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Saddam's capture: Your reaction
Poster issued by Iraq's US-led administration
Saddam Hussein was captured after a tip-off led American troops to a small, underground hole concealed next to farm buildings near the former leader's hometown of Tikrit.

British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was the first to confirm the arrest at around 1130GMT on Sunday 14 December.

Thousands of you sent us your reaction to the news within minutes of the announcement.

A selection of your emails can be seen below.

We also held a special edition of our phone-in programme, Talking Point, on 14 December. The Iraqi analyst Adel Darwish, John Jones, international human rights lawyer, Anne Clwyd MP, UK government envoy to Iraq and Charles Heatley of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq were our guests as we discussed Saddam's capture and its implications.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received:

We can only hope that the alliance leaders take this opportunity to demonstrate that multitudes of wrongs never make a right
Mary Ba Maung, Melbourne

We can only hope that the alliance leaders take this opportunity to demonstrate that multitudes of wrongs never make a right. Despite the atrocities he has committed, Saddam should be treated fairly and humanely. Not unjustly or brutally.
Mary Ba Maung, Melbourne, Australia

A simple question to those who seem to be so bitterly against Bush, Blair, and the war in Iraq: How can the removal of such a murderous despot like Saddam Hussein in any way be construed as something negative? A war that frees a country and its citizens from a constant fear and allows democracy to flourish will always be justified.
Tim, Rumson, New Jersey

Auction him off on ebay.
Rick, Albuquerque, USA

Saddam should be prosecuted like an ordinary man, all evidence put forward and the Jury to select a punishment, but he should not be put to death. He should live in a US prison until he is rehabilitated and set free.
Ashley, Rothwell, Leeds

It is important that there is no more suffering or death as a result of this despot
Graeme, Aberdeen

If Saddam Hussein lives, then extremist supporters may well attempt to free him by attempting a ransom of innocent victims. Suicidal followers committing, for example, a mass hijacking that must be inevitably doomed to fail, may result in more innocent lives being lost. Is his life worth that now? I'm not sure many people care what happens to Hussein now, the moral victory has been won, it is important that there is no more suffering or death as a result of this despot.
Graeme, Aberdeen, Scotland

It is best day in my life to see Saddam back on the tribunal's chair; thanks for Kurdish fighters who helped find him.
Kurdistanian Victim, Iraq

Hi, I would just like to speak on all the Iraqi youth here in the UK - Saddam caused us/our family to flee our country/die/or join his Ba'ath party. All us Iraqis in Manchester chose to go somewhere else. My parents chose to go to Kuwait and now I am here studying. I would love it for him to be put in a cage in Baghdad zoo for all the people to spit and torment him - just like he killed 400,000 discovered bodies and many others undiscovered.
Zahra, Manchester, UK

Iraqis should concentrate more on building Iraq rather than trialling Saddam. History can't be tried.
Omar, Helisnki, Finland.

It's interesting how images of Saddam Hussein are being paraded victoriously. In exactly the same way the Americans objected when their POWs were shown on Iraqi TV. The hypocrisy of it. I fear for the future where rogue nations will dismiss the Geneva Convention with the same contempt the Yanks have in Afghanistan and now Iraq.
Phil, London, UK

Congratulations to President Bush and Prime Minster Blair. Job well done! Perhaps WMD will not be discovered, but to quote Prime Minister Berlusconi "Saddam Hussein was a WMD". The world is a better place today, if not everybody, it is at least for 25 million Iraqis. They will hang him, as they should.
Andy, Warsaw/Chicago

Saddam had followers commit suicide for his cause, but he refused to fight, he wants to live. Followers wasted their lives as suicide terrorists.
Eli Bernz, Tamarac, Florida, USA

OK, Saddam is captured, 600 men for a man. But is the war with Iraq justified with this?
Aamar Farouq, Birmingham, UK

This wicked man has sent many men on suicide missions. So it's now his turn to commit suicide. He should be given a gun or a bomb to kill himself.
Ama Serwaa Fordjour, Accra, Ghana

I asked 10 to 15 people today in my neighbourhood about what should happen to Saddam, and no one seemed to care any more now that he is captured. However, one question on people's mind is how long will the US tax payers money be burned in Iraq? Is US any safer now? Is 9/11 avenged?
John Breaux, Breaux Bridge, USA

I am relieved that Saddam has been captured, but know that terrorist attacks throughout the world will not end
Tara, Ohio

I am relieved that Saddam has been captured, but know that terrorist attacks throughout the world will not end. We all know of the crimes Saddam has committed against humanity, and I can only hope that his trial is clear, concise, thorough, and satisfactory to the people of Iraq.

It is our job (throughout the world) to help the Iraqi's attain the level of freedom they deserve, give them the tools and resources to govern themselves and improve their economy, and let them rise up through the dark cloud that has been over them for decades.

