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Golden Globes 2004: Your views
Cast and crew members of The Office
The Golden Globes 2004 have thrown up some major surprises with wins for The Return of the King and BBC's The Office.

The fantasy epic carried off the two biggest awards - best film and best director - while Cold Mountain left the evening with just one award from eight nominations.

Ricky Gervais made history, becoming the first British performer to win the best comedy actor Globe.

The Office became the first British series to win the best comedy prize, beating Will and Grace and Sex and the City.

But what did you make of the awards? Do you think the right films and the right performers were honoured?

What impact do you think the awards will have on the Oscars? Send us your views.

This debate is now closed. Here is a selection of your comments:

Lord of the Rings is not the year's best film
Mark McConnell, Dundee, Scotland
Lord of the Rings is not the year's best film and the Two Towers was better. Cold Mountain was miles ahead and Jackson isn't in the same class as Minghella. I admire the work and vision put into the Lord of The Ring films but at the end of the day they are overestimated. C'mon we're not talking the same level as the Godfather trilogy. Well done The Office.
Mark McConnell, Dundee, Scotland

I was so glad Lost in Translation won. Best film I've seen in a long time. Bill Murray really deserved to win.
Becky, Dayton, OH

It's brilliant that The Office and Ricky Gervais won - does anyone actually find Will & Grace or Sex & The City funny? Loved the way Jennifer Aniston practically spat Gervais's name out, then gushed when she read out Matt Le Blanc's - only to have to hand the award to Ricky! The cameras certainly weren't expecting it - they didn't pick him up until he was almost onstage, but there was a great shot of one bloke with a "who the hell's he?" look on his face as Gervais passed by. Pure comedy!
Catherine, UK

As an ex-pat, and being an ex-Reading man, I am so pleased to see the awards go to a very well deserved program and cast. It's one of the very best comedies from a tradition of UK comedy that I hope will continue forever.
Barry Webb, Kaitaia, New Zealand

It was a bit of a surprise when I heard that Johnny Depp hadn't received an award
Steph, Melbourne, Australia
It was a bit of a surprise when I heard that Johnny Depp hadn't received an award as I think that his acting is outstanding, especially in Pirates of the Caribbean and I think that next time he should definitely win a Globe as he really deserves it!
Steph, Melbourne, Australia

The Office is without doubt one of the sharpest, funniest comedy series I've ever seen. What a result. Hopefully they'll abandon the idea of creating a U.S. version now and open up the original to a wider network.
Arron Simpson, Perth, UK.

"The Office" winning is purely a publicity stunt for the American remake of it. There seems little justification for "The Office" winning when most of the country don't even know what it is. And the fact that the Americans are now making an "American version" of it - how sad - why do Americans have to turn anything foreign into its own?
Loy, UK

I think Cold Mountain deserved more. The performances were outstanding, the directing beautiful, the picture impressive. I hope they will be more generous to them at the Oscars.
Raluca, Brit in the States

It's about time for Peter Jackson
Tina, USA
It's about time for Peter Jackson! All three are amazing movies, it has everything you want out of a film. The cast is terrific, special effects are awesome and Peter is a great director.
Tina, USA

Sean Penn is finally recognized for the consistently brilliant acting he brings to every role. It's long past due. Maybe one of these days they'll give Johnny Depp the same recognition. Any time Jack Nicholson loses is a good night in my book. Overrated and overwhelmingly overawed.
Marcella, Houston, Texas USA

Bravo to Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and the cast of The Office for their much-deserved Golden Globe wins. There has never been, and surely never will be, a funnier show about dead-end working environments than The Office. Thanks to all involved for developing and delivering a consistently satirical masterpiece.
David Fenichell, New York City, USA

Your kidding me? The Office getting a Golden Globe? I thought we were suckers but it appears to Americans out do us on that score - laughing Mr Bean yes, Ali G yes, the Office? Don't waste my time! It's only good to send one to sleep!
Richard Sweetman, Winsford England

Mutual celebrity back-slapping is sickening, whichever side of the Atlantic its on!
Richard, UK

Once again, it was a Brit who gave the best unrehearsed speech at an American awards show. Ricky Gervais, we were so happy to see you win two well-deserved Golden Globes and even happier with your funny quips when you accepted them!
Lisa Walters, Gualala, CA, U.S.A.

