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Bafta film awards: Your views
The Return of the King has triumphed at the Baftas, winning five awards, including best film.

Master and Commander walked off with four awards, while 13-times nominated Cold Mountain only won two Baftas.

Comedy Lost in Translation had a good night, with its two stars Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson winning best actor and actress.

But what did you make of the awards? Did the right films win or were there any unlucky losers?

This debate is now closed. Read your comments below.

Your comments:

I think more than ever, the whole thing, the film world and the celebs, are irrelevant. It's a travelling circus full of 'stars,' hangers on, strokers, yes-people and other varieties of toady. None of it has any contact with the actual world. It's all an absolutely obscene waste of money and should be ridiculed.
Neil, UK

What a shame Jackson didn't get the best director, even the audience were a little surprised. And yes Johnny Depp should have won he gave a winning performance as Jack. It shows that these awards are not voted by the public how different they would be if they were.
Louise, Leicester

To Bad Peter Jackson again gets snubbed for a brilliant piece of work in Lord of the Rings. At least the box office proves the people really know a good film when they see it. It comes to show today's film critics are completely out of touch with the public.
L.J. Stenhouse, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Another clean sweep for lord of the rings, other awards it should have won:-
best film with a horse in it
best film based in middle earth
best film involving a fellowship of various mythical creatures.
Russell Lomas, Derby, England

Absolute travesty of justice that Johnny Depp did not get best actor...Bill is fine but doesn't have the range... his was not an award winning performance...Mr Depp's however was truly erudite...and brilliantly observed as always..
Alison Campbell, UK

Best performance of the night? Stephen Fry's mum!! Give her a job on Film 2004 - now!!
Helen, UK

Johnny Depp for Oscars bets actor, Captain Jack Sparrow is the best and funniest pirate I've ever seen! Superb character.
Brian, UK

Johnny Depp surely should have won Best Actor
Anne, Bristol, England
Johnny Depp surely should have won Best Actor. His performance in Pirates of the Caribbean was outstanding. His ovation on arrival spoke volumes from the public. His versatility in his roles is undeniably unequalled. Had we, the public, had the vote on that he would have won hands down. Instead, the boring old duffers chose a boring old safe bet and chickened out.
Anne, Bristol, England

So glad Michael Winterbottom's film (In This World) finally got some mainstream recognition. It ought to be required viewing for all readers of tabloid newspapers and all politicians - worldwide - too. Perhaps it can have a wider release now?
Geraldine Grant, Byfleet, UK

Wonderful to see "Master and Commander" take its proper place in the awards. It is superb piece of film making, intelligent, witty, moving and exciting.
A Lee, London

Most films in the past have misrepresented mountaineering in favour of inaccurate, implausible and sensational storylines. I'm so glad that "Touching the Void" won best British film. A film that breaks the clichéd mould to tell a gripping but true adventure is well deserved. This film could have been filmed so differently and its a credit to all involved that it has managed to maintain the integrity to tell a truly remarkable story.
Stuart Barker, Derbyshire, England

I was more hopeful of more prizes for Cold Mountain. Seems sheer bad luck.
Prabhat, Harpenden, Herts

I personally found Renee Zelwegger's performance in "Cold Mountain" the worst thing about it. Was she encouraged to give her "over the top" and grating performance by the Director? In contrast Nicole Kidman was a model of restraint.
M Bailey, Edinburgh-Scotland

Nice to see Peter Weir getting some long overdue recognition
John Stout, Edinburgh, Scotland
It was a shame that Peter Jackson didn't get the 'Best Director' award, but to get the awards for 'Best film' as voted by both the public and the critics reflects his success. Nice to see Peter Weir getting some long overdue recognition for his directing talents.
John Stout, Edinburgh, Scotland

While The Return of The King did well, Jackson not winning the best director award is a complete mockery of the awards. Can someone explain to me how Master and Commander is better directed? There are clearly alternate agenda here.
Louis Clementson, UK

