) We have lost one of the last great American heroes, and (b) I will never have the opportunity (no matter how remote) of ever meeting him, and shaking his hand.
Larry E. "Dutch" Lyle, Cleveland, Ohio

I detest the way people use the word HERO on insignificant people! Now RED ADAIR was a HERO! A great man and a great loss to the world.
Terence Gaffney, Sunderland, England

The Greatest Firefighter ever! RIP Red Adair!
Aaron MJ Fisher, Cardiff, UK

A man who fought and breathed fire and saved thousands of lives. I'll never forget him.
Martina Jordan, Amersham, UK

A lot of the world finds it hard to understand Texans. Cowboys, you call us. No, not cowboys, Red was a Texan, better at actually accomplishing something than talking about it. We're not philosophers here, we'll leave that to the sons and daughters of Voltaire and Nietzsche. Red was one of us. Did us proud. When you need a tough job done call a Texan, someone like Red. When you need analysis call an academic in New York, London or Paris.
Anon, Houston, USA

I lived in Houston for many years and Red Adair was considered a real hero in that area. I'm glad to see the BBC noting his passing.
Chris, Boise, US

You were the angel that came to try save thousands of lives... God will grant you that air conditioned room in heaven like you wanted.
Steve Sinnett, Leeds, UK

In the days where 'hero' is used too often, ie, Hollywood, here is someone who truly epitomises the word. A legend.
Neil Irving, Barrow, England

My salute to "Red Adair" a tough old Texas bird much like another fine Texan, President George W Bush. These guys stand up to the fire and brimstone of this world - where others fall back in retreat.
George White, Houston, Texas, USA

I used to work in oil-drilling in the Sahara desert. I only knew Red Adair from photos and magazines and through my colleges. But in our minds there was always him since we knew that if something happened, there was always him to solve the problem. May he rest in peace
Dominic Zammit, Valletta Malta

A real hero - may all your gods be with you
Taff & Angela Kutchen, Cape Town, South Africa

Red Adair epitomises everything you imagine a hero to be. He was real-life action man who risked his life many a time to save lives. His caring daredevil efforts will never be forgotten even if he has been snatched from this world to help protect lives in God's kingdom now. Amen.
Geraldine, Glasgow, Scotland

Red Adair was an amazing man with an amazing story to tell.
JG, United Kingdom.

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