I pray for their success and the end of this meaningless violence that has infected our world.
Tara, Ohio, USA

Saddam should be tried to a fair trial, if convicted he should be hung!
Joseph J Kempf, Blasdell, New York

As an American, I can say for most Americans that we know the war is not over. Non-Americans keep saying this is America's War. Really? If it wasn't for the Americans, this world would be much more worse than it is today. Thank the American troops for fighting evil. The real evil.
Jim, Clifton, USA

I think we should try Bush, Blair and Saddam together. Saddam, for invading Kuwait and burning oil fields; and Bush and Co. for invading and burning Iraq.
S Sen, Calcutta, India

Looking at the conditions Saddam was living over the last few months it does not look as though he could have been in control of any of the recent attacks on police forces and troops in Iraq. The question must be asked who is controlling this, and will his capture change anything?
Robert Hardy, Swansea, Wales

Saddam's arrest is a peace slogan for the world but unfortunately it will encourage America to destroy another nation to catch one person. It is surprising that the world is behind virtually dead Saddam and has forgotten the basic grounds, weapons of mass destruction.

All other dictators irrespective of their religious identities must also be equally dealt as Saddam; and this move must start from Africa where conditions are much more miserable than the Middle East nations.
Dr M Ashaq Raza, Asmara, Eritrea

The Americans cannot just pull out now
Mary, UK

Whilst I am pleased that Saddam Hussein will no longer be able to terrorise the Iraqi people, who have lived their lives in fear for so long, I still have grave misgivings about the war, and the current situation. The Americans cannot just pull out now, as suggested by some contributors. Having caused massive instability and damage, they need to help put Iraq back together before they leave.
Mary, UK

They should keep Saddam and not kill him. Killing him is the easy way out. It'd be harder for him if they keep him.
Ben, UK

He should be made an example for those who have in their mind to betray their bosses.
Arif Khalil, Islamabad, Pakistan

So they can find one man in a hole, but not stockpiles of WMD. At least the people of Iraq have one less dark cloud on the horizon now. I pray for them. I would hope his trial to be fair and utterly transparent. Let him try and excuse his style of rule, and be frank about WMD and US support during the 80s.
Anthony, England

I guess that leaves Osama bin Laden as Hide and Seek World Champion.
Neil Callaghan, Hull, England

Hussein should be grateful that he was captured by American soldiers, and not his own people. I believe he would've been given more emotional treatment by Iraqis.
David Augustyn, New York

They think it's all over - it isn't yet!
Bryan Marcus, Barnet, UK

I am happy with US citizens as Saddam was captured. And I will also like to thank the Americans for their courage and patience throughout.
Chinedu, Lagos, Nigeria

It must be seen to be done to reduce terrorist activities with minimum USA influence
Hal Webb, Bridport

It should be a trial by the people of Iraq with input from other nations. It must be seen to be done to reduce terrorist activities with minimum USA influence.
Hal Webb, Bridport, Dorset

I don't understand all this fuss and Saddam's capture being great. Surely catching a man on the run cannot be great. We should not forget that capturing Saddam does not justify the war!
Peter, London

(Translated by BBCMundo.com)Saddam Hussein should be brought in front of an international court of justice to pay for all his crimes and genocide against his own people.
Felix Castro, West Palm Beach Florida

(Translated by BBCMundo.com)The attacks against US troops will not stop yet, but the coalition is celebrating its success, and in the end it will prevail. The remaining figures of the Iraqi regime will keep on falling one by one. And George Bush will be re-elected.
Edicto Díaz, Guayama, Puerto Rico

I think he should pay for every crime he has done especially against the people of Iraq.
Ebenezer, Accra, Ghana

(Translated by BBCMundo.com) The future of Iraq remains black, as long as foreign troops keep occupying the country, whose main objective is to distribute among themselves the oil wealth. The Iraqi people got rid of Saddam, but still have a long battle in order to get rid of its "liberators".
Marina del Pino, Montevideo, Uruguay

What took them so long?
Jill Swain, Valencia

What took them so long? First reports indicated he had most probably returned to Tikrit. He should be returned to the Iraqis for them to deal with, preferably by any form of execution. Then can we get all non-US troops out and let the Americans finish off what was after all their war?
Jill Swain, Valencia, Spain

Hand Saddam over to the Iraqis for a trial under their Islamic law and accept the outcome even if it is the death penalty. This could be the first small step in showing Islamic nations that the West can recognise diversity and methods other than its own. Then the next step is to hand over Iraq to the Iraqis.
Ivan, Bussum, Holland

It's about time! This sparks a momentous moment in the Middle East, where justice will be served and hopes that human rights will be kept across the region. This holiday season will be more joyous for all!
Nick, New York

To Nick: If it really is necessary to enforce Western liberalised attitudes on other nations, rather than allowing their cultures naturally to evolve as ours have, surely it is courteous to try to understand a little of the history of their culture and religion before exerting opinions regarding it. Whether or not "this holiday season will be more joyous for all" in New York, I doubt the Christmas spirit will infect the Islamic Middle East a great deal. (Also, I'd be rather intrigued to experience a moment that wasn't momentous.)
David Nicholson, Paris, France

(Translated by BBCMundo.com) Saddam's arrest will not mean fewer attacks against coalition forces in Iraq, at least at the beginning. Also, I don't think that the remaining "cards" of the Iraqi regime will fall one by one after this.
Marcos Sertzen, Lima, Peru