How on earth has Ricky Gervais managed to win an award for acting? The guy couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag! His performances are wooden, monotonous and unconvincing. Only when I saw Gervais being interviewed on a TV chat show, did I realise that he can't actually act at all - he's no different on the set to when he's off it. Gervais learns his lines and delivers them as though reading a shopping list. So much for the Golden Globe awards. (Nothing like a good rant!)
Chris Hunter, Bedford, England

One can only hope that the Emmys and the Oscars voters have a mind of their own and don't follow the foreign press like a bunch of sheep. There were shows, such as The Office which did not deserve to win and movies, such as Cold Mountain, which did.
Sasha, USA

My view is that Johnny Depp deserved the award for Pirates of the Caribbean. He's been nominated several times but has never won. It's about time somebody recognized his talents!
Jamie Turner, Canterbury,UK

I applaud Lost in Translation and Bill Murray!
Robin Spoerl, Eugene

I applaud Lost in Translation and Bill Murray! Both deserve all the accolades they both have received thus far. Brilliant movie in its comedy and subtlety, not to mention the gorgeous filming. A treat to watch from start to finish.
Robin Spoerl, Eugene, Oregon, USA

It is actually sad that Peter Jackson wins now, when he should have won best director and picture for all of his movies. But, he won, and I am extremely happy for him.
Marci Neighbors, Spokane, USA

How could Bill Murray beat out Jack Nicholson?
Jacqueline Jones, Indiana, USA

I think I speak for everyone in Britain, when I say Ricky Gervais has made The British Comedy proud! Well done Ricky.
Rachida, London

Seems like a fair awards show - The Lord of the Rings certainly had more thought put into it than the Miramax-epic Cold Mountain (or Cruise's stock epic The Last Samurai). Nice to see the great Sean Penn win something...& best of all, The Office. Brilliant writing, wonderful acting - nice to see something quality get the nod...
Jason Parkes, Worcester, UK

I am so pleased for Peter Jackson, the grin on his face says it all. He was cautious before hand, as most people including himself didn't think he'd get it. But he really wanted it and it is a total reward for all the hard work he put into not just directing but producing and totally creating the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I can think of no more deserving winner.
Tom Hill, Durham, UK

So glad to see Annie Lennox win her Golden Globe for Into The West - an amazing feat for an amazing lady.
Paul Connelly, Inverness

Fantastically well-deserved. Good to see something totally original win an award (and British), rather than another season of same-old American humour.
R Downs, Windsor, UK

I don't think Return of the King deserved Best Film & Best Director, whereas I do think that Mystic River deserved one of them. So for me it would be: Best Film, Mystic River; Best Director, Peter Jackson; Best Actor, Sean Penn.

Pity not to see any recognition of some of the smaller films I've seen this year, esp. Goodbye Lenin, Young Adam, and Buffalo Soldiers.
Tom, Sheffield, United Kingdom

As a half-Brit living in the States, I can tell you there was much cheering and yelling when Ricky Gervais won the award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series and even louder cheers for The Office winning Best Comedy Series. Both my mum and I were shocked since The Office is on BBC America which isn't too widely available or that well known. But Ricky Gervais and the rest of the people in The Office definitely deserved these honours. The wit and humour displayed in the show take it to a new level.

The only thing I could want to be different would be for my boyfriend in England to have watched the awards with me, but at least I can tell him I knew first.
Liberty, Washington, USA

It's about time Peter Jackson and Lord of the Rings had some major recognition in terms of awards. The Return of the King is definitely the jewel in the crown of the trilogy and I'm glad it's being honoured. As for The Office getting the comedy prize, it's about time good British Comedy got some recognition - being the jewel in the crown of comedy.
Tim Gibson, Singapore (formerly from UK)

I can't believe that Lost in Translation was nominated, let alone won anything. I saw it with my family on Saturday and it was without doubt the worst, most boring film we've ever seen. Two people walked out, among comments of "They've got the right idea." There was no plot, no premise, and the only relationship to the title disappeared within the first ten minutes. What value is there in their other awards?!
Sally Goodenough, Colchester, UK

Give me a straight answer David, does this mean you'll be getting your old job back in Slough?
Chris, London


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