Lord of the Rings-The Return of the King was a truly deserved Best Film Award. I hoped the Best Director Award to be bagged by Peter Jackson for his masterpiece. Nevertheless, his work will be an epic in action for the future generations to fall in love with.
Ratna Nagarajan, Bristol, UK

It's a good job that Peter Jackson is such a modest, unassuming and obviously strong man or he would have been gutted by the biggest scandal of the night. How all those years of effort and exceptional results failed to be recognised with the Best Director award is utterly beyond me.
Henry Hyde, Brighton, UK

I'm glad to see Bill Murray won. He has made so many outstanding films in his career that it is good to see him finally get some recognition.
Ralph Morris, Edinburgh

Johnny Depp still didn't get anything except the highest public vote. His face was shown more than any other audience member, why? Has someone a perverse sense of humour? If I'd had my face on screen that often I would have guessed I was getting something, I thought because of this he was, and I sat up and waited too!
B Wickham, Glasgow, Scotland

I thought Bill Murray thoroughly deserved Best Actor. Whilst I loved Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow, it was pure ham. And as for that accent....
Aaron T, London, UK

The best actor award should without doubt have gone to Johnny Depp for his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, who else could have given this character so much character, nice one Johnny
Clive J, Cardiff

It was a travesty that Peter Jackson failed to win 'Best Director'!
Zulfi, London
It was a travesty that Peter Jackson failed to win 'Best Director'! Three years of hard, complex film-making and still to be rewarded? Oh well, not to worry - your films will remain for future generations to admire while the rest fade.
Zulfi, London

I thoroughly enjoyed last night's BAFTA's but didn't agree with all the awards handed out. How can Bill Nighy triumph over Albert Finney? Why did Girl with a Pearl Earring not win best cinematography - it looked like a Vermeer! It also feels a bit like Lord Of The Rings had to win at it's 3rd go (I hope the same doesn't happen for the Oscars). Well done to Bill and Scarlett - both well deserved.
Antonia, London

I have no grumbles with the majority of awards. Having said that, when will Johnny Depp get the recognition he deserves? I also have to take exception with the BAFTA for Best Costume. LOTR's costume department had thousands of items to work on, each incredibly detailed, whereas M&C:FOTW only had to make (at most) a couple of hundred naval uniforms.
Nick, Crawley, UK

How on earth did Master And Commander take the best Director award away from Lord Of The Rings. I've seen both M&C is a good film but LOTR is in another League.

I was very pleased that Touching the Void won, it is a thoroughly well made and engrossing film. When will it get a full cinema release around the country though?
Jon Ryan, Winchester, UK

On the whole I largely supported the BAFTAs given. But what does it say about the films of last year (or the people choosing the shortlists) that it was the same four or five films up for almost every single award?
Peter Ford, Gateshead, UK

Emma Thompson looked beautiful and Steven Fry was very funny!!
Claire, Norfolk

Although it was nice to see a Brit (Bill Nighy) get best supporting actor - was disappointed that Tim Robbins didn't get the award. Also, Jack Sparrow is the character EVERYONE has been talking about this year! Depp superbly created the character himself, without directorial advice... let's hope he gets the Oscar!
Gemma, United Kingdom

Great result for the lovely Renee Zelwegger, not only as cute as a bag of puppies but an excellent actress too
Squiz, Islington
Great result for the lovely Renee Zelwegger, not only as cute as a bag of puppies but an excellent actress too; but shame on the Academy for once again overlooking Johnny Depp - his Capt Jack was a tour de force and he shines in everything he does. Let's hope he gets an Oscar instead. Oh and Stephen Fry once again proved he's the best on TV at this kind of thing - well done.
Squiz, Islington

I think The Girl With The Pearl Earring should have won an award! It was a truly moving and artistic film with beautiful acting.
Claire, UK