(Translated by BBCMundo.com) It is very clear that Saddam's arrest has only a symbolic icon. It gets the attention out from the big structural problem and encourages terrible consequences.
Santiago Casal, Madrid, Spain

Hand him over to the Iraqis
Janine, Houston

Hand him over to the Iraqis. They need to decide, first. Then other countries with issues with Saddam can follow.
Janine, Houston, TX

Now Saddam has been captured, he should suffer as the people of Iraq have suffered. I'm sure he will never admit what he's done, and he will see what he's done is right, but he is evil and needs dealing with in a just manner.
Sandra, Norfolk, England

If all of those calling for war crimes trials for Bush and Blair had had their way, Saddam would still be in power torturing and killing innocent Iraqis.
Whitney A, Madison, USA

Shoot Saddam and all his followers. Had the job been done properly in 1991, then this low life would have been well gone already and allowed the allies to use the wasted money in their own Countries.
Ben, UK

I think he should be executed after killing all the people he has over the years.
Donna Hruska, Harpursville, USA

I understand that a lot of the people are saying that President Bush is a worse person than Hussein, but surely after the first gulf war, shouldn't people be glad he has finally been removed?
John Krzysica, Southampton UK

Now that the Iraqi people can finally see Saddam will never return, it is time for them to step up and lead their own country with unity, grit and determination. No petty in fighting, No corruption, No oppression. They have a fantastic opportunity in front of them, I only hope they can grasp it with both hands, and have the strength to resist external influences from Al-Qaeda, and other idiotic fundamentalists.
Peter, Bristol

He should be given an international trial that includes Iraqi judges. The alleged terrorists being held in Guantanamo Bay should also receive international trials. The whole point of this exercise is *supposed to be* democracy.
Katja, London, England

One of the ten commandments, is that thou shalt not kill. It is also not our responsibility to judge a person, only GOD has the power to do so. It must be left up to the judicial system in Iraq, to determine the fate of Saddam.
Shane, Pretoria, SA

I hope we're not inundated with countless American films
Mrs T, London
Before the celebrations start, I have one question, is the treatment of Saddam going to be applied to the many more dictators out there? A great example of which is President Mugabe...or will his crimes be forgotten because there's no oil in Zimbabwe? I hope we're not inundated with countless American films.
Mrs T, London

I am fully aware of the crimes against humanity of which Saddam is accused, and the impact of his capture on the people who have suffered under his tyranny. But to be paraded in his bedraggled state by the US government, seemingly guilty before being proven so, is abhorrent. Yet another publicity stunt by fellow criminal Bush, perfectly timed before Christmas.
Caroline, Dorset, UK

It's clear that he has been running his resistance network from his hideaway and one can only imagine how much he has funded these efforts, as he was found with less than one million dollars to his name, hardly enough to buy himself a haircut! I agree that he should be handed over to the Iraqis for trial. Then he should be returned to his hole with a few cubic metres of concrete.
David, UK

Sunday was a great day for the Western Alliance. Syrian and Iranian leaders should take careful note of the conclusions in Iraq. If their act doesn't shape up soon, they will soon follow Saddam down the same road he just travelled...into the hands of American Justice.
Brian O'Hare, New York, New York

If only brave American soldiers had dropped a hand bomb on Saddam's head it would be problem solved.
Haqir Amaziz, Basra, Iraq
If only brave American soldiers had dropped a hand bomb on Saddam's head it would be problem solved. Now America will be held by idiots who have higher standards than Saddam ever had.
Haqir Amaziz, Basra, Iraq

I hope that Saddam gets a fair and open trial, either in Iraq or in the Hague. Although he is undeniably guilty of some dreadful atrocities, he is not alone, and I hope his testimony can help to bring to justice many others who supported his regime, both in Iraq and around the world.
Alex, Oxon, UK

It's no doubt a good thing that Saddam has been detained, and he will now hopefully stand in front of the fair and open international war crimes tribunal.
Jonas Ambeck- Madsen, Brussels, Belgium

It's no doubt a good thing that Saddam has been detained, and he will now hopefully stand in front of the fair and open international war crimes tribunal. However, I am very disturbed by the images released to the world's media, showing the defeated and humiliated Saddam Hussein. During the invasion the Bush administration themselves made it very clear that displaying images of captured (and humiliated) POW's is a clear breach of the Geneva Convention.
Jonas Ambeck- Madsen, Brussels, Belgium

When this evil person goes on trial, the world will know more about his past relations with the US elite, how the US covered his chemical attacks on Iran, how they gave him Satellite photos to defeat the Iranians in Al-FA0 battle. We may also know more about his previous financial links in the 80s with Rumsfeld, Ronald Reagan, the Bush family, and Kuwait.
Ali, Iraqi who lived under UN Sanctions

If Saddam provides information on WMD, will the Bush gang change back their reason for invading Iraq back to "this is a madman with WMD" or stick with the most recent reason "liberation of Iraqi people"?
Daniel Duplisea, Quebec, Canada

