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Egyptian plane crash: Your reaction
Pieces of debris being taken out of the crash site.

A plane belonging to the Egyptian charter company Flash Airlines has crashed into the Red Sea, killing all 148 people on board.

The aircraft, which was said to be carrying mostly French tourists to Paris, crashed shortly after take-off at 0244 GMT from the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Officials said that wreckage had been found in the sea about 15 kilometres (nine miles) south of the resort and initial findings suggested the crash was caused by technical failure.

Have you been affected by the crash?

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your e-mails. The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

What I don't understand about the tragic crash is how the Flash Airlines plane failed to meet security or technical restrictions in Switzerland but passed numerous security and safety checks in France and Poland. A united Europe should also have united guidelines for monitoring planes. It is very well possible that the Flash Airlines plane, run by a very dependable company, had re-evaluated its safety standards and met all French guidelines. Also, it seems to me that Switzerland, judging from the amount of planes it has banned, has safety guidelines that are much more stringent than the rest of the world. This was a horrific and tragic accident, it's so sad when families on vacation die so suddenly. My prayers are with the victims and their families during what must be a horrific time.
Patrick Elyas, Los Angeles, CA

I cannot understand why people insist on relating the plane crash to Sharm El-sheikh
Joseph Saleh, Sydney, Australia
I am very sad for those who have died and more so for the families that are grieving. I have read some of the comments you have received and cannot understand why people insist on relating the plane crash to Sharm El-sheikh. Sharm El-Sheikh does not own the plane. If this incident happened in the western world would we be labelling the place it crashed as dangerous?
Joseph Saleh, Sydney, Australia

It seems reasonable for the aviation industry and the countries that grant licenses to fly to tackle problems seen by inspectors. Meaning, if the Swiss check already enumerated the defects or lapses observed in the condition of a plane, the same plane after corrections have been made (if corrections can still be made) should pass the same Swiss checks before being allowed to shuttle passengers. Lives are more precious than planes or the aviation business
Antoinette Bolanos, Philippines

Saddened and horrified by this terrible accident, I can't say more than how sorry I am for those who lost their lives and those who lost their loved ones. It may be true that the crash was due to a technical fault, but as a Muslim, I strongly believe in fate. Maybe this was the way the lives of many Egyptians or the passengers of the plane had to end. However, what saddens me more is that people are more concerned about the mystery behind this crash and about people's views about Egypt and its attractions than the human loss. I pray the passengers of the plane rest in peace.
Samman Khan, Virginia, USA

My heart goes out to the passengers and crew of the lost flight, as well as the many family and friends who must be grief stricken.
Deborah, Muncie, Indiana USA

The Egyptians Authorities should investigate this incident thoroughly
Amr Ali, Cairo, Egypt
The Suisse allegations are very serious. I believe the Egyptians Authorities should investigate this incident thoroughly. I am quite certain it is not a terrorist attack. However, if it is because of negligence from the private company for the sake of some extra pennies, punishment should be severe, to send a clear message to anyone who underestimate human lives. Finally, for all the people who lost someone dear in this crash, our deepest condolences, I know words won't help, but maybe our prayers will.
Amr Ali, Cairo, Egypt

My sympathy goes out to the family and friends of the passengers but off course also the crew of this flight. I am a flight attendant myself, and I am very concerned about the price battles between airlines, regular ones, low cost and charters. Do lower prices really have priority on our safety and lives?
Tanguy Houcourt, Brussels Belgium

No radio contact at all from the crew is strange indeed - all efforts must be made to recover the flight instrument recorders and solve this mystery.
Chris Parker, Alamogordo, New Mexico

As an Egyptian, such a loss of lives anywhere grieves me, especially those happening in my homeland. I've seen my share of the world but I haven't enjoyed any other place more than Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh. I do hope this unfortunate incident doesn't hinder any other family's plans to enjoy Egypt's cities and attractions. I must also add that Egypt's pilots are the most skilled and well-trained pilots world-wide. My prayers for the victims of this accident and their families.
Tarek El-Ghazaly, Cairo, Egypt

I hope it won't affect people coming to Egypt and enjoying all its attractions.
Sahar Moshed, Egypt

I hope it won't affect people coming to Egypt and enjoying all its attractions. Also I hope the authorities will find out the cause of the tragedy and future measures can be taken to avoid it. But, please don't publish the victim's bodies; it is so distressing for everyone.
Sahar Moshed, Egypt