Good outcome for Lord of the Rings, but not a great one. Peter Jackson should have won best director by far. No doubt about it.
Si Hawkes, Tetbury, UK

I cannot believe the Matrix trilogy weren't even nominated for any awards! The visual effects and cinematography were awe-inspiring, paving the way for future films. These awards seem to be for films which you go to watch but leave your brain at home and storylines which are repeated time and time again. The Matrix trilogy was a breath of fresh air. Maybe it was before its time but it certainly created an impact on me and many other people I know. Has the world gone mad?!
Chantelle, Manchester, UK

I'm astonished Lost Translation took two acting gongs given that both actors didn't really do much except play themselves. The fact Johansson won for her "non-role" in the vastly overrated Lost in Translation was probably BAFTAs riposte to her missing best actress nomination in the forthcoming Oscars. She simply didn't deserve to win - a fact supported by her snub at the Oscars.
Jason, USA

Lost in Translation is a truly wonderful cinematic experience and Scarlet & Bill's superb performances make a large contribution but when all's said and done, it's Sophia Copolla's vision and execution that made sure she directed a film that really got under our skin! Her directorial debut (The Virgin Suicides) was equally brilliant! Her and her bloke Spike Jonze (Being John Malcovich) are the new talents of Hollywood - Pretty soon they'll be setting standards that everyone else will follow. That is if they're not already.
SnM, B'ham

LOTR is a rubbish trilogy of films from an equally rubbish set of pretentious pseudo religious "philosophical" books. What a disgrace!

Why is Sean Penn always overlooked?
Bea, Norwich, England
Good news for Touching the Void, brilliant film Bill Murray, enjoyable as he is, only ever plays himself. Why is Sean Penn always overlooked? Renee Zellweger should have had recognition for Chicago; alas in Cold Mountain she overacted and made a parody of the role.
Bea, Norwich, England

I was extremely disappointed that Johnny Depp didn't get best actor. His portrayal of Capt. Jack Sparrow was absolutely brilliant. Disney obviously recognised his ingenious ability to make any character his plays both memorable and original. The Academy it would seem were sadly lacking in their considerations.
Lea, Kent, England

I think films and performances should be given a few years to mature before any awards are given out. Isn't the degree of greatness measurable only by comparison with what went before? Comparison of just one years films and performances always seemed a bit shallow to me.
Andrew M, Walsall, UK

Very pleased Touching The Void and Lost In Translation got well deserved recognition. It was a tough year when there was such as stunning film as Return of the King to compete against! Johnny Depp original in Pirates of the Caribbean? He was playing Keith Richards, and has said so!
Rob Smith, London, UK

I really wish that Johnny Depp had won. My wife chose the film and I was not that bothered, until I saw it. Since then I have watched it again and again. Captain Jack Sparrow is awesome.
Steve Fenwick, Yeovil, England

I can't believe that people here are calling for Johnny Depp to be crowned best actor on the basis of Pirates of the Caribbean. It was awful ham acting in an equally awful film. What has the film industry come to if this is considered the best?
Lawrence, UK

This is just a method for film makers to publicise their films....a free advertisement
Chris Cooper, Manchester, UK
Overpaid and overhyped actors and directors getting awards for doing the job they are paid to do. Not only that, getting paid handsomely for doing it. This is just a method for film makers to publicise their films....a free advertisement. Scrap them and also scrap the ludicrous situation of the same people getting awards and knighthoods for prancing around in front of a camera!
Chris Cooper, Manchester, UK

Looked a bit one sided at first - I mean EVEN the best foreign language film award went to a Brit! Glad that Peter Weir won - I actually put money on it! Also, Stephen Fry should present the Oscars.
Jack, UK

Can anybody explain how The Station Agent won an award when it hasn't been released in the UK yet?
Terry H, Essex