Some advice to Arab leaders - Saddam was America's closest friend in the region in the 80s. The US/West armed Saddam in return of Iraqi oil, encouraged him to attack Iran with chemicals, to destabilise Syria, Saudi, Lebanon and others. Now they don't need him anymore. This is what the US do to their "friends". I think this is a good lesson for our future generations.
Abbas, Iraqi in UAE

I am pleased that Saddam has been detained. He should now face the consequences of the evil deeds which he undertook. I also think that it is time that we (The British and Americans) came clean about the role we played by first establishing him in power and then strengthening his strangle-hold on the Iraqi nation. I was disgusted when the Iraqis paraded our POW's during the two Iraq wars on television. I was ashamed yesterday, at how the so-called champions of civilisation were humiliating a POW on television and gloating about it.
Dr. Navidul Haq Khan, London, United Kingdom

He should be tried for all the crimes he has committed but only by an independent body which should give him an equal chance to defend his actions.
Habib Khan, Riyadh. Saudi Arabia

Not a great success, you got a man with a small gun...waiting to be jailed. I ask you - what happened to those Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Mumtaz, Kabul Afghanistan

It is great that he is captured. Now is the time for peace & development for Iraqi people in particular & for the World in General. I hope the time is not very long for Bin Laden to be captured.
Molbeto Tadesse, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
It is great that he is captured. Now is the time for peace & development for Iraqi people in particular & for the World in General. I hope the time is not very long for Bin Laden to be captured.
Molbeto Tadesse, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I think that Saddam should be killed the way he killed others such as, hang him on a lamppost or hang draw and quarter him. Or let him suffer in the electric chair.
Ashley Maloney, Harrogate

I strongly support killing him. But the Americas will not do that because he is on the other hand the person who suppressed Islamic Ideology by suppressing his own Muslim brothers. He is of course the indirect friend of the west.
Abbas, Hamburg

The capture and the manner in which he was shown to the world was a humiliation to all anti and pro Saddam Iraqis. It was also a clear message to all Arab and Muslim leaders and indeed worldwide that a similar pathetic fate is in store for all those who defy and antagonise the US.
Emad Nimah, Basra, Iraq

I and everybody around here is absolutely delighted about Saddam's capture. I think he should be tried in an Iraqi court and by Iraqis. Only Iraqis, especially Iraqi Kurds, know what kind of a brutal man he was. Those who feel sorry for him or support him should only look back at a few pages of his reign of terror and they will have second thoughts.
Karim, Erbil, Iraq

Saddam should be tried in Iraq by the Iraqi people who are the ones who have mercilessly suffered in the grasp of his brutal fist. This is the only fair way to do it.
Vivian Mirani, Arbil, Iraq

At least the American people have got some good news to cheer them up for the time being
Athaur Rahman, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
By capturing Saddam Hussain, the Bush administration may got some boosting for the future election, but it will in no way change the current ground situation. By removing Saddam without any concrete plan, Iraq was opened up to fanatic elements like Al-qaeda. It needs to be contained. But given the current hawkish personalities in the Bush administration, it is difficult. At least the American people have got some good news to cheer them up for the time being.
Athaur Rahman, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

First of all, Saddam Hussein should be treated humanely in accordance with international law; just like any other prisoner of war. Despite his crimes, Saddam is a former head of state with family members, friends, relatives and his Sunni supporters. Such a group of people still respect and love Saddam and it is in the interest of the US Government not to alienate them as their support is needed in the reconstruction of Iraq.
Karagire Francis, Kigali, Rwanda

The United States should use this opportunity to clean up its image in the eyes of the Arab world. It should hand Saddam over to an Iraqi court of law and also use its influence to ensure that the death penalty is not slammed upon him. This also presents an opportunity to the world to find out what goes on in the minds of men like him, as he is easily the biggest fish in a long line of dictators ever caught in modern world history.
Peter Ssetumba, Kampala, Uganda

The Iraqi people should cooperate with ally forces to dismantle Saddam's network
Francisco da Costa Guterres, Dili, East Timor
The capture of Saddam Hussein is not the end of the violence in Iraq. In 8 months I believe that Saddam has already set up his resistance network which works even without his leadership. So, I agree with George Bush that violence after the capture of Saddam Hussein is still far from over. To end the violence, the Iraqi people should cooperate with ally forces to dismantle Saddam's network. The end of violence will speed up the handover of power to the Iraqi people and the withdrawal of ally-forces from Iraq.
Francisco da Costa Guterres, Dili, East Timor

It indeed was a fortunate happening. However, as an Iranian who suffered 8 years of war and had a taste of Iraqi missiles, I am not satisfied. He was armed and supported by the Russians, French and British governments, Americans and many more.
Amirhossein Ghajar, Tehran, Iran

I think Saddam's capture is great, but if coalition forces can't take some information from him regarding WMD, I will consider the American invasion to Iraq to be unjustified.
Khakimov Khait, Tashkent

What the Iraqis need now is an immediate end to occupation
Lansana Konneh, Dhaka, Bangladesh
The capture and humiliation of President Saddam Hussein on TV still does not justify the war in Iraq. According to Messrs Blair and Bush the war was fought to disarm Iraq of WMD. Eight months on no weapons are found, the lives of ordinary Iraqis are turned upside down, thousands of them have been killed and their country is up for sale. What the Iraqis need now is an immediate end to occupation, not a display of their former leader.
Lansana Konneh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

