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Wednesday, December 17, 1997 Published at 10:13 GMT

Talking Point

Should hunting with hounds be banned?

Parliament in Britain has voted in favour of a Bill banning hunting with hounds. 411 MPs backed a Private Member's Bill, but there's no guarantee that the bill will become law.

Foxhunting is the dominant field sport across the UK but is also the cause of much argument.

Foxes are hunted in various different ways in the UK. There are regional variations - for example in Cumbria (in the north of England) where hunting with horses is impractical, so the hounds are followed on foot. Farmers who are losing lambs, piglets or poultry to a fox can call a hunt out - as a service rather than for sport.

But the debate still rages - is hunting with hounds part of country life? Or a cruel sport? What do you think?

What you've said so far:

I wish those who hunted would accept that what they do is outdated and barbaric...
Emma Stuart, United Kingdom

I feel the ones who oppose hunting do not fully understand that the population of vermin will increase with a ban...
Yvonne Moore, USA

Hunting is as important for our environment as is clean air and water...
Christine Olson, USA

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