I went to see Lost in Translation because Bill Murray had won an award for best actor. Not a brilliant film to me Mediocre acting and he was just being himself. With only two main actors there was not much choice and the best part of the film was the photos of Japan at night. The rest of the awards were well deserved especially Renee Zellwegger. I certainly would not see Lost in Translation for a second time.
Maria Crossley, England

I still think Lost in Translation should have won over LOTR. LOTR is clearly the financial winner but I don't think it can be judged on its own - it needs to be watched in conjunction with the other two films. LOTR deserved the technical awards but best film - i don't think so. Lets hope the Oscars don't bow under the weight of box office clout as well.
Paul Webb, Birmingham, UK

Well done to the team behind 'Touching the Void'. Now that it has been recognised as a wonderful film/documentary, is there any chance that we may be allowed to see it at our local cinemas?
Nigel Tickell, Glasgow

I think Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray both deserved their awards
Owen, Reading, UK
I think Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray both deserved their awards. The film was one of the best I've seen recently and the mood created by them both was a key aspect of making it so.
Owen, Reading, UK

Congratulations to Peter Jackson and the team, they have kept us in awe for the past few years and their success is well deserved!
Chris, Chippenham, UK

This year the awards have been fair. In the past it was so embarrassing that it was guaranteed that an English actor or film will win the top awards. I know it is the British awards but not everything with any British connection should win! Be fair like the Oscars.
Mr S Rai, Kent, England

I was disappointed at the absence this year of Russell Crowe and his fists. Left the whole ceremony rather flat, somehow
Henrietta, London
Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray were definitely the best-deserved winners for the excellent Lost in Translation, but I was disappointed at the absence this year of Russell Crowe and his fists. Left the whole ceremony rather flat, somehow.
Henrietta, London

If it were not for Stephen Fry then the whole thing would have been unbearable, thank you for that Stephen.
Barry Lowry, London UK

I'm glad the BAFTAs gave some kudos to Andy Serkis by inviting him to present an award. His performance as Gollum should have earned a Supporting Actor Nomination at the very least.
Geoff Taylor, Bury UK

Lost in translation was one of the worst films I have seen in a long, long time. How did Bill Murray win a Bafta just for a few blank expressions when someone spoke Japanese?!
Savio, London, UK

Can anyone explain how Return of the King can win Best Film, and yet it's director not claim the Best Director award?
Christopher Teague, Wales, UK
Can anyone explain how Return of the King can win Best Film, and yet it's director not claim the Best Director award? A film cannot be made without a director, and there are very few - if at all - good films made by a dreadful director, whereas there are plenty of the opposite!
Christopher Teague, Wales, UK

I agree with the other comments regarding Johnny Depp deserving best actor. Pirates of the Caribbean could easily have been a very soppy, cheesy children's film, but he turned it into a hilarious couple of hours for all ages. Jack Sparrow was an amazing character - he did have a great script to work from, but it was his acting that really brought it to life. I don't think I've laughed so much before in a film! Bill Murray was good, but it wasn't nearly such a memorable performance, nor as original.
Amanda, London

A more appropriate name would be 'The Not Quite American Television and Film Awards'. Given the amount of home-grown talents and huge tax subsidies to the TV and Film industries, the BAFTAs weren't up for much.
Chris O'Leary, London UK

Fantastic news for 'Touching The Void'. Well done! A truly deserved award. The film is an awesome story. I read the book some years ago and didn't think a film could ever do it justice ... but it certainly does! Track it down to a cinema near you and see for yourself!
Debbie T, Leicester

It's a real pity that the screening policies of the multiplexes means that it's very hard to actually see a lot of the nominated films
Nick, England
Thought that Bill Murray thoroughly deserved his award last night. Having finally seen Lost in Translation this weekend I have to say it's the best film I've seen in years.
It's a real pity that the screening policies of the multiplexes means that it's very hard to actually see a lot of the nominated films. Indie cinemas are too hard to get to unless you live somewhere where using public transport to reach them is feasible, so I have to rely on the multiplexes, and I've missed out on seeing (amongst others) Mystic River, Touching the Void, and Buffalo Soldiers this year. Guess I'll have to settle for DVD, and being a year out of date.
Nick, Long Eaton, England