There is no point in handing Saddam Hussein over to the people he oppressed for over three decades, as it would be like feeding hungry lions raw meat. Saddam, no matter what he did or to who, must be given a fair trial in a neutral place, such as The Hague. We in the West MUST act like the civilised human beings we protest ourselves to be.
Craig Robinson, Gloucester

Where are the WMD? Where is democracy for the Iraqi people? What is the relevancy of this capture in present Iraq? This is just a media-stunt for Bush.
Jan P, Belgium

What proof do we have that this man is not one of Saddam's doubles? What better smokescreen than to allow a double to be captured? He always said that he would not be taken alive and this meek, compliant man is not Saddam.
Lia Keyes, Los Angeles, USA

Now that he's caught the US can leave Iraq. No WMDs to be found and the US claim they want Iraqis to run Iraq, so they should leave today and allow the 'Free Iraqis' to get on with it. Oh hang on, who's going to pay the bill?
Liam, Dubai

This kind of news only excites naive people. There are more dangerous people who are ruling us at present. When Saddam should actually have been eliminated he was more of a friend. Although this will definitely assist the propaganda of the vested forces for a short term, Iraq will continue to a unwelcome place for the US and allies.
Amy Shigheheru, Japan

We need to pay attention to the dissidents who are left
Saadia Baig, Singapore
I'm thrilled that Saddam's been caught, but it's pretty unlikely that he was running the resistance from a hole. We need to pay attention to the dissidents who are left. It's not over.
Saadia Baig, Singapore

The manner in which the US is raving about the capture, they should bear in mind that they have caught a human being, albeit a terror, but not some animal that was being hunted down.
Rajan Bhaskaran, Bangalore, India

Do not make it one another way of publicising how great a nation the US is. Just leave him to the mercy of the Iraqi people.
Ravi Bhensdadia, Christchurch, New Zealand

There has always been a superpower in every era. It used to be Egypt, Israel, Persia, Babylon, etc; now it is America. This is a fact and most people out there should learn to accept it. We should also accept the fact that there is no clear cut distinction between politics and religion in Islam, when you accept this fact, you'll understand what is going on in the Middle East and what motivates terrorists to act the way they do.
Joe Hunter, Monrovia, Liberia

Osama... dig a deeper hole - you're next!
Erik T Marketan, New York City
Not everyone is happy that Saddam Hussein has been captured. The Democrats who would like to beat George W Bush in the election next year, especially Howard Dean, can't be happy. Even if they say otherwise. Same goes for the French and Germans. As for why we went to war, it really was NOT about WMDs, it was about dropping the biggest weapon the USA has developed, it's democracy. The D-Bomb. It should scare the other Arab leaders in the region too. The way these nations are run is going to have to change, BET ON IT.
Dan Braverman, Minnesota, USA

Now if we can only get Bush and Blair in cells next to Saddam the world will be rid of three extremely dishonest and dangerous people.
Des Currie, Umdloti, South Africa

The cry for the Iraqi people has come to an end. Let justice prevail on the evils of Saddam Hussein. Well done America.
Zao, Lusaka, Zambia

Isn't the timing of Saddam's capture one of the most amazing events to ever transpire? At the very moment when Bush's poll numbers have sunk to their lowest level and election year machinery is starting to hum, a rabbit called Saddam Hussein is pulled out of a rabbit hole! Maybe the capture of this rabbit will convince France and Germany to now surrender to the will of the White House and forgive Iraq's indebtedness with an big additional chunk of change thrown in to help the Halliburton Fund For The Rehab of Iraq... Anyone feeling joyous about this capture is in complete and utter denial.
Kate, Southwestern Virginia

What a phony staged event between the US and our ex-CIA stooge Hussein trotted out 10 days before Christmas to garner support for a phony pointless war and a worthless president
Barbara Bowie, Redlands, USA
Saddam always said he would not be captured alive. It should be no surprise that he was. What else would one expect from such an accomplished liar?
Aaron Wilson, USA

I have a message for the Iraqi people: You will now have to fear the rule of George W Bush and his kind forever more. Your dictator was just replaced by another. Sorry.
Mathew Goad, Ojai, CA , USA

Is it time for the extreme left seen regularly performing as useful idiots for the media to support democracy and the re-birth of the new Iraq by admitting, ever so painfully, that George Bush and Tony Blair are correct in their approach to this War on Terror?
Tom, Akron, Ohio, USA

The war is a farce, it is a way to take control of the oil fields in the Middle East, give Israel the advantage and security they need in the Middle East and brainwash the naive citizens of America... The US media has become a propaganda machine. The capture of Saddam is irrelevant, the question is who truly is the nation with weapons of mass destruction and a threat to global security...
Khuram, Kildeer, USA

The 35-year-old myth of Saddam Hussein al Tikriti - the supreme leader who many thought would never be taken alive - crumbled in five minutes. How ironic that his only possessions were 750,000 photos of Benjamin Franklin and Independence Hall. Osama... dig a deeper hole - you're next!
Erik T Marketan, New York City, USA

