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Oscars 2004: Your views
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King has swept the board at this year's Oscars with 11 awards.

As the final part in Jackson's trilogy of JRR Tolkien's epic novel, it had been hotly tipped to win.

But it dominated the Oscars, perhaps at the expense of other films, including Lost in Translation, Mystic River and Master and Commander.

Do you agree with the Oscar voters - did Jackson's film deserve to win so many prizes? Were the other films sidelined?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

A remarkable trilogy which deserved the recognition it got
Sharon Divan, Dubai, UAE
The Return of the Kings marked the culmination of sweat, toil and tears and a 'never say die' attitude of the entire crew and cast. A remarkable trilogy which deserved the recognition it got.
Sharon Divan, Dubai, UAE

It says more about the Academy's bias than the quality of the film that Rings got so many awards. How we can continue to take this organisation seriously is just as baffling as the fact that Rings won over so many amazing films.
Damion Armentrout, Columbus, OH, USA

The great injustice of the night is that Bill Murray's sublime performance in Lost In Translation lost out to Sean Penn's method-by-numbers histrionics. Still, Bill can console himself with the thought that he's on a par with Cary Grant, Richard Burton and many other superb actors who never won Oscars.
Tim, Bangkok, Thailand

Of course it deserved the Oscars it received, my only gripe is that the actors themselves were totally overlooked in the nominations and the awards. Ian McKellen was robbed; there was no better actor and certainly no more a deserving one.
Patrick, London

I feel it's a shame that LOTR won so many Oscars. There were several good films this year, but that has not been reflected in the results. At least Master and Commander got two.
Phil, Cambridge, UK

Lord of the Rings - Return of the King deserves the lot
Linda A, Brisbane, Australia

Lord of the Rings - Return of the King deserves the lot. Absolutely brilliant. But also, how good was Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean?!
Linda A, Brisbane, Australia

LOTR is an epic tale, thoroughly deserving of its accolades. For New Zealanders it's a fantastic advert for our country; its stunning landscapes and talented people. Hats off to you Peter J.
Andrew, Hong Kong

It deserved every Oscar and more. The cast also should have an Oscar. Every one was brilliant.
P. Moore, Swadlincote, UK

It was a great film. But let us not forget that winning a lot of Oscars alone is not what determines that fact. Remember Titanic!
J. Moloney, London UK

Lord of the Rings was good enough I suppose, but hardly worthy of an Oscar sweep. How many times can you watch actors peer off meaningfully into the distance and say "It is time" ?
Paula, Boston, USA

Oscar-nominations are not about talent, skill or art - ultimately it is a PR exercise to reward the biggest money-making movies. How sad for real, true art that so many people the world over support this farce by actually taking it seriously.
Eric Weber, Bangkok, Thailand

Gollum should have won best actor!
Ernest Abbott, Singapore

There was one missing. Gollum should have won best actor!
Ernest Abbott, Singapore

Well done Charlize on winning the Oscar for best Actress. South Africa on top of the world.
Schalk, Stellenbosch, South Africa

I don't really mind LOTR winning. What was disappointing this year was Bill Murray missing out on what might be his only chance to win an Oscar, after decades of excellent but snubbed performances. Sean Penn's Mystic River performance was overacted and unbelievable, but I guess that is what the academy like.
Adam, Nottingham, UK

ROTK deserved every single Oscar. It's just disappointing that Ian McKellan/Viggo Mortensen/Elijah Wood weren't honoured for their superb performances. I doubt there will ever be a more powerful film made in my lifetime.
Kelly-Anne, London

The LOTR books were great but the films left me unmoved
John B, UK
I thought the LOTR books were great but the films left me unmoved. They would have been great if they weren't so long and so padded - I reckon if they had been cut down to about 2 hours, rather than 3 hours or more, they would have had much more impact. I've gone from loving the series to being decidedly Bored of the Rings.
John B, UK