Johnny Depp should have won for best actor. He was the reason Captain Jack Sparrow had so much character. Johnny is the best actor I've ever seen!
Lisa, Iowa, USA

I'm absolutely thrilled that "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" won Best Film (I think it should have won Best Music too though!), and pleased for Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson - I really enjoyed "Lost in Translation".
Michele Fry, Oxford, England

Isn't strange how the awards voted for by the public are the one's Johnny Depp wins
J Orton, Leicester, England
I really hoped the British wouldn't wimp out and award Johnny Depp the Best Actor but no they gave it to Bill Murray for doing what he does (very well) in ALL his films. I've seen the majority of Johnny Depp's films and he portrays each character differently. Has he got to die before the movie moguls (who are supposed to know their business) honour him. Isn't strange how the awards voted for by the public are the one's Johnny Depp wins.
J Orton, Leicester, England

I really think Johnny Depp deserved best actor. His performance in the Pirates of the Caribbean as Captain Jack was the most original, pitch perfect performance I have seen all year. Bill Murray was being Bill Murray. Johnny Depp created a totally original character. Isn't that what acting is supposed to be about? Nan
Nancy Jacobs, New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Pity that Peter Jackson was not chosen as best director. His work will be remembered long after all the rest are forgotten. Had he been able to raise money for the films here in the UK, maybe there would have been more identification with his work by the industry here. The UK public certainly recognise his worth.
Tony Fisher, Essex UK

I wouldn't call the awards a complete disappointment as Bill Nighy's win was a nice surprise and Renee Zellweger was deserving of Best Supporting Actress. My complaint is that Bill Murray was awarded for playing well, a subdued Bill Murray. I've enjoyed Mr. Murray's work since his time on "Saturday Night Live", but clearly the performance of the year was given by Johnny Depp. His portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow was pure genius. I'm pleased that Mr. Depp has finally been recognized for his talent and can only surmise that since his performance was so brilliantly executed that it looked too easy.
Gina Watson, Los Angeles, USA

I was sure Sean Penn had it wrapped up for his work in Mystic River
Gayle Johnson, Western Australia
I have to admit to being very disappointed with the BAFTA results for director and lead actor. Peter Jackson should have got Best Director. For three years he has been largely ignored for successfully bringing Tolkien's beloved literature to life - and in an extremely uncommon move has stayed refreshingly faithful to the original works. The man deserves an award for dedication alone! Best actor was also a disappointment. I was sure Sean Penn had it wrapped up for his work in Mystic River. He can almost certainly lay claim to being one of the best actors of our generation and yet is another who is consistently overlooked.
Gayle Johnson, Western Australia

Scarlett Johansson deserves the best actress award but should have got it for her stunning performance in Girl With A Pearl Earring. I am glad to see that Lord of The Rings was given a run for its money - it would have been so boring if it had won everything!
Neil M, London

I hope that Renee Zellweger's BAFTA gives her a shoe-in to the Oscar next week. She has been overlooked by the British and American academies despite strong performances in recent years. Congratulations on the BAFTA Ms Renee Zellweger, but leave space on your mantelpiece for the Oscar!
Lewis Maycroft,, London, England

Very pleased to learn that Peter Weir received the award for direction - so well deserved for a masterful piece of work and a grand movie that left me wanting more. Congratulations Mr. Weir!
Bippie, Campbell River, Canada

Touching the Void fully deserved the award for Best British Film, it's the best film I saw all year. I hope that now more people will go and see it and give the British Film Industry the boost that it needs right now. I just wish fewer awards had gone to foreign films, it's the BRITISH film awards. You don't see the other academies giving their main accolades to American actors.
R Connelly, UK

Rings rule at Bafta film awards
15 Feb 04  |  Entertainment


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