What a phony staged event between the US and our ex-CIA stooge Hussein trotted out 10 days before Christmas to garner support for a phony pointless war and a worthless president.
Barbara Bowie, Redlands, USA

Finally the Bush-Blair led coalition will be able to show that the war was worthwhile
Patrick Nylund, Stockholm, Sweden
Although I'm not an Iraqi it almost makes me cry of joy. I've supported the war since the very beginning on moral grounds. Finally the Bush-Blair led coalition will be able to show that the war and the subsequent sacrifices in Iraqi and foreign lives was worthwhile.
Patrick Nylund, Stockholm, Sweden

Capturing Saddam doesn't make any difference unless the US can prove he has connection with Osama and most importantly, whether Iraq actually possessed WMD.
Sophia Britannia, Singapore

Of course I am glad he has been caught because it means he can be made to pay for his awful crimes against humanity, but I don't think that it will make an awful lot of difference to the war on terror. He is, after all, only one man.
Jon, Coventry, UK

It is not my intention to negate the news but one has to approach it with caution
Angelo J, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania
It sounds more fantastic than one may think for a person of Saddam Hussein's military strength to be arrested in a simple way like that expressed by Paul Bremer. It is not my intention to negate the news but one has to approach it with caution.
Angelo J, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

I'm a bit sad that it puts an end to this battle of David against Goliath. We must acknowledge that Saddam Hussein is a cunning, if not a talented leader. He may look defeated, tired, dejected but when you think of all the means deployed to get rid of him, it's just a tremendous achievement to have been able to survive.
Bernard Franck Dehlinger, Ris-Orangis, France

I am very sorry to hear the news. I believe that he was the leader of not only the Iraqi people but also the Muslim people against the USA.
Iqbal Chowdhury, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Although Hussein's capture is wonderful news for the Iraqi people, it still does not provide justification for this war and my country's continued Empire building
Robert Lattanzi, New York, USA
Although Hussein's capture is wonderful news for the Iraqi people, it still does not provide justification for this war and my country's continued Empire building throughout the world - most recently through the seizure of Iraq's oil. Bush has finished what his Daddy started and I'm sure the family will be especially grateful to their Good Lord at this Christmas.
Robert Lattanzi, New York, USA

I was happy to learn that Hussein was captured, certainly good news from a human rights point of view. But, I am left wondering - does the end justify the means? Does this mean that the US should wage war with every other horrible dictatorship around the world in the name of freedom, democracy, and peace?
Lori Wilson, Washington, DC, US

Saddam's trial may well be a mixed blessing for the US. He will undoubtedly (and embarrassingly) reveal how he was helped to power and supplied with WMD by the US government. And if the WMD still fail to turn up, the grounds and legality for the war will be clearly be in doubt.
Trevor Davis, Guildford, UK

That is the greatest present for Christmas for all the people in the world!
Michael, Poland

The capture of Saddam Hussein will give many Iraqis a sense of closure, however as a prisoner he will become a focal point for violence. Fanatics are rarely discouraged, and it is unlikely that his capture will have a palpable affect on the intensity of the insurgency.
AK Sethi, Westport, USA

'Freedom loving people' have short memories! This 'fantastic news' is just that for Bush and Blair but not so much for the Iraqi people who suffered at his hands - with the full support of the West. This was is not being done to bring freedom to people; it's being dome to impose neo-liberal capitalism! Wake up, guys!
Gary, London

Funny how Saddam Hussein appears in the news just when both the American and British Governments are struggling to gather support for their respective 'Presidential' campaigns. This fantastic piece of detective work has the same smell as the reason the war was 'inaugurated'.
David, Rome, Italy

This is the first action in Iraq since the first Iraq war which will make a real positive difference to the Iraqi people
John M, Lyne Meads, UK
This is the first action in Iraq since the first Iraq war which will make a real positive difference to the Iraqi people. Saddam's capture removes the threat of reprisal from the old regime and will allow Iraqis to concentrate on rebuilding their country. The US now has the huge responsibility of ensuring that the rebuilding of Iraq will be just, fair and peaceful for all the people of Iraq.
John M, Lyne Meads, UK

You can't imagine the feeling of relief amongst Arabs and expatriates alike - his shadow hung over the country as long as we all knew he was free. Perhaps now the region can really begin to reconstruct and regenerate the lives of its people because it's a regional not a national problem. Tribal considerations and loyalties straddle the borders here and are not great respecters of national boundaries.
John Forrester, Kuwait

This is wonderful news for Iraq. Finally the criminal that traumatized Iraq for decades is made to answer for his deeds. He must be tried in Iraq, by the Iraqis courts, and an example is made out of him to all the world tyrants and war criminals.
Wisam, UK/Iraq

It is a great day for the Iraq people, as Paul Bremer has put it. Saddam has, at least kept everything of the Iraqi wealth for himself while his people were starving in their hundreds of thousands
Mohamed Adow, Mogadishu, Somalia