I'm not really bothered who wins. It's just celebs with big egos being given awards and watched by other celebspeople with big egos. It's no more prestigious being given an Oscar than any other award. Just different people who judge awards with different opinions about the movies and the actors.
Mark, London

We should not be drawn into the "if it's popular, then let's knock it" mentality. It is a magnificent adaptation of a modern classic.
Charles Blunt, Brighton, East Sussex

I still think it's a great shame that Andy Serkis didn't get a nomination at least.
Ken, London, UK

Inspirational film making! All the principles involved in making this movie should be encouraged in the industry, and it has been. This success couldn't have gone to a better recipient than Peter Jackson. Well done!
Harriet Shaw, Aberystwyth, Wales

Of course - what do you expect when culture is so levelled, Lord of the Rings is full of rhetoric and obvious tricks and Peter Jackson is very smart, the rest of the populace isn't.
Margherita Muller, Glasgow - Scotland

To Margharita, if you would actually stop looking down at the great unwashed, you might see that all this is actually about entertainment.Films like this should be embraced not panned beacuse it's popular.Brilliant films and an outstandingly excellent book.If you want obscure elitism then go and comment on the Turner Prize.
Michael McGrory, Glasgow, Scotland

The LOTR trilogy, for which these awards have been given, not just the Return of the King is a masterpiece. It will be remembered as one of the greats. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but to suggest it is overrated is ludicrous. Congratulations to Peter Jackson and his crew and cast. Please do The Hobbit now.
James McKie, Sweden

Over-rated and dull as dishwater. LOTR is saved only by its fight scenes and New Zealand's incredible landscapes. An absolute must for Tolkien fans only. Good but not great - and at least 20 minutes too long at the end. Jackson deserves an award for bringing the book to life but that's all.
Daryl, Gloucester UK

The achievement of Jacksn and his cast/crew to produce three films back-to-back of such outstanding quality really had to be honoured
David M., Newport Pagnell, UK
So pleased that Lord of the Rings picked up the two big prizes (Best Picture/Director). I think it was unimaginable that it wouldn't as the achievement of Jacksn and his cast/crew to produce three films back-to-back of such outstanding quality really had to be honoured by the Academy. What was amazing was that it also picked up the other nine awards it was nominated for. The first film ever to get a 100% success rate is a fitting tribute in itself.
David M., Newport Pagnell, UK

Yes it was a good film, but the first film was undoubtedly better than either of the sequels. There were far too many battle scenes and graphic effects and too little story and character development in the sequels. And where was the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Gollum?!
Sarah, Reading, UK

I am just sorry that the outstanding Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World had the bad luck to be released in this 'Rings' crazy year. An outstanding film that deserved better recognition for its excellence.
Marie-F Cameron,

Chalize deserves the prize, but I think it is a bit much - 11 awards for Lords!
Vlad, Bucharest - Romania

No surprise that Lord of the Rings won, but I am delighted that Sean Penn and Tim Robbins won for Mystic River. Pity Marcia Gay Harden did not win best supporting actress and give Clint Eastwood a treble.
Nicola Sandilands, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Even the crustiest, most academic or anorakish Tolkien reader cannot deny the huge achievement of Peter Jackson in bringing LOTR to the screen. I suspect that the Academy recognised this in their decision, and it was more for the entire trilogy than ROTK itself that the whole 11 were awarded. I look forward to the same team bringing other unfilmable Fantasy/SciFi epics to life, such as the Thomas Covenant books and the Pliocene Exiles saga.
Simon, London UK

Come on! Lord of the Rings has done it. It's the best film ever so of course it deserves all 11! So much has been put into the films so all the crew deserve rewarding! A big massive well done to the whole LOTR crew - you're the best!!
Laura Simmons, Royal Leamington Spa, England

LOTR will become part of movie history and is a rightful winner of the awards
Jennie Nicol, Lewes UK
The trilogy is an epic, although personally I didn't think Return of the King was the best of the three. LOTR will become part of movie history and is a rightful winner of the awards
Jennie Nicol, Lewes UK

This was the most boring awards show ever. Even the Grammys were more entertaining. That LOTR won all 11 awards shows the lack of imagination of the voters, and now there should be no doubt that the Oscars have become completely irrelevant when it comes to rewarding real excellence in cinema.