I flew out of Sharm El Shiekh to Cairo on a flight a few hours before the plane crash. Hearing about what happened really shocked me, my condolences to the families and friends of the victims, its sad that people died in the most beautiful sea in the world.
Mayan, Cairo, Egypt

What a dreadful tragedy. I was in Sharm last year. The Egyptians are charming people. It should be remembered that although this was most likely not a terrorist act it is an unstable area. Provided one has factored this in before booking a holiday, then the risk factor is your own responsibility.
Deirdre Mearns, UK

I am an Egyptian and we are all shocked and saddened by what has happened.
S. Zaki, Cairo, Egypt

I am an Egyptian and we are all shocked and saddened by what has happened. We all feel these people are our family and friends. Our deepest condolences for the families of the grieved people.
S. Zaki, Cairo, Egypt.

I suggest CAA authorities should make rather frequent checks to all planes registered.
Tamrat, Ethiopia

Why has a terrorist act been ruled out? Just because it didn't blow up in midair, doesn't rule out a possible hijacking. There is also the fact that our PM was in the area, so this could of been a rush hijacking, trying to take advantage of the moment.
Christian Williams, Bournemouth, UK

It's a pity a plane that has been banned from Switzerland due to mechanical problems should be allowed to fly anyway in the world.
Kwabena Ampratwum, Accra, Ghana

It's a pity a plane that has been banned from Switzerland due to mechanical problems should be allowed to fly anyway in the world. I hope the aviation society would take a second look at coordination amongst themselves and ban any plane from flying once it has been banned from any major airport on technical grounds.
Kwabena Ampratwum, Accra, Ghana

One Concorde crashes and they are all removed, yet another Boeing crashes and the rest are allowed to continue. Why?
L S Chapman, Cambridge, England

It is such a sad day when people die without any reason at all. I keep wondering: almost everybody is afraid of aeroplanes. What is the use of this mode of transport apart from the fact that it contributes to increased anxiety, stress, depression and sometimes death? And all that just for tourism's shake?
Giannis Ellinikou, Volos, Greece

As a Britain Living in Egypt and being a frequent visitor To Sharm el-Sheikh, it was a sad feeling to know that some many lives were lost in a place of such natural beauty. My condolences to all the families and I hope this tragedy will not stop people coming to Egypt.
Melissa Duckworth, Cairo Egypt

I think there has to be much tighter control on an already well regulated industry. Or perhaps the rules already in place have to be applied far more strictly in these areas of the world.
Tim, Cambridge, England

I think they should be given a chance and let the accident investigation teams do their job.
Alex Macphail, Jarrow/Newcastle, England

I think they should be given a chance and let the accident investigation teams do their job. Also, plane crash victims rarely come out in one piece, so I think it is right of the local hospital to not allow viewings of the bodies.
Alex Macphail, Jarrow/Newcastle, England

I was really shocked on hearing of this tragedy, especially that it took place in such a wonderful place. I would like to send my condolences to the families of the victims, but at the same time to urge people to remember that accidents happen everywhere.
Abdel-Wahab Mohamed, Cairo, Egypt

My condolences to all concerned
E. Pace, Scarborough, UK
I was at CDG airport in Paris just this morning flying back home from a New Year's trip and didn't find out until I got home what had happened. Saw the relatives on TV crying and distraught in the place I'd been just hours before! My condolences to all concerned.
E. Pace, Scarborough, UK

We live and work here in Sharm el-Sheikh and we all are deeply shocked by this very sad news. We wish to send our condolences to all the relatives and friends of the unfortunate passengers and crew who lost their lives in this horrific disaster.
Marjolein and Bobby, Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt

I have been to a Red Sea resort in Egypt recently as well (Hurghada). The Egyptian people are so friendly and deserving of our assistance. I would hope that westerners will not stay away from Egypt due to this very unfortunate and tragic accident.
Ronald Blank, Brussels, Belgium

My thoughts are with the families and friends of those passengers and crew
Julia Rhodes, St Albans, UK
I flew out of Sharm el-Sheikh a week ago, having spent Xmas in Sharks Bay, and was shocked to read this terrible news this morning. My thoughts are with the families and friends of those passengers and crew who were on board. I am still looking forward to returning to Sharm after Easter.
Julia Rhodes, St Albans, UK

I was shocked when I had read about this terrible tragedy.. I treat Egypt like my second homeland and that's why the news has affected me so much.. I want to send my condolences to the relatives of the people who were killed in the accident.
Monika, Poland