In Iran almost all roads are called by the name of the Iranians who were killed in Iran-Iraq war, so, do I need to say something more?
Aziz, Iran

Which way now for Iraq? Which way the Middle East? Are the crucial questions to focus on now
Sagala-Mulindwa, Uganda
The capture of another dictator should not blind us from the underlying reasons and conditions that brought him to power and firmly kept him in it all these years. We saw it in Uganda after Amin's departure and many African countries still suffer similar symptoms after their dictatorial leaders have long been gone. Which way now for Iraq? Which way the Middle East? Are the crucial questions to focus on now.
Sagala-Mulindwa, Kampala Uganda

The capture of Saddam might be enough to bring peace, but we must stay serious as there is a chance that the attacks might just get worse, but for now the world has one less tyrant, it is time to capture Osama.
Christopher, New York City, United States

On one hand, I'm relieved that this tyrant is in custody and I hope that he will be put to a fair trial. On the other hand, I worry about the momentum this will give the Bush administration and the whitewashing effect this may have on US consciousness about the validity war in Iraq.
Kate O'Neill, Nashville, TN, USA

The reaction to Bremer's first statement at the beginning of the news conference was very powerful indeed. The world was focussed on that statement and not necessarily what the General had to say. A powerful statement which the world will remember for generations to come.
Khyle Westmoreland, Nottingham, UK

A great news for all of us. Especially good if Iraqis themselves welcome Saddam's arrest. I believe this man has to stand under trial for what he has done to his country that now suffers total collapse and humiliation. I hope it would help the allies to crush pro-Saddam resistance.
Dimi, Riga, Latvia

After the 'celebrations' have dies down, I hope everyone asks themselves what this really means for Iraq, and indeed the west. Will Saddam be given fair justice, by Iraqis or be given the US' version of justice? Does this mean a solid and reliable government can be allowed to form in Iraq and the US can withdraw? And if linked to war the war on terror, does this mean terrorism will stop. I fear not, because this incident has nothing to do with stopping the seeds of terrorism which are still being planted by the very false war.
Akmal, Sussex

This is the greatest news since the liberation of Iraq and that fact that he was captured alive will also help to prevent conspiracy theories, like the ones we heard after the killing of his sons.
Hazim Taki, Iraqi Citizen living in The UK

Possibly the worst, most crass and counter-productive way to announce joyous news
Adam Stimson, Sheffield, UK
"Ladies and Gentlemen, WE got him" Possibly the worst, most crass and counter-productive way to announce joyous news. It sends out the wrong message about America and the coalition to the world, especially the Arab world.
Adam Stimson, Sheffield, UK

It's good that it's clarified where Saddam Hussein is now. But I do not hope that people forget now that George W. Bush has lead the world into a war without proof of WMD and a connection to Osama bin Laden. What Bush did was wrong. And Americans need to remember that next year when the presidential elections take place.
Michelle Mauriere, Leipzig, Germany

Just watch how quickly the self-styled custodians of civil liberties start to demand that Saddam is freed on bail, that he must not be tried by the Americans and that in spite of all of the thousands of crimes committed in his name, Saddam Hussein should not be executed. My own view, its a shame that he was taken alive, it will present so many problems for the apologists to latch on to.
Barry P, Havant, England

Americans must not lose sight of the fact that what this is, is a war on terror - are we closer to the goal of that?
Uma, Mumbai, India
If anything good was to come out of the war in Iraq, this is it - at great cost. But Americans must not lose sight of the fact that what this is, is a war on terror - are we closer to the goal of that? I doubt it, when you consider the ground realities in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention elsewhere in the Middle East. It would be a mistake to think the world has changed.
Uma, Mumbai, India

The American administration must now be very nervous. If a proper war crimes tribunal is allowed, Saddam will implicate most of them (and previous UK administrations as well). I think we should think where Saddam's support, funds and weapons came from when he was actually committing the worst atrocities for which he may now stand trial.
Peter Budek, Bedford

I don't see the arrest of Saddam Hussein making any difference to the coalition's problems in Iraq. This establishes Bin Laden as the world's No1 terrorist, and I suspect that the Iraqi dissidents will now turn to him to organise their campaigns against the coalition forces, if they have not done so already. All that will be derived from this is a couple of days good PR for Bush and Blair.
Frank Redmond, London, UK

The capture of Saddam is good news for world peace that cannot be denied. But the capture of him alive is an even better result. In essence, what the Bush Administration do with him now is the key. We can only hope this will prove yet another spectacular failure on their part that will result in a continued, inflammatory and detrimental reaction in Iraq and elsewhere around the globe. In turn this should prove yet another disaster for Bush and his re-election plans. In the long run it is this ultimately that is an even better prospect for world peace. Don't be too surprised if you see Saddam smiling.
Derrick Donald, Sydney, Australia

Great! Now some stability might return to Iraq. While they put him on trial for war crimes, they can put Blair and Bush on trial too. Lets not forget they waged an unprovoked war of aggression without a UN mandate, and they lied to their electorate regarding the "Intelligence!
Derek Haslam, South Shields

This is a great day for the Iraqi people, the coalition forces and all defenders of democratic values. And it is a clear message to all despotic regimes around the world: at last, justice will prevail.
Klaus Jobst, Munich, Germany

A small step towards world peace. Let him receive the fair trial that he refused so many others, so that justice can be seen to administered fairly.
Alan Knipmeyer, Seoul, Korea

I think no one was surprised, but Saddam's capture will not end the Americans problems, maybe the resistance will receive more support from those who feared that Saddam may come back to power. But if the Americans behave well and treat Saddam with honour, dignity and withdraw from the Iraqi soil as early as possible the perception may shift in support of U.S, but if they do the opposite and holds on to Iraq for along time then it will be a total nightmare for them which will be worse than Vietnam.
Buush Mohamed, NAIROBI, KENYA.