The Lord of the Rings deserved to win for many of its nominations. There was so much time and details put into the movie, and I respect all the people involved for everything they have created. They created a digital masterpiece! It's seriously the greatest movie ever made!
Sami , Paso Robles California, US

Anything except Lord of the Rings, please! The most overrated movie of all time. Peter Jackson and the entire cast pompously proclaiming they deserve to win above all others is nauseating. Maybe an award for cinematography or costuming, but definitely not worthy of any major awards.
Tom, Columbus, Ohio, USA

The only winners at the Oscars are the banks the supposed stars are with, and the commercial interests associated with such "celebrities." Let's hope for once they reward on merit, not media coverage.
Alf Fredrikkson, Northfield, Birmingham, UK

To all those saying they don't care who wins I would say only this: why are you bothering to look at this page in the first place! Lord of the Rings and Lost in Translation are my picks for tonight! Two great, but very different, films! Diversity rules!
Kirsty, London

Oscar nominees this year are a huge disappointment
Sherry Beth, USA
The Oscar nominees this year are a huge disappointment, with the notable exceptions of Scarlett Johannsen, Bill Murray and the movies they appeared in which were also nominated. The rest focus on the worst parts of humanity at a time when the world needs to focus on more positive things.
Sherry Beth, USA

Johnny Depp should win best actor for making Pirates of the Caribbean into a classic. Sophia Coppola should win best director and screenplay, but Lord of the Rings has got to win best film as well as Annie Lennox for best song.
Matthew, Manchester, Britain

The Oscars are handed out for political and commercial reasons having nothing to do with artistic merit. The only reason to watch this farce is in the hope of seeing an unscheduled political rant by one of the "winners".
Robert, El Prado, USA

Her stunning performance eclipses even the most seasoned Hollywood actors
Mike Ross, Wellington, New Zealand
Anyone who has seen Whale Rider will agree that Keisha Castle-Hughes ultimately deserves the Oscar for best actress. Her stunning performance eclipses even the most seasoned Hollywood actors.
Mike Ross, Wellington, New Zealand

Bill Murray has been over looked way too long. This performance deserves recognition.
Steven Jones, Milton Keynes, UK

Whoever wins on Oscar night, the best acting we shall witness will be the ones by the losers - as they tell us how happy they are for the winners.
Hugh, London, England

The Return of the King is unmatched. Of all the nominations, only Master and Commander comes close. Cold Mountain was a disappointment.
Abhijeet Gaiha, New Delhi, India

Who will win on Oscar night? Who cares !!!!!
Andy, Scotland
Who will win on Oscar night? Who cares !!!!! A self-obsessed industry spending vast amounts of money on self-gratification is not a spectator sport, it's a tragic comment on our shallow society that we take it seriously and think it matters.
Andy, Scotland

It should be given to LOTR: Return of the King and Peter Jackson - hands down. These two losing will only indicate how inaccurate the Academy is in honouring true great movies.
Zach, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I really couldn't care less, and why anyone else should, is beyond me.
David Price, Newport. Isle of Wight.

The Return of the King is one of the most tedious and contrived movies I have seen in a long time. The acting is substandard or in the case of Ian McKellen supported by insufficent dialogue to warrant an acting performance. What has caused this bore to get its favorite position?
Jack Clumpkens, Annandale, USA

Who cares? Isn't it enough that we pay money to be manipulated thru our emotions, that we also need to have contests to see who did the best job?
Ed, Canada

Oscar critics go for Rings finale
26 Feb 04  |  Entertainment

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