I have friends in Sharm at the moment, due to fly back tomorrow. I was there last year and am planning to go again in May, with my 13 year old son. This will not stop me, flying is still the safest form of travel. I hope this does not deter others from visiting this wonderful country. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the passengers and crew.
Ann C, Orpington, UK

This tragedy has ripped my heart out. I am stunned. I'm a regular visitor and have seen how tourism has slumped over past few years. I have been 5 times since 9/11 and it's so sad to see shops and small hotels closed down and people out of work. People stay away from Egypt yet it has never been safer. I was last in Egypt 7 weeks ago and used internal flights there which were great. Egypt is such a safe and enjoyable country for a dream holiday. I sincerely hope this has nothing to do with terrorism.
Ally McKenzie, Glasgow, Scotland

I am shocked and saddened by this accident
Kathleen, USA
I just returned from Sharm el-Sheikh. It is a beautiful place with the kindest people. I am shocked and saddened by this accident.
Kathleen, USA

Working with tourists in Sharm el-Sheik this comes as a shock... But please think it over before claiming this is an act of terror! Egypt as a country cannot afford the loss of tourism and people are claming this is an act of terror without knowing the truth yet!
John Pedersen, Sharm el-Sheikh

I am extremely shocked to hear about this tragic plane crash. My heart and thoughts go out to all the family and friends of all the adults and children who were on that plane. I simply cannot imagine how they must feeling. My prayers are with you all. I was in Sharm over the Xmas period and have been there on two previous occasions. I hope people are not deterred from going to Egypt due to this disaster, although thoughts of that nature would be more than understandable. Again my sincere condolences to all affected.
Shukri, England, UK

Myself and my husband are due to fly to Sharm el-Sheikh tomorrow morning for a week's holiday. We are now undecided whether to travel and are worried about safety matters. We are also deeply saddened by the deaths of so many people and send our condolences to the families of the passengers and crew.
Barbara Boothman, Lancaster, England

Egypt and the Red Sea are relatively safe in the current climate
Steve Cain, England
As a regular diver in the Red Sea I was shocked to hear of this awful tragedy. I am sure that this was a genuine accident and not a terrorist incident, Egypt and the Red Sea are relatively safe in the current climate and this accident should not deter people from flying there. The Egyptian authorities should be congratulated in issuing such swift details of the cause of the crash. I send my deepest condolences to the families and friends of all passengers and crew who were on board.
Steve Cain, England

The weather in Sharm is stiller than usual so it is clear to see a slick of aviation fuel stretching along the coastline towards the tip of Sinai at Ras Mohammed. Most of the assets that the Egyptian government has in the area, (there is a small navy base just south in Sharm el-Sheikh) are over what I must assume is the site of the crash.
Peter Loader, Sharm el-Sheikh

Having been to Sharm, diving many times from the UK and been reluctant to fly since 9/11, I was due to go on holiday in March this year but now I will be watching closely all developments regarding this crash. I feel deeply saddened for the victims and their families.
Tony Garroch, UK

I lived in Sharm el-Sheikh until two weeks ago and my boyfriend still lives there. This is very upsetting and my thoughts are with those who have lost relatives and friends. I hope this does not deter people from visiting Egypt in the future.
Sally, Nottingham

I'm not personally involved yet but as I may be asked to travel to Egypt on business, and my employer is in the aerospace business, I am concerned about the future. The climb/cruise phase of flight is an unusual one for an accident, and although there have been occasional issues with Boeing aircraft in the past, it is a bit early to rule out a terrorist attack at this stage. It will be some months if not years before we can be sure of this and I hope the Egyptian Civil Aviation Safety Agency takes advantage of international assistance in its investigation.
David Hope, UK

Working in Sharm el-Sheikh, we are all shocked by this accident as it has happened on our doorstep. We and our guests are marked by this tragic disaster as we are watching the rescue operation going on. My thoughts go to the families of those who have lost their life.
Tom Lund, Egypt/Norway

I have flown into and out of Cairo several times the last few years on Egyptair, Royal Jordanian in 2001, TWA and KLM in 2003, but never Flash Air. There is a possibility as a charter operated by Universal Express with head offices in Belgium, the 737 could have been leased from Egyptair. My experience flying Egyptair would be this is a very large crew for a Boeing 737.
Ernest Sipes, USA

Egyptian airliner crashes into sea
03 Jan 04  |  Middle East

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