Good news and one hopes that it will clarify so many of the dubious elements of the so-called 'war on terror'. Additionally, it means that the US government may use it to divert attention from its own dismal record on social and civil issues. Finding Saddam does not lessen the need for regime change in the US.
David, US/UK

I only hope that the media will be able to interview Saddam. I would like him to answer one question. Did Saddam offer to allow United States forces to enter Iraq in order to search for weapons of mass destruction before the start of this war? His answer, if confirmed, might be very embarrassing to the Bush administration.
Manuel Sousa, Attleboro, MA - USA

The capture of Saddam is no doubt a tactical victory for the US troops in Iraq
Ravi T., Lyons - France
The capture of Saddam is no doubt a tactical victory for the US troops in Iraq. Saddam just like any other dictator must be given a fair trial under the auspices of the United Nations International War Crimes Tribunal to send a clear message that the Milosevic's, Saddam's, etc., will have to pay for their human rights violations. Let us not forget that Saddam's capture will not solve the pressing issues in Iraq: clean water, uninterrupted power supply, health care, crime prevention, infrastructure reconstruction, etc.,
Ravi T., Lyons - France

This changes nothing. If the "terrorist attacks" have been made by Saddam loyalists why didn't hey fight for him during the war? Saddam obviously was not controlling anything from the cellar he was living in. Today may be a good day for Iraqis but the attacks will continue until the military occupation is withdrawn.
Robert Knox, Preston, England, UK

After watching a program last week about the last hours of Hitler, and wondering what would have happened if the Western Allied forces had captured him, this should pose to be a very interesting moment in History. What is important is that world sees that he is tried with fair Justice.
David, Stafford, England

Does this mean Bush is going to win the next US election? I think it does...
Ian, Derby (UK)

I hope Saddam gets the same "fairness" in his trial which he gave his Iraqi victims.
Stu F, London, England

America should not forget that now they have captured Saddam that everything is solved. I think Americans should be more realistic and respect others freedom, otherwise several Saddam and Osama's will be born. American should try to improve their operations in terms of accuracy, in order to avoid civilians killing and provide safety for Iraqi children and females.
Dr. Rahimzai, Afghanistan

A great day, for the Iraqi people! And for us all - and for the coalition forces in Iraq; most likely the violence will now fade away. Hallelujah!
Pertti Tamminen, Virrat, Finland

This is fantastic news for the Bush administration. After a distinct lack of Iraqi WMD and not one sighting of Bin Laden, the capture of Hussein is a brilliant political coup for President Bush.
Alex, Glasgow, Scotland

Big boost for Bush's election. Cheerful event for the people who suffered under him. He hopefully will be tried by Iraqis!
Moaz, Cambridge Canada

It's indeed a good news to confirm the capture of tyrant, but the test is whether or not the US and their allies will allow an open transparent trial in side Iraq.
Ahmed-Qani, Umea, Sweden

We must ensure that he is treated like any other suspect, by giving him a fair and free trial
Martyn Winters, Cardiff
The capture of Hussein is surprising. I had my doubts he was alive. Now we must ensure that he is treated like any other suspect, by giving him a fair and free trial, something he denied thousands. Further more, he should be tried by Iraqis - not the US or British. We need to clear the pathway for democracy to flourish in Iraq. This will be an early step on that road.
Martyn Winters, Cardiff, UK

I know that not only the Iraqi people but the rest of the world are incredibly happy for the capture of Saddam Hussein, lets just hope that the US troops leave the county and maybe that Iraqi people can get on with their own lives.
Sarah, London

Aside from the questionable justifications for going into Iraq, now Saddam is captured he must be seen to be tried in a completely fair and open manner, with full cooperation from Muslim countries and the UN, for his horrendous endless catalogue of base atrocities against the swathes of helpless humanity that he viciously terrorised with his foul offspring, including the Northern Kurds, his own people, Kuwaitis and the Iranians for war crimes, and also Israel for the firing of Scuds in 1991. Anything that smacks of a show trial by the US will work in favour of this monstrous product of human shame.
Roarke, London

What a Christmas present for the people of Iraq. I see the joy on their faces as I watch the TV coverage, and I am so happy for them. Perhaps now, they can really believe that their future is safe and secure.
Nicola, Hampshire

This is clearly wonderful news for all freedom loving people. Now we must all be vigilant and remain on guard for the very real possibility of retaliatory terrorist attacks.
Phil Lewin, England, UK


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